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  • Vice President in the 1978 film Foul Play. The plot centers around an assassination conspiracy; eventually, the intended victim is revealed to be Pope Pius XIII, not Abernathy.

Clayton M. Abernathy

  • Vice President in Eye in the Sky by Fun Publications.[1]
  • This character is the evil mirror-universe counterpart of the heroic G.I. Joe character Hawk.

Charles Ackerman

  • Vice President in Shadow Call by Peter Sellick
  • A power hungry, sly and ruthless politician, Ackerman entered politics in the 1960s as a Nebraska State Legislator before serving two terms in the US Senate. Ran for President as a Democrat in 1992 but failed to win the nomination following a victory in Iowa and lost to California Senator David Ames, who went on to win the Presidency
  • Confirmed as Secretary of the Interior in the Ames Administration but he harbored ambitions for the Oval Office. He engineered the resignation of Vice President Stuart Hammond in early 1995 by leaking a sex scandal and used blackmail to ensure he was nominated and confirmed as the new Vice President. To do so, he used drug addicted and mentally unstable White House aide Roger Kellner as the man to enact the blackmail.
  • During his Vice Presidential tenure, Ackerman plotted with a consortium of businessmen and politicians unhappy with President Ames' policies to assassinate the President in the run up to the 1996 presidential election, thus ensuring the newly sworn in President Ackerman could win re-election on a sympathy vote. However, Kellner, angered at Ackerman's refusal to promote him and blatant disregard for him, stabbed Ackerman to death in a drug fuelled rage on April 11, 1996 before committing suicide, thus ensuring that the plot was foiled.
  • President Ames nominated Maryland Governor Charlene Douglas to replace Ackerman and went on to win re-election resoundingly, despite the plot against him.
  • Party: Democrat

Barbara Adams

Mackenzie Allen


Eric Baker (designate)

  • The West Wing
  • Played by: Ed O'Neill.
  • Home State: Pennsylvania
  • Political Party: Democratic
  • Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Chose not to run in the 2006 presidential election because of family reasons. However, Former White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry suspects it is because he does not want to run against Republican Arnold Vinick.
  • Despite earlier statement, he announced presidential candidacy during the Democratic National Convention and almost won the Democratic nomination. However, Democratic rival and Vice-President Bob Russell revealed to the press that Baker's wife, Dorothy "Dottie" Baker, suffers from Clinical Depression, something which Baker did not disclose to voters.
  • Lost Democratic Nomination for President to Texas congressman, Matt Santos.
  • When Santos' Vice-President elect, Leo McGarry, dies of a massive heart attack on election night. Santos decides to give the Vice-Presidency to Baker under the terms of the twenty-fifth amendment.

Jake Ballard (elect)

Sherman Baxter

  • Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn
  • Temporary President when President Hayes is trapped in a bunker during an assault on the White House.
  • Chief of Staff Dallas King, close friend of Attorney General Marge Tutwiler.
  • Forced not to run as Vice President at the next election after Hayes is saved, due to his unpopularity.
  • Criticized by Secret Service Director Alex Tracy.
  • Home State: California
  • Political Party: Democratic

Raymond Becker

Cyrus Beene

  • Scandal
  • First openly gay Vice President.
  • Former White House Chief of Staff to President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.
  • Elected Vice President on a Democratic ticket alongside Francisco Vargas, the former Governor of Pennsylvania.
  • After Vargas is assassinated during his election night victory speech, Beene is arrested as a suspect in the orchestration of the killing. He is later released and cleared of all charges.
  • When the electoral college decides to appoint Republican nominee Mellie Grant as President, Beene contests the decision, arguing that as the running mate of the rightfully elected candidate he has a better claim to the presidency. However, he is unsuccessful.
  • President-elect Mellie Grant later appoints Vargas' widow, Luna, as her Vice President, and the two are sworn in on Inauguration Day. However, Olivia Poppe and others discover that Luna was responsible for the assassination of her husband, rightfully assuming it would set forward in motion a chain of events that would allow her to ascend to power.
  • After discovering Luna Vargas' treachery, Olivia forces her to commit suicide by taking a pill that causes a heart attack. After her death, Beene is then appointed as Vice President by President Mellie Grant according to the Twenty-fifth Amendment.
  • Played by Jeff Perry.
  • Political party: Democratic, formerly Republican.

Frederick Bellacourt

Kathryn Bennett

  • Air Force One (1997 film)
  • Written by Andrew W. Marlowe, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, played by Glenn Close.
  • Former Congresswoman from New Jersey and trial attorney (according to the novel by Max Alan Collins)
  • A female vice president, Bennett is loyal to President James Marshall throughout the Air Force One hijacking crisis. The cabinet unanimously encourages invoking Section 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution because the president is in enemy hands (thus having severely compromised judgement).
  • Bennett refused to sign the Cabinet document which would remove the President, showing her loyalty to Marshall.
  • Bennett was not on the plane, but commanded operations from the White House Situation Room, alongside Secretary of Defense Walter Dean and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Northwood.

Monroe Bennett

  • Salvation
  • Vice President under Pauline Mackenzie
  • Assumes the Office after the simulated death of President Mackenzie
  • Arrested on suspicion of leading the coup against the President
  • Party political unknown
  • Played by: Sasha Roiz

Joe Biden

Daniel Bird

  • Fallout 2
  • Vice President under Dick Richardson, who is President in the 23rd century following World War III.
  • He has difficulty spelling
  • Is a reference to Dan Quayle

Hosea Blackford

Donald Blythe

  • House of Cards Season Three
  • Tapped as President Francis Underwood's Vice President after Underwood became President.
  • Underwood selected Blythe due to the recent death of his wife to Alzheimers, which ensured approval by Congress due to sympathy. Underwood also appointed him to the Vice Presidency so he would be unable to cause him trouble in Congress.
  • Used to convince a Supreme Court Justice not to retire due to his recent Alzheimers diagnosis.
  • Underwood and Blythe have a hard history due to Underwood undermining Blythe's education bill.
  • Underwood and Blythe were locked together in the US Capitol during an Anthrax incident in Season Two.
  • Former member of the US House of Representatives from New Hampshire.
  • Party: Democrat
  • Wife Margery worked at the Smithsonian before leaving due to her Alzheimers.
  • Portrayed by Reed Birney

Spaulding Burke



  • Vice President in Give Me Liberty
  • Vice President to Erwin Rexall, Cargo, along with Rexall and most of the Cabinet, are assassinated by a terrorist bombing.

