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This is a list of all the horse breeds in the DAD-IS, the Domestic Animal Diversity Information System, a database of the FAO.[1] There are about 4150 horse breed entries, reported by almost 200 countries, not all of which have horses.[2] The breed names are those held in the database, and thus reflect the diversity between the various reporting countries; intentionally, no attempt has been made to link, unify, rationalise or translate them. One spelling error has been corrected.

The list can be sorted by country, which offers no advantage over the database itself. The default sort order is alphabetical by breed, which allows the geographical range of a breed such as the Morgan to be seen. It is also text-searchable, which may help find all entries for, say, the Mérens.

Breeds in the databaseEdit

The fourth version of the DAD-IS was launched on 21 November 2017[3] and the horse breeds listed in it were:

Reporting Country Breed Name Transboundary Name
Afghanistan Buzkashi
Afghanistan Dawand
Afghanistan Herati
Afghanistan Kohband
Afghanistan Mazari
Afghanistan Qatgani
Afghanistan Qazal
Afghanistan Samand
Afghanistan Tooraq
Afghanistan Waziri Waziri
Afghanistan Yabu Yabu
Afghanistan Yargha
Albania Arab Arab
Albania Comune
Albania Haflinger Haflinger
Albania Nonius Nonius
Algeria Arabe Barbe West African Barb
Algeria Barbe Barb
Argentina Bagual
Argentina Crioulo Argentine Criollo
Argentina Falabella Pony Falabella Pony
Australia American Saddlebred American Saddle Horse
Australia Andalusian Andalusian
Australia Appaloosa Appaloosa
Australia Australian Brumby
Australia Australian Draught Horse
Australia Australian Pony
Australia Australian Stockhorse
Australia Australian Waler
Australia Belgian Draught Belgian Draft
Australia Belgian Warmblood Belgian Warmblood
Australia Brumbie
Australia Caspian Caspian
Australia Cleveland Bay Cleveland Bay
Australia Clydesdale Clydesdale
Australia Coffin Bay Pony
Australia Connemara Connemara Pony
Australia Dales Dales
Australia Danish Warmblood Danish Warmblood
Australia Dartmoor Dartmoor Pony
Australia Egyptian Arabian Arab
Australia English Arabian Arab
Australia English Riding Pony
Australia English Spotted Pony
Australia Exmoor Exmoor Pony
Australia Falabella Falabella Pony
Australia Fjord Fjord
Australia French Warmblood
Australia Friesian Friesian
Australia German Warmblood
Australia Greenbank Army
Australia Guy Fawkes River National Park Brumby
Australia Hackney Hackney
Australia Hackney Pony Hackney Pony
Australia Hafflinger Haflinger
Australia Hannovarian Hanoverian
Australia Highland Highland Pony
Australia Icelandic Iceland Pony
Australia Irish Draught Irish Draught
Australia Irish Sporthorse
Australia Kosciusko Brumby
Australia Lippizaner Lipitsa
Australia Lusitano Lusitanian
Australia Miniature Horse
Australia Miniature Pony
Australia Morgan
Australia Namagdi National Park Brumby
Australia New Forest New Forest Pony
Australia Oldenburger Oldenburg
Australia Palamino Palomino
Australia Palouse
Australia Percheron Percheron
Australia Polish Arabian Arab
Australia Quarterhorse Quarter Horse
Australia Shetland Shetland Pony
Australia Shire Shire
Australia Standardbred American Trotter
Australia Suffolk Punch Suffolk
Australia Swedish Warmblood Swedish Warmblood
Australia Tennessee Walking Horse Tennessee Walking Horse
Australia Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Australia Timor Pony
Australia Waler
Australia Warmblood
Australia Welsh Mountain Pony Welsh Pony
Austria Altösterreichisches Warmblut Furioso-Northstar
Austria Haflinger Haflinger
Austria Huzule Hutsul
Austria Lipizzaner Lipitsa
Austria Noriker Noric
Austria Pinkafeld Pinkafö
Austria Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Austria Shagya-Araber Shagya Arab
Austria Vollblutaraber Arab
Austria Österreichisches Warmblut
Azerbaijan Dilbaz
Azerbaijan Garabakh Karabakh
Azerbaijan Guba
Azerbaijan Lower Caucasus Lower Caucasus
Azerbaijan Shirvan
Bangladesh Bangladesh native horse
Bangladesh Rajshahi Pony
Belarus Belorusskaya
Belarus Latvian Draught
Belarus Lithuanian Cart
Belarus Polesskaya
Belarus Russian Trotter Russian Trotter
Belarus Tory
Belarus Trakenen Trakehner
Belgium Appaloosa Appaloosa
Belgium Arabe Arab
Belgium Arabo Friese Paard
Belgium Baudet de Poitou Breton
Belgium Belgisch Warmbloedpaard Belgian Warmblood
Belgium Belgische Rijpony
Belgium Boulonnais Boulonnais
Belgium Bretoens trekpaard Breton
Belgium Cheval Barbe Barb
Belgium Cheval Camarque
Belgium Cheval de Sport Belge Belgian Sport Horse
Belgium Cheval de Trait Ardennais Belgian Draft
Belgium Cheval de Trait Belge Belgian Draft
Belgium Cheval selle français French Saddlebred
Belgium Cob Normand Norman Cob
Belgium Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
Belgium Dartmoor Pony Dartmoor Pony
Belgium Fjord Fjord
Belgium Franches-Montagnes Freiberger
Belgium Friese Paard Friesian
Belgium Haflinger Haflinger
Belgium Iceland Pony Iceland Pony
Belgium Irish Cob
Belgium Lipizzan Lipitsa
Belgium Lusitanien Lusitanian
Belgium Miniature
Belgium Miniatuurpaard Caspian
Belgium New-Forest Pony New Forest Pony
Belgium PR Espagnol Purebred Spanish
Belgium Palomino Palomino
Belgium Poney Highland Breton
Belgium Poney mérens Merens Pony
Belgium Pur-Sang Anglais Thoroughbred
Belgium Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Belgium Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Belgium Tinker Tinker
