List of crossings of the Schuylkill River

This is a list of bridges and other crossings of the Schuylkill River, from the Delaware River upstream to the source. All locations are in Pennsylvania.


Crossing Carries Location Coordinates Notes Images


Girard Point Bridge   I-95 Mud Island, Southwest Philadelphia and South Philadelphia 39°53′32″N 75°11′50″W / 39.89222°N 75.19722°W / 39.89222; -75.19722 (Girard Point Bridge) Two deck bridge;
upper deck southbound
George C. Platt Bridge   PA 291 39°53′53″N 75°12′42″W / 39.89806°N 75.21167°W / 39.89806; -75.21167 (George C. Platt Bridge) Through truss bridge  
Passyunk Avenue Bridge Passyunk Avenue 39°55′11″N 75°12′07″W / 39.91972°N 75.20194°W / 39.91972; -75.20194 (Passyunk Avenue Bridge) Double-leaf bascule bridge  
B&O Railroad Bridge CSX Philadelphia Subdivision 39°56′08″N 75°12′21″W / 39.93556°N 75.20583°W / 39.93556; -75.20583 (B&O Railroad Bridge) Swing bridge  
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Bridge No. 1 39°56′26″N 75°12′18″W / 39.94056°N 75.20500°W / 39.94056; -75.20500 (PW&B Railroad Bridge) Open swing bridge, abandoned, HAER documentation  
Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge Grays Ferry Avenue 39°56′28″N 75°12′18″W / 39.94111°N 75.20500°W / 39.94111; -75.20500 (Gray's Ferry Bridge)  
University Avenue Bridge University Avenue 39°56′34″N 75°11′49″W / 39.94278°N 75.19694°W / 39.94278; -75.19694 (University Avenue Bridge) Double-leaf bascule bridge  
Schuylkill Expressway Bridge   I-76 39°56′31″N 75°11′38″W / 39.94194°N 75.19389°W / 39.94194; -75.19389 (Schuylkill Expressway Bridge)  
Schuylkill Arsenal Railroad Bridge CSX Harrisburg Subdivision 39°56′36″N 75°11′30″W / 39.94333°N 75.19167°W / 39.94333; -75.19167 (Schuylkill Arsenal Railroad Bridge) Swing bridge (immobilized)


