List of association football players who died during their careers

The following is an incomplete list of association footballers who died during their playing careers.

Association football players who died on the pitch or from pitch related incidents Edit

Following an increase in deaths,[1] both during matches and training, in 2007 the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) considered mandatory cardiac testing,[2] already in place for years in some countries, such as Italy.[3]

By 2009, FIFA pre-competition medical assessment included family history, heart rhythm, sounds, and electrocardiogram (ECG) results.[4] The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) required extensive medical tests, including ECG and echocardiogram for players in the Europa League 2011–12.[5] Constant monitoring has been advised.[6]

FIFA Sudden Death Report Edit

To further understand the scale of the problem, a study, named the FIFA Sudden Death Report (FIFA-SDR), was commissioned by FIFA and carried out by Saarland University. It was published in 2020.[7] The report recorded worldwide deaths attributed to sudden cardiac arrest or other unexplained sudden death while playing (or shortly after playing) football during the period from 2014 to 2018. There were 617 cases during the five-year period. In the majority of cases where an autopsy was carried out, the cause of death was coronary heart disease.

List of players who died Edit

Note: This list includes players who died during matches or training for various reasons, such as injuries, cardiac arrest, natural death, and sometimes for unknown reasons. Death may occur immediately or several days after the injury or fall.

Date Name Age Team Notes
22 August 1874   Robert Atherley 19   Star of Leven Died of a ruptured stomach,[8] after receiving a kick in a match against the Lily club of Renton.[9]
11 October 1885   Thomas Anderson 20   Dalmuir Thistle Kneed in the abdomen by M'Aulay of Glen Rangers during a friendly match on 10 October 1885. Medical treatment was not instantly applied in the belief that Anderson was exaggerating his injury. He died "in great agony" at 4pm the next day.[10]
13 November 1886   Daniel Houghney[11] 27   Mearns Athletic Kneed in the stomach by Hattrick of Howwood during a Renfrewshire Cup tie on 12 November 1886, and died of the injury the next day.[12]
1 January 1888   James Harkins 32   Heaton Park Injured in a match against Darwen Old Wanderers on 22 October 1887 when an opponent's knee struck his thigh; the injury turned into an abscess which caused his death two months later.[13]
13 January 1889   William Cropper 26   Staveley Ruptured bowel in a match against Grimsby Town led to his death the next day.
26 February 1889   Robert Whyte 23   Redding Athletic Abdominal injury from a kick to the stomach in a friendly against Southfield of Slamannan led to his death three days later.[14]
11 January 1892   James Dunlop 21   St Mirren Tetanus from fall on piece of glass in a friendly game against Abercorn led to his death ten days later.[15]
12 November 1893   John Henry Morris 26   Shrewsbury Town Internal hemorrhage following a bad tackle in a bad tempered match. A verdict of accidental death was returned.[16]
23 November 1893   Walter Bannister 24   Chesterfield Town Rupture of the kidney from a tackle in game against Derby Junction; he died almost three weeks later.[17]
28 March 1894   Teddy Smith 27   Bedminster Suffered severe concussion following a clash of heads in the Gloucestershire Cup semi-final against Eastville Rovers. He continued playing initially, but was eventually forced to leave the game and died from his injury the next morning.[18]
25 May 1896   James Logan 25   Loughborough F.C. Pneumonia while playing.
29 November 1896   Joe Powell 25   Woolwich Arsenal Blood poisoning and tetanus after breaking his arm in game against Kettering Town.
January 1900   James Collins   Sheppey United Tetanus caused by on-field injury.[19]
6 December 1901   D. Menzies Emery 18   Scone Died of pneumonia contracted in a match the previous week against Perth Black Watch[20]
27 August 1902   Di Jones 35?   Manchester City Gashed knee turned septic leading to death.
27 October 1906   David "Soldier" Wilson 23   Leeds City Heart attack while playing against Burnley, probably from heavy smoking. He attempted to return to the field of play even when in great pain.[21]
8 April 1907   Tommy Blackstock 25   Manchester United Collapsed after heading a ball in a game against St. Helens and died.
1 January 1908   Frank Levick 26   Sheffield United Pneumonia during recovery from collar bone broken playing against Newcastle United. An attending doctor noted heart failure at 1:40pm at his father's house on 125 Plumpers Road, Tinsley, Sheffield[22]
29 December 1909   James Main 23   Hibernian Sustained stomach injuries after colliding with a Partick Thistle player during a Christmas Day match at Firhill on a frostbound pitch and died four days later.
19 February 1916   Bob Benson 33   Arsenal Burst blood vessel following a wartime game against Reading.[23][24]
30 May 1919   Roberto Chery 23   Uruguay / Peñarol Died while playing for Uruguay against Chile in the 1919 South American Championship during his debut (and subsequently his only game) with the national team after coach Severino Castillo decided he would replace Cayetano Saporiti. Although he suffered severe pain after making a save during the match, Chery was not replaced and continued playing. 13 days after the injury, Chery was operated at Casa do Sáude in Brazil but he did not survive the surgery and died. A tournament in honor of the athlete was held between Brazil and Argentina. Brazil played wearing Peñarol's uniforms while Argentina wore a shirt similar to Uruguay national team.[25][26]
7 January 1921   Horace Fairhurst 27   Blackpool Head injury in a league game at Barnsley in December 1920; died as a result of his injury early in the new year.
22 May 1921   Nikola Gazdić   Hajduk Split Late stage tuberculosis after a game against Građanski Zagreb, Hajduk's greatest rival at the time.[27]
14 November 1921   Joshua Wilkinson 24   Dumbarton Goalkeeper who died from peritonitis two days after a game against Rangers.[28]
11 November 1923   Tom Butler   Port Vale Died from tetanus eight days after fracturing his arm in a match.
13 March 1927   Georges Le Bidois 26   Stade Olympique de l'Est During a season-ending match of the Ligue Île-de-France [fr], the goalkeeper received a violent kick at his carotid from Aron Pollitz of US Suisse Paris, from which he succumbed in the locker room. Upon the announcement of his death, the game was called off.[29][30]
4 April 1927   Albert Van Coile 27   Cercle Brugge Died from Perforated bowel after a collision with an opponent a day before.
30 April 1927   Sam Wynne 30   Bury Collapsed and died on the field of pneumonia during a match against Sheffield United, although Bury claimed it was a cerebral haemorrhage.[31]
3 May 1927   David Arellano 24   Colo-Colo Peritonitis after being hit by an opposing player during the match. Shortly after the incident he was brought to a nearby clinic where he ultimately died.
5 September 1931   John Thomson 22   Celtic Injured during an Old Firm match when he dived for the ball and suffered a fractured skull in an accidental collision with Rangers' Sam English. He died that evening.
17 June 1933   Jón Kristbjörnsson 22   Valur Goalkeeper who collided with a striker from KR Reykjavik and suffered a head injury in the last game of the Icelandic League on 13 June 1933. Was taken to hospital, where he died from his injuries four days later.[32]
1 December 1934   Sim Raleigh 25   Gillingham Died after a clash of heads with Brighton & Hove Albion's Paul Mooney in a game, who subsequently retired.
3 December 1934   Pfeiferlik   Union Žižkov Fell and suffered a concussion in a game against Viktoria Žižkov. Died on the way to hospital.[33]
10 February 1935   Samuel Beattie 28   Distillery F.C. Died after a clash of heads after a corner in the 1934–35 FAI Cup quarter-final. Finished the game and went home. Became delirious the same night and was rushed to hospital due to cerebral hemorrhage.[34][35][failed verification]
5 February 1936   Jimmy Thorpe 22   Sunderland When playing as goalkeeper, Thorpe, a diabetic, collapsed into a coma from which he never recovered, attributed to the rough treatment he received on the pitch in a game against Chelsea. His death led to the rule that players were no longer able to kick the ball out of the goalkeeper's arms.
12 November 1936   Jorge Chávez Boza   Atlético Chalaco Playing in a friendly match for Atlético Chalaco, he had his femoral artery injured by Víctor Guarderas Lavalle from Alianza Lima. His limb was amputated which later led to his death since having diabetes.[36]
17 August 1937   James Keenan 38   Duns F.C. Goalkeeper who collapsed with a heart attack during an Edinburgh City cup tie with Leith Athletic F.C. at the Meadowbank ground in Edinburgh after straining for a high ball. Was taken by ambulance to the Royan Infirmary but had already died.[37]
14 May 1939   Asbjørn Rønneberg 17   Hof IL Collapsed with a heart attack during the away game against Ramnes IL. He died within minutes after he was carried off the pitch.[38]
15 May 1941     Law Adam 32   Thor After retirement at the age of 24 due to heart problems in 1933, Adam was playing for Thor against Anasher in Surabaya in the Dutch East Indies, during which he suffered a heart attack which led to his death.[39]
22 March 1946   Isaac Angulo   Alianza Lima Collapsed during a friendly match against a saltpeter workers team in Antofagasta, Chile. He died from a possible cardiac arrest.[36]
20 February 1949   Gustav Fähland   TSV Braunschweig Internal bleeding a few days after a collision with an opposing player in a match between his club TSV Braunschweig (a temporary name for Eintracht Braunschweig) and SV Werder Bremen on 13 February 1949.[40]
1 April 1951   Mitotônio 35   Ceará Collapsed during a match. Death attributed to stomach congestion.[41]
4 April 1953   John Kirkby 23   Wrexham Collapsed during a match. Death attributed to a cardiac arrest.[42]
14 July 1963   Constantin Tabarcea 26   Petrolul Ploieşti Collapsed during a match. Death attributed to unusual activity of the thymus gland.[43]
1 November 1966   Petar Radaković 29   NK Rijeka Collapsed during a training session due to a heart ailment and died on the way to the hospital.[44][45]
25 February 1967   Tony Allden   Highgate United Struck by lightning during an FA Amateur Cup quarterfinal against Enfield, died the following day.[46]
14 October 1968   Paul Shardlow 25   Stoke City Died of a heart attack while on a training ground.[47]
7 January 1973   Pedro Berruezo 27   Sevilla F.C. Heart attack during a Segunda División match against Pontevedra. He had collapsed in previous matches against Alicante, Sabadell, and Barakaldo. He had received treatment for his condition, but collapsed for the last time at the Estadio Municipal de Pasarón, without ever regaining consciousness.[48]
30 July 1973   Haukur Birgir Hauksson 26   Ármann Suffered serious internal injuries after colliding with an opponent during a game against Valur and died from them a month later.[49][50][51]
16 December 1973   Pavão 26   F.C. Porto Heart attack during a league game.[52]
14 December 1975   Ángel Avilés   Deportivo Junín Collapsed on the field after a run with the ball, playing against Atlético Chalaco at the Estadio Nacional del Perú, he previously had heart complications since playing for Colegio Nacional Iquitos. A stadium in Moyobamba was named after him.[36]
26 August 1976   Geraldo Cleofas 22   Flamengo Died after a tonsillitis operation. Although the intervention went as planned, the player suffered an anaphylaxis shock due to the local anesthesia, resulting in cardiac arrest.[53]
18 May 1977   Tony Aveyard 21   Scarborough Head injuries received during match.[54][55]
27 August 1977   Michel Soulier 27   Namur Suffered a heart attack during a Belgian Cup away match against Anderlecht at Parc Astrid, shortly after being hit by the ball in the chest. Stade Michel-Soulier [fr] in Namur was named in his honor.[56]
30 October 1977   Renato Curi 24   Perugia Heart attack while playing in a Serie A match against Juventus. Perugia's ground is named after him.
21 April 1980   Omar Sahnoun 24   Bordeaux Died from a heart attack during a club training.
5 November 1981   Hocine Benmiloudi 26   CR Belouizdad Died during a Ligue 1 match against USM Aïn Beïda in Stade 20 Août 1955 (Algiers), from severe food poisoning.[57]
7 March 1982   Carlos Alberto Barbosa 28   Sport Died from infarction after fainting in a match against XV de Jaú.[58]
23 September 1984   Erik Jongbloed 21   DWS Struck by lightning during an exhibition game.[59]
Son of Jan Jongbloed, goalkeeper of the Dutch national team in both the 1974 and 1978 FIFA World Cup Final.
15 January 1987   José Antonio Gallardo 25   CD Málaga Collided with an opponent on 21 December away to Celta de Vigo, underwent emergency surgery and returned home. Relapsed on 7 January with a cerebral haemorrhage and fell into an eight-day coma before dying.[60]
23 August 1987   Paulo Navalho 20   Atlético Clube de Portugal Acute myocardial infarction during a friendly match between Atletico and the UAE's Al-Jazira Club.[61]
9 December 1987   Dursun Özbek 17   Galatasaray Died from a heart attack in a training match in Florya.[62]
7 February 1989   Sixto Rovina 27   Groningen Collapsed at the moment he wanted to take a throw-in while playing against VV Hoogezand. He died of a heart attack.
12 August 1989   Samuel Okwaraji 24   Nigeria Collapsed and died while playing against Angola in a World Cup Qualifier. An autopsy showed that the he had an enlarged heart and high blood pressure.
20 April 1990   Vágner Bacharel 35   Paraná Died on hospital, after a head trauma occurred in the game Paraná x SC Campo Mourão at the Campeonato Paranaense six days before, which resulted in a 180mm fracture of the left parieto-occipital bone of his skull, and later in severe cerebral edema.[63]
8 September 1990   David Longhurst 25   York City Heart attack on the pitch while playing against Lincoln City. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.[64]
2 February 1993   Michael Klein 33   Bayer Uerdingen Heart attack during a training session.
1 September 1993   Gábor Zsiborás 35   MTK The goalkeeper collapsed into a coma in the training session of the Hungary national team. After a week he died.
17 May 1994   Gérson 28   Internacional Died a few months after having stopped training due to health problems, after spending two months in the Santo Amaro Hospital, in Guarujá, São Paulo. The necrological report claimed the cause of death as neurotoxoplasmosis.[65]
30 April 1995   Mukandi Tsimaya 28   Atromitos F.C. Received an elbow hit in the neck by an opponent player, during a match against Panelefsiniakos. He died before going to hospital.[citation needed]
25 August 1995   Michael Goddard   Dundela Died during a game against Dungannon Swifts at Stangmore Park after being struck in the chest by the ball.[32]
29 October 1995   Amir Angwe 29   Julius Berger F.C. Collapsed and died on the pitch of a heart attack.[66]
4 January 1997   Hédi Berkhissa 24   Esperance Sportive de Tunis Heart attack in a friendly game against Olympique Lyonnais at Stade Chedli Zouiten
4 April 1997   Waheeb Jabara 23   Hapoel Taibe Heart attack while playing against Bnei Yehuda.[67]
18 February 1998   Robbie James 40   Llanelli A.F.C. Cardiomyopathy.
28 April 1998   Axel Jüptner 29   Carl Zeiss Jena Died suddenly of a heart attack during training.
January 1999   Ferenc Biro 15   Nirajul Miercurea-Nirajului Died after a crossbar fell on his head during a warmup.[43]
24 July 1999   Ștefan Vrăbioru 23   Astra Ploieşti Undetected heart defect that led to his collapse.[43]
