List of garden squares in London

This is a list of garden squares broadly defined.

This list comprises all places equivalent to the paradigm garden square and so qualify as a garden square in London. Unlike the list at Squares in London, which partially overlaps, these places all have a clear communal garden element and may be named other than Square; commonly in order, Gardens, Crescent, Place, Fields and Circus reflecting the diversity of the city's complex street layout. Non-square instances are only in this list if strongly, inherently notable for architecture, use or size – a common selectivity in the study of the history and use of such spaces.

The list deliberately avoids many similar public greens, verges and crescents outside of Central London. So too the few large public green places (Common or Park) away from the City which are not shrouded by six-foot (or more) walls even if faced conspicuously by buildings.

Some officially named Squares (streets and/or spaces) in London are triangular or a circle (circus). For instance Walcot and Wilton Squares are triangular, Hanover Square is an oval as to the garden, many are very elongated rectangles such as Bryanston Square — thus the London internal communal garden or park fronted by buildings, is not confined to squares of the main dictionary definition. Truest garden squares meet the recognisable criteria of a shared internal zone, faced chiefly by buildings' fronts having one or more open approach ways, so are not beholden to legal name nor precise shape.

Garden courtyards are commonly omitted from this list, for having been intuitively named 'Gardens' or 'Garden Apartments', or for a communal garden which is not large enough to meet traditional definitions of garden squares and so is unlikely to open for open-day visits.

Several items at List of Squares in London, a list of places named "... Square", have lost a shared hemmed-in zone with multi-estate neighbouring buildings, removing their square status, and making them town squares, remnants in name only, or private courtyards.





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  1. ^ Craven Hill Gardens has two gardens, one being the small main square

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