List of cities in New Caledonia

This article shows a list of cities, towns and villages in New Caledonia.

Map of New Caledonia
Nouméa, capital of New Caledonia

Major cities and townsEdit

Provincial capitals are shown in bold.

City Population[1] Province
1 Nouméa 101,476 South
2 Le Mont-Dore 25,683 South
3 Dumbéa 24,103 South
4 Païta 16,358 South
5 Lifou 8,627 Loyalty Islands
6 Maré 5,417 Loyalty Islands
7 Koné 5,199 North
8 Bourail 4,999 South
9 Poindimié 4,818 North
10 Houaïlou 3,945 North

Hamlets (Lieux-dits)Edit

The villages or hamlets (French: lieux-dits) of New Caledonia are ordered by municipality (commune) and province. Municipal seats (chef-lieu) are shown in the list.

South ProvinceEdit

North ProvinceEdit

Loyalty Islands ProvinceEdit

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  1. ^ (in French) Source: INSEE 2009

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