List of cities in New Caledonia

This article shows a list of cities, towns and villages in New Caledonia.

Map of New Caledonia
Nouméa, capital of New Caledonia

Major cities and towns edit

Provincial capitals are shown in bold.

City Population[1] Province
1 Nouméa 101,476 South
2 Le Mont-Dore 25,683 South
3 Dumbéa 24,103 South
4 Païta 16,358 South
5 Lifou 8,627 Loyalty Islands
6 Maré 5,417 Loyalty Islands
7 Koné 5,199 North
8 Bourail 4,999 South
9 Poindimié 4,818 North
10 Houaïlou 3,945 North

Hamlets (Lieux-dits) edit

The villages or hamlets (French: lieux-dits) of New Caledonia are ordered by municipality (commune) and province. Municipal seats (chef-lieu) are shown in the list.

South Province edit

North Province edit

Loyalty Islands Province edit

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References edit

  1. ^ (in French) Source: INSEE 2009

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