Karen Carmichael

  • Vice President in Jack & Bobby; played by Tess Harper
  • Former Vice President under former President Robert McCallister.
  • Resigns early in the second term, possibly due to an affair with the president, a married man.

Tim Cassidy

  • Vice President in: Promises to Keep, a novel by George Bernau
  • Cassidy is a roman à clef representation of Robert F. Kennedy. Cassidy is Attorney General in an alternate history in which his brother, President John T. Cassidy, survives a November 1963 assassination attempt.
  • Cassidy, seriously wounded, allows Gardner to assume the presidency and run for re-election in 1964, on the condition that he name Tim Cassidy as vice president, against the threat of directly supporting Tim for president.
  • Vice President Cassidy insists on being flown over the battlefield to see for himself how the Vietnam war is progressing, over strenuous protest of the military command. He is killed when the helicopter carrying him is shot down.

Joyce Clemente

Fred Collier

  • Political Animals
  • Prior to entering politics, Collier served for three decades with the CIA and eventually became the agency's director. He was selected as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate by Senator Paul Garcetti as Collier had influence over the party's conservative wing, whose votes Garcetti needed
  • Upon taking office, Collier fought a power battle with Secretary of State Elaine Barrish whom he resented for having more influence in government than he did.
  • In late 2010, Collier blackmailed Republican Congressman Sean Reeves into backing an administration bill after he procured evidence of Reeve's closeted homosexuality and affair with Barrish's son, T.J Hammond, which indirectly led to T.J attempting suicide and led to T.J's father, former President Bud Hammond punching Collier in the Oval Office upon learning of Collier's blackmail.
  • Collier looked set to be dropped as Vice President by Garcetti after he learned of the blackmail, but Garcetti died when Air Force One crashed due to a technical fault in mid-2011, leaving Collier as the new President
  • Party: Democratic
  • Played by: Dylan Baker

James Colligan

  • Vice President in The Intirn (novel)
  • Plots to assassinate outgoing President Payne and the new administration on Inauguration Day, therefore making off with the national treasury and initiating nuclear warfare with China
  • Arrested in Honolulu by Admiral Jack Farrago; loses vice presidency after George Granger is sworn in
  • Sentenced to death by the Supreme Court on accounts of treason and a threat to national security
  • Political Party: Republican

Ann Coulter

Arthur Crandall

Thomas M. Cromwell

  • Vice President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Nicknamed "Jumper".
  • Formerly served as a US Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Was initially offered the job by President Kevin J. Donnelly, so he could resign and leave the office due to ill health. Cromwell convinced Donnelly to give him 48 hours to find a more suitable candidate, not wanting to become president and also believing the American public would not accept a general as their leader.
  • Recommends Donnelly nominate Minnesota businessman Arne Eino Haugen as Vice President instead of him, which Donnelly agrees to and resigns, elevating Haugen to the presidency.
  • Is named Vice President by Haugen, but is assured it is a temporary placement until a more willing candidate is found and appointed. Does not want the job, but feels compelled to serve after getting Haugen named President.
  • Steps down in favor of Rudolfo Valenzuela, the former dean of international relations at the University of Miami


Noah Daniels

  • 24 (television series, 2001)
  • Played by Powers Boothe
  • Vice President under President Wayne Palmer.
  • Party: Democratic (presumed)
  • The hard-line Daniels and the moderate Palmer disagree greatly on national security, and the two clash throughout the day. This culminates in Palmer asking for Daniels' resignation. Before Daniels can tender it, however, Palmer suddenly collapses into a coma from injuries sustained in an attack earlier in the day. Daniels then leads the country through the remainder of the day, staying on for the rest of Palmer's term but eventually losing to the Republican Allison Taylor.

Ellenor Darby

Mark Delgado

  • Madam Secretary (television series, 2015)
  • Played by Alex Fernandez
  • Vice President under President Conrad Dalton.
  • Party: unknown
  • Underwent cardiac arrest in the second-season premiere while the President and Speaker were out of communication on Air Force One. The President Pro Tempore of the US Senate was unfit to serve due to memory issues, resulting in Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord serving as Acting President until Air Force One landed.
  • Did not run for re-election in 2016, likely due to health issues; succeeded by Senator Teresa Hurst of Pennsylvania in January 2017.

James Denning

  • American Hero
  • First African American Vice President of the United States.
  • Vice President for five years under President Aaron Sims.
  • Was chosen by the President to succeed Nathan Ramirez as Vice President because of a scandal that caused Ramirez to resign. Ramirez had only been able to serve three years.
  • Won a second and full term as Vice President along with Sims.
  • Ran for President Sims' last year in office and became the nominee, however lost to Indiana Governor Paul Davenport in the general election. Ran again four years later and won against President Davenport.
  • Party: Republican

Hamilton "Ham" Delbacher

  • Novels The Hill of Summer and The Roads of the Earth by Allen Drury.
  • Former Pennsylvania Congressman and Senator.
  • Hawkish Vice President to an unnamed dovish President, he is on the verge of being left off the next year's reelection ticket when the President dies on the Fourth of July.

Jarrod Delport

  • Novels The American Hero and The Word of Hate by Josh Durling.
  • Former New York Senator (2028–2036)
  • Is Dean Bartlett's Vice President, he failed to win the 2036 Democratic Nomination, but Bartlett chose him as his running mate.
  • Wins the Democratic Nomination in 2040, going on to win the Presidency in a landslide.
  • First foreign-born US Vice President and President, he also speaks at the United Nations and calls for action against "a dictator bitch" called Mario Herrario, the fictional President of Colombia, President Herrario and Vice President Delport have a fist fight.
  • Is acting President when Bartlett suffers a heart attack in 2037.


  • Term Limits by Vince Flynn
  • Mentioned once by corrupt President Jim Stevens during a press conference. Stevens mentioned Dumont was heading up a program to cut waste spending. It is noted that during the ensuing conflicts that he is not mentioned nor involved, hinting he may not be an active member of the administration.