Belgium Trotteur Belge
Belgium Tuigpaard Tuigpaard
Belgium Vlaamse Paard Flamand
Belgium Welsh Pony Welsh Pony
Belgium Zangersheide
Benin Koto-Koli Pony Koto-Koli Pony
Bhutan Boeta
Bhutan Haflinger Haflinger
Bhutan Merak Saktenpata
Bhutan Sharta Bhotia Pony
Bhutan Yuta
Bolivia Criollo Altiplánico
Bolivia Criollo Oriental
Bolivia Pantanero Pantanero
Bolivia Sunicho
Bolivia cuarto de milla Quarter Horse
Bosnia and Herzegovina Barut
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Mountain Bosnian Pony
Bosnia and Herzegovina Busa Pony
Bosnia and Herzegovina Gazal
Bosnia and Herzegovina Glasinacki
Bosnia and Herzegovina Lenkoran
Bosnia and Herzegovina Lipizzaner Lipitsa
Bosnia and Herzegovina Misko
Bosnia and Herzegovina Podveleski
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sabih
Bosnia and Herzegovina Siglavi
Botswana Arabian Arab
Botswana Boerperd Boer
Botswana Hanoverian Hanoverian
Botswana Nooitgedachter Nooitgedacht Pony
Botswana Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Botswana Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Botswana Tswana
Botswana Welsh Pony Welsh Pony
Brazil Appaloosa Appaloosa
Brazil Arabian Arab
Brazil Baixadeiro
Brazil Brasileiro de Hipismo
Brazil Breton Breton
Brazil Campeiro
Brazil Campolina
Brazil Crioulo
Brazil Lavradeiro
Brazil Lusitano Lusitanian
Brazil Mangalarga Mangalarga
Brazil Mangalarga Marchador
Brazil Marajoara
Brazil Morgan Morgan
Brazil Nordestino
Brazil Paint American Paint
Brazil Pantaneiro
Brazil Percheron Percheron
Brazil Piquira Pônei Pony
Brazil Purebred Spanish Purebred Spanish
Brazil Puruca
Brazil Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Brazil Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Brazil Trotter
Bulgaria Bulgarian Heavy Draft Horse
Bulgaria Bulgarian sport horse
Bulgaria Danubian horse
Bulgaria Deli-Orman
Bulgaria Eastbulgarian Horse
Bulgaria Gidran Gidran
Bulgaria Haflinger Haflinger
Bulgaria Karakachan horse
Bulgaria Pleven Horse
Bulgaria Purebred Arabian horse Arab
Bulgaria Rila Mountain
Bulgaria Shagya-Arabian Horse Shagya Arab
Bulgaria Shetland pony Shetland Pony
Bulgaria Stara Planina
Bulgaria Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Bulgaria Trakehner
Bulgaria Trotter horse
Burkina Faso Bobo
Burkina Faso Mossi
Burkina Faso Percheron Percheron
Burkina Faso Yagha
Cambodia Cambodian
Canada Alberta Wild Horse
Canada American Saddlebred American Saddle Horse
Canada Anglo-Normand Norman Cob
Canada Appaloosa Appaloosa
Canada Arabian Arab
Canada Belgian Belgian Draft
Canada Canadian Canadian
Canada Canadian Warmblood
Canada Cleveland Bay Cleveland Bay
Canada Clydesdale Clydesdale
Canada Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
Canada Dales Pony Dales
Canada Dartmoor Pony Dartmoor Pony
Canada Exmoor Pony Exmoor Pony
Canada Fell Pony Fell Pony
Canada Fjord Fjord
Canada Hackney Hackney
Canada Hackney Pony Hackney Pony
Canada Halflinger Haflinger
Canada Highland Pony Highland Pony
Canada Icelandic Iceland Pony
Canada Irish Draught Irish Draught
Canada Lac La Croix Indian Pony
Canada Lipizzanner Lipitsa
Canada Miniature Horse
Canada Morgan Morgan
Canada New Forest New Forest Pony
Canada Newfoundland Pony
Canada Noriker Noric
Canada Paint American Paint
Canada Paso Fino Paso Fino
Canada Percheron Percheron
Canada Peruvian
Canada Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Canada Sable Island Horse Quarter Horse
Canada Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Canada Shire Shire
Canada Sport
Canada Standardbred
Canada Suffolk Suffolk
Canada Tennessee Walking Tennessee Walking Horse
Canada Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Canada Trakehner Trakehner
Canada Viking
Canada Welsh Cob Pony Welsh Pony
Central African Republic West African Dongola West African Dongola
Chad Bahr-El-Ghazal
Chad Barbe-Arabe West African Barb
Chad Dongola West African Dongola
Chad Poney du Logone
Chile Ardenés Belgian Draft
Chile Belga Belgian Draft
Chile Caballo de Pura Raza Chilena
Chile Criollo chilote
Chile Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Chile Fina sangre francés
Chile Fina sangre inglés
Chile Hackney Hackney
Chile Hanoverano Hanoverian
Chile Holsteiner Holstein
Chile Oldenburger Oldenburg
Chile Percherón Percheron
Chile Puno Pony
Chile Árabe Arab
China Achal-Teke Akhal-Teke
China Ardennes Belgian Draft
China Barkol
China Bohai
China Bose
China Bose - Baise Pony
China Chaidamu
China Chakouyi
China Datong
China Don Don
China Erlunchun
China Ganzi
China Guanzhong
China Guizhou
China Heihe
China Heilongjiang
China Henan Light Draught
China Hequ
China Iyi
China Jianchang
China Jilin
China Jinjiang
China Jinzhou
China Kabardin Kabarda
China Kazakh Kazakh
China Kerqin
China Lichuan
China Mongolian Mongolian
China Mongolian - Ujumqin
China New Lijiang
China Ningqiang
China Orlov Trotter Orlov Trotter
China Sanhe
China Shandan
China Soviet Heavy Draught Soviet Heavy Draft
China Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
China Tibetan Tibetan Pony
China Tibetan - Sikang Pony
China Tieling Draught
China Wenshan
China Xiangfen
China Xilinguole
China Xinihe
China Yanqi
China Yiwu
China Yongning
China Yunnan - Lijiang
China Yunnan pony
China Yushu
China Zhangbei
China Zhongdian
Colombia Asno
Colombia Criollo Colombiano
Colombia Paso Fino Colombiano Paso Fino
Colombia Trocha Pura Colombiana
Colombia Trocha y Galope Reunido Colombiano
Cook Islands local horse Local horse
