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List of henchmen of James Bond villains

The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorable villains and henchmen. There is typically one particularly privileged henchman who poses a formidable physical threat to Bond and must be defeated in order to reach the employer. These range from simply adept and tough fighters, such as Donald 'Red' Grant, to henchmen whose physical characteristics are seemingly superhuman, such as Oddjob.


Eon Productions henchmenEdit

Sean Connery era (1962–67, 1971)Edit

Dr. NoEdit

  • Professor R. J. Dent (Anthony Dawson)—Shot by Bond
  • Miss Taro (Zena Marshall)—Arrested
  • Mr Jones (Reginald Carter)—Poisoned self
  • Annabel Chung (Marguerite LeWars)—Unknown
  • Sister Lily (Yvonne Shima)—Unknown
  • Sister Rose (Michel Mok)—Unknown
  • "Three Blind Mice" (Eric Coverley, Charles Edghill and Henry Lopez)—Died in a car crash
  • Chen (Anthony Chinn)—Strangled by Bond

From Russia with LoveEdit

  • Donald 'Red' Grant (Robert Shaw)—Garrotted by Bond
  • Tov Kronsteen (Vladek Sheybal)—Poisoned by Morzeny
  • Morzeny (Walter Gotell)—Blown up by Bond
  • Krilencu (Fred Haggerty)—Shot by Kerim Bey
  • Rhoda (Peter Brayham)—Unknown
  • Commissar Benz (Peter Bayliss)—Shot by Grant
  • General Vassili (Unknown)—Unknown
  • Koslovoski (Unknown)—Unknown
  • Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi)—Changed sides, survived
  • Fake James Bond (John Ketteringham)—Garrotted by Grant
  • SPECTRE Helicopter pilots (Gordon Stern and Ronald Hatton)—Killed when Bond shoots the grenade-dropper in the chest, causing him to drop a grenade inside the helicopter and blowing it up



  • Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi)—Accidentally shot by henchman
  • Count Lippe (Guy Doleman)—Blown up by a masked Fiona using a motorcycle equipped with a rocket launcher
  • Vargas (Philip Locke)—Harpooned by Bond
  • Mr Janni (Michael Brennan)—Unknown
  • Pr. Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)—Changed sides, unknown
  • Angelo Palazzi (Paul Stassino)—Drowned by Largo
  • Quist (Bill Cummings)—Fed to sharks by Largo
  • Ricardo (Ian Bulloch)—Unknown
  • Colonel Jacques Bouvar (Rose Alba and Bob Simmons)—Strangled by Bond
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 5 (Philip Stone)—Survived
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 7 (Cecil Cheng)—Survived
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 9 (Clive Cazes)—Electrocuted by Blofeld after being found guilty of embezzlement
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 10 (André Maranne)—Survived
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 11 (Murray Kash)—Survived

You Only Live TwiceEdit

  • Mr. Osato (Teru Shimada)—Shot by Blofeld
  • Helga Brandt (Karin Dor)—Fed to piranhas by Blofeld for her failure to kill Bond
  • Hans (Ronald Rich)—Fed to piranhas by Bond
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 3 (Burt Kwouk)—Killed through unknown means
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 4 (Michael Chow)—Unknown
  • Control Room Technician (Cecil Cheng)—Unknown
  • Control Room Technician (Zsolt Vadaszffy)—Unknown
  • Control Room Technician (Stephen Hubay)—Unknown
  • Henderson Assassin (Unknown)—Stabbed by Bond
  • Car Driver (Peter Maivia)—Bludgeoned by Bond
  • Bedroom Assassin (David Toguri)—Shot by Bond
  • Bamboo Assassin (Unknown)—Stabbed with his own weapon by Bond
  • Security Guard (Unknown)—Shot by Bond
  • SPECTRE Guard (Anthony Chinn)—Shot Smoke by Bond
  • Osato's Guard (Unknown)—Shot by Bond
  • Henchmen in black car (Unknown) — Car picked up by helicopter with large magnet. Car and henchmen sank after being dropped from altitude into Tokyo Bay.

