List of fellows of the American Academy in Rome (1991–2010)

List of fellows and Residents of the American Academy in Rome is a list of those who have been awarded the Rome Prize or were residents of the American Academy in Rome.

The Rome Prize is a prestigious American award made annually by the American Academy in Rome, through a nationwide competition, to 15 emerging artists (working in architecture, landscape architecture, design, historic preservation and conservation, literature, musical composition, or visual arts) and to 15 scholars (working in ancient, medieval, renaissance and early modern, or modern Italian studies).[1] Residents are selected from scholars and creative artists at a further stages in their career for shorter residencies at the American Academy. Some of these residents are marked (R) in the table below. Affiliated fellows (AFAAR) and visiting artists and scholars are not listed below.

List of fellows and residents of the American Academy in Rome
1896–1970 1971–1990 1991–2010 2011–present

Fellows and residents of the American Academy in RomeEdit

Year Category Winner Type
1991 Classical studies & archaeology Rebecca Miller Ammerman
1991 Post-classical humanistic studies P. Renee Baernstein
1991 History of art Janis C. Bell
1991 Visual arts Suzanne Bocanegra
1991 Design Steven Brooke
1991 Literature John D. Casey (R)
1991 Classical studies & archaeology Diane A. Conlin
1991 Classical studies & archaeology Catherine Cooper
1991 Design Robert S. Davis
1991 History of art Diane M. De Grazia (R)
1991 Visual arts Geraldine Erman
1991 Classical studies & archaeology Harry B. Evans (R)
1991 Musical composition Lee Hyla
1991 Visual arts Michael Kessler
1991 Musical composition David Lang
1991 Classical studies & archaeology Gregory Leftwich
1991 Post-classical humanistic studies Daniel R. Lesnick
1991 Visual arts Bert L. Long
1991 Visual arts Elizabeth Murray (R)
1991 Classical studies & archaeology John G. Pedley
1991 Post-classical humanistic studies John Francis Petruccione
1991 Architecture Jason H. Ramos
1991 Visual arts Dorothea Rockburne (R)
1991 Visual arts Glen Sacks
1991 Landscape architecture Peter Lindsay Schaudt
1991 Architecture Thomas L. Schumacher (R)
1991 Design Joel Sternfeld
1991 Classical studies & archaeology Richard J. A. Talbert (R)
1991 History of art William R. Valerio
1991 History of art Robert J. Williams
1991 Musical composition Charles Wuorinen (R)
1991 Musical composition Yehudi Wyner (R)
1991 Architecture Christian Zapatka
1992 Design William Adair
1992 Visual arts Mel Bochner (R)
1992 Post-classical humanistic studies Margaret A. Brucia
1992 Literature Mary Caponegro
1992 History of art Jill Elizabeth Caskey
1992 Architecture Henry N. Cobb (R)
1992 Post-classical humanistic studies Thomas V. Cohen
1992 Architecture Teddy Edwin Cruz
1992 History of art Anthony Cutler (R)
1992 Musical composition Donald J. Erb (R)
1992 Classical studies & archaeology J. Clayton Fant
1992 Landscape architecture Eric Reid Fulford
1992 Design Hsin-ming Fung
1992 Visual arts Matthew B. Geller
1992 Musical composition Stephen Hartke
1992 Classical studies & archaeology Ross Holloway (R)
1992 Post-classical humanistic studies Diane Owen Hughes (R)
1992 Musical composition Bun-Ching Lam
1992 Post-classical humanistic studies Anne Elizabeth MacNeil
1992 Visual arts Rita McBride
1992 Architecture Cameron McNall
1992 History of art Sarah Collyer McPhee
1992 Classical studies & archaeology Annapaola Mosca
1992 Landscape architecture Thomas R. Oslund
1992 History of art Linda Pellecchia
1992 Visual arts Rebecca Quaytman
1992 Classical studies & archaeology Charles Brian Rose
