List of castles in Lithuania

Most of Lithuania's early castles were wooden and have not survived. Those that remain are of stone and brick construction dating from the 13th century onwards.

List of castles and castle ruins in LithuaniaEdit

Image Name Construction date Location Current state
Baltadvaris Castle 16th century Baltadvaris Ruins
  Biržai Castle 1586 Biržai Rebuilt
  Dubingiai Castle 1412–1413 Dubingiai Ruins
Vaitkuškis Palace 18th century Vaitkuškis Partially rebuilt
  Eišiškės Castle 15th century Eišiškės Ruins
  Kaunas Castle 14th century Kaunas Partially rebuilt
  Klaipėda Castle 13th century Klaipėda Ruins
  Medininkai Castle 13th- 14th centuries Medininkai Rebuilt
  Norviliškės Castle 16th century Norviliškės Rebuilt
  Panemunė Castle 17th century Vytėnai Partially rebuilt
  Raudondvaris Castle 17th century Raudondvaris Rebuilt
  Raudonė Castle 16th century Raudonė Rebuilt
  Rokantiškės Castle 16th century Naujoji Vilnia Ruins
  Siesikai Castle 16th century Siesikai Rebuilt
  Senieji Trakai Castle 14th century Senieji Trakai Ruins
  Trakai Island Castle 14th century Trakai Rebuilt
  Trakai Peninsula Castle 14th century Trakai Partially rebuilt
  Vilnius Castle Complex 14th century Vilnius Partially rebuilt

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