PECO utility tunnel Electric and steam utility lines 39°56′37″N 75°11′29″W / 39.94361°N 75.19139°W / 39.94361; -75.19139 (PECO utility tunnel)
South Street Bridge South Street 39°56′49″N 75°11′13″W / 39.94694°N 75.18694°W / 39.94694; -75.18694 (South Street Bridge) Opened November 6, 2010  
Walnut Street Bridge Walnut Street 39°57′06″N 75°10′54″W / 39.95167°N 75.18167°W / 39.95167; -75.18167 (Walnut Street Bridge)  
Chestnut Street Bridge Chestnut Street 39°57′11″N 75°10′52″W / 39.95306°N 75.18111°W / 39.95306; -75.18111 (Chestnut Street Bridge)  
Market Street Bridge   PA 3 eastbound 39°57′16″N 75°10′49″W / 39.95444°N 75.18028°W / 39.95444; -75.18028 (Market Street Bridge)  
Market–Frankford Line Tunnel SEPTA Market-Frankford Line 39°57′16″N 75°10′49″W / 39.95444°N 75.18028°W / 39.95444; -75.18028 (SEPTA Market-Frankford Line Tunnel) Also carries SEPTA Subway-surface lines  
John F. Kennedy Boulevard Bridge   PA 3 westbound 39°57′20″N 75°10′48″W / 39.95556°N 75.18000°W / 39.95556; -75.18000 (John F. Kennedy Boulevard Bridge)  
SEPTA Regional Rail bridge SEPTA Regional Rail 39°57′22″N 75°10′47″W / 39.95611°N 75.17972°W / 39.95611; -75.17972 (SEPTA Regional Rail Bridge) All lines  
Vine Street Expressway Bridge    I-676 / US 30 (Vine Street Expressway) 39°57′36″N 75°10′48″W / 39.96000°N 75.18000°W / 39.96000; -75.18000 (Vine Street Expressway Bridge)  
Spring Garden Street Bridge Spring Garden Street 39°57′51″N 75°11′01″W / 39.96417°N 75.18361°W / 39.96417; -75.18361 (Spring Garden Street Bridge) Originally the Colossus Bridge  
West River Drive Bridge Martin Luther King, Jr. (formerly West River) Drive 39°57′52″N 75°11′02″W / 39.96444°N 75.18389°W / 39.96444; -75.18389 (West River Drive Bridge) Passes underneath Spring Garden Street Bridge at center of both bridges  
Fairmount Water Works Dam 39°58′02″N 75°11′11″W / 39.96722°N 75.18639°W / 39.96722; -75.18639 (Fairmount Water Works Dam)  
Girard Avenue Bridge   US 13 (Girard Avenue) 39°58′31″N 75°11′36″W / 39.97528°N 75.19333°W / 39.97528; -75.19333 (Girard Avenue Bridge) HABS documentation  
Pennsylvania Railroad, Connecting Railway Bridge SEPTA Trenton Line
SEPTA Chestnut Hill West Line
Amtrak Northeast Corridor
New Jersey Transit Atlantic City Line
39°58′35″N 75°11′38″W / 39.97639°N 75.19389°W / 39.97639; -75.19389 (Pennsylvania Railroad, Connecting Railway Bridge) HAER documentation, HABS documentation  
Columbia Railroad Bridge CSX Trenton Subdivision 39°59′06″N 75°12′14″W / 39.98500°N 75.20389°W / 39.98500; -75.20389 (Columbia Railroad Bridge)


Strawberry Mansion Bridge Strawberry Drive 39°59′43″N 75°11′38″W / 39.99528°N 75.19389°W / 39.99528; -75.19389 (Strawberry Mansion Bridge) HAER documentation, HABS documentation  
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, Bridge at West Falls CSX Trenton Subdivision 40°00′23″N 75°11′33″W / 40.00639°N 75.19250°W / 40.00639; -75.19250 (Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, Bridge at West Falls) HAER documentation  
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, Schuylkill River Viaduct, Falls Rail Bridge (stone) CSX Trenton Subdivision 40°00′21″N 75°11′32″W / 40.00583°N 75.19222°W / 40.00583; -75.19222 (Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, Schuylkill River Viaduct) HAER documentation  
Twin Bridges   US 1 (Roosevelt Expressway) 40°00′24″N 75°11′35″W / 40.00667°N 75.19306°W / 40.00667; -75.19306 (Twin Bridges)  
Falls Bridge Calumet Street 40°00′30″N 75°11′51″W / 40.00833°N 75.19750°W / 40.00833; -75.19750 (Falls Bridge) HAER documentation  
City Avenue Bridges City Avenue 40°00′42″N 75°12′21″W / 40.01167°N 75.20583°W / 40.01167; -75.20583 (City Avenue)  

Montgomery County – PhiladelphiaEdit

Pencoyd Bridge Rail bridge converted to road bridge Bala Cynwyd and Manayunk 40°01′00″N 75°12′48″W / 40.01667°N 75.21333°W / 40.01667; -75.21333 (Pencoyd Bridge) Former PRR industrial spur serving Pencoyd Iron Works and local industries from Schuylkill Branch  
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Mule Bridge Norfolk Southern Venice Industrial Track Bala Cynwyd and Manayunk 40°01′19″N 75°13′10″W / 40.02194°N 75.21944°W / 40.02194; -75.21944 (Rail bridge) Former Reading, HAER documentation  
Manayunk Bridge (rail bridge converted to trail bridge) Cynwyd Heritage Trail (formerly SEPTA Cynwyd Line to Manayunk) Bala Cynwyd and Manayunk 40°01′31″N 75°13′35″W / 40.02528°N 75.22639°W / 40.02528; -75.22639 (Manayunk Bridge) Rail service abandoned 1986 (line truncated at Cynwyd); trail opened 2015 HAER documentation  
Green Lane Bridge West Manayunk and Manayunk 40°01′34″N 75°13′41″W / 40.02611°N 75.22806°W / 40.02611; -75.22806 (Green Lane bridge)  
Flat Rock Dam Belmont Hills and Shawmont 40°02′23″N 75°14′49″W / 40.03972°N 75.24694°W / 40.03972; -75.24694 (Flat Rock Dam) Mid-1970s concrete replacement of original crib and timber dam  