Costa Rica Caballo Costarricense de Paso Costarricense de Paso
Croatia Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke
Croatia American quarter horse
Croatia Araber
Croatia Arabian horse Arab
Croatia Arabian purebreed
Croatia Bosnian horse
Croatia Croatian Coldblood horse Croatian Coldblood horse
Croatia Croatian Posavina horse
Croatia Croatian trotter
Croatia Frisian Friesian
Croatia Gidran Gidran
Croatia Haflinger Haflinger
Croatia Hanoveran Andalusian
Croatia Hanoverian Hanoverian
Croatia Holstein Holstein
Croatia Konik Kabarda
Croatia Krk Island pony
Croatia Lippizan
Croatia Međimurje horse Altai
Croatia Murinsulaner horse Murinsulaner horse
Croatia Nonius Nonius
Croatia Oldenburg Oldenburg
Croatia Paint horse Palomino
Croatia Shagya-Arab Shagya Arab
Croatia Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Croatia Trakehner Trakehner
Cuba Appaloosa Appaloosa
Cuba Belga Belgian Draft
Cuba Caballo Cubano de Paso
Cuba Criollo de trote
Cuba Español Purebred Spanish
Cuba Morgan Morgan
Cuba Patibarcino
Cuba Percheron Percheron
Cuba Pinto cubano American Paint
Cuba Ponny Shetland Shetland Pony
Cuba Ponny Welch
Cuba Pura Sangre Inglés Thoroughbred
Cuba Quarter horse Quarter Horse
Cuba Árabe Arab
Cyprus Alogo kypriakis ektrofis
Cyprus Katharoemo Alogo Thoroughbred
Czech Republic Achal-Teke Akhal-Teke
Czech Republic Anglicky plnokrevnik English Thoroughbred
Czech Republic Arabsky kun Arab
Czech Republic Ceskomoravsky belgicky kun
Czech Republic Cesky sportovni pony Czech Riding Pony
Czech Republic Cesky teplokrevnik Czech Warmblood
Czech Republic Hafling Haflinger
Czech Republic Huculsky kun Hutsul
Czech Republic Irský cob Irish Cob
Czech Republic Klusak Trotter Horse
Czech Republic Kun Kinsky
Czech Republic Lipicky kun Lipitsa
Czech Republic Moravsky teplokrevnik
Czech Republic Norik Noric
Czech Republic Shagya Arab Shagya Arab
Czech Republic Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Czech Republic Slezsky norik Silesian Norik
Czech Republic Slovensky teplokrevnik Slovak Warmblood Horse
Czech Republic Starokladrubsky kun Old Kladruby Horse
Czech Republic Traken Trakehner
Czech Republic Velsska plemena pony Welsh Pony
Denmark Belgier Belgian Draft
Denmark Dansk Varmblod Danish Warmblood
Denmark Den Islandske Hest Islandic Horse
Denmark Den Jydske Hest Jutland Horse
Denmark Fjordhest Fjord
Denmark Frederiksborgheste Frederiksborg Horse
Denmark Fuldblod Thoroughbred
Denmark Knabstrupper Knabstrupper
Denmark New Forest New Forest Pony
Denmark Oldenborger Oldenburg
Denmark Ox-Araber
Denmark Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Denmark Trakehner Trakehner
Denmark Travere
Denmark Welsh Welsh Pony
Dominican Republic Criollo
Dominican Republic Media sangre
Dominican Republic Paso Fino Paso Fino
Dominican Republic Quarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Egypt Arabian Arab
Egypt Baladi Egyptian
El Salvador Apaloosa Appaloosa
El Salvador Arabe Arab
El Salvador Azteca Azteca
El Salvador Criollo
El Salvador Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
El Salvador Española Purebred Spanish
El Salvador Inglés Thoroughbred
El Salvador Lusitano Lusitanian
El Salvador Peruano de paso Costeño
El Salvador Pony
Eritrea Dongola Dongola
Estonia Eesti hobune Estonian Native Horse
Estonia Eesti raskeveohobune Estonian Heavy Draught
Estonia Tori hobune Tori Horse (Toric)
Estonia Trakener Trakehner
Ethiopia Abyssinian
Ethiopia Bale
Ethiopia Borana
Ethiopia Horro
Ethiopia Kafa
Ethiopia Kundido feral
Ethiopia Selale
Ethiopia Wilwal
Faeroe Islands Færøsk hest
Finland Angloarabialainen täysiverihevonen Anglo-Arab
Finland Arabialainen täysverihevonen Arab
Finland Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
Finland Englantilainen täysverinen Thoroughbred
Finland Finnish Riding Pony
Finland Islannin Hevonen Iceland Pony
Finland Lämminverinen Ravihevonen
Finland New Forest Pony New Forest Pony
Finland Riding Horse
Finland Russponi Gotland Pony
Finland Shetlannin poni Shetland Pony
Finland Small horse
Finland Suomalainen puoliverihevonen Finnish warmblood
Finland Suomenhevonen Finnhorse
Finland Welsh Welsh Pony
Finland Workhorse
Finland vuonohevonen Fjord
France AQPS French Chaser
France Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke
France Anglo-Arabe Anglo-Arab
France Appaloosa Appaloosa
France Arabe Arab
France Ardennais Belgian Draft
France Augeron
France Auxois Auxois
France Barbe Barb
France Berrichon
France Boulonnais Boulonnais
France Bourbonnais Boulonnais
France Breton Breton
France Camargue Camargue
France Castillonnais
France Cheval Corse
France Cheval de race Auvergne
France Cheval de sport Anglo-normand
France Cob normand Norman Cob
France Comtois Comtois
France Connemara Connemara Pony
France Crème
France Dartmoor Dartmoor Pony
France Fjord Fjord
France Franches-Montagnes
France Frison Friesian
France Haflinger Haflinger
France Henson
France Highland Highland Pony
France Islandais Iceland Pony
France Landais Landais
France Lipizzan Lipitsa
France Loire
France Lusitanien Lusitanian
France Maine
France Mulassier du Poitou
France Mérens Merens Pony
France New Forest New Forest Pony
France Nivernais
France Paint Horse American Paint
France Percheron Percheron
France Poitevin
France Poney français de selle
France Pottok Pottok
France Pur sang Thoroughbred
France Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
France Saône-et-Loire
France Selle français French Saddlebred
France Shagya Shagya Arab
France Shetland Shetland Pony
