List of heads of state of Biafra

The President of Biafra was the head of state of the Republic of Biafra, a secessionist state in south-eastern Nigeria which existed from 30 May 1967 to 15 January 1970. Biafra had two presidents during its existence.

President of the
Republic of Biafra
Flag of Biafra.svg
Longest serving
C. Odumegwu Ojukwu

30 May 1967 – 8 January 1970
PrecursorPresident of Nigeria
Formation30 May 1967
First holderOdumegwu Ojukwu
Final holderPhilip Effiong
Abolished12 January 1970
SuccessionPresident of Nigeria
DeputyVice President of Biafra

List of presidents of BiafraEdit

No. Name
Term of office Political party Notes
Took office Left office Time in office
1 C. Odumegwu Ojukwu
30 May 1967 8 January 1970 2 years, 223 days Independent Fled to Ivory Coast at the end of the Nigerian Civil War
2 Philip Effiong
8 January 1970 12 January 1970 4 days Independent Surrendered Biafra to Nigeria

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