Montgomery CountyEdit

Fayette Street Bridge (Matsonford Bridge) West Conshohocken and Conshohocken 40°04′14″N 75°18′34″W / 40.07056°N 75.30944°W / 40.07056; -75.30944 (Fayette Street Bridge)  
Plymouth Dam (removed) West Conshohocken and Connaughtown 40°04′30″N 75°18′57″W / 40.07500°N 75.31583°W / 40.07500; -75.31583 (Plymouth Dam) Breached; removed 2009
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Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge   I-476 West Conshohocken and Connaughtown 40°04′42″N 75°19′05″W / 40.07833°N 75.31806°W / 40.07833; -75.31806 (Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge)  
Upper Merion & Plymouth rail bridge Swedeland and Ivy Rock 40°05′26″N 75°19′17″W / 40.09056°N 75.32139°W / 40.09056; -75.32139 (Rail bridge) Also used as private truck road
Trenton Cutoff rail bridge Norfolk Southern Railway Trenton Cutoff Swedesburg and Black Horse 40°06′10″N 75°19′30″W / 40.10278°N 75.32500°W / 40.10278; -75.32500 (Trenton Cutoff rail bridge) HAER documentation
Schuylkill River Bridge    I-276 / Penna Turnpike Swedesburg and Black Horse 40°06′11″N 75°19′30″W / 40.10306°N 75.32500°W / 40.10306; -75.32500 (Pennsylvania Turnpike)  
DeKalb Veterans Memorial Bridge   US 202 northbound Bridgeport and Norristown 40°06′36″N 75°20′40″W / 40.11000°N 75.34444°W / 40.11000; -75.34444 (DeKalb bridge)
Bridgeport Bridge SEPTA Norristown High Speed Line (Route 100) Bridgeport and Norristown 40°06′38″N 75°20′47″W / 40.11056°N 75.34639°W / 40.11056; -75.34639 (Bridgeport Bridge) Former Philadelphia and Western Railroad; HAER documentation
Norristown Dam Bridgeport and Norristown 40°06′38″N 75°20′49″W / 40.11056°N 75.34694°W / 40.11056; -75.34694 (Norristown Dam)
Rail bridge Norfolk Southern
Morrisville Connecting Track
Bridgeport and Norristown via Barbadoes Island 40°06′43″N 75°21′08″W / 40.11194°N 75.35222°W / 40.11194; -75.35222 (Rail bridge) Crosses under Dannehower Bridge on north side of Barbadoes Island. Former Reading passenger main line to Reading and Pottsville
Dannehower Bridge   US 202 southbound Bridgeport and Norristown via Barbadoes Island 40°06′42″N 75°21′01″W / 40.11167°N 75.35028°W / 40.11167; -75.35028 (Dannehower Bridge) Twin Span
Rail bridge CSX Stony Creek Branch Barbadoes Island and Norristown 40°06′28″N 75°21′03″W / 40.10778°N 75.35083°W / 40.10778; -75.35083 (Rail bridge) Merges into NS Morrisville Connecting Track
Haws Avenue bridge Barbadoes Island and Norristown 40°06′55″N 75°21′22″W / 40.11528°N 75.35611°W / 40.11528; -75.35611 (Haws Avenue) Barbadoes Island power plant access
Schuylkill River Crossing Complex   US 422 Port Kennedy and Betzwood 40°06′27″N 75°25′12″W / 40.10750°N 75.42000°W / 40.10750; -75.42000 (New Betzwood Bridge) Work is under way on a new, five-span structure, 785 feet long with a total width of 146 feet, to carry six lanes of traffic.[1]  
Sullivan's Bridge
([Old] Betzwood Bridge)
Former   PA 363 (South Trooper Road) Port Kennedy and Betzwood 40°06′27″N 75°25′14″W / 40.10750°N 75.42056°W / 40.10750; -75.42056 (Old Betzwood Bridge) Demolished in 1995,[2] replacement pedestrian and bicycle bridge began construction May 2014[3] and opened August 19, 2016.[4]  

