List of fictional deities

This compilation of lists of fictional deities, organized primarily by media type then by title of the fiction work, series, franchise or author. At the end there is a miscellaneous list.

Multiple media franchisesEdit


  • The Universal Pokémon:
    • Arceus: The creator of the universe; created Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, as well as Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, and, supposedly, the entire Pokémon world.
    • Dialga: The Pokémon which began the flow of time in Sinnoh-region mythology. Possesses the ability to manipulate time.
    • Palkia: The Pokémon which began the expansion of space in Sinnoh-region mythology. Possesses the ability to manipulate the four dimensional space.
    • Giratina: The Pokémon which created an alternate dimension to balance the world of which Dialga and Palkia have shaped. It possesses the ability to warp physical reality, gravity, and supposedly antimatter. It has two forms; Altered Form (introduced in Diamond and Pearl), and Origin Form (introduced in Platinum), . The creators of the Pokémon franchise have described Giratina and its home world as being personifications of antimatter.
    • Uxie: The "Being of Knowledge"; gave beings the gift of intelligence. Possesses the ability to wipe away memories from any living being, but this only happens if it opens its eyes.
    • Mesprit: The "Being of Emotion"; gave beings the gift of emotion. Possesses the ability to remove emotions from any living being, rendering them zombielike.
    • Azelf: The "Being of Willpower"; gave beings gift of willpower.


  • Primus - Known as the Lord of Light and Order, the creator of the Transformers (Autobot and Decepticon) race in order to combat his evil sibling, Unicron.
  • Unicron - Known as the Cybertronian God of Darkness and Chaos, Chaos-Bringer, and Universal Dominator, Unicron is the evil sibling of Primus.


American GodsEdit

Old godsEdit

Chronicles of NarniaEdit

  • The Emperor-Over-the-Sea: Aslan's father, who rules over all worlds.
  • Aslan: the son of the Emperor, and the creator of Narnia, who was executed by Jadis.
  • Tash: a demon god of Calormen.
  • Azaroth: deity (presumably female) of night and unmarried maidens.
  • Zardeenah: another goddess of night and virgins.
  • Bacchus: god of wine and ecstasy, a friend of Silenus and the maenads.
  • Silenus: fat god riding on a donkey, tutor of Bacchus.
  • Maenads: nymph goddesses that follow Bacchus.
  • Satyrs, Fauns, and Centaurs: godlike beings that live in Narnia, relatives of the nymphs and others.
  • Tashlan: a fake god created by Shift (Antichrist), said to mean that Tash and Aslan are one, represented by Puzzle the donkey.

Discworld novel seriesEdit

H. P. Lovecraft worksEdit


  • Gods
    • Apsalar, the Lady of Thieves
    • Beru, the Lord of Storms
    • Cotillion, the Rope
    • The Crippled God, the Chained One
    • Dessembrae, the Lord of Tragedy
    • D'rek, the Worm of Autumn
    • Fener, the Boar of War
    • Gedderone, the Lady of Spring and Rebirth
    • Hood, the Lord of Death
    • Jhess, the Queen of Weaving
    • Mowri, the Lady of Beggars, Slaves and Serfs
    • Nerruse, the Lady of Calm Seas and Fair Wind
    • Oponn, the Twins of Chance
    • Poliel, the Queen of Disease
    • The Redeemer, a new God in Coral
    • Shadowthrone, also known as Ammanas
    • Soliel, the Lady of Health.
    • Trake, the Tiger of Summer and Battle
  • Elder Gods
    • T'riss, the Queen of Dreams
    • Mael, of the Seas
    • K'rul, Maker of Paths
    • Ardata, Queen of Spiders
    • Burn, Lady of the Earth, The Sleeping Goddess
    • Errastas, Master of the Holds, Master of the Tiles
    • Mother Dark, Goddess of the Tiste Andii
    • Father Light, God of the Tiste Liosan
    • Kilmandaros, Goddess of the Forkrul Assail