France Trait du nord Northern Ardennes
France Trakehner Trakehner
France Trotteur français French Trotter
France Welsh Welsh Pony
Georgia Anglo-Kabarda Anglo-Kabarda
Georgia Dagestan Pony Dagestan Pony
Georgia Javakhuri Harness Horse
Georgia Kabarda Kabarda
Georgia Karachai Karachai
Georgia Megruli Horse
Georgia Tersk Tersk
Georgia Tushuri Horse
Germany Achal-Tekkiner Akhal-Teke
Germany Aegidienberger
Germany Alt-Württemberger
Germany American Curly Horse Curly Horse
Germany American Miniature Horse American Miniatur Horse
Germany American Paint Horse
Germany American Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Germany American Shetland Pony
Germany Andalusier Andalusian
Germany Anglo-Kabardiner
Germany Appaloosa Appaloosa
Germany Araber Arab
Germany Araber (Shagyy- / Anglo- / Araber) Shagya Arab
Germany Araber-Berber Arab
Germany Arabisches Halbblut
Germany Ardenner Ardennes
Germany Arravani
Germany Bardigiano
Germany Barock-Reitpferd
Germany Bayerisches Warmblut Bavarian Warmblood
Germany Belgian Draft Horse
Germany Belgisches Kaltblut Anglo-Kabarda
Germany Berber Barb
Germany Black and White Frisian
Germany Bosniake Bosnian
Germany Boulonnais Boulonnais
Germany Brabanter
Germany Brandenburger Warmblut Brandenburg
Germany Bretone Breton
Germany British Spotted Pony
Germany Budjonny Budyonny
Germany Caballo Falabella Falabella Pony
Germany Camargue Camargue
Germany Cob Normand Norman Cob
Germany Comtois Comtois
Germany Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
Germany Criollo Criollo
Germany Cruzado
Germany Cruzado Iberico
Germany Cruzado Portugues
Germany Curly Horse
Germany Dales Pony Dales
Germany Dartmoor Pony Dartmoor Pony
Germany Deutscher Falbe
Germany Deutscher Tigerschecke
Germany Deutsches Classic Pony
Germany Deutsches Partbred Shetland Pony
Germany Deutsches Pferd
Germany Deutsches Pinto Barockpferd
Germany Deutsches Polopferd
Germany Deutsches Reitpony German Riding Pony
Germany Deutsches Sportpferd
Germany Drumhorse
Germany Dülmener
Germany Edelbluthaflinger
Germany Europäischer Tigerschecke
Germany Europäisches Appaloosa-Pony
Germany Europäisches Westernpferd
Germany Exmoor Pony Exmoor Pony
Germany Fell Pony Fell Pony
Germany Finnpferd Finnhorse
Germany Fjordpferd Fjord
Germany Frederiksborger
Germany Freiberger
Germany Friesenpferd Friesian
Germany Hackney Hackney
Germany Haflinger Haflinger
Germany Hannoveraner Halbblut
Germany Hannoveraner Warmblut Hanoverian
Germany Hannoversches Kaltblut Schleswiger Ursprungs
Germany Hessisches Warmblut Hessen
Germany Highland Pony Highland Pony
Germany Hispano-Araber Hispano-Arabe
Germany Holsteiner Warmblut Holstein
Germany Huzule Hutsul
Germany Internationales Oldenburger Springpferd
Germany Irish Cob
Germany Irish Cob Crossbred
Germany Islandpferd Iceland Pony
Germany Kabardiner Kabarda
Germany Karabagh Karabakh
Germany Karatschaewer
Germany Kiger Mustang
Germany Kinsky Pferd
Germany Kladruber Kladruby
Germany Kleines Deutsches Pony
Germany Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd
Germany Knabstrupper Knabstrupper
Germany Konik Polish Konik
Germany Leonharder
Germany Leutstettener Pferd Leutstettener
Germany Lewitzer
Germany Lipizzaner Lipitsa
Germany Lusitano Lusitanian
Germany Mangalarga Marchador Mangalarga
Germany Maremmano
Germany Mecklenburger Warmblut Mecklenburg
Germany Merens Merens Pony
Germany Missouri Fox Trotter
Germany Morgan Horse Morgan
Germany Nederlands Appaloosa Pony
Germany Nederlands Mini Paarden
Germany New Forest Pony New Forest Pony
Germany Niederländisches Kaltblut
Germany Noriker Noric
Germany Oldenburger Warmblut Oldenburg
Germany Orlow Orlov Trotter
Germany Ostfriesisch-altoldenburgisches Schweres Warmblut
Germany Ostpreußisches Warmblut Trakehner Abstammung
Germany Palomino Palomino
Germany Paso Fino Paso Fino
Germany Paso Iberoamerikano
Germany Paso Peruano
Germany Paso Pferd
Germany Percheron Percheron
Germany Pfalz Ardenner Kaltblut
Germany Pinto
Germany Polo Argentino
Germany Pony of the Americas
Germany Pura Raza Espanola
Germany Quarab Horse
Germany Quarter Pony
Germany Rassegruppe Schweres Warmblut
Germany Rassegruppe der Deutschen Reitpferde
Germany Raza Iberica - Portugiesisches Sportpferd
Germany Raza Menorquina
Germany Rheinisch Deutsches Kaltblut Rheinish Westphalian Draught Horse
Germany Rheinisches Reitpferd Rhenish Warmblood
Germany Rottaler Rottal
Germany Sachsen-Anhaltiner Warmblut
Germany Saddlebred American Saddle Horse
Germany Schleswiger Kaltblut Schleswig Coldblood
Germany Schwarzwälder Kaltblut
Germany Schweres Warmblut Dänemark
Germany Senner Senne
Germany Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Germany Shire Horse Shire
Germany Silver Dapple
Germany Sächsisch-Thüringisches Schweres Warmblut
Germany Sächsisches Warmblut
Germany Süddeutsches Kaltblut
Germany Tarpan Tarpan
Germany Tennessee Walking Horse Tennessee Walking Horse
Germany Tersker Tersk
Germany Thüringer Warmblut
Germany Tinker Tinker
Germany Traber
Germany Trait du Nord
Germany Tuigparden Tuigpaard
Germany Tölter
Germany Ungarisches Kaltblut
Germany Vollblut
Germany Vollblutaraber
Germany Warlander
Germany Warmblutschecken
Germany Welsh Pony und Cob Welsh Pony
Germany Westfälisches Reitpferd Westphalian Warmblood
Germany Württemberger Warmblut
Germany Zweibrücker Warmblut
Germany Österreichisches Kaltblut
Ghana Arab Barb West African Barb
Ghana Chadian
Ghana West African Pony
Greece Aglikos Katharohaemos Thoroughbred