1992 Landscape architecture Martha Schwartz (R)
1992 Visual arts Stuart Sherman
1992 Classical studies & archaeology Susan L. TePaske-King
1992 History of art Mary Vaccaro
1992 Landscape architecture Peter Walker (R)
1992 History of art Bonna Daix Wescoat
1992 History of art David H. Wright (R)
1992 Design Janet Zweig
1993 Design Phillip R. Baldwin
1993 History of art Carol A. Rusche
1994 History of art Carmen Bambach
1994 Design Karen Bausman
1994 Literature Thomas Bolt
1994 Classical studies & archaeology Gregory S. Bucher
1994 Post-classical humanistic studies Christopher Celenza
1994 Classical studies & archaeology Edward Champlin (R)
1994 History of art Brian A. Curran
1994 Musical composition Sebastian Currier
1994 Historic preservation & conservation Margaret Holben Ellis
1994 Classical studies & archaeology Elaine Fantham (R)
1994 Architecture Garrett S. Finney
1994 Visual arts Andrew Ginzel
1994 Classical studies & archaeology Guy M. Hedreen
1994 Post-classical humanistic studies Katherine Ludwig Jansen
1994 Classical studies & archaeology Leah Johnson
1994 Visual arts Kristin Jones
1994 Architecture Karl Kirchwey
1994 Classical studies & archaeology Richard Lim
1994 History of art Jennifer Montagu (R)
1994 Post-classical humanistic studies Susan Nicassio
1994 Historic preservation & conservation Bettina A. Raphael
1994 Historic preservation & conservation Catherine Sease
1994 Classical studies & archaeology Katherine E. Welch
1995 Visual arts Drew Beattie
1995 Musical composition Edmund Campion
1995 History of art John R. Clarke (R)
1995 Classical studies & archaeology Anthony P. Corbeill
1995 Visual arts Daniel Davidson
1995 Post-classical humanistic studies Brendan Dooley
1995 Landscape architecture Gary R. Hilderbrand
1995 History of art Peter J. Holliday
1995 Architecture Sanda D. Iliescu
1995 Post-classical humanistic studies Daniel Javitch (R)
1995 Post-classical humanistic studies James Lattis
1995 Classical studies & archaeology Susann Sowers Lusnia
1995 History of art Diana Minsky
1995 Classical studies & archaeology Jenifer Neils (R)
1995 Visual arts Cliffton S. Peacock
1995 Historic preservation & conservation Thomas C. Roby
1995 Landscape architecture Leslie A. Ryan
1995 Visual arts Judith Shea
1995 Visual arts Michelle Stuart (R)
1995 Musical composition Francis B. Thorne (R)
1995 Design Kevin Walz
1995 Visual arts Jack Youngerman (R)
1996 Classical studies & archaeology Fred C. Albertson
1996 Visual arts Chuck Close (R)
1996 Design Coleman Coker
1996 Literature Henri Cole
1996 Classical studies & archaeology Robert J. Cro
1996 Musical composition Nathan Currier
1996 Visual arts Eric Fischl (R)
1996 History of art Marc Fumaroli (R)
1996 Architecture Michael Isaac Gruber
1996 Visual arts Douglas Erskine Hall
1996 Classical studies & archaeology Christopher Hugh Hallett
1996 Architecture George E. Hartman (R)
1996 Architecture Allan B. Jacobs (R)
1996 Post-classical humanistic studies Lester K. Little (R)
1996 Historic preservation & conservation Anne Frances Maheux
1996 Architecture Anne Munly
1996 Post-classical humanistic studies William Linden North
1996 Visual arts Manuel J. S. Ocampo
1996 Historic preservation & conservation Pablo Ojeda-O'Neill
1996 Landscape architecture Peter Joseph O'Shea
1996 Classical studies & archaeology Holt Parker
1996 Design Thomas McGehee Phifer
1996 Classical studies & archaeology Pietro Pucci (R)
1996 Musical composition David Charles Randolph
1996 Post-classical humanistic studies David E. Rutherford
1996 History of art Maria Saffiotti Dale
1996 History of art Marla Susan Stone
1996 Visual arts Eve Leslie Sussman