January 2000   Daniel Orbeanu 18   Caraimanul Buşteni Died after an infection from a simple sprain, misdiagnosed by four different hospitals.[43]
February 2000   John Ikoroma 17   Al-Wahda S.C.C. Collapsed on the pitch and later died in hospital.[68]
2 April 2000   Eri Irianto 26   Persebaya Surabaya Died in hospital due to heart failure after a match against PSIM Yogyakarta.[69]
6 May 2000   Robert Mitwerandu 30   Raków Częstochowa Died from a heart attack in his bathroom, at the same night when his team lost 1–3 to Polar Wrocław.
21 May 2000   Hocine Gacemi 24   JS Kabylie Died in a hospital in Paris from a fractured skull after clash of heads suffered two days earlier[43]
30 May 2000   Ivan Krstić 19   Radnički Niš Struck by lightning during a training session and killed instantly.[70]
5 October 2000   Cătălin Hîldan 24   Dinamo București Died during a friendly game against Olteniţa; In the 74th minute, Hîldan had a heart attack, and fell to the ground. The North Stand of Dinamo Stadium is named in his honour.
14 February 2001   Roman Pavelka 33   SK Uničov Collapsed during physical training and died from a heart condition.[71]
29 August 2001   Serhiy Perkhun 23   CSKA Moscow Injured in a collision with Budun Budunov who also sustained serious head trauma. He had a brain haemorrhage and died eight days later.
20 November 2001   Cédric Lestic 26   AS Cherbourg Died during a training session at André-Picquenot Stadium in Tourlaville as a result of a heart attack.[72]
20 February 2002   Cristian Neamțu 21   Universitatea Craiova Accidentally struck in the mandible by a teammate charging towards goal. Internal bleeding was discovered, before he died one week later.[43]
October 2002   Márcio dos Santos [es] 28   Deportivo Wanka Had a heart attack after a match against Alianza Lima.[73]
24 October 2002   Hernán Gaviria 32   Deportivo Cali Struck by lightning during a training session and killed instantly.
27 October 2002   Giovanni Córdoba 24   Deportivo Cali Struck by the same lightning that killed Gaviria and died three days later from the injuries.[74]
12 December 2002   Stefan Toleski 23   FK Napredok Collapsed during a match and later died in a hospital.[75]
9 March 2003   Marvin Lee 21   Trinidad and Tobago U20 Sustained neck and spinal injuries in a collision with Landon Donovan during the 2001 CONCACAF U-20 Tournament on 20 March 2001. Paralysed, he died two years later on 9 March 2003.[76][77]
26 June 2003   Marc-Vivien Foé 28   Cameroon Collapsed while playing in the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup semi-final between against Colombia, and died shortly afterward in hospital. An autopsy later revealed the cause of death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
25 January 2004   Miklós Fehér 24   Benfica Cardiac arrest caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy while playing against Vitória.
29 February 2004   Danny Ortiz 27   CSD Municipal Torn pericardium during a match against CSD Comunicaciones when he collided with Mario Rafael Rodríguez. He died later in a hospital.
27 October 2004   Serginho 30   São Caetano Sudden cardiac death during a Campeonato Brasileiro Série A match against São Paulo. His death motivated a revamping of practices in medical assistance from clubs and stricter preventive measures in sports grounds in Brazil.
5 December 2004   Cristiano Júnior 24   Dempo Sports Club Collided with Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Subrata Paul in the 78th minute of the Federation Cup finals while scoring his second goal. He staggered away, then collapsed. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead upon arrival at Hosmat Hospital.
12 April 2005   Paul Sykes 28   Folkestone Invicta Collapsed on the pitch 30 minutes into the game against Margate F.C. in the Kent Senior Cup Semi-Final. An undiagnosed heart defect was identified as the cause of his death.[78]
27 May 2005   Alin Paicu 32   Minerul Mătăsari Collapsed after heading a ball. Died of a heart attack.[43]
25 June 2005   Hugo Cunha 28   U.D. Leiria Died suddenly from a cardiac arrest during a football match played with friends in Montemor-o-Novo.[79]
11 April 2006   Victor Alfonso Guerrero 17   Envigado F.C. Died suddenly during a training match. He lost consciousness on the ground and his died en route to hospital.[80]
12 June 2006   Rasmus Green 26   Næstved BK Heart attack during a training session and was, despite revival attempts from teammates and a doctor, declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. The number 7 was afterwards retired in his honor.[81]
10 August 2006   Gökmen Yıldıran 28   Elazığspor Suffered a heart attack during training and died before being taken to the hospital.[62]
30 August 2006   Mohamed Abdelwahab 23   Al Ahly Died from undetected heart defect during a training match.[82]
9 September 2006   Matt Gadsby 27   Hinckley United Collapsed on the pitch during a Conference North game against Harrogate Town and died soon afterwards at Harrogate District Hospital. Medical tests revealed he died from a heart condition known as arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy.[83]
18 September 2006   Nilton Pereira Mendes 30   FC Shakhter Karagandy Collapsed on the pitch during a training session and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He was a former top scorer and best player for the Kazakhstan Premier League.[84]
27 March 2007   Ivan Karačić 19   NK Široki Brijeg Heart attack and died during a training match in Široki Brijeg.[85]
19 August 2007   Anton Reid 16   Walsall Collapsed and died during youth team pre-season training. An inquest recorded a verdict of natural causes.[86]
28 August 2007   Antonio Puerta 22   Sevilla FC Collapsed during a match against Getafe C.F. He died later in hospital after several cardiac arrests. Autopsy revealed arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
29 August 2007   Chaswe Nsofwa 28   Hapoel Be'er Sheva Sudden heart failure during a training match against Maccabi Be'er Sheva.
29 December 2007   Phil O'Donnell 35   Motherwell Collapsed during his team's 5–3 win against Dundee United with what was later confirmed as left ventricular failure. He died on the way to the hospital.[87]
9 February 2008   Guy Tchingoma 22   FC 105 Libreville Died shortly after a league game against Union Sportive O'Mbila. During the match, he collided with an opponent. He managed to finish the game, but collapsed shortly after and medics were unable to revive him.[88]
16 February 2008   Hervé King 27   Ringmer Collapsed 17 minutes into a game against Three Bridges[89] of an undetermined cause (heart attack suspected).[90]
3 April 2008   Hrvoje Ćustić 24   NK Zadar Collided with a concrete wall during a game against Cibalia and died in a hospital 5 days later of severe head injuries[91]
31 May 2008   Rustem Bulatov 34   Torpedo SDYuSShOR Kaluga Felt ill during a game, died later that day in a hospital.[92]
15 March 2009   Jumadi Abdi 26   PKT Bontang Collapsed after an incident with Denny Tarkas during a match against Persela Lamongan. Denny kicked Jumadi's stomach when he was trying to get the ball. Jumadi died in a hospital 8 days later of severe infection.[93]
2 April 2009   Víctor Hugo Ávalos 37   Villa Florida Heart attack during a match against Salesianito. He died the next day.[94]
26 May 2009   Orobosan Adun 28   Warri Wolves FC Before an away match with Enugu Rangers, the goalkeeper was assaulted by thugs suspected to be fans of the opposition team. He died 3 days later from internal haemorrhage during a training session.[95]
8 August 2009   Daniel Jarque 26   RCD Espanyol Cardiac arrest following a training session.[96]
2 September 2009   Alexandru Iatan 19   Dunărea Giurgiu Goalkeeper was hit in the abdominal area with a ball while trying to defend a penalty kick during team training. He continued his training but a few moments later he collapsed and died of cardiac arrest.[97][98]
20 September 2009   Neridson Estevão 26   Progresso de Sambizanga Died after collapsing during a second-division match against Benfica de Cabinda. He died later in hospital.[99][100]
15 November 2009   Maurizio Greco 25   TuS Güldenstern Stade Collapsed during a match against Lupo Martini Wolfsburg at Campers Höhe and died later in the hospital.[101]
18 November 2009   Salem Saad 31   Al-Nasr Died of a heart attack during a training session.[102]
24 January 2010   Yannick Dago 17   Arras Football Collapsed during a match against Etoile Sportive Anzin Saint Aubin and died later on a heart attack.[103]
6 March 2010   Endurance Idahor 25   Al-Merreikh Collapsed during a match against Alamal Atbara and died in the ambulance. Autopsy report revealed that he suffered a circulatory collapse from a heart attack.
8 March 2010   Bartholomew Opoku 19   Kessben F.C. Collapsed the day before while playing against league side Liberty. He was quickly taken to hospital and is understood to have stabilized overnight. His death was announced the next day.[104]
9 April 2010   Daniel Robert de Jesus 28   Irtysh Pavlodar Suffered a heart attack during the warmup prior to a Kazakhstan Premier League fixture against FC Kairat.[105]
May 2010   Goran Tunjić 32   Mladost FC Heart attack during a 5th Division match. It was widely reported that he had been booked by the referee for diving,[106] though such reports were later refuted by some sources.[107]
2 May 2010   Ambrose Wreh 24   Invincible Eleven Heart failure in a match against Mighty Barrolle. He came on as a substitute in the second half before collapsing in the center circle with no other players near him. He died shortly afterwards upon arrival to a hospital in Monrovia.[108]
8 May 2010   Wilson Mene 22   Prek Pra Keila Collapsed during a Metfone Cambodian League match at National Olympic Stadium.[109][better source needed]
8 May 2010   Frederico da Costa Pinheiro 26   Mesquita Suffered cardiac arrest during a Carioca Championship match against Cabofriense and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.[110]
18 August 2010   Victor Omogbehin 22   Ilford F.C. Collapsed during a league match. He played in the Isthmian Football League game against Lowestoft Town FC.[111]
12 September 2010   Nduka Anyanwu 30   SV 1920 Geinsheim [de] Collapsed during a league match at Queichhambach and could not be revived.[112]
10 November 2010   Benjamin Owusu 21   Cavaliers FC Parakou Collapsed while playing in Benin.[113]
12 December 2010   Emmanuel Ogoli 21   Ocean Boys F.C. Collapsed on the pitch while playing a league match, and died later in a hospital.[114]
12 April 2011   Lokissimbaye Loko 30   FC Beaumontois Heart attack during a Ligue Midi-Pyrenees match.[115]
4 August 2011   Naoki Matsuda 34   Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. Collapsed during training on 2 August 2011 due to a cardiac arrest after finishing a 15-minute warmup run, and doctors diagnosed his condition as "extremely severe". After two days, he died.[116]
13 November 2011   Bobsam Elejiko 30   K. Merksem S.C. Collapsed and died while playing a 5th tier match against F.C. Exc. Kaart[117]
21 March 2012   Dhanraj Venkatesh[118] 27   Bangalore Mars Collapsed toward the end of the game; reports suggest cardiac arrest as the cause of death.[119]
10 April 2012   Patrick Grange 29   University of New Mexico Died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, after already having chronic traumatic encephalopathy.[120]
14 April 2012   Piermario Morosini 25   Livorno Collapsed during a Serie B game against Pescara. The cause of death was cardiac arrest.[121]
5 May 2012   Mohamed Lemine Ould M'Boye   ASC Nasr Zem Zem Collapsed twenty minutes into a game against FC Legwareb-FC Trarza in a Mauritanian Premier League match. Died on arrival at a hospital due to cardiac arrest. The game was postponed and replayed on 26 May, with Zem Zem winning 2–1.[122][123]
12 June 2012   Gerome Graham 20   Bodden Town Collapsed during a training session. The cause of death was determined to be hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.[124]
7 July 2012   Arjuna Luiz Venutto Ramos 17   São Bernardo Collapsed during an under-17 championship match against Portuguesa Santista and died from cardiac arrest.[125]
5 August 2012   Chinonso Ihelwere Henry 21   Delta Tulcea Collapsed during a friendly game against CS Balotești in the 86th minute, after having been brought on for only 10 minutes. With the temperature being 40 °C, doctors tried reviving him for 30 minutes before declaring him dead. Supposedly, he underwent health tests a week before his death with no signs of problems detected. The cause was of his death was heart failure.[126]
2 September 2012   Victor Brännström 29   Piteå IF Collapsed shortly after scoring during a meeting in the Division 2, in which he suffered a cardiac arrest and died after arriving at hospital.[127]
7 October 2012   Joshua Pepple 24   LKS Pomorzanin Nowogard Collapsed from a heart attack in a league game against Iskierka Szczecin and died on the pitch.[128]
20 October 2012   Jaouad Akaddar 28   Hassania Agadir Suffered a heart attack immediately after the end of a match.[129]
2 April 2013   Quentin Margueritte 25   USON Mondeville Collapsed during a training session. The cause of death was cardiac arrest.[130]
20 April 2013   Dominik Rupp 23   FSV Hemmersdorf Collapsed during a Saarlandliga game against Saar 05 Saarbrücken. The cause of death was cardiac arrest.[131]
16 May 2013   Berat Sacipi 31   SV Inter Itzehoe Collapsed during a Kreisklasse A Steinburg game against ABC Wesseln. The cause of death was cardiac arrest.[132]
17 June 2013   Mohammad Fahad 32   Al-Sulaibikhat In a non-official match played in May 2013, Fahad collided with another player, causing him a severe bleeding in the brain and coma until 17 June, when he died.[133]
21 June 2013   Alen Pamić 23   NK Istra 1961 Collapsed during a retreat game for MNK Maružini of a heart attack.[134]
21 July 2013   Yair Clavijo 18   Sporting Cristal Died during a reserve match against Real Garcilaso.[135] The autopsy determined he died from a cerebral edema with brain herniation caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.[136][137]
27 July 2013   Sékou Camara 27   Pelita Bandung Raya Collapsed on the field during his a practice session in Bandung. He was rushed to the nearest hospital, but died on the way there. The cause of death was a heart attack.[138]
30 July 2013   Matthias Viereckl 19   SC Marchtrenk Died in a friendly game against Union Steinhaus.[139]
27 August 2013   Héctor Sanabria 27   Deportivo Laferrere Suffered a heart attack in the 29th minute of a league match against General Lamadrid and died before reaching hospital.[140]
17 November 2013   Alex Marques[141] 20   G.D. Tourizense Cardiac arrest after seven minutes of the match against Carapinheirense.[142][143]
23 December 2013   Jamie Skinner 13   Tynecastle Cardiac arrest during a game in the Saughton Park in Edinburgh.[144]
28 February 2014   Kevon Carter 30   Defence Force Died of a heart attack after feeling chest pains during a training session in the morning.[145]
3 May 2014   Kodjo Etonam Adjassou 24   Bankstown City FC Collapsed after 10 minutes of the National Premier League NSW Division Two match against Spirit FC.[146]
19 May 2014   Akli Fairuz 27   Persiraja Died after colliding with opposition goalkeeper during a match in the Indonesian Premier League. He was substituted and admitted to hospital but died due to internal bleeding the next day.[147]
3 September 2014   Carlos Barra 23   Deportes Maipo Quilicura Collapsed from cardiac arrest after 20 minutes of a friendly match against Palestino and could not be resuscitated.[148]
19 October 2014   Melissa Smith 15   Cadley FC Collapsed on the field during a match against Euxton Girls. CPR and defibrillation was attempted at the scene but she was pronounced dead at the hospital.[149]
