List of geological features on Callisto

USGS map of Callisto

This is a list of named geological features on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter. The information is provided as of 2015.


Callistoan catenae (crater chains) are named after rivers, valleys, and ravines in myths and folktales of cultures of the Far North[1] (all current names come from Norse mythology).

Catena Named after
Eikin Catena Eikin
Fimbulthul Catena Fimbulthul
Geirvimul Catena Geirvimul
Gipul Catena Gipul
Gomul Catena Gomul
Gunntro Catena Gunntro
Sid Catena Sid
Svol Catena Svol



Faculae (bright spots) on Callisto are named after characters related to frost, snow, cold, and sleet from myths and folktales of people of the Far North.[1]

Facula Named after
Kol Facula Kol, Icelandic frost or storm giant

Large ring featuresEdit

The enormous impact-related ring features on Callisto are named after places (other than rivers, valleys and ravines) from myths and folktales of the Far North.[1]

Ring feature Named after
Adlinda Adlinda (Inuit)
Asgard Asgard (Norse)
Utgard Utgard (Norse)
Valhalla Valhalla (Norse)


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