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List of automated train systems

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Singapore has the longest automated metro system in the world with all of its Mass Rapid Transit lines having 4th grade automation (GoA4). It has had automated lines since 2003 and currently has 199 km (124 mi) of automated tracks with an additional 43 km (27 mi) by 2024 with the completion of the new Thomson-East Coast line.
Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain has been in operation since 1985; it is fully automated on all lines and is the 2nd longest automated metro system in the world with 79.6 km (49.5 mi) of Automated tracks.

The list of automated train systems is ordered in descending order of the degree of automation. It uses the Grade of Automation classifications specified by the standard IEC 62290‐1. These are explained diagrammatically by the UITP.

This list focuses heavily on trains in the classical sense used for large-scale railways for passengers and freight but does include a few people mover systems.

History of metro train automationEdit

The first line to be operated with Automatic Train Operation (ATO) was London Underground's Victoria line, which opened in 1967, although a driver is present in the cabin. Many lines now operate using an ATO system, with the aim of improving the frequency of service. Since then, ATO technology has been developed to enable trains to operate even without a driver in a cab: either with an attendant roaming within the train, or with no staff on board. The first fully automated driverless mass-transit rail network is the Port Island Line in Kobe, Japan. The second in the world (and the first such driverless system in Europe) is the Lille Metro in northern France.

Degrees of automationEdit

The list is ordered in descending order of the degree of automation. It uses the Grade of Automation classifications specified by the standard IEC 62290‐1.[1] These are explained diagrammatically by the UITP.[2]

The Rio Tinto Mining Company in Western Australia runs the world's largest network of driverless trains, with 1,700 km (1,100 mi) of freight railways run by an increasing number of completely unattended trains.

Grade-of-Automation 4 (GoA4)Edit

Barcelona Metro line 9 without train driver (GoA4)

In this system, trains are capable of operating automatically at all times, including door closing, obstacle detection and emergency situations. On-board staff may be provided for other purposes, e.g. customer service, but are not required for safe operation.

Examples include the Barcelona Metro line 9, Sydney Metro, and the Copenhagen Metro.

Grade-of-Automation 3 (GoA3)Edit

In this system, trains run automatically from station to station but a staff member is always in the train, with responsibility for handling of emergency situations. In a GoA3 system, the train cannot operate safely without the staff member on board.

Examples include the Docklands Light Railway.

Grade-of-Automation 2 (GoA2)Edit

In this system, trains run automatically from station to station but a driver is in the cab, with responsibility for door closing, obstacle detection on the track in front of the train and handling of emergency situations. As in a GoA3 system, the GoA2 train cannot operate safely without the staff member on board.

Examples include the London Underground Victoria line.

Standard systems for automated operationEdit

Grade-of-Automation 4 systemsEdit

These systems are capable of unattended train operation (UTO), although some operators may choose to staff trains anyway.

GoA4 – AmericasEdit

Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Brazil São Paulo Metro Line 4 (Yellow) 25 May 2010 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC First completely driverless metro line in Latin America[3]
Line 2 Bombardier CITYFLO 650[4]
Line 15 (Silver) 30 August 2014 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
  Canada SkyTrain All Lines 11 December 1985 SelTrac The longest driverless network in the Americas, at 79.6 km.[5]
LINK Train 6 July 2006
  Chile Santiago Metro Line 6 2 November 2017 SelTrac
Line 3 22 January 2019
  United States Airport Transit System VAL system
AirTrain Bombardier CITYFLO 650
Detroit People Mover
TPA Monorail and Shuttle Bombardier CITYFLO 550
AirTrain JFK
ATL Skytrain Bombardier CITYFLO 550
The Plane Train
Metromover 17 April 1986 Bombardier CITYFLO 550
Morgantown, West Virginia 1975
Las Vegas Monorail 1995
Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit 28 February 1995 Bombardier CITYFLO 550
DFW Skylink 21 May 2005 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
Satellite Transit System 1973 Bombardier CITYFLO 650

