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List of geological features on Venus

This is a list of geological features on Venus. Venus is the second planet from the Sun. Venus is classified as a terrestrial planet and it is sometimes called Earth's "sister planet" owing to their similar size, gravity, and bulk composition (Venus is both the closest planet to Earth and the planet closest in size to Earth). The surface of Venus is covered by a dense atmosphere and presents clear evidence of former violent volcanic activity. It has shield and composite volcanoes similar to those found on Earth.


Cytherean valleys are called by the Latin term valles, and are named after river goddesses or after words for 'Venus' in other languages.

Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Ahsabkab Vallis 24.0S 79.0E 700.0 2000 Mayan name for morning Venus.
Alajen Vallis 3.3S 337.1E 200.0 2000 Alajen, a Talysh river deity.
Albys Vallis 39.5S 30.5E 240.0 1997 Albys, a Tuvan/Altay river deity.
Anuket Vallis 66.7N 8.0E 350.0 1994 Anuket, an Egyptian river goddess.
Apisuahts Vallis 66.5S 17.0E 550.0 1997 Blackfoot/Algonquian name for planet Venus.
Austrina Vallis 49.5S 177.0E 600.0 1997 Latvian name for planet Venus.
Avfruvva Vallis 2.0N 70.0E 70.0 1994 Avfruvva, a Saami river goddess.
Baltis Vallis 37.3N 161.4E 6,000.0 1994 Syrian word for planet Venus.
Banumbirr Vallis 7.0S 4.0E 400.0 1997 Arnhem Land Aboriginal word for planet Venus.
Bastryk Vallis 7.5S 347.5E 190.0 2000 Bastryk, a Kumyk river deity.
Bayara Vallis 45.6N 16.5E 500.0 1994 Dogon word for planet Venus.
Belisama Vallis 50.0N 22.5E 220.0 1994 Belisama, a Celtic river goddess.
Bennu Vallis 1.3N 341.2E 710.0 1994 Egyptian word for planet Venus.
Chasca Vallis 52.8S 359.0E 400.0 1997 Quechua name for planet Venus.
Citlalpul Vallis 51.8S 187.0E 3,160.0 1994 Aztec name for planet Venus.(Name changed from Citlalpul Valles.)
Dilbat Vallis 55.0S 184.0E 420.0 2000 Assyro-Babylonian name for planet Venus.
Dzyzlan Vallis 16.0S 182.0E 250.0 1997 Dzyzlan, an Abkhazian river goddess.
Fara Vallis 1.2S 345.5E 260.0 2000 Fara, a Malagasy water goddess.
Fetu-ao Vallis 61.0S 254.7E 400.0 1997 Samoan name for planet Venus.
Fufei Vallis 46.0N 341.0E 170.0 1997 Fufei, a Chinese goddess of the Lo River.
Ganga Valles 4.8N 53.0E 200.0 2006 Ganga, a Hindu goddess of the sacred river Ganges.
Gendenwitha Vallis 63.0S 259.0E 900.0 1997 Iroquois name for planet Venus.
Helmud Vallis 33.9S 171.3E 280.0 1997 Helmud, an Afghan river goddess.
Hoku-ao Vallis 28.0N 166.5E 450.0 1997 Hawaiian name for planet Venus.
Ikhwezi Vallis 16.0N 147.8E 1,700.0 1997 Zulu name for planet Venus.
Jutrzenka Vallis 27.0N 155.8E 970.0 1997 Polish name for planet Venus.
Kallistos Vallis 51.1S 21.5E 900.0 1994 Ancient Greek name for planet Venus.
Khalanasy Vallis 51.0S 168.5E 320.0 1997 Khalanasy, an Azeri river mermaid.
Kimtinh Vallis 46.5S 67.0E 550.0 2000 Vietnamese word for planet Venus.
Kinsei Vallis 13.6N 141.0E 800.0 1997 Japanese name for planet Venus.
Koidutäht Vallis 76.5S 130.0E 700.0 1997 Estonian name for planet Venus.
Kumanyefie Vallis 80.5S 335.0E 600.0 1997 Ewe name for planet Venus.
Ku-msong Vallis 59.0S 152.5E 700.0 1997 Korean name for planet Venus.
Laidamlulum Vallis 73.0S 151.0E 2,700.0 2000 Maidu name for morning Venus.
Lo Shen Valles 12.8S 89.6E 225.0 1994 Lo Shen, a Chinese river goddess.
Lunang Vallis 68.2N 310.0E 250.0 1997 Lunang, a Nuristani goddess of the Parun River.
Lusaber Vallis 47.5S 164.0E 500.0 1997 Armenian name for planet Venus.
Martuv Vallis 23.0N 156.0E 250.0 1997 Martuv, Kyrgyz river deity.
Matlalcue Vallis 33.0S 167.5E 300.0 1997 Matlalcue, an Aztec fresh water goddess.
Merak Vallis 63.5S 162.0E 200.0 1997 Merak, a Baloch river deity.
Morongo Valles 20.0S 111.4E 660.0 2003 Makoni name of Venus as evening star.
Nahid Valles 55.1S 171.0E 500.0 1997 Persian name for planet Venus.
Nantosuelta Vallis 61.9S 193.0E 320.0 1997 Nantosuelta, a Celtic river goddess.
Nepra Vallis 1.4N 24.2E 350.0 1997 Nepra, an East Slavic goddess of the Dnieper River.
Ngyandu Vallis 62.0S 12.0E 500.0 1997 Swahili name for planet Venus.
Nommo Valles 40.7S 87.3E 200.0 2000 Nommo, Dogon water deities.
Nyakaio Vallis 47.5N 339.0E 150.0 1997 Nyakaio, Shilluk river deity.
Olokun Vallis 81.5N 269.0E 150.0 1997 Olokun, Bini sea and river deity.
Omutnitsa Vallis 33.0N 292.0E 150.0 1997 Omutnitsa, East Slavic river deity.
Poranica Valles 21.0S 178.5E 550.0 1997 Named after a supposedly Slovene word for Venus according to the official astronomical naming body,[1] although neither Slovene dictionaries nor Slovene corpora include this word.(Name changed from Poranica Vallis.)
Saga Vallis 76.1N 340.6E 450.0 1994 Saga, Norse goddess in the form of a waterfall.
Samundra Vallis 24.1S 347.1E 110.0 1994 Samundra, Indian river goddess.
Sati Vallis 3.2N 334.4E 225.0 1994 Sati, Egyptian river goddess.
Sezibwa Vallis 44.0S 37.0E 300.0 1997 Sezibwa, Ganda river spirit.
Sholpan Vallis 63.9S 150.0E 590.0 2003 Kazakh and Karakalpak name of planet Venus.
Sinann Vallis 49.0S 270.0E 425.0 1994 Sinann, an Irish river goddess.
Ta'urua Vallis 80.2S 247.5E 525.0 1994 Tahitian word for the planet Venus.
Tai-pe Valles 11.0N 156.5E 400.0 1997 Chinese name for planet Venus.
Tan-yondozo Vallis 41.5S 87.0E 800.0 1997 Bashkir name for planet Venus.
Tapati Vallis 27.0N 304.0E 150.0 1997 Tapati, Indian goddess of the Tapti River
Tawera Vallis 11.6S 67.5E 500.0 1997 Māori name for planet Venus.
Tingoi Vallis 6.0N 318.6E 250.0 1997 Tingoi, a Mandé river spirit.
Umaga Valles 49.0S 152.0E 400.0 1997 Old Tagal name for planet Venus.
Uottakh-sulus Valles 12.5N 239.0E 1,100.0 1997 Yakutian/Sakha name for planet Venus.
Utrenitsa Vallis 55.0N 280.0E 700.0 1997 Old Russian name for planet Venus.
Vakarine Vallis 5.0N 336.4E 625.0 1994 Lithuanian word for planet Venus.
Veden-Ema Vallis 15.0S 141.0E 300.0 1997 Veden-Ema, a Finnish goddess of fishing.
Vesper Vallis 59.3S 180.0E 610.0 2000 Latin name for evening Venus.
Vishera Vallis 33.1S 161.6E 300.0 2003 Vishera, a legendary Komi-Permyak girl who turned into the Vishera River.
Xulab Vallis 57.5S 186.0E 820.0 1997 Mayan name for planet Venus.
Ymoja Vallis 71.6S 204.8E 390.0 1994 Ymoja, a Yoruba river goddess.
Yuvkha Valles 10.5N 239.5E 200.0 1997 Yuvkha, a Turkman river spirit.


Undae on Venus refer to dune fields and are named after desert goddesses.

Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Al-Uzza Undae 67.7N 90.5E 150 1994 Al-‘Uzzá, Arabian desert goddess.
Menat Undae 24.8S 339.4E 100 1994 Menat, Arabian desert goddess.


Tesserae are areas of polygonal terrain. They are named after goddesses in world mythologies.

Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Adrasthea Tesserae 30.0N 55.0E 750.0 1997 Adrastea, Greek goddess of law.
Ananke Tessera 53.3N 137.0E 1,060.0 1985 Ananke, Greek goddess of necessity.
Athena Tessera 35.0N 175.0E 1,800.0 1997 Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom.
Atropos Tessera 71.5N 304.0E 469.0 1985 Atropos, one of the Fates in Greek mythology.
Bathkol Tessera 61.0N 200.0E 1,485.0 1997 Bathkol, Israeli goddess of fate.
