List of bishops and prince-bishops of Liège

This is a list of the bishops and prince-bishops of Liège. It includes the bishops of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Liège and its predecessor see of Tongeren and Maastricht. From 972 to 1795, the bishops of Liège also ruled a lordship (not co-extensive with their diocese) known as the Prince-Bishopric of Liège.

Bishops of Tongeren-Maastricht-Liège, 315–971Edit

Seat in Tongeren (4th-century)Edit

Seat in Maastricht (380s? to 718)Edit

Seat in Maastricht and/or Liège (718 to 810)Edit

Seat in Liège (810 to 972)Edit

Prince-bishops of Liège, 972–1794Edit

Bishops of Liège, 1802–presentEdit

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