List of coal mines in the United States

The following table lists the coal mines in the United States that produced at least 4,000,000 short tons of coal.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), there were 853 coal mines in the U.S. in 2015, producing a total of 896,941,000 short tons of coal.[1]

Name Owner Type State Short Tons (2017) [2] Image
North Antelope Rochelle Mine Peabody Energy Corporation[3] Surface Wyoming 0000000000101,595,323 Coal Seam at Coal Mine.png
Black Thunder Mine Arch Coal[4] Surface Wyoming 0000000000099,450,689
Antelope Coal Mine Cloud Peak Energy[5] Surface Wyoming 0000000000028,503,504
Eagle Butte Mine Foundation Coal[6] Surface Wyoming 0000000000017,264,483 Eagle Butte mine from the visitor overlook platform.jpg
Cordero Rojo Mine Cloud Peak Energy [5] Surface Wyoming 0000000000016,393,569
Belle Ayr Mine Foundation Coal[6] Surface Wyoming 0000000000015,826,344
Freedom Mine North American Coal Corporation[7] Surface North Dakota 0000000000014,716,777
Buckskin Mine Kiewit Corporation[8] Surface Wyoming 0000000000014,517,853
Mc 1 Mine M-Class Mining Underground Illinois 0000000000012,812,197
Spring Creek Coal Company Cloud Peak Energy [5] Surface Montana 0000000000012,725,656
Bailey Mine CONSOL Energy[9] Underground Pennsylvania 0000000000012,123,618
Marshall County Mine Marshall County Coal Company Underground West Virginia 0000000000011,653,535
Caballo Mine Peabody Energy Corporation[3] Surface Wyoming 0000000000011,125,949
Kosse Strip Luminant Mining Surface Texas 0000000000010,997,088
Rawhide Mine Peabody Energy Corporation[3] Surface Wyoming 0000000000010,346,144
Enlow Fork Mine CONSOL Energy[9] Underground Pennsylvania 0000000000009,180,468
Coal Creek Mine Arch Coal[4] Surface Wyoming 0000000000008,963,048
River View Mine River View Coal Underground Kentucky 0000000000008,961,616
Rosebud Mine Westmoreland Coal Company[10] Surface Montana 0000000000008,630,002
Bear Run Mine Peabody Bear Run Mining Surface Indiana 0000000000007,271,178
Falkirk Mine North American Coal Corporation[7] Surface North Dakota 0000000000007,219,086
Three Oaks Mine Luminant Mining Surface Texas 0000000000007,186,478
Harrison County Mine CONSOL Energy[9] Underground[11][dead link] West Virginia 0000000000007,131,341
Tunnel Ridge Mine Tunnel Ridge Underground West Virginia 0000000000006,988,112
Cumberland Mine Foundation Coal[6] Underground Pennsylvania 0000000000006,769,916
Mach 1 Mine Mach Mining Underground Illinois 0000000000006,335,835
Marion County Mine CONSOL Energy[9] Underground West Virginia 0000000000006,114,799
Ohio County Mine Ohio County Coal Underground West Virginia 0000000000006,046,582
Dry Fork Mine Western Fuels Association[12] Surface Wyoming 0000000000006,045,618
Gibson South Gibson County Coal Underground Indiana 0000000000005,955,676
Sufco Arch Coal[4] Underground Utah 0000000000005,883,975
Bull Mountains Mine No 1 Signal Peak Energy Underground Montana 0000000000005,883,820
Century Mine Murray Energy Corporation[13] Underground Ohio 0000000000005,676,639
Buchanan Mine 1 Buchanan Minerals Underground Virginia 0000000000005,352,731
San Juan Mine 1 San Juan Coal Underground New Mexico 0000000000005,327,442
No 7 Mine Warrior Met Coal Mining Underground Alabama 0000000000004,864,828
El Segundo El Segundo Coal Surface New Mexico 0000000000004,855,010
West Elk Mine Arch Coal[4] Underground Colorado 0000000000004,821,281
Harvey Mine Consol Pennsylvania Coal Underground Pennsylvania 0000000000004,805,028
Skyline Mine 3 Canyon Fuel Company Underground Pennsylvania 0000000000004,374,500
Center Mine Bni Coal Surface North Dakota 0000000000004,288,404
Kemmerer Mine Chevron Corporation[14] Surface Wyoming 0000000000004,224,426
Wyodak Mine Black Hills Corporation[15] Surface Wyoming 0000000000004,182,800 Wyodak Mine seen from Interstate 90 in Campbell County, Wyoming.jpg
Decker Mine Decker Coal Company Surface Montana 0000000000004,158,338

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