List of deputies of the 16th National Assembly of France

This is a list of deputies of the 16th National Assembly of France. They were elected in the 2022 French legislative election.

Parliamentary groupsEdit

Composition of the National Assembly as of 28 June 2022
Composition of the National Assembly as of 29 June 2022[1][2]
Parliamentary group Members Related Total President
RE Renaissance 168 4 172 Aurore Bergé
RN National Rally 88 1 89 Marine Le Pen
LFI La France Insoumise - NUPES 75 0 75 Mathilde Panot
LR The Republicans 59 3 62 Olivier Marleix
DEM Democratic group, MoDem and Independents 48 0 48 Jean-Paul Mattei
HOR Horizons and affiliated 28 2 30 Laurent Marcangeli
SOC Socialists and affiliated - NUPES 27 4 31 Boris Vallaud
ECO Ecologist - NUPES 23 0 23 Julien Bayou
GDR Democratic and Republican Left - NUPES 22 0 22 André Chassaigne
LIOT Liberties, Independents, Overseas, and Territories 16 0 16 Bertrand Pancher
NI Non-Attached Members 9


Constituency Name Coalition Party Year of birth
Ain's 1st constituency Xavier Breton UDC LR 1962
Ain's 2nd constituency Romain Daubié Ensemble MoDem 1980
Ain's 3rd constituency Olga Givernet Ensemble LREM 1981
Ain's 4th constituency Jérôme Buisson RN 1973
Ain's 5th constituency Damien Abad Ensemble DVD 1980
Aisne's 1st constituency Nicolas Dragon RN 1977
Aisne's 2nd constituency Julien Dive UDC LR 1985
Aisne's 3rd constituency Jean-Louis Bricout NUPES PS 1957
Aisne's 4th constituency José Beaurain RN 1971
Aisne's 5th constituency Jocelyn Dessigny RN 1981
Allier's 1st constituency Yannick Monnet NUPES PCF 1975
Allier's 2nd constituency Jorys Bovet RN 1993
Allier's 3rd constituency Nicolas Ray UDC LR 1981
Alpes de Haute Provence's 1st constituency Christian Girard RN 1952
Alpes de Haute Provence's 2nd constituency Léo Walter NUPES LFI 1972
Hautes-Alpes's 1st constituency Pascale Boyer Ensemble LREM 1965
Hautes-Alpes's 2nd constituency Joël Giraud Ensemble PR/LREM 1959
Alpes Maritimes's 1st constituency Éric Ciotti UDC LR 1965
Alpes Maritimes's 2nd constituency Lionel Tivoli RN 1988
Alpes Maritimes's 3rd constituency Philippe Pradal Ensemble H 1963
Alpes Maritimes's 4th constituency Alexandra Masson RN 1971
Alpes Maritimes's 5th constituency Christelle d’Intorni UDC LR 1985
Alpes Maritimes's 6th constituency Bryan Masson RN 1985
Alpes Maritimes's 7th constituency Éric Pauget UDC LR 1970
Alpes Maritimes's 8th constituency Alexandra Martin UDC LR 1968
Alpes Maritimes's 9th constituency Michèle Tabarot UDC LR 1962
Ardèche's 1st constituency Hervé Saulignac NUPES PS 1970
Ardèche's 2nd constituency Olivier Dussopt Ensemble TDP 1978
Ardèche's 3rd constituency Fabrice Brun UDC LR 1968
Ardennes's 1st constituency Lionel Vuibert Ensemble Agir 1968
Ardennes's 2nd constituency Pierre Cordier UDC LR 1972
Ardennes's 3rd constituency Jean-Luc Warsmann UDC UDI 1965
Ariège's 1st constituency Bénédicte Taurine NUPES LFI 1976
Ariège's 2nd constituency Laurent Panifous DVG 1976
Aube's 1st constituency Jordan Guitton RN 1995
Aube's 2nd constituency Valérie Bazin-Malgras UDC LR 1969
Aube's 3rd constituency Angélique Ranc RN 1988
Aude's 1st constituency Christophe Barthès RN 1966
Aude's 2nd constituency Frédéric Falcon RN 1985
Aude's 3rd constituency Julien Rancoule RN 1993
Aveyron's 1st constituency Stéphane Mazars Ensemble LREM 1969
Aveyron's 2nd constituency Laurent Alexandre NUPES LFI 1973
Aveyron's 3rd constituency Jean-François Rousset Ensemble LREM 1952
Bouches du Rhône's 1st constituency Sabrina Agresti-Roubache Ensemble LREM 1976
Bouches du Rhône's 2nd constituency Claire Pitollat Ensemble TDP 1979
Bouches du Rhône's 3rd constituency Gisèle Lelouis RN 1952
Bouches du Rhône's 4th constituency Manuel Bompard NUPES LFI 1986
Bouches du Rhône's 5th constituency Hendrik Davi NUPES LFI 1977
Bouches du Rhône's 6th constituency Lionel Royer-Perreaut Ensemble DVD 1972
Bouches du Rhône's 7th constituency Sébastien Delogu NUPES LFI 1987
Bouches du Rhône's 8th constituency Jean-Marc Zulesi Ensemble LREM 1988
Bouches du Rhône's 9th constituency Joëlle Mélin RN 1950
Bouches du Rhône's 10th constituency José Gonzalez RN 1943
Bouches du Rhône's 11th constituency Mohamed Laqhila Ensemble MoDem 1959
Bouches du Rhône's 12th constituency Franck Allisio RN 1980
Bouches du Rhône's 13th constituency Pierre Dharréville NUPES PCF 1975
Bouches du Rhône's 14th constituency Anne-Laurence Petel Ensemble LREM 1970
Bouches du Rhône's 15th constituency Romain Baubry RN 1989
Bouches du Rhône's 16th constituency Emmanuel Taché RN 1975
Calvados's 1st constituency Fabrice Le Vigoureux Ensemble LREM 1969