Diamonds Are ForeverEdit

George Lazenby era (1969)Edit

On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceEdit

  • Fräulein Irma Bunt (Ilse Steppat)—Survived a car crash
  • Grunther (Yuri Borienko)—Pushed against a nail bed by Tracy Bond
  • Gumbold (James Bree)—Unknown
  • Braun (George Lane Cooper)—Shot by Bond
  • Felsen (Leslie Crawford)—Unknown
  • Josef (Joseph Vasa)—Unknown
  • Ruby Bartlett (Angela Scoular)—Unknown
  • Nancy (Catherine Schell)—Unknown
  • Helen (Julie Ege)—Unknown
  • Strangled SPECTRE Skier (George Leech)—Fell to his death

Roger Moore era (1973–85)Edit

Live and Let DieEdit

  • Tee Hee (Julius W. Harris)—Thrown from a train car by Bond
  • Baron Samedi (Geoffrey Holder)—Thrown into a snake-filled coffin, but apparently survived (he sits on Bond's train before the end credits appear)
  • Whisper (Earl Jolly Brown)—Bond locked him into a capsule, unknown
  • Solitaire (Jane Seymour)—Changed sides, lost her powers, survived
  • Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry)—Shot by one of Kananga's scarecrows
  • Adam (Tommy Lane)—Had chemicals thrown in his eyes by Bond, temporarily blinding him; blown up inside a ship after his motorboat crashed into it
  • Sales Girl (Kubi Chaza)—Survived
  • Dambala (Michael Ebbin)—Shot by Bond
  • Taxi Driver (Arnold Williams)—Survived
  • New Orleans Assassin (Alvin Alcorn)—Survived
  • Jazz Funeral Procession (Olympia Brass Band)—Survived

The Man with the Golden GunEdit

  • Nick Nack (Hervé Villechaize)—Encaged, possibly arrested
  • Andrea Anders (Maud Adams)—Changed sides, shot by Scaramanga
  • Hai Fat (Richard Loo)—Shot by Scaramanga
  • Kra (Sonny Caldinez)—Fell into vat of liquid helium after Goodnight hit him with a spanner
  • Chula (Chan Yiu Lam)—Survived
  • Hassman (uncredited)—Knocked out by Bond, survived
  • Lazar (Marne Maitland)—Survived, not completely affiliated with Scaramanga

The Spy Who Loved MeEdit


  • Jaws (Richard Kiel)—Changed sides, survived
  • Chang (Toshiro Suga)—Thrown through a clockface by Bond and landed on a piano
  • Blonde Beauty (Irka Bochenko)—Died in Space Base explosion
  • Museum Guide (Anne Lonnberg)—Died in Space Base explosion
  • La Signorina del Mateo (Chichinou Kaeppler)—Died in Space Base explosion
  • Lady Victoria Devon (Françoise Gayat)—Died in Space Base explosion
  • Countess Labinsky (Catherine Serre)—Died in Space Base explosion
  • Mademoiselle Deladier (Béatrice Libert)—Died in Space Base explosion
  • Apollo Jet Hostess (Leila Shenna)—Unknown
  • Apollo Jet Pilot (Jean-Pierre Castaldi)—Fell to his death
  • Tree assassin (Guy Delorme)—Shot by Bond
  • Corinne Dufour (Corinne Clery)—Mauled and presumably killed by Drax's dogs
  • Cavendish (Arthur Howard)—Unknown
  • Samuel (S. Newton Anderson)—Unknown
  • Dolly (Blanche Ravalec)—Changed sides, survived
  • Fraser (Unknown)—Unknown

For Your Eyes OnlyEdit

  • Emile Leopold Locque (Michael Gothard)—Pushed off a cliff in his car after being shot in the shoulder
  • Erich Kriegler (John Wyman)—Defenestrated by Bond
  • Hector Gonzales (Stefan Kalipha)—Shot with an arrow by Melina Havelock
  • Claus (Charles Dance)—Harpooned by Columbo's man
  • Apostis (Jack Klaff)—Stabbed with a piton by Bond and fell off the mountain
  • Countess Lisl von Schlaf (Cassandra Harris)—Run over by Locque's dune buggy
  • Helicopter Pilot (George Sweeney)—Electrocuted through his headset by his employer
  • Mantis Man (Graham Hawkes)—Vehicle exploded
  • Kristatos' Henchman (George Leech)—Eaten alive by sharks


