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List of formulas in elementary geometry

This is a short list of some common mathematical shapes and figures and the formulas that describe them.

Two-dimensional shapesEdit

Shape Area Perimeter/Circumference
Square (where   is the length of a side)    
Rectangle (   is length,   is width)    
Circle (where   is the radius and   is the diameter)     or  
Ellipse (where   is the semimajor axis and   is the semiminor axis)  
Triangle (  is base;   is height;   are sides)    
Parallelogram (  is base,   is height,   is side)    
Trapezoid (where   and   are the bases)  


Three-dimensional shapesEdit

Shape Volume Surface area
Cube (where   is the length of a side)    
Rectangular Prism (  = length,   = height,   = width)    
Sphere (where   is the radius)    
Right circular cylinder (where   is the radius and   is the height)    


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