List of cultural assets of Algeria

List of cultural assets of Algeria includes monuments, natural sites and parks, and other cultural assets as classed by the Algerian Ministry of Culture. The Ministry's list was updated in September 2019 with 1,030 cultural assets across the country. Skikda Province has the highest number of assets at 131.[1]

Adrar ProvinceEdit

There are 7 cultural assets in Adrar: 4 historical sites, 2 contemporary sites of cultural importance, and 1 nature reserve.[2]

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
01-001 Kasbah of Melouka Historic Ouled Ahmed Timmi
01-002 Oasis Rouge Hotel Contemporary Timimoun
01-003 Adrar El Kadim Hospital Contemporary Adrar  
01-004 Touat-Gourara-Tidikelt cultural park Nature reserve  
01-005 Ksar of Tamentit Historic Tamentit
01-006 Independence square Historic Timimoun
01-007 Martyrs square Historic Adrar 27°51′47″N 0°16′56″W / 27.863057°N 0.282211°W / 27.863057; -0.282211

Chlef ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

02-001 Mosaic of a labyrinth, moved from St. Reparatus to Algiers Cathedral[3] artwork/antiquity Chlef  

02-002 Roman ruins of the Kalâa des ouled Abdallah ruins/antiquity Ténès

02-003 Mosque of old Ténes Islamic Ténès  

Laghouat ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
03-001 Cave drawings Artwork/prehistoric El Ghicha 33°55′04″N 2°04′36″E / 33.91778°N 2.07666°E / 33.91778; 2.07666
03-002 Rocher Fromentin Nature Park Laghouat
03-003 Oued Remailia cave drawings Artwork/prehistoric Sidi Makhlouf  
03-004 El Hasbaia prehistoric site Laghouat  
03-005 Zaouia Tidjania Islamic Aïn Madhi
03-006 Centrale électrique diesel de Laghouat Modern industry Laghouat  

Oum El Bouaghi ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
04-001 Dolmens and Cromlechs funerary/prehistoric Sigus  

Batna ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

05-001 Gorges of Tilatou Nature Park Tilatou
05-002 Village of Bouzina Nature Park Bouzina 35°16′52″N 6°07′01″E / 35.281023334165454°N 6.1170753836631775°E / 35.281023334165454; 6.1170753836631775
05-003 Village of Tagoust Nature Park Menaa 35°13′37″N 6°02′31″E / 35.22688797084407°N 6.041903793811798°E / 35.22688797084407; 6.041903793811798  
05-004 Village of Amentane Nature Park Tigherghar 35°07′02″N 5°56′19″E / 35.117231953755116°N 5.9386709332466125°E / 35.117231953755116; 5.9386709332466125
05-005 Village of Tighanimine Nature Park Tighanimine
05-006 Canyon of Ghoufi Nature Park T'Kout
35°02′57″N 6°10′02″E / 35.049153°N 6.16725°E / 35.049153; 6.16725
05-007 Ruins of the ancient municipality of Tobna Ruins/antiquity Bitam 35°20′59″N 5°20′58″E / 35.3497222°N 5.349444444444444°E / 35.3497222; 5.349444444444444  
05-008 Mausoleum of the Numidian kings, known as Medracen Funerary/antiquity Boumia 35°42′26″N 6°26′04″E / 35.707275°N 6.434523°E / 35.707275; 6.434523
05-009 Arc de triomphe of Markouna Monument/antiquity Tazoult 35°29′11″N 6°17′16″E / 35.48632293678461°N 6.287916004657745°E / 35.48632293678461; 6.287916004657745
05-010 Territories and monuments of Lambaesis Antiquity Tazoult 35°29′25″N 6°15′17″E / 35.49018415553889°N 6.254755854606628°E / 35.49018415553889; 6.254755854606628
05-011 Territories and monuments of Thamugadi Antiquity Timgad (World Heritage Site) 35°29′05″N 6°28′07″E / 35.484829°N 6.468716°E / 35.484829; 6.468716
05-012 Gorges of Foum Ksentina Nature Park Oued Taga 35°24′08″N 6°24′03″E / 35.402134°N 6.400845°E / 35.402134; 6.400845
05-013 Territories and monuments of the Diana Veteranorum (Zana) of antiquity Ancient sites and monuments Zanet El Beida 35°46′46″N 6°04′31″E / 35.779444°N 6.075278°E / 35.779444; 6.075278
05-014 Igelfen Granary[4] antiquity Tigherghar  
05-015 Village of Menâa Nature Park Menâa 35°10′25″N 6°00′29″E / 35.173558377179994°N 6.008000671863556°E / 35.173558377179994; 6.008000671863556
05-016 Granary of Baloul monuments of antiquity Tigherghar  

Béjaïa ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

06-001 Ruins of the fortified walls of the Fouka Gate Ruins/Medieval Béjaïa 36°45′18″N 5°04′53″E / 36.755001°N 5.081284°E / 36.755001; 5.081284

06-002 Fort Moussa known as Fort Barral Fortification/Medieval Béjaïa 36°45′18″N 5°05′02″E / 36.755035°N 5.083829°E / 36.755035; 5.083829

06-003 Casbah de Béjaïa [fr] Fortification/Medieval Béjaïa 36°45′05″N 5°05′02″E / 36.751485°N 5.083808°E / 36.751485; 5.083808

06-004 Porte Sarrasine or sea gate Access/Medieval Béjaïa 36°45′12″N 5°05′15″E / 36.753331°N 5.087426°E / 36.753331; 5.087426

