List of highest paved roads in Europe

This is a list of the highest paved roads in Europe. It includes roads that are over 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) long and whose culminating point is at least 2,000 metres (6,562 feet) above sea level. This height approximately corresponds to that of the highest settlements in Europe and to the tree line in several mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, where most of the highest roads are located.

Some of the listed roads are closed to motorized vehicles, although they are normally all accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. These mountain roads are visited by drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and hikers for their scenery and often feature in the routes of European bicycle races such as the Giro d'Italia, the Tour de Suisse, the Tour of Austria, the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. Due to snow conditions, most of the high roads are closed between (late) autumn and late spring/early summer.

Note on the elevations: Near the highest point of the road there is often a shield that indicates the name (in local language) and the elevation of the pass/hill/summit. The shield may, though, indicate a wrong elevation, being usually some old measurement. Also, popular navigation devices may present inaccurate elevations.

Below the list of highest roads is a list of the highest motorways (controlled-access highways) in Europe. It includes motorways whose culminating point is over 1,000 metres (3,281 feet) above sea level.

Highest paved roadsEdit

Highest elevation Name(s) Mountains Country Type From / Between Remarks Highest point
3,300 m[1] Veleta Sierra Nevada   Spain dead end (used to cross over, unpaved) Granada Access road from Granada.[2] Free access until Hoya de la Mora at 2,526 m.[3] From Hoya de la Mora onwards, the road gets much narrower and access to motor vehicles is restricted to those previously authorized. Asphalt ends at around 3,300 m but the road continues unpaved until reaching 3,380 m. It used to cross over, unpaved, to the village of Capileira in the Western Alpujarras but was closed by the Sierra Nevada National Park in 1999. 37°03′21″N 03°22′09″W / 37.05583°N 3.36917°W / 37.05583; -3.36917 (Veleta)
2,845 m IRAM Sierra Nevada   Spain dead end From Veleta-road Private road serving a radio telescope.[4] Side road from the Veleta road (from ca. 2,660 m). 37°03′57″N 03°23′35″W / 37.06583°N 3.39306°W / 37.06583; -3.39306 (IRAM)
2,829 m Ötztaler Gletscherstraße (Tiefenbachferner) Ötztal Alps   Austria dead end Sölden Access road from Sölden to Rettenbachferner (side road up to 2,795 m) and Tiefenbachferner (2,803 m) glaciers, highest point at southern end of the 1.7 km long tunnel.[5][6] 46°55′29″N 10°56′40″E / 46.92472°N 10.94444°E / 46.92472; 10.94444 (Ötztaler Gletscherstraße)
2,802 m Cime de la Bonette French Alps   France loop road Jausiers and Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée, via Col de la Bonette Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France. One-way loop road running from Col de la Bonette (2,715 m). The highest point of the road is at 2,802 m, with a marble monument. The loop road surrounds the real Cime de la Bonette (2,862 m), accessible on foot. 44°19′18″N 6°48′25″E / 44.32167°N 6.80694°E / 44.32167; 6.80694 (Cime de la Bonette)
2,770 m Col de l'Iseran Graian Alps   France pass Val-d'Isère, Tarentaise and Bonneval-sur-Arc, Maurienne Highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France. Latest French IGN maps mark this pass as 2,764 metres.
From the pass there is a paved side road to Lac de Céma (0.9 km) and further to Pissaillas (1.4 km), both approximately at the same level as the pass.
45°25′1″N 07°01′51″E / 45.41694°N 7.03083°E / 45.41694; 7.03083 (Col de l'Iseran)
2,757 m Stilfserjoch / Passo dello Stelvio Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
  Italy pass Prato allo Stelvio and Bormio the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia. The shield at the pass summit indicates a height of 2,760 m.
From the pass there is a short paved side road to cafeteria Tibethütte at ca. 2,770 m, a good location for photographing the famous serpentines.
46°31′43″N 10°27′10″E / 46.52861°N 10.45278°E / 46.52861; 10.45278 (Stilfserjoch / Passo dello Stelvio)
2,750 m Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße Ötztal Alps   Austria dead end Prutz Access road from Prutz via Feichten to the Weißseeferner and a skiing area. Also the highest bus stop in Austria. For motorized vehicles, this is a toll road. 46°51′51″N 10°42′48″E / 46.86417°N 10.71333°E / 46.86417; 10.71333 (Kaunertal)
2,744 m Col Agnel / Colle dell'Agnello Cottian Alps   France
pass Queyras and Pontechianale highest international paved pass of the Alps. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°41′2″N 06°58′46″E / 44.68389°N 6.97944°E / 44.68389; 6.97944 (Col Agnel / Colle dell'Agnello)
2,715 m Col de la Bonette French Alps   France pass Jausiers and Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France. A one-way loop road originates from here to Cime de la Bonette, listed above. 44°19′36″N 6°48′27″E / 44.326685°N 6.807468°E / 44.326685; 6.807468 (Col de la Bonette)
2,645 m Col du Galibier Dauphiné Alps   France pass Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne and Briançon Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France. There is also a 350 m tunnel under the pass (at ca. 2,560 m).
7 km south from the pass is Col du Lautaret, listed below.
45°03′50.4″N 06°24′28.8″E / 45.064000°N 6.408000°E / 45.064000; 6.408000 (Col du Galibier)
2,641 m Colle del Nivolet Graian Alps   Italy pass, dead end Locana (Piedmont) Lago Serrù (2,275 m) is bypassed along the road. Film location in The Italian Job, including the final bus crash.
From the pass the paved road continues down to Rifugio Savoia (2,520 m), ending soon after.
45°28′49″N 7°08′32″E / 45.48028°N 7.14222°E / 45.48028; 7.14222 (Colle del Nivolet)
2,621 m Passo di Gavia Italian Alps   Italy pass Bormio (Sondrio) and Ponte di Legno (Brescia) Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia. 46°20′37″N 10°29′17″E / 46.34361°N 10.48806°E / 46.34361; 10.48806 (Passo di Gavia)
2,571 m Edelweißspitze Hohe Tauern   Austria dead end Fusch (Salzburg) and Heiligenblut (Carinthia) Narrow side road of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, from Fuscher Törl (2,428 m). 47°07′25″N 12°49′53″E / 47.12361°N 12.83139°E / 47.12361; 12.83139 (Edelweißspitze)
2,552 m Road to Vintcheto Rila   Bulgaria pass, dead end Pastra village (Rila valley) Highest concrete-paved road in the Balkans. The highest section crosses the ridge between the two connected reservoir lakes at Vintcheto (Kalin Reservoir 2,394 m, Karagyol Reservoir 2,364 m) and is closed between late October and beginning of July due to heavy snow conditions.
See also Kalin Reservoir, listed below.
42°10′53″N 23°15′23″E / 42.18139°N 23.25639°E / 42.18139; 23.25639 (Vintcheto)
2,535 m Meghri Pass Zangezur Mountains   Armenia pass Kajaran (Syunik Marz) and Lichkvaz (Syunik Marz) Highest paved mountain pass in Armenia. 39°11′59″N 46°16′12″E / 39.19972°N 46.27000°E / 39.19972; 46.27000 (Meghri Pass)
2,504 m Großglockner Hochalpenstraße Hohe Tauern   Austria pass Fusch (Salzburg) and Heiligenblut (Carinthia) For motorized vehicles, this is a toll road. It has two passes: Hochtor (tunnel, 2,504 m) and Fuscher Törl (2,428 m).
In addition, there are two dead-end side roads: Edelweißspitze, listed above, and Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, listed below.
In 1934 a Steyr 100 achieved the first alpine crossing by automobile on a graded road.
47°04′52″N 12°50′33″E / 47.081167°N 12.842634°E / 47.081167; 12.842634 (Hochtor)
2,501 m Umbrailpass / Giogo di Santa Maria / Pass Umbrail Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
pass Santa Maria Val Müstair and Bormio Highest paved road in Switzerland, highest point located near Passo dello Stelvio. 46°32′35″N 10°26′02″E / 46.54306°N 10.43389°E / 46.54306; 10.43389 (Umbrailpass)
2,481 m Colle Fauniera Cottian Alps   Italy pass Ponte Marmora / Valgrana and Demonte Also known as Colle dei Morti ("Hill of the Dead"). 44°23′09″N 7°07′19″E / 44.3857°N 7.12189°E / 44.3857; 7.12189 (Colle Fauniera)
2,480 m[7] Nufenenpass / Passo della Novena Lepontine Alps   Switzerland pass Ulrichen and Airolo Views of the Finsteraarhorn and the Gries Glacier. 46°28′41″N 08°23′35″E / 46.47806°N 8.39306°E / 46.47806; 8.39306 (Nufenenpass / Passo della Novena)
2,474 m Timmelsjoch / Passo del Rombo Ötztal Alps   Austria
pass Ötz, Tyrol and St. Leonhard in Passeier, South Tyrol Paved road projected before WW II but completed only in 1967. Closed to lorries and vehicles with trailers. Toll station on Austrian side. Many publications and even road signs say 2,509 m - but this is definitifely wrong. 46°54′19″N 11°05′50″E / 46.90528°N 11.09722°E / 46.90528; 11.09722 (Timmelsjoch/ Passo del Rombo)
2,469 m Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard / Colle del Gran San Bernardo Valais Alps   Switzerland
pass Martigny, Valais and Aosta, Aosta Valley The third highest road pass in Switzerland.
