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At least 377 species of butterfly have been recorded in Taiwan, with some reports putting the number at over 400. Of these, 56 species are endemic to the island. Taiwan is in the Indomalaya ecozone.

Following is a list of all butterflies found in Taiwan.

Family HesperiidaeEdit

Subfamily CoeliadinaeEdit

Subfamily HesperiinaeEdit

Subfamily PyrginaeEdit

Family PapilionidaeEdit

Subfamily PapilioninaeEdit

Tribe LeptocirciniEdit

G. s. connectens

Tribe PapilioniniEdit

Papilio demoleus male
P. m. heronus male
P. m. heronus female
P. p. nakaharai male
Papilio protenor male

Tribe TroidiniEdit

Family PieridaeEdit

Subfamily ColiadinaeEdit

Subfamily PierinaeEdit

A. a. semperi female
H. g. formosana female
Pieris canidia female

Family LycaenidaeEdit

Subfamily CuretinaeEdit

Subfamily LycaeninaeEdit

H. i. matsumurae female

Subfamily MiletinaeEdit

Tribe SpalginiEdit

Tribe TarakiniEdit

Subfamily PolyommatinaeEdit

Tribe PolyommatiniEdit

Acytolepsis puspa myla
Z. m. okinawana

Subfamily RiodininaeEdit

Subfamily TheclinaeEdit

Tribe AphnaeiniEdit

Tribe ArhopaliniEdit

Tribe CatapaecilmatiniEdit

Tribe DeudoriginiEdit

Tribe EumaeiniEdit

Tribe HoraginiEdit

Tribe HypolycaeniniEdit

Tribe IolainiEdit

Tribe RemelaniniEdit

Tribe ThecliniEdit

Family NymphalidaeEdit

Subfamily ApaturinaeEdit

Subfamily BiblidinaeEdit

Subfamily CalinaginaeEdit

Subfamily CharaxinaeEdit

Subfamily CyrestinaeEdit

C. t. formosana

Subfamily DanainaeEdit

Danaus genutia male

Subfamily HeliconiinaeEdit

Subfamily LimenitidinaeEdit

A. s. laela male

Subfamily LibytheinaeEdit

Subfamily MorphinaeEdit

Subfamily NymphalinaeEdit

Hypolimnas misippus male
Junonia almana
K. c. drilon

Subfamily SatyrinaeEdit

E. h. hainana female
L. e. pavida male
Penthema formosanum

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