19 October 2014   Peter Biaksangzuala 23   Bethlehem Vengthlang Died from spinal injuries that occurred as he landed awkwardly while celebrating a goal at 61 minutes against Chanmari West.[150][151]
10 November 2014   Dipak Adhikari   Abu Dhabi Police Force Team Died after collapsing during a match.[152]
28 March 2015   Ben Hiscox 30   Stoke Gifford While tackling during a league match against Mangotsfield Sports, he stumbled and fell backwards, hitting his head against the wall of his team's clubhouse. He died a few days later.[153]
30 April 2015   Gregory Mertens 24   Sporting Lokeren Died of heart failure three days after collapsing during a reserve team match against Genk, having never regained consciousness after receiving CPR during the first half.[154]
11 May 2015   Tim Nicot 23   Beerschot-Wilrijk Died of heart failure during a tournament game.[155]
14 May 2015   Emanuel Ortega 21   San Martín de Burzaco Died after sustaining fatal head injury against a perimeter wall during a Primera C match. All football activities under the Argentine Football Association were suspended the following week, and cushioning protection was made mandatory for such structures.[156]
24 May 2015   Cristian Gómez 27   Club Atlético Paraná Died of heart failure during a Primera B Nacional match.[157]
31 May 2015   Shetemi Ayetigbo 16   Belvedere During a Dublin & District Schoolboy League game against St Kevin's Boys, Ayetigbo collapsed and died.[158][159][160][161]
13 June 2015   David Oniya 30   T-Team Collapsed three minutes after kick-off in a friendly match against Kelantan and died less than one hour later in hospital.[162]
7 July 2015   Junior Dian 23   Tonbridge Angels Collapsed in a pre-season friendly game at Whyteleafe.[163]
11 July 2015   Daniel Kowalski 24   Germania Niederrodenbach [nl] Collapsed during a training session. He had been cleared to continue playing despite previous heart problems.[164]
2 September 2015   Stelios Markousis 18   Veria Suffered a heart attack during a training session and died shortly afterwards.[165]
6 December 2015   Abdul Haruna 27   Kano Pillars F.C. Collapsed and died on the pitch playing in a friendly match between professional and amateur select sides in Kano.[166]
13 March 2016   Hugo Suárez 28   Llaranes After approaching the bench during a Primera Regional match against Miranda to report severe chest pains, Suárez collapsed and could not be resuscitated.[167]
1 May 2016   Stefan Petrovski 18   Melaka United Struck by lightning while training on 5 April, died in hospital.[168]
6 May 2016   Patrick Ekeng 26   Dinamo București Collapsed in a match against FC Viitorul Constanța seven minutes after he came on from the bench and was taken to hospital, where he died less than two hours later.[169]
7 May 2016   Bernardo Ribeiro 26   Friburguense Collapsed during a friendly match before being taken to a hospital, where he died of a suspected heart attack.[170]
9 May 2016   Jeanine Christelle Djomnang 26   Cameroon Goalkeeper collapsed during her warm-up before a match and died of a suspected heart attack.[171]
16 July 2016   Antony Stott 26   Thirroul Thunder Amateur footballer, collapsed 10 minutes into a match against Sandon Point and died en route to hospital. Cause of death suspected to have been a cardiac arrest.[172]
15 August 2016   Michael Umanika 20   Zagatala Midfielder collapsed during a team training session in Zagatala. He died of a suspected heart attack.[173]
26 August 2016   Kieran McDade 13   Dunbeth FC Suffered a cardiac arrest during training.[174]
11 September 2016   Ben Idrissa Dermé 34   AJ Biguglia Died of a heart attack during a French cup match.[175]
13 September 2016   Dan Wilkinson 26   Shaw Lane Suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch in an Integro League Cup match against Brighouse Town. He died hours later in hospital.[176]
19 September 2016   Dominic James 18   Waterhouse F.C. Collapsed after five minutes of the Manning Cup match between St George's College and Excelsior High, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.[177]
13 November 2016   Jack Atkinson 18   Holland FC Collapsed on the pitch after suffering a heart attack during an under-18s match.[178]
13 November 2016   Simon Verdonck 23   VC Herentals Collapsed on the pitch after only 8 minutes with a heart attack during a League match against KFC Antonia and died on the grounds of the Sint-Janneke Stadion.[179]
4 December 2016   Ismail Mrisho Khalfan 19   Mbao F.C. After struggling to get off the ground when tackled by an opponent during the Tanzania Under-20 League match against Mwadui, the striker collapsed and died of a heart attack.[180]
11 February 2017   James Moorfoot 28   Langtoft AFC Collapsed due to cardiac arrest during a match against Hedon Rangers and died on the pitch.[181]
26 April 2017   Moïse Brou Apanga 35   FC 105 Libreville Defender died after suffering a heart attack during team training.[182]
27 April 2017   Gofaone Tiro 26   Township Rollers Winger collapsed from a heart attack during team training session and was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital.[183]
28 April 2017   Ben Walker 15   Thrapston Town Juniors Collapsed due to cardiac arrest during an under-15s league game against Ise Lodge Hawks.[184]
5 June 2017   Cheick Tioté 30   Beijing Enterprises Defensive midfielder; collapsed and lost consciousness during a training session and was pronounced dead later that day from a suspected heart attack.[185]
17 September 2017   Luc Jacobs 26   SC Helmondia [nl] Collapsed early in the second half of the match against SPV Vlierden. His heart was restarted using a defibrillator and CPR was attempted for half an hour, but he died in hospital that night.[186]
1 October 2017   Shota Maminashvili [ka] 31   FC Zugdidi Goalkeeper collapsed during his warmup routine ahead of the Erovnuli Liga 2 match against FC WIT Georgia and died in hospital.[187]
15 October 2017   Choirul Huda 38   Persela Lamongan Goalkeeper; while trying to retrieve the match ball from an opponent during a match against Semen Padang, he collided with his teammate Ramon Mesquita and suffered injuries to his lower jaw and head. He was briefly conscious immediately after the collision, but later died from his injuries in a hospital.[188]
2 November 2017   Joel Lobanzo 17   Royal Antwerp U19 Collapsed in training with the U-19 team on 31 October. He died a day later. It is believed that a heart attack was the cause of death.[189]
12 December 2017   Izzy Dezu 17   Shelbourne U16 Fell ill during a league match in the Athletic Union League Complex against St. Kevin's Boys. He died later in the day at a hospital in Dublin.[190]
3 February 2018   Nacho Barbera 15   UD Alzira Collapsed on the field during a youth team match against Ontinyent.[191]
13 February 2018   Danilinho 32   Juazeirense Suffered a heart attack during training.[192]
24 March 2018   Bruno Boban 25   Marsonia 1909 Winger collapsed during a match against Požega Slavonia. After several minutes of attempted resuscitation by medical staff and a retired doctor who was spectating, he was pronounced dead.[193]
4 May 2018   Luyanda Ntshangase 21   Maritzburg United Midfielder who was struck by lightning during a friendly game on 1 May 2018. He died three days later from his injuries.[194]
29 June 2018   Mohamed Farouk 33   Sidi Salem Club Collapsed from a heart attack during a friendly match in the Aba el-Balad district in Minya.[195]
1 September 2018   Tijmen Steenbergen 13   VV Marinus van Rooijen 's-Heerenberg Goalkeeper who died in a C Youth league match after a collision with the Left back.[196]
14 September 2018   Mamadou Camara 26   USON Mondeville Collapsed from a heart attack during training.[197]
6 October 2018   Ramon Neto da Costa 31   Araranguá Esporte Clube Attacker who died during a friendly game.[198]
4 November 2018   Ekundayo Ebenezer Mawoyeka 23   Sarayköyspor [tr] Collapsed in the 35th minute of the match against Yesilkoyspor at the Servergazi Stadium. He was confirmed to have died of a heart attack upon arrival at the Denizli State Hospital.[199]
22 January 2019   Fodé Sidibé   ASC Bouaké [fr] Defender collapsed during a training session.[200]
27 January 2019   Francisco Cavada 32   Marina de Cudeyo Collapsed in the 22nd minute of a Primera Regional match against CD Valdaliga. Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.[201]
2 March 2019   Herman Tsinga 30   Akanda FC Collapsed after challenging for a header in a Championnat National 1 match against Missile. Received cardiac massage on the field for twenty minutes but died en route to hospital.[202]
25 April 2019   Faty Papy 28   Malanti Chiefs Midfielder had a heart attack while playing in a match in Eswatini.[203]
8 May 2019   Ludwin Flores Nole 27   Los Rangers Suffered a heart attack after drinking ice-cold water at the end of a match.[204]
17 June 2019   Edwin Boakai   National Port Authority Anchors Goalkeeper collapsed and died during a training session.[205]
6 July 2019   Derrick Williams 30   Lucas Cwmbran Suffered sudden cardiac arrest during a friendly match.[206]
6 July 2019   Jarzinho Pieter 31   Vetsa Died of a heart attack after falling ill the night before.[207] He was in Port-au-Prince with the Curaçao national football team for a CONCACAF Nations League qualifying match against Haiti.[208]
26 September 2019   Agustín Martínez 17   Boston River After being substituted in a league match against Cerro with a knee injury, he suffered cardiac arrest on the bench. He was transferred to hospital but died three days later.[209]
7 November 2019   Renan Henrique Santos 16   Água Santa U17 Collapsed during a training session due to cardiac arrest.[210]
8 March 2020   Chineme Martins 22   Nasarawa United F.C. Collapsed and died during a league game[211]
27 November 2020   Sajjad Ali   Al-Sulaikh Died of a heart attack while playing a league match against Bismayah.[212]
7 January 2021   Alex Apolinário 24   Alverca On 3 January 2021, went into cardiac arrest at the 27th minute of a league match.[213] He was revived after several attempts and taken to the hospital, where he was put in an induced coma and died four days later.[214]
8 March 2021   Abdul Rahman Atef 23   Al Qanayat Died while playing a league match against El Rowad.[215]
11 April 2021   Dejan Oršuš 24   NK Otok Collapsed during a league match against Radnički after suffering a cardiac arrest, died in the hospital later that day.[216]
18 April 2021   Tremaine Stewart 33   Portmore United Collapsed while playing football in Spanish Town, and despite being rushed to the hospital he died later that day.[217]
1 June 2021   Giuseppe Perrino 29   Parma Died of a heart attack during a memorial match for his late brother[218]
22 June 2021   Viktor Marcell Hegedüs 18   Andráshida SC Collapsed during a training warmup.[219][220]
11 July 2021   Jajov Adenan 30   Piansano Died from cardiac arrest[221]
28 August 2021   Alexander Shishmarev 23   Krasnaya Zvezda Was playing as goalkeeper in a training match when he collided with an opponent, being treated for 'more than an hour' before passing away[citation needed]
2 September 2021   Dylan Rich 17   West Bridgford Colts Died following a suspected cardiac arrest during a match.[222]
4 September 2021   Jens De Smet 27   FCC Filosoof Amateur player who collapsed at a field and died.[223]
25 September 2021   Guillermo Arias 31   Camaguán FC In the quarterfinals of the third division tournament, he collapsed on the field and died of cardiac arrest.[224]
12 November 2021   Jony López 16   Sol del Este Suffered a heart attack while playing football.[225]
17 December 2021   Karol Setniewski 13   Znicz Pruszków Died after suffering a headache following a game.[226]
22 December 2021   Ahmed Amin 23   Al Rebat & Al Anwar SC Goalkeeper collapsed in the team locker room following a sudden cardiac arrest after a training session. Immediate attempts to resuscitate him failed. He was then rushed to a hospital nearby but was reported to have died along the way.[227]
22 December 2021   Taufik Ramsyah 20   Tornado FC Pekanbaru Goalkeeper suffered a fractured skull after colliding with a Wahana FC player in a Liga 3 Riau game. He died from his injuries after being in a coma for several days as well as undergoing surgery for his fractured skull.[228]
23 December 2021   Mukhaled Al-Raqadi 29   Muscat Club Collapsed during the warm up for a game against Suwaiq Club in the Omantel Elite League.[229]
23 December 2021   Marin Ćaćić 23   NK Nehaj Died in hospital after a cardiac arrest two days prior during training.[230]
25 December 2021   Sofiane Loukar 30   MC Saïda Collapsed in the middle of a match and died instantly.[citation needed]
3 January 2022   Marcos Menaldo 25   Deportivo Marquense According to various reports, the central defender was participating in training with his teammates when he fainted, for which he was transferred to a medical center where his death was confirmed.[231]
2 February 2022   Alexandros Lampis 21   GS Ilioupoli Collapsed on the field after five minutes after suffering a cardiac arrest. There was no defibrillator available in the stadium and it took an ambulance 20 minutes to reach the stadium. The match against Ermionida was abandoned following the incident.[232]
15 July 2022   Aleksandr Kozlov 29   Zorkiy Krasnogorsk Reportedly suffered a blood clot suffered during training.[233]
14 September 2022   Mariano Ondo 23   Cano Sport Academy Right back; collapsed and lost consciousness during a training session and was pronounced dead later that day from a suspected heart attack.[234]
30 September 2022   Alexandru Vagner 33   Inter Cristian Had a heart attack during training in his team's sports facility, he was subsequently transported by emergency to Brasov County Emergency Hospital but could not be resuscitated.[235]
29 November 2022   Andrés Balanta 22   Atlético Tucumán Collapsed to the ground due to cardiorespiratory arrest during training. Despite ambulances arriving to try to revive him, he was pronounced dead after 40 minutes.[236]
3 December 2022   Erion Kajtazi 17   Trepça '89 Collapsed to the ground due to cardiorespiratory arrest during a match.[237]
16 December 2022   Elia Alessandrini 25   Stade Lausanne Ouchy Died near Muscat, Oman, while on vacation with his partner; he reportedly drowned in a swimming pool hours before his flight was scheduled to return home due to a reported cardiac arrest.[238]
15 February 2023   Arne Espeel 25   Winkel Sport B Collapsed just moments after saving a penalty against Westrozebeke. Upon saving the shot, the goalkeeper rose to his feet to celebrate before falling inanimate. Attempts were made to revive him using a defibrillator by emergency personnel who raced to rescue him, however he was declared dead shortly after being transferred to the hospital.[239]
27 March 2023   Andrew Sarakinis 14   Kaya and San Agustin Golden Eagles Collapsed during a Rizal Football Association match for Colegio de San Agustin against Xavier School and rushed to Cardinal Hospital where he died.[240]
12 April 2023   Martin Filipčić 15   Samobor In the 60th minute of a youth league match against Dugo Selo, he informed the referee he was not feeling well and then collapsed while receiving medical attention. He was reportedly alive when the ambulance arrived but was pronounced dead soon after. According to other people, he had felt weak throughout the day and had a headache before the match began.[241][242]
4 May 2023   Yoro Sangare 22   UP Fighting Maroons Collapsed while walking inside the University of the Philippines-Diliman campus and was pronounced dead on arrival at the University Health Service facility.[243]
9 August 2023   Deon 36   Bahia de Feira Collapsed during a training section, resuscitation was attempted while he was still on site, but his death was confirmed by paramedics.[244]