Italian border is ca. 0.4 km westwards from the pass.
45°52′08″N 7°10′14″E / 45.86889°N 7.17056°E / 45.86889; 7.17056 (Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard / Colle del Gran San Bernardo)
2,454 m Col de la Moutière Alps   France pass Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage and Bayasse or Jausiers via the Col de Restefond The north side is not paved (some concrete-paved parts, though). 44°18′55″N 6°47′49″E / 44.315179°N 6.796816°E / 44.315179; 6.796816 (Col de la Moutière)
2,432 m Hochwurtenspeicher (Mölltaler Gletscherstraße) Alps   Austria dead end Außerfragant [8] By the Gletscherbahn at 1,230 m there is a barrier as a roadblock.
There are several reservoir lakes along the road (Wurtenspeicher 1,695 m, Stübelesee ca. 2,310 m, Weißsee ca. 2,370 m).
Also, an asphalted side road of ca. 1 km to Feldsee at 2,217 m (from ca. 2,120 m).
47°01′10″N 13°00′34″E / 47.019400°N 13.009338°E / 47.019400; 13.009338 (Hochwurtenspeicher)
2,429 m Furkapass Uri Alps
Lepontine Alps
  Switzerland pass Gletsch, Valais and Realp, Canton of Uri Used as a location in the James Bond film Goldfinger. Site of the Rhone Glacier, source of river Rhone. In-glacier prepared Ice Cave accessible from the road at 2,300 m. 46°34′22″N 08°25′00″E / 46.57278°N 8.41667°E / 46.57278; 8.41667 (Furkapass)
2,420 m Großsee Alps   Austria dead end Döllach [9] 47°00′52″N 12°58′55″E / 47.014501°N 12.982048°E / 47.014501; 12.982048 (Großsee)
2,418 m Mirador de Roque de los Muchachos La Palma (Islas Canarias)   Spain dead end Santa Cruz de La Palma and Hoya Grande Not located in the continental Europe but belongs to Spain. Side road of 3.7 km from LP-4 road (from ca. 2,145 m), ending at a parking area. Highest road on La Palma island (and in the Canary Islands). Along the road there are strictly forbidden access roads to some 15 observatories of the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.
Highest points of the LP-4 road are ca. 2,290 m and ca. 2,300 m, located very near kilometer signs 31 and 33 of the road, respectively. Neither of these passes are named, but the latter is near the Mirador de Los Andenes.
28°45′15.99″N 17°53′6.56″W / 28.7544417°N 17.8851556°W / 28.7544417; -17.8851556 (Roque de los Muchachos)
2,416 m Colle Valcavera Cottian Alps   Italy pass Demonte Side road (100 m) from the Colle della Fauniera -road (at 1.9 km distance).
On the western side of the Valcavera pass the road turns into a gravel road (Maira-Stura-Kammstrasse, MSKS), a high road of 14.7 km to Colle del Preit, listed below.
44°22′54″N 7°06′04″E / 44.381664°N 7.101095°E / 44.381664; 7.101095 (Colle Valcavera)
2,413 m Col du Granon Alps   France pass Saint-Chaffrey, La Salle-les-Alpes Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France, paved only on the west side. 44°57′46″N 06°36′40″E / 44.96278°N 6.61111°E / 44.96278; 6.61111 (Col du Granon)
2,408 m Port d'Envalira Pyrenees   Andorra pass Soldeu and El Pas de la Casa Highest paved road pass in the Pyrenees. The pass is bypassed by the Envalira Tunnel. Road to El Pas de la Casa is heavily trafficked by duty free day trippers from France. 42°32′24.2″N 1°43′10.58″E / 42.540056°N 1.7196056°E / 42.540056; 1.7196056 (Port d'Envalira)
2,394 m Oscheniksee Alps   Austria dead end Innerfragant Side road from the Mölltaler Gletscherstraße. At the beginning there is a barrier as a roadblock. 46°58′53″N 13°05′06″E / 46.981293°N 13.084896°E / 46.981293; 13.084896 (Oscheniksee)
2,394 m Kalin Reservoir Rila   Bulgaria dead end Pastra village (Rila valley) Concrete-paved road to the highest reservoir lake in the Balkans.[10][11]
See also Road to Vintcheto, listed above.
42°10′21″N 23°15′3″E / 42.17250°N 23.25083°E / 42.17250; 23.25083 (Kalin Reservoir)
2,390 m Oberaarsee Bernese Alps   Switzerland dead end Grimselpass (canton of Bern) The highest point of the access road is ca. 900 m before Oberaarsee (2,303 m). 46°33′08″N 08°16′48″E / 46.55222°N 8.28000°E / 46.55222; 8.28000 (Oberaarsee)
2,389 m Lac de Moiry Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Grimentz-Lac de Moiry-Lac de Châteaupré (canton of Valais) 46°06′24″N 07°34′44″E / 46.10667°N 7.57889°E / 46.10667; 7.57889 (Lac de Moiry)
2,387 m Griessee Alps   Switzerland dead end Nufenen Pass road Side road from Nufenenpass-road (from 2,304 m). Some short gravel sections because of worn out asphalt. Also barrier(s). 46°27′44″N 08°22′22″E / 46.46222°N 8.37278°E / 46.46222; 8.37278 (Griessee)
2,384 m Flüelapass Albula Alps   Switzerland pass Davos and Susch, (Graubünden) 46°45′01″N 09°56′52″E / 46.75028°N 9.94778°E / 46.75028; 9.94778 (Flüelapass)
2,379 m Georgian Military Road, Jvari Pass Caucasus Mountains   Georgia pass Vladikavkaz (Russia) and Tbilisi (Georgia) 42°30′15″N 44°27′14″E / 42.5042°N 44.4538°E / 42.5042; 44.4538 (Georgian Military Road, Jvari Pass)
2,370 m Colle Esischie Cottian Alps   Italy pass Ponte Marmora and Pradleves Along the road to Colle della Fauniera, at 1.5 km distance from it. 44°23′51″N 7°07′20″E / 44.397368°N 7.122224°E / 44.397368; 7.122224 (Colle Esischie)
2,370 m Plan du Lac Alps   France pass, dead end Termignon In the Vanoise National Park. Motorized vehicles can't continue past Parking Bellecombe at 2,320 m. After a kilometer, the road becomes almost flat and it's difficult to see where the highest point of the road is. From the pass area, the paved road continues past Refuge du Plan du Lac (2,370 m) and downwards to Entre-Deux-Eaux at 2,012 m (dead end). 45°20′19″N 6°49′55″E / 45.338497°N 6.831833°E / 45.338497; 6.831833 (Plan du Lac)
2,369 m Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe Hohe Tauern   Austria dead end Fusch (Salzburg) and Heiligenblut (Carinthia) Side road of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, from ca. 1,860 m. 47°04′25″N 12°45′17″E / 47.073530°N 12.754661°E / 47.073530; 12.754661 (Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe)
2,363 m Teide Tenerife (Islas Canarias)   Spain pass Several places, for example: Los Cristianos, El Médano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (via La Laguna), Puerto de la Cruz (via La Orotava), Los Gigantes Not located in the continental Europe but belongs to Spain. Highest paved roads on Tenerife island are:
- TF-21: 2,363 m, a pass near the Mirador Tabonal Negro (by km 41,2 of the road) and 2,205 m El Retamar (by km 56,9 of the road).
- TF-??: 2,350 m Teleférico del Teide (0,5 km side road from TF-21, by km 43).
- TF-24: 2,290 m Mirador Corral del Niño (pass, by km 38 of the road).
- TF-514: 2,360 m Mirador de Izaña (2,5 km side road from TF-24 at 2,260 m, by km 37,5). Along the road there is a strictly forbidden access road to Observatorio Astronómico del Teide (2,390 m).
- TF-38: 2,090 m, an unnamed pass near the Mirador de las Narices del Teide (by km 3,7 of the road, from Boca Tauce crossing at 2,040 m).
28°15′34″N 16°36′30″W / 28.259388°N 16.608356°W / 28.259388; -16.608356 (Teide)
2,361 m Col d'Izoard Cottian Alps   France pass Briançon, and Guil, Queyras, Guillestre Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°49′12″N 06°44′07″E / 44.82000°N 6.73528°E / 44.82000; 6.73528 (Col d'Izoard)
2,350 m Col de la Lombarde / Colle della Lombarda Maritime Alps   France
pass Isola, via Isola 2000 and Vinadio Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°12′8″N 07°09′1″E / 44.20222°N 7.15028°E / 44.20222; 7.15028 (Col de la Lombarde / Colle della Lombarda)
2,350 m Val Thorens French Alps   France dead end Moûtiers Skiing area. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°17′57″N 6°35′07″E / 45.299051°N 6.585247°E / 45.299051; 6.585247 (Val Thorens)
2,347 m Col du Gondran Alps   France pass, dead end Briançon The road is closed to general traffic. Tarmac is partly worn out. From the pass gravel roads (MTB recommended) continue to, for example, Fort du Gondran (Gondran C), which is located at Sommet des Anges (2,459 m), Fort Le Janus (2,529 m) and down to Montgenèvre (1,860 m). 44°53′40″N 6°42′11″E / 44.894390°N 6.703194°E / 44.894390; 6.703194 (Col du Gondran)
2,340 m Azau Meadow Caucasus   Russia dead end Russian A158, from E50 in Baksan via Tyrnyauz Road continues further up mount Elbrus unpaved. 43°15′59″N 42°28′51″E / 43.26639°N 42.48083°E / 43.26639; 42.48083 (Azau Meadow)
2,340 m Tre Cime di Lavaredo Sexten Dolomites   Italy dead end near Cortina d'Ampezzo, Lago di Misurina Sometimes designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia. 46°37′07″N 12°18′20″E / 46.61861°N 12.30556°E / 46.61861; 12.30556 (Tre Cime di Lavaredo)
2,328 m Berninapass / Passo del Bernina Bernina Range
  Switzerland pass Celerina and Tirano 46°24.744′N 10°1.71′E / 46.412400°N 10.02850°E / 46.412400; 10.02850 (Berninapass / Passo del Bernina)
2,326 m Col de la Cayolle Maritime Alps
  France pass Barcelonnette, (Ubaye Valley) and Saint-Martin-d'Entraunes The road leads to the red-rock Gorges de Daluis at Daluis 44°15′32″N 6°44′38″E / 44.25889°N 6.74389°E / 44.25889; 6.74389 (Col de la Cayolle)
2,317 m Idalp (Idalpe) Alps   Austria dead end Ischgl Steep access road to a skiing station and restaurants. Circa 7.2 km with 950 height meters (= 13.2 %). Start from the crossing of Dorfstrasse and Kirchenweg. Steep at first (max 17 %), then easier (take a left turn at 1,660 m), and then steep again (from Mittelstation 4 km/15 %).