  • General Orlov (Steven Berkoff)—Shot by guards at the East German border
  • Gobinda (Kabir Bedi)—Fell to his death
  • Mischka (David Meyer)—Bludgeoned with cannon dropped on head by Bond
  • Grischka (Anthony Meyer)—Knifed by Bond
  • Lenkin (Peter Porteous)—Arrested
  • Magda (Kristina Wayborn)—Changed sides, survived
  • Colonel Luis Toro (Ken Norris)—Killed by explosion
  • Thug with Yo Yo (William Derrick)—Killed by a crocodile
  • Mufti (Tony Arjuna)—Unknown
  • Senior Lieutenant Kamp (Dermot Crowley)—Unknown

A View to a KillEdit

Timothy Dalton era (1987–89)Edit

The Living DaylightsEdit

  • Necros (Andreas Wisniewski)—Fell to his death
  • Colonel Feyador (John Bowe)—Blown up by a grenade
  • Kara Milovy (Maryam D'Abo)—Changed sides, survived
  • Imposter 00 (Carl Rigg)—Died in a car explosion
  • Sergeant Stagg (Derek Hoxby)—Shot by Pushkin

Licence to KillEdit

  • Milton Krest (Anthony Zerbe)—Killed inside a pressure chamber by Sanchez
  • Dario (Benicio del Toro)—Shot by Pam Bouvier and fell into a shredder
  • Ed Killifer (Everett McGill)—Fell into a shark pool
  • William Truman-Lodge (Anthony Starke)—Shot by Sanchez
  • Colonel Heller (Don Stroud)—Braun impaled him with a forklift
  • Braun (Guy De Saint Cyr)—In a flame-engulfed truck that plunged off a mountain
  • Perez (Alejandro Bracho)—In a flame-engulfed truck that plunged off a mountain
  • Professor Joe Butcher (Wayne Newton)—Survived
  • Clive (Eddie Edenfield)—Harpooned by Bond
  • Warehouse Guard (Carl Ciarfalio)—Electrocuted by an electric eel
  • Warehouse Guard (Bill) (Jeff Moldovan)—Enclosed in a chamber of maggots
  • President Hector Lopez (Pedro Armendáriz Jr.)—Survived
  • Honorato (Honorato Magaloni)—Survived

Pierce Brosnan era (1995–2002)Edit


Tomorrow Never DiesEdit

The World Is Not EnoughEdit

Die Another DayEdit

  • Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike)—Stabbed with a sword by Jinx
  • Zao (Rick Yune)—Crushed by an ice chandelier
  • Vlad (Mikhail Gorevoy)—Sucked out from Graves' plane
  • Mister Kil (Lawrence Makoare)—killed by Jinx with a laser device
  • Dr Alvarez (Simon Andreu)—Shot by Jinx
  • Mr Van Bierk (Mark Dymond)—Arrested by Bond
  • General Moon (Kenneth Tsang)- Electrocuted and shot by Graves
  • General Han (Daryl Kwan)—Sucked out of Graves' plane
  • General Li (Vincent Wong)—Sucked out of Graves' plane
  • General Dong (Sai-Kit Yung)—Sucked out of Graves' plane

Daniel Craig era (2006–present)Edit

Casino RoyaleEdit

Quantum of SolaceEdit

  • General Medrano (Joaquín Cosio)—Shot by Camille
  • Colonel Carlos (Fernando Guillen Cuervo)—Shot by Bond
  • Elvis (Anatole Taubman)—Incinerated
  • Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster)—Shot by Bond
  • Edmund Slate (Neil Jackson)—Stabbed in neck with scissors by Bond
  • Guy Haines (Paul Ritter)—Unknown
  • Lieutenant Orso (Jesus Ochoa)—Fell to his death
  • Gregor Karakov (Gustavo Nanez)—Unknown
  • Greene's Driver (Carl von Malaisé)—Shot by Bond
  • Haines' Bodyguard (Derek Lea)—Shot by Greene's driver
  • Motorcycle Cop #1 (Mike Pérez)—Shot by Bond
  • Motorcycle Cop #2 (Juan Carlos Avendaño)—Shot by Bond
  • Moishe Soref (Tsedor Gyalzur)—Unknown
  • Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides)—Arrested
  • Gift Bag Man (Christian Heller)—Knocked unconscious by Bond


