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List of bridges, tunnels, and cuts in Hudson County, New Jersey

This is a list of vehicular and rail bridges, tunnels, and cuts in Hudson County, New Jersey. Located in the northeastern part of New Jersey Hudson lies at the heart of the Port of New York and New Jersey and is a major crossroads of the New York Metropolitan area and Northeast Megalopolis. Located on two peninsulas, formerly known as Bergen Neck and New Barbadoes Neck, it has extensive waterfront along the Hudson River, Upper New York Bay, Kill van Kull, Newark Bay and the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers. The main part of Hudson lies on Bergen Hill, the southern emergence of the Hudson Palisades, starting at sea level at Bergen Point and rising to 260 feet travelling through Bayonne, Jersey City and North Hudson. Secaucus and most of West Hudson are part of the New Jersey Meadowlands. Listings are generally from south to north.

Hudson County, on left, has many hills and miles of waterfront
Bayonne Bridge before deck raising

Hudson RiverEdit

Kill van Kull and Newark BayEdit

Hackensack RiverEdit

PATH, Harsimus Branch, Wittpenn, and Lower Hack from an earlier time
Upper Hack Lift
One of the twin span of Route 3
mile Crossing Carries Location Coordinates
HD Draw
Newark and New York Railroad (CNJ) Jersey City & Kearny Point 40°43′07″N 74°06′14″W / 40.718709°N 74.103985°W / 40.718709; -74.103985Coordinates: 40°43′07″N 74°06′14″W / 40.718709°N 74.103985°W / 40.718709; -74.103985
Lincoln Highway Hackensack River Bridge   
  U.S. Route 1-9 Truck
Lincoln Highway
East Coast Greenway
40°43′38″N 74°05′55″W / 40.727324°N 74.098728°W / 40.727324; -74.098728
Pulaski Skyway   U.S. Route 1/9 40°44′06″N 74°05′42″W / 40.735064°N 74.09493°W / 40.735064; -74.09493
PATH Lift Bridge PATH Jersey City &
Kearny Meadows
40°44′24″N 74°04′59″W / 40.740108°N 74.083048°W / 40.740108; -74.083048
Harsimus Branch Lift Conrail 40°44′26″N 74°04′55″W / 40.740475°N 74.082034°W / 40.740475; -74.082034
Wittpenn Bridge   NJ 7 40°44′25″N 74°04′52″W / 40.740313°N 74.081138°W / 40.740313; -74.081138
3.4 Lower Hack Lift[1] NJ Transit Morris and Essex Lines Riverbend 40°44′36″N 74°04′37″W / 40.7432°N 74.0770°W / 40.7432; -74.0770
5.0 Portal Bridge Amtrak Northeast Corridor Secaucus
& Kearny Meadows
40°45′13″N 74°5′41″W / 40.75361°N 74.09472°W / 40.75361; -74.09472
New Jersey Turnpike   Interstate 95
DB Draw (Abandoned) Norfolk Southern Railway
Former NJ Transit Boonton Line
Snake Hill
& Kearny Meadows
40°45′30″N 74°05′36″W / 40.7583°N 74.0933°W / 40.7583; -74.0933
6.9 Upper Hack Lift NJ Transit Main Line Harmon Cove & Kingsland 40°46′41″N 74°05′24″W / 40.778015°N 74.089906°W / 40.778015; -74.089906 (Upper Hack Lift Bridge)
7.7 HX Bridge NJ Transit:
Bergen County Line
Pascack Valley Line
Meadowlands Rail Line
Harmon Cove &
Meadowlands Sports Complex
40°47′17″N 74°04′55″W / 40.788078°N 74.081869°W / 40.788078; -74.081869
Twin span bridge   NJ 3 Secaucus &
Meadowlands Sports Complex
Bridge (defunct) Jersey City, Hoboken and Rutherford Electric Railway
Paterson Plank Road
Secaucus North End
& Meadowlands Xanadu
40°48′07″N 74°03′01″W / 40.801948°N 74.050333°W / 40.801948; -74.050333

