List of generation VII Pokémon

The seventh generation (Generation VII) of the Pokémon franchise features 88 fictional species of creatures introduced to the core video game series in the 2016 Nintendo 3DS games Pokémon Sun and Moon and the 2017 3DS games Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, with two further species introduced in a 2018 update to the spin-off mobile game Pokémon Go alongside the 2018 core series Nintendo Switch games Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, culminating to a total of 88. Some Pokémon species in this generation were introduced in animated adaptations of the franchise before Sun and Moon.

The international logo for the Pokémon franchise

Since Pokémon X and Y, all Pokémon have been designed by a team of roughly 20 artists, led by Ken Sugimori and Hironobu Yoshida.[1] Sun and Moon take place in the tropical Alola region, composed entirely of islands.[2] Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! are set in the Kanto region, the same setting as generation I.[3] Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game which uses the GPS and camera functions on the player's smartphone to display wild Pokémon in the player's surrounding environment.[4]

The following list details the 88 Pokémon of Generation VII in order of their National Pokédex number. Pokémon number 722 Rowlet to number 802 Marshadow were introduced in Sun and Moon in 2016 and number 803 Poipole to number 807 Zeraora were released in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in 2017. Two mythical Pokémon, Meltan and Melmetal, debuted in Pokémon Go in 2018; Meltan appears in the wild in Pokémon Go when a Pokémon is transferred to Let's Go, Pikachu! or Let's Go, Eevee!, while Melmetal is only obtainable by evolving Meltan in Pokémon Go when the player collects candies.[5] In addition to the new species of Pokémon, two new formes of Zygarde appeared in Sun and Moon—having previously appeared in the Pokémon anime: the dog-like "Zygarde 10% Forme" and mech-like "Zygarde Complete (100%) Forme".[6] Alternate forms that result in type changes and regional forms are included for convenience.

Design and developmentEdit

Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced "Alola Forms" of various generation I Pokémon. These versions are to represent "the different microclimates in the Alola region". The Alolan versions of Pokémon like Vulpix and Exeggutor have different appearances and types and were introduced alongside generation VII Pokémon.[7] Alex Hern of The Guardian suggested that the developers likely decided to redesign various generation I Pokémon because, according to him, "fan connection with the original 150 Pokémon is as strong as it ever was, [while] the number of people who can tell a Pancham from a Swirlix is much smaller."[8]

List of PokémonEdit

List of Pokémon species introduced in Generation VII (2016)[a][b]
Name National Pokédex
Type(s) Evolves from Evolves into Notes
English Japanese Primary Secondary
Rowlet Mokurō (モクロー) 722 Grass Flying Does not evolve Dartrix (#723) Rowlet are owl-like Pokémon that can twist their heads 180° and are capable of attacking silently.[10] Adorned with a leafy bow tie, Rowlet has been well received by fans and critics. Several gaming media outlets consider it to be the most popular of the three Alola Region starters.[11][12] In a poll held by The Pokémon Company International's official Twitter account in which 52,630 people voted, Rowlet received 41% of the vote.[13]
Dartrix Fukusurō (フクスロー) 723 Grass Flying Rowlet (#722) Decidueye (#724) A bit of a dandy, it spends its free time preening its wings. Its preoccupation with any dirt on its plumage can leave it unable to battle.
Decidueye Junaipā (ジュナイパー) 724 Grass Ghost Dartrix (#723) Does not evolve Decidueye also appears as a playable fighter in Pokkén Tournament DX.[further explanation needed] It is based on a Stilt-owl.
Litten Nyabī (ニャビー) 725 Fire Does not evolve Torracat (#726) Litten are kitten-like Pokémon that spit out flaming hairballs.[10] Similar to Rowlet, Litten has been well received by fans and critics.[11] In a Twitter poll held by The Pokémon Company International, Litten received 38 percent of the vote, just shy of Rowlet.[13]
Torracat Nyahīto (ニャヒート) 726 Fire Litten (#725) Incineroar (#727) It has a bell on its neck that can dish out fiery attacks.
Incineroar Gaogaen (ガオガエン) 727 Fire Dark Torracat (#726) Does not evolve Incineroar's design is based on heel fighters and wrestlers.[14] Their waists have flames in the shape of a championship belt. They have a cold persona, but are said to love praise from young Pokémon and children.[15] The design of Incineroar also drew some inspiration from the Hawaiian wildlife.[16] The Shiny Pokémon version of Incineroar changes his color scheme to orange fur with white stripes.[17] Incineroar debuted in Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS.[18] It also appears in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, appearing as the last newcomer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[16][19] Masahiro Sakurai, the game's director, said he chose Incineroar because he wanted a wrestling character for the game.[20] In the Japanese version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Incineroar is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka, who also voiced Professor Oak in the Pokémon anime. It marked one of his final voice acting appearances before his 2018 death a few months before the release of the game.[21][22] Tyler Bunch provides the character voice in the English version.[23] In the Pokémon anime, Incineroar debuted in the 2017 film Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, under the ownership of Cross.[24][25] Incineroar initially received criticism from fans before it was officially revealed as it was assumed to be a dual Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon, a strongly disliked trend among Fire-type starters. Dustin Kemp of The Inquisitr called Incineroar's eventual reveal a "brilliant trolling maneuver by GameFreak".[14] Incineroar has received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Matthew Guida of The Gamer has complimented Incineroar, calling it a "fearsome Pokémon" and particularly praised its Shiny Pokémon form, which he said "adds a majestic and regal appearance to its regular design".[17] Allegra Frank of Polygon critiqued Incineroar's design of a "gigantic fighting feline monster", compared to its pre-evolution Litten, to be "upsetting" and leaving fans "extremely disheartened", but nonetheless praised its Fire/Dark typing as "some good to be found in Incineroar’s official reveal".[26] Oliver Cragg of International Business Times was critical of Incineroar in Pokémon Sun and Moon because "its stats are spread so broadly that it fails to excel at anything", and that its attacks are "a tad underpowered".[27] Jordan Minor of praised the addition of Incineroar to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because its professional wrestling-inspired grapple moves are so different than those of other playable characters. He wrote: "We're excited to try out up close and personal grabs and lariats or even bouncing foes against the ropes."[16]
Popplio Ashimari (アシマリ) 728 Water Does not evolve Brionne (#729) Popplio was designed by Ken Sugimori. Popplio are sea lion Pokémon that can do tricks and form water bubbles from their "clown-like nose".[10][28] Popplio originally appeared in Pokémon Sun and Moon as a starter Pokémon. It later appeared in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon[29] and Pokémon Sword and Shield. Aside from the main series, It also appeared in Pokémon Rumble Rush, Pokémon Shuffle, Pokémon Masters EX,[30] Pokkén Tournament[31] and New Pokémon Snap.[32] Lana, a protagonist in the Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon anime, owned a Popplio as her main Pokémon. Popplio made its manga debut in "The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl" chapter of Pokémon Adventures. It was owned by Professor Kukui and later evolved fully into Primarina.[33]