  • Patrice (Ola Rapace)—Fell off of skyscraper to his death
  • Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe)—Shot by Silva
  • Boat Captain (Milorad Kapor)—Shot by Bond
  • Sévérine's Bodyguard (Tank Dong)—Eaten by Komodo dragon
  • Sévérine's Bodyguard (Roger Yuan)—Knocked unconscious by Eve
  • Sévérine's Bodyguard (Liang Yang)—Knocked unconscious by Bond
  • Silva's Mercenary (Jens Hultén)—Drowned by Bond in a frozen lake
  • Silva's Mercenary (Michael Pink)—Neck broken by Bond with a fly-kicking
  • Boat Silva's Mercenary (Adebayo Bolaji)—Shot by Bond
  • Boat Silva's Mercenary (Amir Boutrous)—Shot by Bond
  • Boat Silva's Mercenary (Elia Lo Tauro)—Shot by Bond


  • Mr Hinx (Dave Bautista)—Pulled off the train, final fate unknown
  • Marco Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona)—Kicked out of a helicopter by Bond (Fell to his death)
  • Dr Vogel (Brigitte Millar)—Survived
  • Moreau (Marc Zinga)—Survived
  • Lorenzo (Peppe Lanzetta)—Thrown off a balcony by Bond
  • Mr Guerra (Benito Sagredo)—Neck snapped by Mr. Hinx
  • Marco (Matteo Taranto)—Shot by Bond
  • Francesco (Francesco Arca)—Shot by Bond
  • Gallo (Domenico Fortunato)—Shot by Bond
  • Gallo's Accomplice #1 (Marco Zingaro)—Shot by Bond
  • Gallo's Accomplice #2 (Stefano Elfi Di Claudia)—Incinerated by Bond
  • Blofeld's Right Hand Man (Gediminas Adomaitis)—Killed in a helicopter crash
  • Blofeld's London Helicopter Pilot (Richard Banham)—Killed in a helicopter crash
  • Blofeld's Guard (Derek Horsham)—Shot by Bond
  • Blofeld's Guard (Nari Blair-Mangat)—Shot by Bond
  • Clinic Body Guard (Daniel Jones)—Shot by Bond
  • Oberhauser Guard (Bunmi Hazzan)—Shot by Bond
  • Spectre Bodyguard (Haaris Mirza)—Shot by Bond
  • Abrika (Adel Bencherif)—Survived
  • Marshall (Erick Hayden)—Survived
  • Valerian (Oleg Mirochnikov)—Survived

Henchmen outside Eon continuityEdit

Casino (1954 TV special)Edit

Casino Royale (1967 film)Edit

Never Say Never AgainEdit

  • Lippe (Pat Roach)—Hit in the face with Bond's urine sample; killed by glass shards after backing very quickly into a shelving unit full of glass containers
  • Captain Jack Petachi (Gavan O'Herlihy)—Wrecked his car after Fatima Blush threw a snake in his lap, then blown up by a bomb planted in his car by Blush
  • Domino Petachi (Kim Basinger)—Changed sides, survived
  • Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera)—Shot by Bond's explosive pen & blown up
  • Arab slave-traders—Variously shot, defenestrated, and shelled by submarine deck-gun
  • "Tears of Allah" personnel—Variously shot, set on fire, and grenaded by Felix Leiter's Navy team
  • Dr Kovacs (Milow Kirek)—Survived

Novel henchmenEdit

Ian FlemingEdit

Casino RoyaleEdit

  • Basil—Killed by a SMERSH agent
  • Kratt—Killed by a SMERSH agent
  • Adolph Gettler
  • Vesper Lynd—Suicide by overdose

Live and Let DieEdit

  • The Whisper—Arrested
  • Tee-Hee Johnson—Shot and knocked down stairs by Bond
  • MoThing
  • Sam Miami-Shot by Bond
  • The Flannel
  • Blabbermouth Foley—Survived
  • The Robber-Fed to shark by Bond


  • Krebs—Dead
  • Dr. Walter—Dead

Diamonds Are ForeverEdit

  • Mr Kidds and Mr Wint—Both shot by Bond, then made to look like a murder-suicide
  • Shady Tree—Unknown