06-005 Corniche Nature Park Tichy  

06-006 Corniche Nature Park Aokas  

06-007 Corniche Nature Park Souk El Ténine  

06-008 Site of Tiklat Archaeology site/Antiquity El Kseur 36°39′21″N 4°50′18″E / 36.655789°N 4.838461°E / 36.655789; 4.838461

06-009 Roman cippus funerary stone/Antiquity Béjaïa 36°45′13″N 5°05′11″E / 36.753746°N 5.086332°E / 36.753746; 5.086332

06-010 Mihrab of the Ibn Tumart mosque Religious/Islamic Oued Ghir 36°42′49″N 5°01′14″E / 36.713603°N 5.020559°E / 36.713603; 5.020559

06-011 Citadel of the Zayyanid dynasty known as Lassouar Fortification/Medieval El Kseur

06-012 Roman cisterns Antiquity Béjaïa 36°45′25″N 5°05′01″E / 36.757019°N 5.083521°E / 36.757019; 5.083521

06-013 Corniche Nature Park Béjaïa 36°46′29″N 5°06′20″E / 36.77474°N 5.10551°E / 36.77474; 5.10551

Biskra ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

07-001 ruins of thermal baths ruins/antiquity Biskra  
07-002 Gemellae ruins/antiquity M'Lili  
07-003 wooden door of the mosque Architectural element Sidi Okba 34°45′19″N 5°54′24″E / 34.755274291122575°N 5.906719118356705°E / 34.755274291122575; 5.906719118356705
07-004 Gorges and village of Djemina Nature Park M'Chouneche
07-005 Village of Kebach Nature Park M'Chouneche  
07-006 Gorges of Khenguet Sidi-Nadji Nature Park Khenguet Sidi Nadji  
07-007 Islamic village Khenguet Sidi-Nadji,
cave carvings around Ain-Naga
prehistoric artwork Aïn Naga  
07-008 milestone in Seba Mgata Antiquity/navigation El Kantara  
07-009 Inscription built into the gate of the caravanserail Antiquity El Outaya  
07-010 Ruins of the amphitheatre Ruins/Antiquity El Outaya  
07-011 Roman bridge Antiquity El Kantara 35°14′01″N 5°42′06″E / 35.23355937561478°N 5.701556950807571°E / 35.23355937561478; 5.701556950807571
07-012 Lapidary collection in the municipal museum Artwork/antiquity El Kantara 35°13′17″N 5°42′04″E / 35.22147814335812°N 5.701109021902084°E / 35.22147814335812; 5.701109021902084
07-013 Gorges of El Kantara Nature Park El Kantara 35°13′54″N 5°42′08″E / 35.231598543453316°N 5.70216178894043°E / 35.231598543453316; 5.70216178894043
07-014 Mosque of Sidi Khaled religious/Islam Sidi Khaled  
07-015 Zaouia tidjania  
07-016 Gorge of Sidi Masmoudi Nature Park M'Chouneche  

Béchar ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

08-001 Ksar de Kenadsa Living history Kénadsa  
08-002 Ksar of Taghit Living history Taghit
08-003 Ksar of Beni Abbes living history Béni Abbès
08-004 Necropolis (tumulus)  

Blida ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

09-001 Chemin Abel de Chréa nature park Blida

Bouira ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
10-001 Forest of Azrou, Taouialt and Tikjda cantons nature park Bechloul  
10-002 Inscription and ancient fragments deposited in Sour El-Ghozlane on the esplanade Antiquity/epigraph Sour El-Ghozlane  

Tamanghasset ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

11-001 Abalessa and tomb (Tin-Hinan) funerary monument/prehistoric Tamanrasset, (Site of the Ahaggar) 23°17′00″N 5°32′00″E / 23.283333°N 5.533333°E / 23.283333; 5.533333

Tébessa ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

12-001 Stations abris (shelter) of Bir Sedet prehistoric Chéria  
12-002 Garet Retba prehistoric Chéria  
12-003 Chabet Retba prehistoric Chéria  
12-004 Chabet Siboun prehistoric Chéria  
12-005 Damou Kermaia prehistoric Chéria  
12-006 Fadje Relilai Mengart prehistoric Chéria  
12-007 Foum Relilai Menguebba prehistoric Chéria  
12-008 Merget Sem El-Garbi prehistoric Chéria  
12-009 Oued Retem prehistoric Chéria 34°53′48″N 7°47′15″E / 34.8967°N 7.7875°E / 34.8967; 7.7875  
12-010 Relilai Tlidjen prehistoric Chéria 35°02′27″N 7°41′20″E / 35.0409°N 7.6888°E / 35.0409; 7.6888  
12-011 Ruins Ruins/antiquity Morsott  
12-012 Gorges of Bou Akkous Nature Park Morsott  
12-013 Grottos of Bou Akkous Nature Park Morsott  
12-014 Village of Youkous Nature Park Hammamet 35°24′58″N 7°57′52″E / 35.41603733440473°N 7.964369058609009°E / 35.41603733440473; 7.964369058609009  
12-015 Arch of Caracalla Monument/antiquity Tebessa 35°24′10″N 8°07′08″E / 35.40271530916794°N 8.119002431631088°E / 35.40271530916794; 8.119002431631088
12-016 Amphitheatre, 4th century AD Antiquity/venue Tebessa 35°24′04″N 8°07′26″E / 35.40116304288892°N 8.123804926872253°E / 35.40116304288892; 8.123804926872253  
12-017 Byzantine era wall Fortification/antiquity Tebessa 35°24′09″N 8°07′08″E / 35.40249668192292°N 8.118893802165985°E / 35.40249668192292; 8.118893802165985
12-018 ruins of the basilica of St Crispinus, 4th century AD religious/antiquity Tebessa 35°24′33″N 8°07′37″E / 35.409081474515034°N 8.126811683177948°E / 35.409081474515034; 8.126811683177948  
12-019 Quarter of the Zaouia excavation site/antiquity Tebessa  
12-020 Thèveste Site and monuments/antiquity Tebessa 35°25′04″N 8°08′02″E / 35.41780352881925°N 8.133750557899475°E / 35.41780352881925; 8.133750557899475  
12-021 Roman temple of Khalia religious/antiquity Tebessa 35°23′00″N 8°05′59″E / 35.383294525033°N 8.099748194217682°E / 35.383294525033; 8.099748194217682  
12-022 Tower of Djebel Mestiri surveillance/antiquity Tebessa 35°25′04″N 7°59′30″E / 35.41770079332346°N 7.991753071546555°E / 35.41770079332346; 7.991753071546555  