In contrast to the positive reactions to Rowlet and Litten, Popplio initially received negative reactions across social media platforms, however these reactions have generally become more neutral over time, leading many to see Popplio as a polarizing addition.[34] In a Twitter poll held by The Pokémon Company International, Popplio was the least popular of the three starters, receiving only 21 percent of the vote.[13] As a result, supporters of Popplio began to defend the Pokémon. According to Christian Hoffer, "the sea lion has been subjected to so much derision...Popplio's few fans have even formed a 'Popplio Defense Squad' dedicated to sending out positive vibes for the disparaged Pokemon".[35] Kotaku reported that "While most Pokémon fans were freaking out about Litten's perfect name, or Rowlet's cute bowtie, Popplio seemed to either attract indifference, hate, or worse, straight-up pity".[36] Fans already called Popplio as "ugly", and its evolution would even bother fans more about the Pokémon being too "feminine".[37]

In response to the criticisms, Pokémon Sun and Moon director Shigeru Ohmori stated that "I personally think that Popplio was very cute and he'll be very popular with a lot of people."[38] During the voting of Polygon staff on which is the best Pokémon starter of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, none of them voted Popplio. Ashely Oh described Popplio as a "shitty, nominal derivative of Piplup", later stating that "Popplio has a lot of things wrong with it, but maybe it's not Popplio's fault that Popplio looks like a secondhand child clown."[39] Megan Farokhmanesh of The Verge described Popplio as "very ugly", and further stated that his "big dumb nose is so honkable, front flippers are too big, and the back flippers are too small. His ears don't even make sense. Is he a dog or a seal?"[40] Allega Prank praised Popplio's final evolution, and called it "pretty".[41] Sam Loveridge of Digital Spy claimed that due to the hatred of Popplio, the Pokémon Sun and Moon creators even don't like Popplio.[42] Daniel Dockery of Syfy ranked Popplio as 20th of 23 starter Pokémon, though he also described "It's adorable."[43] Laura Gray of Screen Rant called Popplio "pretty cute".[44] Paste Magazine gave a positive review of Popplio while comparing it with Mimikyu.[45] Nintendo World Report noted the type advantages it enjoys in Pokémon Sun and Moon.[46]

