List of civil commissioners of Malta

The Civil Commissioner of Malta (Maltese: Kummissarju Ċivili ta' Malta) was an official who ruled Malta during the French blockade and later the British protectorate period between 1799 and 1813. Upon the end of the Protectorate and the creation of the Crown Colony of Malta in 1813, this office was replaced by that of the governor, who represented the Government of the United Kingdom.

Civil Commissioner of Malta
Coat of Arms of the Civil Commissioner of Malta
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceGrandmaster's Palace in Valletta
AppointerKing George III
PrecursorFrench Military Governor of Malta
Formation9 February 1799
First holderSir Alexander Ball
Final holderSir Hildebrand Oakes
Abolished4 October 1813
SuccessionGovernor of Malta
Flag of the United Kingdom

List of civil commissioners (1799–1813) edit

Portrait From To
Sir Alexander Ball
  9 February 1799 February 1801
Sir Henry Pigot
  February 1801 July 1801
Charles Cameron
  July 1801 1802
Sir Alexander Ball
  1802 25 October 1809
Sir Hildebrand Oakes
  May 1810 4 October 1813[1]

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