Greece Andravida
Greece Crete
Greece Pindos
Greece Pineia Pineia, Geogalidiko, Georgaludiko
Greece Skyros Pony Skyros Pony
Greece Thessalia
Guatemala Americano de Silla American Saddle Horse
Guatemala Apaloosa Appaloosa
Guatemala Costarricense de Paso Costarricense de Paso
Guatemala Criollo
Guatemala Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Guatemala Española Purebred Spanish
Guatemala Frisona Friesian
Guatemala Frizona Friesian
Guatemala Iberoamericana Iberoamericana
Guatemala Inglés Pura Sangre Thoroughbred
Guatemala Paso Fino Paso Fino
Guatemala Peruano de paso
Guatemala Pinto American Paint
Guatemala Pony
Guatemala Árabe Arab
Guyana American Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Guyana Creole Creole
Guyana Quarter Quarter Horse
Haiti Chwal Cheval
Haiti Créole Creole
Honduras Americano de silla American Saddle Horse
Honduras Angloárabe Anglo-Arab
Honduras Apaloosa Appaloosa
Honduras Atheland
Honduras Caballo de paso Costeño
Honduras Caballo de trote
Honduras Colombiano
Honduras Costarricense de Paso Costarricense de Paso
Honduras Criollo Hondureño
Honduras Criollo de paso
Honduras Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Honduras Española Purebred Spanish
Honduras Hackney Hackney
Honduras Hispano árabe Hispano-Arabe
Honduras Iberoamericano Iberoamericano
Honduras Ingles pura raza Thoroughbred
Honduras Morgan Morgan
Honduras OISK
Honduras Palamino Palomino
Honduras Percheron Percheron
Honduras Peruano de paso Costeño
Honduras Pinto American Paint
Honduras Pony
Honduras Shetland Shetland Pony
Honduras Trote de andar
Honduras Warmbloed
Honduras Welsh Welsh Pony
Honduras Árabe Arab
Hungary Akhal teke Akhal-Teke
Hungary Appaloosa
Hungary Arabian Thorough Bred Arab
Hungary Bardigiano pony
Hungary Connemara Connemara Pony
Hungary English Thorough Bred Thoroughbred
Hungary Fjord Fjord
Hungary Fríz Friesian
Hungary Furisoso-North Star Furioso-Northstar
Hungary Gidrán Gidran
Hungary Hafling Haflinger
Hungary Hucul Hutsul
Hungary Hungarian Sport Horse
Hungary Izlandi Iceland Pony
Hungary Kisbéri-Félvér Kisber Halfbred
Hungary Lipicai Lipitsa
Hungary Magyar Hidegvéru
Hungary Nóniusz Nonius
Hungary Quarter Quarter Horse
Hungary Shagya Arab Shagya Arab
Hungary Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Hungary Trotter
Hungary Welsh Pony Welsh Pony
Iceland Islenski Hesturinn Icelandic Horse
India Arab Arab
India Bhotia Pony Bhotia Pony
India Chummarti Chummarti
India Deccani
India Kathiawari
India Manipuri Pony
India Marwari
India Spiti Pony
India Zaniskari Pony
Indonesia Bali
Indonesia Batak
Indonesia Bima
Indonesia Flores
Indonesia Gayo
Indonesia Horse
Indonesia Jawa
Indonesia Kuningan
Indonesia Lombok
Indonesia Makasar
Indonesia Minahasa
Indonesia Sandelwood
Indonesia Sumbar-Sandel-Arab
Indonesia Sumbawa
Indonesia Thoroughbred racing horse Thoroughbred
Indonesia kuda-Pacu Indonesia
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Bakhtiari
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Basseri
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Caspian Caspian
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Dareshuri
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Ebian
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Haddian
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Hamdani Arab
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iranian Arab Arab
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Jaf
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Kahilan
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Kurdi Kurdi
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Persian Arab Arab
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Qarabagh Karabakh
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Qashqai
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Saglawi Arab
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Shirazi
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Sistani
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Taleshi
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Taropud
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Turkemin
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Yabu Yabu
Iraq Arab Arab
Iraq Kurdi Kurdi
Ireland Appaloosa Appaloosa
Ireland Arab Arab
Ireland Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
Ireland Irish Cob Cob
Ireland Irish Cob Part Bred Part Bred Cob
Ireland Irish Draught Irish Draught
Ireland Irish Miniature
Ireland Irish Piebald and Skewbald Piebald and Skewbald
Ireland Irish Pony Irish Pony
Ireland Irish Sport Horse Irish Sport Horse
Ireland Irish Warmblood Irish Warmblood
Ireland Kerry Bog Pony Kerry Bog Pony
Ireland Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Italy Asino Baio Lucano
Italy Avelignese Haflinger
Italy Avelignese Tradizionale
Italy Calabrese
Italy Cavallino di Monterufoli Monterufoli Pony
Italy Cavallo Agricolo Italiano Rapid Heavy Draft
Italy Cavallo Bardigiano Bardigiana
Italy Cavallo Del Catria
Italy Cavallo Del Ventasso
Italy Cavallo Maremmano Maremmano
Italy Cavallo Murgese Murgese
Italy Cavallo Norico Noric
Italy Cavallo Pentro
Italy Cavallo Romano della Maremma Laziale
Italy Cavallo Sardo Sardinian
Italy Cavallo Siciliano Sicilian
Italy Cavallo anglo-arabo-sardo Anglo-Arabo-Sarda
Italy Cavallo della Giara Giara Pony
Italy Cremonese
Italy Delta Delta
Italy Italiano da Sella
Italy Knabstrupper Knabstrupper
Italy Lipizzano Lipitsa