Brionne Oshamari (オシャマリ) 729 Water Popplio (#728) Primarina (#730)
Primarina Ashirēnu (アシレーヌ) 730 Water Fairy Brionne (#729) Does not evolve Primarina is based on selkies, mythological aquatic creatures from Scotland who are similar to mermaids.
Pikipek Tsutsukera (ツツケラ) 731 Normal Flying Does not evolve Trumbeak (#732) Pikipek are woodpecker Pokémon capable of pecking 16 times per second and with enough force to break stone.[47] The concept art for Pikipek was initially teased during the February 26, 2016, Nintendo Direct which revealed Pokémon Sun and Moon.[48] The Pokémon was officially revealed on June 14 during Nintendo's Electronic Entertainment Expo presser.[47]
Trumbeak Kerarappa (ケララッパ) 732 Normal Flying Pikipek (#731) Toucannon (#733) It spits out seeds from the fruits it eats at foes.
Toucannon Dodekabashi (ドデカバシ) 733 Normal Flying Trumbeak (#732) Does not evolve Its English name is a portmanteau of "toucan" and "cannon", as the previous one indicates that Toucannon is based on a giant toucan.
Yungoos Yangūsu (ヤングース) 734 Normal Does not evolve Gumshoos (#735) Yungoos are an invasive species of Alolan Pokémon known for being voracious eaters. Most of their elongated body is devoted to its stomach—they are almost constantly hungry and become angry when not eating.[47]
Gumshoos Dekagūsu (デカグース) 735 Normal Yungoos (#734) Does not evolve The fur on Gumshoos's head has been said to bear a striking similarity to that of former U.S. President Donald Trump. However, in an interview with Game Informer, director Junichi Masuda stated that Gumshoos was designed "a long time back, and we didn’t have any intention to make it look like Donald Trump". He did acknowledge the similarities, however.[49]

Gumshoos is also a Totem Pokémon on Ilima's Trial in Sun and Ultra Sun.