Chimon-mana Tessera 3.0S 270.0E 1,500.0 1997 Chimon-mana, Hopi goddess of the insane.
Clidna Tessera 42.0S 29.0E 500.0 1997 Clidna, an Irish bird goddess of the afterlife.
Clotho Tessera 56.4N 334.9E 289.0 1985 Clotho, one of the Fates in Greek mythology
Cocomama Tessera 62.0S 23.0E 1,600.0 1997 Kuka Mama, an Inca goddess of happiness.
Dekla Tessera 57.4N 71.8E 1,363.0 1985 Dekla, Latvian goddess of fate.
Dolya Tessera 8.0S 296.0E 1,100.0 1997 Dolya, East Slavic good fate goddess.
Dou-Mu Tesserae 60.0S 244.0E 400.0 1997 Dou-Mu, Chinese life/death ruling goddess.
Fortuna Tessera 69.9N 45.1E 2,801.0 1985 Fortuna, a Roman goddess of chance.
Gbadu Tessera 1.0S 38.0E 700.0 1997 Gbadu, a Fon goddess of guessing.
Gegute Tessera 17.0N 121.0E 1,600.0 1997 Gegute, a Lithuanian goddess of time.
Giltine Tesserae 39.0S 250.0E 300.0 1997 Giltine, a Lithuanian bad fate goddess.
Haasttse-baad Tessera 6.0N 127.0E 2,600.0 1997 Haasttse-badd, a Navajo good health goddess.
Hikuleo Tesserae[1] 42.0S 54.0E 1,400.0 1997 Hikuleo, a Tongan underworld goddess.
Humai Tessera 53.0S 250.0E 350.0 1997 Humai, an Iranian legendary bird of happiness.
Husbishag Tesserae 28.0S 101.0E 1,100.0 1997 Husbishag, a Semitic underworld goddess
Itzpapalotl Tessera 75.7N 317.6E 380.0 1985 Itzpapalotl, Aztec goddess of fate.
Kruchina Tesserae 36.0N 27.0E 1,000.0 1997 Kruchina, East Slavic goddess of sadness.
Kutue Tessera 39.5N 108.8E 653.0 1985 Kutue, a toad in Ulch folklore that brings happiness.
Lachesis Tessera 44.4N 300.1E 664.0 1985 Lachesis, one of the three Fates in Greek mythology.
Lahevhev Tesserae 29.0N 189.0E 1,300.0 1997 Lahevhev, Melanesian dead souls goddess.
Laima Tessera 55.0N 48.5E 971.0 1985 Laima, Latvian and Lithuanian goddess of fate.
Lhamo Tessera 51.0S 15.0E 800.0 1997 Lhamo, Tibetan time and fate goddess.
Likho Tesserae 40.0N 134.0E 1,200.0 1997 Likho, East Slavic deity of bad fate.
Mafdet Tessera 9.2N 38.5E 370.0 2003 Mafdet, Egyptian goddess of judicial authority and executions.
Mago-Halmi Tesserae 70.0N 157.0E 400.0 1997 Mago-Halmi, Korean helping goddess.
Magu Tessera 52.0S 305.0E 300.0 1997 Magu, Chinese goddess of immortality.
Mamitu Tesserae 22.0N 44.0E 900.0 1997 Mamitu, Akkadian destiny goddess.
Manatum Tessera 4.0S 64.0E 3,800.0 1997 Manatum, Semitic goddess of fate.
Manzan-Gurme Tesserae 39.0N 359.5E 1,354.0 1985 Manzan-Gurme, ancestress who possesses the book of fate in Mongol, Tibetan, and Buryat mythologies.
Meni Tessera 48.1N 77.9E 454.0 1985 Meni, Semitic goddess of fate.
Meskhent Tessera 65.8N 103.1E 1,056.0 1985 Meskhenet, Egyptian goddess of fortune.
Minu-Anni Tessera 20.0S 30.0E 1,300.0 1997 Minu-Anni, Assyrian fate goddess.
Moira Tessera 58.7N 310.5E 361.0 1985 The Moirai, Greek fate goddess.
Nedolya Tesserae 5.0N 294.0E 1,200.0 1997 Nedolya, East Slavic bad fate goddess.
Nemesis Tesserae 40.0N 181.0E 355.0 1985 Nemesis, Greek goddess of fate.
Norna Tesserae 50.0S 263.0E 700.0 1997 The Norns, Norse fate goddesses
Nortia Tesserae 49.0S 160.0E 650.0 1997 Nortia, Etruscan fate goddess.
Nuahine Tessera 9.0S 157.0E 1,000.0 1997 Nuahine, Rapanui fate goddess.
Oddibjord Tessera 82.0N 85.0E 900.0 1997 Oddibjord, Scandinavian fortune deity.
Pasom-mana Tesserae 33.0S 49.0E 1,200.0 1997 Pasom-mana, Hopi goddess of dreams and the insane.
Salus Tessera 1.5S 48.5E 850.0 1997 Salus, Roman health and prosperity goddess.
Senectus Tesserae 50.0N 292.0E 1,400.0 1997 Senectus, Roman goddess of old age.
Shait Tessera 54.0S 173.5E 220.0 1997 Shait, Egyptian human destiny goddess.
Shimti Tessera 31.9N 97.7E 1,275.0 1985 Shimti, the incarnation of Ishtar as the goddess of fate in Babylonian mythology.
Snotra Tesserae 24.0N 134.0E 1,000.0 1997 Snotra, Scandinavian goddess of wisdom.
Sopdet Tesserae 45.0S 243.0E 500.0 1997 Sopdet, Egyptian goddess of the Sirius star and the forthcoming year.
Sudenitsa Tesserae 33.0N 270.0E 4,200.0 1997 Slavic fate deities (three sisters).
Sudice Tessera 37.0S 112.0E 500.0 1997 Czech goddess of fate.
Tellus Tessera 42.6N 76.8E 2,329.0 1982 Greek Titaness
Tushita Tesserae 42.0S 54.0E 1,400.0 2000 Hindu deity of resignation to fate. Name changed from Hikuleo Tesserae.
Tyche Tessera 44.0S 14.5E 575.0 1997 Tyche, Greek goddess of fate.
Urd Tessera 40.0S 174.5E 250.0 1997 Urðr, Norse fate goddess.
Ustrecha Tesserae 43.0S 265.0E 450.0 1997 Old Russian goddess of chance.
Vako-nana Tesserae 27.0N 40.0E 1,200.0 1997 Adygan wise predictor.
Verpeja Tesserae 58.0S 160.0E 600.0 1997 Lithuanian life thread goddess.
Virilis Tesserae 56.1N 239.7E 782.0 1985 One of the names of Fortuna, Roman goddess of chance.
Xi Wang-mu Tessera 30.0S 62.0E 1,300.0 1997 Chinese Queen Mother of the West, keeper of medicine for eternal life.
Yuki-Onne Tessera 39.0N 261.0E 1,200.0 1997 Yuki-onna, Japanese spirit of icy death.
Zirka Tessera 33.0N 300.0E 450.0 1997 Belorussian happiness goddess.


Scarps on Venus are called rupes and are named after goddesses of the hearth.

Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Fornax Rupes 30.3N 201.1E 729.0 1985 Fornax, Roman goddess of hearth and bread baking.
Gabie Rupes 67.5N 109.9E 350.0 1985 Gabija, Lithuanian goddess of fire and hearth.
Hestia Rupes 6.0N 71.1E 588.0 1982 Hestia, Greek hearth goddess.
Uorsar Rupes 76.8N 341.2E 820.0 1985 Adygan, Caucasian goddess of hearth.
Ut Rupes 55.3N 321.9E 676.0 1982 Siberian; Turco-Tatar goddess of the hearth fire.
Vaidilute Rupes 43.5S 22.0E 2,000.0 1997 Lithuanian priestesses, protectors of the sacred fire.
Vesta Rupes 58.3N 323.9E 788.0 1982 Vesta, Roman hearth goddess.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Akka Tholus 75.1 N 233.0 E 19.4 2009 Akka, Finnish mother goddess
Alcyone Tholus 2.1S 256.4E 70.0 2003 Greek goddess who is the personification of a rain cloud.
Ale Tholus 68.2N 247.0E 87.0 1985 Igbo (Nigeria) goddess who created Earth and vegetation.
Amra Tholus 53.0N 98.0E 50.0 1997 Abkhazian sun deity.
Angerona Tholus 29.8S 287.2E 200.0 1997 Italian goddess of silence.
Angrboda Tholus 73.8S 116.0E 80.0 1997 Norse Giantness, the first wife of Loki and mother of three evil deities.
Apakura Tholus 40.3N 208.8E 10.0 2006 Māori (New Zealand) goddess of justice.
Ashtart Tholus 48.7N 247.0E 138.0 1985 Phoenician goddess of love, fertility and war; personification of planet Venus.
Azimua Tholi 34.05S 249.35E 40.0 2006 Sumerian underworld goddess.
Bast Tholus 57.8N 130.3E 83.0 1985 Egyptian goddess of joy.
Brigit Tholus[1] 49.0N 246.0E 0.0 1985 Celtic goddess of wisdom, doctoring, smithing.
Cotis Tholus 44.3N 233.0E 62.0 1997 Thracian goddess, mother of gods, similar to Cybele.Named changed from Cotis Mons.
Dröl-ma Tholus 24.2N 6.3E 40.0 2000 Tibetan goddess of compassion.