Transportation accidents Edit

Plane crashes Edit

Date of Accident Known as Team Airline Aircraft Location Fatalities Description Ref
Total Team
4 May 1949 Superga air disaster   Torino Avio Linee Italiane Fiat G212CP Superga, Turin, Italy 31 23 Eighteen players of the Grande Torino and five club officials were killed when the plane crashed on its landing approach to the Turin airport.
6 February 1958 Munich air disaster   Manchester United British European Airways Airspeed AS-57 Ambassador Munich, West Germany 23 11 Eight players, Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor, Billy Whelan and three club staff members Walter Crickmer, Tom Curry, Bert Whalley died from their injuries sustained in the Accident. [245]
16 July 1960 1960 Danish football air crash   Danish Olympic Zone-Redningskorpset De Havilland Dragon Rapide Copenhagen, Denmark 8 8 Eight players killed.
3 April 1961 LAN Chile Flight 621   Green Cross LAN Chile Douglas C-47A-35-DL Llico, Chile 24 8 Eight members of the team killed. [246]
6 February 1965 LAN Chile Flight 107   Santiago's Antonio Varas LAN Chile Douglas DC-6B-404 Andes Mountains, Chile 87 22 Twenty-two players and staff of team killed.
26 September 1969 The Viloco tragedy   The Strongest Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano Douglas DC-6 Viloco, Bolivia 74 20 Seventeen players and three team staff members were killed.
11 August 1979 1979 Dniprodzerzhynsk mid-air collision   Pakhtakor Tashkent Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-134 Dniprodzerzhynsk, Soviet Union 178 17 Entire team killed in mid-air collision
8 December 1987 1987 Alianza Lima air disaster   Alianza Lima Peruvian Navy Fokker F27 Lima, Peru 43 23 Entire team killed
7 June 1989 Surinam Airways Flight 764   Colourful 11 Surinam Airways Douglas DC-8 Paramaribo, Suriname 176 15 15 players died, 3 survived with career-ending injuries
27 April 1993 1993 Zambia national football team air disaster   Zambia Zambian Air Force De Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo Atlantic Ocean off Gabon 30 22 All killed. Their captain and star player Kalusha Bwalya was slated to travel separately from his European club and so was the only player left of the entire squad
28 November 2016 LaMia Flight 2933   Chapecoense LaMia Bolivia, CA Charter Flight Avro RJ85 (BAe 146) La Unión, Antioquia, Colombia 71 42 Crashed at Medellín, Colombia en route to attend the 2016 Copa Sudamericana Finals against Atletico Nacional. Among those killed were: 19 players, 14 club staff members, 9 club board members and 4 Fox Sports Brazil journalists. Three players survived the crash, with one player received career-ending injury. [247]
21 January 2019 2019 English Channel Piper PA-46 crash   Cardiff City Private Flight Piper PA-46 English Channel, off Alderney 2 1 Private plane transporting Emiliano Sala and pilot, David Ibbotson, crashed over the English Channel following a carbon monoxide leak in the aircraft's cabin. [248]
24 January 2021 2021 Palmas FR plane crash   Palmas Charter flight Beechcraft Baron Porto Nacional, Tocantins, Brazil 6 5 Crashed at Luzimangues, a district of Porto Nacional, Tocantins, Brazil. Four players and the president of Brazilian club Palmas were killed. They were traveling to Goiania in a light aircraft for an away game against Vila Nova in the Copa Verde, an annual competition played between 24 teams from the north and central-west regions of Brazil. [249]