Grubbin Agojimushi (アゴジムシ) 736 Bug Does not evolve Charjabug (#737) Grubbin are larva Pokémon with powerful jaws. They have an affinity for electricity and are frequently found near power plants.[47]
Charjabug Denjimushi (デンヂムシ) 737 Bug Electric Grubbin (#736) Vikavolt (#738) Polygon described Charjabug as "a combination of a bomb shelter and a decked out garbage truck". However, Charjabug is actually based on a 9-volt battery.
Vikavolt Kuwaganon (クワガノン) 738 Bug Electric Charjabug (#737) Does not evolve Totem Pokémon of Sophocles's Trial in Sun and Moon.
Crabrawler Makenkani (マケンカニ) 739 Fighting Does not evolve Crabominable (#740)
Crabominable Kekenkani (ケケンカニ) 740 Fighting Ice Crabrawler (#739) Does not evolve It trains in snowy conditions. It has to evolve while it's snowing in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.
Oricorio Odoridori (オドリドリ) 741 Electric Flying Does not evolve "Pom-Pom Style" form native to Melemele Island.
Psychic Flying "Pa’u Style" form native to Akala Island.
Fire Flying "Baile Style" form native to Ula'ula Island.
Ghost Flying "Sensu Style" form native to Poni Island.
Cutiefly Aburī (アブリー) 742 Bug Fairy Does not evolve Ribombee (#743)
Ribombee Aburibon (アブリボン) 743 Bug Fairy Cutiefly (#742) Does not evolve Totem Pokémon of Mina's Trial in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
Rockruff Iwanko (イワンコ) 744 Rock Does not evolve Lycanroc (#745) Rockruff are dog Pokémon that evolve into one of three forms depending on which version of the game is being played. Jacob Whritenour of Hardcore Gamer magazine speculates that the Rock typing of Rockruff stems from the Pokémon possibly being based on the extinct Hawaiian Poi Dog.[50]
Lycanroc Rugarugan (ルガルガン) 745 Rock Rockruff (#744) Does not evolve Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc's Midday Form, resembling a wolf, in Sun and into its Midnight Form, resembling a werewolf, in Moon; however, both forms can be caught in each game. A third form, Dusk Form, is exclusive to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Dusk Form is owned by Ash Ketchum in the anime, and is part of his Alolan team, alongside Melmetal, Incineroar, and Rowlet.
Wishiwashi Yowashi (ヨワシ) 746 Water Does not evolve Totem Pokémon in Lana's Trial in Sun and Moon. Its Ability, Schooling, allows it to change forms depending on its HP. Wishiwashi is based on the Pacific sardine.[51]
Mareanie Hidoide (ヒドイデ?) 747 Poison Water Does not evolve Toxapex (#748) It preys on Corsola for its delicious coral branches
Toxapex Dohidoide (ドヒドイデ) 748 Poison Water Mareanie (#747) Does not evolve
Mudbray Dorobanko (ドロバンコ) 749 Ground Does not evolve Mudsdale (#750)
Mudsdale Banbadoro (バンバドロ) 750 Ground Mudbray (#749) Does not evolve A Ride Pokémon in Sun, Moon and its counterparts.
Dewpider Shizukumo (シズクモ) 751 Water Bug Does not evolve Araquanid (#752)
Araquanid Onishizukumo (オニシズクモ) 752 Water Bug Dewpider (#751) Does not evolve Totem Pokémon of Lana's Trial in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
Fomantis Karikiri (カリキリ) 753 Grass Does not evolve Lurantis (#754)
Lurantis Rarantesu (ラランテス) 754 Grass Fomantis (#753) Does not evolve Totem Pokémon of Mallow's Trial.
Morelull Nemashu (ネマシュ/) 755 Grass Fairy Does not evolve Shiinotic (#756) Should anyone see it in aforest, it will try to lull them to sleep and drain their energy.
Shiinotic Mashēdo (マシェード) 756 Grass Fairy Morelull (#755) Does not evolve
Salandit Yatōmori (ヤトウモリ) 757 Poison Fire Does not evolve Salazzle (#758) Salandit can only evolve into Salazzle if it is a female.[52] It sprays them with noxious gas to poison their prey. It will obey Salazzle.
Salazzle Ennyūto (エンニュート) 758 Poison Fire Salandit (#757) Does not evolve Salazzle is a female-only species, due to the fact that only female Salandit can evolve.[52] Totem Pokémon of Kiawe's Trial in Sun and Moon. It gives off hormones to get salandit to obey them.
Stufful (ヌイコグマ Nuikoguma) 759 Normal Fighting Does not evolve Bewear (#760) Even though it looks adorable and weak, even a kick will send a pro wrestle sprawling.
Bewear Kiteruguma (キテルグマ) 760 Normal Fighting Stufful (#759) Does not evolve In the Sun and Moon anime, Bewear takes care of Team Rocket and carries them away when in danger or in random (often badly timed) situations. If it happens to see you, it will want to hug you. This is a warning. Often times it kills its prey by its back-breaking sqeezes.
Bounsweet Amakaji (アマカジ) 761 Grass Does not evolve Steenee (#762) A wafting aroma comes from it that attracts bird Pokemon. It is often swallowed whole by them though.
Steenee Amamaiko (アママイコ) 762 Grass Bounsweet (#761) Tsareena (#763)
Tsareena Amājo (アマージョ) 763 Grass Steenee (#762) Does not evolve Its kicking power is no joke. It often kicks the defeated.
Comfey Kyuwawā (キュワワー) 764 Fairy Does not evolve
Oranguru Yareyūtan (ヤレユータン) 765 Normal Psychic Does not evolve Its wise and smart enough to open Pokeball and tell other Pokemon what to do.
Passimian Nagetsukesaru (ナゲツケサル) 766 Fighting Does not evolve Its teamwork is unrivaled.
Wimpod Kosokumushi (コソクムシ) 767 Bug Water Does not evolve Golisopod (#768) It is known for being very scared and running off.
Golisopod Gusokumusha (グソクムシャ) 768 Bug Water Wimpod (#767) Does not evolve Is Guzma's main party member in Pokémon Sun and Moon as well as Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
Sandygast Sunabā (スナバァ) 769 Ghost Ground Does not evolve Palossand (#770)