1996 History of art Richard J. Tuttle
1996 Landscape architecture Gail Eileen Wittwer
1996 Architecture Evans Woollen, III (R)
1997 Architecture Kimberly A. Ackert
1997 History of art Lilian Armstrong (R)
1997 Visual arts Ross Bleckner (R)
1997 Design Paul M. Bray
1997 History of art Cammy Brothers
1997 Architecture Robert Campbell[2] (R)
1997 Classical studies & archaeology Jenny Strauss Clay (R)
1997 History of art Jeffrey L. Collins
1997 Classical studies & archaeology Jane W. Crawford (R)
1997 Musical composition Mario Davidovsky (R)
1997 Post-classical humanistic studies Robert C. Davis
1997 Classical studies & archaeology Gary Farney
1997 History of art Peter J. Fergusson (R)
1997 Classical studies & archaeology Bernard D. Frischer (R)
1997 Classical studies & archaeology Brien K. Garnand
1997 Historic preservation & conservation Eric Gordon
1997 Classical studies & archaeology Robert Gurval
1997 Landscape architecture Walter Hood
1997 Visual arts Sharon Horvath
1997 Visual arts David Ireland (R)
1997 Visual arts Roberto Juarez
1997 Post-classical humanistic studies Samantha Kelly
1997 Literature Randall Kenan
1997 History of art Dale Kinney (R)
1997 Musical composition Arthur Levering
1997 Classical studies & archaeology Francesca Santoro l'Hoir
1997 Visual arts Marcia Lyons
1997 Design Mark Robbins
1997 Classical studies & archaeology H. Alan Shapiro (R)
1997 Landscape architecture James L. Wescoat
1997 Historic preservation & conservation George Wheeler
1997 Architecture Nichole Wiedemann
1997 Post-classical humanistic studies Ronald G. Witt
1997 History of art Lila Yawn
1998 Visual arts Douglas Argue
1998 Landscape architecture Elise Brewster
1998 Classical studies & archaeology Michael Shane Butler
1998 History of art Malcolm Campbell (R)
1998 Architecture Daniel Castor
1998 Design Paul Davis
1998 Historic preservation & conservation David G. De Long
1998 Visual arts Agnes Denes
1998 Classical studies & archaeology Sheila Dillon
1998 Visual arts Jim Dine (R)
1998 Historic preservation & conservation Shelley Fletcher
1998 Post-classical humanistic studies Alison Frazier
1998 Post-classical humanistic studies Maria G. Fuller
1998 Landscape architecture Richard Haag (R)
1998 Landscape architecture Mary Margaret Jones
1998 Visual arts Charles LeDray
1998 Musical composition Tania J. Leon (R)
1998 History of art John Marciari
1998 History of art Tod Marder
1998 Classical studies & archaeology Myles McDonnell
1998 Literature Fae Myenne Ng
1998 Musical composition P.Q. Phan
1998 Visual arts Martin Puryear (R)
1998 Design Samina Quraeshi (R)
1998 Musical composition Andrew Rindfleisch
1998 Design Mark Schimmenti
1998 History of art Vincent Scully (R)
1998 Architecture Catherine Seavitt
1998 Historic preservation & conservation Frederick Steiner
1998 History of art David Stone
1998 Classical studies & archaeology Jennifer Trimble
1998 Classical studies & archaeology Charles Witke (R)
1998 Post-classical humanistic studies Laura Wittman
1998 History of art Fikret K. Yegul (R)
1999 History of art William Barcham
1999 Post-classical humanistic studies Phyllis Pray Bober (R)
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Susan Boynton
1999 Post-classical humanistic studies Katharine Brophy Dubois
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Michael Shane Butler
1999 Design Michael B. Cadwell
1999 Design Heather Carson
1999 History of art Maria Ann Conelli (R)
1999 History of art Michael Fried (R)
1999 Literature Eli Gottlieb
1999 Post-classical humanistic studies Tamara Griggs
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Kim Hartswick