Tlemcen ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

13-001 Port of Honaïne[5] medieval Honaïne 35°10′35″N 1°39′18″W / 35.176483°N 1.65503°W / 35.176483; -1.65503  

13-002 Rampart of the Casbah Fortification/medieval Nedroma (World Heritage Site)  

13-003 Moorish baths Thermal baths/medieval Nedroma  

13-004 Mosque of the Gueddarines Islamic Nedroma
13-005 Mosque of Sidi-Mendil Islamic Nedroma

13-006 Grand Mosque Islamic Nedroma  

13-007 Marabout of Sidi Brahim Funerary/Islamic Nedroma  
13-008 Mausoleum of Sidi-Bouali Funerary/Islamic Nedroma

13-009 Karar Lake deposit prehistoric Remchi  
13-010 Mosque of Beni Snous Islamic Beni Snous  

13-011 Village of Tafessera Nature Park Azaïls  

13-012 Village of Tleta Nature Park Azaïls  

13-013 Village of Zahra Nature Park Azaïls  

13-014 Mosque of Khemis Islamic (Remchi)?  

13-015 Mosque of Sidi Bou Ishaq Tayar Islamic Tlemcen

13-016 Grand mosque and grounds: Minaret of the Mosque Islamic Tlemcen  

13-017 Sidi-Belhassen Rachidi Funerary/Islamic Tlemcen  

13-018 Minaret of the Sidi-Hacéne mosque Islamic Tlemcen  

13-019 Sidi Boumediène Mosque and grounds: Medersas. Islamic Tlemcen 34°53′08″N 1°19′05″W / 34.88556°N 1.31806°W / 34.88556; -1.31806
13-020 Mosque of Sidi Bellahsen Islamic Tlemcen  

13-021 Mosque of Lala Erroyat Islamic Tlemcen  

13-022 Mosque of Sidi-Senoussi Islamic Tlemcen  

13-023 El Mechouar Mosque Islamic Tlemcen  

13-024 Mosque Bab Zir and two Marabouts of the cemetery of El Obbad Es Soufli Islamic/Funerary Tlemcen  

13-025 Mosque of the Oulad El-Imam Islamic Tlemcen  

13-026 Ancient Mosque of Sidi-El Ghali Islamic Tlemcen  

13-027 Marabout of Sidi Brahim Funerary/Islamic Tlemcen  

13-028 Marabout of Sidi-El Wahab Funerary/Islamic Tlemcen  

13-029 Kobba said of the Khalifat cemetery of Sidi-Yakoub Funerary/Islamic Tlemcen  

13-030 Kobba of Sidi El Daoudi Funerary/Islamic Tlemcen  

13-031 Agadir (site) medieval Tlemcen  

13-032 Mansourah Mosque, minaret and dependencies religious/medieval Mansourah 34°52′15″N 1°20′20″W / 34.87088°N 1.338936°W / 34.87088; -1.338936

13-033 Mosque Sidi El Haloui and dependancies religious/ medieval Mansourah  

13-034 Tombs said to be of the sultana in the cemetery of Sidi Yakoub Funerary/medieval Mansourah  

13-035 Little palace of the sultans at El-Obbad in El Fouqui Residence/ medieval Mansourah  

13-036 Store and historic monument agency Historic collections/Medieval Mansourah  

13-037 Walls of Mansourah and ruins of the Macalla Fortification/medieval Mansourah 34°52′15″N 1°20′21″W / 34.870733°N 1.339148°W / 34.870733; -1.339148

13-038 Gate of Mansourah Mansourah 34°52′15″N 1°20′20″W / 34.87088°N 1.338936°W / 34.87088; -1.338936

13-039 fragments from the Arab period in the city hall museum Medieval Mansourah  

13-040 Columns from the mosque of Mansourah Architectural elements/medieval Mansourah  

13-041 Tower and ruins of the gate of Sidi El Daoudi on the east face surveillance/ruins/medieval Mansourah  

13-042 Bab el Khemis gate access/medieval Tlemcen  

13-043 Ruins of the Tlemcen ramparts ruins Mansourah  

13-044 Bordjs and other works on the south and west faces Fortification/medieval Mansourah  

13-045 Gate of Bab El Kermadine on the northwest face improperly called "Bab El Toi" access/Medieval Tlemcen  

13-046 Minaret of Agadir religious/medieval Tlemcen  

13-047 Kobba of Sidi Abdallah Ben Mansour and of Sidi Ben Ali at Ain El Hout Funerary/medieval Tlemcen  