Passaic RiverEdit

Bergen Hill-Hudson PalisadesEdit

Long Dock Tunnel OR Old Bergen Tunnel, east end, taken February 10, 1906
Entrances to four of the railroad tunnels under Bergen Hill
HBLR 8th Street Viaduct
CCRNJ right-of way at Richard St Station on former Morris Canal
National Docks Secondary
Journal Square Transportation Center was built over Bergen Hill Cut
Bergen Hill Cut is also used by Conrail's North Jersey Shared Assets lines
The Bergen Arches seen behind NJ Turnpike viaduct
One of the Bergen Arches
Railroad tunnels, cuts, viaducts
and right of ways
Location original use Current use
Central Railroad of New Jersey Bayonne and Greenville Main Line to Communipaw Terminal

partially built along the former Morris Canal

Hudson Bergen Light Rail
Liberty State Park - 8th Street
Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway Bayonne, Greenville, Downtown Jersey City Jersey City, Newark and Western Railway National Docks Secondary
CSX Transportation to Port Jersey, Constable Hook, Croxton Yard & other points in Port of New York and New Jersey and North Jersey Shared Assets Area
Newark and New York Railroad (1869)[3] West Side & Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City Central Railroad of New Jersey line from Downtown Newark to CRRNJ Terminal Hudson-Bergen Light Rail West Side Branch
National Docks Secondary (1897) Downtown Jersey City National Docks North Jersey Shared Assets
CSX Transportation
Bergen Hill Cut (1838) Journal Square New Jersey Rail Road and Transportation Company to Paulus Hook
Pennsylvania Railroad to PRR Station at Exchange Place or Harsimus Branch to Harsimus Cove
PATH Journal Square and Newark lines
North Jersey Shared Assets Area
Harsimus Stem Embankment Harsimus & Hamilton Park Harsimus Branch to Harsimus Cove

Pennsylvania Railroad railyard and abbatoir

Bergen Arches (1910)[4] Journal Square & Jersey City Heights 2nd Erie Cut
Erie Railroad to Pavonia Terminal
Long Dock Tunnel (1860)[5] Journal Square & Jersey City Heights First Erie Cut to Pavonia Terminal Norfolk Southern
Bergen Tunnels (1876) & (1908)[6] Jersey City Heights Morris and Essex Railroad
Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western
Erie Lackawanna
New Jersey Transit to Hoboken Terminal.


Hoboken Elevated Hoboken Terminal - Palisade Avenue North Hudson County Railway
Public Service Railway
dismantled after bustitution in 1949
Gateway Tunnel
New Jersey Transit
North Bergen and Midtown Manhattan
THE Tunnel North Bergen - Weehawken New mass transit tunnel that will connect Secaucus Junction with an expanded Penn Station (New York) construction cancelled October 2010
New York Tunnel Extension (1910)

western entrance Bergen Portal[7]

North Bergen - Weehawken Pennsylvania Railroad to North River Tunnels Amtrak
New Jersey Transit:
Northeast Corridor Line
North Jersey Coast Line
Train to the Game
Eldorado Cut (1893)[8] Weehawken for streetcar line connecting waterfront ferries via elevator to the entrance of late 19th century Eldorado Park and North Hudson Railway streetcar lines to Nungessers
Weehawken Tunnel (1861)[9][10][11] North Bergen - Weehawken Port Imperial New York Central West Shore Railroad Hudson Bergen Light Rail
Bergenline Station
The next cut and tunnel to the north and the last in New Jersey is in Bergen County
Edgewater Tunnel (1894)[12] Fairview -
Shadyside, Edgewater
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway cut and tunnel[13] unused
vehicular cuts carries location connection
State Highway
(Depressed Highway)
 New Jersey Route 139 Jersey City Pulaski Skyway - Holland Tunnel
Lincoln Tunnel Approach   NJ Route 495 North Hudson New Jersey Turnpike - Lincoln Tunnel
The next vehicular cut to the north and the last in New Jersey is in Bergen County
GWB Plaza         Fort Lee to George Washington Bridge
There are numerous excavations for roads on the eastern escarpment of the Hudson Palisades, including New York Avenue, Mountain Road, Paterson Plank Road, Wing Viaduct, Hackensack Plank Road, Shippen Street, Boulevard East, Pershing Road, Bull Ferry Road, Gorge Road


New Jersey Turnpike and other infrastructure crisscross the Meadowlands

Kearny and Croxton in the low-lying Meadowlands supports an infrastructure that includes many unnamed bridges, embankments, flyovers, and causeways. The Manhattan Transfer was once located in the Kearny Meadows. The Kearny Connection allows transfer between the Hoboken and Newark Divisions of New Jersey Transit rail operations for its Waterfront Connection. The Main, Bergen County, Pascack Valley, Meadowlands, and Port Jervis lines uses a series of embankments and bridges to cross the Meadowlands. Planned expansion of Secaucus Junction includes a massive loop. Numerous junctions, including the Marion, and the Northern Running Track are part of the Conrail's North Jersey Shared Assets Area, a component in the national freight rail network. Much of the New Jersey Turnpike travels along a causeway. Nearby Snake Hill, Exit 15's huge horseshoe-shaped U-turn rises above the rail yards and lines below it.

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