Eirene Tholus 75.5 N 230.0 E 58.0 2009 Eirene, Greek goddess of peace
Evaki Tholus 37.6N 342.2E 200.0 1997 Amazonian sleep goddess.
Ezili Tholus 23.7N 91.3E 150.0 2006-09-25 Benin (West Africa) goddess of "sweet water", beauty, and love.
Furki Tholus 35.9N 236.4E 79.0 1997 Chechen and Ingush (Caucasus) goddess, wife of thunder god Sela.Name changed from Furki Mons.
Gerd Tholi 54.5S 291.5E 50.0 1997 Scandinavian sky maiden.
Grechukha Tholi 8.6S 255.8E 200.0 2000 Ukrainian field deity.
Iaso Tholus 5.2N 255.3E 30.0 2003 Iaso, Greek goddess of health, medicine, and recovery.
Justitia Tholus 28.7S 296.5E 60.0 1997 Roman goddess of justice.
Khotal-Ekva Tholi 9.1S 177.8E 50.0 1997 Mansi (Ob River Ugra) sun goddess.
Kwannon Tholus 26.3S 296.8E 135.0 1997 Japanese Buddhist goddess of mercy.
Lama Tholus 7.8N 266.0E 110.0 2003 Sumerian protective goddess.
Mahuea Tholus 37.5S 164.7E 110.0 1994 Māori fire goddess.
Meiboia Tholus 44.7S 281.3E 85.0 1997 Meiboia,Greek bee goddess.
Mentha Tholus 43.0N 237.3E 79.0 1997 Roman goddess, personification of the human mind.Name changed from Mentha Mons.
Monoshi Tholus 37.7S 252.0E 15.0 2006 Bengal goddess of snakes.
Muru Tholus 9.0S 305.5E 40.0 1997 Estonian deity of meadows.
Narina Tholi 25.8S 80.0E 55.0 2000 Australian wild bird goddess.
Ndara Tholus 57.5S 16.0E 70.0 1997 Toraji (Sulavesi Isl., Indonesia) underworld and earthquake goddess.
Neegyauks Tholus 68.6S 200.0E 30.0 2000 Tlingit (SE Alaska) volcano woman and frog princess.
Nertus Tholus 61.2N 247.9E 66.0 1985 German/Norse vegetation goddess.
Nipa Tholus 8.4N 255.7E 140.0 2003 Algonquin moon goddess.
Norterma Tholus 77.0S 188.0E 15.0 2000 Tibetan wealth-giving goddess.
Otafuku Tholi 28.7N 46.3E 80.0 1997 Japanese goddess of joyfulness.
Otohime Tholus 32.0S 268.2E 20.0 2006 Japanese goddess of the arts and beauty.
Padma Tholi 34.7S 68.3E 100.0 2000 Hindu lotus goddess.
Pajan Yan Tholus 8.3N 252.2E 80.0 2003 Cambodian healing goddess whose face appears in markings on the Moon.
Paoro Tholi 10.5N 268.0E 225.0 2003 Māori (New Zealand) goddess of echoes; she gave voice to the first woman Marikoriko.
Perynya Tholus 0.7S 353.2E 110.0 2000 Slavic goddess, wife of thunderstorm god Perun.
Podaga Tholus 56.3S 2.0E 40.0 1997 Slavic weather goddess.
Rohina Tholus 40.6S 295.4E 30.0 1997 Hindu cow goddess.
Rosna Tholi 25.5S 73.3E 130.0 2000 Chimalateco/Chinanteco (Mexico) mountain goddess.
Semele Tholi 64.3N 202.9E 194.0 1985 Frygian (Phoenician) Earth goddess.
Shamiram Tholus 6.9S 335.2E 10.0 2000 Armenian goddess of love.
Sumerla Tholi 13.8S 252.2E 90.0 2000 E.Slavic underworld goddess.
Toci Tholus 29.5N 355.1E 300.0 1997 Aztec earthquake goddess.
Turi Tholus 66.9S 222.3E 15.0 2000 Polynesian goddess, created islands' relief.
Tursa Tholus 35.4S 205.2E 75.0 1997 Italian goddess of terror.
Upunusa Tholus 66.2N 252.4E 223.0 1985 Earth goddess of Leti and Babar (Southwestern islands, eastern Indonesia).
Vilakh Tholus 6.5S 176.5E 15.0 1997 Lakian/Kazikumukhan (Daghestan) fire goddess.
Vupar Tholus 13.5S 306.0E 100.0 1997 Chuvash (Volga area) evil spirit causing lunar and solar eclipses.
Wohpe Tholus 41.4N 288.1E 40.0 2006 Lakota goddess of order, beauty, and happiness.
Wurunsemu Tholus 40.6N 209.9E 83.0 1985 Hatti (proto-Hittite) sun goddess and mother of gods.
Yansa Tholus 76.1 N 232.2 E 20.0 2009 Brazilian goddess of wind and fire
Yurt-Ava Tholus 13.8S 341.5E 15.0 2000 Mordovian (Volga Finn) "home's mother" deity.
Zorya Tholus 9.4S 335.3E 22.0 1994 Slavic dawn goddess.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Alpha Regio 25.5S 0.3E 1,897.0 1979 First letter in Greek alphabet.
Asteria Regio 21.6N 267.5E 1,131.0 1982 Greek Titaness.
Atla Regio 9.2N 200.1E 3,200.0 1982 Norse giantess, mother of Heimdall.
Bell Regio 32.8N 51.4E 1,778.0 1982 English giantess.
Beta Regio 25.3N 282.8E 2,869.0 1979 Second letter in Greek alphabet.
Dione Regio 31.5S 328.0E 2,300.0 1991 Greek Titanness; consort of Zeus and the mother of Aphrodite according to Homer.
Dsonkwa Regio 53.0S 167.0E 1,500.0 1997 Kwakiutl (NW Coast) forest giantess.
Eistla Regio 10.5N 21.5E 8,015.0 1982 Norse giantess.
Hyndla Regio 22.5N 294.5E 2,300.0 1991 Norse wood giantess.
Imdr Regio 43.0S 212.0E 1,611.0 1982 Norse giantess.
Ishkus Regio 61.0S 245.0E 1,000.0 1997 Makah (NW Coast) forest giantess.
Laufey Regio 7.0N 315.0E 2,100.0 2000 Norse giantess.
Neringa Regio 65.0S 288.0E 1,100.0 1997 Lithuanian seacoast giantess.
Ovda Regio 2.8S 85.6E 5,280.0 1982 Hebrew, meaning "fact".
Phoebe Regio 6.0S 282.8E 2,852.0 1982 Greek Titaness.
Tethus Regio 66.0N 120.0E 0.0 1982 Greek Titaness.
Themis Regio 37.4S 284.2E 1,811.0 1982 Greek Titaness.
Thetis Regio 11.4S 129.9E 2,801.0 1982 Greek Titaness.
Ulfrun Regio 27.0N 225.0E 3,954.0 1982 Norse giantess.
Vasilisa Regio 11.0S 332.0E 1,200.0 1997 Russian tale heroine.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Astkhik Planum 45.0S 20.0E 2,000.0 1997 Astghik – Armenian goddess of love, beauty and water.
Lakshmi Planum 68.6N 339.3E 2,345.0 1979 Lakshmi, Indian goddess of love and war.
Turan Planum 13.0S 116.5E 800.0 2003 Turan, Etruscan goddess of love, health, and fertility.
Viriplaca Planum 20.0S 112.0E 1,200.0 2003 Viriplaca, Roman goddess of matrimonial love and happiness.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Aibarchin Planitia 73.0S 25.0E 1,200.0 1997 Uzbek "Alpamysh" epic tale heroine.
Aino Planitia 40.5S 94.5E 4,985.0 1982 Finnish heroine who became water spirit.
Akhtamar Planitia 27.0N 65.0E 2,700.0 1997 Armenian epic heroine.
Alma-Merghen Planitia 76.0S 100.0E 1,500.0 1997 Mongol/Tibet/Buryat "Gheser" epic tale heroine.
Atalanta Planitia 45.6N 165.8E 2,050.0 1982 Greek mythical heroine.
Audra Planitia 59.8N 92.3E 1,860.0 1991 Lithuanian sea mistress.
Bereghinya Planitia 28.6N 23.6E 3,900.0 1985 Slavic water spirit.
Dzerassa Planitia 15.0S 295.0E 2,800.0 1997 Ossetian epic heroine Dzerassae; golden-haired daughter of water king.
Fonueha Planitia 44.0S 48.0E 3,000.0 1997 Samoan folktale blind old woman who became the shark.
Ganiki Planitia 40.0N 202.0E 5,160.0 1985 Orochian (Siberia) water spirit, mermaid.
Guinevere Planitia 21.9N 325.0E 7,520.0 1982 British, wife of Arthur.
Gunda Planitia 16.0S 267.0E 1,200.0 1997 Abkhazian epic heroine, beautiful sister of the giant knights.
Helen Planitia 51.7S 263.9E 4,360.0 1982 Helen of Troy; Greek; "the face that launched 1000 ships."
Hinemoa Planitia 5.0N 265.0E 3,700.0 1997 Māori tale heroine; swam across Rotorua Lake to her friend.
Imapinua Planitia 60.0S 142.0E 2,100.0 1997 E.Greenland Eskimo sea mistress.
Kanykey Planitia 10.0S 350.0E 2,100.0 1997 Kyrgyz "Manas" epic tale heroine, wife of the knight Manas.
