List of flying wings

A flying wing aircraft is one which has no distinct fuselage or tail. The crew, engines and equipment are housed inside a thick wing, typically showing small nacelles, blisters and other housings.


Type Country Class Role Date Status No. Notes
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52 UK Jet Experimental 1947 Prototype 2 Twin engined.
BAE Systems Taranis UK Jet UAV 2013 Prototype
Boeing Phantom Ray US Jet UAV 2011 Prototype
Chyeranovskii BICh-3 USSR Propeller Experimental 1926 Prototype 1
Dassault nEUROn France Jet UAV 2012 Prototype stealth
Delft Flying-V Netherlands Ducted fan UAV 2020 Experimental 1 Scale model of propsed airliner
Farrar V-1 Flying Wing US Glider Homebuilt 1962 Prototype 1
Freel Flying Wing US Glider Homebuilt 1937 Prototype 1 School project
Horten H.I Germany Glider Experimental 1933 Prototype 2
Horten H.II Germany Glider Experimental 1935 Prototype 4
Horten H.III Germany Glider Experimental 1937 Prototype 19 1 modified as motorglider
Horten H.IV Germany Glider 1941 Prototype 4 IV and IVa had a fuselage.
Horten H.Va, b, c Germany Propeller Experimental 1937 Prototype 2 Twin engined
Horten H.VII Germany Propeller Trainer 1942 Prototype 2 Twin engined
Horten Ho 229 (H.IX) Germany Jet Fighter 1944 Prototype Two flown
Horten H.X Germany Jet Fighter Project 0
Horten H.XI Germany Glider
Horten H.XII Germany Propeller Experimental 1944 Project 0 Powered H IVb with laminar flow wing
Horten H.XIV Germany Glider Experimental 1945
Horten H.XVIII Germany Jet Bomber 1945 Project 0
Horten Parabola Germany Glider Experimental 1938 Project 0 Built but not flown.
Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel US UAV Reconnaissance 1991 Production 20 ca.
McDonnell Douglas A-12 Avenger II US Jet Attack 2007 Project 0
Northrop B-2 Spirit US Jet Bomber 1989 Production 21
Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider US Jet Bomber Current Project 0
Northrop N-1M US Propeller Experimental 1940 Prototype 1
Northrop N-9M US Propeller Experimental 1942 Prototype 4
Northrop XP-79 US Jet Fighter 1945 Prototype 1
Northrop XB-35 & YB-35 US Propeller Bomber 1945 Prototype
Northrop YB-49 US Jet Bomber 1947 Prototype 3 Converted YB-35.
Northrop Grumman Switchblade US Jet UAV 2008 Project 0
NRC tailless glider Canada Glider Research 1946 Prototype 1
Putilov Stal-5 USSR Propeller Transport 1933 Project 0 18 passengers, scale model flown 1935.
Saegheh Iran Jet UAV 2018 Production
Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik Russia Jet UAV 2019 Prototype 1 stealth
Vought V-173 US Propeller Experimental 1942 Prototype 1 Circular wing.
Vought XF5U US Propeller Fighter 1947 Project 0 Failed to fly

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