At the top, gravel road leads to Ausser Viderjoch pass at 2,730 m and down to Samnaun Compatsch at 1,714 m.
46°58′57″N 10°19′06″E / 46.982381°N 10.318209°E / 46.982381; 10.318209 (Idalp)
2,314 m Forcola di Livigno Livigno Alps   Switzerland
pass Tirano (via Val Poschiavo) and Livigno On Swiss side, there's a crossing at 2,054 m, road 29 continuing to nearby Passo del Bernina, listed above. 46°26′33″N 10°03′25″E / 46.44250°N 10.05694°E / 46.44250; 10.05694 (Forcola di Livigno)
2,312 m Albulapass
(Pass d'Alvra)
Albula Range   Switzerland pass Tiefencastel, via Bergün and La Punt (Engadin) 46°35′N 09°53′E / 46.583°N 9.883°E / 46.583; 9.883 (Albulapass)
2,311 m Lago del Narèt Lepontine Alps   Switzerland dead end Fusio, Ticino 46°28′47″N 8°34′31″E / 46.47972°N 8.57528°E / 46.47972; 8.57528 (Lago del Narèt)
2,310 m Lago dei Cavagnöö Lepontine Alps   Switzerland dead end Lago di Robièi (Ticino) Only accessible by aerial tramway from San Carlo (1,040 m). Lowest point of the road: 1,856 m 46°27′19″N 8°30′30″E / 46.45528°N 8.50833°E / 46.45528; 8.50833 (Lago dei Cavagnöö)
2,304 m Col de la Loze French Alps   France pass Courchevel and Meribel Road built in 2019. 45°24′18″N 6°36′07″E / 45.40500°N 6.60194°E / 45.40500; 6.60194 (Col de la Loze)
2,303 m Tguma Parkplatz Alps   Switzerland dead end Zillis, via Wergenstein Last ca. 400 m is gravel, to Tguma Parkplatz at 2,340 m, with a bus stop. From there, a gravel road continues downwards ca. 2 km, to a group of houses (at 2,272 m). 46°37′30″N 9°22′06″E / 46.624896°N 9.368345°E / 46.624896; 9.368345 (Tguma Parkplatz)
2,301 m Port de Cabús Pyrenees   Andorra
pass Erts and Llavorsí 2302m[12] Paved road surface on the Andorran side (via Coll de la Botella, 2,064 m), but not paved on the Spanish side.
In Andorran terrain map the height is 2,301.5 m.
42°32′47″N 1°25′11″E / 42.54639°N 1.41972°E / 42.54639; 1.41972 (Port de Cabús)
2,291 m Passo del Foscagno Livigno Range   Italy pass Livigno (via Passo d'Eira & Trepalle) and Bormio 46°29′42″N 10°12′32″E / 46.49500°N 10.20889°E / 46.49500; 10.20889 (Passo del Foscagno)
2,284 m Colle di Sampeyre Cottian Alps   Italy pass Sampeyre and Stroppo / Elva 44°33′4″N 7°7′8″E / 44.55111°N 7.11889°E / 44.55111; 7.11889 (Colle di Sampeyre)
2,284 m Julierpass
(Pass da Güglia)
Albula Range   Switzerland pass Engadin valley and Tiefencastel watershed / drainage divide between the basins of the Rivers Rhine and Danube 46°28.32′N 09°43.74′E / 46.47200°N 9.72900°E / 46.47200; 9.72900 (Julierpass)
2,280 m Parking du Saut Alps   France dead end Lac du Chevril Side road from Col de l'Iseran -road, from ca. 1,815 m. Asphalted road ends at a small parking area, below reservoir lake Ruisseau de la Sassière.
Gravel road continues 3,5 km to Lac de la Sassière, reservoir at 2,460 m.
45°29′10″N 6°58′03″E / 45.486201°N 6.967419°E / 45.486201; 6.967419 (Parking du Saut)
2,259 m (pass)
2,224 m (tunnel)
Sustenpass Urner Alps   Switzerland pass Innertkirchen, (Canton of Bern) and Wassen, Canton of Uri Views of the Steingletscher glacier.
Old passroad is nowadays a dead end (for vehicles), there is only a path to the eastern side.
Sustenpass tunnel (300 m) offers much much more popular thoroughfare between the valleys. Its altitude is 2,224 m at the eastern end, and 2,223 m at the western end.
46°43.8′N 08°26.94′E / 46.7300°N 8.44900°E / 46.7300; 8.44900 (Sustenpass)
2,257 m La Bola del Mundo Sierra de Guadarrama   Spain dead end Puerto de Navacerrada Side road from the Puerto de Navacerrada. The road is paved, but with rough cement rather than smoother asphalt and is not open to regular road traffic.[13] 40°47′N 03°58′W / 40.783°N 3.967°W / 40.783; -3.967 (La Bola del Mundo)
2,257 m Lago della Sella Alps   Switzerland dead end Gotthard Pass Side road from the Gotthard Pass.
See also nearby Passo Scimfuss, listed below.
46°33′33″N 08°35′34″E / 46.55917°N 8.59278°E / 46.55917; 8.59278 (Lago della Sella)
2,252 m Col du Sanetsch Bernese Alps   Switzerland pass, dead end Pont-de-la-Morge (or Sion) (Valais)[14] On the north side of the pass the asphalted road descents to Lac de Sénin (2,034 m), ending soon after at 2,048 m. Only a gondola lift to the Gsteig bei Gstaad direction. 46°19′53″N 7°17′10″E / 46.331490°N 7.286210°E / 46.331490; 7.286210 (Col du Sanetsch)
2,250 m Col d'Allos Alps   France pass Barcelonnette, (Ubaye Valley) and Colmars 44°17′50″N 6°35′37″E / 44.297229°N 6.593749°E / 44.297229; 6.593749 (Col d'Allos)
2,244 m Passo di Sella / Sella Joch Dolomites   Italy pass Val Gherdëina, South Tyrol and Canazei, Fascia Valley Highest road pass in the Dolomites. 46°30′29″N 11°46′02″E / 46.508158°N 11.767338°E / 46.508158; 11.767338 (Passo di Sella / Sella Joch)
2,241 m Passo Scimfuss Alps   Switzerland dead end Gotthard Pass Side road from the Gotthard Pass.
See also nearby Lago della Sella, listed above.
46°32′35″N 08°35′28″E / 46.54306°N 8.59111°E / 46.54306; 8.59111 (Passo Scimfuss)
2,239 m Dosso dei Galli Alps   Italy dead end Passo del Maniva (1,664 m) and Passo di Croce Domini (1,892 m) Side road from Sella dell'Auccia. Military road. Access restricted. 45°51′12″N 10°22′34″E / 45.853417°N 10.376190°E / 45.853417; 10.376190 (Dosso dei Galli)
2,239 m Passo Pordoi Dolomites   Italy pass Canazei and Livinallongo del Col di Lana Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia 46°29′15″N 11°48′44″E / 46.487530°N 11.812258°E / 46.487530; 11.812258 (Passo Pordoi)
2,236 m Passo di Giau Dolomites   Italy pass Cortina d'Ampezzo and Selva di Cadore / Livinallongo del Col di Lana 46°29.05′N 12°5.1′E / 46.48417°N 12.0850°E / 46.48417; 12.0850 (Passo di Giau)
2,231 m Alpe Galm Alps   Switzerland dead end Guttet - Oberu 46°21′23″N 07°40′52″E / 46.35639°N 7.68111°E / 46.35639; 7.68111 (Galm)
2,229 m Arcalís (Estación de Esquí de Arcalís) Pyrenees   Andorra dead end Ordino Skiing area. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France. 42°37′53″N 1°28′51″E / 42.631388°N 1.480941°E / 42.631388; 1.480941 (Arcalís)
2,225 m Estación de esquí de Err-Puigmal
(Jaça del Prat de Tossa)
Pyrenees   France dead end Err Skiing station Err-Puigmal, near the Puigmal d'Err mountain (2,909 m). 42°23′08″N 2°05′13″E / 42.385512°N 2.087044°E / 42.385512; 2.087044 (Jaça del Prat de Tossa / Err-Puigmal)
2,221 m Männlichen Bernese Oberland   Switzerland pass, dead end Grindelwald Grund Good surface to top. Only a gondola lift to the other side (Wengen). 46°36′48″N 7°56′28″E / 46.613461°N 7.941113°E / 46.613461; 7.941113 (Männlichen)
2,215 m Col de Portet Pyrenees   France pass Saint-Lary-Soulan Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France. On the other side of the pass a steep gravel road to Lac de l'Oule and below. 42°49′59″N 0°14′12″E / 42.83306°N 0.23667°E / 42.83306; 0.23667 (Col de Portet)
2,211 m Penserjoch / Passo di Pennes Alps   Italy pass Sterzing/Vipiteno and Bolzano 46°49′08″N 11°26′29″E / 46.818768°N 11.441487°E / 46.818768; 11.441487 (Penserjoch / Passo di Pennes)
2,210 m Passo d'Eira Livigno Range   Italy pass Livigno and Trepalle A modest elevation between Livigno and Trepalle. 46°32′18″N 10°09′59″E / 46.538316°N 10.166272°E / 46.538316; 10.166272 (Passo d'Eira)
2,208 m Col des Tentes Pyrenees   France dead end Luz-Saint-Sauveur, via Gèdre From the parking area at the top, a narrow paved road continues 800 m to ca. 2,180 m. After the pavement ends, the road quality drops and it soon becomes a path which is blocked with stones, before reaching the Spanish border at Port de Boucharo/Puerto de Bujaruelo at 2,270 m.