Car accidents Edit

Date Name Team Location Fatalities Description Ref
November 1920 Adolf Kertész MTK Budapest Saarbrücken, Germany 1 Died aged 28. [250]
27 May 1926 Jesús Larraza Athletic Club Miravalles, Spain 2 Died along with a friend after his Harley-Davidson went off the road.
1927 John Green Montreal CNR Canada 1
31 May 1943 George Bullock Barnsley Appleton, England 6 Killed along with five companions while returning to base following a dance after their vehicle crashed through a hedge and overturned [251][252]
22 August 1951 Alfredo Espiga Sabadell Maastricht, Netherlands 1 Killed aged 27 after the car he was driven in collided with a tree [253]
7 April 1960 Nicolas Kettel Stade Dudelange Luxembourg 1 Died aged 34
30 August 1962 Ron Brett Crystal Palace London, England 1 Killed after his car hit a lorry in Clerkenwell
12 November 1964 Jack Nibloe Stockport County Stocksbridge, England 1 Died aged 25
28 September 1965 Reda Ismaily Beheira Governorate, Egypt 1
2 February 1966 Laurent Verbiest Anderlecht Oostende, Belgium 1
9 April 1966 Barry Butler Norwich City Norwich, England 1 Killed aged 31 after his car having collided with a bus late at night. [254]
3 September 1966 John Nicholson Doncaster Rovers Liverpool, England 1
28 August 1967 Iuliu Năftănăilă Steagul Roșu Brașov Făgăraș, Romania 1 Died aged 25 after crashing his car into a tree on the side of the Brașov–Făgăraș road [255]
15 October 1967 Gigi Meroni Torino Turin, Italy 1 Shortly after the end of a 4–2 victory over Sampdoria, in which he was sent off, the 24-year old was hit by a motorist while recklessly crossing Corso Re Umberto with his friend and teammate Fabrizio Poletti. The driver was a fan named Attilio Romero, who 35 years later became president of the institution [256]
4 March 1968 Enzo Magnanini Perugia Castelfranco Emilia, Italy 1 Was returning from Perugia's match in Potenza at the time of his death aged 32. [257]
20 January 1969 Roy Evans Hereford United Hereford, England 2 Died together [258]
Brian Purcell
12 October 1970 Branko Nadoveza FK Partizan Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia 1 Succumbed to injuries he received in the Dušanovac neighbourhood two days prior. [259]
30 June 1971 Georgi Asparuhov Levski Sofia Vitinya Pass, PR Bulgaria 2 [260]
Nikola Kotkov
23 November 1971 Ken Solan Middlesbrough Middlesbrough, England 1 Died aged 23 [261]
10 August 1974 Danny Trainor Drogheda United Belfast, Northern Ireland 3 Killed after his car collided with another, also killing the other car's two occupants, a husband and wife
13 May 1976 Roberto Batata Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte, Brazil 1 Died at Rodovia Fernão Dias while traveling to Três Corações to visit his wife.
18 December 1976 Sergio Méndez Atlético Marte El Salvador 1 [262]
1977 José Quintanilla Once Municipal Sonsonate Department, El Salvador 1 Died on his way for a training
14 March 1977 Heraldo Bezerra Boca Juniors Campana, Argentina 1
20 March 1977 Peter Houseman Oxford United London, England 4 Killed along with his wife and two friends
3 October 1977 Ian Fallis Kilmarnock Glasgow, Scotland 1 Died in Glasgow Royal Infirmary aged 23 following a three-vehicle collision at Coatbridge [263]
21 November 1977 Boško Kajganić Galatasaray Istanbul, Turkey 1 Died aged 28 [264]
23 March 1978 Dave Wiggett Hartlepool United Chapeltown, England 1 Was a passenger in a car driven by his Hartlepool teammate Bob Newton, which crashed [265]
28 January 1979 Edwin Mbaso Ndola United Ndola, Zambia 1 Was riding along with his brother Philip in the back of a truck when he fell out after the truck made a turn and sustained head injuries. Although he was rushed to Ndola Central Hospital, he died the following afternoon aged 26 [266]
6 February 1979 Dimitrios Koukoulitsios AEL Thiva, Greece 2 Died together
Dimitrios Mousiaris
23 September 1979 Fernando Bustos Cruz Azul Tepeji del Río, Mexico 1 Died on the road to Querétaro aged 35 [267]
13 December 1982 Vitaly Daraselia Dinamo Tbilisi Zestaponi, Georgia 1 Died after his car plunged from a cliff into a river [268]
2 December 1983 Michele Lo Russo Lecce Bari, Italy 2 Died together
Ciro Pezzella
12 August 1984 Michel N'Gom Auxerre Perrigny, France 1 Died aged 25 [269]
18 November 1984 Seth Adonkor Nantes France 1
5 February 1985 Daniel González Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1 [270]
24 March 1985 José Luis Munguía FAS El Salvador 1 [271]
5 July 1985 Mario Vušković Omiš Split, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia 1 Died on his way to a game [272]
3 September 1985 Dragan Mance FK Partizan Zemun, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia 1 Died while driving his Peugeot 205 to the team's training session [273]
9 October 1985 Ludo Coeck R.W.D. Molenbeek Edegem, Belgium 1 Was badly injured after his BMW ploughed into crash barriers on a motorway near Rumst and died two days later, at the University of Antwerp Clinic in Edegem aged 30
22 February 1987 Graeme Aldred Whitley Bay Newcastle upon Tyne, England 1 The 20-year-old was a passenger in a friend's car when it went out of control. He was thrown from the car, and died of his injuries two days later in Newcastle General Hospital [274]
22 December 1988 Vincent Sattler Strasbourg Dahlenheim, France 1 [275]
9 July 1989 Sérgio Gil Corinthians Barra do Turvo, Brazil 1 Died after a head-on collision with another vehicle on the Rodovia Régis Bittencourt
15 July 1989 Laurie Cunningham Rayo Vallecano Madrid, Spain 1 Killed aged 33 [276]
11 August 1989 Faraj Al-Barasi Al-Nasr Benghazi, Libya 1 [277]
4 February 1990 Zé Beto Porto Porto, Portugal 1 Died 17 days before his 30th birthday [278]
11 March 1990 Dean Horrix Bristol City Burnham-on-Sea, England 1
17 November 1991 Maurice Banach 1. FC Köln Remscheid, Germany 1 Killed on the Autobahn [279]
16 January 1992 Naser Beadini Kayserispor Eskişehir, Turkey 3 Died along with another player and a trainer [280]
18 July 1992 Alexandre São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil 1 On the Rodovia Castelo Branco, he lost control of his new car and crashed into a protective wall. He was taken to the University of São Paulo Hospital, but later died. His body was veiled in the CT da Barra Funda. [281]
24 August 1992 Oleg Krushin Rotor Volgograd Volgograd, Russia 1 Died while he was driving home from the team training ground [282]
20 December 1992 Frédéric Johansen Mulhouse Hirtzfelden, France 1 [283]
21 December 1992 Stepan Betsa Dynamo Kyiv Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine 2 Died in the same vehicle [284]
Oleksiy Sasko Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk
13 January 1993 Edivaldo Taquaritinga Boituva. Brazil 1 Part of 1986 FIFA World Cup Brazil squad, died in Rodovia Castelo Branco aged 30
14 March 1993 Khalid Al Rowaihi Al Ahli Amman, Jordan 1 Died aged 20
6 May 1993 Rommel Fernández Albacete Albacete, Spain 1 Died after losing control of his car and hitting his head on a tree. [285]
26 December 1993 Carlos Muñoz Barcelona Machala, Ecuador 1
16 March 1994 Mykola Kudrytsky Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv Ra'anana, Israel 1 Died while heading back home early in the morning after he was ejected out of his car when it flipped
18 April 1994 Dener Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1 Died after his Mitsubishi Eclipse, crashed into a tree at Borges de Medeiros Avenue, in the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas district. The car's driver was Dener's friend, Oto Gomes de Miranda, who lost both legs in the accident. Dener was strangled by the car's seat belt. [286]
21 June 1994 Müjdat Gürsu Samsunspor Antalya, Turkey 1 [287]
27 August 1994 Frank Jeske Schwarz-Rot Neustadt Bückwitz, Germany 1 Died as a passenger on the way home after a match. [288]
28 August 1994 Rui Filipe Porto Porto, Portugal 1 Died aged 26 [289]
17 May 1995 Kurt Vangompel Royal Antwerp Genk, Belgium 1 Died alongside his cousin, aged 21
21 September 1995 Michael Millett Wigan Athletic Wigan, England 1 Died a day before his 18th birthday. [290]
29 March 1996 Tagir Fasakhov Liepājas Metalurgs Kazakhstan 3 Died together
Ashilbek Momunov Zhetysu
Kanatbek Ishenbaev
29 August 1996 Aleksei Yushkov Novotroitsk, Russia Nosta Novotroitsk 1
12 February 1997 Federico Pisani Atalanta Milan, Italy 2 Died in his BMW 320 convertible in the company of his girlfriend Alessandra Midali (who also died) and two friends (who were uninjured) [291]
8 March 1997 Dave Wiggett Iraklis Thessaloniki Giannouli, Greece 1 Killed aged 30 [292]
13 September 1997 Georgios Mitsibonas Tyrnavos Giannouli, Greece 1
2 December 1997 Milan Čvirk 1. FC Košice Košice, Slovakia 1 His companion and teammate Albert Rusnák suffered fractures to both legs. [293]
9 February 1998 Panagiotis Katsouris PAOK Athens, Greece 1 While returning from an amateur 5x5 match, his car skidded due to excessive speed, hitting the barriers at the Thermi interchange outside Thessaloniki. His death was verified in AHEPA hospital shortly afterwards.
30 December 1998 Ansar Razak PSM Makassar Makassar, Indonesia 1 [294]
3 July 1999 Ibragim Gasanbekov Anzhi Makhachkala Makhachkala, Russia 1 Died after the car he was driving collided head-on with a Kamaz truck.
29 September 1999 Andriy Khomyn Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk near Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 1
30 January 2000 Martin Aldridge Rushden & Diamonds Oxford, England 1 After a game at Nene Park, he was involved in a car crash on the A45 road, and died aged 25. [295]
23 February 2000 Pedro Paulo Esposende Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal 1 Died aged 26 [296]
18 March 2000 Aleksandr Shchukin near Arzamas, Russia Svetotekhnika Saransk 1 [297][298]
8 August 2000 Igor Kurakin Yoshkar-Ola, Russia Iskra Engels 1
13 August 2000 Pedro Lavoura Braga Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal 1 [299]
28 January 2001 Stephen Malcolm Seba United Trelawny Parish, Jamaica 1 Died hours after playing Bulgaria in a friendly international in Kingston [300]
29 January 2001 Pablo Hernán Gómez Pachuca Ixmiquilpan, Mexico 2 Died with his wife while returning with his family from a weekend in San Luis Potosí [301][302]
10 February 2001 Niccolò Galli Bologna Bologna, Italy 1 Died while riding on his moped, on the way home from practice at Bologna's training centre, aged 17. [303][304]
25 May 2001 Ferry van Vliet NAC Breda Moerdijk, Netherlands 2 Van Died along with his girlfriend [305]
22 June 2001 Clébson Vasco da Gama Serrinha, Brazil 1 Died after colliding with the back of a truck while traveling from Salvador to his hometown, Itiúba. [306]
5 August 2001 Aaron Flahavan Portsmouth Bournemouth, England 1 [307]
1 October 2001 Mickey Trotman Rochester Rhinos Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago 1 Died aged 26.
21 December 2001 Ovidiu Iacov Steaua București Valea Voievozilor, Romania 2 Died after his Volkswagen crashed into a concrete sidewall. He was found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol, without a licence, late at night. Three other players from Chindia Târgoviște were riding with him on the back seats, but they all escaped with minor injuries. His girlfriend, in the passenger seat, also died. [308][309][310]
22 December 2001 Jovan Gojković Iraklis Thessaloniki Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia 1 Died while on holiday during the winter break.
23 January 2002 Vittorio Mero Brescia Rovato, Italy 1 Died in the A4 highway [311]
20 February 2002 Philippe Schuth ANancy Custines, France 1 [312]
2 March 2002 Jason Mayélé Chievo Bussolengo, Italy 1 Died aged 26 after his car collided with another while he was attempting to catch the Chievo team bus for a match against Parma. He was taken to hospital in Verona by helicopter, but later died [313]
22 April 2002 Massimiliano Ossari Thiene Vicenza, Italy 1
23 September 2002 Sergei Krestov Mosenergo Moscow Moscow, Russia 1
5 October 2002 Stepan Molokutsko Illichivets Mariupol Novotroitske, Ukraine 1 Died while driving on the way to Mariupol [314]
16 October 2002 Haytham Kajjo Al-Jihad Deir Ezzor, Syria 1 [315]
23 November 2002 Danijel Popović Osijek Borovo, Croatia 1 Died aged 20 [316][317][318]
28 November 2002 Mahicon Librelato Internacional Florianópolis, Brazil 3 Died after his car crashed during a storm. [319]
26 December 2002 Samuel Máñez Veracruz Veracruz, Mexico 2 Died on the México-Veracruz highway after returning to his club from the Christmas holiday season. A girl was also killed, while his wife and two children were injured. [320]
30 May 2003 Silvester Sabolčki Dinamo Zagreb Varaždin, Croatia 3 Died together [321]
Kristijan Kitner Varteks
Krunoslav Sabolić Slaven Belupo
5 July 2003 Pyotr Khrustovsky Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast Volgograd Oblast, Russia 1
27 July 2003 Audrius Šlekys FBK Kaunas Žiegždriai, Lithuania 1 Killed after he lost control of his BMW [322]
9 August 2003 Jimmy Davis Manchester United M40 in Oxfordshire 1 The Manchester United starlet, who was on loan by Watford died on his way to attend Watford's opening game against Coventry City. [323]
9 August 2003 Lesley Manyathela Orlando Pirates Musina, South Africa 1 Killed while travelling to visit his mother. [324]
31 August 2003 Jung Yong-hoon Suwon Samsung Bluewings Seoul, South Korea 1 [325]
13 March 2004 Blessing Makunike CAPS United Harare, Zimbabwe 5 Three players and two supporters died after their car hit the pillar of a bridge and caught fire, the greatest loss of lives in a single incident in Zimbabwean football. [326]
Shingirai Alron
Gary Mashoko
12 December 2004 Mattia Dal Bello Milan Bassano del Grappa, Italy 1 Died after droving his Audi A3 into a wall. A companion survived without serious injuries [327]
30 December 2004 Saad Al-Dosari Al Hilal Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia 1 [328]