13-048 Ruins of Arab ramparts ruins Tlemcen  

Tiaret ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

14-001 Djeddar Thirteen funerary monuments of late antiquity Medroussa-Louhou 35°06′47″N 1°12′45″E / 35.113081°N 1.212401°E / 35.113081; 1.212401
14-002 Bled Touta Lakania and grottos related to the tradition of the historian Ibn Khaldun nature park Frenda
14-003 Dolmens funerary monument/prehistoric Tiaret  
14-004 Tahert-Tagdemt medieval Tagdemt  

Tizi Ouzou ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

15-001 Roman ruins known as "El Habs El Ksour" ruins/antiquity Azzefoun  
15-002 Roman mausoleum of Teksebt funerary/antiquity Iflissen  
15-003 Ruined Roman temples and basilicas ruins/religious/antiquity Tigzirt (Iomnium)  

Algiers ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

16-001 Dolmens Bologhine Ibnou Ziri Funerary/Prehistoric Bologhine

16-002 Roman inscription carved in a stone in the façade of a building on the corner of rue Bab Azzoun and rue Caftan Epigraph/Antiquity Casbah  

16-003 Vestiges of fortifications known as Bastion XI Fortification/Medieval Casbah  

16-004 Ketchaoua Mosque Islamic Algiers 36°47′06″N 3°03′39″E / 36.785023°N 3.060830°E / 36.785023; 3.060830

16-005 Ali Bitchin Mosque Islamic Casbah

16-006 Djamâa El Kebir religious/Islamic Casbah 36°47′07″N 3°03′51″E / 36.785311°N 3.064212°E / 36.785311; 3.064212

16-007 Mosque Abderrahmane El-Tâalbi Islamic Casbah 36°47′17″N 3°03′35″E / 36.787923°N 3.059663°E / 36.787923; 3.059663

16-008 Mosque Sidi Ramdane Islamic Casbah

16-009 Casbah of Algiers (World Heritage Site) living city center/Medieval Casbah 36°47′03″N 3°03′32″E / 36.7842°N 3.0588°E / 36.7842; 3.0588

16-010 Djamâa Safir Islamic Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-011 Mosque Mohamed Cherif Islamic Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-012 Marabout of the "Jardin Marengo", known as Tomb of the Queen funerary/Islam Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-013 Hassen Pacha marabout with cupola, known as Ben Ali, on street of the same name Funerary/Islamic Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-014 Dar Hassen Pacha Abode/Modern Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-015 Group of Moorish houses (Bastion 23) ex. rue du 14 juin Abodes/Modern Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-016 Dar Es Souf (formerly court of assises) Abode/Modern Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-017 Dar Kkhaznadji (former Archbishopric) Abode/Modern Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-018 Dar Mustapha Pacha (formerly the Bibliothèque Nationale) Abode/Modern Casbah (Oued Koriche Casbah) (Fortress) Fortress/Modern Casbah-Oued Koriche 36°47′08″N 3°03′39″E / 36.785657°N 3.060757°E / 36.785657; 3.060757

16-019 Djamaa el Djedid Islamic Casbah-Oued Koriche 36°47′06″N 3°03′47″E / 36.784935°N 3.063007°E / 36.784935; 3.063007

16-020 Vestiges of the wall of the Medina of Algiers, including the front (Bab Azzoun) and northwest (Bab El Oued) Fortification element/Medieval Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-021 Turkish gate of the Arsenal Access/Medieval Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-022 Penon gate Access/Medieval Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-023 Wine stalls fountain waterwork/Medieval Oued Koriche  

16-024 Fountain of the Admiralty Artwork/Modern Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-025 Altar bible in the Protestant church in rue Chartes religious/Medieval Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-026 Religious objects in the synagogues of impasse Boutin N°2 and rue Médée religious/Medieval Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-027 Law scroll and silver religious objects of the synagogue in place Randon on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the consistory building, 1 rue Volland religious objects/medieval Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-028 Parchments known as séraphines and ornaments of the synagogue in rue Scipion Manus Religious/Medieval Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-029 Jardin Marengo Nature Park Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-030 federal forest known as the Bois de Boulogne Nature Park Birmandreis  

16-031 Belvedere on the crest road Nature Park Birmandreis  

16-032 Woods around the Fort l'empereur Nature Park El Biar  

16-033 Citadel of the Fort l'empereur Fortification/Modern El Biar  

16-034 North section of the saint Raphaël cliff including parcels or partial parcels 12225, 1296, 1300, 1309, 1313 and 1315 in El Biar Nature Park El Biar  

16-035 Northwest end of the Sidi-Ferruch peninsula containing Roman ruins Ruins/Roman Sidi-Fredj  

16-036 "second weber" villa and the pine forest surrounding it on the spur of the saint Raphaël cliff Abode et SN/Mod El Biar  

16-037 Bordj Polignac Fortification/Modern Bouzaréah  

16-038 Setting of the Bordj Polignac Nature Park Bouzaréah  

16-039 Mosque and marabouts called de Sidi Madjouba funerary/religious/Islamic Bouzaréah  

16-040 Cemetery of sidi Madjouba funerary/Islamic Bouzaréah  

16-041 Tombs/megaliths on the plateau of Beni Messous funerary/prehistoric Beni Messous  

16-042 Villa Hussein-Dey Abode/Modern Hussein-Dey  

16-043 Site of the Villa Louvet Nature Park Hussein-Dey  

16-044 Villa des Arcades Abode/Modern El Madania  

16-045 site of the Villa des Arcades Nature Park El Madania  

16-046 Arab Fountains and marabout, or Hamma, place called les Platanes in the jardin d'Essai Waterworks/Funeray/Modern Sidi M'Hamed  