  • Melkor also known as Morgoth Bauglir – an evil fallen deity
  • Various Maiar

Robert E. Howard worksEdit

Stephen King worksEdit

Television programsEdit



Many deities have appeared in Supernatural, and some other characters have been deified, such as Lucifer. The angel Castiel also briefly became a deity when absorbing the souls of monsters from Purgatory. The gods in the show include:


  • The Avatars - Beings with tremendous power, they exist outside of time and space
  • Barbas - The Demon Of Fear
  • Cole Turner - Once a high level half-demon, he became The Source of All Evil, then turned indestructible with a multitude of powers and then an Avatar with infinite powers. After he was finally vanquished, he was sent to "the Void between life and death" as punishment for all his past evil deeds.
  • The Elders - Leaders of Whitelighters, Cupids and the forces of Good.
  • Gideon - One of the most powerful of the Elders
  • The Hollow - An entity considered to be the ultimate power, which consumes all magic, good or bad.
  • The Source Of All Evil - Ruler of the underworld and the forces of Evil.
  • Shax - An evil personification of air and the Source's assassin
  • The Triad - They were one of the most powerful of the upper-level demons
  • Zankou - A demon whose power was a threat to The Source

Greek deities, Hindu deities, and many other mythological beings have been adapted into the Charmed version of them. One example of this would be; thousands of years before the main storyline, the Titans once ruled the world, but were abusive of their powers. Seeking to entomb them, the Elders of that time created the Greek gods by infusing mortals with a mystical power beyond their own. Ironically, the self-declared Gods of Mount Olympus would later force the world to worship them too for many years.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior PrincessEdit

  • Aphrodite - Goddess of Love
  • Ares - God of War
  • Callisto - a vengeful warrior who became an immortal, a goddess, a demon, and an angel
  • Dahak - an evil and demonic god
  • Hercules - the legendary hero, son of Zeus
  • Hera - Queen of the Olympian Deities, Goddess of Women and Marriage and sister/wife of Zeus
  • Hope - daughter of Dahak and Gabrielle
  • Zeus - King of the Olympian Deities, god of Sky and Thunder and brother/husband of Hera
  • Gods & Goddesses

Metal Hero SeriesEdit

Power RangersEdit

  • Dark Spector: The Grand Monarch of Evil, and the ruler over those of the United Alliance of Evil.
  • Animus: Ancestor of the Wild Force Megazord, and Lord of the Wildzords.
  • Loki: Ancient god of mischief and mayhem. Causes the Power Rangers to doubt their allies and turn them against each other.

Super SentaiEdit


DC UniverseEdit

The DC Universe simultaneously adapts every aspect of theology into its mythos, from Greek to Norse to even atheism and various fictional religions. Examples of gods featured in its narrative include:

Marvel UniverseEdit

Oh My Goddess!Edit


  • Zorc Necrophades.
  • Egyptian Gods, Wicked Gods, Sacred Beasts and Aesir (each group has three gods who are direct counterparts of each other).
    • Obelisk the Tormentor, The Wicked Dreadroot, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms and Thor, Lord of the Aesir
    • Slifer the Sky Dragon, The Wicked Eraser, Uria, Lord of Searing Flames and Loki, Lord of the Aesir
    • The Winged Dragon of Ra, The Wicked Avatar, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder and Odin, Father of the Aesir
  • Exodia The Forbidden One.
  • Crimson Dragon.
  • Leviathan.
  • Tragoedia.
  • Yubel.

Video and tabletop gamesEdit

Dungeons & Dragons game seriesEdit

Main SettingEdit


Forgotten RealmsEdit


Elder ScrollsEdit

  • Primal Forces
    • Anu
    • Padomay
  • et'Ada
    • Aedra, the Eight Divines
      • Akatosh
      • Arkay
      • Dibella
      • Julianos
      • Kynareth
      • Mara
      • Stendarr
      • Zenithar
    • Daedra, the Daedric Princes
      • Azura
      • Boethiah
      • Clavicus Vile
      • Hermaeus Mora
      • Hircine
      • Jyggalag
      • Malacath
      • Mehrunes Dagon
      • Mephala
      • Meridia
      • Molag Bal
      • Namira
      • Nocturnal
      • Peryite
      • Sanguine
      • Sheogorath
      • Vaermina
    • Magna Ge
  • Ascendants
    • Reman
    • Talos, the Ninth Divine
    • Tribunal
      • Almalexia
      • Sotha Sil
      • Vivec

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's RequiemEdit

Kid IcarusEdit

The Kid Icarus series is loosely based on the Greek Pantheon.

