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List of ancient Italic peoples

This list of ancient Italic peoples includes names of Indo-European peoples speaking Italic languages or otherwise considered Italic in sources from the late early 1st millennium BC to the early 1st millennium AD.



The first Italic tribes to enter the Italian peninsula, moved across the eastern Alpine passes into the plain of the Po River about 1800 BC[citation needed] . Later they crossed the Apennines and eventually occupied the region of Latium, which included Rome. Before 1000 BC related tribes followed, which later divided into various groups and gradually moved to central and southern Italy.[1]


Possible area of origin and migration route of Proto-Italic people towards Italian peninsula.
Ethnicities of today's Italy in 400 BC. The Italic tribes lived at this point in the south-central part of the Italian peninsula.
Approximate distribution of languages in Iron Age Italy during the sixth century BC.
The linguistic and peoples' landscape of Central Italy at the beginning of Roman expansion

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  • [1] - Source texts of ancient Greek and Roman authors
  • [2] - Strabo's work The Geography (Geographica). Books 5 and 6 are about Italy (each region has a chapter).