7 May 2005 Otilino Tenorio El Nacional Guayaquil, Ecuador 1 The 25-year old died on his way to Quevedo, to visit his family. The accident happened three days after he played for his country in a 1–0 win over Paraguay, which was a friendly match played in New York City. The car in which he was travelling collided with a gas truck on the Santo Domingo-Quevedo road
18 May 2005 Whayne Wilson Brujas San José, Costa Rica 1 Died four days after his car collided with a truck on a highway [329]
13 July 2005 Aleksandr Kovalyov Torpedo-RG Bryansk Oblast, Russia 2 Two players died in a traffic accident caused by a moose running onto the road. [330]
Aleksei Musatov Dynamo Bryansk
18 September 2005 Luciano van den Berg Stormvogels Telstar Almere, Netherlands 1 Died after he lost control of his car, drove through a roadblock and crashed. [331]
14 January 2006 Mark Philo Wycombe Wanderers Bracknell, England 2 [332]
11 August 2006 Weverson São Paulo São Lourenço da Serra, Brazil 2 Goalkeeper of the São Paulo FC under-20 squad. Died with Finasa Osasco volleyball player Natália Lani Sena Manfrim. Another São Paulo goalkeeper, Bruno Landgraf, lost the use of his legs and became a Paralympic sailor, representing Brazil at the 2016 Paralympics [333]
4 September 2006 Mlondi Mdluli Manzini Wanderers Eswatini 1
9 September 2006 Simon Patterson Wingate & Finchley London, England 1 [334]
12 May 2007 Edy Vásquez Motagua Tegucigalpa, Honduras 1 Died in the Hospital Escuela after the car which was carrying him crashed into a wall at the Fuerzas Armadas Boulevard in Colonia Las Brisas [335]
26 May 2007 Marek Krejčí Wacker Burghausen Bavaria, Germany 1 [336]
26 June 2007 Serhiy Levchenko Nafkom Brovary Kyiv, Ukraine 1
8 July 2007 Alemão Palmeiras Nova Iguaçu, Brazil 2 Died along with his brother-in-law in a rollover. [337]
23 July 2007 Mirsha Serrano Tecos UAG Michoacán, Mexico 1 [338]
25 August 2007 Ray Jones Queens Park Rangers London, England 1 Died in East Ham in the early hours after the vehicle he was driving collided with a bus. [339]
2 September 2007 Nando Black Leopards near Modjadjiskloof, South Africa 4[citation needed] Was driving from Johannesburg to Maputo for an African Nations Cup qualifier against Tanzania when his car veered off the road and went up in flames. He, his wife and their children were burnt beyond recognition and the bodies were discovered four days later in Limpopo province. [340][341]
3 September 2007 Gift Leremi Mamelodi Sundowns Alberton, South Africa 1 [342]
19 October 2007 Michael Maidens Blyth Spartans Middlesbrough, England 1 [343]
5 April 2008 Wang Donglei Nanjing Yoyo Jiangsu, China 1 Died aged 23 [344][345]
15 July 2008 Gionata Mingozzi Treviso Campagna Lupia, Italy 1 Died after his Porsche hit a lorry [346]
9 December 2008 Ibrahim Dossey Târgovişte Bucharest, Romania 1 Had signed with Târgovişte two days before he crashed his car, and fell into a coma. His wife and two children were not hurt [347] He was in a coma for nearly three months, before he died in Bagdasar Arseni Hospital-Bucharest on 9 December 2008, aged 36.[348]
12 August 2008 Maksym Pashayev Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk Poltava Oblast, Ukraine 1
28 March 2009 Donald Thobega Botswana Defence Force XI Lobatse, Botswana 1 Was involved in a car accident while driving back to Lobatse from a music concert in Molapowabojang. Following the incident, he spent almost three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit of Princes Marina Hospital in Lobatse before dying of his injuries
30 May 2009 Alexander Obregón Alba Acajutla La Libertad, El Salvador 1 Former teammate and friend, Colombian player Christian Gil suffered severe injuries to the skull and thorax in the same accident. [349]
7 June 2009 Gordon Lennon Dumbarton Inverness, Scotland 1 Died in an off-road accident aged 26 while on a family break near Dingwall – the car in which he was a passenger struck an electrical pole which snapped causing live wires to fall onto the bodywork, and he was fatally electrocuted when he tried to exit the vehicle. [350][351]
11 August 2009 Jan Sillo AmaZulu Harrismith, South Africa 1 Died after the car he was driving overturned on the N5 highway in Free State.[352][353]
19 September 2009 Brian Filipi Ravenna Cervia, Italy 1 [354]
20 September 2009 Hernan Córdoba Atlético Huila Rivera, Colombia 2 Died together [355][356]
Mario Beltrán
11 October 2009 Brian Filipi Ravenna Cervia, Italy 1 [357]
12 October 2009 Samy Abu Zaid Asyut Petroleum Egypt 1 Died on the way to training. He was accompanied by chief medic Khaled Anwar, who survived with a few knocks. [358]
28 March 2010 Derlis Florentín Atenas Eusebio Ayala, Paraguay 2 Died after his car crashed into another on the Cordillera Highway, 54 kilometers away from Asunción. He was taken to hospital, but died shortly after. His companion, Aléxis Afonso, also died [359]
22 April 2010 Gustav Kral UFC Purbach Lichtenwörth, Austria 1 On April 5, 2010, he was involved in a car accident in Bretten, Germany, and died seven days later [360]
12 June 2010 Mao Mengsuo Tai Po Tibet, China 2 Died along with his girlfriend, Li Zhuoling, while teaching rural children[361]
27 August 2010 Oscar Ntwagae Platinum Stars Germiston, South Africa 1 Killed after being knocked down by a motorist after coming back from Jomo Cosmos training where he was attending trials. [362]
11 September 2010 Diego Rodríguez Nacional Montevideo, Uruguay 1 Seriously injured in a car crash on 9 September 2010, and was admitted to the ICU at La Española hospital. He suffered brain and chest trauma as a result of the accident, and died two days later of cardiac arrest aged 22. [363][364]
5 December 2010 Shamil Burziyev Anzhi Makhachkala Kizilyurtovsky District, Russia 2 Died along with his friend. Another person was criticallly injured [365]
23 June 2011 Dennis Marshall AaB San José, Costa Rica 2 Died along with his girlfriend Meilyn Arianna Masís Castro on the Braulio Carrillo highway 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of San José while on their way to Marshall's parents in Limón [366]
18 April 2011 Olubayo Adefemi Skoda Xanthi Kavala, Greece 1 Died while driving on Egnatia Odos [367][368]
25 May 2011 Miroslav Opsenica Kolubara Serbia 1 Died aged 29.
4 June 2011 Gianfranco Espejo Sporting Cristal Tumbes, Peru 1 [369]
13 August 2011 Álvaro Lara Rangers San Javier, Chile 1 Crashed his car into a wagon driven by a drunk driver along Chile Route 5. He was taken to Maule Regional Hospital, where he died as a result of his injuries [370]
19 August 2011 Yevhen Yevseyev Arsenal Kyiv Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine 1
25 September 2011 Theyab Awana Baniyas Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 1 Died aged 21 [371]
26 November 2011 István Gajda Maglódi near Pákozd, Hungary 1 Gajda, his brother and a friend headed home after UdineseRoma Italian Cup match, on the M7 motorway, when their car crashed into a truck. Gajda, who was asleep in the back seat without a seatbelt, was thrown out from the vehicle and died instantly [372]
2 January 2012 Paulo Rodrigues Viktoria Plzeň Bohutín, Czech Republic 1 Died aged 25 [373]
17 May 2012 Patrick Mafisango Simba Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 1 Died on the way to hospital [374][375]
28 May 2012 Ludovic Quistin Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe 1 [376]
4 January 2013 Lassaâd Ouertani JS Kairouan Tunis, Tunisia 1 [377]
9 June 2013 Solomon Oboh Warri Wolves Delta State, Nigeria 1 Died aged 23. [378]
5 November 2013 Abdou Nef Meftah, Blida Province, Algeria 1 [379]
22 November 2013 Jancarlos Rio Branco (ES) Natividade, Brazil 1 Killed aged 30.
2 February 2014 Sibusiso Papa Witbank Spurs East London, South Africa, Brazil 1 [380]
8 February 2014 Maicon Mariupol Donetsk, Ukraine 1 While returning home on his Hyundai Elantra near the Kalinin Hospital on prospekt Illicha (Illich Avenue), Maicon entered the ongoing traffic side of the street when maneuvering to pass a vehicle that signalled for a turn to the nearest gas station. While passing on the ongoing traffic lane, the footballer's vehicle made a head-on collision with a Škoda Superb, after which it hit a pole. With multiple injuries, the driver of the Škoda was hospitalized in a critical condition, while Maicon died on the scene. [381][382]
12 April 2014 Maurício Alves Boulogne France 1 Killed aged 24.
16 December 2014 Joseph Henyekane Roses United Kimberley, South Africa 1 Died four months before his brother, Richard, died in a separate car accident. [383][384]
20 December 2014 Seriki Audu Lobi Stars Nigeria 1 [385]
10 January 2015 Junior Malanda VfL Wolfsburg Porta Westfalica, Germany 1 Malanda was travelling in the back seat of a Volkswagen Touareg on the A2 in northern Germany to catch a flight to a training camp in South Africa. Apparently without outside influence, the car cleared the guardrail on the side of the road and crashed into a tree and overturned multiple times, Malanda was catapulted from the back seat of the car. [386][387][388]
8 March 2015 Pavlo Khudzik Zorya Luhansk Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine 1 [389]
28 July 2015 Diego Barisone Lanús Coronda, Argentina 1 [390]
17 January 2016 Mondli Cele Maritzburg United Pietermaritzburg, South Africa 1 Died after the car he was in plunged into the Msunduzi River [391]
21 June 2016 Şehmus Özer Amed SK Elazığ, Turkey 1
8 October 2016 Maximiliano Giusti Mushuc Runa Argentina 1
7 May 2017 Eduard Gutiérrez Atlético Huila Garzón, Colombia 1 Died aged 21 [392][393][394]
12 June 2017 Pessalli Paraná Curitiba, Brazil 1 The 26-year old lost control of his Audi A5 Sportback when going around a corner and crashed sideways against a utility pole. The crash was so strong that it tore the pole of the ground. He died on the spot. [395]
4 July 2017 Ntuthuko Radebe K.A.S. Eupen Newcastle, South Africa 1 [396][397]
8 October 2017 Mlondi Dlamini Maritzburg United Mpophomeni, South Africa 1 [398]
4 November 2017 Tallys Paysandu Garopaba, Brazil 1 [399]
15 February 2018 Mogau Tshehla Polokwane City South Africa 1
18 February 2018 Chinedu Udoji Kano Pillars Nigeria 1 Died aged 28 [400][401]
15 May 2018 Jlloyd Samuel Egerton Cheshire, England 1 Was travelling home after taking his children to school when his Range Rover collided with a van. He died at the scene and the driver of the other vehicle was seriously injured. [402]
28 July 2018 Kalia Kulothungan Bhawanipore Tamil Nadu, India 1 [403]
9 September 2018 Krystian Popiela Stal Rzeszów Wola Wielka, Poland 1 Died aged 20. [404]
17 December 2018 Andrey Shcharbakow Vitebsk Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus 1 Died along with his wife and child [405]
17 February 2019 Paul Ramos Gimnasia y Esgrima Yofre Norte, Argentina 1 Died following a two-vehicle collision [406][407][408]
7 April 2019 Luis Páez Independiente CG Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay 1 [409]
25 May 2019 Thembinkosi Mbamba TS Galaxy South Africa 1 [410][411]
1 June 2019 José Antonio Reyes Extremadura Utrera, Spain 2 Killed along with his cousin [412][413][414]
2 December 2019 Juan Pablo Vergara Binacional Juliaca, Peru 1 Was involved in a car accident along with teammates Donald Millán and Jeferson Collazos. The three footballers were headed to Juliaca from Puno to train with Deportivo Binacional as preparation for their upcoming series of matches for the championship round of the 2019 Peruvian Liga 1 playoffs when Vergara's car flipped on the side of the Puno–Juliaca road due to slippery conditions caused by rain and hail. The three were helped out of the vehicle by rescuers and taken to Clínica Americana in Juliaca. Millán and Collazos were discharged but Vergara died of his injuries. The clinic said that the impact of the steering wheel with Vergara resulted in "a severe massive hemorrhage in the left hemithorax" caused by the perforation of the liver by a broken rib [415][416][417]
19 December 2019 Shahdon Winchester Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago 4 Killed along with three others [418]
22 December 2019 Édison Realpe L.D.U. Quito Esmeraldas, Ecuador 2 Killed along with a companion [419]
3 January 2020 Nathaël Julan EA Guingamp Pordic, France 1 Killed after leaving training. [420]
22 March 2020 Ifeanyi George Enugu Rangers Abudu, Nigeria 3 Killed while traveling from Enugu to Lagos following the cancelation of the Nigerian league due to COVID-19. Ifenayi, along with teammate Emmanuel Ogbu and friend Eteka Gabriel, were reported to have crashed into an articulated vehicle. All of them died at the scene.[421][422][423]
15 October 2020 Sultan Saif Al-Falah Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 1 [424]
16 November 2020 Dairon Blanco Cienfuegos, Cuba 1 [425][426][427]
23 November 2020 Anele Ngcongca AmaZulu KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1 Died on the N2 highway [428]
12 December 2020 Motjeka Madisha Mamelodi Sundowns Kempton Park, South Africa 1 Died on a road east of Johannesburg [429][430][431]
11 January 2022 Ahmet Yılmaz Çalık Konyaspor Ankara, Turkey 1 Died aged 27 [432][433][434]
24 April 2022 Freddy Hall St. George's Colts St George's, Bermuda 2 [435][436]
14 May 2022 Maxi Rolón Casilda, Argentina 2 Died along with his brother, Ariel, after their car collided with a tree [437]
10 June 2022 Billel Benhammouda USM Alger Bou Ismaïl, Algeria 1 After the end of the Algeria A' match against DR Congo A', Madjid Bougherra decided to lay off the players for one day. The 24-year old Benhammouda called his friend to take him home but was killed on the road between Douaouda and Bou Ismaïl [438]
14 May 2023 Marco Warren PHC Zebras Hamilton Parish, Bermuda 1 Killed in a hit-and-run collision aged 29. He was discovered with severe head injuries on North Shore Road and died a short time later at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. [439]
12 August 2023 Paollo Madeira Hoàng Anh Gia Lai Pleiku, Vietnam 3 Killed along with assistant coach Duong Minh Ninh and team doctor Dao Trong Tri [440]