From Russia, with LoveEdit

  • Donovan 'Red' Grant—Shot by Bond
  • Krilencu—Shot

Dr. NoEdit

  • Annabelle Chung
  • Miss Taro-probably arrested


  • Oddjob—Electrocuted at Fort Knox
  • Pussy Galore—Changed sides, survived
  • Jack Strap—Killed by Goldfinger
  • Helmut Springer


  • Count Lippe—Blown up by a bomb hidden in his Volkswagen
  • Giuseppe Petacchi—Stabbed in the mouth by Vargas
  • Kotze—Unknown, later captured and defected to the West

The Spy Who Loved MeEdit

  • "Sluggsy" Morant—Shot by Bond
  • Sol "Horror" Horowitz—Shot by Bond

On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceEdit

You Only Live TwiceEdit

  • Irma Bunt—Unclear (either blown up by Bond or survived)
  • Kono

The Man with the Golden GunEdit

  • Hendriks

Kingsley AmisEdit

Colonel SunEdit

  • Von Richter

John GardnerEdit

Licence RenewedEdit

  • Caber—Fell to his death
  • Mary Jane Mashkin—Died from a heart attack induced by a gelatin capsule
  • Franco Quesocriado—Killed by Bond

For Special ServicesEdit

  • Markus Bismaquer—Changed sides but shot by Blofeld
  • Walter Luxor—Accidentally shot by Blofeld
  • Mike Mazzard—Shot by Bond

Role of HonourEdit

  • General Rolling Joe Zwingli—Killed by SPECTRE
  • Peter Amadeus—Survived and defected to the British Secret Intelligence Service
  • Simon

Nobody Lives ForeverEdit

  • Nannie Norrich—Blown up in the explosion of Tamil Rahani's bed
  • Herr Doktor Kirchtum—Killed by Sukie and Norri
  • Heinrich Osten

No Deals, Mr. BondEdit

  • Heather Dare
  • Norman Murray
  • Mischa


  • Chief Superintendent Bailey - Shot by Bond
  • Ruth Pearlman - Shot by Bond

Win, Lose or DieEdit

  • First Officer Clover Pennington—Shot by one of her own thugs
  • Abou—Arrested

Never Send FlowersEdit

  • Maeve Horton
  • David Martin–Imprisoned and died behind bars

Raymond BensonEdit

Zero Minus TenEdit

  • General Wong–Killed by Bond
  • Sunni


  • Mrs Tarn


  • Nadir Yassasin–Captured by Bond
  • Jimmy Powers–Killed by Bond
  • Margareta Piel–Killed by Bond

Video game henchmenEdit

007: Agent Under FireEdit

  • Nigel Bloch (Denny Delk, voice)—Blown away by a rocket fired by Bond
  • Carla the Jackal (Roxana Ortega, voice)—Shoved into an industrial fan by Bond

007: NightfireEdit

  • Armitage Rook (Richard Whiten, voice)—Shot to death by Bond
  • Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi (Tamlyn Tomita, voice)—Incinerated by space shuttle exhaust
  • Unnamed Assassin- Shot by Bond
  • Alexander Mayhew (Ian Abercrombie, voice)- changed sides, stabbed by Unnamed Assassin

007: Everything or NothingEdit

  • Katya Nadanova (Heidi Klum)—Plunged to her death in a disabled Harrier jet
  • Jean Le Rouge (Marc Graue)—Shot by Bond
  • Jaws (Richard Kiel)—Electrocuted, nearly drowned, and set afire by Bond, ultimate fate unknown
  • Arkady Yayakov—Metallic sphere fell onto him after his machinery is sabotaged by Bond

GoldenEye: Rogue AgentEdit

  • Oddjob—Fell to his death / killed by explosion
  • Pussy Galore—Survived
  • Xenia Onatopp— Shoved off Hoover Dam
  • Francisco Scaramanga—Survived

007: From Russia with LoveEdit

  • Eva (Maria Menounos)—Shot in her jetpack
  • OCTOPUS Commando Team—Killed by Bond

James Bond 007: Blood StoneEdit


A similar ending for a James Bond henchmen appears in Thunderball, while in You Only Live Twice two Bond henchmen are killed in a piranha tank