List of archaeological sites in Peru

Archaeological sites in Peru are numerous and diverse, representing different aspects including temples and fortresses of the various cultures of ancient Peru, such as the Moche and Nazca. The sites vary in importance from small local sites to UNESCO World Heritage sites of global importance.[1] Their nature and complexity of the sites vary from small single-featured sites such as pyramids to entire cities, such as Chan Chan and Machu Picchu. Preservation and investigation of these sites are controlled mainly by the National Institute for Culture (INC) (Spanish: Instituto Nacional de Cultura). The lack of funding to protect sites and enforce existing laws, results in large scale looting and illegal trading of artifacts.[2]


The following is an alphabetical list of archaeological sites in Peru, it lists the main archaeological sites of touristic importance as published by the Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism.[3][4]

Site Image Region Culture Period
Acaray   Lima   !9100900–200 BC, 1000–1470 AD
Aspero Lima Norte Chico !70003000–1800 BC
Bandurria   Lima Norte Chico !70003000–1800 BC
El Brujo   La Libertad Moche 0100100–750 AD
Buena Vista Lima !99998000–1000 BC
Cahuachi   Ica Nazca 99991–500 AD
Cantamarca Lima Canta 11001100–1450 AD
La Centinela Ica Chincha 09000900–1450 AD
Carajía `  Amazonas Chachapoya 99991400–1500 AD
Caral   Lima Norte Chico !70003000–1800 BC
Chan Chan   La Libertad Chimú 0850850–1470 AD
Chanquillo   Ancash Casma/Sechin culture !9700300 BC
Chavin de Huantar   Ancash Chavín 99991200–400 BC
Chinchero   Cusco   9999 
Choquequirao   Cusco Inca 99991536–1572 AD
Cumbemayo   Cajamarca Cajamarca 99991500 BC
El Paraíso   Chillon River Valley 37903790–3065 cal BP
Garagay   Lima !88001200 BC
Gran Pajatén   La Libertad Chachapoyas 9999200 BC
Gran Saposoa Amazonas Chachapoyas 9999 
Gran Vilaya Amazonas Chachapoyas 9999 
Guitarrero Cave   Ancash !20008000–7000 BC
Huaca de la Luna   La Libertad Moche 9999450 AD
Huaca del Sol   La Libertad Moche 9999450 AD
Huaca Huallamarca   Lima Hualla 0500500–1450 AD
Huaca Pucllana   Lima
Lima 0200200–700 AD
Huaricanga Lima Region Norte Chico 99993500-1800 BC
Huchuy Qosqo   Cuzco Inca 99991420-1530 AD
Inka Uyu   Puno 9999 
Inka Wasi, Ayacucho   Ayacucho Inca 9999 
Inka Wasi, Huancavelica   Huancavelica Inca 9999 
Inti Punku   Cusco Inca 9999 
Inti Watana   Ayacucho Inca 9999 
Jisk'a Iru Muqu   Puno South-Central Highland !70003000–1400 BC
Kanamarka   Cusco 9999 
Kuelap   Amazonas Chachapoyas 10001000–1400 AD
Kuntur Wasi   Cajamarca Chavín !90001000–700 BC
La Galgada La Libertad Kotosh Religious Tradition !71002900–1800 BC
Las Haldas or Aldas   Ancash Casma/Sechin culture 2200-300 BC
Llaqtapata   Cusco Inca 9999 
Machu Colca   Cusco Inca
Machu Picchu   Cusco Inca 99991450–1572 AD
Marayniyuq   Ayacucho Wari 9999 
Moray   Cusco Inca
Nazca Lines   Nazca Nazca
Ñusta Hispana   Cusco Inca 9999 
Pachakamaq   Lima Huari
0200200–1450 AD
Pañamarca   Ancash Moche 9999100–900 AD
Paramonga   Lima Chimú 12001200–1450 AD
Patallaqta   Cusco Inca 9999 
Phuyupatamarka   Cusco Inca 9999 
Pikillaqta   Cusco Huari 0500500–1200 AD
Pikimach'ay Ayacucho !000012000 BC
Pinkuylluna   Cusco Inca 9999 
Pisac   Cusco Inca 99991440–1530 AD
Puka Pukara   Cusco Inca 9999 
Puruchuco   Lima Ichma
14701470–1532 AD
Qollmay   Cuzco Inca
Quispiguanca Cuzco Inca 9999 1460-1530s AD
Qulu Qulu Puno 9999 
Qunchamarka   Cusco Inca 9999 
Qurikancha   Cusco Inca 9999 
Quriwayrachina Cusco Inca 9999 
Q'inqu   Cusco Inca 9999 
Raqch'i   Cusco Inca 14501450–1532 AD
Rumiqullqa   Cusco Wari, Inca 9999 
Runkuraqay   Cusco Inca 9999 
Sacred Valley   Cusco Inca 99991000–1537 AD
Saksaywaman   Cusco Killke and Inca 0900900–1532 AD
Sayhuite   Apurímac Inca 9999 
Sechin Alto   Ancash Casma/Sechin culture 20002000–1500 BCE
Sillustani   Puno Colla 12001200–1450 AD
Sipán   Lambayeque Moche 999950–700 AD
Suntur   Apurímac Chanka 9999 
Tambo Colorado   Ica Inca 14701470–1532 AD
Tampu Mach'ay   Cusco Inca 14701470–1532 AD
Tarawasi   Cusco Inca 9999 
Tarmatampu   Junín Inca 14701470–1532 AD
Tipón   Cusco Inca 9999 
Toquepala Caves Tacna !23507650 BC
Toro Muerto   Arequipa Huari 0900900–1200 AD
Túcume   Lambayeque Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca 0800800–1532 AD
Tunanmarka   Junín Huanca 9999 
Uchkus Inkañan   Huancavelica Inca 9999 
Ullantaytampu   Cusco Inca 14501450–1532 AD
Usnu   Ayacucho 9999 
(Espiritu Pampa)
  Cusco Inca 99991539–1572 AD
Vilcashuamán   Ayacucho Inca 14701470–1532 AD
Viracochapampa   La Libertad Wari 9999600–800 AD
  Cusco Inca 9999 
Wamanmarka   Cusco Inca 9999 
Wanuku Pampa   Huánuco Inca 14701470–1532 AD
Waqramarka   Ancash 9999 
Wari ruins   Ayacucho Huari 500500–900 AD
Wari Willka   Junín Huanca 9999 
Willkaraqay   Cusco Inca 9999 
Willkawayin   Ancash Wari 9999400–1000 AD
Wiñay Wayna   Cusco Inca 9999 

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