Chester County – Montgomery CountyEdit

Pawlings Road bridge Phoenixville and Audubon 40°06′53″N 75°28′14″W / 40.11472°N 75.47056°W / 40.11472; -75.47056 (Pawlings Road)
Rail bridge Valley Forge and Oaks 40°07′29″N 75°27′41″W / 40.12472°N 75.46139°W / 40.12472; -75.46139 (Rail bridge) Former Reading Perkiomen Branch, now part of Norfolk Southern Devault Secondary, currently inactive as a branch
Dam Island and Oaks 40°07′44″N 75°28′17″W / 40.12889°N 75.47139°W / 40.12889; -75.47139 (Dam)
Mont Clare Bridge   PA 29 (Bridge Street) Phoenixville and Mont Clare 40°08′07″N 75°30′31″W / 40.13528°N 75.50861°W / 40.13528; -75.50861 (Mont Clare Bridge) Formerly Gordon's, Starr's, or Jacob's ford  
Rail bridge Phoenixville and Mont Clare 40°08′15″N 75°30′36″W / 40.13750°N 75.51000°W / 40.13750; -75.51000 (Rail bridge) Former PRR Schuylkill Branch, now Norfolk Southern Devault Secondary, currently out of service
Black Rock Dam Phoenixville and Mont Clare 40°08′53″N 75°30′22″W / 40.14806°N 75.50611°W / 40.14806; -75.50611 (Black Rock Dam)  
Black Rock Bridge   PA 113 Phoenixville and Mingo 40°09′32″N 75°30′43″W / 40.15889°N 75.51194°W / 40.15889; -75.51194 (Black Rock Road)  
Rail bridge Black Rock Tunnel, Phoenixville and Upper Providence Township 40°08′53″N 75°31′09″W / 40.14806°N 75.51917°W / 40.14806; -75.51917 (Rail bridge) Former Reading main line, now Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line
Rail bridge Cromby and Mingo 40°09′37″N 75°31′37″W / 40.16028°N 75.52694°W / 40.16028; -75.52694 (Rail bridge) Former Reading (currently Norfolk Southern) industrial spur serving Cromby Power Plant
Road bridge East Bridge Street Spring City and Royersford 40°10′56″N 75°32′43″W / 40.18222°N 75.54528°W / 40.18222; -75.54528 (East Bridge Street)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Spring City and Royersford 40°11′05″N 75°32′48″W / 40.18472°N 75.54667°W / 40.18472; -75.54667 (Rail bridge) PRR industrial spur connecting Schuylkill Branch with industries in Royersford
Vincent Dam (breached, removed 2009) East Vincent Township and Linfield 40°12′20″N 75°33′53″W / 40.20556°N 75.56472°W / 40.20556; -75.56472 (Vincent Dam) Schuylkill Canal Navigation Dam, removed 2009
Rail bridge (removed) Parker Ford and Linfield 40°12′13″N 75°34′49″W / 40.20361°N 75.58028°W / 40.20361; -75.58028 (Rail bridge) PRR industrial spur connecting Schuylkill Branch with industries in Linfield
Limerick Road bridge Parker Ford and Linfield 40°12′18″N 75°34′51″W / 40.20500°N 75.58083°W / 40.20500; -75.58083 (Limerick Road)
Sanatoga Road Bridge (ruin, removed, approaches macadam) Fricks Lock and Sanatoga 40°14′07″N 75°35′46″W / 40.23528°N 75.59611°W / 40.23528; -75.59611 (Sanatoga Road)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Conrail Fricks Lock and Pottstown 40°14′00″N 75°36′27″W / 40.23333°N 75.60750°W / 40.23333; -75.60750 (Rail bridge) Former PRR Schuylkill Branch
Road bridge   US 422 Kenilworth and Pottstown 40°13′54″N 75°37′30″W / 40.23167°N 75.62500°W / 40.23167; -75.62500 (US 422)
Madison Bridge Keim Street Kenilworth and Pottstown 40°14′05″N 75°38′03″W / 40.23472°N 75.63417°W / 40.23472; -75.63417 (Madison Bridge) Closed October 2010 after a bridge inspection, scheduled for replacement or repair
Hanover Street Bridge Hanover Street North Coventry Township and Pottstown 40°14′32″N 75°39′04″W / 40.24222°N 75.65111°W / 40.24222; -75.65111 (Hanover Street)
Road bridge   PA 100 North Coventry Township and Pottstown 40°14′33″N 75°39′34″W / 40.24250°N 75.65944°W / 40.24250; -75.65944 (PA 100)
Rail Bridge (abandoned) North Coventry Township and Pottstown 40°14′39″N 75°39′44″W / 40.24417°N 75.66222°W / 40.24417; -75.66222 (Rail bridge) Former Reading spur, serviced pig iron works in North Coventry
Road bridge   US 422 North Coventry Township and Stowe 40°14′35″N 75°40′29″W / 40.24306°N 75.67472°W / 40.24306; -75.67472 (US 422)