Palossand Shirodesuna (シロデスナ) 770 Ghost Ground Sandygast (#769) Does not evolve It is said that it will hypnotize people to build it up with sand and will swallow kids and people to suffocate them. If one dies, you can find buried bones under it from those it took their vitality from.
Pyukumuku Namakobushi (ナマコブシ) 771 Water Does not evolve Unique in that most of its moves are status moves. It can spill its own guts out to surprise and attack it foes.
Type: Null Taipu: Nuru (タイプ:ヌル) 772 Normal Does not evolve Silvally (#773) A chimera Legendary Pokémon, Type: Null was created by Branch Chief Faba of the Aether Foundation as a means of combating Ultra Beasts; canonically, only three of these creatures were made, and called Type: Full. They contains cells from all 18 types of Pokémon and were designed to be able to shift between any of the types through the RKS System. However, they went berserk when this system was activated and were fitted with restraining devices before being placed in cryogenic stasis indefinitely, at which time they were renamed Type: Null.
Silvally Shiruvadi (シルヴァディ) 773 Normal Type: Null (#772) Does not evolve Raised under the care of Gladion, one of the escaped Type: Null broke its restraining device and was able to control its RKS System. This evolution was named Silvally by Gladion. Having full control of the RKS System, Silvally is able to change between any of the 18 types through the use of memory disks, in a similar fashion to the Mythical Pokémon Arceus.
Minior Meteno (メテノ) 774 Rock Flying Does not evolve Its Ability, Shields Down, allows it to change forms depending on its HP. It comes in the seven colors of the rainbow.
Komala Nekkoara (ネッコアラ) 775 Normal Does not evolve Komala are koala-like Pokémon that are known for sleeping.[50] It is born asleep and will die asleep. However it can eat, fight, and play while asleep, too.
Turtonator Bakugamesu (バクガメス) 776 Fire Dragon Does not evolve Turtonator is a Mata mata turtle-like Pokémon that has very big spines on its shell. As seen in the anime, if something touches those spines, that object will detonate. Its signature move is Shell Trap.
Togedemaru Togedemaru (トゲデマル) 777 Electric Steel Does not evolve Togedemaru are white-bodied rodent Pokémon which seems to be inspired by the New World porcupine, seeing as how it can stiffen the triangular spines on its back. Totem Pokémon of Sophocles's Trial in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Since it can't produce its electricity very well, if there's any nearby, it will direct it to itself like a lightning rod.
Mimikyu Mimikkyu (ミミッキュ) 778 Ghost Fairy Does not evolve Totem Pokémon of Acerola's Trial. Has the ability Disguise, that prevents the damage of the first attack that would hit Mimikyu before changing it to the "Busted Form". After that Disguise can't be activated again until either Mimikyu faints and is revived or the battle ends. If anyone busts its disguise, it will seek revenge on who ever did it, then cry as it mends its costume. A scholar once died after looking at whats underneath its costume.
Bruxish Hagigishiri (ハギギシリ) 779 Water Psychic Does not evolve Bruxish is based on the reef triggerfish.[51]it will gnash its teeth at anything and doing so will sound like grinding metal. It can also use its psychic power to deeat foes.
Drampa Jijīron (ジジーロン) 780 Normal Dragon Does not evolve Its very kind to children and if they are bullied, Drampa will go and burn their house down.
Dhelmise Dadarin (ダダリン) 781 Ghost Grass Does not evolve One swing of its anchor and it can OHKO a Waillord. What you see as green seaweed is actually its body.
Jangmo-o Jarako (ジャラコ) 782 Dragon Does not evolve Hakamo-o (#783) The names of Jangmo-o and its evolutions are not formatted in the way they would be in Hawaii, which the region of Alola is based on. In Hawaii, the names would be Jangmo'o, Hakamo'o and Kommo'o. It lives in caves. You can tell by the clanging noise its scales make.
Hakamo-o Jarango (ジャランゴ) 783 Dragon Fighting Jangmo-o (#782) Kommo-o (#784) Totem Pokémon of Kukui's Trial in the demo.
Kommo-o Jararanga (ジャラランガ) 784 Dragon Fighting Hakamo-o (#783) Does not evolve Totem Pokémon of the Vast Poni Canyon Trial.
Tapu Koko Kapu Kokeko (カプ・コケコ) 785 Electric Fairy Does not evolve The guardian of Melemele Island.[53] Based on the Hawaiian god . It's very curious but michevious.
Tapu Lele Kapu Tetefu (カプ・テテフ) 786 Psychic Fairy Does not evolve The guardian of Akala Island.[53] Based on the Hawaiian god Kāne. It is very cruel and will like to play around with its foes.
Tapu Bulu Kapu Bururu (カプ・ブルル) 787 Grass Fairy Does not evolve The guardian of Ula'ula Island.[53] Based on the Hawaiian god Lono. It can control the roots of plants to its advantage.
Tapu Fini Kapu Rehire (カプ・レヒレ) 788 Water Fairy Does not evolve The guardian of Poni Island.[53] Based on the Hawaiian god Kanaloa. Using the energy of the ocean waves, it can create a fog so dense, you can't see anything. According to Kahuna Hapu in the anime, Tapu Fini is said to be the bridge between the real world and the afterlife. It is said that if Tapu Fini creates its fog, one may see in the fog their deceased loved ones. If the person or Pokemon that someone who wishes to see is not in the fog, then that person or Pokemon is alive.
Cosmog Kosumoggu (コスモッグ) 789 Psychic Does not evolve Cosmoem (#790) A Cosmog named Nebby plays a central role in the story of Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It collects dust from the atmosphere and grows.
Cosmoem Kosumoumu (コスモウム) 790 Psychic Cosmog (#789) Solgaleo (#791)
Lunala (#792)
Evolves into Solgaleo in Sun and Ultra Sun and Lunala in Moon and Ultra Moon. It was called in ancient times "The cocoon of the stars." Tied with Primal Groudon for the heaviest Pokémon.