Roger Durling

Gordon Dylan

  • Murder at 1600
  • Vice President who almost ascends to the presidency, when the President (Jack Neil) plans to resign.


Thomas Eckhart

  • Agent X
  • Vice President to unknown President

Troy Ellerd

  • The Contender
  • Vice President to Democratic President Jackson Evans. Ellerd dies before the start of the film, and is eventually replaced with Senator Laine Billings Hanson, D-Ohio.




Edward Fredrico "Ed" Garcia

  • American Hero by Josh Gurling
  • Is President Jarrod Delport's running mate and eventual Vice President.
  • Was Governor of New Mexico, first Hispanic Vice President.
  • President Delport calls him "Eddie Feddie".
  • Described as "a lovable big robust man, that you may confuse with a giant teddy bear"
  • Democrat

Hal Gardner

  • Played by Ray Wise
  • 24, (television series, 2001)
  • Was appointed Vice President at some point after Charles Logan assumed the Presidency following President John Keeler's incapacitation.
  • During a crisis in which European terrorist Vladimir Bierko threatened to release nerve gas in several heavily populated targets in Los Angeles, Gardner suggested the President increase military presence in the area, to the extent of effectively implementing martial law.
  • Gardner was suspected by Jack Bauer of being behind a conspiracy which allowed Bierko to gain access to the nerve gas. It was later learned that Gardner was innocent and President Logan himself was responsible. After Logan's involvement was revealed, it was expected that he would resign and Gardner would assume the presidency.
  • Republican

Jim Gardner

Ransom W. Gardner

  • Vice President in: Promises to Keep, a novel by George Bernau
  • Gardner is a roman à clef representation of Lyndon B. Johnson. Gardner is Vice President in an alternate history in which President John T. Cassidy survives a November 1963 assassination attempt.
  • Cassidy, seriously wounded, allows Gardner to assume the presidency and run for re-election in 1964, on the condition that Gardner name his brother, Attorney General Tim Cassidy as vice president. After he recovers, John Cassidy runs for and wins the 1964 election as Senator from New York.
  • After Tim Cassidy is killed in Vietnam, Sen. John Cassidy challenges and defeats Gardner for the 1968 Democratic nomination, surviving a second assassination attempt.

Vince Gianelli

  • Seven Days in May by Fletcher Knebel (1962 novel)
  • Served under President Jordan Lyman, who was the target of a military coup.
  • First Italian American Vice President, the plotters convince him to visit his grandfather's hometown in Italy to ensure he is out of the country when they strike.
  • Democrat

Mitch Gilliam

George Granger


Claire Haas

  • Vice President in Quantico.
  • Former United States Senator.
  • A widow, she was previously married to Clayton Haas, a former Deputy Director of the FBI.
  • Has two children, Clay & Caleb Haas, both of whom have worked for the FBI.
  • Elected as Vice President at the end of Season 1.
  • Has assumed the office of President in the middle of Season 2 after President Todd resigned following the murder of his wife, First Lady Elaine Todd, by terrorists.
  • Party: Democrat
  • Played by Marcia Cross

Cullee Hamilton

  • Vice President in The Promise of Joy, a 1975 novel by Allen Drury.
  • Former U.S. Senator from California.
  • Vice President under President Orinn Knox.

Alvin Hammond

Vice President Haley

William "Bill" Haney

  • My Fellow Americans
  • Vice president under President Russell P. Kramer before defeating incumbent President Matt Douglas. Later forced to resign.
  • Played by: Dan Aykroyd
  • Party: Republican

Laine Billings Hanson

  • The Contender
  • Played by Joan Allen
  • An atheist Democratic senator from Ohio. She is chosen to be Vice President after Troy Ellerd, the Vice President of two-term Democratic President Jackson Evans, dies. Her nomination is contested due a scandal involving a possible orgy she performed in while in college.

Arne Eino Haugen

  • Vice President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Thanks to unprecedented emergency powers, he is appointed Vice President by the sitting President Donnelly, who immediately resigns.
  • Total term of office as VP: Less than one minute.

Olongo Featherstone-Haugh

Richard Hawk

  • Vice President in Metal Wolf Chaos
  • Launches a coup d'état to turn America into his military dictatorship, and is opposed by President Michael Wilson

Mitchell Hayworth

  • 24, (television series, 2001)
  • Vice President to President Allison Taylor during Day 7. He was asked by his assistant, as well as Larry Moss and Renee Walker, whether or not they should enter the White House and save President Taylor.
  • Assumed the Presidency after Taylor resigned in the 24 novel Deadline.
  • Succeeded by James Heller between Deadline & Live Another Day
  • Party: Republican
  • Played by Cameron Daddo

Preston Holmes

  • Vice President in: The Oasis Project, a 1981 novel by David Stuart Arthur
  • Once President Eldon Parker is elected, he states that he will only serve one term, but secretly funds weapon program to create high-tech 2nd generation shuttles and weapons in order to eliminate population centres worldwide and create a new Pax-Americana.
  • In a final attempt to stop the launch of the first-strike attack, Holmes is shot and killed by Parker's guards in the presidential bunker.
  • Party: Not mentioned

John Hoynes

  • The West Wing (television series, 1999)
  • Created and written by Aaron Sorkin, played by Tim Matheson.
  • Hoynes attended Southern Methodist University, speaks fluent French, was a lawyer and former senator from Texas. He served in the Senate for about eight years. He opposed New Hampshire governor Josiah Bartlet in the 1998 Democratic primary. During the 1998 Democratic National Convention in Miami, Bartlet convinced Hoynes to be his running mate; Hoynes delivered the South except Texas.
  • Hoynes resigned after a sex scandal in 2003, wrote his own autobiography called Full Disclosure, and attempted to gain his party's nomination for the presidency in 2006. His political career ended after failing to win the nomination, due to another sex scandal and the loss of most of his delegates to Governor Eric Baker at the 2006 Democratic National Convention.
  • Centrist Democrat
  • Home State: Texas

Steven Humes

  • Appears in the Tom Clancy novel Politika.
  • A very strict and straightforward elderly vice president serving under President Bill Ballard.
  • Becomes acting president after President Ballard is injured in an assassination attempt.
  • Party: Democratic