16-047 Villa Abdelatif Abode/Modern Sidi M'Hamed  

16-048 Villa Mahieddine Abode/Modern Sidi M'Hamed  

16-049 Public square Nature Park Bouzaréah  

16-050 Villa Mahieddine Nature Park Sidi M'Hamed  

16-051 Jardin d'essai of Hamma Nature Park Alger-Annassers 36°44′53″N 3°04′34″E / 36.748°N 3.076°E / 36.748; 3.076

16-052 Parc de la liberté Nature Park Sidi M'Hamed  

16-053 Prison of Barbarossa penitenciary/Modern Casbah-Oued Koriche  

16-054 Mosaic of the mosque of Tadfina in Tlemcen, held in the Musée National des Antiquités. Mosaic Alger  

16-055 Lighthouse on Cape Caxine Signal/Maritime/Modern Sidi M'Hamed  

16-056 Turkish Fort of Bordj El Kiffane Fortification/Medieval Bordj El Bahri  

16-057 Forêt de Baïnem. Baïnem  

16-058 Forêt de Sidi Fredj. Sidi-Fredj  

16-059 Djamaâ el Djazaïr. religious/Islamic Mohammadia 36°44′06″N 3°08′36″E / 36.7348678°N 3.1434649°E / 36.7348678; 3.1434649  

16-060 Mosquée El Oumma. Religious/Islamic Bologhine 36°48′24″N 3°02′30″E / 36.8065617°N 3.0416723°E / 36.8065617; 3.0416723

Djelfa ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
17-001 Hadjra Sidi Boubeker (cave art) Artwork/prehistoric Aïn El Ibel  
17-002 Kheneg El-Hillal (cave art) Artwork/prehistoric Ain El Ibel  
17-003 Zeccar (cave art) Artwork/prehistoric Zeccar  
17-004 Dolmens of the Windmill of Djelfa funerary/prehistoric Djelfa  
17-005 Dolmens off the road from Algiers to Laghouat funerary/prehistory Djelfa  

Jijel ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
18-001 Corniche Nature Park El Aouana  
18-002 Corniche Nature Park Ziama Mansouriah
18-003 Wonderful caves prehistoric/nature park Ziama Mansouriah

Sétif ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

19-001 Village of Tidget Guergour nature park Ghenzet  
19-002 Gorges of Chabet Akra nature park Ghenzet
19-003 Territories and monuments of Cuicul Site and monuments/Antiquity Djémila
(World Heritage Site)
36°19′11″N 5°44′11″E / 36.319646348952986°N 5.7364994287490845°E / 36.319646348952986; 5.7364994287490845
19-004 Citadel of Sétif fortification/antiquity Sétif  
19-005 Archeology zone: quarter of the basilica, rampart, circus, quarter of the temple site and monuments/antiquity Sétif  
19-006 Ikdjen[6] archaeology site/medieval Aïn El Kebira  
19-007 Ain El Fouara Fountain Artwork/Medieval Sétif 36°11′22″N 5°24′18″E / 36.189372°N 5.404909°E / 36.189372; 5.404909

Saïda ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
20-001 Grottos of Oued Saïda prehistoric Saïda  
20-002 Timzighine Site prehistoric Youb  
20-003 Prehistoric site of Ain Menaaé prehistoric Aïn El Hadjar  

Skikda ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

21-001 Roman theatre and architectural fragments it contains (Skikda) antiquity Skikda  
21-002 Objects in the state museum antiquity Skikda  
21-003 Canvas representing entombment of Christ attributed to Anthony van Dyck Artwork Skikda  
21-004 great mosque Islamic Collo  

Sidi Bel Abbes ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

22-001 Bossuet internment camps penitentiary/modern Dhaya  

Annaba ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

23-001 Cistern of Hippone (Hippo Regius) waterwork/antiquity Annaba  
23-002 Ruins of Hippone ruins/antiquity Annaba  
23-003 Citadel, Fort of the Victims and the Remains of the Rampart of the City of Annba fortification Annaba  

Guelma ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
24-001 Grottos of Djebel Taya (near Oued Charef Nature Park) prehistoric Bou Hamdane  
24-002 Roman swimming pool (Hammam Berda) thermal baths/antiquity Héliopolis  
24-003 Ruined theatre and thermal baths Roman theatre of Calama, built with financing from a priestess of the imperial cult Guelma 36°28′02″N 7°25′48″E / 36.467098°N 7.430077°E / 36.467098; 7.430077
24-004 Ruins of Thibilis[7] ruins/antiquity Bellaoua Announa
24-005 Hammam Debagh (Meskhoutine) thermal baths/antiquity Hammam Debagh
24-006 Site Khenguet El Hadjar Site nature/prehistoric Salaout Announa  
24-007 Dolmens of Cheniour funerary/prehistoric Ain El Arbi  
24-008 Site of Ain Nechma prehistoric Ben-Djerrah  
24-009 Citadel Bouatfane fortification/antiquity Ain El Arbi  
24-010 Kef Bouzioune Zatara antiquity Bou Hachana  
24-011 Zaouia Cheikh El Hafnaoui Bedyar Islamic Beni Mezline  
24-012 Sour Ethakana el Kadiùm fortification/modern Guelma  
24-013 Dolmens and funerary grottos (necropolis).  