Solgaleo Sorugareo (ソルガレオ) 791 Psychic Steel Cosmoem (#790) Does not evolve The mascot for Sun, Solgaleo is a large, lion-like Pokémon that is revered as "the beast that devours the sun".[54] Solgaleo is adorned with a mane that resembles the sun itself.[54][55] Solgaleo can be fused with Necrozma to become Dusk Mane Necrozma. Its signature move (shared with Dusk Mane Necrozma) is Sunsteel Strike, and its signature Z-Move is Searing Sunraze Smash. Solgaleo is one of the summonable Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is also obtainable in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Expansion Pass (exclusive to Pokémon Sword), by evolving a Cosmog obtained from an old lady at a house in Freezington or during Dynamax Adventures.
Lunala Runaāra (ルナアーラ) 792 Psychic Ghost Cosmoem (#790) Does not evolve The mascot for Moon, Lunala is a large, bat-like Pokémon that is revered as "the beast that calls the moon".[54] When its wings are spread wide, Lunala resembles a night sky and crescent moon.[54][55] Lunala can be fused with Necrozma to become Dawn Wings Necrozma. Its signature move (shared with Dawn Wings Necrozma) is Moongeist Beam, and its signature Z-Move is Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom. Lunala is one of the summonable Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Like Solgaleo, it is also obtainable in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Expansion Pass (exclusive to Pokémon Shield), by evolving a Cosmog obtained from an old lady at a house in Freezington or during Dynamax Adventures.
Nihilego Utsuroido (ウツロイド) 793 Rock Poison Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB-01 Symbiont,[56] Nihilego are parasitic life forms that inject dangerously potent mind-affecting neurotoxins into their hosts. As seen in the climax of Sun and Moon, and in one of the episodes of the Sun and Moon anime, should the need arise, they can also physically take control over their victims to feed off of them. If the Ultra Beast takes control of a Trainer, and if that Trainer possessed has a team of Pokémon, the Pokémon will be placed under Nihilego's control, indicated by an aura they emit when they are under the aforementioned Ultra Beast's control. When battled, it is impossible to defeat them because the Ultra Beast's power will revive them. According to Gladion in the anime, unless Nihilego is defeated, they will keep on battling infinitely. They appear to be made of a glass-like substance and have been seen moving like a young girl. Its home world is the Ultra Deep Sea. It is the only Rock/Poison Type Pokémon so far.
Buzzwole Masshibūn (マッシブーン) 794 Bug Fighting Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB-02 Absorption,[56] Buzzwole are extremely strong life forms able to strengthen themselves by absorbing the energy of their opponents. Its home world is the Ultra Jungle.
Pheromosa Ferōche (フェローチェ) 795 Bug Fighting Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB-02 Beauty,[56] Pheromosa are feminine Pokémon that can move at extremely quick speeds and give off a pheromone that causes any creature nearby to become infatuated with them. Its home world is the Ultra Desert.
Xurkitree Denjumoku (デンジュモク) 796 Electric Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB-03 Lighting,[56] Xurkitree resemble wires and trees. They are capable of drawing electricity from the ground and giving off powerful discharges. Its home world is the Ultra Plant.
Celesteela Tekkaguya (テッカグヤ) 797 Steel Flying Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB-04 Blaster,[56] Celesteela are rocket-like life forms that expel a powerful gas stored within themselves for flight. According to Professor Burnet in the anime, they create the RP-1-like rocket fuel by absorbing the nutrients of nearby plants. Despite their Steel typing, they are plant-like in composition. They seem to have a resemblance to the Space Shuttle because the arms on its sides represent solid rocket boosters while the huge central section represents the External Tank. Its home world is the Ultra Crater.
Kartana Kamitsurugi (カミツルギ) 798 Grass Steel Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB-04 Blade,[56] Kartana are origami-like Pokémon with impossibly sharp edges all over their bodies that can cut anything. As demonstrated in the anime, the edges are sharp enough to open up an Ultra Wormhole. Its home world is the Ultra Forest.
Guzzlord Akujikingu (アクジキング) 799 Dark Dragon Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB-05 Glutton,[56] Guzzlord are massive creatures that constantly devour everything in sight. It seems to never get full. In the anime, it was revealed that it has a weak spot: the second face above its huge mouth. Its home world is the Ultra Ruin.
Necrozma Nekurozuma (ネクロズマ) 800 Psychic Does not evolve An ancient creature associated with Ultra Beasts that uses prisms and light refraction to attack. It is also codenamed UB: Black in the anime. It has a major role in the story of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, possessing Solgaleo or Lunala depending on the version, becoming Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma, respectively and will absorb the endless light that they emit. It fuses with the latter two Pokémon in a similar fashion to Kyurem, when it fuses either Zekrom or Reshiram. It lives in the Ultra Megalopolis.