1999 Visual arts Anthony Hernandez
1999 Post-classical humanistic studies Carl Ipsen
1999 Musical composition Betsy Jolas (R)
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Michael Koortbojian
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Margaret Laird
1999 Literature Tom Leader
1999 History of art Stephanie Leone
1999 Architecture Paul Lewis
1999 Architecture Maya Lin (R)
1999 History of art Catherine McCurrach
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Timothy J. Moore
1999 Visual arts Pat Oleszko
1999 History of art Todd Olson
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Lauren Hackworth Petersen
1999 Visual arts Ellen Phelan (R)
1999 Historic preservation & conservation Leslie Rainer
1999 Classical studies & archaeology Kenneth J. Reckford (R)
1999 Visual arts Jack J. Risley
1999 Architecture Richard Rosa
1999 Visual arts Joel Shapiro (R)
1999 Musical composition Christopher Theofanidis
1999 Historic preservation & conservation Jonathan Lee Thornton
1999 Landscape architecture Craig Verzone
1999 Literature Wendy Wasserstein (R)
1999 Musical composition Mark Wingate
2000 Literature Tom Andrews
2000 Classical studies & archaeology Darius A. Arya
2000 Historic preservation & conservation Elmo Baca
2000 Musical composition Martin Bresnick (R)
2000 Post-classical humanistic studies Douglas H.M. Carver
2000 Musical composition Shih-Hui Chen
2000 Post-classical humanistic studies Thomas J. Dandelet
2000 Visual arts David Fludd
2000 Post-classical humanistic studies Paul A. Garfinkel
2000 Architecture Stephen Harby
2000 Post-classical humanistic studies Carol Helstosky
2000 History of art Katarzyna Elzbieta Jerzak
2000 Design Wendy Kaplan
2000 Post-classical humanistic studies David I. Kertzer (R)
2000 Architecture Johannes Knoops
2000 Visual arts Joyce Kozloff
2000 Visual arts Jeannette Louie
2000 History of art Areli Marina
2000 Landscape architecture Laurel McSherry
2000 Classical studies & archaeology Margaret Miles (R)
2000 History of art Vernon Hyde Minor
2000 Classical studies & archaeology Tina Najbjerg
2000 Historic preservation & conservation Alice Boccia Paterakis
2000 Visual arts Sandra S. Phillips (R)
2000 Design Michael Rock
2000 History of art Ingrid Rowland (R)
2000 Visual arts David Salle
2000 Landscape architecture Stephen Sears
2000 Post-classical humanistic studies Jerrold Seigel (R)
2000 Classical studies & archaeology Susan T. Stevens
2000 Classical studies & archaeology William C. Stull
2000 Architecture Billie Tsien (R)
2000 Architecture Peter Waldman
2000 Musical composition Carolyn Yarnell
2000 Classical studies & archaeology Ann Marie Yasin
2001 History of art Jennifer R. Bethke
2001 History of art Patricia Fortini Brown (R)
2001 Post-classical humanistic studies John A. Davis (R)
2001 Classical studies & archaeology Leslie D. Dossey
2001 Post-classical humanistic studies Joanna H. Drell
2001 Post-classical humanistic studies Michael R. Ebner
2001 Classical studies & archaeology John Curtis Franklin
2001 Visual arts Dara Gabriella Friedman
2001 Architecture Michael Lawrence Goorevich
2001 Visual arts Lyle Ashton Harris
2001 Post-classical humanistic studies Wendy B. Heller
2001 Musical composition Michael Nathaniel Hersch
2001 Visual arts Gary Richard Hill
2001 Landscape architecture John Dixon Hunt (R)
2001 Musical composition Pierre Jalbert
2001 Classical studies & archaeology Karen Elaine Klaiber
2001 Landscape architecture Mark Alan Klopfer
2001 Visual arts Donald Lipski
2001 Landscape architecture David Bruce Meyer
2001 Classical studies & archaeology Carlos Federico Norena
2001 Literature Sigrid Nunez
2001 Design Michael Jerome Palladino
