List of dams and reservoirs in Turkey

Below is a partial list of dams in Turkey separated by region, of more than 350 dams total. fib

Regions of Turkey

Aegean RegionEdit

In the Aegean Region, western part of Turkey, there are 45 dams.

Black Sea RegionEdit

54 dams exist in the Black Sea Region, northern part of Turkey.

Central Anatolia RegionEdit

75 dams are in the Central Anatolia Region.

Eastern Anatolia RegionEdit

40 dams are located in the Eastern Anatolia Region.

Marmara RegionEdit

There are 50 dams in the Marmara Region, northwest of Turkey.

Mediterranean RegionEdit

41 dams exist and 1 is under construction in the Mediterranean Region, in southern Turkey.

Southeastern Anatolia RegionEdit

In the Southeastern Anatolia Region, 20 dams are built, 12 under construction and 4 planned.

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