Psychic Steel "Dusk Mane Necrozma", the mascot of (and exclusive to) Ultra Sun. Its vicious temper means no one is safe because it will tear up its victims with its many claws. Solgaleo has no say in this form because its body has been taken over by Necrozma. Using its armor that it gave Solgaleo, it can propel itself forward by shooting black light.
Psychic Ghost "Dawn Wings Necrozma", the mascot of (and exclusive to) Ultra Moon. Lunala is completely helpless because Necrozma took over its body. Its temper is so vicious it will expel all of its energy tearing up its victims. It can fire dark energy out of its body.
Psychic Dragon "Ultra Necrozma". The light it emits affects life in many ways. Its signature move in this form is Photon Geyser, and its signature Z-Move is Light That Burns The Sky. Its body temp is over 10,000 degrees F and will instantly melt anything that can touch it if it already hasn't incinerated it with the many laser beams that it naturally emits from all over its body that can reach over 18 miles away. Once it uses up all that light it absorbed, it will go into a deep slumber until it can absorb more light.
Magearna Magiana (マギアナ) 801 Steel Fairy Does not evolve A man-made metallic Mythical Pokémon that contains an unknown secret within and has a connection to Volcanion. It was leaked on February 10, 2016, in that month's issue of CoroCoro Comic[57] and officially revealed by The Pokémon Company on February 14.[58] Its Soul-Heart is apparently what keeps it alive. Magearna was made by a scientist from a lost kingdom 500 years ago. It has an alternate form known as Original Color Magearna, which was not obtainable until the release of Pokémon Home. Magearna is the only known Pokemon capable of using the move Fleur Cannon.
Marshadow Māshadō (マーシャドー) 802 Fighting Ghost Does not evolve Marshadow is a Mythical Pokémon available only through special event distributions.[59] It is also capable of hiding in shadows and reading people's feelings. It is the only Ghost/Fighting Type Pokémon so far.
Poipole Bebenomu (ベベノム) 803 Poison Does not evolve Naganadel (#804) One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB Adhesive, introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Poipole are alien-like Pokémon capable of understanding human feelings. It is the only Ultra Beast to evolve and apparently, it is the starter Pokémon in its world. It also cackles wildly as it sprays a very adhesive poison out of its needles on its head. In its home dimension, the Ultra Megalopolis, they are popular enough within the city's residents to be treated as starter Pokémon.
Naganadel Āgoyon (アーゴヨン) 804 Poison Dragon Naganadel (#803) Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB Stinger, introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Naganadel are dragon-like Pokémon that have a large stinger capable of ejecting highly adhesive poison which it stores hundreds of liters of inside its body.
Stakataka Tsundetsunde (ツンデツンデ) 805 Rock Steel Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB Assembly, introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Exclusive to Ultra Moon. Stakataka are wall-like Pokémon which consist of many lifeforms. Its many eyes turn red when it's angry. When stone walls started to move, this Ultra Beast was found. It is said to be made up of approximately 150 life forms. If someone or something is on top, it will try everything it can to shake it off. If someone manages to ride it out like in a rodeo, just like Ash Ketchum did in the anime, Stakataka will stop and calm down.
Blacephalon Zugadōn (ズガドーン) 806 Fire Ghost Does not evolve One of the Ultra Beasts, known as UB Burst, introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Exclusive to Ultra Sun. Blacephalon are clown-like Pokémon capable of using their exploding heads to trick its target and absorb their vitality.
Zeraora Zeraora (ゼラオラ) 807 Electric Does not evolve A Mythical Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon initially discovered through data mining and officially revealed on 8 April 2018 through a trailer for Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us.[60] It is available only through special event distributions. It has a signature move, called Plasma Fists, that changes Normal-type moves into Electric ones on contact. After Plasma Fits is used, it causes a deluge of ions to rain down on the battlefield.
Meltan Merutan (メルタン) 808 Steel Does not evolve Melmetal (#809) A Mythical Pokémon that appeared in Pokémon Go. Its appearance was initially teased as a transformed Ditto after the Pokémon Go Community Day in September 2018. When a Pokémon is transferred from Pokémon Go to a copy of Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Let's Go, Eevee!, the player of the Pokémon Go game is awarded a Mystery Box item, which when opened causes Meltan to appear in the wild.[5] Its name was revealed in a trailer on Pokémon's official YouTube page. It evolves into Melmetal in Pokémon Go only.[5] It can melt metal into its own molten metal-like body. Ash managed to obtain one in the anime. It later evolved into Melmetal. Circulating metal is how it gets its energy.
Melmetal Merumetaru (メルメタル) 809 Steel Meltan (#808) Gigantamax A Mythical Pokémon who can evolve from Meltan by using 400 Meltan candies in Pokémon Go. Legends say it can make metal out of nothing and it has come back to life after 3,000 years. After its life ends, it will eventually crumble to rust. The rusty pieces will then be reborn as Meltan again. In Generation VIII, Melmetal was given a Gigantamax form, which is obtainable by performing a transfer from Pokémon Go to Pokemon Home for the first time.