In the 20th century, there were plans to build a road to the pass also from the Spain.
42°42′49″N 0°3′4″E / 42.71361°N 0.05111°E / 42.71361; 0.05111 (Col des Tentes)
2,205 m Cim de Coma Morera Pyrenees   France dead end Ossèja 42°21′22″N 2°01′24″E / 42.355974°N 2.023208°E / 42.355974; 2.023208 (Cim de Coma Morera)
2,205 m Lac du Vieux Émosson Alps   Switzerland dead end Finhaut, via Lac d'Émosson Public access to Lac d'Émosson dam (1932 m), restricted access to Lac du Vieux Émosson dam. 46°03′47″N 06°53′56″E / 46.06306°N 6.89889°E / 46.06306; 6.89889 (Lac du Vieux Emosson)
2,205 m Täschalp Alps   Switzerland dead end Visp, via Täsch 46°03′30″N 07°48′45″E / 46.05833°N 7.81250°E / 46.05833; 7.81250 (Täschalp)
2,204 m Mattmarksee Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Visp, via Stalden 46°03′01″N 07°57′50″E / 46.05028°N 7.96389°E / 46.05028; 7.96389 (Mattmarksee)
2,200 m Lac d'Aumar Pyrenees   France pass, dead end Saint-Lary-Soulan Road reaches maximum just before Lac d'Aumar (2,192 m). Road continues past it, 1.2 km to nearby Lac d'Aubert (2,148 m). 42°50′16″N 0°09′24″E / 42.837873°N 0.156618°E / 42.837873; 0.156618 (Lac d'Aumar)
2,192 m Passo di Valparola Dolomites   Italy pass Badia and Cortina d'Ampezzo / Andráz, via Passo di Falzarego Nearby is Passo di Falzarego, listed below. On the northern side of the pass is Rifugio Passo Valparola (2,168 m). 46°31′59.88″N 11°58′59.88″E / 46.5333000°N 11.9833000°E / 46.5333000; 11.9833000 (Passo di Valparola)
2,190 m Embalse de Llauset
(La Presa de Llauset)
Pyrenees   Spain dead end Senet Side road from road N-230. After Aneto the quality of the road is very poor. Last 1.4 km the road is in a dark tunnel. 42°34′22″N 0°42′46″E / 42.57279°N 0.712757°E / 42.57279; 0.712757 (Embalse de Llauset)
2,188 m Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard / Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo Valais Alps
Mont Blanc Massif
pass Tarentaise, (Savoie) and Pré-Saint-Didier (Aosta Valley) 45°40′49″N 6°53′2″E / 45.68028°N 6.88389°E / 45.68028; 6.88389 (Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard / Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo)
2,183 m Col du Petit Mont Cenis Alps   France dead end Lanslebourg Side road, which starts just below/south of the Col du Mont Cenis (2,081 m). Last ca. 100 m is gravel. 45°12′39″N 6°51′56″E / 45.210734°N 6.865439°E / 45.210734; 6.865439 (Col du Petit Mont Cenis)
2,176 m Colle delle Finestre Cottian Alps   Italy pass Susa Valley and Val Chisone Northern side (from Susa) of this road is gravel from ca. 1,450 m, but it is a classic in Giro d'Italia. 45°04′18.49″N 7°03′12.48″E / 45.0718028°N 7.0534667°E / 45.0718028; 7.0534667 (Colle delle Finestre)
2,175 m Lac de Cap-de-Long Pyrenees   France dead end Saint-Lary-Soulan 42°49′10″N 0°08′29″E / 42.819485°N 0.141332°E / 42.819485; 0.141332 (Lac de Cap-de-Long)
2,173 m Croix de Coeur Alps   Switzerland pass Sembrancher, via Verbier and Riddes Both sides are nowadays paved. 46°07′18″N 07°13′57″E / 46.12167°N 7.23250°E / 46.12167; 7.23250 (Croix de Coeur)
2,168 m Tikmataji Pass Lesser Caucasus   Georgia pass Tbilisi Tsalka and Ninotsminda Akhalkalaki Baku–Tbilisi–Kars railway also goes via this pass. 41°29′46″N 43°52′18″E / 41.49611°N 43.87167°E / 41.49611; 43.87167 (Tikmataji Pass)
2,164 m Grimselpass Alps   Switzerland pass Innertkirchen, Bern and Gletsch, Valais 46°33.72′N 8°20.34′E / 46.56200°N 8.33900°E / 46.56200; 8.33900 (Grimselpass)
2,155 m Calar Alto Sierra de los Filabres   Spain pass road A92 (below Aulago) and Gérgal/Serón/Tíjola Calar Alto Observatory 37°13′21″N 2°32′52″W / 37.222365°N 2.547840°W / 37.222365; -2.547840 (Calar Alto)
2,150 m Les Arcs 2000 Alps   France dead end Bourg-Saint-Maurice Tarentaise, (Savoie) 45°34′14″N 6°49′58″E / 45.570560°N 6.832641°E / 45.570560; 6.832641 (Les Arcs 2000)
2,149 m Ofenpass / Pass dal Fuorn Alps   Switzerland pass Zernez, Engadin and Val Müstair 46°38.472′N 10°17.598′E / 46.641200°N 10.293300°E / 46.641200; 10.293300 (Ofenpass / Pass dal Fuorn)
2,145 m Alp da Stierva Alps   Switzerland dead end Tiefencastel, via Stierva Some gravel sections above 2,000 m. Road ends at a cattle farm. 46°38′52″N 9°30′37″E / 46.647840°N 9.510383°E / 46.647840; 9.510383 (Alp da Stierva)
2,145 m Transalpina
(Pasul Urdele)
Carpathian Mountains   Romania pass Novaci and Sebeș The Transalpina road (DN67C) is the highest paved road in Romania.[15]
Widening and asphalting works started in 2010, but are not yet finished. Ca. 2-3 km of roadbed-only - alternating with asphalted areas - and several viaducts with only one-lane accessibility and tens of unfinished ditches across the road for collecting water from the slopes, which require slowing down to 5-10 km/h. It also lacks safety elements - parapets, reflective aids, road marks, road signs.
Ca. 6 km north is another pass, Pasul Muntiu (ca. 2,095 m). ). Between the passes, the road descends to ca. 1,940 m.
