List of cities founded by Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great founded, substantially re-established, or renamed numerous towns and cities.

Ancient cities founded by Alexander the Great in Central and South Asia

Below are some of these cities[1] (with present-day locations):

Modern Bulgaria

Modern Turkey

  • Alexandria by the Latmus, possibly Alinda
  • Alexandria near Issus; İskenderun preserves the name, but probably not the exact site.
  • Smyrna. According to the legend, after Alexander hunted on the Mount Pagus, he slept under a plane tree at the sanctuary of Nemesis. While he was sleeping, the goddess appeared and told him to found a city there and move into it the Smyrnaeans from the "old" city. The Smyrnaeans sent ambassadors to the oracle at Clarus to ask about this, and after the response from the oracle they decided to move to the "new" Smyrna.[2]

Modern Syria

Modern Jordan

  • Jerash, some sources claim that the city was founded by Alexander or soldiers of Alexander.[5]
  • Other cities in the region also claimed Alexander as their founder.[5]

Modern Egypt

Modern Iraq

  • Alexandria in Susiana, later Charax Spasinu
  • Alexandria of Mygdonia, probably in the area of Erbil[6]
  • Alexandria on the Pallakopas, on the Pallakopas canal near Babylon[7]

Modern Iran

Modern Tajikistan

Modern Uzbekistan

  • Alexandria Tharmata, at or close to modern Termez[7]

Modern Turkmenistan

  • Alexandria in Margiana, formerly Merv

Modern Afghanistan

Modern Pakistan

Modern India

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