Alolan FormsEdit

Various "Alolan Forms" of generation I Pokémon were introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

List of Alolan Pokémon forms introduced in Generation VII (2016)[b]
English name Japanese name National Pokédex
Type(s) Evolves from Evolves into Notes
Primary Secondary
Rattata Koratta (コラッタ) 19 Dark Normal Does not evolve Raticate (#020) The nocturnal Alola Form of Rattata was introduced during a Nintendo Direct on September 1, 2016.[61] Black instead of purple, they can also be bipedal. They have a tendency to gnaw on hard things. It gets into territorial disputes over land with other packs of Rattata and Raticate.
Raticate Ratta (ラッタ) 20 Dark Normal Rattata (#019) Does not evolve Totem Pokémon from Captain Illima's trial in Pokémon Moon. It rivals other Alolan Raticate for food. Seen as the boss for its pack of Rattata, it commands them to find food.
Raichu Raichū (ライチュウ) 26 Electric Psychic Pikachu (#026) Does not evolve Now a part psychic type, it likes to ride around on its tail as if surfing. No one really knows why this form happens, some say the fluffy pancakes Alola serves might have something to do about it. If the player has its exclusive Z-Crystal, the Aloraichum Z, it can use the Z-Move Stoked Sparksurfer.
Sandshrew Sando (サンド) 27 Ice Steel Does not evolve Sandslash (#028) The Alolan Forms of Sandshrew and Sandslash were designed to better suit "the harsh environment of the snow mountains" of Alola.[8]

When they curl up into a little ball, Alolan Sandshrew spin sideways.

Alolan Sandslash uses its ice pick like claws are better suited for climbing walls of ice. It lived in the desert a long time ago, referring to its Kantoian form. It can now scale icebergs with ease.

Sandslash Sandopan (サンドパン) 28 Ice Steel Sandshrew (#027) Does not evolve
Vulpix Rokon (ロコン) 37 Ice Does not evolve Ninetales (#038) The Alolan Forms of Vulpix and Ninetales were designed to better suit "the harsh environment of the snow mountains" of Alola.[8]
Ninetales Kyūkon (キュウコン) 38 Ice Fairy Vulpix (#037) Does not evolve
Diglett Diguda (ディグダ) 50 Ground Steel Does not evolve Dugtrio (#051) The hairs of an Alolan Diglett is actually whiskers sensing the direction its going. It is now suited to dig through volcanic rock.
Dugtrio Dagutorio (ダグトリオ) 51 Ground Steel Diglett (#050) Does not evolve Some folks say if you pluck the golden lush whiskers off of an Alolan Dugtrio, it will bring you very bad luck.
Meowth Nyāsu (ニャース) 52 Dark Does not evolve Persian (#053) The Alola Form of Meowth developed after it was bred by the royal family of Alola. It is prideful and selfish.
Persian Perushian (ペルシアン) 53 Dark Meowth (#052) Does not evolve Some say that the plumper the cheeks are, the more prideful it is. Its face is why many royal family like it.
Geodude Ishitsubute (イシツブテ) 74 Rock Electric Does not evolve Graveler (#075) If you happen to step on one, it will immediately shock you. They like to butt heads and the one with the more iron sand on its head is the winner.
Graveler Gorōn (ゴローン) 75 Rock Electric Geodude (#074) Golem (#076) The minerals it likes to eat has giving it electrified rocks all over its body that light up when using electric type moves.
Golem Gorōnya (ゴローニャ) 76 Rock Electric Graveler (#075) Does not evolve It launches large rocks brimmed with electricity at its foes.
Grimer Betobetā (ベトベター) 88 Poison Dark Does not evolve Muk (#089) The Alolan Forms of Grimer and its evolution Muk are covered in colorful stripes; Paste stated at their reveal that the purple sludge Pokémon look as if they were "dipped in cotton candy."[62][63]
Muk Betobeton (ベトベトン) 89 Poison Dark Grimer (#088) Does not evolve
Exeggutor Nasshī (ナッシー) 103 Grass Dragon Exeggcute (#102) Does not evolve The Alola Form of Exeggutor is 35 feet tall due to the fictional island's bright sunlight. One of this Pokémon's "heads" was moved to its tail in order to "take on opponents to the rear that can’t be reached by the main heads' attacks."[8] The form has been described as ridiculous and hilarious by fans and critics.[64][65][66]
Marowak Garagara (ガラガラ) 105 Fire Ghost Cubone (#104) Does not evolve Totem Pokémon of Kiawe's Trial in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The flames on its bone acts like its mother's soul helping it fight.


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