List of cities and towns in Malaysia by population

The following is a list of cities and towns in Malaysia by population according to the latest national census, which was conducted in 2010.

Populations by cities and towns properEdit

The following is a list of cities and municipalities, based on the populations within the local government areas according to the 2020 National Census.[1]

Largest Cities and Towns by Population
Rank Local government area State Population (2020) Status District Notes Urban area
1 Kuala Lumpur   Federal Territories 1,982,112 City None Federal capital of Malaysia Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
2 Kajang   Selangor 1,047,356 Municipality District of Hulu Langat Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
3 Seberang Perai   Penang 946,092 City District of North Seberang Perai, Central Seberang Perai and South Seberang Perai Greater Penang
4 Petaling Jaya   Selangor 902,086 City District of Petaling Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
5 Klang   Selangor 902,025 Municipality Western Klang District Royal Town of Selangor Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
6 Johor Bahru   Johor 858,118 City Central Johor Bahru District State capital of Johor Iskandar Malaysia
7 Shah Alam   Selangor 812,327 City District Of Petaling and Eastern Klang District State capital of Selangor Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
8 George Town   Penang 794,313 City District of Northeast Penang Island and Southwest Penang Island State Capital of Penang Greater Penang
9 Subang Jaya   Selangor 771,687 City District of Petaling Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
10 Selayang   Selangor 764,327 Municipality District of Gombak Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
11 Ipoh   Perak 759,952 City District of Kinta State Capital of Perak Kinta Valley
12 Seremban   Negeri Sembilan 681,541 City District of Seremban Capital of Negeri Sembilan Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
13 Iskandar Puteri   Johor 575,977 City Western Johor Bahru District Iskandar Malaysia
14 Kuantan   Pahang 548,014 City District of Kuantan State capital of Pahang Greater Kuantan
15 Sungai Petani   Kedah 545,053 Municipality District of Kuala Muda Largest city in Kedah Greater Penang
16 Ampang Jaya   Selangor 531,904 Municipality Parts of district of Gombak and Hulu Langat Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
17 Kota Kinabalu   Sabah 500,425 City District of Kota Kinabalu State capital of Sabah Greater Kota Kinabalu
18 Malacca City   Malacca 453,904 City Southern Melaka Tengah District State capital of Malacca
19 Sandakan   Sabah 439,050 Municipality District of Sandakan Second largest city in Sabah
20 Alor Setar   Kedah 423,868 City District of Kota Setar and District of Pokok Sena State capital of Kedah
21 Tawau   Sabah 420,806 Municipality District of Tawau Third largest city in Sabah
22 Batu Pahat   Johor 401,210 Municipality Western part of district of Batu Pahat Second largest city in Johor
23 Kota Bharu   Kelantan 396,193 Municipality Northern Kota Bharu District State capital of Kelantan
24 Kuala Terengganu   Terengganu 375,424 City District of Kuala Terengganu and District of Kuala Nerus State capital of Terrenganu
25 Kuching   Sarawak 349,147 City District of Kuching State capital of Sarawak Greater Kuching
26 Sepang   Selangor 324,585 Municipality District of Sepang Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
27 Kulim   Kedah 319,056 Municipality District of Kulim Greater Penang
28 Muar   Johor 314,776 Municipality District of Muar Royal town of Johor
29 Pasir Gudang   Johor 312,437 City Eastern Johor Bahru District Iskandar Malaysia
30 Kuala Langat   Selangor 307,418 Municipality District of Kuala Langat
31 Kulai   Johor 294,156 Municipality District of Kulai Iskandar Malaysia
32 Kangar   Perlis 284,853 Municipality State of Perlis State capital of Perlis
33 Kuala Selangor   Selangor 281,717 Municipality District of Kuala Selangor
34 Padawan   Sarawak 260,058 Municipality Southern part of district of Kuching Greater Kuching
35 Miri   Sarawak 248,877 City District of Miri Second largest city in Sarawak
36 Manjung   Perak 246,978 Municipality District of Manjung Second largest city in Perak
37 Hulu Selangor   Selangor 241,932 Municipality District of Hulu Selangor
38 Taiping   Perak 241,517 Municipality District of Larut, Matang and Selama Third largest city in Perak
39 Bintulu   Sarawak 240,172 Development Board Bintulu and Sebauh part of Bintulu
40 Kubang Pasu   Kedah 237,759 Municipality District of Kubang Pasu
41 Kluang   Johor 235,715 Municipality Northern part of district of Kluang Iskandar Malaysia
42 Alor Gajah   Malacca 219,210 Municipality Northern part of district of Alor Gajah
43 Kemaman   Terengganu 215,582 Municipality District of Kemaman Second largest city in Terengganu Greater Kuantan
44 Hang Tuah Jaya   Malacca 188,857 Municipality Central part of Melaka state
45 Pontian   Johor 173,318 Municipality District of Pontian
46 Teluk Intan   Perak 172,505 Municipality District of Teluk Intan
47 Sibu   Sarawak 170,404 Municipality Urban part of Sibu Third largest city in Sarawak
48 Temerloh   Pahang 169,023 Municipality District of Temerloh Second largest city in Pahang
49 Kota Samarahan   Sarawak 161,890 Municipality District of Kota Samarahan
50 Dungun   Terengganu 158,128 Municipality District of Dungun Second largest city in Terengganu
51 Segamat   Johor 152,458 Municipality District of Segamat
52 Jasin   Malacca 136,457 Municipality District of Jasin
53 Kuala Kangsar   Perak 125,999 Municipality District of Kuala Kangsar
54 Bentong   Pahang 116,799 Municipality District of Bentong
55 Port Dickson   Negeri Sembilan 113,738 Municipality District of Port Dickson
56 Putrajaya   Federal Territories 109,202 City None
57 Labuan   Federal Territories 95,120 Municipality None
58 Langkawi   Kedah 94,138 Municipality District of Langkawi
59 Pengerang   Johor 91,626 Municipality District of Kota Tinggi
60 Jempol   Negeri Sembilan 85,120 Municipality District of Jempol

