List of edge cities

This is a list of edge cities by continent, country and metropolitan area.


An edge city is a term coined by Joel Garreau's in his 1991 book Edge City: Life on the New Frontier, for a place in a metropolitan area, outside cities' original downtowns (thus, in the suburbs or, if within the city limits of the central city, an area of suburban density), with a large concentration of jobs, office space, and retail space. Originally, Garreau defined edge cities in the North American context, though he gave some examples outside North America. To qualify under Garreau's rules, an edge city:[1]

  • has five million or more square feet (465,000 m²) of leasable office space
  • has 600,000 square feet (56,000 m²) or more of leasable retail space
  • has more jobs than bedrooms
  • is perceived by the population as one place
  • was nothing like a "city" as recently as 30 years ago. As Garreau stated, "[then] it was just bedrooms, if not cow pastures."[2]

List by country and metropolitan areaEdit

This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it with entries that meet the criteria and that reference a reliable source. Note: "Emerging 1991" indicated that Garreau assessed this area as an emerging edge city in his 1991 book.








Korea (South)Edit


Zona Río, largest commercial area in Tijuana, master-planned in the 1980s




Mexico CityEdit


  • Zona Río: built in the 1980s and the city's new commercial center, the Zona Río and contiguous Agua Caliente submarkets had, in 2016, a total of 136,102 square metres (1,464,990 sq ft) of office space, in addition to having the city's largest concentration of retail, hospitality, and other commercial facilities, and hospitals.[7]



Levent skyline seen from the Bosphorus
Maslak skyline (2007)
View of Levent and beyond from Istanbul Sapphire mall

The historic city center is in Fatih and contains historic sites, the Grand Bazaar and adjacent wholesale/retail districts, but is not a modern "central business district" in that it does not have modern retail formats, dense residential and hotel towers, etc. These can be found in the following edge cities with concentrations of office space, malls, residential towers, entertainment and educational facilities, hospitals, etc.:[8]

United KingdomEdit


Skyline of Buckhead, Atlanta

United StatesEdit











Kansas CityEdit

Aerial view of the South Coast Plaza–John Wayne Airport edge city: Irvine Business Complex (top), John Wayne Airport runway (upper center), South Coast Metro buildings (lower center) and below, the South Coast Plaza mall

Greater Los AngelesEdit

Miami/Fort Lauderdale/HollywoodEdit



New York CityEdit


Raleigh/Durham (Research Triangle)Edit


San DiegoEdit

San Francisco Bay AreaEdit



San Juan






St. LouisEdit

Tampa/St PetersburgEdit

Washington, DCEdit

in Howard County, Maryland:

in Montgomery County, Maryland:

in Prince George's County, Maryland[1]

in Arlington County, Virginia:

in Alexandria, Virginia:

Aerial view of Tysons, Virginia

in Fairfax County, Virginia:

Emerging edge cities in Virginia, as of 1991:


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