Calvados's 2nd constituency Arthur Delaporte NUPES PS 1991
Calvados's 3rd constituency Jérémie Patrier-Leitus Ensemble H 1989
Calvados's 4th constituency Christophe Blanchet Ensemble LREM 1973
Calvados's 5th constituency Bertrand Bouyx Ensemble LREM 1970
Calvados's 6th constituency Élisabeth Borne Ensemble LREM 1961
Cantal's 1st constituency Vincent Descœur UDC LR 1962
Cantal's 2nd constituency Jean-Yves Bony UDC LR 1955
Charente's 1st constituency Thomas Mesnier Ensemble H 1986
Charente's 2nd constituency Sandra Marsaud Ensemble TDP 1974
Charente's 3rd constituency Caroline Colombier RN 1957
Charente-Maritime's 1st constituency Olivier Falorni PRG 1972
Charente-Maritime's 2nd constituency Anne-Laure Babault Ensemble LREM 1982
Charente-Maritime's 3rd constituency Jean-Philippe Ardouin Ensemble LREM 1964
Charente-Maritime's 4th constituency Raphaël Gérard Ensemble LREM 1968
Charente-Maritime's 5th constituency Christophe Plassard Ensemble H 1967
Cher's 1st constituency François Cormier-Bouligeon Ensemble LREM 1972
Cher's 2nd constituency Nicolas Sansu NUPES PCF 1968
Cher's 3rd constituency Loïc Kervran Ensemble H 1984
Corrèze's 1st constituency Francis Dubois UDC DVD 1961
Corrèze's 2nd constituency Frédérique Meunier UDC LR 1960
Corse-du-Sud's 1st constituency Laurent Marcangeli Ensemble H 1980
Corse-du-Sud's 2nd constituency Paul-André Colombani RPS PNC 1967
Haute-Corse's 1st constituency Michel Castellani RPS FaC 1945
Haute-Corse's 2nd constituency Jean-Félix Acquaviva RPS FaC 1973
Côte-d'Or's 1st constituency Didier Martin Ensemble LREM 1956
Côte-d'Or's 2nd constituency Benoît Bordat Ensemble FP [fr]/LREM 1984
Côte-d'Or's 3rd constituency Fadila Khattabi Ensemble LREM 1962
Côte-d'Or's 4th constituency Hubert Brigand UDC LR 1952
Côte-d'Or's 5th constituency Didier Paris Ensemble LREM 1954
Côtes-d'Armor's 1st constituency Mickaël Cosson Ensemble MoDem 1975
Côtes-d'Armor's 2nd constituency Hervé Berville Ensemble LREM 1990
Côtes-d'Armor's 3rd constituency Marc Le Fur UDC LR 1956
Côtes-d'Armor's 4th constituency Murielle Lepvraud NUPES LFI 1974
Côtes-d'Armor's 5th constituency Éric Bothorel Ensemble LREM 1966
Creuse's constituency Catherine Couturier NUPES LFI 1959
Dordogne's 1st constituency Pascale Martin NUPES LFI 1961
Dordogne's 2nd constituency Serge Muller RN 1976
Dordogne's 3rd constituency Jean-Pierre Cubertafon Ensemble MoDem 1948
Dordogne's 4th constituency Sébastien Peytavie NUPES G.s 1982
Doubs's 1st constituency Laurent Croizier Ensemble MoDem 1975
Doubs's 2nd constituency Éric Alauzet Ensemble TDP 1958
Doubs's 3rd constituency Nicolas Pacquot Ensemble LREM 1978
Doubs's 4th constituency Géraldine Grangier RN 1975
Doubs's 5th constituency Annie Genevard UDC LR 1956
Drôme's 1st constituency Mireille Clapot Ensemble LREM 1963
Drôme's 2nd constituency Lisette Pollet RN 1968
Drôme's 3rd constituency Marie Pochon NUPES EELV 1990
Drôme's 4th constituency Emmanuelle Anthoine UDC LR 1964
Eure's 1st constituency Christine Loir RN 1977
Eure's 2nd constituency Katiana Levavasseur RN 1970
Eure's 3rd constituency Kévin Mauvieux RN 1991
Eure's 4th constituency Philippe Brun NUPES PS 1991
Eure's 5th constituency Timothée Houssin RN 1988
Eure-et-Loir's 1st constituency Guillaume Kasbarian Ensemble LREM 1987
Eure-et-Loir's 2nd constituency Olivier Marleix UDC LR 1971
Eure-et-Loir's 3rd constituency Luc Lamirault Ensemble H 1962
Eure-et-Loir's 4th constituency Philippe Vigier Ensemble MoDem 1958
Finistère's 1st constituency Annaïg Le Meur Ensemble LREM 1973
Finistère's 2nd constituency Jean-Charles Larsonneur DVC 1984
Finistère's 3rd constituency Didier Le Gac Ensemble TDP 1965
Finistère's 4th constituency Sandrine Le Feur Ensemble LREM 1991
Finistère's 5th constituency Graziella Melchior Ensemble LREM 1960
Finistère's 6th constituency Mélanie Thomin NUPES PS 1984
Finistère's 7th constituency Liliane Tanguy Ensemble LREM 1967
Finistère's 8th constituency Erwan Balanant Ensemble MoDem 1971
Gard's 1st constituency Yoann Gillet RN 1986
Gard's 2nd constituency Nicolas Meizonnet RN 1983
Gard's 3rd constituency Pascale Bordes RN 1961
Gard's 4th constituency Pierre Meurin RN 1989
Gard's 5th constituency Michel Sala NUPES LFI 1954
Gard's 6th constituency Philippe Berta Ensemble MoDem 1960
Haute-Garonne's 1st constituency Hadrien Clouet NUPES LFI 1991
Haute-Garonne's 2nd constituency Anne Stambach-Terrenoir NUPES LFI 1980
Haute-Garonne's 3rd constituency Corinne Vignon Ensemble LREM 1963
Haute-Garonne's 4th constituency François Piquemal NUPES LFI 1984
Haute-Garonne's 5th constituency Jean-François Portarrieu Ensemble LREM 1965