2001 Design Lisa Krohn
2001 Classical studies & archaeology Christine G. Perkell (R)
2001 History of art Charles Michael Rosenberg
2001 Post-classical humanistic studies H. Darrel Rutkin
2001 Architecture Richard Taransky
2001 History of art Stefanie Walker
2001 Historic preservation & conservation Elizabeth Walmsley
2001 Literature Rosanna Warren (R)
2001 Historic preservation & conservation RDeirdre Maureen Windsor
2001 Classical studies & archaeology Paul Andrew Zissos
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Karl Appuhn
2002 Visual arts Scott Michael Attie
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Pamela Ballinger
2002 Musical composition Derek Bermel
2002 Musical composition Martin Brody (R)
2002 Landscape architecture Andrew Thanh-Son Cao
2002 History of art Michael Cole
2002 Visual arts Kevin Jerome Everson
2002 Design William H. Fain
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Carmela Vircillo Franklin (R)
2002 Classical studies & archaeology Kirk Freudenburg
2002 Visual arts Vanalyne Green
2002 Literature Mark Halliday
2002 Visual arts Gerald Kim Jones
2002 Literature Vincent Katz
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Thomas Forrest Kelly (R)
2002 Architecture Evelyn Tickle & Alexander Kitchin
2002 Classical studies & archaeology Lynne Lancaster
2002 Literature Frank McCourt (R)
2002 Visual arts Robert Moskowitz (R)
2002 Classical studies & archaeology Josiah Osgood
2002 Landscape architecture Peter Osler
2002 History of art Steven F. Ostrow
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Gabriel Pihas
2002 Architecture Kelly D. Powell
2002 History of art Shilpa Prasad
2002 Musical composition Kevin M. Puts
2002 Classical studies & archaeology Adam Rabinowitz (R)
2002 Visual arts Elizabeth Riorden
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Barbara H. Rosenwein (R)
2002 Architecture Adele Naude Santos (R)
2002 Classical studies & archaeology Kristina M. Sessa
2002 Design Paul Shaw
2002 Preservation and Conservation Ellen Phillips Soroka
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Randolph Starn (R)
2002 Architecture Evelyn Tickle
2002 Post-classical humanistic studies Carol Whang
2003 Design Donald James Albrecht
2003 Architecture Rachel Moore Allen
2003 Ancient studies Sinclair Bell
2003 Ancient studies Rebecca Ruth Benefiel
2003 Visual arts Linda Marie Besemer
2003 Visual arts Vija Celmins
2003 Literature Jennifer Scott Clarvoe
2003 Renaissance & early modern Wietse De Boer
2003 Modern Italian studies Mary Sharon Gibson
2003 Medieval studies Caroline Jane Goodson
2003 Historic preservation & conservation Eleanor Esser Gorski
2003 Renaissance & early modern Kenneth Veld Gouwens
2003 Architecture Margaret Helfand
2003 Landscape architecture Joel Barton Katz
2003 Musical composition Mark Frode Kilstofte
2003 Historic preservation & conservation Randolph Langenbach
2003 Ancient studies Elizabeth Mae Marlowe
2003 Medieval studies Marian Michele Mulchahey
2003 Visual arts Pat Oleszko (R)
2003 Ancient studies Peter O'Neill
2003 Literature Peter Maxwell Orner
2003 History of art Shilpa Prasad
2003 Renaissance & early modern David Quint (R)
2003 Musical composition Ned Rorem (R)
2003 Musical composition David William Sanford
2003 Visual arts John Arnold Schlesinger
2003 Landscape architecture A. Paul Seck
2003 Visual arts Maureen Selwood
2003 Visual arts Arthur Simms
2003 Literature William Jay Smith (R)
2003 Modern Italian studies Frank M. Snowden III (R)
2003 Classical studies & archaeology David Soren (R)
2003 Medieval studies Hiroshi Takayama (R)
2003 Modern Italian studies Molly Rebecca Tambor