Constantine ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

25-001 Dolmens of Salluste near the ancient gardens of Constantine (Constantine) funerary/prehistoric Constantine  
25-002 Roman aqueduct waterwork/antiquity Constantine 36°21′01″N 6°37′03″E / 36.35025913186484°N 6.617521941661835°E / 36.35025913186484; 6.617521941661835  
25-003 Roman bridge roadwork/antiquity Constantine 36°22′08″N 6°37′05″E / 36.368889°N 6.618°E / 36.368889; 6.618  
25-004 Tomb of Praecillius funerary/antiquity Constantine  
25-005 Mosque of Souk El Ghezel (former Cathedral) religious/medieval Constantine 36°22′02″N 6°36′42″E / 36.3672°N 6.6118°E / 36.3672; 6.6118
25-006 Mosque of Sidi Lakhdar Islamic Constantine  
25-007 Part of the old madrassa enclosing the tombs of Salah Bey and his family funerary/modern Constantine  
25-008 Ahmed Bey Palace Abode/Modern Constantine 36°22′04″N 6°36′42″E / 36.367875°N 6.611791°E / 36.367875; 6.611791
25-009 Ancient fragments and inscription in the square ruins and epigraph Constantine  
25-010 Inscription of the martyrs Saint Jacques and Saint Marien Epigraph/Antiquity Constantine  
25-011 Mosaic of Penthesilea discovered at Ouled Agla, held at the Constantine municipal building artwork/antiquity Constantine  
25-012 Objects in the museum of Constantine collection/antiquity Constantine  
25-013 Gorges of Rhummel nature park Constantine
25-014 Dolmens and Cromlechs 35km south of Constantine Ras El Ain Bou Merzoug Ouled Rahmoun funerary/prehistoric Ouled Rahmoune  

25-015 Old town Constantine living history Constantine
25-016 Dolmens and cromlechs in place known as djebel Ksaibi 32 km from Constantine funerary/prehistoric Ouled Rahmoune  
25-017 Greek-Punic Mausoleum named Soumaâ Funerary/ antiquity El Khroub 36°16′20″N 6°43′31″E / 36.272100108181164°N 6.725144237279892°E / 36.272100108181164; 6.725144237279892
25-018 Dolmens and cromlechs in place known as Djebel Mazalaa 16 km from El Khroub funerary/prehistoric Ouled Rahmoune  

Médéa ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

26-001 funerary items unearthed from the ancient necropolis funerary/antiquity Djouab  

26-002 Territories and monuments of Rapidum Djouab  

26-003 Site of Benia constituting the site of the ancient city of Yachir 4 km (2.5 mi) southwest of Tletat Ed Douair capital/medieval Tletat Ed Douair  

26-004 Dar El Bey named Dar EL Emir Abdelkader commemorative/modern Médéa  

26-005 Remains of house, enclosure, door in Rapidum antiquity/ruins Djouab  

Mostaganem ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

27-001 Grand Mosque Islamic Mostaganem  

M'Sila ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

28-001 Kalâa of the Beni Hammad medieval (World Heritage Site) Mâadid  
28-002 Camps of El Djorf prison/medieval Ouled Derradj  

Mascara ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

29-001 Ruins of Aquae Sienses[8] Ruins/antiquity Bou Hanifia (El Hammamet)  
29-002 Mosque at the Douar of El Guetna religious/Islamic Hacine  
29-003 Mosque of Ain Beida religious/Islamic Mascara  
29-004 Djemaâ El-Kebir Mosque religious/Islamic Mascara  
29-005 Ruins of the Zaouia of Sidi Mahieddine religious/Islamic/ruins Sidi-Kada  
29-006 Baths known as Emir Abdel Kader's" thermal baths/modern Sidi Kada  
29-007 Earthen ramparts and battlements fortification/modern, ruins related to the Emir AbdelKader Sidi Kada  
29-008 Woods of olive trees near the ruins, related to the tradition of the Emir Abdelkader nature park Sidi Kada  
29-009 Prehistoric deposit of Ternifine prehistoric Tighenif  
29-010 Site of Dardara tree Commemorative: Tree beneath which the tribes pledged allegiance to the Emir Abdelkader on 27 November 1832 Ghriss
29-011 Headquarters of the Emir Abdelkader military building/modern Mascara  
29-012 Tribunal of the Emir Abdelkader judicial building/modern Mascara  

Ouargla ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

30-001 Ruins of Sedrata[9] capital/Islamic Ouargla  
30-002 Valley of the Oued Djerat [fr] prehistoric Ouargla  
30-003 Ksar of Ouargla living city Ouargla  