Haute-Garonne's 6th constituency Monique Iborra Ensemble LREM 1945
Haute-Garonne's 7th constituency Christophe Bex NUPES LFI 1961
Haute-Garonne's 8th constituency Joël Aviragnet NUPES PS 1956
Haute-Garonne's 9th constituency Christine Arrighi NUPES EELV 1959
Haute-Garonne's 10th constituency Dominique Faure Ensemble PR 1959
Gers's 1st constituency Jean-René Cazeneuve Ensemble LREM 1958
Gers's 2nd constituency David Taupiac DVG 1958
Gironde's 1st constituency Thomas Cazenave Ensemble LREM 1978
Gironde's 2nd constituency Nicolas Thierry NUPES EELV 1975
Gironde's 3rd constituency Loïc Prud'homme NUPES LFI 1969
Gironde's 4th constituency Alain David NUPES PS 1949
Gironde's 5th constituency Grégoire De Fournas RN 1985
Gironde's 6th constituency Éric Poulliat Ensemble LREM 1974
Gironde's 7th constituency Bérangère Couillard Ensemble LREM 1986
Gironde's 8th constituency Sophie Panonacle Ensemble LREM 1968
Gironde's 9th constituency Sophie Mette Ensemble MoDem 1959
Gironde's 10th constituency Florent Boudié Ensemble LREM 1973
Gironde's 11th constituency Edwige Diaz RN 1987
Gironde's 12th constituency Pascal Lavergne Ensemble LREM 1967
Hérault's 1st constituency Patricia Mirallès Ensemble TDP 1967
Hérault's 2nd constituency Nathalie Oziol NUPES LFI 1990
Hérault's 3rd constituency Laurence Cristol Ensemble LREM 1967
Hérault's 4th constituency Sébastien Rome NUPES LFI 1978
Hérault's 5th constituency Stéphanie Galzy RN 1981
Hérault's 6th constituency Emmanuelle Ménard DVD 1968
Hérault's 7th constituency Aurélien Lopez-Liguori RN 1993
Hérault's 8th constituency Sylvain Carrière NUPES LFI 1991
Hérault's 9th constituency Patrick Vignal Ensemble LREM 1958
Ille-et-Vilaine's 1st constituency Frédéric Mathieu NUPES LFI 1977
Ille-et-Vilaine's 2nd constituency Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie Ensemble LREM 1967
Ille-et-Vilaine's 3rd constituency Claudia Rouaux NUPES PS 1963
Ille-et-Vilaine's 4th constituency Mathilde Hignet NUPES LFI 1993
Ille-et-Vilaine's 5th constituency Christine Cloarec Ensemble LREM 1964
Ille-et-Vilaine's 6th constituency Thierry Benoit Ensemble LREM 1966
Ille-et-Vilaine's 7th constituency Jean-Luc Bourgeaux UDC LR 1963
Ille-et-Vilaine's 8th constituency Mickaël Bouloux NUPES PS 1972
Indre's 1st constituency François Jolivet Ensemble H 1966
Indre's 2nd constituency Nicolas Forissier UDC LR 1961
Indre-et-Loire's 1st constituency Charles Fournier NUPES EELV 1968
Indre-et-Loire's 2nd constituency Daniel Labaronne Ensemble LREM 1955
Indre-et-Loire's 3rd constituency Henri Alfandari Ensemble H 1979
Indre-et-Loire's 4th constituency Fabienne Colboc Ensemble LREM 1971
Indre-et-Loire's 5th constituency Sabine Thillaye Ensemble MoDem 1959
Isère's 1st constituency Olivier Véran Ensemble LREM 1980
Isère's 2nd constituency Cyrielle Chatelain NUPES EELV 1987
Isère's 3rd constituency Élisa Martin NUPES LFI 1972
Isère's 4th constituency Marie-Noëlle Battistel NUPES PS 1956
Isère's 5th constituency Jérémie Iordanoff NUPES EELV 1983
Isère's 6th constituency Alexis Jolly RN 1990
Isère's 7th constituency Yannick Neuder UDC LR 1969
Isère's 8th constituency Caroline Abadie Ensemble LREM 1976
Isère's 9th constituency Élodie Jacquier-Laforge Ensemble MoDem 1978
Isère's 10th constituency Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert Ensemble TDP 1982
Jura's 1st constituency Danielle Brulebois Ensemble LREM 1947
Jura's 2nd constituency Marie-Christine Dalloz UDC LR 1958
Jura's 3rd constituency Justine Gruet UDC LR 1989
Landes's 1st constituency Geneviève Darrieussecq Ensemble MoDem 1956
Landes's 2nd constituency Lionel Causse Ensemble TDP/LREM 1971
Landes's 3rd constituency Boris Vallaud NUPES PS 1975
Loir-et-Cher's 1st constituency Marc Fesneau Ensemble MoDem 1971
Loir-et-Cher's 2nd constituency Roger Chudeau RN 1949
Loir-et-Cher's 3rd constituency Christophe Marion Ensemble LREM 1973
Loire's 1st constituency Quentin Bataillon Ensemble LREM 1993
Loire's 2nd constituency Andrée Taurinya NUPES LFI 1963
Loire's 3rd constituency Emmanuel Mandon Ensemble LREM 1965
Loire's 4th constituency Dino Cinieri UDC LR 1955
Loire's 5th constituency Antoine Vermorel-Marques UDC LR 1993
Loire's 6th constituency Jean-Pierre Taite UDC LR 1962
Haute-Loire's 1st constituency Isabelle Valentin UDC LR 1962
Haute-Loire's 2nd constituency Jean-Pierre Vigier UDC LR 1969
Loire-Atlantique's 1st constituency Mounir Belhamiti Ensemble LREM 1985
Loire-Atlantique's 2nd constituency Andy Kerbrat NUPES LFI 1990
Loire-Atlantique's 3rd constituency Ségolène Amiot NUPES LFI 1986