Italy Maremmano tradizionale Maremmano
Italy Napoletano
Italy Persano- Salernitano Persano
Italy Pony dell'Esperia Esperia Pony
Italy Pugliese
Italy Puro Sangue Orientale Thoroughbred
Italy Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Italy Salernitano Salernitano
Italy Samolaco Samolaca
Italy Sanfratellano Sanfratellano
Italy Sarcidano Sarcidano
Italy Tolfetano Tolfetano
Italy Trottatore Italiano
Italy cavallo Appenninico cavallo Appenninico
Italy cavallo di Merens cavallo di Merens
Italy romagnolo romagnolo
Japan Arab Arab
Japan Breton Breton
Japan Dosanko
Japan Kiso
Japan Misaki
Japan Miyako
Japan Nanbu
Japan Noma
Japan Percheron Percheron
Japan Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Japan Tokara Pony
Japan Tsushima
Japan Yonaguni
Jordan Arabian Arab
Kazakhstan Adaev Adaev
Kazakhstan Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke
Kazakhstan Jabe
Kazakhstan Karabair Karabair
Kazakhstan Kazakh Kazakh
Kazakhstan Kushum
Kazakhstan Kustanai
Kazakhstan Mugalzhar
Korea, Republic of Jeju Horse
Korea, Republic of Taejung
Korea, Republic of Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Kyrgyzstan Don Don
Kyrgyzstan Kirgiz
Kyrgyzstan New Kirgiz
Kyrgyzstan Oryol Orlov Saddle Horse
Kyrgyzstan Russian Trotter Russian Trotter
Kyrgyzstan Thoroughbred riding Thoroughbred
Lao People's Democratic Republic Ma
Latvia American Trotter American Trotter
Latvia Arabic Arab
Latvia Danish Warmblood Danish Warmblood
Latvia Hanoverian Hanoverian
Latvia Holsteiner Holsteiner
Latvia Latvijas šķirne Larvian breed
Latvia Netherlands Warmblood Dutch Warmblood
Latvia Oldenburg Oldenburg
Latvia Orlov Trotter Orlov Trotter
Latvia Polish conics Polish Konik
Latvia Russian Trotter Russian Trotter
Latvia Thoroughbred
Latvia Trakehner Trakehner
Latvia Westfalia Westphalian Warmblood
Lesotho Basotho Pony
Lesotho Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Lithuania American Trotter American Trotter
Lithuania Arab Arab
Lithuania Budiono Budyonny
Lithuania Hanover Hanoverian
Lithuania Holstein Holstein
Lithuania Lithuanian Heavy Draft
Lithuania Poni
Lithuania Russian Trotter Russian Trotter
Lithuania Thoroughbred Mounts Thoroughbred
Lithuania Trakenai Trakehner
Lithuania Zemaitukai (Modern Type)
Lithuania Žemaitukai Žemaitukai
Luxembourg American Paint American Paint
Luxembourg Appaloosa Appaloosa
Luxembourg Cheval de Trait Ardennais Belgian Draft
Luxembourg Cheval de selle luxembourgeois French Saddlebred
Luxembourg Deutsches Reitpony
Luxembourg Fjord Fjord
Luxembourg Haflinger Haflinger
Luxembourg Iceland Pony Iceland Pony
Luxembourg Irish Cob
Luxembourg Mini Shetland Pony
Luxembourg Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Luxembourg Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Malaysia Bajau
Malaysia Kuda Padi
Mali Arabe Arab
Mali Bandiagara Bandiagara
Mali Barbe Barb
Mali Beledougou
Mali Cheval de Nioro
Mali Dombi
Mali Dongalow Dongola
Mali Haoussa Hausa
Mali Hodh Hodh
Mali Poney
Mali Sahel
Mali Songhoï
Mauritania Arab-Barb West African Barb
Mauritania Arabe Arab
Mauritania Barbe Barb
Mauritania Hodh Hodh
Mexico Appaloosa Appaloosa
Mexico Azteca Azteca
Mexico Criollo Militar
Mexico Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Mexico Español Purebred Spanish
Mexico Galiceno
Mexico Inglés Thoroughbred
Mexico Lusitano Lusitanian
Mexico Mexican Pony
Mexico Warmblood
Mexico Árabe Arab
Moldova, Republic of Local Moldavian
Moldova, Republic of Soviet Heavy Draft Soviet Heavy Draft
Mongolia Darkhad
Mongolia Galshar
Mongolia Jargalant
Mongolia Mongol Aduu Mongolian
Mongolia Przewalski Horse Przewalski Horse
Mongolia Tes
Montenegro Arapski konj Arab
Montenegro Domaci brdski konj Mountain pony
Morocco Barbe Barb
Morocco L'anglo-arabe Anglo-Arab
Morocco L'arabe-barbe
Morocco Pur-sang anglais Thoroughbred
Morocco Pur-sang arabe Arab
Myanmar Burmese
Myanmar Shan Pony
Namibia Appaloosa Appaloosa
Namibia Arab Arab
Namibia Friesian Friesian
Namibia Haflinger Haflinger
Namibia Hanoverian Hanoverian
Namibia Miniatures
Namibia Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Namibia Saddlebred
Namibia Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Namibia Welsh Pony Welsh Pony
Nepal Bhotia Pony Bhotia Pony
Nepal Chyanta
Nepal Jumli
Nepal Tanghan Tanghan
Nepal Tarai Pony
Nepal Tattu
Nepal Tibetan Pony Tibetan Pony
Netherlands Appaloosa Appaloosa
Netherlands Arabisch volbloed Arab
Netherlands Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
Netherlands Dartmoor Pony Dartmoor Pony
Netherlands Draver Thoroughbred
Netherlands Engelse volbloed Thoroughbred
Netherlands Exmoor Exmoor Pony
Netherlands Falabella miniatuurpaard Falabella Pony
Netherlands Fell pony Fell Pony
Netherlands Fjordenpaard Fjord
Netherlands Fries Paard Friesian
Netherlands Gelders Paard Gelder horse / Gelderland horse
Netherlands Groninger Paard Groningen
Netherlands Hackney Hackney
Netherlands Haflinger Haflinger
Netherlands Het Nederlandse Trekpaard Belgian Draft
Netherlands Ijslander Iceland Pony
Netherlands KWPN rijpaard Dutch Warmblood
Netherlands Kaspisch paard Caspian
Netherlands Konik Polish Konik
Netherlands Lipizzaner Lipitsa
Netherlands Lusitano Lusitanian
Netherlands Minipaard Falabella Pony
Netherlands Mérens paarden Merens Pony
Netherlands NRPS paard en NRPS pony Anglo-Arab
Netherlands New Forest New Forest Pony
Netherlands Painted Horse American Paint
Netherlands Przewalski Przewalski Horse
Netherlands Pura Raza Espanola Purebred Spanish