Berks CountyEdit

Road bridge River Road Unionville (Union Township) and Douglassville 40°14′59″N 75°43′30″W / 40.24972°N 75.72500°W / 40.24972; -75.72500 (River Road)
Rail bridge (converted to trail bridge) Schuylkill River Trail Unionville (Union Township) and Douglassville 40°15′22″N 75°43′56″W / 40.25611°N 75.73222°W / 40.25611; -75.73222 (Schuylkill River Trail)
Monocacy Bridge Main Street Monocacy (Union Township) and Monocacy Station 40°15′30″N 75°46′06″W / 40.25833°N 75.76833°W / 40.25833; -75.76833 (Monocacy Bridge)
Road bridge   PA 345 Birdsboro and Baumstown 40°16′06″N 75°48′30″W / 40.26833°N 75.80833°W / 40.26833; -75.80833 (PA 345) Former   PA 82
Rail bridge Norfolk Southern Birdsboro and Baumstown 40°16′04″N 75°48′38″W / 40.26778°N 75.81056°W / 40.26778; -75.81056 (Rail bridge) Reading Belt Branch of Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line; also former Reading Wilmington & Northern branch
Road bridge Gibraltar Road Gibraltar and Lorane 40°17′20″N 75°52′03″W / 40.28889°N 75.86750°W / 40.28889; -75.86750 (Gibraltar Road)
Highway bridge   US 422 (Benjamin Franklin Highway, West Shore Bypass) Ridgewood and Reiffton 40°18′20″N 75°53′42″W / 40.30556°N 75.89500°W / 40.30556; -75.89500 (US 422)
Highway bridge   US 422 (Benjamin Franklin Highway, West Shore Bypass) Poplar Neck and Ridgewood 40°18′31″N 75°54′21″W / 40.30861°N 75.90583°W / 40.30861; -75.90583 (US 422)
Rail bridge (converted to trail bridge) Schuylkill River Trail – Thun Trail Poplar Neck and Ridgewood 40°18′29″N 75°54′22″W / 40.30806°N 75.90611°W / 40.30806; -75.90611 (Schuylkill River Trail)
Rail bridge Norfolk Southern Poplar Neck and Ridgewood 40°18′12″N 75°54′21″W / 40.30333°N 75.90583°W / 40.30333; -75.90583 (Rail bridge) Reading Belt branch of Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line
Road bridge Poplar Neck Road Poplar Neck and Ridgewood 40°18′08″N 75°54′20″W / 40.30222°N 75.90556°W / 40.30222; -75.90556 (Poplar Neck Road)
Rail bridge Norfolk Southern Kenhorst and Poplar Neck 40°18′37″N 75°55′12″W / 40.31028°N 75.92000°W / 40.31028; -75.92000 (Rail bridge) Reading Belt branch of Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line
Rail bridge (converted to trail bridge) Schuylkill River Trail – Thun Trail Kenhorst and Poplar Neck 40°18′41″N 75°55′11″W / 40.31139°N 75.91972°W / 40.31139; -75.91972 (Schuylkill River Trail)
Highway bridge   US 422 (Benjamin Franklin Highway, West Shore Bypass) Kenhorst and Poplar Neck 40°18′44″N 75°55′11″W / 40.31222°N 75.91972°W / 40.31222; -75.91972 (US 422)
Road bridge  
US 222 Bus. (Bingaman Street)
Kenhorst and Reading 40°19′32″N 75°55′59″W / 40.32556°N 75.93306°W / 40.32556; -75.93306 (Bingaman Street)
Rail bridge (converted to trail bridge) Schuylkill River Trail – Thun Trail West Reading and Reading 40°19′54.0″N 75°56′19.2″W / 40.331667°N 75.938667°W / 40.331667; -75.938667 (Schuylkill River Trail)