Loire-Atlantique's 4th constituency Julie Laernoes NUPES EELV 1982
Loire-Atlantique's 5th constituency Sarah El Haïry Ensemble MoDem 1989
Loire-Atlantique's 6th constituency Jean-Claude Raux NUPES EELV 1967
Loire-Atlantique's 7th constituency Sandrine Josso Ensemble MoDem 1975
Loire-Atlantique's 8th constituency Matthias Tavel NUPES LFI 1987
Loire-Atlantique's 9th constituency Yannick Haury Ensemble LREM 1954
Loire-Atlantique's 10th constituency Sophie Errante Ensemble LREM 1971
Loiret's 1st constituency Stéphanie Rist Ensemble LREM 1973
Loiret's 2nd constituency Caroline Janvier Ensemble LREM 1982
Loiret's 3rd constituency Mathilde Paris RN 1985
Loiret's 4th constituency Thomas Ménagé RN 1992
Loiret's 5th constituency Anthony Brosse Ensemble LREM 1980
Loiret's 6th constituency Richard Ramos Ensemble MoDem 1968
Lot's 1st constituency Aurélien Pradié UDC LR 1986
Lot's 2nd constituency Huguette Tiegna Ensemble LREM 1982
Lot-et-Garonne's 1st constituency Michel Lauzzana Ensemble LREM 1957
Lot-et-Garonne's 2nd constituency Hélène Laporte RN 1978
Lot-et-Garonne's 3rd constituency Annick Cousin RN 1973
Lozère's 1st constituency Pierre Morel-À-L'Huissier UDC LR 1958
Maine-et-Loire's 1st constituency François Gernigon Ensemble H 1961
Maine-et-Loire's 2nd constituency Stella Dupont Ensemble LREM 1973
Maine-et-Loire's 3rd constituency Anne-Laure Blin UDC LR 1983
Maine-et-Loire's 4th constituency Laëtitia Saint-Paul Ensemble LREM 1981
Maine-et-Loire's 5th constituency Denis Masséglia Ensemble LREM 1981
Maine-et-Loire's 6th constituency Nicole Dubré-Chirat Ensemble LREM 1951
Maine-et-Loire's 7th constituency Philippe Bolo Ensemble MoDem 1967
Manche's 1st constituency Philippe Gosselin UDC LR 1966
Manche's 2nd constituency Bertrand Sorre Ensemble LREM 1965
Manche's 3rd constituency Stéphane Travert Ensemble TDP 1969
Manche's 4th constituency Anna Pic NUPES PS 1978
Marne's 1st constituency Xavier Albertini Ensemble LREM 1970
Marne's 2nd constituency Anne-Sophie Frigout RN 1991
Marne's 3rd constituency Éric Girardin Ensemble LREM 1962
Marne's 4th constituency Lise Magnier Ensemble H 1984
Marne's 5th constituency Charles de Courson UDC LC 1954
Haute-Marne's 1st constituency Christophe Bentz RN 1987
Haute-Marne's 2nd constituency Laurence Robert-Dehault RN 1964
Mayenne's 1st constituency Guillaume Garot NUPES PS 1966
Mayenne's 2nd constituency Géraldine Bannier Ensemble MoDem 1979
Mayenne's 3rd constituency Yannick Favennec Ensemble H 1958
Meurthe-et-Moselle's 1st constituency Carole Grandjean Ensemble LREM 1983
Meurthe-et-Moselle's 2nd constituency Emmanuel Lacresse Ensemble LREM 1971
Meurthe-et-Moselle's 3rd constituency Martine Etienne NUPES LFI 1956
Meurthe-et-Moselle's 4th constituency Thibault Bazin UDC LR 1984
Meurthe-et-Moselle's 5th constituency Dominique Potier NUPES PS 1964
Meurthe-et-Moselle's 6th constituency Caroline Fiat NUPES LFI 1977
Meuse's 1st constituency Bertrand Pancher DVD 1958
Meuse's 2nd constituency Florence Goulet RN 1961
Morbihan's 1st constituency Anne Le Hénanff Ensemble H 1969
Morbihan's 2nd constituency Jimmy Pahun Ensemble MoDem 1962
Morbihan's 3rd constituency Nicole Le Peih Ensemble TDP 1959
Morbihan's 4th constituency Paul Molac RPS DVG 1962
Morbihan's 5th constituency Lysiane Métayer Ensemble LREM 1963
Morbihan's 6th constituency Jean-Michel Jacques Ensemble LREM 1968
Moselle's 1st constituency Belkhir Belhaddad Ensemble TDP 1969
Moselle's 2nd constituency Ludovic Mendes Ensemble LREM 1987
Moselle's 3rd constituency Charlotte Leduc NUPES LFI 1980
Moselle's 4th constituency Fabien Di Filippo UDC LR 1986
Moselle's 5th constituency Vincent Seitlinger UDC LR 1987
Moselle's 6th constituency Kévin Pfeffer RN 1990
Moselle's 7th constituency Alexandre Loubet RN 1994
Moselle's 8th constituency Laurent Jacobelli RN 1969
Moselle's 9th constituency Isabelle Rauch Ensemble LREM 1968
Nièvre's 1st constituency Perrine Goulet Ensemble MoDem 1978
Nièvre's 2nd constituency Patrice Perrot Ensemble TDP 1964
Nord's 1st constituency Adrien Quatennens NUPES LFI 1990
Nord's 2nd constituency Ugo Bernalicis NUPES LFI 1989
Nord's 3rd constituency Benjamin Saint-Huile DVG 1983
Nord's 4th constituency Brigitte Liso Ensemble LREM 1959
Nord's 5th constituency Victor Catteau RN 1995
Nord's 6th constituency Charlotte Lecocq Ensemble LREM 1977
Nord's 7th constituency Félicie Gérard Ensemble H 1974
Nord's 8th constituency David Guiraud NUPES LFI 1992
Nord's 9th constituency Violette Spillebout Ensemble LREM 1972
Nord's 10th constituency Gérald Darmanin Ensemble LREM 1982
Nord's 11th constituency Roger Vicot NUPES PS 1963