2003 Design Edward Weinberger
2003 Renaissance & early modern Christopher Wood
2003 Ancient studies James Lewis Woolard
2003 Medieval studies Shona Kelly Wray
2003 Architecture Andrew Evaristo Zago
2004 Literature Sarah Arvio
2004 Landscape architecture Cheryl L. Barton
2004 Musical composition Mason Bates
2004 Historic preservation & conservation Charles A. Birnbaum
2004 Musical composition William Bolcom (R)
2004 Architecture David M. Childs (R)
2004 Ancient studies Catherine Chin
2004 Visual arts Diana Cooper
2004 Architecture J. Yolande Daniels
2004 Renaissance & early modern Jill Johnson Deupi
2004 Medieval studies Mary Harvey Doyno
2004 Renaissance & early modern Roger Freitas
2004 Medieval studies David Hodes Friedman (R)
2004 Musical composition Jefferson Friedman
2004 Visual arts Maria Elena Gonzalez
2004 Renaissance & early modern Anthony Grafton (R)
2004 Modern Italian studies Vivien Mary Greene
2004 Visual arts Jenny Holzer (R)
2004 Renaissance & early modern Christopher M.S. Johns (R)
2004 Renaissance & early modern Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
2004 Design Reed Kroloff
2004 Visual arts Matvey Levenstein
2004 Renaissance & early modern Pamela Olivia Long
2004 Modern Italian studies Adrian Lyttelton (R)
2004 Landscape architecture Alexander Stokes MacLean
2004 Ancient studies Elizabeth Mae Marlowe
2004 Classical studies & archaeology Miranda C. Marvin (R)
2004 Historic preservation & conservation T.K. McClintock
2004 Ancient studies Kristina Lynn Milnor
2004 Medieval studies Victoria M. Morse
2004 Ancient studies Richard Theodore Neer
2004 Visual arts John Newman
2004 Architecture Richard Olcott
2004 Architecture Linda Pollak
2004 Architecture Nancy Goslee Power (R)
2004 Landscape architecture Joseph J. Ragsdale
2004 Modern Italian studies Jonah Sebastian Siegel
2004 Ancient studies Justin St. P. Walsh
2004 Literature Joshua Weiner
2004 Design Susan Anne Yelavich
2005 Modern Italian studies Sean Sheridan Anderson
2005 Renaissance & early modern Albert Russell Ascoli
2005 Renaissance & early modern Paul Barolsky (R)
2005 Musical composition Steven Burke
2005 Renaissance & early modern Mario Carpo (R)
2005 Medieval studies Michael Scott Cuthbert
2005 Classical studies & archaeology Eve D'Ambra (R)
2005 Visual arts James Lucky DeBellevue
2005 Literature Anthony Doerr
2005 Medieval studies Steven A. Epstein (R)
2005 Medieval studies David Norrell Foote
2005 Architecture Charles Gwathmey (R)
2005 Renaissance & early modern A. Katie Harris
2005 Architecture John Hartmann
2005 Architecture Michael Adam Herrman
2005 Ancient studies Jennifer Ledig Heuser
2005 Musical composition Lee Hyla (R)
2005 Renaissance & early modern Janna Israel
2005 Landscape architecture Sarah Todd Kuehl
2005 Ancient studies Maura Keyne Lafferty
2005 Design Peter Michael Lynch
2005 Renaissance & early modern Jessica Maier
2005 Musical composition Harold Meltzer
2005 Ancient studies Rebecca Marie Molholt
2005 Visual arts Franco Mondini-Ruiz
2005 Medieval studies Reinhold C. Mueller (R)
2005 Literature Azar Nafisi (R)
2005 Ancient studies David Petrain
2005 Landscape architecture Jon Piasecki
2005 Visual arts Jackie Saccoccio
2005 Ancient studies Celia Ernestina Schultz
2005 Ancient studies Emma Jane Scioli
2005 Historic preservation & conservation John William Shank
2005 Historic preservation & conservation Anthony Brian Sigel
2005 Visual arts Laurie Simmons (R)
2005 Modern Italian studies Noa Steimatsky-Barlera
2005 Visual arts George Stoll
2005 Design Allan Wexler
2005 Literature Lisa Williams
2006 Visual arts Laurie Anderson (R)
2006 Literature Craig Arnold
