List of countries with the Islamic symbols displayed on their flag

This is a list of countries and territories with a flag that incorporates the Islamic symbols including the Shahada, takbir, Hilal and Arkān al-Islām. It also includes overseas territories, provinces and states, but does not include countries which have Pan-Arab colors only. Not all countries have a Muslim majority.


Sovereign countriesEdit

Country Flag Adopted Symbol Form of government
Afghanistan   1997, readopted 2021 Shahada Emirate
Algeria   1962 Hilal Republic
Azerbaijan   1991
Bahrain   1972 adopted in February 2002 as a kingdom Arkān al-Islām. Constitutional monarchy
Brunei   1959 retained in 1984 Hilal
Comoros   2002 Republic
Iran   1964 with present form adopted in 1980 Hilal, Shahadah and Takbīr Islamic republic
Iraq   1963 with Takbir added in 1991. Updated in 2008. Takbīr Republic
Libya   1951 Hilal
Malaysia   1963 Constitutional monarchy
Maldives   1965 Republic
Mauritania   1959 modified in 2017 Islamic republic
Pakistan   1947 Islamic republic
Saudi Arabia   1973 Shahadah Absolute monarchy
Singapore   1959 Hilal Republic
Somaliland   1993 Shahadah
Tunisia   1959 Hilal
Turkey   1936
Turkmenistan   1992
Uzbekistan   1991 Hilal and Allah

Regional provinces, territories and statesEdit

Region Flag Adopted Symbol Type Sovereign country
Anjouan   2012 Hilal Autonomous islands of Comoros   Comoros
Azad Kashmir   1975 Autonomous region of Pakistan   Pakistan
Balochistan   1947 Province of Pakistan
Cocos (Keeling) Islands   2004 Territory of Australia   Australia
Bangsamoro   2019 Autonomous region of the Philippines   Philippines
Federally Administered Tribal Areas   1947 Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan   Pakistan
Gilgit-Baltistan   1947 Province of Pakistan
Grande Comore   1975 Autonomous Island   Comoros
Johor   1957 State of Malaysia   Malaysia
Karakalpakstan   1991 Autonomous republic   Uzbekistan
Kelantan   1924 State of Malaysia   Malaysia
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa   1947 Province of Pakistan   Pakistan
Kuala Lumpur   1990 Federal Territory of Malaysia   Malaysia
Labuan   1957 State of Malaysia
Malacca   1957
Punjab   1947 Province of Pakistan   Pakistan
Selangor   1957 State of Malaysia   Malaysia
Sindh   1947 Province of Pakistan   Pakistan
Terengganu   1953 Hilal State of Malaysia   Malaysia
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   1983 Unrecognized nation   Cyprus
Umm al-Quwain   1971 Emirate of the United Arab Emirates   United Arab Emirates


Sovereign country Flag (last) Symbol Years Flag (new)
Comoros   Hilal 1996-2002  
Egypt   1882-1922  
Iraq   Takbir 1991-2003  
Morocco   Rub el Hizb 1258-1659