Netherlands Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Netherlands Shagya Shagya Arab
Netherlands Shetland pony Shetland Pony
Netherlands Shire Shire
Netherlands Tinker of Ierse Cob Tinker
Netherlands Tuigpaard Tuigpaard
Netherlands Welsh and COB pony Welsh Pony
Netherlands Zwaar Warmbloed paard Oldenburg
New Zealand Arab Arab
New Zealand Caspian Caspian
New Zealand Kaimanawa ' Wild' Horse
Nicaragua Criollo
Nicaragua Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Nicaragua Cubano de Paso Costeño
Nicaragua Española Purebred Spanish
Nicaragua Ibero Iberoamericano
Nicaragua Peruana
Nicaragua Árabe Arab
Niger Arewa 2
Niger Aréwa 1
Niger Soudan (G0)
Niger Talon (G1)
Nigeria Bhirum Pony
Nigeria Bornu
Nigeria Hausa Hausa
Nigeria Sulebawa
Norway Doelahest
Norway Fjordhest Fjord Horse
Norway Nordlandshest/lyngshest
Norway Norsk kaldblodstraver Nordsvensk travare
Norway Norsk varmblod
Pakistan Baluchi
Pakistan Hirzai
Pakistan Makra
Pakistan Waziri Waziri
Papua New Guinea Horse
Paraguay Appaloosa Appaloosa
Paraguay Arabe Arab
Paraguay Campolina
Paraguay Criollo Argentina Argentine Criollo
Paraguay Criollo Paraguaya
Paraguay Criollo Uruguaya
Paraguay Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Paraguay Manga Larga
Paraguay Morgan Morgan
Paraguay Paint Horse American Paint
Paraguay Percheron Percheron
Paraguay Peruano Argentino
Paraguay Pony
Paraguay Pura sangre de Carrera Thoroughbred
Peru Andaluz Andalusian
Peru Arabe Arab
Peru Cimarron
Peru Morochuca
Peru Morochuco Chumbivilcano
Peru Percheron Percheron
Peru Peruano de Paso Costeño
Peru Ponys
Peru Puro Sangre de Carrera Thoroughbred
Peru Serrana
Peru Shetland Shetland Pony
Philippines Arabian Arab
Philippines Baguio light horse
Philippines Baguio pony
Philippines Miniature Horse
Philippines Native Racehorse
Philippines Philippine Pony
Philippines Quarter Quarter Horse
Philippines Tagaytay light horse
Philippines Tagaytay pony
Philippines Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Poland Arden Ardennes
Poland Czysta Krew Arabska (oo) Arab
Poland Hucuł Hutsul
Poland Konik polski Polish Konik
Poland Kuc szetlandzki Shetland Pony
Poland Kłusak Polish Trotter
Poland Małopolski
Poland Pelna krew angielska (xx) Thoroughbred
Poland Polski koń szlachetny półkrwi
Poland Polski koń zimnokrwisty Polish Coldblood
Poland Sokólski Sokolski
Poland Sztumski Sztumski
Poland Tarpan Tarpan
Poland Traken Polish Trakehner
Poland Wielkopolski
Poland Śląski Silesian Horse
Portugal Garrano
Portugal Lusitano Lusitanian
Portugal Ponei da Terceira Ponei da Terceira
Portugal Sorraia
Romania Arabian Arab
Romania Banat
Romania Dobrogeana
Romania Furioso-North-Star Furioso-Northstar
Romania Gidran Gidran
Romania Hutsul Hutsul
Romania Ialomita
Romania Lipitsa Lipitsa
Romania Moldovenesca
Romania Nonius Nonius
Romania Romanian Draft
Romania Romanian Mountain
Romania Romanian Sport horse
Romania Romanian Trotter
Romania Shagya-Arabian Shagya Arab
Romania Transylvaneana
Russian Federation Akhaltekinskaya
Russian Federation Altaiskaya Altai
Russian Federation American Saddle Horse American Saddle Horse
Russian Federation Amurskaya
Russian Federation Anglo-Kabarda Anglo-Kabarda
Russian Federation Arabian pure bred Arab
Russian Federation Avarskaya
Russian Federation Balkar
Russian Federation Bashkirskaya
Russian Federation Bityug
Russian Federation Boudennovskaya Budyonny
Russian Federation Buryatskaya
Russian Federation Byryatskaya
Russian Federation Charysh
Russian Federation Chernomorskaya
Russian Federation Chilkovskaya
Russian Federation Chistokrovnaya Arabskaya Arab
Russian Federation Chumyshskaya Porodnaya Gruppa
Russian Federation Chuvashskaya
Russian Federation Cossack
Russian Federation Dagestanskii Poni Dagestan Pony
Russian Federation Donskaya Don
Russian Federation Estonskii Tyazhelovoz Estonian Draft
Russian Federation Hannover Hanoverian
Russian Federation Kabardinskaya Kabarda
Russian Federation Kalmutskaya
Russian Federation Karachaevskaya Karachai
Russian Federation Karel'skaya
Russian Federation Kumykskaya
Russian Federation Kushumskaya
Russian Federation Kuznetskaya Porodnaya Gruppa
Russian Federation Lezginskaya
Russian Federation Lovetskaya
Russian Federation Mezenskaya
Russian Federation Minusinsk
Russian Federation Narym
Russian Federation Novoaltaiskaya
Russian Federation Obva
Russian Federation Onega
Russian Federation Orlovskaya Courser Orlov Trotter
Russian Federation Orlovskaya verkhovaya Orlov Saddle Horse
Russian Federation Orlovskii Rysak Orlov Trotter
Russian Federation Pechorskaya
Russian Federation Priobskaya
Russian Federation Przewalski Horse Przewalski Horse
Russian Federation Rostopchin
Russian Federation Russian Courser
Russian Federation Russian Draft
Russian Federation Russkaya krovnaya verkhovaya
Russian Federation Russkii Rysak Russian Trotter
Russian Federation Russkii Tyazhelovoz
Russian Federation Sovetskii Tyazhelovoz Soviet Heavy Draft
Russian Federation Soviet Saddle
Russian Federation Srednekolymskaya
Russian Federation Tavdinskaya
Russian Federation Terskaya Tersk
Russian Federation Thoroughbred Saddle Thoroughbred
Russian Federation Tomskaya
Russian Federation Toriyskaya
Russian Federation Trakeninskaya Trakehner
Russian Federation Tuvinskaya
Russian Federation Tuvinskaya upryazhnaya
Russian Federation Verkhne-Eniseiskaya
Russian Federation Vladimirskaya
Russian Federation Vladimirskaya Tyazhelovoznaya
Russian Federation Voronezhskaya upryazhnaya
Russian Federation Vyatskaya