Nord's 12th constituency Michaël Taverne RN 1979
Nord's 13th constituency Christine Decodts Ensemble DVC 1966
Nord's 14th constituency Paul Christophe Ensemble Agir 1971
Nord's 15th constituency Pierrick Berteloot RN 1999
Nord's 16th constituency Matthieu Marchio RN 1993
Nord's 17th constituency Thibaut François RN 1989
Nord's 18th constituency Guy Bricout UDC UDI 1944
Nord's 19th constituency Sébastien Chenu RN 1973
Nord's 20th constituency Fabien Roussel NUPES PCF 1969
Nord's 21st constituency Béatrice Descamps UDC UDI 1961
Oise's 1st constituency Victor Habert-Dassault UDC LR 1992
Oise's 2nd constituency Philippe Ballard RN 1960
Oise's 3rd constituency Alexandre Sabatou RN 1993
Oise's 4th constituency Éric Woerth Ensemble DVD 1956
Oise's 5th constituency Pierre Vatin UDC LR 1967
Oise's 6th constituency Michel Guiniot RN 1954
Oise's 7th constituency Maxime Minot UDC LR 1987
Orne's 1st constituency Chantal Jourdan NUPES PS 1958
Orne's 2nd constituency Véronique Louwagie UDC LR 1961
Orne's 3rd constituency Jérôme Nury UDC LR 1972
Pas-de-Calais's 1st constituency Emmanuel Blairy RN 1986
Pas-de-Calais's 2nd constituency Jacqueline Maquet Ensemble LREM 1949
Pas-de-Calais's 3rd constituency Jean-Marc Tellier NUPES PCF 1969
Pas-de-Calais's 4th constituency Philippe Fait Ensemble LREM 1969
Pas-de-Calais's 5th constituency Jean-Pierre Pont Ensemble LREM 1950
Pas-de-Calais's 6th constituency Christine Engrand RN 1955
Pas-de-Calais's 7th constituency Pierre-Henri Dumont UDC LR 1987
Pas-de-Calais's 8th constituency Bertrand Petit DVG 1964
Pas-de-Calais's 9th constituency Caroline Parmentier RN 1965
Pas-de-Calais's 10th constituency Thierry Frappé RN 1952
Pas-de-Calais's 11th constituency Marine Le Pen RN 1968
Pas-de-Calais's 12th constituency Bruno Bilde RN 1976
Puy-de-Dôme's 1st constituency Marianne Maximi NUPES LFI 1985
Puy-de-Dôme's 2nd constituency Christine Pirès-Beaune NUPES PS 1964
Puy-de-Dôme's 3rd constituency Laurence Vichnievsky Ensemble MoDem 1955
Puy-de-Dôme's 4th constituency Delphine Lingemann Ensemble MoDem 1972
Puy-de-Dôme's 5th constituency André Chassaigne NUPES PCF 1950
Pyrénées-Atlantiques's 1st constituency Josy Poueyto Ensemble MoDem 1954
Pyrénées-Atlantiques's 2nd constituency Jean-Paul Mattei Ensemble MoDem 1954
Pyrénées-Atlantiques's 3rd constituency David Habib DVG 1961
Pyrénées-Atlantiques's 4th constituency Iñaki Echaniz NUPES PS 1993
Pyrénées-Atlantiques's 5th constituency Florence Lasserre-David Ensemble MoDem 1974
Pyrénées-Atlantiques's 6th constituency Vincent Bru Ensemble MoDem 1955
Hautes-Pyrénées's 1st constituency Sylvie Ferrer NUPES LFI 1967
Hautes-Pyrénées's 2nd constituency Benoît Mournet Ensemble LREM 1986
Pyrénées-Orientales's 1st constituency Sophie Blanc RN 1968
Pyrénées-Orientales's 2nd constituency Anaïs Sabatini RN 1990
Pyrénées-Orientales's 3rd constituency Sandrine Dogor-Such RN 1970
Pyrénées-Orientales's 4th constituency Michèle Martinez RN 1968
Bas-Rhin's 1st constituency Sandra Regol NUPES EELV 1978
Bas-Rhin's 2nd constituency Emmanuel Fernandes NUPES LFI 1980
Bas-Rhin's 3rd constituency Bruno Studer Ensemble LREM 1978
Bas-Rhin's 4th constituency Françoise Buffet Ensemble LREM 1953
Bas-Rhin's 5th constituency Charles Sitzenstuhl Ensemble LREM 1988
Bas-Rhin's 6th constituency Louise Morel Ensemble MoDem 1995
Bas-Rhin's 7th constituency Patrick Hetzel UDC LR 1964
Bas-Rhin's 8th constituency Stéphanie Kochert Ensemble H 1975
Bas-Rhin's 9th constituency Vincent Thiébaut Ensemble LREM 1972
Haut-Rhin's 1st constituency Brigitte Klinkert Ensemble LREM 1956
Haut-Rhin's 2nd constituency Hubert Ott Ensemble MoDem 1964
Haut-Rhin's 3rd constituency Didier Lemaire Ensemble H 1975
Haut-Rhin's 4th constituency Raphaël Schellenberger UDC LR 1990
Haut-Rhin's 5th constituency Olivier Becht Ensemble Agir 1976
Haut-Rhin's 6th constituency Bruno Fuchs Ensemble MoDem 1959
Rhône's 1st constituency Thomas Rudigoz Ensemble LREM 1971
Rhône's 2nd constituency Hubert Julien-Laferrière NUPES GE 1966
Rhône's 3rd constituency Marie-Charlotte Garin NUPES EELV 1995
Rhône's 4th constituency Anne Brugnera Ensemble TDP 1970
Rhône's 5th constituency Blandine Brocard Ensemble LREM 1981
Rhône's 6th constituency Gabriel Amard NUPES LFI 1967
Rhône's 7th constituency Alexandre Vincendet UDC LR 1983
Rhône's 8th constituency Nathalie Serre UDC LR 1968
Rhône's 9th constituency Alexandre Portier UDC LR 1990
Rhône's 10th constituency Thomas Gassilloud Ensemble Agir 1981
Rhône's 11th constituency Jean-Luc Fugit Ensemble LREM 1969
Rhône's 12th constituency Cyrille Isaac-Sibille Ensemble MoDem 1958