Road bridge  
US 422 Bus. (Penn Street)
West Reading and Reading 40°20′7″N 75°56′14″W / 40.33528°N 75.93722°W / 40.33528; -75.93722 (Penn Street)
Road bridge Buttonwood Street West Reading and Reading 40°20′21″N 75°56′35″W / 40.33917°N 75.94306°W / 40.33917; -75.94306 (Buttonwood Street)
Rail bridge Norfolk Southern West Reading and Reading 40°20′27″N 75°56′49″W / 40.34083°N 75.94694°W / 40.34083; -75.94694 (Rail bridge) NS Harrisburg Line
Road bridge   PA 183 (Schuylkill Avenue) Reading 40°21′02″N 75°56′37″W / 40.35056°N 75.94361°W / 40.35056; -75.94361 (Schuylkill Avenue)
Road bridge Cartech Road Reading 40°21′39″N 75°56′17″W / 40.36083°N 75.93806°W / 40.36083; -75.93806 (Cartech Road) {Private}
Shepps Dam railroad bridge Norfolk Southern Reading 40°21′50″N 75°56′27″W / 40.36389°N 75.94083°W / 40.36389; -75.94083 (Shepps Dam railroad bridge) NS Reading Line (Allentown–Reading)
Road bridge   PA 12 (Warren Street Bypass) Reading 40°21′52″N 75°56′28″W / 40.36444°N 75.94111°W / 40.36444; -75.94111 (Warren Street Bypass)
Road bridge   US 222 Reading 40°23′37″N 75°58′22″W / 40.39361°N 75.97278°W / 40.39361; -75.97278 (US 222)
Peacock's Lock Viaduct Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad 40°24′36″N 75°56′51″W / 40.41000°N 75.94750°W / 40.41000; -75.94750 (Peacock's Lock Viaduct) HAER documentation  
Road bridge Cross Keys Road 40°24′53″N 75°56′23″W / 40.41472°N 75.93972°W / 40.41472; -75.93972 (Cross Keys Road)
Road bridge Wall Street Leesport 40°26′44″N 75°58′6″W / 40.44556°N 75.96833°W / 40.44556; -75.96833 (Wall Street)
Road bridge Bellemans Church Road Leesport and Dauberville 40°27′24″N 75°58′38″W / 40.45667°N 75.97722°W / 40.45667; -75.97722 (Bellemans Church Road)
Road bridge Main Street Shoemakersville and Mohrsville 40°28′20″N 75°58′20″W / 40.47222°N 75.97222°W / 40.47222; -75.97222 (Main Street)
Road bridge Miller Street Shoemakersville 40°29′44″N 75°58′17″W / 40.49556°N 75.97139°W / 40.49556; -75.97139 (Miller Street)
Berne Bridge Fisher Dam Road (TR 952) Berne 40°31′20″N 75°59′52″W / 40.52222°N 75.99778°W / 40.52222; -75.99778 (Berne Bridge) 1889 truss bridge; 1896 per this website
Road bridge   PA 61 Hamburg and West Hamburg 40°33′07″N 75°59′32″W / 40.55194°N 75.99222°W / 40.55194; -75.99222 (Schuylkill Avenue)
Road bridge State Street Hamburg and West Hamburg 40°33′14″N 75°59′25″W / 40.55389°N 75.99028°W / 40.55389; -75.99028 (State Street) Old US 22
Rail bridge (converted to trail bridge) Schuylkill River Trail Hamburg and West Hamburg 40°33′20″N 75°59′20″W / 40.55556°N 75.98889°W / 40.55556; -75.98889 (Schuylkill River Trail) Former PRR Schuylkill Branch
Road bridge    I-78 / US 22 Hamburg and West Hamburg 40°33′37″N 75°59′21″W / 40.56028°N 75.98917°W / 40.56028; -75.98917 (Interstate 78)