2006 Landscape architecture Richard D. Barnes
2006 Modern Italian studies Patrick V. Barron
2006 Modern Italian studies Christopher G. Bennett
2006 Landscape architecture Anita Berrizbeitia
2006 Humanities John Bodel (R)
2006 Musical composition Susan Botti
2006 Ancient studies Kimberly Bowes
2006 Design Constantin Boym (R)
2006 Visual arts Boyce Cummings
2006 Historic preservation & conservation Paola M. De Cristofaro
2006 Ancient studies Hendrik William Dey
2006 Modern Italian Studies Patricia L. Gaborik
2006 Ancient studies Carlos R. Galvao-Sobrinho
2006 Medieval studies Patrick J. Geary (R)
2006 Literature Aaron Hamburger
2006 Design Pamela Hovland
2006 Renaissance & early modern Janna Israel
2006 Visual arts Yun-Fei Ji
2006 Ancient studies Jacob A. Latham
2006 Ancient studies Sandra K. Lucore
2006 Medieval Studies F. Thomas Luongo
2006 Musical composition Charles Norman Mason
2006 Renaissance & early modern Peter A. Mazur
2006 Ancient studies David Eric Petrain
2006 Humanities John A. Pinto (R)
2006 Humanities JPierre D. L. R. du Pret (R)
2006 Literature Francine Prose (R)
2006 Renaissance & early modern Jana Condie-Pugh
2006 Historic preservation & conservation Robert E. Saarnio
2006 Architecture Alex Schweder
2006 Visual arts Ward Shelley
2006 Architecture Elisa Silva
2006 Music Steven Stucky (R)
2006 Visual arts Carrie Mae Weems
2006 Renaissance & early modern Emily Wilson
2006 Design J. Meejin Yoon
2007 Literature Tom Bissell
2007 History of art Sible de Blaauw (R)
2007 Visual arts Patricia Cronin
2007 Design Adriana Cuéllar
2007 Ancient studies Hendrik William Dey
2007 Visual arts Mildred and Martin Friedman (R)
2007 Modern Italian studies Flora Ghezzo
2007 Modern Italian studies Victoria de Grazia (R)
2007 Historic preservation & conservation Pamela Hatchfield
2007 Historic preservation & conservation Meisha Hunter
2007 Design Dennis Y. Ichiyama
2007 Ancient studies Michael J. Johnson
2007 Visual arts John Kelly
2007 Literature Dave King
2007 Ancient studies Christine Kondoleon (R)
2007 Journalism Jane Kramer (R)
2007 Ancient studies Sandra K. Lucore
2007 Medieval studies Christopher MacEvitt
2007 Renaissance & early modern Margaret Meserve
2007 Ancient studies Lisa Marie Mignone
2007 Visual arts Joshua Mosley
2007 Landscape architecture Willett Moss
2007 Musical composition Andrew Norman
2007 Landscape architecture Jose D. Parral Jr.
2007 Renaissance & early modern Gerard Passannante
2007 Modern Italian studies Stephanie Pilat
2007 History of Architecture Martha Pollak (R)
2007 Architecture James Stewart Polshek (R)
2007 Modern Italian studies Hilary Poriss
2007 Visual arts Richard Rezac
2007 Musical composition Bernard Rands (R)
2007 Medieval studies Marina Rustow
2007 Modern Italian studies Arman Raphael Schwartz
2007 Historic preservation & conservation Jeanne Marie Teutonico (R)
2007 Architecture Patrick Tighe
2007 Architecture Thomas Tsang
2007 Musical composition Ken Ueno
2007 Ancient studies Kevin Uhalde
2007 Visual arts Ursula von Rydingsvard (R)
2007 Landscape architecture Charles Waldheim
2007 Renaissance & early modern Gregory Waldrop
2008 Modern Italian studies Paul Arpaia
2008 Landscape architecture Alan Berger
2008 Visual arts Daniel Bozhkov
2008 Medieval studies Caroline Walker Bynum
2008 Design John Cary
2008 Ancient studies Robert R. Chenault
2008 Ancient studies Elizabeth Ann Clark (R)
2008 History of art Michael Conforti (R)
2008 Music John Corigliano (R)
2008 Historic preservation & conservation Jana Dambrogio
2008 Visual arts Tim Davis
2008 Literature Junot Díaz
2008 Ancient studies Jackie Elliott
2008 Design Molissa Fenley
2008 Modern Italian studies Christina Ferando