Motorcycle accidents Edit

Date Name Team Location Fatalities Description Ref
14 July 1924 Charlie Radford Manchester United Wolverhampton, England 1
26 July 1927 Jan Hassink PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands 1 [441][442]
25 June 1940 Tom Cooper Liverpool Aldeburgh, England 1 Died after his despatch motorcycle collided with a lorry
31 October 1958 Harry Bamford Bristol Rovers Gloucestershire, England 1 Died on the way to a coaching session in Clark's Grammar School in Clifton after his motorcycle collided with a delivery van in Apsley Road on 28 October 1958. He remained in Frenchay hospital for three days before dying from his injuries [443]
2 July 1972 Edmond Apéti Kaolo Étoile Filante du Togo Lomé, Togo 1 [444]
25 November 1995 Alan Nicholls Stalybridge Celtic Peterborough, England 2 After helping his team win 3–1 =against Dover Athletic, Nicholls left with his friend Scott Lindsey, and Scott's brother, Matthew, and their father. Nicholls travelled in the car with Scott and his father, while Matthew followed on his motorbike. About an hour into their journey, Nicholls offered to travel on the back of Matthew's motorbike. Soon afterwards, Matthew lost control of the bike on the A1 and careered off the road. They were both killed instantly. [445]
8 January 2006 Garrafa Sánchez Deportivo Laferrere Buenos Aires, Argentina 1 Died after attempting a wheelie
22 June 2007 Lenar Gilmullin Rubin Kazan Kazan, Russia 1 Died following his birthday party. [446]
11 July 2012 Tumaini Steede Devonshire Cougars Paget, Bermuda 1 Was involved in a motorcycle collision on 2 July 2012, and died from his injuries nine days later. [447]
16 February 2013 Colin Edwards Caledonia AIA Georgetown, Guyana 1 [448]
17 April 2016 Trần Phước Thọ Đồng Tâm Long An Long An, Vietnam 1 Died aged 23.[449]
19 May 2019 Leidy Asprilla Orsomarso Valle del Cauca, Colombia 1 Was reported missing on 19 May 2019 while on her way to a training session in Palmira. Her body was found several days later on a nearby highway near her motorcycle. Police announced that she had died in a traffic accident, rather than a kidnapping or murder as previously assumed. [450][451]
22 June 2019 Thalles Vasco da Gama São Gonçalo, Brazil 1 [452]
17 October 2022 Rajes Perumal Petaling Jaya City Selangor, Malaysia 1 [453]

Other transportation accidents Edit

Date Team Transportation Location Fatalities Description Ref
3 October 1936 L'Aquila Calcio Train Lazio, Italy 15 Coach killed and all players forced to quit professional football due to injuries in a train crash in Contigliano, on the Terni–Sulmona railway. Team was relegated and never managed to recover the second-tier Serie B league. [454]
5 July 1951 Þór Akureyri Bus Óshlíð, Iceland 2 A footballer died after the bus was struck by heavy rocks, another club member who was not part of the football team also died. [455]
14 February 1981 Chivas Guadalajara Bus Puebla, Mexico 1 Cement truck collided with team bus on the Mexico-Puebla highway, killing player (Pepe Martínez) and severely injuring nine others. [456]
10 May 1987 Querétaro F.C. Bus San Luis Potosí, Mexico 3 Three members of team killed [457]
20 January 1989 Samsunspor Bus Samsun, Turkey 5 3 players and coach Nuri Asan killed. Two players had career-ending injuries. [458]
19 April 1992 Inter Sibiu Bus Șeica Mare, Romania 2 Radu Gabriel Năstase and Bogdan Bănuță killed in the accident. [459][460][461][462]
15 January 2009 Brasil de Pelotas Bus Canguçu, Brazil 3 2 players (Regis Gouveia and Claudio Milar) and one member of staff (the goalkeeper coach Giovani Guimarães) killed [463]
16 February 2015 Estudiantes de Mérida Bus Mérida, Mérida, Venezuela 1 On 31 January 2015, Carlos de Castro was injured when the minibus carrying him and other Estudiantes de Mérida players crashed on the José Antonio Páez highway in Carabobo. In the accident, he suffered a fractured spinal cord. During surgery to correct his injury, de Castro suffered a fatal cardiac arrest due to respiratory failure.
26 March 2016 Wolczanka Wolka Pelkinska Bus Rzeszów, Poland 5 Three players died immediately after the accident, and two others died later in hospital. [464]
29 April 2019 Alanyaspor Minibus Alanya, Turkey 1 Josef Šural died after being critically injured when a minibus transporting him and six other players crashed 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Alanya. [465]
14 June 2022 Mes Kerman Bus Kerman-Tehran Road, Yazd province, Iran 15[466] 1 member of team killed, several injured [467][468]
19 January 2023 Charlotte Boat Miami, United States 1 Anton Walkes found unconscious after two boats crash in Miami, dead by the following morning. [469]

Other accidents Edit

Date Name Team Location Fatalities Description
28 February 1967 Dick Keith Weymouth Bournemouth, England 1 Died after an automatic garage door he was dismantling collapsed on top of him at a builder's yard.
23 June 2000 Peter Dubovský Real Oviedo Ko Samui, Thailand 1 Was on vacation with his fiancée. While taking pictures of a waterfall, he tumbled and fell to his death, succumbing to "heavy loss of blood and severe brain injuries".[470]
29 June 2019 Florijana Ismaili BSC YB Lake Como, Italy 1 Dived into the lake from a boat diving platform while on holiday in Lombardy, but did not resurface and was declared missing.[471][472] Two days later, her body was found at the bottom of the lake at a depth of 204 metres (669 feet).[473][474] Her cause of death was listed as asphyxia.[475]
26 December 2020 Maximiliano Pereira Central Español Minas, Uruguay 1 Accidentally drowned at the Salto del Penitente.[476]
7 February 2023[a] Ahmet Eyüp Türkaslan Yeni Malatyaspor Malatya, Turkey 59,000+ Killed in the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake after being trapped under a collapsed residential building. His body was recovered the following day.[477]
18 February 2023[b] Christian Atsu Hatayspor Antakya, Turkey Killed in the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake after being trapped under the rubble of his club's headquarters. His body was recovered nearly two weeks later.[478]
2 August 2023 Jesus Lopez Ortiz Deportivo Rio Cañas Guanacaste, Costa Rica 1 Devoured by a crocodile.[479]
4 September 2023 Violeta Mițul Einherji Vopnafjörður, Iceland 1 Died after accidentally falling from a cliff in the harbour area while on a mountain hike with teammates.[480][481][482]
10 September 2023 Shaheen Al-Jamil Al Tahaddi Derna, Libya 6,800+ Died in floods caused by Storm Daniel.[483]
10 September 2023 Monder Sadaqa Darnes Derna, Libya Died in floods caused by Storm Daniel.[483]
10 September 2023 Saleh Sasi Darnes Derna, Libya Died in floods caused by Storm Daniel.[483]
10 September 2023 Ayoub Sasi Darnes Derna, Libya Died in floods caused by Storm Daniel.[483]
10 September 2023 Ibrahim Al-Qaziri Nusour Martouba Derna, Libya Died in floods caused by Storm Daniel.[483]

Illnesses Edit

Note: The following table includes players who were forced to retire from football due to one of the diseases related to their death, and does not include those who announced their retirement before the disease was diagnosed.