45°20′42″N 23°39′25″E / 45.345°N 23.657°E / 45.345; 23.657 (Transalpina road, Urdele pass)
2,144 m Vallter 2000 Pyrenees   Spain dead end Camprodon Skiing resort. 42°25′37″N 2°15′54″E / 42.42694°N 2.26500°E / 42.42694; 2.26500 (Vallter 2000)
2,141 m Grande Dixence Dam Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Sion, via Hérémence 46°05′03″N 07°24′13″E / 46.08417°N 7.40361°E / 46.08417; 7.40361 (Grande Dixence Dam)
2,140 m Tignes Val Claret Alps   France dead end Tarentaise (Savoie) Road D87A from Lac du Chevril and Tignes Dam (1,790 m) continues past Tignes (partly in a tunnel) and past Lac de Tignes to a roundabout at 2,100 m, which is below the village of Tignes Val Claret. 45°27′14″N 6°54′06″E / 45.453756°N 6.901585°E / 45.453756; 6.901585 (Tignes Val Claret)
2,136 m Collado de las Sabinas Sierra Nevada   Spain pass Güejar Sierra and kilometer point 33.4 of the Veleta Road 37°06′56″N 3°25′20″W / 37.115432°N 3.422194°W / 37.115432; -3.422194 (Collado de las Sabinas)
2,135 m Großer Speikkogel Koralpe   Austria dead end Maildorf Access road to a radio/TV-transmitter and a radar station. There may be a barrier at ca. 1,630 m (4.3 km from the top). 46°47′13″N 14°58′16″E / 46.786929°N 14.971236°E / 46.786929; 14.971236 (Großer Speikkogel)
2,135 m Rifugio Forni
(Rifugio Ghiacciaio dei Forni)
Alps   Italy dead end Santa Caterina di Valfurva Side road from Passo di Gavia -road (SP29), with some steep sections. Gravel from ca. 2,135 m. Rifugio is at 2,176 m. 46°25′12″N 10°33′12″E / 46.420014°N 10.553222°E / 46.420014; 10.553222 (Rifugio Ghiacciaio dei Forni)
2,134 m Berghaus Nagens Alps   Switzerland dead end Laax 46°51′42″N 09°13′50″E / 46.86167°N 9.23056°E / 46.86167; 9.23056 (Berghaus Nagens)
2,133 m Passo Gardena / Grödner Joch Dolomites   Italy pass Sëlva, Val Gardena and Corvara, South Tyrol 46°32′59″N 11°48′31″E / 46.549812°N 11.808529°E / 46.549812; 11.808529 (Passo Gardena)
2,133 m Parking de Laus
(Lac d'Allos parking)
Alps   France dead end Colmars [16] The road ends at a parking area. From there it is ca. 2 km hike to the beautiful Lac d'Allos (at 2,230 m). 44°14′44″N 6°41′53″E / 44.245437°N 6.698065°E / 44.245437; 6.698065 (Parking de Laus)
2,131 m Col Carette Italian Alps   Italy pass, dead end Monno (Brescia) The grassy geographical pass is at ca. 2,095 m. The road reaches higher. On the other side of the pass the asphalted road continues 3,9 km (to near Chalet La Cort), dead end at ca. 1,820 m. Along the way, at 1,936 m, a gravel road down to Vezza d'Oglio. 46°15′21″N 10°21′46″E / 46.255789°N 10.362767°E / 46.255789; 10.362767 (Col Carette)
2,130 m Campo Imperatore Apennines   Italy dead end Assergi The road leads to the hotel where Italian army kept Benito Mussolini imprisoned (see also Gran Sasso raid). It is often a stage in the Giro d'Italia bike race.[17][18] Located near the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain (2,912 m). 42°28′N 13°33′E / 42.467°N 13.550°E / 42.467; 13.550 (Campo Imperatore)
2,130 m[19] Roki Tunnel Caucasus Mountains   Georgia/  Russia pass Tskhinvali Region(Samachablo)/North Ossetia–Alania 42°36′03″N 44°06′54″E / 42.60083°N 44.11500°E / 42.60083; 44.11500 (Roki Tunnel)
2,130 m Via Monterotta Cottian Alps   Italy pass, dead end Sestriere Side road 3.8 km from Sestriere. The paved road ends soon after the pass. 44°57′18″N 6°50′39″E / 44.955061°N 6.844043°E / 44.955061; 6.844043 (Via Monterotta)
2,125 m Juf (Avers valley) Alps   Switzerland dead end Ausserferrera Highest village in the Alps. After reaching this small village (highest in the Alps), the paved road descents to 2,116 m. 46°26′45″N 09°34′45″E / 46.44583°N 9.57917°E / 46.44583; 9.57917 (Juf)
2,115 m Col du Tourmalet Pyrenees   France pass Sainte-Marie-de-Campan and Luz-Saint-Sauveur Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 42°54′29.50″N 0°8′42.40″E / 42.9081944°N 0.1451111°E / 42.9081944; 0.1451111 (Col du Tourmalet)
2,114 m Splügenpass / Passo dello Spluga Lepontine Alps
Rhaetian Alps
pass Splügen (Graubünden) and Chiavenna (Lombardy) described by Mary Shelley 46°30.36′N 09°20.22′E / 46.50600°N 9.33700°E / 46.50600; 9.33700 (Splügenpass / Passo dello Spluga)
2,109 m Lauchernalp Alps   Switzerland dead end Wiler See also nearby Weritzstafel, listed below. Crossing to these places is at 1,871 m. 46°24′55″N 7°46′08″E / 46.415186°N 7.768990°E / 46.415186; 7.768990 (Lauchernalp)
2,108 m Col de Vars Cottian Alps   France pass Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye and Vars, Hautes-Alpes / Guillestre 44°32′20″N 6°42′10″E / 44.53889°N 6.70278°E / 44.53889; 6.70278 (Col de Vars)
2,106 m[20] Coll de Pal Pyrenees   Spain pass, dead end Bagà Access road from Bagà. At the top, the road continues 1.8 km to a dead end, with only gravel roads down to the La Molina skiing resort. 42°18′14″N 1°55′20″E / 42.3039°N 1.9223°E / 42.3039; 1.9223 (Coll de Pal)
2,106 m Gotthardpass / Passo del San Gottardo (main road) Lepontine Alps   Switzerland pass Airolo, Ticino and Göschenen, Canton of Uri 46°33′33″N 8°33′41″E / 46.559167°N 08.561389°E / 46.559167; 08.561389 (Gotthardpass / Passo del San Gottardo)
2,106 m Gotthardpass / Passo del San Gottardo (via Tremola) Lepontine Alps   Switzerland pass Motto Bartola, Ticino and Brüggloch, Canton of Uri Historical road paved with granite stones. 46°33′33″N 8°33′41″E / 46.559167°N 08.561389°E / 46.559167; 08.561389 (Gotthardpass / Passo del San Gottardo)
2,105 m Passo di Falzarego Dolomites   Italy pass Andráz and Cortina d'Ampezzo Nearby is Passo di Valparola, listed above. 46°31′8″N 12°0′34″E / 46.51889°N 12.00944°E / 46.51889; 12.00944 (Passo di Falzarego)
2,105 m Schöneben / Belpiano Eastern alps   Italy loop road Reschen (Reschensee) and San Valentino alla Muta Skiing area. Possible to drive also the ramp to the ski station (at ca. 2,115 m). 46°48′16″N 10°29′21″E / 46.804578°N 10.489043°E / 46.804578; 10.489043 (Schöneben / Belpiano)
2,103 m Sella dell'Auccia Alps   Italy pass Passo del Maniva and Passo di Croce Domini Paved from Passo del Maniva (1,664 m). Unpaved (at least partly) from Passo di Croce Domini (1,892 m). Not the highest point of the road but access to slightly higher points may be unpaved. 45°51′34″N 10°22′35″E / 45.85944°N 10.37639°E / 45.85944; 10.37639 (Sella dell'Auccia)
2,102 m Tauernmoossee Alps   Austria pass, dead end Uttendorf, via Enzingerboden Access road to a reservoir lake. After reaching the highest point (2,102 m, unnamed pass), road becomes a gravel road and descents to Tauernmoossee (2,023 m). In Enzingerboden (1,470 m), at the beginning of the access road, there may be a barrier as a roadblock. 47°10′09″N 12°38′49″E / 47.169045°N 12.647056°E / 47.169045; 12.647056 (Tauernmoossee)
2,100 m Arolla Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Sion, via Les Haudères (canton of Valais Highest point above Arolla village (2,009 m). Or, instead of turning right to Arolla village, pavement of Val d'Arolla -road ends at 2,027 m (after a pumping station). 46°01′32″N 7°28′41″E / 46.025629°N 7.477918°E / 46.025629; 7.477918 (Arolla)
2,100 m Cirque de Troumouse Pyrenees   France dead end Luz-Saint-Sauveur, via Gèdre 42°43′41″N 0°05′44″E / 42.727977°N 0.095560°E / 42.727977; 0.095560 (Cirque de Troumouse)
2,100 m Col des Champs Alps   France pass Saint-Martin-d'Entraunes and Colmars The height of the geographical pass is ca. 2,060 m. The road reaches ca. 2,100 m, about 0.5 km south of the pass sign at 2,089 m. 44°10′16″N 6°42′02″E / 44.170980°N 6.700520°E / 44.170980; 6.700520 (Col des Champs)
2,100 m Col du Sabot Alps   France pass, dead end Vaujany 45°11′25″N 6°06′32″E / 45.190366°N 6.108866°E / 45.190366; 6.108866 (Col du Sabot)
2,100 m Hochsölden Ötztal Alps   Austria dead end Sölden The skiing village is at 2,085 m. Road continues to Bergrestaurant Sonnblick at ca. 2,100 m. 46°58′35″N 10°58′55″E / 46.976356°N 10.981920°E / 46.976356; 10.981920 (Hochsölden)
2,099 m Weritzstafel Alps   Switzerland dead end Wiler See also nearby Lauchernalp, listed above. Crossing to these places is at 1,871 m. 46°25′18″N 7°47′33″E / 46.421606°N 7.792638°E / 46.421606; 7.792638 (Weritzstafel)
2,096 m Thyon Alps   Switzerland dead end Sion, via Hérémence 46°10′55″N 07°22′21″E / 46.18194°N 7.37250°E / 46.18194; 7.37250 (Thyon)
2,094 m Jaufenpass / Passo di Monte Giovo Alps   Italy pass Sterzing/Vipiteno and Sankt Leonhard in Passerei/San Leonardo in Passiria 46°50′22″N 11°19′16″E / 46.839441°N 11.321062°E / 46.839441; 11.321062 (Jaufenpass / Passo di Monte Giovo)
2,093 m Plagne Aime 2000 Alps   France dead end (loop road) Tarentaise, (Savoie) Skiing area. Road D221 continues 2 km from Plagne Centre (1,970 m) to Aime 2000. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France.