Mitchell Hundred

Teresa Hurst

  • Madam Secretary (television series, 2015)
  • Played by Jan Maxwell
  • Vice President under President Conrad Dalton.
  • Former US Senator from Pennsylvania; resigned after being elected Vice President in 2016.
  • Chosen as President Dalton's running mate for his independent candidacy after then-incumbent Mark Delgado did not run for a second term.
  • Party: unknown


Caitlyn Jenner

Robert (Robby) Jackson

Lee Alexander James

  • Vice President in: Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg
  • Was Vice President under President William Harvard Oaks, and became the President after Oaks was assassinated by his aide in NORAD. James was formerly the Secretary of Homeland Security.
  • Party: Probably Republican

Raymond Jarvis

  • The Event (television series, 2010)
  • Played by: Bill Smitrovich
  • Party: Probably Republican; the first opposition party running mate in modern times
  • Critically injured from assassination attempt after word leaked of his role in an attempt to kill President Elias Martinez, succeeded to presidency when his second attempt succeeded to the point of requiring the provisions of the 25th Amendment


Edward 'Ed' Kealty

  • Vice President to Roger Durling in Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy
  • Resigns due to a sex scandal and is replaced by Jack Ryan
  • When Durling and most of the rest of the government is killed, Kealty has an ally steal his resignation from the Secretary of State's desk. Kealty then claims he never formally resigned and attempts to have himself named President instead.
  • Home State: Massachusetts

Warren Keaton

Walter Kelly

  • The Enemy Within (1994 film and loosely based on the novel Seven Days in May)
  • Serves under President Bill Foster.
  • An elderly and corrupt politician, he takes part in a scandal orchestrated by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense to remove President Foster by using fake military exercises to cause an international incident.
  • After a young colonel discovers the scandal, Vice President Kelly, along with the other two involved, are removed from their positions and are most likely incarcerated for treason.

Mary Kincaid

Robert Kinsey

  • Stargate SG-1 (television series)
  • Played by Ronny Cox
  • Indiana Senator Robert Kinsey becomes Vice President in the Season Seven episode "Inauguration" but was forced to resign in "Lost City, Part 2".
  • Also held the Presidency in alternate timelines ("2010", "Moebius")


Charles W. La Follette

Sally Langston

  • Scandal (television series, 2012)
  • Vice President under President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.
  • Prior to her service as Vice President, she was a Senator from Georgia affiliated to the Tea Party who narrowly lost the Republican nomination to then California Governor Fitzgerald Grant.
  • When Billy Chambers, one of her most vehement supporters, publicly announces both his and Grant's affairs with aide Amanda Tanner, she is blackmailed into backing Grant with evidence that her daughter had had an abortion at fourteen (Langston herself being pro-life).
  • Assumed the presidency under 25th amendment when President Grant is shot and left incapacitated. She later returned to her Vice Presidential role after Grant recovered from his injuries.
  • Murders her husband, Daniel Douglas Langston, after he threatens to reveal his closeted homosexuality and subsequent affair to the press. The murder is covered up with the help of White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene.
  • Controversially decides to announce her second candidacy for President as an independent whilst still in office as Vice President, which included the adoption of a softer, vaguer stance on abortion. She later loses the election to Grant, mostly due to public sympathy over the death of his son, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant IV.
  • Later leaves politics and becomes host of conservative talk show The Liberty Report, where she claims she has more power to influence public opinion than she ever did as Vice President.
  • Party: Republican
  • Played By: Kate Burton

Charles Logan

  • 24, (television series, 2001)
  • Vice President to President John Keeler who assumes the presidency by invoking the 25th amendment when President Keeler is incapacitated after Air Force One is shot down
  • Long-time friend to former Palmer chief-of-staff, Mike Novick.
  • Was unable to handle the pressures of the presidency after Keeler's incapacitation, and secretly handed over the government to former President David Palmer.
  • Party: Republican
  • Played by Gregory Itzin

Lex Luthor


Natalie Maccabee

Peter MacLeish

  • Vice President in Designated Survivor.
  • Former U.S. Congressman from Oregon's 4th Congressional District.
  • Married to Beth MacLeish, and has two young daughters; Lexie and Blake.
  • Prior to entering politics, he served as a US Army Ranger, and was complicit in committing war crimes in Afghanistan which he and his unit subsequently covered up.
  • Only member of Congress in the Capitol bombing to survive the attack, earning him the nickname "The Miracle on the Potomac".
  • Turns down the opportunity to fill the now vacant post of Speaker of the House, but is later nominated by President Tom Kirkman to serve as Vice President in accordance with the 25th Amendment, which he accepts.
  • Confirmed by the newly elected Congress and sworn in as Vice President.
  • Serves briefly as Acting President after the attempted assassination of President Kirkman, who invokes the 25th Amendment prior to undergoing surgery, to remove bullet fragments after being shot. In this capacity MacLeish authorises lethal force to be used against President Kirkman's shooter, having him killed instead of arrested in order to keep his own complicity in the assassination attempt from potentially being revealed.
  • Killed by his wife and co-conspirator Beth MacLeish in Arlington National Cemetery so he could not be arrested and interrogated by the FBI for his complicity in the Capitol Bombing.
  • Shortest serving Vice President in history, being in office for less than two weeks before his death.
  • Political Party: Democratic.
  • Played by Ashley Zukerman

Frederick James Madigan

  • The President's Plane is Missing by Robert J. Serling
  • 49 at the time of the story.
  • From Orange County, California
  • Former Congressman.
  • Likely a U.S. senator or Governor of California before becoming Vice President.
  • Ran against Jeremy Haines in the primaries before being picked as Vice President.
  • Was a compromise candidate for the Vice-Presidency when the two main candidates deadlocked.
  • Becomes acting President when Air Force One vanishes.
  • Almost launches a nuclear attack against Red China.
  • Political Party: Republican
  • Appears to be based on Spiro Agnew and James B. Utt.

John Mallory

Julia Mansfield

Vincent "Vince" Margolin


  • Prez (comics)
  • Vice President under President Prez Rickard
  • No last name given.