Schuylkill CountyEdit

Road bridge   PA 61 Port Clinton, Tilden Township 40°34′24.9″N 76°1′10″W / 40.573583°N 76.01944°W / 40.573583; -76.01944 (PA) Connects Schuylkill and Berks Counties
Rail bridge Reading and Northern Port Clinton 40°34′42.7″N 76°1′36.6″W / 40.578528°N 76.026833°W / 40.578528; -76.026833 (Rail bridge) Yard access to Reading and Northern headquarters, carries Tamaqua branch
Rail bridge Reading and Northern main line West Brunswick Township 40°35′21.8″N 76°4′32.5″W / 40.589389°N 76.075694°W / 40.589389; -76.075694 (Rail bridge)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Former Pennsylvania Railroad West Brunswick Township 40°35′19.7″N 76°4′32″W / 40.588806°N 76.07556°W / 40.588806; -76.07556 (Rail bridge (abandoned)) Carried Pennsylvania Railroad (Pennsy) across Schuylkill River then Reading main line
Road bridge (abandoned) River Road/East Deer View Drive Auburn 40°35′5.9″N 76°4′48.9″W / 40.584972°N 76.080250°W / 40.584972; -76.080250 (Road bridge (abandoned)) Closed to vehicles in 2000 due to structural deficiencies, still open to pedestrian traffic
Rail bridge Reading and Northern main line Auburn 40°35′15.9″N 76°4′53.4″W / 40.587750°N 76.081500°W / 40.587750; -76.081500 (Rail bridge)
Road bridge   PA 895 West Brunswick Township 40°36′6.7″N 76°5′19.2″W / 40.601861°N 76.088667°W / 40.601861; -76.088667 (PA 895)
Rail bridge Former Pennsylvania Railroad, now active siding for industry West Brunswick Township 40°36′32″N 76°6′7″W / 40.60889°N 76.10194°W / 40.60889; -76.10194 (Rail bridge) Closed to Pennsy traffic but still carries siding to local factories
Rail bridge Former Pennsylvania Railroad, now active siding from Reading and Northern West Brunswick Township 40°36′41.4″N 76°6′23.6″W / 40.611500°N 76.106556°W / 40.611500; -76.106556 (Rail bridge) Closed to Pennsy traffic but still carries siding to local factories
Rail bridge Reading and Northern main line West Brunswick Township 40°36′40.4″N 76°6′24″W / 40.611222°N 76.10667°W / 40.611222; -76.10667 (Rail bridge)
Landingville Dam West Brunswick Township 40°36′31.1″N 76°6′22.4″W / 40.608639°N 76.106222°W / 40.608639; -76.106222 (Landingville Dam) Desilting dam
Rail bridge Reading and Northern main line West Brunswick Township 40°37′13.4″N 76°7′15.9″W / 40.620389°N 76.121083°W / 40.620389; -76.121083 (Rail bridge) Stone arch construction
Road bridge Tunnel Road West Brunswick Township 40°37′19.2″N 76°7′8.8″W / 40.622000°N 76.119111°W / 40.622000; -76.119111 (Tunnel Road) Wooden deck, single-lane vehicle bridge
Road bridge Meadow Drive/Main Street Landingville 40°37′43″N 76°7′28.5″W / 40.62861°N 76.124583°W / 40.62861; -76.124583 (Meadow Drive/Main Street)
Rail bridge Reading and Northern main line North Manheim Township 40°37′46″N 76°9′14.9″W / 40.62944°N 76.154139°W / 40.62944; -76.154139 (Rail bridge)
Road bridge   PA 443 (Columbia Street) Schuylkill Haven 40°37′26.6″N 76°10′29″W / 40.624056°N 76.17472°W / 40.624056; -76.17472 (PA 443) Partially renovated in 2007


