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List of films featuring the United States Navy SEALs

There is a body of films that feature the United States Navy SEALs. The box office successes of Act of Valor in 2012 and Lone Survivor in 2013 led studios to seek out more real-life accounts of Navy SEALs to portray on film. Director Clint Eastwood released American Sniper in late 2014, and Eric Blehm's book about a SEAL Team Six operator, Fearless, also attracted attention from studios. Hollie McKay at Fox News wrote, "Within much of the SEAL community, there is still great hesitancy with regards to the slew of books and films being written and made about their operations. After all, it is not a profession one seeks for fame or fortune."[1]


List of filmsEdit

The following films are listed alphabetically:

Film Year Description
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi 2016 Based on the real-life 2012 Benghazi attack, a U.S. security team, including former Navy SEALs, fights to defend a diplomatic compound against Islamist militants.[2]
The Abyss 1989 In the science fiction film, a Navy SEAL team and the crew of an underwater oil rig are sent to search for a sunken nuclear submarine.[3]
Act of Valor 2012 The film features a series of missions performed by the Navy SEALs.[4]
American Sniper 2014 The film is based on the memoirs of Chris Kyle, who was a sniper in the U.S. military and had four tours in the Iraq War.[5]
Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil 2006 A Navy SEAL team that travels to North Korea to destroy a missile site must then fight its way out.[6]
Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia 2009 A Navy SEAL team travels to Colombia to spy on a secret meeting in its jungles and is subsequently attacked by a paramilitary group who seeks to disrupt the meeting, which turns out to be peace talks.[7]
Captain Phillips 2013 The film dramatizes the real-life Navy SEAL rescue of the Maersk Alabama hijacking by Somali pirates.[4]
The Finest Hour 1991 The film features two men who enter Navy SEAL training and become best friends.[8]
G.I. Jane 1997 A woman goes through a Navy SEAL training program in which only men are usually allowed.[9]
Goodbye America 1997 The film follows the lives of three members of the Navy SEALs leading up to the 1992 closing of the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay.[10]
Lone Survivor 2013 The film is based on the failed mission of a team of Navy SEALs in Afghanistan in 2005.[4]
Navy SEALs 1990 A squad of Navy SEALs are given a chance to stop an enemy leader that has stolen American missiles.[4]
Renegades 2017 A group of Navy SEALs discover treasure under a lake in Bosnia.[11]
The Rock 1996 The film's protagonists accompany a team of Navy SEALs to Alcatraz Island to stop an attack by rogue U.S. Force Recon Marines on San Francisco.[12]
SEAL Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines 2014 The film features a Navy SEAL team in Africa attempting to stop weapons from falling into the wrong hands.[13]
Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden 2012 The docu-drama shows a team of Navy SEALs raiding Osama bin Laden's compound.[14]
Tears of the Sun 2003 A team of Navy SEALs enters a civil war zone in Nigeria to recover U.S. nationals.[15]
Under Siege 1992 When the USS Missouri is hijacked by mercenaries, a former Navy SEAL (Steven Seagal) serving as a cook aboard the ship launches a one-man counterattack to retake the vessel. Navy SEALs are deployed in an unsuccessful attempt to reclaim the ship.[16]
Zero Dark Thirty 2012 The film's climax dramatizes the real-life occurrence of a team of Navy SEALs raiding Osama bin Laden's compound.[4]

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