List of ambassadors of China to Israel

The Chinese ambassador in Tel Aviv is the official representative of the Government in Beijing to the Government of Israel.

Ambassador of China to Israel

since May 2020
Inaugural holderTang Zhenqi
FormationSeptember 1989

List of representativesEdit

Diplomatic agrément/Diplomatic accreditation ambassador Chinese language
Observations Premier of the People's Republic of China President of Israel Term end
January 9, 1950 Israel announced its recognition of the People's Republic of China. Zhou Enlai Chaim Weizmann
September 1989 China established the China International Travel Service office in Tel Aviv. Li Peng Chaim Herzog
1992 Establishment of diplomatic relations Li Peng Chaim Herzog
September 1989 Tang Zhenqi zh:唐振琪 (February 1944)
  • In 1966, he graduated from the Department of Shanghai Normal University Foreign Languages.
  • In 1972, transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy in the translation of Pakistan, industry officials Foreign Ministry Foreign Affairs Division North Africa.
  • In 1989, he served as director of the tourism office in Israel.
  • In 1993, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as WANA Counselor.
  • In 1998 he was ambassador to Namibia. In 2000 was Ministry of Foreign Affairs head of staff.
  • From 2002 to 2004 he was ambassador to Athens Greece. In 2005 he retired.
Li Peng Chaim Herzog January 1992
January 1992 Lin Zhen zh:林真 (外交官)
  • From 1989 to 1992 he was ambassador in Yemen, RDP
Li Peng Chaim Herzog February 1992
November 1995 Wang Changyi zh:王昌义
  • 1983–1986: Djibouti
  • 1986–1989: Syria
Li Peng Ezer Weizman August 1995
November 2000 Pan Zhanlin zh:潘占林
  • From July 1992 to January 1995 he was Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan.
  • From December 1994 to April 1998 was Ambassador to the Ukraine.
  • From December 1997 to October 2000 he was Ambassador in Belgrade Yugoslavia.
Zhu Rongji Moshe Katsav April 2000
November 2003 Chen Yonglong zh:陈永龙
  • From April 2001 to October 2003 he was ambassador to Jordan.
Wen Jiabao Moshe Katsav June 2003
April 2007 Zhao Jun zh:赵军 (外交官) Wen Jiabao Shimon Peres May 2007
September 2011 Gao Yanping zh:高燕平 Wen Jiabao Shimon Peres September 2011
February 2015 Zhan Yongxin 詹永新 Li Keqiang Reuven Rivlin February 2020
February 2020 Du Wei 杜伟
  • From 2016 to 2019 he was ambassador to Ukraine
  • Died in office
Li Keqiang Reuven Rivlin May 17, 2020

Coordinates: 32°05′40″N 34°46′31″E / 32.094404°N 34.775160°E / 32.094404; 34.775160


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