Jim Matthews

  • House of Cards
  • Played by Dan Ziskie
  • A former Governor of Pennsylvania, Matthews was selected as the running mate of Democratic presidential nominee, California Senator Garrett Walker, in the 2012 election.
  • After the pair were elected, Matthews found himself sidelined in the Walker Administration which led to him becoming increasingly frustrated.
  • He was later manipulated by Congressman Frank Underwood into running for his old post as Governor in the special election to fill the rest of his term, he then resigned the vice presidency when he won, which was Underwood's plan as he wanted the post of Vice President for himself.
  • Overall, his tenure as Vice President lasted less than a year into the Walker Administration.

Ted Matthews

  • My Fellow Americans (1995 film)
  • Played by John Heard
  • Assumes Presidency after current President resigns.
  • Is arrested after nine months in office.

Jillian McCallister

  • Vice President in John Gurling novels
  • Vice President under Jarrod Delport
  • Succeeded Edward Garcia when he was killed in a plane crash.
  • Was Senator from West Virginia, married to Mark Spencer and has two daughters, Jenny and Sandra.
  • Succeeds President Delport when his second term ends in 2044, she becomes the nominee and wins the election beating Arthur Davidson.
  • First female Vice President and later President
  • Party: Democratic
  • Terms: 2039-2044 (Vice President) 2044-2048 (President)

Leo McGarry (elect)

  • The West Wing (television series)
  • Played by John Spencer
  • Former Labor Secretary and White House Chief of Staff.
  • Running mate of Congressman Matt Santos. Dies of a heart attack on Election Day hours before the polls close on the West Coast. Santos wins the election and McGarry posthumously becomes Vice President-Elect.
  • Home State: Illinois, born in Massachusetts

Walter McKenna

Dan Melrose

  • Vice President in The Lottery (TV series)
  • He made a deal with Darius Hayes to assassinate President Thomas Westwood.
  • After President Westwood's death, Melrose becomes the new President, and allows Darius Hayes to control the embryos and the lottery winners.
  • Played by Steven Culp.

Howard Merck

  • Protocol (1984 film)
  • Played by James Staley
  • A very young and, at times, naive Vice President.

Selina Meyer

  • Veep (2012 HBO Comedy TV Series)
  • Vice President under President Stuart Hughes (season 1-3) and later President (season 4-)
  • Former United States Senator from Maryland.
  • Narrowly lost the nomination to Hughes during the 2012 election, and was then made Vice President.
  • Ascends to the presidency after President Hughes resigns to take care of his mentally ill wife.
  • Party: Democrat
  • Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Tara Meyers

Geoff Mitchell

  • Air Force One is Haunted by Robert J. Serling
  • Former Congressman from Arizona
  • Known for wearing jeans and bolo ties.
  • Party: Republican

Carlos Morejon

  • Vice President in season 6 of Madam Secretary (TV series)
  • Former U.S. Senator from Arizona; resigned upon being elected Vice President.
  • Serves under President Elizabeth McCord, the 46th President of the United States.
  • Also considered for the same position by the Miller campaign.
  • Succeeded Vice President Teresa Hurst upon expiration of her term.
  • Party: Independent (formerly Republican)

Rachel Moreno

  • Madame President: The Unauthorized Biography of the First Green Party President (novel), by Mark Dunlea
  • The Green candidate for Vice President in the 2000 election. She is elected when Green Electors solve a dispute by voting for the Democratic candidate for President in exchange for his acceptance of Moreno as his Vice President.
  • Becomes President after the President dies in August 2001.

Daniel Morris

  • Appears in the level Amendment XXV in the video game Hitman: Blood Money.
  • Is assassinated by Agent 47 because he was attempting to kill the President so that he could become President.


Gary Nance

  • Dave (1993 film)
  • Played by Ben Kingsley
  • Vice-President to Bill Mitchell
  • Has honorable ethics and morals.
  • Left a career in shoe sales to become a city councilman, wife usually manages his campaigns.
  • Regarded as a "boy scout" by White House Chief of Staff Bob Alexander, who plots to have him removed from office by implicating him in a financial scandal so he can succeed to the Presidency himself.
  • Cleared by Presidential impostor Dave Kovic, Nance succeeds to presidency upon the death of President Mitchell.

Andrew Nichols

  • Scandal Season 3
  • Written by Shonda Rhimes, played by Jon Tenney.
  • Vice President to President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III after the resignation of Sally Langston.
  • Former Governor of California and Lieutenant Governor of California.
  • Unmarried, and has been relationships with celebrities which resulted in extensive press coverage.
  • Engages in an affair with First Lady Melody 'Mellie' Grant, much to the chagrin of the President.
  • Orchestrates a mock assassination attempt on himself, and blames it on terrorists from West Angola.
  • Blackmails President Grant into starting a war in West Angola so he and other parties can benefit financially. He does so by arranging the kidnapping of Olivia Pope, the President's mistress.
  • Is forcefully put into a medically induced coma by Huck Finn as revenge for his part in Olivia's kidnapping, and subsequently succeeded as Vice President by Susan Ross.
  • Party: Republican


William Harvard Oaks


Perley Pell

Frito Pendejo

  • Idiocracy (film)
  • A public defender called upon to defend a man named Not Sure in court, Frito gains access to the White House when Not Sure is appointed Secretary of the Interior in the year 2505. When Frito and Not Sure help solve the national dust bowl crisis and the economic travails caused by the collapse of the Brawndo sports drink conglomerate, they are given the popularity to be voted to succeed the outgoing administration of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.
  • Played by: Dax Shepard

Graham Perkins

  • Fire, a novel by Alan Rodgers
  • After the incumbent President announces he is preparing to initiate Armageddon, Perkins is pulled from his limousine and lynched.
  • When a virus that brings the dead back to life spreads across the globe, it infects Perkins' corpse. With Perkins still hanging, he revives and dies several times before finally being rescued by the members of the same cult the President (now permanently dead after being assassinated via explosion and fire) belonged to.
  • He manages to escape them and makes his way to the lab where the virus began. In the end, he returns to Washington to assume office.