Largest urban agglomerationsEdit

The following is a list of 10 largest urban agglomerations, metropolitan areas or conurbations, based on data from the 2020 National Census within local government areas. Also included for comparison are the populations within the districts (2010 census data) which are fully or partially covered by the urban agglomerations.

Largest Urban Agglomerations by Population
Rank Conurbation Local government[1] Local government population Total population (local government areas) District[2] District population Total population (districts)
1 Greater Kuala Lumpur/
Klang Valley
Kuala Lumpur City Hall 1,982,112 8,455,029 Kuala Lumpur 1,674,621 6,684,904
Petaling Jaya City Council 902,086 Petaling 1,812,633
Shah Alam City Council 812,327
Subang Jaya City Council 771,687
Kajang Municipal Council 1,047,356 Ulu Langat 1,156,585
Klang Municipal Council 902,025 Klang 861,189
Selayang Municipal Council 764,327 Gombak 682,226
Ampang Jaya Municipal Council 531,904
Sepang Municipal Council 324,585 Sepang 211,361
Kuala Langat Municipal Council 307,418 Kuala Langat 213,876
Putrajaya Corporation 109,202 Putrajaya 72,413
2 Greater Penang Penang Island City Council 794,313 2,830,897 Northeast Penang Island 520,202 2,473,462
Southwest Penang Island 202,142
Seberang Perai City Council 946,092 North Seberang Perai 295,979
Central Seberang Perai 371,975
South Seberang Perai 171,045
Sungai Petani Municipal Council 545,053 Kuala Muda 456,605
Kulim Municipal Council 319,056 Kulim 287,694
Kulim Hi-Tech Industrial Park Local Authority 18,679
Bandar Baharu District Council 41,352 Bandar Baharu 47,628
Kerian District Council 166,352 Kerian 120,192
3 Iskandar Malaysia Johor Bahru City Council 858,118 2,214,006 Johor Bahru 1,072,712 1,359,327
Iskandar Puteri City Council 575,977
Pasir Gudang City Council 312,437
Kulai Municipal Council 294,156 Kulai 251,650
Pontian Municipal Council 173,318 Pontian 34,965
4 Greater Kuching Kuching North City Hall 174,522 934,315 Kuching 680,087 859,609
Kuching South City Council 174,625
Padawan Municipal Council 260,058
Bau District Council 52,643 Bau 52,760
Kota Samarahan Municipal Council 161,890 Samarahan 87,923
Serian District Council 110,577 Serian 91,599
5 Greater Ipoh/Kinta Valley Ipoh City Council 759,952 885,976 Kinta (partial) 767,794 767,794
Batu Gajah District Council 126,024
6 Greater Kota Kinabalu Kota Kinabalu City Hall 500,425 731,410 Kota Kinabalu 462,963 644,740
Putatan District Council 68,811 Putatan 55,864
Penampang District Council 162,174 Penampang 125,913
7 Seremban Seremban City Council 681,541 681,541 Seremban 314,502 314,502
8 Greater Malacca City Historical Malacca City Council 453,904 642,761 Melaka Tengah 503,127 503,127
Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council 188,857
9 Kuantan Kuantan City Council 548,014 548,014 Kuantan (partial) 427,515 427,515
10 Alor Setar Alor Setar City Council 423,868 423,868 Kota Setar 366,787 416,293
Pokok Sena 49,506

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