List of heads of state of the Comoros

The following is a list of heads of state of the Comoros, since the country gained independence from France in 1975.

President of the
Union of the Comoros
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Azali Assoumani

since 26 May 2016
Term length5 years, renewable once
Inaugural holderAhmed Abdallah (State of the Comoros; First president of the Federal and Islamic Republic of the Comoros)
Ali Soilih (State of the Comoros; First president)
Azali Assoumani (Union of the Comoros)
Formation27 October 1977
Salary117,060 USD annually[1]

List of officeholdersEdit

No. Portrait Name
Title Term of office Political party
Took office Left office Time in office
 / State of the Comoros (État Comorien)
1Ahmed Abdallah
President of the Government
(until 7 July 1975)
Head of State
6 July 19753 August 197528 daysUDC
2Said Mohamed Jaffar
Chairman of the National Council of the Revolution
(until 10 August 1975)
Chairman of the National Executive Council
3 August 19753 January 1976153 daysRDPC
3Ali Soilih
Head of State
(until 28 October 1977)
3 January 197613 May 19782 years, 130 daysRDPC
4Said AtthoumaniChairman of the Politico-Military Directorate13 May 197823 May 197810 daysIndependent
 / / Federal and Islamic Republic of the Comoros
(République fédérale islamique des Comores) (Jumhuriyat al-Qumur al-Itthadiyah al-Islamiyah)
Ahmed Abdallah & Mohamed Ahmed
(1937–1989) (1917–1984)
Co-Chairmen of the Politico-Military Directorate
(until 22 July 1978)
Co-Chairmen of the Directorate
23 May 19783 October 1978133 daysUDC
(1)Ahmed Abdallah
Chairman of the Directorate
(until 25 October 1978)
3 October 197826 November 1989 †11 years, 54 daysUDC
Said Mohamed Djohar
Acting President27 November 198920 March 1990113 daysUDC
5Said Mohamed Djohar
President20 March 199029 September 19955 years, 193 daysUCP
6Combo Ayouba
Coordinator of the Transitional Military Committee29 September 19952 October 19953 daysMilitary
Mohamed Taki Abdoulkarim & Said Ali Kemal
(1936–1998) (?–?)
Acting President2 October 19955 October 19953 daysUND
Caabi El-Yachroutu Mohamed
(born 1949)
Interim President5 October 199526 January 1996113 daysRDR
(5)Said Mohamed Djohar
President26 January 199625 March 199659 daysRDR
6Mohamed Taki Abdoulkarim
President25 March 19966 November 1998 †2 years, 226 daysRDR
Tadjidine Ben Said Massounde
Interim President6 November 199830 April 1999175 daysIndependent
7Azali Assoumani
(born 1959)
Chief of Staff of the National Development Army
(until 6 May 1999)
Head of State
30 April 199923 December 20012 years, 237 daysMilitary
 Union of the Comoros
(Union des Comores) / الاتحاد القمر (dzima wa Komori)
(7)Azali Assoumani
(born 1959)
Head of State23 December 200121 January 200229 daysMilitary
Hamada Madi
(born 1965)
Interim President21 January 200226 May 2002125 daysRepublican
(7)Azali Assoumani
(born 1959)
President26 May 200226 May 20064 years, 0 daysCRC
8Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi
(born 1958)
President26 May 200626 May 20115 years, 0 daysFNJ
9Ikililou Dhoinine
(born 1962)
President26 May 201126 May 20165 years, 0 daysFNJ
(7)Azali Assoumani
(born 1959)
President26 May 20163 February 20192 years, 253 daysCRC
Moustadroine Abdou
(born 1969)
Interim President3 February 201926 May 2019112 daysCRC
(7)Azali Assoumani
(born 1959)
President26 May 2019Incumbent2 years, 18 daysCRC


Article 58[3] of the Comorian Constitution states that "in case of absolute absence of a President" the following should happen:

  • If the absence (death, resignation, etc.) should occur in the first 900 days of the term, the cabinet ministers select among themselves a minister to serve as Interim President. Elections must also be called in no more than 60 days after the absence of the President occurs; the person who wins those elections will be President for the remainder of the original five-year presidential term.
  • If the absence should occur beyond the first 900 days of the term, then the Governor of the island which is next in line for the presidency will assume the presidency until the end of the original five-year presidential term, at which point regular elections are held.

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