Oran ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

31-001 Ruins of Portus Magnus Ruins/Antiquity Bethioua 35°48′17″N 0°15′35″W / 35.804771°N 0.259809°W / 35.804771; -0.259809  
31-002 Punic caseity known as les Andalouses ruins/antiquity Boutlélis 1  
31-003 Abri Alain[10] prehistoric Oran  
31-004 Grottos of El Cuartel prehistoric Oran  
31-005 Mosque of the Bey Mohamed el-Kébir [fr] 18th century mosque Oran 35°42′19″N 0°38′12″W / 35.705367°N 0.636606°W / 35.705367; -0.636606
31-006 Hassan Pasha Mosque 18th century Ottoman mosque Oran 35°42′19″N 0°39′00″W / 35.705179°N 0.650082°W / 35.705179; -0.650082
31-007 Minaret du campement Minaret of an 18th century mosque Oran 35°42′16″N 0°39′16″W / 35.704576°N 0.654553°W / 35.704576; -0.654553
31-008 Minaret of the Mosquée du Pacha polygonal minaret in Ottoman style Oran 35°42′17″N 0°39′00″W / 35.704783°N 0.650071°W / 35.704783; -0.650071
31-009 Caravansérail (Modern) (Oran) gate of a caravansérail built in 1849, remontée promenade ex-de Létang. Oran 35°42′29″N 0°38′43″W / 35.707937°N 0.645404°W / 35.707937; -0.645404
31-010 Palace of the Bey Ottoman palace, late 18th century Oran 35°42′19″N 0°38′57″W / 35.705402°N 0.649298°W / 35.705402; -0.649298
31-011 Spanish gate of the castle Spanish gate of the Casbah Oran 35°42′07″N 0°39′16″W / 35.701864°N 0.654561°W / 35.701864; -0.654561
31-012 Pavilion of the Favorite Ottoman pavilion on the grounds of the palace of the bey Oran 35°42′18″N 0°38′58″W / 35.70501°N 0.649551°W / 35.70501; -0.649551
31-013 Mohamed El Houari Mosque [fr] Small mosque with minaret and koubba built in 1799/1800, with a cenotaph to Sidi El Houari. Oran 35°42′11″N 0°39′15″W / 35.702954°N 0.654175°W / 35.702954; -0.654175
31-014 military logistics gate military construction/modern Oran 35°42′29″N 0°39′17″W / 35.707919°N 0.654631°W / 35.707919; -0.654631  
31-015 Spanish escutcheon carved on the outside of the wall surrounding the new castle Vestiges of a Spanish escutcheon from the reign of Philip V of Spain Oran 35°42′25″N 0°38′46″W / 35.706848°N 0.646048°W / 35.706848; -0.646048  
31-016 Tambour de San José Vigie fortifiée espagnole (16th century), overlooking the mouth of the Ras el Aïn ravine. Oran 35°42′05″N 0°39′12″W / 35.701281°N 0.65345°W / 35.701281; -0.65345  
31-017 Fountain of Place Emerat Spanish Fountain in the quartier de la Marine, 1789. Oran 35°42′24″N 0°39′20″W / 35.706778°N 0.655586°W / 35.706778; -0.655586
31-018 Porte de Santon Gate of Oran, towards Mers el-Kébir, 1754. Oran 35°42′20″N 0°39′23″W / 35.705567°N 0.656455°W / 35.705567; -0.656455  
31-019 Porte de Castel Porte de Canastel, east entrance to old Oran Oran 35°42′17″N 0°39′09″W / 35.704774°N 0.652635°W / 35.704774; -0.652635  
31-020 Entrance gate to the new château access/modern Oran 35°42′21″N 0°38′59″W / 35.70589°N 0.649738°W / 35.70589; -0.649738  
31-021 Posada Espagnole House in the Moorish or Andalusian style, used as first a brothel then an inn (demolished?) Oran 35°42′25″N 0°39′21″W / 35.707005°N 0.655811°W / 35.707005; -0.655811  
31-022 Chapel of Santa Cruz Votive chapel to the Virgin Mary, son the Aïdour (1850/1959) Oran 35°42′35″N 0°39′48″W / 35.7098°N 0.66335°W / 35.7098; -0.66335
31-023 Inscription in the rue du vieux château epigraph/modern Oran  
31-024 Watchtower in corner of wall surrounding the new château watchtower in corner of southeast bastion of the new château Oran 35°42′19″N 0°38′51″W / 35.705166°N 0.64755°W / 35.705166; -0.64755  
31-025 Objects of antiquity in the Musée Ahmed Zabana collection Oran 35°41′45″N 0°38′43″W / 35.695844°N 0.645409°W / 35.695844; -0.645409  
31-026 Mosaic from a house in Bethioua in the Musée Ahmed Zabana Mosaic known as "of the fighting" from the ruins of Portus Magnus (Bethioua). Oran 35°41′45″N 0°38′43″W / 35.695844°N 0.645409°W / 35.695844; -0.645409
31-027 Promenande Ibn Badis formerly létang Natural Park (Oran) Tree-lined promenade at the foot of the north courtines of the "Château Neuf", 1836. Oran 35°42′25″N 0°38′54″W / 35.706918°N 0.648268°W / 35.706918; -0.648268
31-028 Site of the Murdjajo Nature Park Oran  
31-029 Cemetery known as "Des cholériques" (of the choleric) in the Ras El Ain ravine funerary/modern Oran  
31-030 Hôtel de la division. Same monument as the palace of the Bey, used as residence and seat of the état-major of the general commanding Oran division from 1831 to 1962 Oran  
31-031 Mosaic from Bethioua EX/ ST LEU in the Musée Ahmed Zabana (Oran) Mosaic titled "départure of Bacchus for India", from the ruins of Portus Magnus Oran 35°41′45″N 0°38′43″W / 35.695844°N 0.645409°W / 35.695844; -0.645409  
31-032 prehistoric collection in the Musée Ahmed Zabana (Oran) collection/prehistoric Oran 35°41′45″N 0°38′43″W / 35.695844°N 0.645409°W / 35.695844; -0.645409  

El Bayadh ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

32-001 Merdoufa cave/prehistoric Ghassoul

Illizi ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

33-001 Tassili N'Ajjer (World Heritage Site) prehistoric Djanet 25°30′00″N 9°00′00″E / 25.50000°N 9.00000°E / 25.50000; 9.00000

Bordj Bou Arréridj ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

34-001 Ruins of the ancient city of Tihamamine ruins/Antiquity El Hamadia  

Boumerdès ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

35-001 Zemmouri El Bahri fortification/medieval Zemmouri Zemmouri El Bahri 36°48′03″N 3°33′55″E / 36.8007395°N 3.5652261°E / 36.8007395; 3.5652261
35-002 Ferme Gautier Torture center Souk El Had Titouna 36°42′27″N 3°35′34″E / 36.7076255°N 3.5928705°E / 36.7076255; 3.5928705