GoA4 – AsiaEdit

A train on the Rapid KL Line 9 in Malaysia. At 51 km (32 mi), it is one of the longest single lines in Asia
Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  China Shanghai Metro Line 10 10 April 2010 Alstom Urbalis 400
Pujiang line 31 March 2018 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
Beijing Subway Yanfang line 30 December 2017 [6]
  Hong Kong MTR Disneyland Resort Line 1 August 2005 Most trains have an attendant on board.
South Island Line (East) 28 December 2016 Alstom Urbalis 400 All trains have an attendant on board.[7]
  India Delhi Metro Pink Line 2018 Bombardier Transportation CITYFLO 650 CBTC 58.59 km (36.41 mi). Initially with an attendant on board.
Magenta Line 25 December 2017 Nippon Signal SPARCS CBTC system Initially with an attendant on board.
Hyderabad Metro Red Line 28 November 2017 [a]
Blue Line 28 November 2017 [a]
  Japan Tokyo Yurikamome
Tokyo Nippori-Toneri Liner
Yokohama Kanazawa Seaside Line
Nagoya Linimo 6 March 2005 World's first unmanned maglev
Osaka Nanko Port Town Line
Kobe Kobe New Transit World's first GoA4 line.
Hiroshima Skyrail Midorizaka Line People Mover monorail
  Malaysia Kuala LumpurRapid KL Kelana Jaya Line 1998 SelTrac CBTC The first GoA4 in Malaysia, at 46.4 km (28.8 mi)
Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line 2017 Bombardier CITYFLO 650 The second GoA4 in Malaysia, at 51 km (32 mi)
Ampang Line & Sri Petaling Line 2017 SelTrac CBTC With train attendants to drive trains in the event of a disruption.
Kuala Lumpur KLIA Aerotrain Bombardier CITYFLO 550
  Qatar Doha Metro all lines 2019 Thales CBTC
  Saudi Arabia Riyadh Metro Blue Line, Red Line 2019 Siemens CBTC
Orange Line Ansaldo STS
Yellow Line, Green Line, Purple Line Alstom Urbalis 400
  Singapore Light Rail Transit (Singapore) Bukit Panjang LRT line 6 November 1999 Bombardier CITYFLO 550
Sengkang LRT line 18 January 2003 Kyosan APM
Punggol LRT line 29 January 2005 Kyosan APM
Changi Airport Skytrain 1990 Kyosan APM
Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) North East MRT line 20 June 2003 Alstom Urbalis 300 The largest fully automated rapid transit network in the world with 199 km (124 mi) of automated rail lines.[8] Trains may have an attendant on board. Only North South Line and East West Line has driving cabins.
Circle MRT line 28 May 2009 Alstom Urbalis 300
Downtown MRT line 22 December 2013 Siemens Trainguard Sirius CBTC
North South MRT line 7 March 2017

Thales SelTrac Convergence CBTC

East West MRT line

1 March 2018 || Thales SelTrac Convergence CBTC

  South Korea Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit
Busan Metro Line 4
Daegu Metro Line 3
Incheon Airport Maglev
Incheon Subway Line 2
Seoul Metropolitan Subway Shinbundang Line
U Line
Everline Bombardier CITYFLO 650
  Taiwan Taipei Metro Wenhu Line Bombardier CITYFLO 650 [b]
  Turkey Istanbul Metro M5 15 September 2017 Bombardier CITYFLO 650[9] On the Asian side of Istanbul.
  UAE Dubai Metro [c]
Dubai Tram November 2014 Alstom Urbalis 400