Note: From the roundabout in Plagne Centre at 1,965 m, another paved road, D223, goes past Plagne Villages at ca. 2,050 m and continues to 2,140 m (45.503446N, 6.692432E). There is also a side road of 0.6 km from ca. 2,025 m to Plagne Soleil at 2,065 m.
See also nearby Belle-Plagne, listed below.
45°30′38″N 6°39′59″E / 45.510438°N 6.666343°E / 45.510438; 6.666343 (Plagne Aime 2000)
2,090 m Steingletscher Alps   Switzerland dead end Hotel Steingletscher Starting point on the Sustenpass road (at 1,863 m), end at the foot of the western Steingletscher tongue. 46°42′48″N 08°24′58″E / 46.71333°N 8.41611°E / 46.71333; 8.41611 (Steingletscher)
2,087 m La Saussaz Vanoise   France dead end Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte 45°17′01″N 6°28′23″E / 45.283746°N 6.473076°E / 45.283746; 6.473076 (La Saussaz)
2,081 m Col du Mont Cenis Cottian Alps
Graian Alps
  France pass Lanslebourg and Susa (Italy) Possibly used by Hannibal. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°15′35″N 6°54′04″E / 45.259721°N 6.901024°E / 45.259721; 6.901024 (Mont Cenis)
2,080 m Lac Rond & Lac Besson Alps   France dead end Le Bourg-d'Oisans Two adjoined lakes above l'Alpe d'Huez. 45°06′58″N 6°05′14″E / 45.116037°N 6.087120°E / 45.116037; 6.087120 (Lac Rond)
2,076 m Champillon Valais Alps   Italy dead end Aosta, Aosta Valley Side road from Colle del Gran San Bernardo -road (SS27), via villages of Moulin and Doues. The asphalted road ends at a parking area. 45°50′36″N 7°17′16″E / 45.843470°N 7.287742°E / 45.843470; 7.287742 (Champillon)
2,076 m Colle del Preit Cottian Alps   Italy pass Ponte Marmora Above this pass road turns into a gravel road (Maira-Stura-Kammstrasse, MSKS), a high road of 14.7 km to Colle Valcavera, listed above. 44°24′16″N 7°02′30″E / 44.404391°N 7.041618°E / 44.404391; 7.041618 (Colle del Preit)
2,075 m Port de la Bonaigua Pyrenees   Spain pass Vielha and Esterri d'Aneu The height of the geographical pass is 2,072 m. The road reaches 2,075 m. 42°39′50″N 0°58′55″E / 42.66389°N 0.98194°E / 42.66389; 0.98194 (Port de la Bonaigua)
2,070 m Belle-Plagne Alps   France dead end Tarentaise, (Savoie) Skiing area. Side road D224 from the road to La Plagne (D221). 3.9 km from a roundabout at ca. 1,885 m. Or only 3.6 km, if choosing a shortcut through Plagne Bellecôte at 1,910 m.
See also nearby Plagne Aime 2000, listed above.
45°30′36″N 6°42′23″E / 45.509873°N 6.706458°E / 45.509873; 6.706458 (Belle-Plagne)
2,070 m Martelltal / Val Martello Alps   Italy dead end Coldrano, Martell Pavement ends at a small parking area, highest point just before that. Gravel road continues to the closed and ruined Hotel Paradiso del Cevedale (2,090 m). 46°29′11″N 10°41′03″E / 46.48639°N 10.68417°E / 46.48639; 10.68417 (Martelltal / Val Martello)
2,070 m R-285 Zelenchuksky District Caucasus Mountains   Russia dead end (to BTA-6 telescope) Arkhyz (Russia) 43°38′46″N 41°26′28″E / 43.6462°N 41.4412195°E / 43.6462; 41.4412195 (R-285)
2,070 m Santuario Sant'Anna di Vinadio Maritime Alps   Italy dead end Vinadio Side road from Colle della Lombarda -road SP255 (from 1,815 m). Just before the Santuario (at 2,015 m), a side road of 0.6 km to a small crucifix at 2,070 m. 44°13′37″N 7°06′23″E / 44.227081°N 7.106313°E / 44.227081; 7.106313 (Santuario Sant'Anna di Vinadio)
2,068 m Mandelon Alps   Switzerland dead end Sion, via Hérémence 46°07′52″N 07°24′41″E / 46.13111°N 7.41139°E / 46.13111; 7.41139 (Mandelon)
2,067 m Col de la Croix de Fer Dauphiné Alps   France pass Le Bourg-d'Oisans and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°13′39″N 6°12′12″E / 45.2275°N 6.203333°E / 45.2275; 6.203333 (Col de la Croix de Fer)
2,067 m Parking Altumeira (Val Viola) Alps   Italy dead end Arnoga Side road from Passo del Foscagno -road (SS301), from "Curva Arnoga" at ca. 1,880 m. For motorized vehicles, this is a toll road (5 €). The asphalted road ends after 4.3 km at P4 (parking area 4, Parking Altumeira) and gravel road continues to Rifugio Viola at 2,314 m. From nearby crossing, a poor gravel road leads to Passo di Val Viola and Swiss border at 2,470 m. 46°26′20″N 10°11′57″E / 46.438878°N 10.199305°E / 46.438878; 10.199305 (Parking Altumeira)
2,066 m Passo del San Bernardino Pennine Alps   Switzerland pass Thusis (Graubünden) and Bellinzona (Ticino) 46°29′46″N 9°10′15″E / 46.496111°N 9.170833°E / 46.496111; 9.170833 (Passo del San Bernardino)
2,064 m Alpe Campo Alps   Switzerland dead end Sfazù Side road from Passo del Bernina -road (from 1,622 m). 46°24′05″N 10°07′07″E / 46.40139°N 10.11861°E / 46.40139; 10.11861 (Alpe Campo)
2,063 m Els Cortals Pyrenees   Andorra dead end Encamp Road ends at a ski lift. 42°32′22″N 1°37′51″E / 42.539582°N 1.630912°E / 42.539582; 1.630912 (Els Cortals)
2,060 m Hotel Salastrains Alps   Switzerland dead end St. Moritz Paved road continues past Hotel Salastrains, to 2,060 m.
Old height 2,048 means the roundabout just before the hotel.
See also nearby Via Marguns (Suvretta roads), listed below.
46°29′58″N 09°49′43″E / 46.49944°N 9.82861°E / 46.49944; 9.82861 (Hotel Salastrains)
2,058 m Belmeken Dam road Rila Mountain   Bulgaria pass Road 8 via Sestrimo and Yundola Part of the 2010 WRC Rally Bulgaria. Altitude of the Belmeken Dam is about 1,930 m. 42°10′03″N 23°49′32″E / 42.167449°N 23.825491°E / 42.167449; 23.825491 (Belmeken Dam road)
2,058 m Col du Lautaret Dauphiné Alps   France pass Le Bourg-d'Oisans and Briançon A famous climb on the Tour de France. From the pass the road leads also to Col du Galibier, listed above. 45°02′07″N 6°24′20″E / 45.035278°N 6.405556°E / 45.035278; 6.405556 (Col du Lautaret)
2,057 m Passo di Fedaia Dolomites   Italy pass Canazei and Rocca Pietore a famous climb on the Giro d'Italia 46°27′12.60″N 11°53′20.40″E / 46.4535000°N 11.8890000°E / 46.4535000; 11.8890000 (Passo Fedaia)
2,055 m Mangartsko cesta
(Mangart Road)
Julian Alps   Slovenia dead end (loop road) Log pod Mangrtom and Lago del Predil Side road from Passo di Predil road (from ca. 1,090 m). Highest paved climb in Slovenia.
Mangartsko sedlo (Mangart Saddle) is the name of the nearby pass (2,072 m).
Mangart is the name of the nearby mountain (2,679 m).
46°26′39″N 13°38′26″E / 46.444051°N 13.640645°E / 46.444051; 13.640645 (Mangartsko cesta)
2,052 m Staller Sattel / Passo di Stalle Alps   Austria
pass Sankt Jakob in Defereggen valley (Tyrol) and Rasen-Antholz valley (South Tyrol) 46°53′17″N 12°12′02″E / 46.888056°N 12.200556°E / 46.888056; 12.200556 (Staller Sattel)
2,050 m Parking de la Calme
(Mollera dels Clots)
Pyrenees   France dead end Odeillo Parking area for skiers and hikers. 42°31′48″N 2°01′16″E / 42.530089°N 2.021194°E / 42.530089; 2.021194 (Parking de la Calme)
2,050 m Saint-Véran Alps   France dead end Château-Ville-Vieille 44°42′06″N 6°51′59″E / 44.701669°N 6.866267°E / 44.701669; 6.866267 (Saint-Véran)
2,048 m Moosalp Alps   Switzerland pass Sion (via Stalden) and Bürchen 46°15′05″N 07°49′47″E / 46.25139°N 7.82972°E / 46.25139; 7.82972 (Moosalp)
2,047 m Les Fonts Alps   France dead end Cervières Side road from Col d'Izoard -road (from ca. 1,635 m). Ca. 3 km gravel just above Cervières (alt. 1,650 m). 44°50′39″N 6°49′00″E / 44.844111°N 6.816528°E / 44.844111; 6.816528 (Les Fonts)
2,047 m Passo Manghen Dolomites   Italy pass Borgo Valsugana and Molina di Fiemme 46°10′24″N 11°26′29″E / 46.173279°N 11.441342°E / 46.173279; 11.441342 (Passo Manghen)
2,046 m Steinigboda Alps   Switzerland dead end Nufenen Side road from Passo del San Bernardino -road (from Nufenen at 1,570 m). The road ends at a cattle farm. 46°33′17″N 09°14′31″E / 46.55472°N 9.24194°E / 46.55472; 9.24194 (Steinigboda)
2,044 m Oberalppass
(Cuolm d'Ursera)
Swiss Alps   Switzerland pass Disentis, Graubünden and Andermatt, Canton of Uri The Rhine springs from a source nearby (Tomasee) 46°39′32″N 8°40′16″E / 46.659°N 8.671°E / 46.659; 8.671 (Oberalp Pass)
2,043 m Parcheggio di Cheneil Alps   Italy dead end Paquier Side road 6.4 km from road SR46 at 1,560 m. The asphalted road ends at a gate above the parking area. Behind the gate the road is concrete-paved for some hundred meters.