Kawelu Planitia 32.8N 246.5E 3,910.0 1985 Hawaiian mythological heroine, died and brought back to life.
Laimdota Planitia 58.0S 117.0E 1,800.0 1997 Latvian myth heroine.
Lavinia Planitia 47.3S 347.5E 2,820.0 1982 Roman; wife of Aeneas.
Leda Planitia 44.0N 65.1E 2,890.0 1982 Mother of Helen, Castor.
Libuše Planitia 60.0N 290.0E 1,200.0 1997 Czech tales heroine, wiser of three sisters.
Llorona Planitia 18.0N 145.0E 2,600.0 1997 Mexican/Spanish folktale heroine.
Louhi Planitia 80.5N 120.5E 2,440.0 1985 Karelo-Finn mother of the North.
Lowana Planitia 43.0N 98.0E 2,700.0 1997 Australian aboriginal tale heroine; lived alone by the sea weaving baskets.
Mugazo Planitia 69.0S 60.0E 1,500.0 1997 Vietnamese tale heroine.
Navka Planitia 8.1S 317.6E 2,100.0 1982 East-Slavic mermaid.
Niobe Planitia 21.0N 112.3E 5,008.0 1982 Niobe; Greek; her 12 children killed by Artemis and Apollo.
Nsomeka Planitia 53.0S 195.0E 2,100.0 1994 Bantu culture heroine.
Nuptadi Planitia 73.0S 250.0E 1,200.0 1997 Mandan (US Plains) folk heroine; had magic shell robe.
Rusalka Planitia 9.8N 170.1E 3,655.0 1982 Russian mermaid.
Sedna Planitia 42.7N 340.7E 3,570.0 1982 Sedna; Inuit; her fingers became seals and whales.
Snegurochka Planitia 86.6N 328.0E 2,775.0 1985 Snow maiden in Russian folktales, melted in spring.
Sogolon Planitia 8.0N 107.0E 1,600.0 1997 Mandingo (Mali) epic heroine, buffalo-woman, mother of giant.
Tahmina Planitia 23.0S 80.0E 3,000.0 1997 Iranian epic heroine, wife of knight Rustam.
Tilli-Hanum Planitia 54.0N 120.0E 2,300.0 1997 Azeri "Ker-ogly" epic tale heroine.
Tinatin Planitia 15.0S 15.0E 0.0 1994 Georgian epic heroine.
Undine Planitia 13.0N 303.0E 2,800.0 1997 Lithuanian water nymph, mermaid.
Vellamo Planitia 45.4N 149.1E 2,155.0 1985 Karelo-Finn mermaid.
Vinmara Planitia 53.8N 207.6E 1,635.0 1985 Swan maiden whom sea god Qat kept on Earth by hiding her wings (New Hebrides).
Wawalag Planitia 30.0S 217.0E 2,600.0 1997 Yulengor (Arnhemland) tale heroines, two sisters who evolved language.
Zhibek Planitia 40.0S 157.0E 2,000.0 1997 Kazakh "Kyz-Zhibek" epic tale heroine.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Aitchison Patera 16.7S 349.4E 28.0 1994 Alison Aitchison, American geographer (1874-1964).
Anning Paterae 66.5N 57.8E 0.0 1991 Mary Anning, English paleontologist (1799–1847).
Anthony Patera 48.2N 32.6E 70.0 1991 Susan B. Anthony, American suffrage leader (1820–1906).
Apgar Patera 43.1N 83.8E 126.0 1991 Virginia Apgar, American doctor (1909–1974).
Ayrton Patera 6.0N 227.3E 85.0 1994 Hertha Ayrton, English physicist (1854–1923).
Bakhtadze Patera 45.5N 219.5E 50.0 1997 Kseniya Bakhtadze, Georgian geneticist (1899–1978).
Barnes Patera 15.5S 229.2E 15.0 2003 Florence "Pancho" Barnes, American aviator (1901–1975).
Bers Patera 66.7S 183.0E 17.0 2000 Sofya Andreyevna Tolstaya, wife and copyist for Leo Tolstoy (1844–1919).
Bethune Patera 46.5N 321.3E 94.0 1991 Mary McLeod Bethune, American educator and activist (1875–1955).
Boadicea Paterae 56.6N 96.5E 220.0 1991 Boudica, queen and heroine of the Iceni tribe (d. 60-61)
Bremer Patera 66.8N 63.7E 91.0 1991 Fredrika Bremer, Swedish writer, reformer, and feminist (1801–1865).
Cherskaya Patera 5.2S 232.5E 85.0 2003 Marva Pavlovna Cherskaya, Russian explorer of East Siberia, wife of Ivan Chersky (c. 1850 – c. 1900).
Colette Patera 66.3N 322.8E 149.0 1982 Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, French novelist (1873–1954).
Darclée Patera 37.4S 263.8E 15.0 2006 Hariclea Darclée, Romanian soprano singer (1860–1939).
Davies Patera 47.2N 269.3E 93.0 1991 Emily Davies, British educator, feminist, and college founder (1830–1921).
Destinnová Patera 31.5S 250.2E 15.0 2006 Ema (pseudonym of Emilia Kittlova), Czech singer, also known as Emmy Destinn (1878–1930).
Dietrich Patera 5.3S 235.3E 100.0 2003 Marlene Dietrich, German-born American actress (1901–1992).
Dutrieu Patera 33.8N 198.5E 80.0 2006 Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian/French pioneer aviator (1877–1961).
Eliot Patera 39.1N 79.0E 116.0 1991 George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), English writer (1819–1880).
Fedchenko Patera 24.0S 226.5E 75.0 1997 Olga Fedchenko, Russian botanist, explorer of Central Asia (1845–1921).
Fedosova Patera 45.0N 171.8E 24.0 1997 Irina Fedosova, Russian folk poet (1831–1899). Changed from Fedosova crater.
Garbo Patera 1.5N 258.2E 75.0 2003 Greta Garbo, Swedish-born American actress (1905–1990).
Garland Patera 32.7N 206.8E 45.0 2006 Judy Garland, American singer and actress (1922–1969).
Graham Patera 6.0S 6.0E 75.0 1997 Martha Graham, American dancer and choreographer (1894–1991). Name changed from Graham crater.
Grizodubova Patera 16.7N 299.6E 50.0 1997 Valentina Grizodubova, Soviet aviator (1909–1993).
Hatshepsut Patera 28.1N 64.5E 118.0 1985 Hatshepsut, Egyptian pharaoh (1507-1458 BC).
Hiei Chu Patera 48.2N 97.4E 139.0 1985 Chinese, converted silk worm product into thread and material (2698 B.C.).
Hroswitha Patera 35.8N 34.8E 163.0 1985 Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, German writer (c. 935–975).
Izumi Patera 50.0N 193.6E 74.0 1985 Izumi Shikibu, Japanese writer (974–1036).
Jaszai Patera 32.0N 305.0E 70.0 1997 Mari Jászai, Hungarian actress (1850–1926).
Jotuni Patera 6.5S 214.0E 100.0 1997 Maria Jotuni, Finnish writer (1880–1943).
Keller Patera 45.0N 274.0E 69.0 1991 Helen Keller, American writer and activist (1880–1968).
Kottauer Patera 36.7N 39.6E 136.0 1985 Helena Kottauer, Austrian historical writer (1410–1471).
Kupo Patera 41.9S 195.5E 100.0 1997 Irena Kupo, Israelite astronomer (1929–1978).
Kvasha Patera 9.5S 69.0E 50.0 1997 Lidiya Kvasha, Soviet mineralogist, meteorite researcher (1909–1977).
Ledoux Patera 9.2S 224.8E 75.0 1994 Jeanne-Philiberte Ledoux, French painter(1767–1840).
Libby Patera 34.5S 199.5E 90.0 1997 Leona Woods, American chemist and physicist (1919–1986).
Lindgren Patera 28.1N 241.4E 110.0 2006 Astrid Lindgren, Swedish author (1907–2002).
Malibran Patera 18.4S 224.6E 60.0 2003 Maria Malibran, Spanish/French singer (1808–1836), sister of Pauline Viardot-Garcia (see Viardot Patera).
Malintzin Patera 57.0N 81.5E 60.0 1991 La Malinche, Nahua guide and interpreter (1501–1530).
Mansfield Patera 29.5N 227.5E 80.0 1997 Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand writer (1888–1923).
Mehseti Patera 16.0N 311.0E 60.0 1997 Mahsati, Persian poet (c.1050-c.1100).
Mezrina Patera 33.3S 68.8E 60.0 2000 Anna Mezrina, Russian clay toy sculptor (1853–1938).
Mikhaylova Patera 26.8S 348.2E 70.0 1997 Dariya (better known as Dasha of Sevastopol); Russian nurse (c.1830-c.1915).
Nikolaeva Patera 33.9N 267.5E 100.0 2006 Olga Nikolaeva, Russian planetologist/geochemist (1941–2000).
Nordenflycht Patera 35.0S 266.0E 140.0 1997 Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht, Swedish poet (1718–1763).
Panina Patera 13.0S 309.8E 50.0 1997 Varvara Panina, Romani/Russian singer (1872–1911).
Payne-Gaposchkin Patera 25.5S 196.0E 100.0 1997 Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, American astronomer (1900–1979).
Pchilka Patera 26.5N 234.0E 100.0 1997 Olena Pchilka (Olga Kosach), Ukrainian writer and ethnographer (1849–1930).
Pocahontas Patera 64.9N 49.4E 78.0 1991 Pocahontas, Powhatan Indian peacemaker (1595–1617).