GoA4 – EuropeEdit

The Lille Metro is operated using fully automated rubber-tyred VAL vehicles
Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Denmark Copenhagen Metro Line 1 19 October 2002 Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
Line 2 19 October 2002 Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
  Spain Barcelona Metro Line 9 13 December 2009 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC 47.8 km (29.7 mi)
Line 10 10 April 2010 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC
  Italy Turin Metro Line M1 4 February 2006 VAL system First fully automatic metro in Italy. First section opened for the 2006 Winter Olympics, completed in 2014.
Rome Metro Line C 9 November 2014 Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
Milan Metro Milan Metro Line 4 2022 (Under construction) Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
Milan Metro Line 5 10 February 2013 Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
Brescia Metro Brescia Metro 2 March 2013 Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
  France Paris Metro Line 1 3 November 2011 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC [d]
Line 4 2022 (Under conversion) Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC Currently under conversion from manual to driverless operation
Line 13 2025–2027 (Planned conversion) Conversion from manual to driverless operation planned for 2025–2027.
Line 14 15 October 1998 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC
Line 15 2024–2025 (Under construction)
Line 16 2024–2025 (Under construction)
Line 17 2024–2025 (Under construction)
Line 18 2027 (Planned)
Orlyval 2 October 1991 VAL system
CDGVAL Line 1 3 April 2007 VAL system
Line 2 27 June 2007 VAL system
Rennes Metro Line A 15 March 2002 VAL system
Line B 2020 VAL system
Toulouse Metro Line A 26 June 1993 VAL system
Line B 30 June 2007 VAL system
Toulouse Aerospace Express 2025 (Planned)
Lille Metro Line A 25 April 1983 VAL system First line to use the VAL system.
Line B 1 April 1989 VAL system
Lyon Metro Line D 11 December 1992 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC [d][e]
  Germany Nuremberg U-Bahn Line U2 2 January 2010 [d]
Line U3 14 June 2008
  Hungary Budapest Metro Line 4 28 March 2014 Alstom Metropolis / Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC [10]
  Switzerland Lausanne Metro Line M2 27 October 2008 Alstom Urbalis 300
  United Kingdom Gatwick Airport Shuttle Transit 1987 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
Stansted Airport Transit System 1991 Bombardier CITYFLO 550
AirRail Link 7 March 2003 People Mover Group, DCC Doppelmayr Cable Car

GoA4 – OceaniaEdit

Sydney Metro Alstom Metropolis
Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Australia Sydney Metro North West Line 26 May 2019 Alstom Urbalis 400 First completely driverless metro line in Australia
Pilbara Pilbara iron ore trains from Roy Hill 28 December 2018 Hitachi's AutoHaul First completely driverless railway in Australia and first full scale fully automated freight railway in the world.

Grade-of-Automation 3 systemsEdit

Whereas Docklands Light Railway trains are driverless and do not have a separate cab, there is provision for manual operation
Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Brazil São Paulo Metro Line 1 (Blue) March 1976 ATO With train captains monitoring in cab.
Line 2 (Green) February 2016 Alstom Urbalis 400 With train captains monitoring in cab.
Line 3 (Red) 1979 ATO With train captains monitoring in cab.
Line 5 (Lilac) 12 March 2017 Bombardier CITYFLO 650 With train captains monitoring in cab. To be upgraded to GoA4 in 2019-2020
Salvador Metro 1 and 2 2014 SelTrac[11] With train captains monitoring in cab.
  Bulgaria Sofia Metro Line 3 October 2019 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC [12]
  China Beijing Subway Airport Express 19 July 2008 Alstom Urbalis 400
Wuhan Metro Yangluo line 26 December 2017 [13]
Shanghai Metro Line 17 30 December 2017 CASCO TRANAVI [14]
  Hungary Budapest Metro Line 2 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC A supervisor is monitoring the train in the cab.
  Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) North South MRT Line 2017[15] Thales Seltrac® CBTC[16] With train captains monitoring in cab.


East West MRT Line 18 June 2017 (Tuas West extension)
28 May 2018 (whole line)[15]
  Spain Barcelona Metro Line 11 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC
  United Kingdom Docklands Light Railway 1987 [g]

Grade-of-Automation 2 systemsEdit

GoA2 – AfricaEdit

Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Algeria Algiers Metro 1 November 2011 Siemens CBTC

GoA2 – AmericasEdit

Control panel of a BART train, which has a black knob to allow the driver to switch between different modes of operation
Much like BART, Washington Metro trains also have a rotary switch to allow the driver to switch between automatic and manual operation
Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Argentina Buenos Aires Underground Line H 2007
  Canada Montreal Metro Line 1 Green
Line 2 Orange
1966 [d]
Line 5 Blue 1986
Toronto subway Line 1 Yonge-University (between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and St. Patrick stations)
Line 3 Scarborough
March 1985, December 2017 Alstom Urbalis 400, SelTrac [h]
  Chile Santiago Metro Line 1 Alstom Urbalis 400
  Mexico Mexico City Metro Line 12 Alstom Urbalis 400
  Puerto Rico Tren Urbano [i]
  United States Bay Area Rapid Transit 1972
PATCO Speedline Between Philadelphia and New Jersey
Washington Metro [j]
New York City Subway BMT Canarsie Line (L train) 2012 Siemens CBTC [18][19]
IRT Flushing Line (7 and <7>​ trains) 10 May 2019 Thales CBTC [20]
Muni Metro [k]
MARTA rail All lines 1979