Rail bridge Reading and Northern main line Schuylkill Haven 40°37′45.8″N 76°10′27.1″W / 40.629389°N 76.174194°W / 40.629389; -76.174194 (Rail bridge)
Road bridge Fritz Reed Avenue Schuylkill Haven 40°37′59.8″N 76°10′26.4″W / 40.633278°N 76.174000°W / 40.633278; -76.174000 (Fritz Reed Avenue) Provides vehicle access to Schuylkill Haven Island Park (Irish Flats)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Abandoned industrial siding Schuylkill Haven 40°38′1.4″N 76°10′48.2″W / 40.633722°N 76.180056°W / 40.633722; -76.180056 (Rail bridge (abandoned))
Dam (breached) Schuylkill Haven 40°38′1.8″N 76°10′48.3″W / 40.633833°N 76.180083°W / 40.633833; -76.180083 (Dam (breached)) Sunken wood and concrete dam breached in center
Road bridge   PA 183 (Pottsville Street) Cressona 40°38′14.6″N 76°10′57.2″W / 40.637389°N 76.182556°W / 40.637389; -76.182556 (PA 183)
Road bridge   PA 61 exit ramp to   PA 183 Cressona 40°38′15.8″N 76°10′59.4″W / 40.637722°N 76.183167°W / 40.637722; -76.183167 (PA 61 exit ramp)
Road bridge Access to Cressona Mall Cressona 40°38′16.9″N 76°11′3.2″W / 40.638028°N 76.184222°W / 40.638028; -76.184222 (Cressona Mall access)
Road bridge Mount Carbon Arch Road Mount Carbon 40°40′21.2″N 76°11′8.2″W / 40.672556°N 76.185611°W / 40.672556; -76.185611 (Mount Carbon Arch Road)
Rail bridge Reading and Northern main line Pottsville 40°40′45.4″N 76°11′20.9″W / 40.679278°N 76.189139°W / 40.679278; -76.189139 (Rail bridge)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Former Pennsylvania Railroad Pottsville 40°40′52″N 76°11′25.5″W / 40.68111°N 76.190417°W / 40.68111; -76.190417 (Rail bridge (abandoned)) Concrete arch with no track remaining
Bridge   PA 61 Pottsville 40°40′53.5″N 76°11′23.5″W / 40.681528°N 76.189861°W / 40.681528; -76.189861 (PA 61)
Bridge Access to medical plaza Pottsville 40°40′57.1″N 76°11′18.5″W / 40.682528°N 76.188472°W / 40.682528; -76.188472 (Medical plaza access)
Road bridge (abandoned) Collin Street Pottsville and Palo Alto 40°41′0.7″N 76°11′11″W / 40.683528°N 76.18639°W / 40.683528; -76.18639 (Collin Street) Closed in 2006, still open to pedestrian traffic, slated for replacement

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