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List of brothels in Nevada

Sheri's Ranch

This is a historical list of the legal brothels in Nevada. They are arranged by name within location (the nearest town or named place) within each county that licenses such establishments. Defunct establishments are retained for completeness. Note, however, that this list so far only covers the modern era of brothel prostitution in Nevada, from about 1950 onward, after the closure of the red light districts of Reno and Las Vegas.

According to the Nevada Brothel List site, there are 21 legal brothels in Nevada as of December 2017.[1] While prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada, it is illegal outside these licensed brothels. Prostitution is illegal under state law in Clark County, which contains Las Vegas and its metropolitan area. Other counties may choose to allow it, if they desire to. Currently Washoe County (which contains Reno), Carson City (an independent city), Douglas County, and Lincoln County ban brothels. Eureka County has no law on the books either permitting or prohibiting licensed brothels and currently has no brothels. The other counties permit brothels, but some of them do not currently have any active brothels.


Active brothelsEdit

Elko CountyEdit


  • Dovetail Ranch
  • Sharon's Brothel & Bar


  • The Desert Rose Gentlemen's Club
  • Inez's D&D Bar
  • Mona's Ranch
  • Sue's Fantasy Club


Lander CountyEdit

Battle MountainEdit

Lyon CountyEdit

Mound HouseEdit

By local ordinance, brothels are restricted to the Mound House area.

Mineral CountyEdit


  • Wild Cat Brothel

Nye CountyEdit

Amargosa ValleyEdit

  • Alien Cathouse (sometimes referred to as "Lathrop Wells")


  • Love Ranch South. This business was purchased by Dennis Hof, owner of several other Nevada brothels, in the fall of 2010. It has since been extensively upgraded. Formerly called the Cherry Patch Ranch, Crystal Love Ranch, Mabel's Whorehouse, Madame Butterfly's.


Storey CountyEdit

White Pine CountyEdit


  • Stardust Ranch[7]
  • Big 4 Ranch[8]

Defunct brothelsEdit

Churchill CountyEdit


  • Lazy B Ranch (opened 1975)[9]
  • Salt Wells Villa (opened 1975, closed 2004, demolished)[9]

Elko CountyEdit


  • PJ's Lucky Strike (closed, early 2000s)
  • No. 1 Geisha (formerly Mona Lisa Ranch and CharDon's Club closed in 2010)

Esmeralda CountyEdit

Lida JunctionEdit

Eureka CountyEdit


  • Pat's Country Club

Humboldt CountyEdit


  • Simones de Paris (closed and demolished)[10]
  • Pussycat Ranch - closed and its building demolished[11]
  • My Place Bar and Brothel (formerly Irene's Combination Bar; closed and demolished)[10]
  • Pussycat Saloon - (closed and demolished)[11]
  • Wild West Saloon (closed)[12]
  • Villa Joy Brothel (currently closed)

Lander CountyEdit

Battle MountainEdit

  • Calico Club (closed)

Lincoln CountyEdit

Prostitution made illegal in 1978, but several legal brothels operated before then.

Coyote SpringsEdit

Lyon CountyEdit

Restricted brothels to Mound House area, east of Carson City, in 1970, forcing brothels in other parts of the county to close.

Mound HouseEdit

  • Starlight Ranch (1970s – early 1980s)


  • Town House Guest Ranch (closed, 1970)

Mineral CountyEdit


  • Desert Dollhouse/The Green Front (operated, 1970s to early 1990s)


  • B.J.'s (operated, early 1980s)

Nye CountyEdit

Ash MeadowsEdit

  • Ash Meadows Sky Ranch (Active fifties through seventies)

Ash Meadows brothel, motel, and dirt airstrip was located a short distance from the small town of Death Valley Junction. The facilities consisted of a small motel, bar, and brothel. The dirt and gravel airstrip was on the southside, running North and South. The North end adjoined the small facility. It was a fairly secluded location in the high desert.


  • Red Rooster (operated prior to 1970s)
  • Weeping Willow (operated prior to 1970s)
  • Vickie's Star Ranch (operated prior to 1970s)
  • Bikini's Gentlemen's Club (currently closed) [13]
  • Angel's Ladies (formerly Fran's Star Ranch and Circle C Ranch) closed in August 2014.[14]

Montgomery PassEdit

  • Janie's Ranch, (On Hwy 6. Closed around 1989. Currently demolished)


  • Bobbie's Buckeye Bar

Scotty's JunctionEdit

  • Shady Lady Ranch, south of Scotty's Junction between Nye County Mile Markers 91 and 92 on US95 (closed in 2014) [15][16]

Pershing CountyEdit


  • La'Belle
  • Monterey Bar
  • Roadhouse (closed about 1970)

(All Lovelock brothels are now closed)

Storey CountyEdit


  • Mustang Ranch (original, closed 1999) Owed by Joe Conforte. Conforte gained political influence in Storey County and persuaded county officials to pass a brothel-licensing ordinance, which came into effect in 1971.The Nevada Supreme Court upheld the right of a county to legalize prostitution, and several counties followed suit.
  • Old Bridge Ranch near Mustang (Closed Summer 2008)

Virginia CityEdit

near WadsworthEdit

  • Triangle River Ranch (1955–1960; reported to have been operating illegally; located at junction of Storey, Washoe, and Lyon Counties; brothel trailers were moved across county boundaries as legal situation dictated)

Washoe CountyEdit


Brothels were restricted to an area known as "The Stockade", prior to their final closure in 1949. Brothels included:

  • The Cottage
  • The Willows (closed 1949)

White Pine CountyEdit


  • Green Lantern (Closed, circa 2000)


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