Rhône's 13th constituency Sarah Tanzilli Ensemble LREM 1985
Rhône's 14th constituency Idir Boumertit NUPES LFI 1974
Haute-Saône's 1st constituency Antoine Villedieu RN 1989
Haute-Saône's 2nd constituency Émeric Salmon RN 1973
Saône-et-Loire's 1st constituency Benjamin Dirx Ensemble LREM 1979
Saône-et-Loire's 2nd constituency Josiane Corneloup UDC LR 1959
Saône-et-Loire's 3rd constituency Rémy Rebeyrotte Ensemble TDP 1966
Saône-et-Loire's 4th constituency Cécile Untermaier NUPES PS 1951
Saône-et-Loire's 5th constituency Louis Margueritte Ensemble H 1984
Sarthe's 1st constituency Julie Delpech Ensemble LREM 1989
Sarthe's 2nd constituency Marietta Karamanli NUPES DVG 1964
Sarthe's 3rd constituency Éric Martineau Ensemble MoDem 1968
Sarthe's 4th constituency Elise Leboucher NUPES LFI 1982
Sarthe's 5th constituency Jean-Carles Grelier Ensemble DVD 1966
Savoie's 1st constituency Marina Ferrari Ensemble MoDem 1973
Savoie's 2nd constituency Vincent Rolland UDC LR 1970
Savoie's 3rd constituency Émilie Bonnivard UDC LR 1980
Savoie's 4th constituency Jean-François Coulomme NUPES LFI 1966
Haute-Savoie's 1st constituency Véronique Riotton Ensemble LREM 1969
Haute-Savoie's 2nd constituency Antoine Armand Ensemble LREM 1991
Haute-Savoie's 3rd constituency Christelle Petex-Levet UDC LR 1980
Haute-Savoie's 4th constituency Virginie Duby-Muller UDC LR 1979
Haute-Savoie's 5th constituency Anne-Cécile Violland Ensemble H 1973
Haute-Savoie's 6th constituency Xavier Roseren Ensemble LREM 1970
Paris's 1st constituency Sylvain Maillard Ensemble LREM 1974
Paris's 2nd constituency Gilles Le Gendre Ensemble LREM 1958
Paris's 3rd constituency Stanislas Guerini Ensemble LREM 1982
Paris's 4th constituency Astrid Panosyan Ensemble LREM 1971
Paris's 5th constituency Julien Bayou NUPES EELV 1980
Paris's 6th constituency Sophia Chikirou NUPES LFI 1979
Paris's 7th constituency Clément Beaune Ensemble LREM 1981
Paris's 8th constituency Éva Sas NUPES EELV 1970
Paris's 9th constituency Sandrine Rousseau NUPES EELV 1972
Paris's 10th constituency Rodrigo Arenas NUPES LFI 1974
Paris's 11th constituency Maud Gatel Ensemble MoDem 1979
Paris's 12th constituency Olivia Grégoire Ensemble LREM 1978
Paris's 13th constituency David Amiel Ensemble LREM 1992
Paris's 14th constituency Benjamin Haddad Ensemble LREM 1985
Paris's 15th constituency Danielle Simonnet NUPES LFI 1971
Paris's 16th constituency Sarah Legrain NUPES LFI 1985
Paris's 17th constituency Danièle Obono NUPES LFI 1980
Paris's 18th constituency Aymeric Caron NUPES REV 1971
Seine-Maritime's 1st constituency Damien Adam Ensemble LREM 1989
Seine-Maritime's 2nd constituency Annie Vidal Ensemble LREM 1956
Seine-Maritime's 3rd constituency Hubert Wulfranc NUPES PCF 1956
Seine-Maritime's 4th constituency Alma Dufour NUPES LFI 1990
Seine-Maritime's 5th constituency Gérard Leseul NUPES PS 1960
Seine-Maritime's 6th constituency Sébastien Jumel NUPES PCF 1971
Seine-Maritime's 7th constituency Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo Ensemble H 1968
Seine-Maritime's 8th constituency Jean-Paul Lecoq NUPES PCF 1958
Seine-Maritime's 9th constituency Marie-Agnès Poussier-Winsback Ensemble H 1967
Seine-Maritime's 10th constituency Xavier Batut Ensemble LREM 1976
Seine-et-Marne's 1st constituency Aude Luquet Ensemble MoDem 1967
Seine-et-Marne's 2nd constituency Frédéric Valletoux Ensemble H 1966
Seine-et-Marne's 3rd constituency Jean-Louis Thiériot UDC LR 1969
Seine-et-Marne's 4th constituency Isabelle Périgault UDC LR 1971
Seine-et-Marne's 5th constituency Franck Riester Ensemble Agir 1974
Seine-et-Marne's 6th constituency Béatrice Roullaud RN 1960
Seine-et-Marne's 7th constituency Ersilia Soudais NUPES LFI 1988
Seine-et-Marne's 8th constituency Hadrien Ghomi Ensemble LREM 1989
Seine-et-Marne's 9th constituency Michèle Peyron Ensemble TDP 1961
Seine-et-Marne's 10th constituency Maxime Laisney NUPES LFI 1981
Seine-et-Marne's 11th constituency Olivier Faure NUPES PS 1968
Yvelines's 1st constituency Charles Rodwell Ensemble LREM 1996
Yvelines's 2nd constituency Jean-Noël Barrot Ensemble MoDem 1983
Yvelines's 3rd constituency Béatrice Piron Ensemble LREM 1965
Yvelines's 4th constituency Marie Lebec Ensemble LREM 1990
Yvelines's 5th constituency Yaël Braun-Pivet Ensemble LREM 1970
Yvelines's 6th constituency Natalia Pouzyreff Ensemble LREM 1961
Yvelines's 7th constituency Nadia Hai Ensemble LREM 1980
Yvelines's 8th constituency Benjamin Lucas NUPES G.s 1990
Yvelines's 9th constituency Bruno Millienne Ensemble MoDem 1959
Yvelines's 10th constituency Aurore Bergé Ensemble LREM 1986
