List of dams and reservoirs in Japan

Below is a list of dams and reservoirs in Japan. As a nation of islands and narrow, steep valleys, dams play a vital role in Japanese society as they are constructed primarily to control floods, supply water and generate hydroelectric power. The tallest dam in Japan is the 186 m (610 ft) high Kurobe Dam. The largest dam by structural volume in the country is the Tokuyama Dam with 13,700,000 m3 (17,900,000 cu yd) of rock-fill. Tokuyama also creates Japan's largest reservoir with a water volume of 660,000,000 m3 (540,000 acre⋅ft). Some of the dams are listed below by prefecture.

Dams by prefectureEdit

Aichi PrefectureEdit

Shintoyone Dam

Aomori PrefectureEdit

Yomasari Dam

Fukui PrefectureEdit

Itoshiro Dam

Fukuoka PrefectureEdit

Jinya Dam

Fukushima PrefectureEdit

Okutadami Dam

Gifu PrefectureEdit

Tokuyama Dam

Gunma PrefectureEdit

Ueno Dam

Hiroshima PrefectureEdit

Asari Dam


Tokuyama Dam

Hyōgo PrefectureEdit

Sengari Dam

Ibaraki PrefectureEdit

Ishikawa PrefectureEdit

Yoshinodani Dam

Iwate PrefectureEdit

Isawa Dam

Kagawa PrefectureEdit

Fuchu Dam

Kagoshima PrefectureEdit

Tsuruda Dam

Kanagawa PrefectureEdit

Miyagase Dam

Kōchi PrefectureEdit

Nagase Dam

Kyoto PrefectureEdit

Amagase Dam

Mie PrefectureEdit

Hinachi Dam

Miyagi PrefectureEdit

Naruko Dam

Miyazaki PrefectureEdit

Tsukabaru Dam

Nagano PrefectureEdit

Minamiaiki Dam
Nagawado Dam
Ōmachi Dam

Nara PrefectureEdit

Asahi Dam

Niigata PrefectureEdit

Agekawa Dam
Okumiomote Dam

Ōita PrefectureEdit

Hakusui Dam

Okayama PrefectureEdit

Takasegawa Dam

Okinawa PrefectureEdit

Okukubi Dam

Osaka PrefectureEdit

Teragaike Reservoir

Saga PrefectureEdit

Hokuzan Dam

Saitama PrefectureEdit

Shinsui Dam

Shiga PrefectureEdit

Odsuchi Dam

Shimane PrefectureEdit

Kijima Dam

Shizuoka PrefectureEdit

Hatanagi No.2 Dam

Tochigi PrefectureEdit

Kurobe Dam

Tokushima PrefectureEdit

Kawaguchi Dam


Shiromaru Dam

Tottori PrefectureEdit

Matanoagawa Dam

Toyama PrefectureEdit

Komaki Dam

Yamagata PrefectureEdit

Yokokawa Dam

Yamaguchi PrefectureEdit

Simajigawa Dam

Yamanashi PrefectureEdit

Fukashiro Dam

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