List of banks in South Korea

This is a list of South Korean banks. The parenthesized number is the bank number.

Central bankEdit

Government-run banksEdit

The following banks are not owned by the Korean government, but their organizations (NFAC-which is a sole shareholder of Nonghyup financial group and NFFC) are largely influenced by the Korean government.

Nationwide banksEdit

Local banksEdit

Internet banksEdit

Foreign banksEdit

GIRO code for unlisted foreign banks is 051.

Representative banksEdit

Other banking organizationsEdit

Strictly, these institutions are not banks, but have a similar purpose and are widely recognised as a kind of bank. These institutions cannot use the name "bank", except (according to the 2010 Mutual Savings Banks Act) the Mutual Savings Bank.

M&A treeEdit

  • KB Kookmin Bank
    • Kookmin Bank (old, ~2001)
      • Daedong Bank (~1998)
      • Long-term Credit Bank (~1998)
    • Housing and Commercial Bank (~2001)
      • Dongnam Bank (~1998)
  • Woori Bank
    • Woori Bank ← Hanvit Bank
      • The Commercial Bank of Korea
      • Hanil Bank
    • Korea Peace Bank (~2001)
  • Shinhan Bank
    • CHB Bank(Chohung Bank) (~2006)
      • Chungbuk Bank (~1999)
      • Kangwon Bank (~1999)
    • Shinhan Bank (old, ~2006)
      • Dongwha Bank (~1998)
  • KEB Hana Bank
    • Korea Exchange Bank (~2012)
    • Seoulbank (~2002)
    • Boram Bank (~1996)
    • Chungchong Bank (~1998)
  • Citibank Korea
    • Citibank N.A. Seoul branch (~2004)
    • KorAm Bank (~2004)
      • Kyungki Bank

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