Close to the gate there is an inclined elevator (Ascensore inclinato Barma-Cheneil) which leads to the village of Cheneil (alt. 2,105 m, "about 8 residents").
45°51′59″N 7°38′32″E / 45.866424°N 7.642165°E / 45.866424; 7.642165 (Parcheggio di Cheneil)
2,042 m Estación de esquí de Boí Taüll Pyrenees   Spain dead end Barruera, via Boí and Taüll There are two gates at 2,042 m. Behind the gate the road descents to Boí Taüll skiing resort at 2,035 m. Behind the other gate the paved road ascents to 2,051 m. 42°28′45″N 0°52′02″E / 42.479264°N 0.867353°E / 42.479264; 0.867353 (Estación de esquí de Boí Taüll)
2,042 m Eisentalhöhe (Nockalmstraße) Alps   Austria pass Innerkrems and Ebene Reichenau For motorized vehicles, Nockalmstraße is a toll road. Its highest point, Eisentalhöhe at 2,042 m, is actually not a pass, only a high road past a nearby hill (Eisenthalhöhe 2,180 m).
Schiestelscharte at 2,024 m (46.89010N, 13.79459E), another high point, located 13 km south-east along the road, is a pass. It is also called Glockenhütte, which is the name of the restaurant/shop there.
46°56′08″N 13°45′33″E / 46.935687°N 13.759226°E / 46.935687; 13.759226 (Eisentalhöhe)
2,042 m Transfăgărășan
(Pasul Bâlea)
Carpathian Mountains   Romania pass Cârțișoara, Sibiu (Transylvania) and Arefu, Argeș (Wallachia) The Transfăgărășan road (DN7C) was named the "Best Driving Road in the world" (Top Gear).
800 m tunnel at the top.
45°36′44″N 24°36′50″E / 45.61222°N 24.61389°E / 45.61222; 24.61389 (Transfăgărășan)
2,041 m Puerto de la Ragua Sierra Nevada   Spain pass Cherín and La Calahorra 37°06′47″N 3°01′47″W / 37.113166°N 3.029749°W / 37.113166; -3.029749 (Puerto de la Ragua)
2,040 m Parking des Millefonts Alps   France dead end Valdeblore Side road from Col Saint-Martin -road (from ca. 1,380 m). 44°05′54″N 7°11′10″E / 44.098221°N 7.186230°E / 44.098221; 7.186230 (Parking des Millefonts)
2,040 m Via Marguns
(Suvretta roads)
Alps   Switzerland dead end St. Moritz, via Suvretta Above Suvretta, there are 4 asphalted streets to at least 2,000 m: Via Marguns 2,040 m, Via Clavadatsch 2,016 m, Via Puzzainas 2,015 m, Via Suvretta 2,003 m.
Of those, Via Puzzainas continues (after a barrier) as a gravel road to skiing station Signal (2,130 m) and from there down to Hotel Salastrains, listed above.
46°29′23″N 9°48′59″E / 46.48980°N 9.81638°E / 46.48980; 9.81638 (Via Marguns)
2,039 m Lai da Curnera Alps   Switzerland dead end Surpalits Highest point of the access road is ca. 1 km before the Lai da Curnera dam (1,958 m). 46°38′16″N 08°42′25″E / 46.63778°N 8.70694°E / 46.63778; 8.70694 (Lai da Curnera)
2,037 m Bettmeralp


Alps   Switzerland dead end Mörel Bettmeralp and Riederalp are car-free resorts. Highest paved roads:
- Bettmeralp (2,037 m) is a cattle farm, located above Bettmersee (2,006 m) and Bettmeralp village (1,970 m).
- Riederalp (1,905 m) is generally located lower, but there is a steep concrete-paved road to near hotel Riederfurka, to 2,064 m (46.37774N, 8.01799E).
- In addition, nearby car-free resort Fiescheralp has a paved road through the village. The length of the road is ca. 0.8 km, max elevation 2,215 m (46.41293N, 8.10293E).
46°23′45″N 08°03′56″E / 46.39583°N 8.06556°E / 46.39583; 8.06556 (Bettmeralp)
2,037 m La Rabassa Pyrenees   Andorra dead end Sant Julià de Lòria At the top there is Naturlànd (eco park) and an animal park for kids. And ’Tobotronc’, the longest mountain coaster in the world (5.3 km).
Nordic skiing area in winter.
42°26′08″N 1°31′17″E / 42.435580°N 1.521315°E / 42.435580; 1.521315 (La Rabassa)
2,036 m Bielerhöhe (Silvretta Hochalpenstraße) Alps   Austria pass Montafon Vorarlberg) and Paznaun (Tyrol) For motorized vehicles, this is a toll road.
The original Bielerhöhe pass (2,021 m) has disappeared under the dam of the Silvretta Reservoir.
46°55′05″N 10°05′44″E / 46.918056°N 10.095556°E / 46.918056; 10.095556 (Bielerhöhe)
2,036 m Puerto de Escúllar
(Puerto Padilla)
Sierra de Baza   Spain pass Caniles and Abla There are two passes, 2,036 m and 1.2 km northwards 2,017 m (37.26276N, 2.78069W). Between the passes, the road descends to ca. 2,000 m. 37°15′13″N 2°46′29″W / 37.253482°N 2.774846°W / 37.253482; -2.774846 (Puerto de Escúllar)
2,035 m Sestriere (Colle Sestriere) Cottian Alps   Italy pass Pinerolo and Cesana Torinese A starting and arrival point in the Giro d'Italia, sometimes also in the Tour de France. 44°57′25″N 6°52′47″E / 44.956836°N 6.879823°E / 44.956836; 6.879823 (Sestriere)
2,035 m Ventertal Ötztal Alps   Austria dead end Zwieselstein From Vent, at ca. 1,900 m, a narrow side road Rofenstraße. It reaches maximum at ca. 2,035 m and then descents to hotel Rofenhöfe at 2,014 m. 46°51′25″N 10°53′39″E / 46.857048°N 10.894255°E / 46.857048; 10.894255 (Ventertal)
2,034 m Puig de la Tossa Pyrenees   France dead end Mont-Louis Side road from road D4C (from 1,795 m), via Coll de Brilles at 1,965 m. 42°31′51″N 2°09′03″E / 42.530957°N 2.150802°E / 42.530957; 2.150802 (Puig de la Tossa)
2,033 m Kurzras / Maso Corto
(Schnalstal / Val Senales)
Ötztal Alps   Italy dead end Naturns / Naturno End of LS/SP3. Skiing and hiking area. 46°45′30″N 10°46′50″E / 46.758300°N 10.780618°E / 46.758300; 10.780618 (Kurzras / Maso Corto)
2,032 m Passo Valles Dolomites   Italy pass Paneveggio and Falcade 46°20′19″N 11°48′03″E / 46.338604°N 11.800845°E / 46.338604; 11.800845 (Passo Valles)
2,027 m l'Ecot (Hameau de l'Ecot) Alps   France dead end Bonneval-sur-Arc Side road from Col de l'Iseran -road, from ca. 1,800 m. 45°22′51″N 7°05′22″E / 45.380828°N 7.089425°E / 45.380828; 7.089425 (l'Ecot)
2,025 m Parking de Laval (Vallée de la Clarée) Alps   France dead end Névache 45°03′34″N 6°31′32″E / 45.059362°N 6.525588°E / 45.059362; 6.525588 (Parking de Laval)
2,023 m Kreuztal / Valcroce Dolomites   Italy dead end Brixen / Bressanone Side road from Würzjoch / Passo delle Erbe -road SP29 (from 1,688 m).
Gravel road (Dolomiten Panoramaweg) continues to Plosehütte at ca. 2,450 m and near Telegraph Plose at 2,486 m.