GoA2 – AsiaEdit

Many metro systems with automatic train operation, such as the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, are equipped with platform screen doors
Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  South Korea Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation Lines 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 [l]
Korail Bundang Line SelTrac [m]
Busan Metro Lines 1, 2, 3
Daejeon Metro Daejeon Subway Line 1
Incheon Subway Incheon Subway Line 1
Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation Lines 1 and 2
  Taiwan Taipei Metro Tamsui-Xinyi line
Songshan–Xindian line
Bannan line
Zhonghe–Xinlu line
  Japan Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line [n]
Namboku Line
Fukutoshin Line
Chiyoda Line (Kita-Ayase branch)
Hibiya Line [o]
Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation Toei Ōedo Line
Toei Mita Line
Osaka Metro Nankō Port Town Line
Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line
Tanimachi Line [p]
Fukuoka City Subway Kūkō Line
Hakozaki Line
Nanakuma Line
Saitama Rapid Railway Line [q]
Sendai Subway Nanboku Line [r]
Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line
Nagoya Municipal Subway Sakura-dōri Line
Okinawa Monorail
  Hong Kong MTR Kwun Tong Line SACEM [s]
Tsuen Wan Line
Island Line
Tung Chung Line
Airport Express
Tseung Kwan O Line
East Rail Line
West Rail Line SelTrac
Ma On Shan Line
  China Beijing Subway Lines 4, 8, and 10 SelTrac
Fangshan Line Alstom Urbalis 400
Lines 2, 6, and 9
Wuxi Metro Lines 1 and 2
Ningbo Metro Line 1
Wuhan Metro Line 1 SelTrac
Guangzhou Metro Line 3
Shenyang Metro Line 1 Ansaldo STS CBTC
Shanghai Metro Lines 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11 Line 11 from 2012, Line 5 from 2018 SelTrac
Line 12, 13, 16 Alstom Urbalis 400
Shenzhen Metro Line 1 Siemens LZB 700M
Line 2, Line 5 Alstom Urbalis 400
Line 3 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
Tianjin Metro Lines 2 and 3 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
  India Kolkata Metro Line 1
Delhi Metro Red Line, Yellow Line Alstom Urbalis 200 [t]
Blue Line Siemens [u]
Green Line, Violet Line, and Airport Express Bombardier CITYFLO 350
  Indonesia Jakarta MRT North-South Line 24 March 2019[21] Nippon Signal SPARCS [22]
  Thailand BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line and Silom Line Bombardier CITYFLO 450
MRT (Bangkok) Blue Line Siemens LZB 700M
State Railway of Thailand Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link
  Malaysia Rapid KL KL Monorail 2003
Express Rail Link KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit Bombardier CITYFLO 550
  Turkey Ankara Metro M1, M4 Ansaldo STS CBTC[23]

Previously Seltrac CBTC on M1.

İstanbul Metro Line M2 YenikapıHacıosman Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC
Line M3 KirazlıiOlimpiyat / Başakşehir Metrokent Bombardier CITYFLO 350
Line M4 KadıköyKartal Seltrac CBTC
Line M6 Levent – Hisarüstü Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC

GoA2 – EuropeEdit

The Victoria Line in London was the first metro line to be equipped with automatic train operation
Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Austria Vienna U-Bahn U1, U2, U3, U4 [w]
  Czech Republic Prague Metro A, C [x]
  Finland Helsinki Metro [y]
  France Paris Metro Line 2
Line 3 OCTYS System [fr]
Line 4 [z]
Line 5 OCTYS System
Line 6
Line 7
Line 8
Line 9 OCTYS System
Line 11
Line 12
Line 13 2025–2027 OURAGAN System [fr] Planned conversion to GoA4
Paris RER Line A SACEM System
  Germay Munich U-Bahn [aa]
Düsseldorf Stadtbahn [ab]
  Hungary Budapest Metro Line 3 [d]
  Italy Milan Metro Line 3
  Netherlands Amsterdam Metro Route 52 (North-South Line) 30 July 2018 Alstom Urbalis 400 [24]
  Romania Bucharest Metro M1, M2, M3, M4 Bombardier CITYFLO 350
  Russia Kazan Metro System "Dvizhenie"
Saint Petersburg Metro Line 2 System "Dvizhenie"
  Spain Barcelona Metro Line 1 Bombardier CITYFLO 350
Line 2
Line 3 Bombardier CITYFLO 350
Line 5
Bilbao Metro Line 1 November 1995 Bombardier CITYFLO 350
Line 2 April 2002 Bombardier CITYFLO 350
Madrid Metro Line 1 July 2009 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
Line 3
Line 4
Line 5
Line 6 July 2008 Bombardier CITYFLO 650
Line 7 Invensys CBTC
Line 8
Line 9
Line 10
Line 11
Line 12
Branch line
Málaga Metro Line 1 30 July 2014 Alstom Urbalis 400 [25]
Line 2 30 July 2014 Alstom Urbalis 400 [25]
  Sweden Stockholm Metro Green Line, (Lines T17,
T18 and T19)
  United Kingdom London Underground Victoria line 1967
Central line 1990s (mid-decade) [d][ac]
Jubilee line 2011 [d][ad]
Northern line 2012 [d][ae]

Future systemsEdit

Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  Argentina Buenos Aires Underground Line F 2022–2024
Line D 2019
  Belarus Minsk Metro Line 3 2021 Stadler
  Brazil São Paulo Metro Line 6 2021 Nippon Signal SPARCS [af][27]
Line 1 and Line 3 2021 Alstom Urbalis 400 [ag]
Line 17 2021[28] SelTrac[29]
  Chile Santiago Metro Line 7 2026 SelTrac
  Peru Lima Metro Line 2 2022 AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
Line 4 2025
  Canada Réseau express métropolitain
Toronto subway Yonge–University–Spadina Line 2020–2021[30] [ah]
Bloor–Danforth Line 2030
  Turkey Istanbul Metro M7, M8, M12 BombardierCityflo 650 CBTC [ai]
  Taiwan Taichung Subway Green line 2020 Alstom Urbalis 400 [32]
Taipei Metro Taipei Circular Line AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
  China Beijing Subway Daxing Airport Express September 2019
Line 3, Line 12, Line 17, and Line 19 2021 [33]
Shanghai Metro Line 14, Line 15 and Line 18 2021 Thales, Shanghai Electric [aj][35]
Wuhan Metro Line 5 [13]
Chengdu Metro Line 9 2020 Alstom Urbalis CBTC System [ai][36]
Shenzhen Metro Line 14 2022 [37]
Line 16 2023 [38]
Nanning Rail Transit Line 5 2021 [39]
  India Hyderabad Metro Green Line December 2019[40] SelTrac[41]
Kolkata Metro Line 2 July 2019[42]
  Macau Macau Light Rapid Transit Taipa Line 2019 [43]
  Malaysia Rapid KL Bandar Utama–Klang line 2020 Siemens Trainguard MT CBTC
Sungai Buloh–Serdang–Putrajaya line 2021 Cityflo 650 CBTC
MRT Circle Line
  Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) Thomson-East Coast Line 2019-2024 Alstom Urbalis 400 CBTC [44]
Jurong Region Line 2026-2028 [45]
Cross Island Line 2029-2031 [46]
  Thailand MRT (Bangkok) MRT Purple Line Bombardier CITYFLO 650
  Czech Republic Prague Metro Line D
  Denmark Copenhagen Metro Line 3 and Line 4 by Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
  Greece Thessaloniki Metro Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
Athens Metro Line 4
  Ireland MetroLink (Dublin) 2027
  Italy Milan Metro Milan Metro Line 4 Ansaldo STS / AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
  Netherlands Amsterdam Metro 5 lines 2019 Alstom Urbalis 400 [ak]
  Spain Barcelona Metro Line 2 Siemens CBTC
  United Kingdom London Underground Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Piccadilly, and District lines
National Rail Crossrail

Defunct systemsEdit

Country/region Name of system Line Date System Notes
  United Kingdom Post Office Railway 1927–2003 [al]
  Germany Berlin M-Bahn 1989–1991 [am]

See alsoEdit


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