Raskova Paterae 51.0S 222.8E 80.0 1994 Marina Raskova, Russian aviator (1912–1943).
Razia Patera 46.2N 197.8E 157.0 1985 Razia Sultana, Queen of Delhi Sultanate (1236–1240).
Rogneda Patera 2.8S 220.5E 120.0 2003 Rogneda of Polotsk, Slavic princess, wife of Vladimir the Great, duke of Kiev, mother of Yaroslav the Wise (c. 950–1000).
Sacajawea Patera 64.3N 335.4E 233.0 1982 Sacagawea, Shoshone guide and explorer (1786–1812).
Sachs Patera 49.1N 334.2E 65.0 1991 Nelly Sachs, German-born Swedish playwright and poet (1891–1970).
Sappho Patera 14.1N 16.5E 225.0 1979 Sappho, Greek lyric poet (c. 630-570)
Serova Patera 20.0N 247.0E 60.0 1997 Valentina Serova, Soviet actress (1918–1975).
Shelikhova Patera 75.7S 162.5E 60.0 1997 Natalia Shelikhova, Russian explorer of Alaska (1762-1810).
Shulzhenko Patera 6.5N 264.5E 60.0 1997 Klavdiya Shulzhenko, Soviet singer (1906–1984).
Siddons Patera 61.6N 340.6E 47.0 1997 Sarah Siddons, English actress (1755–1831).
Stopes Patera 42.6N 46.5E 169.0 1991 Marie Stopes, English paleontologist (1880–1959).
Tarbell Patera 58.2S 351.5E 80.0 1994 Ida Tarbell, American journalist and editor (1857–1944).
Teasdale Patera 67.6S 189.1E 75.0 1994 Sara Teasdale, American poet (1884–1933).
Tenisheva Patera 1.4S 254.8E 80.0 2000 Princess Maria Tenisheva, Russian painter and art collector (1867–1928).
Tey Patera 17.8S 349.1E 20.0 1994 Josephine Tey, Scottish author (1897–1952).
Tipporah Patera 38.9N 43.0E 99.0 1985 Hebrew medical scholar (1500 BC).
Viardot Patera 7.0S 254.3E 55.0 2000 Pauline Viardot, French singer and composer (1821–1910).
Vibert-Douglas Patera 11.6S 194.3E 45.0 2003 (Allie) Vibert Douglas, Canadian astronomer (1894–1988).
Villepreux-Power Patera 22.0S 210.0E 100.0 1997 Jeanne Villepreux-Power, French marine biologist (1794–1871).
Vovchok Patera 38.0S 310.0E 80.0 1997 Marko Vovchok, Ukrainian writer (1833–1907).
Wilde Patera 21.3S 266.3E 75.0 2000 Jane Wilde, Irish poet (1821–1891).
Witte Patera 25.8S 247.65E 35.0 2006 Wilhelmine Witte, German astronomer (1777–1854).
Žemaite Patera 35.0S 263.0E 60.0 1997 Žemaitė, Lithuanian writer (1845–1921).


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Agrona Linea 40.0N 280.0E 2,300.0 2006 Agrona, Welsh goddess of slaughter, destroyer of life.
Antiope Linea 40.0S 350.0E 0.0 1982 Antiope, Amazon awarded to Theseus.
Badb Linea 14.0N 15.0E 1,750.0 1997 Badb, Irish war goddess.
Breksta Linea 35.9N 304.0E 700.0 1985 Breksta, Lithuanian night darkness goddess. Name changed from Breksta Dorsa August 2004
Discordia Linea 58.0S 246.5E 800.0 1997 Discordia, Roman goddess of strife.
Guor Linea 20.0N 0.0E 0.0 1982 Gudr, Norse Valkyrie.
Hippolyta Linea 42.0S 345.0E 0.0 1982 Hippolyta, Amazon queen.
Jokwa Linea 17.0S 210.0E 2,200.0 2003 Jokwa, the Japanese "Royal Lady of the West" who waged war with demons and giants, then set the world in order.
Kalaipahoa Linea 60.5S 336.5E 2,400.0 1991 Hawaiian war goddess.
Kara Linea 44.0S 306.0E 0.0 1982 Kára, Norse Valkryie.
Lampedo Linea 62.2N 293.0E 800.0 1982 Lampedo, Scythian Amazon queen.
Molpadia Linea 48.0S 355.0E 0.0 1982 Molpadia, Amazon warrior
Morrigan Linea 54.5S 311.0E 3,200.0 1991 The Morrígan, Celtic war goddess.
Penardun Linea 54.0S 344.0E 975.0 1991 Celtic sky goddess.
Sarykyz Linea 77.3S 200.0E 370.0 1997 Uzbek evil spirit.
Sui-ur Linea 61.0S 260.0E 700.0 1997 Mansi (Ob River Ugra) wife of war god.
Thaukhud Linea 24.0S 232.0E 900.0 2003 Adygan (North Caucasus) brave female warrior, a good spirit.
Veleda Linea 10.0S 213.0E 1,350.0 2003 Warrior goddess of the continental Celts.
Virtus Linea 12.0N 21.0E 500.0 1997 Virtus, Roman war goddess.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Radunitsa Labyrinthus 8.9S 351.3E 100.0 2000 Radunitsa, Ancient Slavic goddess, keeper of souls of the deceased.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Aife Fossae 67.0N 131.0E 280.0 1997 Irish warrior deity.
Ajina Fossae 45.0S 258.0E 300.0 1997 Tajik evil spirit.
Albasty Fossae 9.0S 336.5E 500.0 1997 Tartar evil spirit.
Arianrod Fossae 37.0N 239.9E 715.0 1985 Celtic warrior queen.
Bellona Fossae 38.0N 222.1E 855.0 1985 Roman war goddess, wife of Mars.
Brynhild Fossae 26.0S 18.0E 1,800.0 1997 Norse warrior maiden.
Enyo Fossae 62.0S 351.0E 700.0 1991 Greek war goddess.
Fea Fossae 27.5N 224.0E 620.0 1997 Gaelic war goddess.
Felesta Fossae 34.5N 46.5E 570.0 1991 Amazon queen in Scythian epic tales.
Friagabi Fossae 50.2N 109.5E 141.0 1985 Old English goddess, connected with Mars.
Gulaim Fossae 5.0S 329.0E 800.0 1997 Karakalpak amazon leader.
Hanekasa Fossae 29.0N 148.5E 700.0 1997 Sanema (Venezuela) amazon warrior.
Hildr Fossa[1] 45.4N 159.4E 677.0 1985 Norse mythological warrior.
Ilbis Fossae 71.9N 254.6E 512.0 1985 Yakutian (Siberia) goddess of bloodshed.
Karra-ma-hte Fossae 28.0N 342.0E 1,800.0 1997 Latvian warrior goddess.
Khosedem Fossae 13.0S 303.0E 1,800.0 1997 Ketian (Yenisey R.) main evil goddess.
Magura Fossae 12.0S 332.5E 600.0 1997 E.Slavic winged warrior maiden.
Manto Fossae 63.6N 64.9E 536.0 1991 Greek war goddess.
Minerva Fossae 64.5N 252.5E 0.0 1985 Roman goddess of war.
Mist Fossae[1] 39.5N 247.3E 244.0 1985 Norse Valkyrie.Changed to Mist Chasma.
Naguchitsa Fossae 35.6S 159.3E 730.0 2003 Adygan evil warrior, old woman with iron teeth.
Naijok Fossae 70.2S 337.0E 450.0 1997 Dinka (Sudan) evil deity.
Namjyalma Fossae 2.5N 2.7E 560.0 2000 Tibetan victorious mother.
Narundi Fossae 66.5S 329.0E 700.0 1997 Elam goddess of victory.
Nike Fossae 59.5S 340.0E 800.0 1991 Greek goddess of victory.
Penthesilea Fossa 12.0S 214.0E 1,700.0 1997 Greek amazon queen.
Perunitsa Fossae 10.0S 307.0E 1,300.0 1997 E.Slavic winged warrior maiden.
Rangrid Fossae 62.7N 356.4E 243.0 1985 Norse Valkyrie.
Saykal Fossae 73.0N 139.0E 300.0 1997 Kyrgyz warrior maiden.
Sigrun Fossae 50.5N 18.0E 970.0 1985 Norse Valkyrie.
Valkyrie Fossae 58.2N 7.0E 357.0 1991 Norse battle maidens.
Yenkhoboy Fossae 48.0S 7.0E 900.0 1997 Buryatian warrior sisters.
Yuzut-Arkh Fossae 48.0N 224.0E 550.0 1997 Khakas (S.Siberia) evil deity.
Zheztyrnak Fossae 67.5S 182.0E 180.0 2000 Kazakh evil deity, "copper claw" maiden.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Alpan Fluctus 7.5S 349.0E 500.0 1997 Lezghin (Daghestan) fire goddess.
Argimpasa Fluctus 0.0N 175.5E 950.0 1997 Argimpasa,Scythian goddess of love.
Arubani Fluctus 55.0S 132.0E 620.0 1997 Urartu supreme goddess.
Bolotnitsa Fluctus 50.0N 160.0E 1,100.0 1997 E.Slavic swamp mermaid.
Cavillaca Fluctus 72.0S 340.0E 800.0 1997 Huarochiri (Peru) virgin goddess, turned herself into a rock.
Darago Fluctus 11.5S 313.5E 775.0 1994 Darago, Philippine volcano goddess.