Jim Prescott

  • 24, (television series, 2001), 24: The Game (video game, 2006)
  • Vice president to David Palmer. Temporarily became Acting President when David Palmer was removed during season 2 of 24. When Palmer was reluctant to take action against three Middle Eastern nations who were implicated in a terrorist plot by an audio recording, the 25th Amendment was invoked and Prescott became President. No letters were sent to Congress and Prescott counted on public opinion to retroactively endorse this action. The recording was later found to be false and Prescott relinquished the presidency back to Palmer and again became vice president. Palmer forgave Prescott and the Cabinet members who had sided against him and did not accept their offer of resignation.
  • Following an attempt on Palmer's life, Prescott once again became Acting President while Palmer recovered from his injuries. Prescott himself would survive an assassination attempt orchestrated by the same individuals who had targeted Palmer.
  • Party: Democratic
  • Played by: Alan Dale


Frank Ramirez

Nathan Ramirez

  • American Hero
  • 47th Vice President of the United States.
  • Vice President for Aaron Sims, and first VP for the Sims administration.
  • Sworn in as Vice President in 2009 after he and Sims won the election with 75% of the vote.
  • Resigned his third year in office due to a scandal that plagued him from the years he served as a Senator. It involved an illegal wiring of money out of the First Liberty Savings and Loans to fund his reelection.
  • James Denning, a one-term Junior Senator out of California took over as Vice President and went on to be reelected with the President.
  • Nathan Ramirez was a two-term senior senator of North Carolina from 2000–2008 and a three-term congressman from 1994–2000.
  • Party: Independent Republican

Caroline Reynolds

  • Prison Break
  • Written by Paul Scheuring, played by Patricia Wettig.
  • Served as Vice President under President Richard Mills. He apparently chose her because she was a woman though he disapproved of her excessive ambition.
  • Collaborated with "The Company" to fake the death of her brother, Terrence Steadman, and frame Lincoln Burrows for his murder.
  • When the Company turns against her and President Mills refuses to support her bid for the presidency, she arranges his assassination, thereby becoming President.

Donald Reyes

  • Vice President in: The Genesis Machine, a 1978 novel by James P. Hogan
  • Reyes is Vice President in a near future where a western alliance is under pressure from and losing territory in a domino-effect to an African-Asian axis. A theoretical scientist creates a new mathematical model of the universe, and in doing so, creates an untraceable weapon that can restore the balance of world power.
  • Instead of using the weapon to give superiority to the west, while President George Sherman stands by in shock, the scientist destroys all foreign weapons of mass destruction worldwide. Since Sherman does not counter-launch western missiles, Reyes takes command and launches a full strike.
  • When the scientist uses his weapon to destroy all western missiles, Sherman takes back the Presidency in time for an enforced worldwide peace.
  • Party: Not mentioned

Charlie Rodriguez

  • Vice President in Olympus Has Fallen
  • Evacuated to the underground Presidential Emergency Operations Center along with members of the visiting South Korean delegation when North Korean terrorists attack and seize The White House.
  • Held hostage by North Korean terrorists who infiltrate the PEOC disguised as members of the visiting South Korean delegation.
  • Executed by terrorist leader Kang Yeonsak as a warning after the US Military attempts to retake the White House.
  • Played by Phil Austin

Vice President Rodriguez

Mark Ross (elect)

  • Act of Treason by Vince Flynn
  • Three-term senator from Connecticut and hawkish Director of National Intelligence.
  • Paired with Presidential nominee Governor Josh Alexander of Georgia.
  • Corrupt and power-driven, arranged the assassination of Alexander's unfaithful wife to guarantee an election win.
  • Party: Democratic

Pete Ross

Susan Ross

  • Scandal Season 3 onwards
  • Written by Shonda Rhimes, played by Artemis Pebdani.
  • Former professor of political science at the University of Virginia
  • Former state senator for the Senate of Virginia
  • Former single term United States Senator from Virginia.
  • Appointed as Vice President after Andrew Nichols is critically injured and unable to perform the duties of the office.
  • Chosen due to her inexperience, so when President Grant leaves office she will not be strong competition against his wife, Mellie Grant, who plans to run for the presidency.
  • Single mother to her daughter, Casey Ross.
  • Party: Republican (moderate)

Edward W. Rowe

  • Vice President in: No Man's World by Martin Caidin
  • In office in 1971.
  • Vice President and director of National Space Council as United States attempts to establish presence on Moon, where Soviet Union has had bases for three years.[4]

Robert "Bingo Bob" Russell

Jack Ryan (acting)

  • Debt of Honor (1994 novel, written by Tom Clancy)
  • Deputy CIA Director under President Bennett
  • National Security Advisor under President Durling
  • Less than 10 minutes after being confirmed as vice-president, President Durling and nearly the entire Cabinet and Congress are wiped out by a terrorist who crashes a 747 into the Capitol building.
  • Party: Independent
  • Home State: Maryland

Jonah Ryan

  • Veep
  • Born in Toronto, Canada.
  • Originally a White House liaison to Vice President Selina Meyer's office.
  • He ran the news website Ryantology after being briefly fired from the White House. His website was discredited after falsely accusing Minnesota Governor Danny Chung of committing torture whilst serving in Iraq.
  • He was elected as a U.S. congressman for New Hampshire's 2nd congressional district in order to secure Meyer's vote in the Electoral College, following the death of its Republican representative, Harry Sherman. Running against his deceased predecessor's widow and his former teacher, Judy Sherman, Ryan won after actually shooting himself in the foot. After Judy Sherman responded by saying that guns were dangerous, the National Rifle Association launched several attack ads against her. After a few days in office, Ryan was diagnosed with testicular cancer, ironically having served as the Meyer campaign's spokesperson for testicular health.
  • During his congressional career, Ryan was sponsored by Sherman Tanz, a private prison magnate, who used him to try to pass a bill heavily benefitting the private prison industry. His congressional career ended after he and his caucus 'the Jeffersons' (later renamed 'the Libertonians') instigated a government shutdown, losing its leadership after holding out for the abolition of daylight saving.
  • After being deselected in favour of his more qualified cousin, Ezra Kane, Ryan ran for President in 2020, initially campaigning as a political outsider. During this phase of his campaign, he became the focus of the #NotMe movement where thousands of women publicly stated that they neither had nor would date him.
  • After learning that his campaign was merely an attempt by his sponsor Tanz to garner delegates as bargaining chips for the adoption of tougher sentencing laws as party policy, Ryan adopted a populist platform including banning the teaching of 'Muslim math', anti-vaccinationism and a 'No-one In, No-one Out' immigration policy.
  • He was appointed as running mate by Meyer at their party's brokered convention, one of many compromising moves she made in order to avoid appointing Kemi Talbot as her running mate or becoming Talbot's running mate herself. This appointment forced Kent Davison, Meyer's senior strategist, to resign on principle and even Amy Brookheimer, Ryan's campaign manager, to go down on her knees and beg Meyer not to offer him the Vice Presidential nomination. Upon becoming Vice President, Ryan is immediately sidelined just as Meyer was when she held the position.
  • In the final episode Veep, he is shown as not being in attendance at Meyer's funeral in 2045 as a result of being impeached. It is not specified whether he was impeached as Vice President or as President.
  • As a congressman, Ryan ended up being engaged to Sherman Tanz's daughter, who was both politically ambitious and a better political operator than him. However, she left him upon the near-end of his congressional career (despite Ryan having already undergone conversion to Judaism including circumcision).
  • Ryan later married his former step-sister, who he learns is also his half-sister. After pressing Meyer to release her birth certificate, claiming (not inaccurately) that she had been lying about her age, Ryan learns from his birth certificate that his former step-father was in fact his biological father, Ryan's mother having kept it from him because they were second cousins.
  • Party: Unspecified (implied Democratic, despite his nativist, populist platform).
  • Played by Timothy Simons

