List of athletes who came out of retirement

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Michael Jordan in 1997 playing in the NBA after returning from a retirement of nearly two years; during that post-retirement stint, he led the Chicago Bulls to three NBA championships in three seasons

In most cases, when a professional athlete announces retirement, he or she retires and then never returns to playing professional sports; however, in rare instances there are some athletes who came out of retirement. The following list shows such athletes in addition to any noteworthy achievements that they earned during their playing career after returning from retirement. It includes only professional athletes who announced retirement, were retired for at least one full season or year, and then returned to play their sport in at least one regular season contest. The list does not include players who sat out at least one full season due to injury and then returned to play without having ever officially announced retirement, nor does it include free agents who were unable to find a team for at least a season and signed with a team at a later point without having ever officially announced retirement.

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