Djabran Fluctus 43.5S 183.0E 300.0 1997 Djabran, Abkhazian goddess of goats.
Djata Fluctus 66.5N 307.5E 280.0 1997 Ngadju (Kalimantan Isl., Indonesia) water goddess.
Dotetem Fluctus 6.0S 177.5E 530.0 1997 Ketian (Yenisey R.) evil spirit.
Eriu Fluctus 37.0S 357.0E 600.0 1991 Irish earth mother.
Heloha Fluctus 77.0 N 344.0 E 375.0 2009 Heloha, Chocktaw thunderbird
Henwen Fluctus 20.5S 179.9E 485.0 1994 Henwen, British Celtic sow-goddess.
Hikuleo Fluctus 52.5N 208.0E 600.0 1997 Hikuleo, Tonga (Polynesia) underworld goddess.
Ilaheva Fluctus 42.5S 84.0E 900.0 2000 Tonga (Polynesia) worm goddess.
Itoki Fluctus 6.0S 229.0E 900.0 2003 Itoki, Nicaraguan goddess of insects, stars, and planets.
Juturna Fluctus 76.0S 350.0E 900.0 1997 Roman nymph of the brook in Lavinia, wife of Janus, mother of Fons.
Kaapaau Fluctus 66.5S 181.0E 350.0 2000 Kaapaau, Polynesian goddess of sharks.
Kaiwan Fluctus 45.5S 358.0E 1,200.0 1991 Ethiopian earth mother.
Kasogonaga Fluctus 18.0S 268.0E 850.0 2000 Kasogonaga, Chaco tribes/Guaraní (Argentina) female rain spirit.
Koti Fluctus 12.5N 318.0E 400.0 1997 Koti, Creek (SE USA) water-frog, helpful spirit.
Kunkubey Fluctus 50.0S 207.0E 350.0 2000 Kunkubey, Yakutian/Sakha goddess, wife of supreme god Yuryung.
Mamapacha Fluctus 60.0N 185.0E 900.0 1997 Inca earthquake goddess.
Medb Fluctus 56.0S 127.0E 350.0 1997 Irish mother of gods, wife of Ailil.
Merisa Fluctus 20.5N 9.0E 630.0 2000 Adygan (N.Caucasus) beekeeping goddess.
Mert Fluctus 50.5S 230.5E 250.0 2000 Mert, Egyptian goddess of music and singing.
Mortim-Ekva Fluctus 1.0N 334.0E 1,250.0 2000 Mansi (Ob River Ugra) mistress of "Bird's country".
Mylitta Fluctus 54.0S 355.5E 1,250.0 1991 Semitic mother goddess.
Nambubi Fluctus 61.0S 135.0E 850.0 1997 Ganda goddess, mother of god Mukasa.
Naunet Fluctus 81.0S 136.0E 200.0 2000 Naunet, Ancient Egyptian (Heliopolis) sky goddess.
Neago Fluctu-s 49.3N 351.0E 0.0 1991 Neago, Seneca (USA) goddess of silence.
Nekhebet Fluctus 0.0N 35.0E 400.0 1997 Egyptian vulture goddess.
Ney-Anki Fluctus 37.0S 105.0E 950.0 2000 Khanty (Ob River Ugra) mother of fire.
Ningyo Fluctus 5.5S 206.0E 970.0 1994 Japanese fish goddess.
Oilule Fluctus 22.0S 79.0E 900.0 2000 Oilule, West Bulgarian wife of thunder god.
Ovda Fluctus 6.1S 95.5E 310.0 1994 Named from regio where feature is located.
Praurime Fluctus 16.0N 154.0E 750.0 1997 Praurime, Lithuanian fire goddess.
Rafara Fluctus 65.0S 159.0E 700.0 1997 Rafara, Malagasy (Madagascar) water goddess.
Sicasica Fluctus 52.0S 180.4E 175.0 1994 Sicasica, Aymara (Bolivia) mountain goddess.
Sobra Fluctus 6.0N 248.0E 700.0 1997 Marindanim (New Guinea and Melanesia) creator goddess.
Sonmunde Fluctus 60.0S 120.0E 400.0 1997 Korean mountain goddess.
Strenia Fluctus 41.0N 250.0E 490.0 1997 Roman goddess of New Year festivities.
Syvne Fluctus 36.0S 72.0E 900.0 2000 Nenets (Samoyed) winter maiden.
Tie Fluctus 21.0N 159.0E 550.0 2003 Tie (goddess), Egyptian goddess of intelligence and wisdom.
Tsunghi Fluctus 67.0S 130.0E 800.0 1997 Hibaro (Ecuador) water goddess.
Turgmam Fluctus 56.0N 220.0E 500.0 1997 Turgmam, Nivkhi (Sakhalin Isl.) fire mistress.
Ubastet Fluctus 48.0S 27.0E 550.0 1997 Egyptian cat goddess.
Uilata Fluctus 17.0N 314.0E 700.0 1997 Cherokee stone-clad female monster.
Uzume Fluctus 28.6N 220.3E 700.0 1997 Japanese goddess of cheerfulness.
Vut-Ami Fluctus 38.0S 67.0E 1,300.0 2000 Chuvash (Volga Region) fire goddess.
Yagami Fluctus 80.6S 152.0E 260.0 2000 Japanese goddess, bride of god O-kuninusi.
Zipaltonal Fluctus 37.7N 251.3E 290.0 1997 Zipaltonal Nicaraguan creator goddess.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Aegina Farrum 35.5N 20.9E 60.0 1994 Greek river nymph.
Anqet Farra 33.6N 311.5E 125.0 1994 Egyptian goddess of fertile waters.
Anqet Farrum[1] 33.6N 311.5E 125.0 1994 Egyptian goddess of fertile waters.Changed to Anqet Farra.
Carmenta Farra 12.4N 8.0E 180.0 1994 Roman goddess of springs.
Egeria Farrum 43.6N 7.5E 40.0 1994 Roman water nymph.
Flosshilde Farra 10.5N 279.4E 75.0 1994 German water nymph.
Liban Farra 23.9S 353.5E 100.0 1994 Irish water goddess.
Nammu Farra 2.3N 169.4E 160.0 2003 Assyro-Babylonian goddess of the waters of creation.
Oshun Farra 4.2N 19.3E 80.0 1994 Yoruba (Nigeria) fresh water goddess.
Seoritsu Farra 30.0S 11.0E 230.0 1994 Japanese stream goddess.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Abe Mango Dorsa 47.0N 212.0E 800.0 1997 Abe Mango, Tukano (Brazil) daughter of sun god.
Achek Dorsa 37.2S 230.0E 1,000.0 1997 Achek, Dinka (Sudan) wife of rain god Deng.
Aditi Dorsa 30.0S 189.0E 1,200.0 1997 Indian sky goddess.
Ahsonnutli Dorsa 47.9N 196.5E 1,708.0 1985 Ahsonnutli, Navajo (N.America) spirit of light and sky.
AiMansida-Wedo Dorsa 73.0N 214.0E 450.0 1997 Aida-Wedo, Haitian rainbow spirit.
Akewa Dorsa 45.5N 184.0E 900.0 1997 Akewa, Toba (Argentina) sun goddess.
Akuanda Dorsa 63.5N 232.0E 800.0 1997 Akuanda, Adygan light deity.
Alkonost Dorsa 5.0S 341.0E 730.0 1997 Alkonost, E.Slavic wonder bird with woman's face, lives in Paradise.
Allat Dorsa 60.0N 70.0E 750.0 1985 Allat, Arab sky goddess.
Amitolane Dorsa 77.0S 335.0E 900.0 1997 Amitolane, Zuni (SW USA) name of the rainbow.
Anpao Dorsa 62.0N 207.0E 550.0 1997 Anpao, Dakota name of the dawn.
Arev Dorsa 52.0S 216.0E 420.0 2000 Armenian female solar deity.
Asiaq Dorsa 53.0S 55.0E 400.0 1997 Asiaq, Eskimo weather goddess.
Auska Dorsum 59.9N 357.8E 361.0 1985 Lithuanian goddess of sun rays.
Aušra- Dorsa 49.4N 25.3E 859.0 1985 Lithuanian dawn goddess.
Barbale Dorsa 15.0N 143.0E 1,200.0 1997 Georgian sun goddess.
Ben Dorsa 71.2N 284.1E 628.0 1985 Ben, Vietnamese sky goddess.
Bezlea Dorsa 30.4N 36.5E 807.0 1985 Lithuanian evening light goddess.
Biliku Dorsa 47.0S 138.0E 600.0 1997 Biliku, Andaman Isl.moonsoon deity.
Boszorkany Dorsa 19.5S 105.0E 550.0 2003 Boszorkany, Hungarian witch, flies over the sky.
Breksta Dorsa[1] 35.9N 304.0E 700.0 1985 Lithuanian night darkness goddess.(Name changed to Breksta Linea August 2004.)
Charykh-Keyok Dorsa 54.5N 285.0E 550.0 1997 Charykh-Keyok, Khakasian (S.Siberia) magic bird.
Chih Nu Dorsum 73.0S 195.0E 625.0 1994 Chih Nu, Chinese sky goddess.
Dennitsa Dorsa 85.6N 205.9E 872.0 1985 Dennitsa, Slavic goddess of day, light.
Dodola Dorsa 46.8N 272.6E 607.0 1985 South Slavic rain goddess.