Date Name Age Team Notes
1 March 1922   Pichichi 29   Athletic Bilbao Died of a sudden attack of typhus.[484]
5 April 1968   Brian Hill 30   Club Brugge Died of a heart attack.[485][486]
June 1972   Trevor Roberts 30   Cambridge United Admitted to hospital with a brain tumour in February 1972 and died four months later in a nursing home.[487][488]
15 March 1976   Jack McClelland 35   Barnet Died of a brain tumour.[489]
15 June 1978   Alan Groves 29   Blackpool Died of heart failure.
18 September 1978   Bobby Finch 30 Died of meningitis.
14 August 1981   Mel Holden 26   Zwolle Died of motor neurone disease; the illness had forced his retirement from playing some two years previously.[490]
14 August 1984   Mike Barrett 24   Bristol Rovers Died from cancer.
14 October 1986   Barry Salvage 39   Eastbourne Town Died from a heart attack.[491][492]
3 December 1986   Austin Hayes 28   Friska Viljor Died from lung cancer after contracting pneumonia, just three weeks after the illness was diagnosed.[493]
17 August 1990   Ian Handysides 27   Birmingham City Diagnosed with a brain tumour in the autumn of 1988 and died in Solihull two years later.
29 July 2013   Christian Benítez 27   El Jaish Died from cardiac arrest a day after his debut in the Sheikh Jassim Cup against Qatar SC.[494]
4 March 2018   Davide Astori 31   Fiorentina Died in his sleep while staying in a hotel in Udine prior to a match against Udinese, proven to be caused by cardiac arrest determined from an autopsy conducted two days later.[495]
1 November 2019   Diana González 26   América Died as a result of decompensation in glucose levels after suffering hypoglycemia.[496]
24 May 2020   Deibert Guzmán 25   Universitario del Beni Died from COVID-19, the first active footballer to do so.[497]
9 April 2021   Daniel Benítez 33   Zamora Died of cancer, thirteen months after he was diagnosed with the disease.[498]

Murders Edit

Date Name Age Team Notes
11 November 1923   Tommy Ball 23   Aston Villa Shot and killed by his landlord.[499]
August 1927   Stanley Cowie 36/37   Barry Found in the River Tyne with his hands and feet tied with cord.[500]
29 July 1936   Bebel García 22   Deportivo La Coruña Executed minutes after the coup of July 1936.[501]
2 September 1938   Ángel Arocha 31   Atlétic Madrid Killed in the Spanish Civil War
4 June 1951   Sándor Szűcs 29   Újpest FC Executed by the Hungarian communist regime after attempting to defect to Austria.[502]
2 November 1971   Robert Mensah 32   Asante Kotoko Stabbed with a broken bottle after an altercation in an akpeteshie bar.[503]
30 May 1974   Octavio Muciño 24   Chivas Guadalajara Shot outside a restaurant in Guadalajara by a rival fan. The shooter, 32 year-old Atlas fan Jaime Muldoon Barreto fled Mexico and relocated to Spain. Muldoon Barreto returned to Mexico in 1980 and was never charged for Muciño's murder. It is widely speculated that his freedom is attributed to the influence and power possessed by the Muldoon Barreto family within the Mexican government.[504]
11 January 1977   Luciano Re Cecconi 28   Lazio Shot dead in Rome after pretending to rob a friend's jewelry shop as a practical joke.[505]
11 April 1979   Mohamed Akid 29   Al-Riyadh The official version was that Akid was struck by lightning during a training session at his club.[506] The circumstances surrounding the death have fueled a controversy between his surviving family and the authorities. An autopsy in 2012 confirmed the presence of two shots in his body and Akid's son confirmed the involvement of Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.[507]
7 March 1983   Lutz Eigendorf 26   Eintracht Braunschweig Reportedly assassinated for defecting from East to West Germany.[508]
5 December 1993   Raúl Esnal 37   Apaneca [509]
2 July 1994   Andrés Escobar 27   Atlético Nacional Shot six times with a .38 calibre pistol. His murderers reportedly shouted "¡Gol!" ("Goal!") after each shot, with the murder widely believed to be a punishment for the own goal he scored at the 1994 FIFA World Cup.[510][511]
12 December 1998   Tito Díaz 28   FAS Shot dead in a bar in Santa Rosa de Lima.[512]
19 January 2003   Milton Flores 28   Real España Killed by automatic weapons fire inside his car under disputed circumstances.[513]
28 July 2004   Naser Al-Sohi 29   Al-Tadamon His body was found in a building under construction, However a post-mortem examination showed he may have died from a severe beating.[514]
6 November 2004   Claudinei Resende 26   Helsingborgs IF Shot in the head at a concert hall west of Belo Horizonte.[515]
20 June 2005   William López 26   Alianza Shot in the abdomen by gang members.[516]
6 January 2006   Elson Becerra 27   Al Jazira Shot in a night club in Cartagena.[517]
18 May 2006   Kiyan Prince 15   Queens Park Rangers Killed while trying to stop the bullying of another boy.[518]
26 May 2006   Selvin González 24   Real San Martín Shot by armed men at his girlfriend's house.[519]
16 February 2007   Ehab Karim 26   Al-Sinaa Killed in a bombing in Baghdad.[520]
13 June 2007   Hussein Dokmak 25   Nejmeh Killed by a car bomb.[521]
13 June 2007   Hussein Naeem 20   Nejmeh Killed by a car bomb.[521]
28 April 2008   Eudy Simelane 31   Springs Home Sweepers Abducted, gang raped, beaten, and stabbed 25 times in the face, chest, and legs because of her sexuality.[522]
20 February 2009   Július Nôta 37   Rimavská Sobota Stabbed.[523]
14 June 2009   Abel Tador 24   Bayelsa United Shot dead by armed robbers in the Niger Delta.[524]
13 October 2009   Orane Simpson 26   Tivoli Gardens Stabbed to death in Kingston.[525]
18 December 2009   Victor Helu 26   Civics Windhoek Stabbed to death in Windhoek.[526]
6 May 2010   Guillermo Meza 21   Pumas Morelos Shot in the head after attackers chased him in a taxi and opened fire.[527]
1 July 2010   Eddie Moussa 26   Assyriska Shot in Café Oasen in Södertälje.[528]
30 August 2010   Philip Tisson 24   Helenites Shot in Brooklyn, New York City.[529]
3 October 2010   Nelson Rivera 19   Isidro Metapan Died days after being shot in the head on 18 September 2010 after unknown gunmen attacked the car he was traveling in.[530]
6 February 2011   William Morais 19   América Mineiro Killed in a robbery attempt in Belo Horizonte.[531]
19 October 2011   Édison Chará 31   Dalian Aerbin Shot by hitmen in Puerto Tejada, Cauca.[532]
21 January 2012   Jeffrey Ntuka 26   SuperSport United Fatally stabbed in his hometown of Kroonstad.[533]
3 February 2014   Chiwanki Lyainga 30   Red Arrows Stabbed during a bar fight in Chawama Township.[534]
25 May 2014   Jhonny Perozo 29   Zulia Murdered during a fight in an entertainment center in Lagunillas.[535]
23 August 2014   Albert Ebossé Bodjongo 24   JS Kabylie Hit by a projectile while leaving the pitch.[536] However a post-mortem examination showed he may have actually died from a severe beating.[537]
26 October 2014   Senzo Meyiwa 30   Orlando Pirates Shot and killed in a robbery at his girlfriend's house in Vosloorus.[538]
10 December 2015   Arnold Peralta 26   Olimpia Shot and killed in La Ceiba.[539]
13 May 2016   Rodrigo Espíndola 26   Nueva Chicago Shot and killed during a robbery.[540]
15 April 2017   Amílcar Henríquez 33   Árabe Unido Killed in his hometown of Colón in a drive-by shooting.[541]
13 May 2017   Alisson 17   Floresta Shot dead during the celebration for the club's promotion to the Campeonato Cearense first division.[542]
7 July 2017   Johnson Kendrick 25   Al-Gharafa Shot and killed during a robbery in Guarujá.[543]
8 July 2017   Roy Richards 33   Rendezvous Shot and killed at a shop in Kingstown.[544]
1 June 2018   Alejandro Peñaranda 24   Cortuluá Shot and killed.[545]
8 July 2018   Tazir Kariyev 29   Lokomotiv Kropotkin Shot and killed.[546]
27 October 2018   Daniel Correa 24   São Bento Murdered after attending a party in São José dos Pinhais.[547]
18 September 2019   Kelvin Maynard 32   Alphense Boys Shot and killed in Amsterdam.[548]
31 October 2019   Tarania Clarke 20   Waterhouse Stabbed after a dispute over a mobile phone.[549]
24 January 2020   Kennedy Isles 25   Newtown United Shot and killed.[550]
25 January 2020   Jordan Sinnott 25   Matlock Town Sustained a head injury during an altercation with two men and later died.[551]
25 January 2020   Edwin Espinoza 25   Guayaquil City Shot and killed outside his home in Guayaquil in a suspected case of mistaken identity.[552]
4 February 2023   Oshwin Andries 19   Stellenbosch Died days after being stabbed during an altercation at a bar on 29 January 2023.[553]
23 July 2023   Ariana Estefanía Chancay 26   Las Dragonas Shot and killed in her hometown of Manta while talking with the town's mayor, Agustin Intriago, who was the target of the attack.[554]
3 September 2023   Gilberto Hernández 26   C.A. Independiente Killed in his hometown of Colón in a drive-by shooting.[555]

Suicides Edit

Date Name Age Team Notes
24 March 1913   James Blair 29   Stockport County Found by his brother after slitting his own throat at home. He had reportedly been despondent over ill health and being unable to take part in the Easter matches.[556]
5 March 1918   Abdón Porte 24/25   Nacional After a match, Porte arrived at Estadio Gran Parque Central in Montevideo, entered the midfield and shot himself. His body and a suicide note were found the next morning.
26 July 1932   Billy Callender 29   Crystal Palace Committed suicide at the club ground, following the death of his fiancée from polio. He was found hanged in the team dressing room after training.[557][558]
23 June 1978   Tommy McLaren 29   Telford United Given a free transfer to Telford United in May 1977, he went on to commit suicide the following year, having never come to terms with leaving Port Vale.
21 March 1982   Dave Clement 34   Wimbledon Died at his father-in-law's flat in Battersea, having suffered from depression for several years.
11 November 1982   John Lyons 26   Colchester United Died at his home in Layer de la Haye only hours after appearing for Colchester United at Layer Road.[559]
24 December 1985   Erich Schaedler 36   Dumbarton Died in Cardrona Forest.[560]
4 February 1992   Alan Davies 30   Swansea City After dropping his daughter off at school, he drove to Horton, and took his own life by carbon monoxide poisoning.[561]
17 October 1997   Ramiro Castillo 31   Bolívar Never recovered from his son's death and committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in La Paz.[562]
1 November 2002   Lester Morgan 26   Herediano Died in San Rafael de Heredia. The reason for his suicide has been speculated throughout Costa Rica, although chronic traumatic encephalopathy is suspected.
10 November 2009   Robert Enke 32   Hannover 96 Died by standing in front of a regional express train at a level crossing in Eilvese, Neustadt am Rübenberge.[563][564]
14 December 2010   Dale Roberts 24   Rushden & Diamonds Death announced just hours before he was due to play in an FA Trophy match against his former club Eastwood Town. The match was subsequently postponed. Roberts was found by Northamptonshire Police at his home in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire. The cause of death was reported to be suicide by hanging.[565][566]
22 April 2011   Cheung Sai Ho 35   Lam Pak Died after jumping from his home in Tin Heng Estate. Police reported that he was having a dispute with his wife over money and love before the incident.[567]
18 July 2014   Andreas Biermann 35   FSV Spandauer Kickers [568][569]
23 April 2017   František Rajtoral 31   Gaziantepspor Found dead in his apartment, having committed suicide the day before.
19 May 2017   David Bystroň 34   US Schluein Ilanz Reportedly hanged himself in his house in Ilanz, Switzerland.[570][571]
30 June 2018   Juraj Halenár 35   SV Gaflenz Found dead in the woods of Vrakuňa.
30 October 2020   Kim Nam-chun 31   Seoul Found dead in a parking lot in Songpa.[572][573]
21 November 2022   Karim Gazzetta 27   Zrinjski Mostar Jumped from the eighth floor of a building in Mostar.[574][575]
23 April 2023   Nizar Issaoui 35   ES El Jem Died after setting himself on fire.[576][577]

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