Legacy of KainEdit

  • The Elder God - The main antagonist of the Legacy of Kain series. Immortal, omnipresent and omniscient this ancient being claims to be the power behind the "Wheel of Fate"; a cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
  • Kain - as the Scion of Balance Kain is the only being capable of harming the Elder God. After having gained and evolved numerous powers and abilities over the centuries, as well as adding that with his role as Balance guardian, which provides all the magic that the position grants; Kain is one of the most powerful beings in Nosgoth; having far surpassed the power of any ordinary Vampire.
  • Raziel - is a wraith; champion to the Hylden & Vampire races and destined to be the spirit of the Soul Reaver sword. His ability of Free Will makes him completely unpredictable by all beings who can observe time; even the Elder God can't see or anticipate what his next move will be. His other ability makes him virtually indestructible/ immortal and keeps him from returning to the cycle of the Wheel of Fate. Nosgoths destiny hangs largely on the choices Raziel makes, constantly making him the focus of most, if not all of the forces around him.

The Legend of ZeldaEdit

Various characters are described as gods or deities in The Legend of Zelda series. While the three primary gods of Hyrule are its three creator goddesses (Din, Farore and Nayru) as worshipped by Hylians, Dekus, Gorons and Zoras alike, there are other guardian spirits on Earth such as The Great Deku Tree, Lord Jabu-Jabu (or Jabun) and Valoo who act in a divine, planetary guardian role and are worshiped as deities. Operating in a similar protective role of the planet are the Light Spirits, Ordona, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. Other characters such as Zephos and Cyclos, while clearly demonstrating godlike abilities, have not had their place in the pantheon of Hylian gods and spirits clearly established. The major gods are channeled through various sages and oracles, the oracles carrying names in likeness of their gods. Separate from the rest of the species and races of Hyrule, the Gerudo worship a fourth sand goddess, although it is unclear whether or not she actually exists or is simply an aspect of the goddess Din.

Alternate worlds such as Termina seem to carry their own pantheon of gods, such as its creator gods, The Four Giants and "The Fierce Deity". Foreign lands seem to also have gods or spirits protecting them separately, such as the Maku Tree of Labrynna and Maku Tree of Holodrum. The Wind Fish is another deity of power enough to create an entire living world within his sleeping mind. In addition to these, several central villains of the series who did not start life as gods have either achieved the status, power or at least belief in themselves as such later in their character histories, including Ganondorf, Vaati and Majora.

Little Big AdventureEdit

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom SimEdit

Mortal KombatEdit


  • Amaterasu Goddess of the Sun, creator and mother to all deities in the Japanese mythology, is the main playable character in the game.


The world of RuneQuest, created by Greg Stafford, was one of the first to bring myths, cults and religions to become major plot themes, rather than plot devices, in a fantasy setting. It is also very diverse in that it features 13 main pantheons and "arrays" of deities, and numbers some 250 single or small groups of divine aspects.


  • Lisianthus (Sia for short) is a teenage god and a marriage candidate for protagonist Rin Tsuchimi
  • Eustoma (aka the King of Gods) is Sia's father and the lord of the realm of the gods.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit


  • Ares - Greek God of War. He wants the sword Soul Edge for himself and has sent his servant to retrieve it

Tak and the Power of JujuEdit

  • Moon Juju - referred to as the Moon Goddess and the protector of the fictional Pupanunu Village from evil. Loosely based on the moon deity.


  • Ogre - God of Fighting

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