Yvelines's 11th constituency William Martinet NUPES LFI 1988
Yvelines's 12th constituency Karl Olive Ensemble LREM 1969
Deux-Sèvres's 1st constituency Bastien Marchive Ensemble PR 1990
Deux-Sèvres's 2nd constituency Delphine Batho NUPES GE 1973
Deux-Sèvres's 3rd constituency Jean-Marie Fiévet Ensemble LREM 1964
Somme's 1st constituency François Ruffin NUPES PD 1975
Somme's 2nd constituency Barbara Pompili Ensemble EC 1964
Somme's 3rd constituency Emmanuel Maquet UDC LR 1964
Somme's 4th constituency Jean-Philippe Tanguy RN 1986
Somme's 5th constituency Yaël Ménache RN 1985
Tarn's 1st constituency Frédéric Cabrolier RN 1966
Tarn's 2nd constituency Karen Erodi NUPES LFI 1977
Tarn's 3rd constituency Jean Terlier Ensemble LREM 1977
Tarn-et-Garonne's 1st constituency Valérie Rabault NUPES PS 1973
Tarn-et-Garonne's 2nd constituency Marine Hamelet RN 1967
Var's 1st constituency Yannick Chenevard Ensemble LREM 1959
Var's 2nd constituency Laure Lavalette RN 1976
Var's 3rd constituency Stéphane Rambaud RN 1960
Var's 4th constituency Philippe Lottiaux RN 1966
Var's 5th constituency Julie Lechanteux RN 1977
Var's 6th constituency Frank Giletti RN 1973
Var's 7th constituency Frédéric Boccaletti RN 1973
Var's 8th constituency Philippe Schreck RN 1972
Vaucluse's 1st constituency Joris Hébrard RN 1982
Vaucluse's 2nd constituency Bénédicte Auzanot RN 1972
Vaucluse's 3rd constituency Hervé de Lépinau RN 1969
Vaucluse's 4th constituency Marie-France Lorho LS 1964
Vaucluse's 5th constituency Jean-François Lovisolo Ensemble LREM 1968
Vendée's 1st constituency Philippe Latombe Ensemble MoDem 1975
Vendée's 2nd constituency Béatrice Bellamy Ensemble H 1966
Vendée's 3rd constituency Stéphane Buchou Ensemble LREM 1974
Vendée's 4th constituency Véronique Besse DVD 1963
Vendée's 5th constituency Pierre Henriet Ensemble LREM 1991
Vienne's 1st constituency Lisa Belluco NUPES EELV 1988
Vienne's 2nd constituency Sacha Houlié Ensemble LREM 1988
Vienne's 3rd constituency Pascal Lecamp Ensemble MoDem 1958
Vienne's 4th constituency Nicolas Turquois Ensemble MoDem 1972
Haute-Vienne's 1st constituency Damien Maudet NUPES LFI 1996
Haute-Vienne's 2nd constituency Stéphane Delautrette NUPES PS 1972
Haute-Vienne's 3rd constituency Manon Meunier NUPES LFI 1996
Vosges's 1st constituency Stéphane Viry UDC LR 1969
Vosges's 2nd constituency David Valence Ensemble PR 1981
Vosges's 3rd constituency Christophe Naegelen UDC UDI 1983
Vosges's 4th constituency Jean-Jacques Gaultier UDC LR 1963
Yonne's 1st constituency Daniel Grenon RN 1948
Yonne's 2nd constituency André Villiers Ensemble H 1954
Yonne's 3rd constituency Julien Odoul RN 1985
Territoire-de-Belfort's 1st constituency Ian Boucard UDC LR 1988
Territoire-de-Belfort's 2nd constituency Florian Chauche NUPES LFI 1984
Essonne's 1st constituency Farida Amrani NUPES LFI 1976
Essonne's 2nd constituency Nathalie Da Conceicao Carvalho RN 1966
Essonne's 3rd constituency Alexis Izard Ensemble LREM 1992
Essonne's 4th constituency Marie-Pierre Rixain Ensemble LREM 1977
Essonne's 5th constituency Paul Midy Ensemble LREM 1983
Essonne's 6th constituency Jérôme Guedj NUPES PS 1972
Essonne's 7th constituency Robin Reda Ensemble LREM 1991
Essonne's 8th constituency Nicolas Dupont-Aignan UPF DLF 1961
Essonne's 9th constituency Marie Guévenoux Ensemble LREM 1976
Essonne's 10th constituency Antoine Léaument NUPES LFI 1989
Hauts-de-Seine's 1st constituency Elsa Faucillon NUPES PCF 1981
Hauts-de-Seine's 2nd constituency Francesca Pasquini NUPES EELV 1981
Hauts-de-Seine's 3rd constituency Philippe Juvin UDC LR 1964
Hauts-de-Seine's 4th constituency Sabrina Sebaihi NUPES EELV 1981
Hauts-de-Seine's 5th constituency Céline Calvez Ensemble LREM 1979
Hauts-de-Seine's 6th constituency Constance Le Grip Ensemble LREM 1960
Hauts-de-Seine's 7th constituency Pierre Cazeneuve Ensemble LREM 1995
Hauts-de-Seine's 8th constituency Prisca Thevenot Ensemble LREM 1985
Hauts-de-Seine's 9th constituency Emmanuel Pellerin Ensemble LREM 1970
Hauts-de-Seine's 10th constituency Gabriel Attal Ensemble LREM 1989
Hauts-de-Seine's 11th constituency Aurélien Saintoul NUPES LFI 1988
Hauts-de-Seine's 12th constituency Jean-Louis Bourlanges Ensemble MoDem 1946
Hauts-de-Seine's 13th constituency Maud Bregeon Ensemble LREM 1991
Seine-Saint-Denis's 1st constituency Éric Coquerel NUPES LFI 1958
Seine-Saint-Denis's 2nd constituency Stéphane Peu NUPES PCF 1962
Seine-Saint-Denis's 3rd constituency Thomas Portes NUPES LFI 1985
Seine-Saint-Denis's 4th constituency Soumya Bourouaha NUPES PCF 1964
Seine-Saint-Denis's 5th constituency Raquel Garrido NUPES LFI 1974