S and TEdit

Calvin Samson

  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • Vice President under President Patricia Caldwell
  • In reality was a terrorist double agent who took an active role in the Third Echelon conspiracy aiming to assassinate the President so that he could assume power.
  • Shot by rogue agent Sam Fisher and left for the authorities.

James Sandecker

Bud Sauer

  • Phi Kappa Sigma's West Wing: Frat Life
  • Vice President to Alfred Victor DuPont
  • Party: Conservative Republican
  • Scudwise Gamgi - Shredder Extraordinaire

Paul Saxon

  • Shadow Conspiracy (1997 film)
  • Plotted to kill President Manchester and take his place, but was accidentally killed during the assassination attempt.
  • Played by: Ben Gazzara

Cletus Spuckler

Robert Stanton

Greg Stillson

  • Vice President in The Dead Zone, based on the novel by Stephen King
  • Seen in a vision by Johnny Smith as succeeding to the White House and causing Armageddon.
  • The series ended before Stillson sought White House.
  • Played by Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Also portrayed in the movie version by Martin Sheen, although he remained an unsuccessful Senate Candidate.


  • Vice President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Served as Vice President to President Donnelly.
  • Forced by Donnelly to resign after a scandal.

Dan Sullivan

  • Moonfall by Jack McDevitt
  • Is briefly mentioned in the novel as almost succeeding to the presidency after President Wes Hamlin nearly resigns following an assassination attempt that left him paralyzed from the waist down.
  • Convinced President Hamlin not to resign.
  • Former senator from Georgia.
  • Party: Republican

June Syers

  • The Kid Who Ran For President (1996 children's book by Dan Gutman)
  • Vice president under Judson Moon, who was the youngest American president at age thirteen.
  • Elected on the "Moon and June" ticket in 2000.
  • Became the first African American and female president after President Moon resigned in 2002.

Sue Sylvester

Adam Taft

Darius Tanz

  • Salvation
  • Billionaire aerospace scientist and founder of Tanz Industries, which undertook projects such as planning the Ark mission to Mars.
  • Enlisted to aid the United States government in preventing a large asteroid from colliding with Earth and causing an extinction level event, as well as help against the rogue hacker group RE/SYST who aim to pit the United States and Russia against each other in the lead up to the collision.
  • Appointed Vice President by President Pauline Mackenzie after the arrest of treacherous former Vice President Monroe Bennett, primarily due to his non-political background, scientific knowledge and public popularity during the crisis. He is approved in an emergency sitting of Congress by a 2/3 majority.
  • Although a British citizen, he is legible for the Vice Presidency due to being born in Philadelphia whilst his parents were on holiday in the city.
  • Played by: Santiago Cabrera.

Allan Trumbull

Alexander Throttlebottom

  • Of Thee I Sing, a musical by George and Ira Gershwin
  • When President Wintergreen, who has promised to marry beauty-contest winner Diana Devereaux, is unable to do so (because he is already married), Vice President Throttlebottom marries her instead, in his vice-presidential role of carrying out the president's duties when the president is unable to.

Elvira Tibbs

Cole Tidwell

  • Vice President in: Lyerly 2044, a novel by Demitri Green
  • Vice President under President Preston Lyerly, with whom he was a childhood friend
  • Former Representative from New Mexico's 3rd District
  • Died of a stroke 3 years into his term
  • Nicknamed Coney-Island-Cole by the press for his antics while campaigning
  • Political party: Democratic Party

Burt Trainor

  • Vice President in: Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg
  • Vice president under President Lee Alexander James. Formerly Secretary of Defense until President William Harvard Oaks is assassinated, and James becomes president. He was VP at the time of the Biblical Rapture, and it is unknown whether he was left behind or not.
  • Party: Probably Republican


Claire Hale Underwood

  • House of Cards
  • Vice president under President Francis J. Underwood. Formerly the First Lady of the United States.
  • Party: Democrat

Francis J. Underwood

  • House of Cards
  • Vice president under President Garrett Allan Walker. Formerly the Majority Whip of the United States House of Representatives.
  • Party: Democrat


Rudolfo Valenzuela

  • Vice President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Parents are Cuban Refugees who fled to Puerto Rico.
  • Formerly Secretary of State
  • Replaced Vice President Thomas Cromwell
  • Ascends to the Presidency when President Arne Haugen retires.

Stewart Bulloch (Bully) Vandercleve

  • Vice President in the 1988 novel The Body Politic by Victor Gold and Lynne Cheney
  • Described at "the ultimate WASP" and "the richest politician in America"
  • Dies while making love to a television news reporter.