Dudumitsa Dorsa 13.5S 358.0E 980.0 2000 Dudumitsa, Bulgarian rain deity.
Dyan-Mu Dorsa 78.2N 31.9E 687.0 1985 Chinese lightning goddess.
Dylacha Dorsa 19.0S 76.0E 650.0 1997 Dylacha, Evenk/Tungu (Siberia) sun goddess.
Etain Dorsa 45.0S 199.0E 1,400.0 1997 Etain, Irish sun and horse goddess.
Frigg Dorsa 51.2N 150.6E 896.0 1985 Frigg, Norse, wife of supreme god Odin.
Fulgora Dorsa 78.5 N 342.0 E 463.0 2009 Fulgora, Roman lightning god
Hemera Dorsa 51.0N 243.4E 587.0 1985 Hemera, Greek goddess, personification of day.
Hera Dorsa 36.4N 29.5E 813.0 1985 Hera, Greek sky goddess, wife of Zeus.
Iris Dorsa 52.7N 221.3E 2,050.0 1985 Iris,Greek goddess of the rainbow.
Iyele Dorsa 50.0N 278.7E 595.0 1985 Iyele, Moldavian witch who directed the winds.
Juno Dorsum[1] 31.0S 95.6E 1,652.0 1982 Juno, Roman sky goddess; sister and consort of Jupiter.
Kadlu Dorsa 69.5S 188.0E 500.0 1997 Kadlu, Eskimo thunder deity.
Kalm Dorsa 18.0N 309.0E 300.0 1997 Kalm (Mansi mythology), Mansi (Ob River Ugra) winged messenger from gods to humans.
Kamari Dorsa 59.2N 55.8E 589.0 1985 Georgian sky maiden, daughter of weather god.
Kastiatsi Dorsa 53.0S 245.0E 1,200.0 1997 Kastiatsi, Acoma (SW USA) name of the rainbow.
Khadne Dorsa 14.0S 334.5E 220.0 1997 Khadne, Nenets (Samoyed) snowstorm maiden.
Kotsmanyako Dorsa 76.0S 242.0E 1,900.0 1997 Kotsmanyako, Keresan Pueblo mythological girl who scattered the stars into the sky.
Kuldurok Dorsa 50.4S 61.0E 1,100.0 1997 Kuldurok, Uzbek thunder and lightning goddess.
Lau-ma Dorsa 64.8N 190.4E 1,517.0 1985 Latvian witch, flies in the sky.
Laverna Dorsa 50.0S 132.0E 1,100.0 1997 Roman darkness and income goddess.
Lemkechen Dorsa 18.5N 68.5E 2,000.0 1997 Lemkechen, Berber pole star goddess, holds camel motionless to milk it.
Lukelong Dorsa 73.3N 178.8E 1,566.0 1985 Lukelong, Polynesian goddess, creator of heavens.
Lumo Dorsa 24.5N 149.0E 500.0 1997 Tibetan goddess of sky, rain, and mist.
Mardezh-Ava Dorsa 32.4N 68.6E 906.0 1985 Marian (Volga Finn) wind goddess.
Menkerot Dorsa 20.0S 351.5E 770.0 2000 Ancient Egyptian goddess, mother of the sun.
Metelitsa Dorsa 16.0N 31.0E 1,300.0 1997 Metelitsa, E.Slavic snowstorm deity.
Naatse-elit Dorsa 66.0S 249.0E 950.0 1997 Naatse-elit.Navajo rainbow goddess.
Nambi Dorsum 72.5S 213.0E 1,125.0 1994 Nambi, Ugandan sky goddess.
Naran Dorsa 54.0S 238.0E 600.0 1997 Naran, Mongolian sun goddess.
Natami Dorsa 71.5S 258.0E 800.0 1997 Natami (fairy), Mon (Burma/Myanmar) beauty fairy.
Nephele Dorsa 39.7N 138.8E 1,937.0 1985 Nephele, Greek cloud goddess.
Nichka Dorsa 10.0S 354.0E 550.0 2000 Nichka, Ukrainian night deity.
Norwan Dorsa 65.0N 163.0E 450.0 1997 Norwan, Wintun (California) light goddess.
Nuvakchin Dorsa 53.0S 212.0E 2,200.0 1997 Nuvakchin, Hopi snow maiden ('kachina').
Odzerchen Dorsa 72.0S 152.0E 300.0 2000 Odzerchen, Tibetan goddess of boundless light.
Ojuz Dorsa 6.0N 37.0E 400.0 1997 Tajik deity of frost and cold wind.
Okipeta Dorsa 67.5N 240.0E 1,200.0 1985 Okipeta, Greek goddess of whirlwind.
Oshumare Dorsa 58.5S 79.0E 550.0 1997 Yoruba rainbow deity.
Oya Dorsa 21.5N 157.5E 480.0 2003 Yoruba (Nigeria) goddess of violent rainstorms.
Pandrosos Dorsa 58.2N 207.7E 1,254.0 1985 Greek dew goddess.
Poludnitsa Dorsa 5.0N 179.5E 1,500.0 1997 Poludnitsa, E.Slavic witch, corn fields deity.
Pulugu Dorsa 65.0S 225.0E 650.0 1997 Andaman Isl.moonsoon wind deity.
Ragana Dorsa 69.0S 246.0E 950.0 1997 Latvian witch.
Rokapi Dorsa 55.0S 222.0E 2,200.0 1997 Georgian main witch.
Salme Dorsa 58.0N 25.2E 447.0 1991 Salme, Estonian sky maiden.
Saule Dorsa 58.0S 206.0E 1,375.0 1994 Lithuanian and Latvian sun goddess.
Sel-Anya Dorsa 79.4N 81.3E 975.0 1985 Hungarian wind goddess.
Semuni Dorsa 75.9N 8.0E 514.0 1985 Semuni, Ulchian (Siberia) sky goddess.
Shishimora Dorsa 37.0N 297.0E 800.0 1997 E.Slavic night and dreams deity.
Sige Dorsa 31.2N 106.9E 478.0 1991 Sige, Babylonian sky goddess.
Siksaup Dorsa 73.0S 228.0E 650.0 1997 Siksaup, Kachin (Burma/Myanmar) sun goddess.
Sinanevt Dorsa 66.5N 171.0E 1,800.0 1997 Sinanevt, Itelmen (Kamchatka) Raven's daughter, wife of sky man.
Sirona Dorsa 43.5S 193.5E 700.0 1997 Sirona, Celtic sky goddess.
Sogbo Dorsa 40.0S 237.0E 900.0 1997 Sogbo, Fon (Benin) thunder goddess/god.
Spidola Dorsa 73.5S 325.0E 950.0 1997 Latvian witch.
Sunna Dorsa 53.0S 134.0E 500.0 1997 Sunna, Norse sun goddess.
Surupa Dorsa 71.7N 209.0E 981.0 1997 Surupa, Hindu sky goddess, bringer of rain.
Tezan Dorsa 81.4N 47.1E 1,079.0 1985 Etruscan dawn goddess.
Tikoiwuti Dorsa 56.0N 225.0E 1,000.0 1997 Tikoiwuti, Hopi goddess of darkness.
Tinianavyt Dorsa 51.0S 239.0E 1,500.0 1997 Koryak (Kamchatka) wife of sky man.
Tomem Dorsa 31.2N 7.2E 970.0 1985 Ketian (Siberia) Mother of the hot; lives in the sky, near the Sun.
Tsovinar Dorsa 46.0S 254.0E 1,100.0 1997 Tsovinar – Armenian lightning deity.
Tukwunag Dorsa 69.0S 155.0E 1,000.0 1997 Tukwunag, Hopi cumulus cloud maiden ('kachina').
Unelanuhi Dorsa 12.0N 87.0E 2,600.0 1997 Unelanuhi, Cherokee sun goddess.
Uni Dorsa 33.7N 114.3E 800.0 1985 Etruscan goddess, same as Hera or Juno.
Unuk Dorsa 4.5S 351.5E 400.0 1997 Unuk, Eskimo (Chukotka) night maiden.
Urkuk Dorsa 12.0S 320.0E 600.0 1997 Urkuk, ivkhi (Sakhalin Isl.) night maiden.
Vaiva Dorsum 53.2S 204.0E 520.0 1994 Lithuanian rainbow goddess.
Varma-Ava Dorsa 62.3N 268.8E 767.0 1985 Mordvinian (Volga Finn) wind goddess.
Vedma Dorsa 42.0N 159.0E 3,345.0 1985 East Slav witch.
Vejas-mate Dorsa 70.5S 245.0E 1,600.0 1997 Latvian "wind mother".
Vetsorgo Dorsum 6.5S 163.0E 700.0 2000 Mordovian/Erzya (Volga Finn) daughter of the supreme sky god Nishke.
Wala Dorsa 17.0S 62.0E 500.0 1997 Fox (US Plains) name of the dawn.
Yalyane Dorsa 7.0N 177.0E 1,200.0 1997 Yalyane, Nenets (Samoyed) maiden of light.
Yumyn-Udyr Dorsa 81.4N 164.7E 1,086.0 1985 Yumyn-Udyr, Marian (Volga Finn) daughter of main god.
Zaryanitsa Dorsa 0.0N 170.0E 1,100.0 1997 Zaryanitsa, E.Slavic night lightning goddess.
Zimcerla Dorsa 47.5S 73.5E 850.0 1997 Zimcerla, W.Slavic dawn goddess.