2008 Architecture Frederick Fisher
2008 Musical composition Erin Gee
2008 Visual arts Kate Gilmore
2008 Medieval studies Florence Eliza Glaze
2008 Literature Jorie Graham (R)
2008 Musical composition Yotam Haber
2008 Visual arts David Humphrey
2008 Architecture Annie Han
2008 Literature Chang-Rae Lee (R)
2008 Literature Sarah Manguso
2008 Renaissance & early modern Thomas Frederick Mayer
2008 Renaissance & early modern Daniel R. McReynolds
2008 Architecture Daniel Mihalyo
2008 Historic preservation & conservation John Ochsendorf
2008 Landscape Laurie D. Olin (R)
2008 History of art Louise Rice (R)
2008 Ancient studies Eleanor M. Rust
2008 Ancient studies Dylan Sailor
2008 Ancient studies Michele R. Salzman (R)
2008 Landscape architecture Lisa Tziona Switkin
2008 Ancient studies Rachel Van Dusen
2008 Renaissance & early modern Gregory Waldorp
2008 Music Olly Wilson (R)
2008 Renaissance & early modern Marjorie Curry Woods
2008 Visual arts Caveh Zahedi
2008 Architecture Peter Zumthor (R)
2009 Ancient studies Susan A. Curry
2009 Ancient studies John N.N. Hopkins
2009 Ancient studies Patricia Larash
2009 Ancient studies Matthew Notarian
2009 Ancient studies Hérica Valladares
2009 Architecture Matthew Hural
2009 Architecture Urusula Emery McClure & Michael A. McClure
2009 Design Cathy Lang Ho
2009 Design David Erdman
2009 Historic Preservation and Conservation Andrew Kranis
2009 Historic Preservation and Conservation Rosa Lowinger
2009 Landscape architecture Chris Counts
2009 Landscape architecture Hope H. Hasbrouck
2009 Literature Brad Kessler
2009 Literature Dana Spiotta
2009 Medieval studies Carrie Beneš
2009 Medieval studies Erik Gustafson
2009 Medieval studies John Parker
2009 Modern Italian studies Margaret Fisher
2009 Modern Italian studies Gregory Tentler
2009 Musical composition Keeril Makan
2009 Musical composition Kurt Rohde
2009 Renaissance and Early Modern studies Eric Bianchi
2009 Renaissance and Early Modern studies Elizabeth McCahill
2009 Visual arts Hisham M. Bizri
2009 Visual arts David Humphrey
2009 Visual arts Marie Lorenz
2009 Visual arts Matthew Monteith
2010 Ancient studies Scott Craver
2010 Ancient studies Jonathan P. Conant
2010 Ancient studies Lauren M. Kinnee
2010 Ancient studies Susanna McFadden
2010 Ancient studies Darian Totten
2010 Ancient studies Lela Urquart
2010 Ancient studies Ann Vasaly (R)
2010 Architecture Lars Lerup
2010 Architecture Kiel Moe
2010 Architecture Calvin Tsao (R)
2010 Design Russell Maret
2010 Design Adrian Van Allen
2010 Design William Drenttel and Jessica Helfand (R)
2010 History of art Leonard Barkan (R)
2010 Historic preservation & conservation Matthew Bronski
2010 Historic preservation & conservation Jon Calame
2010 Landscape architecture Robert Hammond
2010 Literature Peter Campion
2010 Literature Eliza Griswold
2010 Literature Stephen Greenblatt (R)
2010 Medieval studies Aurelia D'Antonio
2010 Medieval studies Annie Montgomery Labatt
2010 Medieval studies Jason Moralee
2010 Medieval studies Ronald G. Witt (R)
2010 Modern Italian studies Luca Caminati
2010 Modern Italian studies Eileen Ryan
2010 Modern Italian studies Richard Wittman
2010 Modern Italian studies Mary Gibson (R)
2010 Musical composition Lisa Bielawa
2010 Musical composition Don Byron
2010 Musical composition George E. Lewis (R)
2010 Renaissance & early modern studies Kathryn Blair Moore
2010 Renaissance & early modern studies Nick Wilding
2010 Visual arts Terry Adkins
2010 Visual arts Abigail Child
2010 Visual arts Nancy Davenport
2010 Visual arts Stephen Westfall
2010 Visual arts Fred Wilson (R)


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