List of ghost towns in Utah

This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in Utah, a state of the United States.


Foundation left in Giles

Barren siteEdit

  • Sites no longer in existence
  • Sites that have been destroyed
  • Covered with water
  • Reverted to pasture
  • May have a few difficult to find foundations/footings at most
The neglected ruins of Castle Gate are visible in the left of the picture

Neglected siteEdit

  • Only rubble left
  • All buildings uninhabited
  • Roofless building ruins
  • Some buildings or houses still standing, but majority are roofless
Cisco is abandoned now, but received a ZIP code in the 20th century

Abandoned siteEdit

  • Building or houses still standing
  • Buildings and houses all abandoned
  • No population, except caretaker
  • Site no longer in existence except for one or two buildings, for example old church, grocery store
A store is one of the few buildings still in use at Colton

Semi abandoned siteEdit

  • Building or houses still standing
  • Buildings and houses largely abandoned
  • few residents
  • many abandoned buildings
  • Small population
Eureka has significantly declined in population but is historically significant

Historic communityEdit

  • Building or houses still standing
  • Still a busy community
  • Smaller than its boom years
  • Population has decreased dramatically, to one fifth or less.


Name Other names County Location Settled Abandoned Current status Remarks
Adventure Washington Along the Virgin River east of Grafton 1860 1862
Ajax Tooele 1869 Demolished After becoming a hobo camp in the 1920s, a fire accidentally burnt the remaining structures down.
Alunite Piute c. 1915 c. 1930 Neglected/barren Important mining town during World War I
Aragonite Tooele Neglected/restricted The historic townsite is part of the restricted West Desert Hazardous Industries District.[1]
Argyle Rich c. 1875 c. 195
Asay Garfield
Bacchus Salt Lake
Benmore Tooele
Bingham Canyon Salt Lake
Black Rock Millard Semi-abandoned
Blacks Fork Summit 1870 1930
Blue Creek Box Elder
Bridgeport Daggett
Bullion Piute
Bullionville Uintah
Caineville Wayne
Castle Gate Carbon
Castle Rock Frenchies Summit
Castleton Grand
Cedar Creek Box Elder
Chicken Creek Juab
Cisco Grand
Clarion Sanpete An experiment in Jewish homesteading.
Clear Lake Millard
Coal City Carbon 1885
Colton Utah 1874
Connellsville Emery 1874
Consumers Carbon
Delle Tooele
Desert Lake Emery 1885 c. 1910
Dewey Grand
Diamond Juab
Dividend Utah
Dover Sanpete
Dragon Uintah c. 1888
Duncan's Retreat Washington c. 1861 c. 1895
Eagle City Garfield c. 1890
Elgin Grand
Eureka Ruby Hollow Juab 1869 -
Fish Springs Juab
Forest City Utah 1871
Fort Harmony Washington 1852 1862
Frisco Beaver 1879 1929
Fruita Wayne
Fry Canyon San Juan
Garfield Salt Lake
Georgetown Kane
Giles Wayne c. 1883 c. 1919
Gold Hill Tooele
Golden Box Elder
Goshute Juab
Grafton Washington 1859 c. 1944 William Russell, a descendant of one of the town's co-founders, still lives in Grafton. The town is still being preserved and used as a filming location.
Grass Creek Summit c. 1860 c. 1940
Greendale Daggett
Hailstone Wasatch
Hale Carbon
Hamblin Washington 1856 1905
Hardup Box Elder
Harper Duchesne/Carbon 1886
Harrisburg Harrisville Washington 1859 1895
Hatton Petersburg Millard
Hebron Washington 1862 1902
Hiawatha Carbon
Hillsdale Garfield 1871
Hite Garfield Submerged
Homansville Utah
Home of Truth San Juan 1933
Iosepa Tooele 1889 1917
Iron City Old Irontown, Old Iron Town, Irontown Iron Semi-abandoned
Jackson Box Elder
Johnson Kane 12 miles east of Kanab
Jordanelle Wasatch
Joy Juab
Keetley Wasatch
Kelton Box Elder 1869 1942
Kimberly Piute 1910
Kiz Carbon c. 1906 c. 1940
Knight Juab
Knightsville Juab
La Plata Cache
Lark Salt Lake Copper mining town
Latuda Carbon
Linwood Daggett 5 miles east of Manila
Loseeville Garfield
Low Tooele
Lucin Box Elder 1936
Mammoth Juab
Matlin Box Elder 1919 c. 1930 Failed housing project
McCornick Millard
Mercur Tooele
Mill Fork Utah
Miners Basin Basin Grand 1898 1908
Mohrland Carbon
Mosida Utah
Mountain Dell Salt Lake
Mutual Carbon
National Carbon
Newhouse Beaver
Notom Wayne
Northrop Washington 1861 1862
Paria Pahreah Kane
Peerless Carbon 3 miles west of Helper
Prattville Sevier
Price City Heberville Washington 1858 c. 1908
Rainbow Uintah
Rains Carbon
Richardson Grand
Rockport Summit
Round Valley Rich
Royal Bear Canyon, Cameron, Rolapp Carbon
Russian Settlement Box Elder 1914
Sage Creek Rich
Salduro Tooele
Scranton Tooele
Sego Grand c. 1910 1955
Shunesburg Washington 1861 1902
Silver City Juab
Silver Reef Washington 1875 c. 1900
Soldier Summit Wasatch
Spring Canyon Storrs Carbon 1912
Standardville Carbon 1912
Stateline Iron
Stewart Carbon
Sulphurdale Beaver 1870
Sunshine Tooele
Sweet Carbon
Terrace Box Elder
Thistle Utah
Tonaquint Washington c. 1855-1856 1862
Tucker Utah
Upper Kanab Kane
Valley City Grand
Verdure San Juan
Victor Emery
Vipont Box Elder
Wahsatch Summit
Washakie Box Elder 1880
Watson Uintah
Wattis Carbon
Westwater Grand
Widtsoe Garfield 1908 Declined in 1936 Semi-abandoned
Winter Quarters Carbon 1922
Woodrow Millard
Woodside Emery


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