Seine-Saint-Denis's 6th constituency Bastien Lachaud NUPES LFI 1980
Seine-Saint-Denis's 7th constituency Alexis Corbière NUPES LFI 1968
Seine-Saint-Denis's 8th constituency Fatiha Keloua-Hachi NUPES PS 1971
Seine-Saint-Denis's 9th constituency Aurélie Trouvé NUPES LFI 1979
Seine-Saint-Denis's 10th constituency Nadège Abomangoli NUPES LFI 1975
Seine-Saint-Denis's 11th constituency Clémentine Autain NUPES LFI 1973
Seine-Saint-Denis's 12th constituency Jérôme Legavre NUPES POI 1972
Val-de-Marne's 1st constituency Frédéric Descrozaille Ensemble LREM 1967
Val-de-Marne's 2nd constituency Clémence Guetté NUPES LFI 1991
Val-de-Marne's 3rd constituency Louis Boyard NUPES LFI 2000
Val-de-Marne's 4th constituency Maud Petit Ensemble MoDem 1971
Val-de-Marne's 5th constituency Mathieu Lefèvre Ensemble LREM 1986
Val-de-Marne's 6th constituency Guillaume Gouffier-Cha Ensemble LREM 1986
Val-de-Marne's 7th constituency Rachel Keke NUPES LFI 1974
Val-de-Marne's 8th constituency Michel Herbillon UDC LR 1951
Val-de-Marne's 9th constituency Isabelle Santiago NUPES PS 1965
Val-de-Marne's 10th constituency Mathilde Panot NUPES LFI 1989
Val-de-Marne's 11th constituency Sophie Taillé-Polian NUPES G.s 1974
Val d'Oise's 1st constituency Emilie Chandler Ensemble LREM 1983
Val d'Oise's 2nd constituency Guillaume Vuilletet Ensemble LREM 1967
Val d'Oise's 3rd constituency Cécile Rilhac Ensemble LREM 1974
Val d'Oise's 4th constituency Naïma Moutchou Ensemble H 1980
Val d'Oise's 5th constituency Paul Vannier NUPES LFI 1985
Val d'Oise's 6th constituency Estelle Folest Ensemble MoDem 1976
Val d'Oise's 7th constituency Dominique Da Silva Ensemble LREM 1968
Val d'Oise's 8th constituency Carlos Martens Bilongo NUPES LFI 1990
Val d'Oise's 9th constituency Arnaud Le Gall NUPES LFI 1980
Val d'Oise's 10th constituency Aurélien Taché NUPES LND 1984
Guadeloupe's 1st constituency Olivier Serva NUPES DVG 1974
Guadeloupe's 2nd constituency Christian Baptiste NUPES PPDG 1962
Guadeloupe's 3rd constituency Max Mathiasin Ensemble DVG 1956
Guadeloupe's 4th constituency Élie Califer NUPES PS 1954
Martinique's 1st constituency Jiovanny William NUPES DVG 1985
Martinique's 2nd constituency Marcellin Nadeau NUPES Péyi-A 1962
Martinique's 3rd constituency Johnny Hajjar NUPES PPM 1973
Martinique's 4th constituency Jean-Philippe Nilor NUPES Péyi-A 1965
French Guiana's 1st constituency Jean-Victor Castor NUPES MDES 1962
French Guiana's 2nd constituency Davy Rimane NUPES DVG 1979
Réunion's 1st constituency Philippe Naillet NUPES PS 1960
Réunion's 2nd constituency Karine Lebon NUPES PLR 1985
Réunion's 3rd constituency Nathalie Bassire DVD 1968
Réunion's 4th constituency Emeline K/Bidi NUPES LP 1987
Réunion's 5th constituency Jean-Hugues Ratenon NUPES LFI 1967
Réunion's 6th constituency Frédéric Maillot NUPES PLR 1986
Réunion's 7th constituency Perceval Gaillard NUPES LFI 1983
Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon's 1st constituency Stéphane Lenormand UDC AD 1964
Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin's 1st constituency Frantz Gumbs Ensemble LREM 1954
Mayotte's 1st constituency Estelle Youssouffa DVD 1961
Mayotte's 2nd constituency Mansour Kamardine UDC LR 1959
Wallis and Futuna's 1st constituency Mikaele Seo Ensemble LREM 1971
French Polynesia's 1st constituency Tematai Le Gayic NUPES Tavini 2000
French Polynesia's 2nd constituency Steve Chailloux NUPES Tavini 1985
French Polynesia's 3rd constituency Moetai Brotherson NUPES Tavini 1969
New Caledonia's 1st constituency Philippe Dunoyer Ensemble CE 1968
New Caledonia's 2nd constituency Nicolas Metzdorf Ensemble GNC 1988
French residents overseas' 1st constituency Roland Lescure Ensemble LREM 1968
French residents overseas' 2nd constituency Éléonore Caroit Ensemble LREM 1985
French residents overseas' 3rd constituency Alexandre Holroyd Ensemble LREM 1987
French residents overseas' 4th constituency Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade Ensemble LREM 1986
French residents overseas' 5th constituency Stéphane Vojetta DVC 1974
French residents overseas' 6th constituency Marc Ferracci Ensemble LREM 1977
French residents overseas' 7th constituency Frédéric Petit Ensemble MoDem 1961
French residents overseas' 8th constituency Meyer Habib UDC UDI 1961
French residents overseas' 9th constituency Karim Ben Cheïkh NUPES G.s 1977
French residents overseas' 10th constituency Amal Amélia Lakrafi Ensemble LREM 1978
French residents overseas' 11th constituency Anne Genetet Ensemble LREM 1973


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