Luna Vargas

  • Vice President in Scandal Season 6
  • Former First Lady of Pennsylvania.
  • Wife of former Governor of Pennsylvania Francisco Vargas, who is elected President in 2016 but assassinated during his victory speech on election night. The electoral college later selects Republican candidate Melody Grant to serve as President in place of Vargas.
  • After the resignation Jacob Hamilton Ballard, Grant's Vice Presidential running mate, Grant appoints Vargas as Vice President as a show of respect and solidarity for her late husband, and as a sign of bipartisanship.
  • It is later revealed however, that Luna was responsible for the assassination of her husband, assuming correctly it would set in motion a chain of events that would result in her own ascension to power.
  • Her treachery is discovered after she is sworn in on Inauguration Day, and she is forced to commit suicide by taking a pill that causes her to have a heart attack.
  • She is replaced as Vice President by Cyrus Beene, the former White House Chief of Staff and her late husbands running mate.
  • Political party: Democratic
  • Played by Tessie Santiago


William Walden

  • Vice President in the TV series Homeland
  • Previously served as Director of the CIA.
  • Adopted a strictly militaristic approach, wanting to sell bombs to Israel to drop on suspected nuclear sites in Iran.
  • Upon announcing his plans to run for President, he wanted Nicholas Brody, a former United States Marine and prisoner of war turned Congressman to be his running mate. Unbeknownst to him, Brody had been turned by members of Al-Qaeda during his capture, and held a personal vendetta against the Vice President for his part in bombing innocent civilians.
  • Assassinated by Al-Qaeda terrorists with the help of Brody, who remotely hack into his pacemaker, causing him to have a heart attack.
  • Played by: Jamey Sheridan

Michael Warner

  • Played by Ken Camroux
  • Vice President in First Target
  • Orchestraded assassination attempt on President Jonathan Hayes.
  • Was exposed and arrested at the end of the movie.

Ralph Warner

  • Vice President in Season 7 of the TV series Homeland
  • Serves under President Elizabeth Keane, the first woman to hold the office.
  • Becomes increasingly concerned that his superiors administration is going to crash and fall after it is revealed President Keane's Chief of Staff David Wellington was inadvertently involved with a Russian agent.
  • Played by: Beau Bridges

Thaddeus Waxman

  • Vice President in the 2018 video game Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Prior to become the vice president, he served as a US Senator and a military officer.
  • He was most well known for leading American troops to victory in Guarma (an island based on Cuba) during the Battle of San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War.
  • Elected Vice President in 1900 with President Alfred MacAlister (who is based on President William McKinley).
  • After MacAlister was assassinated in 1901, Waxman subsequently succeeded him and became president in his own right.
  • Waxman would proved to be a better president than his predecessor, advocating for mass industrialization which included the construction of a massive battleship for the United States Army. These actions greatly increased his popularity and he became beloved by the American people.
  • While Waxman does not appear physically in game, he is seen on the game's physical map and on the Prominent Americans Cigarette Card Set.
  • Political party: Presumably Republican
  • Based on Theodore Roosevelt.

Marianne Weisner


Exit Wounds (2001 film)

  • Written by John Westermann, Ed Horowitz and Richard D'Ovidio, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, played by Christopher Lawford.
  • After a speech in Detroit, Michigan, militants try to kill him and Det. Orin Boyd saves his life.

Gabriel Over the White House (1933 film)

Independence Day (1996 film)

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939 film)


John Adams

Spiro Agnew

  • Vice President in the TV series Futurama.
  • The headless body of Spiro Agnew joins Richard Nixon's head as the Vice-President of Earth, imitating his U.S version.
  • In "Into the Wild Green Yonder" Agnew is accidentally killed by the 'eco-feministas' (joined by Leela) when a run-away golf cart runs him over. However, he does get cloned, which leads him to be referred to by Nixon as 'The Headless Clone of Agnew'.

Aaron Burr Alston

  • Vice President in "The War of '07" by Jayge Carr, in the anthology Alternate Presidents by Mike Resnick.
  • Serves as vice president under his grandfather Aaron Burr
  • Serves as vice president until September 14, 1836, when his grandfather died and became the fourth President of the United States.
  • In real history, Aaron Burr Alston died on June 30, 1812 at the age of 10 due to a fever. Therefore, his grandfather outlived him by more than 24 years.

Alben Barkley

  • Vice President in The Hot War series by Harry Turtledove.
  • Serves as vice president under Harry S. Truman.
  • Vice President when the Korean War escalates into World War III.
  • When Truman declines to run for a second full term in 1952, Barkley joins the crowded Democratic race for the nomination. However, between Barkley's age and his status as the vice president in an administration that took the country into an atomic war, few people believed he would receive the nomination, much less win.
  • In May 1952, the Soviet Union successfully deployed two atomic bombs against Washington, D.C., resulting in the deaths of Barkley and most of the Executive and Legislative Branches of the government remaining in the city. However, Truman and most of the Supreme Court survived as they had evacuated from the city long before the bombing.

Michael Bennet

Bill Bradley

William Jennings Bryan

Dale Bumpers

  • Vice President in a first version of Shall We Tell the President? by Jeffrey Archer
  • Under President Ted Kennedy.

Grover Cleveland

Hillary Clinton

Bob Dole

Andrew Jackson Donelson

Frederick Douglass

John Nance Garner

  • Vice President in the short story and novel Joe Steele by Harry Turtledove.
  • Elected Vice President under Joe Steele in 1932.
  • Serves as Vice President for 20 years with the Steele-Garner ticket being elected for six terms from 1932 to 1952.
  • In the novel, the Steele-Garner ticket defeats the Republican party nominees Herbert Hoover in 1932, Alf Landon in 1936, Wendell Willkie in 1940, Thomas E. Dewey in 1944, Harold Stassen in 1948, and Robert Taft in 1952. In the short story, the ticket runs unopposed in the later three elections.
  • He becomes the 33rd President of the United States after Joe Steele dies on March 5, 1953.
  • In the short story, the 84-year-old Garner is overthrown and executed shortly after entering office of the presidency by J. Edgar Hoover, who then becomes the 34th president. In the novel, a newly courageous Congress impeaches Garner for the sins of Steele and he retires to Uvalde, Texas, and the executive branch becomes vacant. In the political vacuum, GBI (Government Bureau of Intelligence) director J. Edgar Hoover assumes political control and becomes Director of the United States.

Alexander Hamilton

Caitlyn Jenner

Hiram Johnson

Ted Kennedy

Ray Kroc

Edward Livingston

Harold Stassen

D. C. Stephenson

Harry S Truman

Clement Vallandigham

Burton K. Wheeler

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