El Taref ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
36-001 El Kala church religious/Modern El Kala 36°53′51″N 8°26′40″E / 36.8973896646639°N 8.444445580244064°E / 36.8973896646639; 8.444445580244064  
36-002 Ruins of the Bastion de France Ruins/Modern El Kala 36°55′04″N 8°20′24″E / 36.917878048595924°N 8.33987295627594°E / 36.917878048595924; 8.33987295627594

Tindouf ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

37-001 Casbah of Belaâmach living urban center Tindouf  

Tissemsilt ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

38-001 National Parks of Ain N'Sour and Theniet el Had Nature site Théniet El Had  
38-002 Archaeological site of Ain Sfa Stratified period Tissemsilt  
38-003 Archaeological site of Ain Torkia Stratified period Khemisti  

El Oued ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

39-001 Zaouia Tidjania Islamic Guemar  

Khenchela ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

40-001 Valley of Oued Beni Barbar nature park Khenchela  
40-002 Gorges of the Oued El Arab river nature park Khenchela  
40-003 Grottos of Fringal nature park Khenchela  
40-004 Village of Djellal nature park Djellal  
40-005 Village of Tabardga nature park Charchar  
40-006 Village of Tizigarine nature park Bouhmama  
40-007 Baghai medieval Baghai  
40-008 Mausoleum Cédia (ksar el Djazia)  

Souk Ahras ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

41-001 Ruins of Byzantine palace ruins/Antiquity M'Daourouch  
41-002 Roman mausoleum funerary/antiquity M'Daourouch  
41-003 Territories and monuments of Thubusicum Numidarum[11] site/antiquity Khemissa  
41-004 Remains of citadels, Byzantine enclosure of Tiffech Antiquity Tiffech  
41-005 Statues and fragments of antiquity from municipal garden artworks/antiquity Souk Ahras  
41-006 Roman mausoleum in the douar of the Ouled Soukies (Ksar El Ahmar [fr]) funerary/antiquity Taoura (Thagora)  

Tipaza ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

42-001 Cistern under the barracks waterwork/antiquity Cherchell  
42-002 Remains of the thermal baths, west and east ruins/antiquity Cherchell  
42-003 Remains of the amphitheatre Antiquity/venue Cherchell  
42-004 Pulpit built in the year 981 of the Hegira in the mosque religious/Islamic Cherchell  
42-005 Objects from Antiquity held in the Archaeological Museum of Cherchell collection/antiquity Cherchell  
42-006 Aqueduct 5km from Cherchell waterwork/antiquity Cherchell  
42-007 Caid Youcef, Roman ruins ruins/antiquity Cherchell  
42-008 Cape known as "les Trois Ilôts', or "the three islets" ruins/antiquity Cherchell  
42-009 Aqueduct in Sidi Amar waterwork/antiquity Sidi Amar  
42-010 Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania (Tomb of the Christian Woman) funerary/antiquity Hadjout
42-011 Mosque in the Roman plaza religious/Islamic Cherchell  
42-012 Roman ramparts and Punic cemetery fortification, funerary/antiquity Hadjout  
42-013 Château d'eau waterwork/Antiquity Hadjout  
42-014 Land between the route du Phare and the sea nature park Tipaza  
42-015 Public square nature park Tipaza  
42-016 Remains of the theatre Antiquity/venue Tipaza
42-017 Remains of a basilica and a cemetery religious/funerary/Antiquity Tipaza
42-018 Ruins of a courtroom ruins/antiquity Tipaza  
42-019 Sarcophagus and fragments from Antiquity funerary/Antiquity Tipaza  
42-020 Nador farm ruins/antiquity Tipaza  
42-021 Shoreline of Tipaza nature park Tipaza  
42-022 Bérard waterfall nature park Tipaza  
42-023 Ain Ksiba antiquity Cherchell  
42-024 Kaddour property known as "Boufarik' Archeological reserve/Antiquity Cherchell  
42-025 Mosque of the hundred columns  
42-026 El Ghobrini Cemetery Islamic Cherchell  
42-027 Ruins of Roman theatre Antiquity  
42-028 kaddour mosque known as boufarik Tipaza  
42-029 Tipaza historic sites  

Mila ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

43-001 Ruins of Milev - National/1910 Ruins/antiquity Mila  
43-002 Baths of Pomperianus - National/L.1900 thermal baths Oued Athmania  
43-003 Old Mila - National/1999 site/antiquity Mila

Aïn Defla ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image
44-001 Sidi Ahmed Ben Youcef mosque religious Miliana

Naâma ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

45-001 Necropolis of Djorf Torba[12] funerary/antiquity Aïn Séfra  
45-002 Traces of Sidi Cheikh's mare in Theniet Azzia Nature Park nature park (footprints) Aïn Séfra  

Aïn TémouchentEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

46-001 Numidian Kingdom of Syphax (Siga) Site/Capital/Ant. Oulhaça El Gheraba 35°15′59″N 1°27′00″W / 35.266295°N 1.449895°W / 35.266295; -1.449895

Ghardaïa ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

47-001 Ramparts of Beni Isguen Fortification/Medieval Ghardaïa  
47-002 M'zab Valley living city center Ghardaïa  
47-003 Ksar of Metlili living town center Metlili  

Relizane ProvinceEdit

ID Monument Type Municipality Address Coordinates Image

48-001 Ruins of Kaoua[13] Ruins/Antiquity Ammi Moussa 35°55′08″N 1°12′01″E / 35.9190°N 1.2003°E / 35.9190; 1.2003

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