Zorile Dorsa 39.9N 338.4E 1,041.0 1985 Zorile, Moldavian dawn goddess.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Akkruva Colles 46.1N 115.5E 1,059.0 1985 Saami-Lapp fishing goddess.
Asherat Colles 12.0N 162.0E 500.0 2003 Asherah, Phoenician goddess known as "Asherat-of-the-Sea."
Chernava Colles 10.5S 335.5E 1,000.0 1997 Chernava, East Slavic sea maiden, Sea Czar's daughter.
Jurate Colles 56.8N 153.5E 418.0 1985 Lithuanian sea goddess from the tale of Jūratė and Kastytis.
Marake Colles 55.7N 217.8E 150.0 1997 Mansi (Ob River Ugra) sea mistress.
Mena Colles 52.5S 160.0E 850.0 1994 Roman goddess of menses.
Migazesh Colles 49.0S 198.0E 230.0 2000 Adygan (North Caucasus) daughter of sea goddess.
Molpe Colles 76.0N 192.0E 548.0 1991 Greek; mother of Siren.
Nahete Colles 38.0N 241.0E 400.0 1997 Fon (Benin) wife of sea god Agbe.
Nuliayoq Colles 48.0N 224.0E 350.0 1997 Nuliajuk, Netsilik Inuit (Hudson Bay Eskimo) sea mistress; similar to Sedna.
Olosa Colles 18.0N 353.3E 200.0 1997 Yoruba (Nigeria) lagoon goddess.
Ran Colles 1.0N 163.0E 400.0 2003 Rán, Scandinavian sea goddess.
Ruad Colles 68.0S 118.0E 400.0 1997 Irish female deity, sank into the sea sleeping in her bronze boat.
Salofa Colles 63.0S 167.0E 250.0 1997 Samoan tale's girl/sea turtle.
T'ien Hu Colles 30.7N 15.1E 947.0 1991 Tianhou, a Chinese sea goddess.
Urutonga Colles 10.0N 154.0E 500.0 2003 Urutonga, Māori sea goddess.


Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km) Year named Name origin
Aikhylu Chasma 32.0N 292.0E 300.0 1997 Aikhylu Bashkir myth's moon daughter.
Aranyani Chasma 69.3N 74.4E 718.0 1985 Aranyani Indian forest goddess.
Ardwinna Chasma 21.0N 197.0E 500.0 1997 Ardwinna Continental Celtic wildwood goddess.
Artemis Chasma 41.2S 138.5E 3,087.0 1982 Artemis Greek goddess of hunt/moon.
Artio Chasma 35.5S 39.0E 450.0 1997 Artio Celtic wildlife bear-goddess.
Baba-Jaga Chasma 53.2N 49.5E 580.0 1985 Baba-Jaga Slavic forest witch.
Britomartis Chasma 33.0S 130.0E 1,000.0 1994 Greek/Cretan goddess of the hunt.
Chang Xi Chasmata 59.0S 17.0E 220.0 1997 Chang Xi Chinese, gave birth to twelve moons.
Chondi Chasma 18.5S 230.0E 1,000.0 2003 Chondi Bengali goddess of wild animals.
Dali Chasma 17.6S 167.0E 2,077.0 1982 Georgian; goddess of hunt.
Daura Chasma 73.8N 53.8E 729.0 1985 Hausa (W.Sudan) great huntress.
Devana Chasma 16.0N 285.0E 4,600.0 1982 Czechoslovakian goddess of hunting.
Dewi Ratih Chasma 6.5S 359.7E 1,000.0 2000 Bali (Indonesia) moon goddess.
Diana Chasma 14.8S 154.8E 938.0 1982 Roman goddess of hunt/moon.
Dziwica Chasma 16.5S 235.0E 1,300.0 2003 Dziwica Forest maiden in myths of Luzicke Serby/Sorben/Wenden, W.Slavic group in E.Germany.
Gamsilg Chasma 46.0S 64.0E 600.0 1997 Gamsilg Chechen and Ingush evil forest deity.
Ganis Chasma 14.5N 194.0E 615.0 1982 Ganis Western Lapp forest maiden.
Geyaguga Chasma 56.5S 70.0E 800.0 1997 Geyaguga Cherokee moon deity.
Gui Ye Chasma 9.0S 337.1E 210.0 1997 Gui Ye Chinese moon fairy.
Hanghepiwi Chasma 48.5S 18.0E 1,100.0 1997 Hanghepiwi Dakota name of the moon and night.
Hanwi Chasma 10.5N 247.0E 1,800.0 2006 Hanwi Oglala (Sioux) moon and sky goddess.
Hecate Chasma 18.2N 254.3E 3,145.0 1982 Greek moon goddess.
Heng-o Chasma 6.6N 355.5E 734.0 1982 Heng-o, Chinese moon goddess.
Hina Chasma 63.7N 20.0E 415.0 1991 Hina, Hawaiian moon goddess.
Ix Chel Chasma 10.0S 73.4E 503.0 1982 Ix Chel , Aztec wife of the Sun god; probably moon goddess.
Jana Chasma 12.2S 117.9E 650.0 2003 Jana, Roman moon goddess.
Juno Chasma 30.5S 111.1E 915.0 1982 Roman sky goddess; sister and consort of Jupiter.
Kaygus Chasmata 49.6N 52.1E 503.0 1985 Kaygus Ketian (Siberia) ruler of forest animals.
Kicheda Chasma 2.5S 213.0E 1,500.0 2003 Kicheda Nganasan (Taymyr Peninsula Samoyed) lunar goddess.
Kokomikeis Chasma 0.0N 85.0E 1,000.0 1997 Kokomikeis Blackfoot/Algonquin moon goddess.
Kottravey Chasma 30.5N 77.9E 744.0 1985 Kottravey Dravidian (India) hunting goddess.
Kov-Ava Chasma 58.8S 21.8E 470.0 1997 Mordovian (Volga River Finn) forest mistress.
Kozhla-Ava Chasma 56.2N 50.6E 581.0 1985 Marian (Volga Finn) forest goddess.
Kuanja Chasma 12.0S 99.5E 890.0 1982 Mbundu goddess of the spirit of the hunt.
Lasdona Chasma 69.3N 36.8E 697.0 1985 Lithuanian main forest goddess.
Latona Chasma 26.0N 267.5E 530.0 1997 Roman moon goddess.
Lesavka Chasma 0.8S 215.0E 800.0 2003 E.Slavic forest deity, daughter of the forest father Leshiy and the swamp deity Kikimora.
Medeina Chasma 46.2N 89.3E 606.0 1985 Lithuanian forest goddess.
Mežas-Mate Chasma 51.0N 50.7E 506.0 1985 Mežas-Mate Latvian forest goddess.
Misne Chasma 78.3N 316.5E 610.0 1985 Mansi (Siberia) forest maiden.
Mist Chasma 39.5N 247.3E 244.0 1997 Norse Valkyrie.Changed from Mist Fossae.
Morana Chasma 68.9N 24.6E 317.0 1985 Czech moon goddess.
Mots Chasma 51.9N 56.1E 464.0 1985 Mots Avarian (Caucasus) moon goddess.
Nang-byon Chasma 4.0N 316.5E 450.0 1997 Thaichang/White Thai (Vietnam) moon goddess.
Olapa Chasma 42.0S 208.5E 650.0 1997 Olapa Massai (Kenya, Tanzania) moon goddess.
Parga Chasmata 20.0S 255.0E 11,000.0 1982 Parga Nenets (Samoyed) forest witch.(Feature extent expanded in 2001.)
Pinga Chasma 20.0S 287.0E 500.0 1997 Pinga Eskimo goddess of hunt; moon god Igaluk is subordinate to her.
Quilla Chasma 23.7S 127.3E 973.0 1982 Quilla Inca moon goddess.
Rabie Chasma 10.5S 267.0E 950.0 2000 Rabie Wemale (E.Indonesia) moon goddess.
Ralk-umgu Chasma 15.0S 106.0E 840.0 2003 Ralk-umgu Nivkhan (Sakhalin Island) "lunar woman."
Reitia Chasma 51.5S 100.0E 400.0 1997 Reitia Italian (Venetian) healthcare and hunting goddess.
Seo-Ne Chasma 63.5S 26.0E 430.0 1997 Korean moon deity, sun's wife.
Sutkatyn Chasmata 64.0S 11.0E 350.0 1997 Sutkatyn Kumyk (Daghestan) forest spirit.
Tellervo Chasma 60.0S 125.0E 600.0 1997 Tellervo Finnish maiden of woods.
Tkashi-mapa Chasma 13.0N 206.0E 1,100.0 1997 Tkashi-mapa Georgian forest goddess.
Tsects Chasma 61.6S 35.0E 600.0 1997 Tsects Haida (NW Coast) friendly spirit of forest underworld – grandma mouse.
Varz Chasma 71.3N 27.0E 346.0 1985 Varz Lezghin (Caucasus) moon goddess.
Vir-ava Chasma 16.5S 124.0E 1,700.0 1982 Vir-ava Mordvinian forest mother.
Vires-Akka Chasma 75.6N 341.6E 742.0 1985 Vires-Akka Saami-Lapp forest goddess.
Xaratanga Chasma 54.0S 70.0E 1,300.0 1997 Xaratanga Purépecha (Mexico) moon goddess.
Zewana Chasma 9.0N 212.0E 900.0 1997 Zewana W.Slavic/Polish hunting goddess.
Žverine Chasma 18.5N 271.0E 1,300.0 1997 Lithuanian hunting goddess.

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