46°41′00″N 11°42′43″E / 46.683249°N 11.711859°E / 46.683249; 11.711859 (Kreuztal / Valcroce)
2,021 m Oberläger Alps   Switzerland dead end Grindelwald, via Bussalp By the Oberläger cattle farm, there is a crossing, with a concrete-paved road continuing to ca. 2,040 m. 46°39′24″N 07°59′22″E / 46.65667°N 7.98944°E / 46.65667; 7.98944 (Oberläger)
2,020 m Zillertaler Höhenstraße[21]
Alps   Austria pass Hippach and either Zellberg, Aschau in Zillertal, Ried in Zillertal or Kaltenbach depending on the variant you choose For motorized vehicles, this is a toll road. The highest point of the road is near restaurant/Alpengasthof Melchboden. Also, name Arbiskopf seems to be used, but actually it is the name of a nearby grassy hill (2,133 m). 47°13′14″N 11°49′30″E / 47.220660°N 11.824865°E / 47.220660; 11.824865 (Melchboden)
2,017 m Kühtaisattel Alps   Austria pass Ötz and Gries im Sellrain Skiing area. 47°12′58″N 11°01′49″E / 47.2161°N 11.0303°E / 47.2161; 11.0303 (Kühtaisattel)
2,016 m Circuit de l'Authion Alpes-Maritimes   France dead end (loop road) Col de Turini Side road D68 from Col de Turini (1,604 m). The road becomes a one-way loop road (9 km) at Baisse de Tueis (1,889 m). The highest point of the loop road is near the Redoute des Trois Communes, 0.7 km from an unnamed(?) pass at 1,986 m.
The area has some war history, see Battle of Authion.
43°59′53″N 7°25′40″E / 43.998149°N 7.427853°E / 43.998149; 7.427853 (Circuit de l'Authion)
2,016 m Lac des Bouillouses Pyrenees   France dead end La Llagonne 42°33′35″N 1°59′55″E / 42.559697°N 1.998738°E / 42.559697; 1.998738 (Lac des Bouillouses)
2,012 m Parking les Claux (Vallon du Cristillan) Alps   France dead end Maison du Roi, via Ceillac Asphalted road ends at a small parking area. 44°39′33″N 6°50′37″E / 44.659291°N 6.843485°E / 44.659291; 6.843485 (Parking les Claux)
2,012 m Pian del Re Alps   Italy dead end Paesana Source of river Po is there. 44°42′03″N 7°05′47″E / 44.700868°N 7.096274°E / 44.700868; 7.096274 (Pian del Re)
2,012 m Pian Geirett (Val Camadra) Alps   Switzerland dead end Campo Blenio Side road from Passo del Lucomagno -road (from ca. 950 m). 46°36′16″N 08°56′04″E / 46.60444°N 8.93444°E / 46.60444; 8.93444 (Pian Geirett)
2,012 m Plan-d'Amont Alps   France dead end Aussois Access road to two reservoir lakes, Plan-d'Aval and Plan-d'Amont. Road becomes gravel at 2,012 m, already by the first lake (Plan-d'Aval). 45°14′59″N 6°43′35″E / 45.249680°N 6.726475°E / 45.249680; 6.726475 (Plan-d'Amont)
2,010 m Mittler Hütte Alps   Switzerland dead end Chur, via Arosa 46°47′11″N 09°39′45″E / 46.78639°N 9.66250°E / 46.78639; 9.66250 (Mittler Hütte)
2,008 m Courchevel Altiport Alps   France dead end Moûtiers Small airport, infamous for its short and steep (18%) runway. 45°23′46″N 6°38′03″E / 45.395992°N 6.634244°E / 45.395992; 6.634244 (Courchevel Altiport)
2,006 m Breuil-Cervinia Alps   Italy dead end Châtillon Italian name is Cervinia, French name is Breuil, commercial name is Breuil-Cervinia.
In the area, several asphalted streets above 2,000 m, of which the highest are: Strada per Cielo Alto ca. 2,170 m, Via Giomein ca. 2,140 m
45°56′54″N 07°37′52″E / 45.94833°N 7.63111°E / 45.94833; 7.63111 (Breuil-Cervinia)
2,006 m Simplonpass / Passo del Sempione Pennine Alps
Lepontine Alps
  Switzerland pass Brig, Switzerland and Domodossola, Piedmont Road E62, the highest point of the European route network in Europe.
From near the pass, a paved narrow side road (Bergalpenstrasse+Eistenstrasse) of 1.5 km to Hopsche (2,038 m), with a group of houses.
46°15′06″N 8°02′00″E / 46.251667°N 8.033333°E / 46.251667; 8.033333 (Simplonpass)
2,004 m Dürrboden (Dischmatal) Alps   Switzerland dead end Davos 46°43′17″N 09°55′19″E / 46.72139°N 9.92194°E / 46.72139; 9.92194 (Dürrboden)
2,004 m Zischgalm Dolomites   Italy pass Tesero and Obereggen Official name? Zischgalm is the name of the restaurant/bar/pension near the highest asphalted point.
The height of the geographical pass is 1,996 m, named Reiterjoch / Passo Pampeago. From there, the road gradually ascends to Zischgalm (ca. 800 m from the pass).
Last part of the road was asphalted in 2012 (from Pampeago village to Zischgalm), for Giro d'Italia.
46°20′58″N 11°32′53″E / 46.349506°N 11.548081°E / 46.349506; 11.548081 (Zischgalm)
2,003 m Alpe di Cava Alps   Switzerland dead end Malvaglia Along the road, downhill from 1,330 m to 1,215 m. After that, ca. 2,5 km gravel to 1,460 m. Road ends at a cattle farm, there is a fence at 2,003 m. 46°21′35″N 09°02′01″E / 46.35972°N 9.03361°E / 46.35972; 9.03361 (Alpe di Cava)
2,001 m Col de Pailhères Pyrenees   France pass Mijanès and Ax-les-Thermes Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France.
About the name: PORT de Pailhères is a grassy pass at ca. 1,970 m (with no road to the valley on the eastern side). Paved road turns there to northeast (if coming from west), towards the nearby COL de Pailhères.
42°44′01″N 1°59′34″E / 42.733647°N 1.992681°E / 42.733647; 1.992681 (Col de Pailhères)
2,000 m Fideriser Heuberge
(Berghaus Arflina)
Alps   Switzerland dead end Fideris 46°51′59″N 09°43′32″E / 46.86639°N 9.72556°E / 46.86639; 9.72556 (Berghaus Arflina)

Highest controlled-access highwaysEdit

Elevation Name Mountains Country Type Between Remarks Highest point
1,631 m A13 San Bernardino Tunnel Alps   Switzerland tunnel Chur-Bellinzona only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube 46°27′53″N 09°11′08″E / 46.46472°N 9.18556°E / 46.46472; 9.18556 (San Bernardino Tunnel)
1,440 m A-1 Puerto de Somosierra Central System   Spain pass Madrid-Burgos
1,395 m Mont Blanc Tunnel Alps   France
tunnel Chamonix-Courmayeur only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube 45°51′14″N 6°54′50″E / 45.854°N 6.914°E / 45.854; 6.914 (Mont Blanc Tunnel)
1,370 m Brenner motorway Alps   Austria
pass Innsbruck-Bolzano 47°00′12″N 11°30′27″E / 47.00333°N 11.50750°E / 47.00333; 11.50750 (Brenner)
1,340 m A10 Tauern Tunnel Alps   Austria tunnel Salzburg-Villach 47°10′55″N 13°26′19″E / 47.18194°N 13.43861°E / 47.18194; 13.43861 (Tauern)
1,340 m A-52 es:Puerto de Padornelo Galician Massif   Spain pass Verín-Benavente
1,320 m S16 Arlberg Tunnel Alps   Austria tunnel Bregenz-Innsbruck only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube 47°07′22″N 10°15′23″E / 47.12278°N 10.25639°E / 47.12278; 10.25639 (Arlberg)
ca. 1,300 m AP-6 es:Túnel de carretera de Guadarrama Central System   Spain tunnel Collado Villalba and Villacastín
1,297 m Frejus Tunnel Alps   France
tunnel Modane-Bardonecchia only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube
1,282 m A-23 es:Puerto de Monrepós Pyrenees   Spain Pass es:Arguís and es:Escusaguas
ca. 1,250 m AP-61 Central System   Spain Segovia and San Rafael
1,229 m[22] AP-66 Negrón Tunnel Cantabrian Mountains   Spain tunnel Campomanes and León
1,222 m A-6 Puerto de Manzanal Galician Massif   Spain pass Astorga-Ponferrada
ca. 1,200 m AP-51 Central System   Spain Ávila and Villacastín
1,175 m A2 Gotthard Tunnel Alps   Switzerland tunnel Altdorf-Airolo only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube 46°31′40″N 08°36′01″E / 46.52778°N 8.60028°E / 46.52778; 8.60028 (Gotthard Tunnel)
1,150 m E7 es:Túnel de Somport Pyrenees   Spain
tunnel Canfranc-fr:Urdos only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube
1,121 m A75 fr:Col des Issartets Massif Central   France pass Saint-Flour and Massiac Highest motorway pass in France
1,113 m A24 Roma-Teramo Valico di Monte San Rocco Appennino centrale   Italy pass Roma and Alba Adriatica
1,070 m A24 near Vila Pouca de Aguiar Serra do Marão   Portugal Vila Pouca de Aguiar and Vila Real, Portugal Highest motorway in Portugal
1,060 m A2 Kalcherkogeltunnel (near Pack Saddle) Lavanttaler Alps   Austria tunnel Klagenfurt-Graz
1,050 m J20 Vue des Alpes Tunnel Jura Mountains   Switzerland tunnel Neuchâtel-La Chaux-de-Fonds only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube 47°05′03″N 06°51′55″E / 47.08417°N 6.86528°E / 47.08417; 6.86528 (Vue des Alpes Tunnel)
1,016 m A2 Salerno-Reggio Calabria Teramo Valico Campotenese Pollino Massif   Italy pass Salerno and Reggio Calabria

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