List of digital keys in mobile wallets

Digital keys that operate over NFC and/or UWB are compatible with a variety of mobile wallets. These digital keys can be stored in smart devices through the use of mobile wallets that have access to the device's embedded secure element, such as Google Wallet and Samsung Wallet for Android, Huawei Wallet for HarmonyOS, or Apple Wallet for iOS and watchOS.[1][2][3][4]

The following is a list of digital keys and for what mobile wallets they are available.


The digital key specification for vehicles is maintained by the Car Connectivity Consortium. As of 2022, most implementations of the technology follow the Digital Key 2.0 standard. The first automobile to follow the Digital Key 3.0 standard was the BMW iX.[5]

Make Model Year NFC/UWB Google Wallet Samsung Wallet* Huawei Wallet Apple Wallet[6]
AITO[7] M5 2022 NFC        
BMW[8][9] 1 2020- NFC        
2 2020- NFC        
3 2020- NFC        
4 2020- NFC        
5 2020- NFC        
6 2020- NFC        
8 2020- NFC        
X5 2020- NFC        
X6 2020- NFC        
X7 2020- NFC        
M3 2020- NFC        
M4 2020- NFC        
M5 2020- NFC        
M8 2020- NFC        
X1 2023- UWB (Apple Wallet only) & NFC        
X5 M 2020- NFC        
X6 M 2020- NFC        
Z4 2021- NFC        
i4 2022- UWB (Apple Wallet only) & NFC        
iX 2022- UWB (Apple Wallet only) & NFC        
iX1 2023- UWB (Apple Wallet only) & NFC        
iX3 2020- NFC        
Genesis[10] G90 2022- NFC        
GV60 2023- UWB & NFC        
Hyundai Ioniq 6[11] 2023- NFC        
Palisade[12] 2023- NFC        
Kia[13] Niro 2023- NFC        
Telluride 2023- NFC        

As of November 2022, only the Samsung Galaxy S21 (excluding S21 FE) and Galaxy S22 series of phones are compatible with BMW digital keys in Samsung Wallet.


Brand Model NFC/UWB Google Wallet Samsung Wallet Huawei Wallet Apple Wallet
Aqara[14] A100 NFC        
D100 NFC        
Level[15] Lock+ NFC        
Schlage[16] Encode Plus NFC        


Brand Property NFC/UWB Google Wallet Samsung Wallet Huawei Wallet Apple Wallet Notes
Disney[17] Walt Disney World Resort NFC         Google Wallet allows unlimited tickets but doesn't work when battery is depleted. Apple Wallet allows up to 15 tickets but works when battery is depleted.
Hyatt[18] Various NFC         At select hotels only.


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