Russian Federation Yakutskaya
Russian Federation Zabaykalskaya
Saint Kitts and Nevis Horse
Saudi Arabia Keheilan
Saudi Arabia Maneghi
Saudi Arabia Saglawi Arab
Senegal Anglo-Arabe Anglo-Arab
Senegal Arab Arab
Senegal Barbe Barb
Senegal Fleuve
Senegal Fouta
Senegal Locale
Senegal M' Par
Senegal M'bayar
Senegal West African Barb West African Barb
Serbia Arab Arab Horse
Serbia Domestic-Mountain Pony Bosnian Pony
Serbia Haflinger Haflinger
Serbia Hanover Hanoverian
Serbia Holstein
Serbia KWPN
Serbia Lipizzaner Lipitsa
Serbia Nonius Nonius
Serbia Pinto
Serbia Quarter Quarter Horse
Serbia Styrian Horse
Serbia Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Serbia Trakener Trakehner
Serbia Trotter American Trotter
Slovakia Anglický plnokrvník Thoroughbred
Slovakia Arabský kôň Shagya Arab
Slovakia Arabský plnokrvník Arab
Slovakia Furioso Furioso-Northstar
Slovakia Hafling Haflinger
Slovakia Hucul Hutsul
Slovakia Lipican Lipitsa
Slovakia Nonius Nonius
Slovakia Norik muránskeho typu Noric
Slovakia Slovenský teplokrvník
Slovakia Slovenský športový pony
Slovenia Ljutomerski kasac
Slovenia angleški polnokrvni konj Thoroughbred
Slovenia arabski konj Arab
Slovenia arabski polnokrvni konj Arab
Slovenia bosanski planinski konj Bosnian Mountain Horse
Slovenia haflinški konj Haflinger
Slovenia hannoverian Hanoverian
Slovenia islandski konj Iceland Pony
Slovenia kasaški konj
Slovenia lipicanski konj Lipizzan horse
Slovenia medzimurski konj
Slovenia noric Noric
Slovenia posavski konj Posavina
Slovenia slovenski hladnokrvni konj *
Slovenia slovenski toplokrvni konj
Slovenia thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Somalia Somali Pony
South Africa American Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
South Africa American Saddle Horse American Saddle Horse
South Africa Andalusian Andalusian
South Africa Appaloosa Appaloosa
South Africa Arab Horse Arab
South Africa Boer Boer
South Africa Calvinia
South Africa Cape Harness
South Africa Cape Horse
South Africa Clydesdale Clydesdale
South Africa Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
South Africa English Halbblut Horse
South Africa European Warmblood
South Africa Friesian Horse Friesian
South Africa Hackney Hackney
South Africa Hackney Pony Hackney Pony
South Africa Hafflinger Haflinger
South Africa Highland Pony Highland Pony
South Africa Highland sporting Highland Pony
South Africa Lippizzaner Lipitsa
South Africa Lusitano Lusitanian
South Africa Morgan Morgan
South Africa Namaqua Pony
South Africa Namib Horse
South Africa Nooitgedacht Pony Nooitgedacht Pony
South Africa Paint American Paint
South Africa Percheron Percheron
South Africa Rancher
South Africa SA Miniature Horse
South Africa SA Sporting horse
South Africa SA Warm Blood
South Africa Saddler American Saddle Horse
South Africa Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
South Africa Shire Shire
South Africa Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
South Africa Vlaamperd Flamand
South Africa Welsh Pony Welsh Pony
Spain Anglo-Árabe
Spain Asturcón
Spain Burguete
Spain Caballo de Deporte Español
Spain Caballo de Monte de País Vasco
Spain Caballo de las Retuertas
Spain Cabalo de Pura Raza Galega
Spain Cavall Mallorquí
Spain Cavall Menorquí
Spain Cavall Pirinenc Català
Spain Española Andalusian
Spain Hispano-Bretón
Spain Hispano-Árabe Hispano-Arabe
Spain Jaca Navarra
Spain Losina
Spain Marismeña
Spain Monchina
Spain Pottoka Pottok
Spain Pura Sangre Inglés Thoroughbred
Spain Trotador Español
Spain Árabe Arab
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Pony
Sudan Dongola Dongola
Sudan Sudan Country-Bred
Sudan Tawleed
Sudan West African Dongola West African Dongola
Sudan Western Sudan Pony
Suriname Dutch warmblood Dutch Warmblood
Suriname Mangalarga Mangalarga
Suriname Pinto American Paint
Suriname Quarter Quarter Horse
Suriname Tennessee Walking Horse Tennessee Walking Horse
Suriname Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Sweden Arab Thoroughbred Anglo-Arab
Sweden Arabhäst Arab
Sweden Connemaraponny Connemara Pony
Sweden Dartmoor ponny Dartmoor Pony
Sweden English Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Sweden Exmoor ponny Exmoor Pony
Sweden Fjordhäst Fjord
Sweden Gotlandruss Gotland Pony
Sweden Haflingerhäst Haflinger
Sweden Islandshäst Iceland Pony
Sweden Kallblodstravare
Sweden Knabstrupperhäst Knabstrupper
Sweden Lipizzanerhäst Lipitsa
Sweden Morgan Morgan
Sweden Newforest New Forest Pony
Sweden Nordsvensk Brukshäst
Sweden Painthorse American Paint
Sweden Quarterhäst Quarter Horse
Sweden Shagya Arabian Horse Shagya Arab
Sweden Shetlandsponny Shetland Pony
Sweden Svensk ardennerhäst
Sweden Svensk ridponny Swedish Riding Pony
Sweden Svensk varmblodig travare
Sweden Svenskt fullblod Thoroughbred
Sweden Svenskt halvblod Swedish Warmblood
Sweden Welsh ponny Welsh Pony
Switzerland Burgdorfer
Switzerland CH-Warmblut
Switzerland Einsiedler
Switzerland Franches-Montagnes Freiberger
Switzerland Haflinger Haflinger
Syrian Arab Republic Arab Arab
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian
Tajikistan Karabairskaya Karabair
Tajikistan Lokaiskaya
Tajikistan Tadzhikskaya Verkhovaya
Tanzania, United Republic of Horse
Thailand Thai Pony
Togo Koto-Koli Pony Koto-Koli Pony
Tonga Local Horse
Tunisia Arabe Arab
Tunisia Arabe Barbe West African Barb
Tunisia Barbe Barb
Tunisia Hamdani Arab
Tunisia Le poney des Mogods
Tunisia Nefza Pony
Tunisia pur-sang anglais Thoroughbred
Turkey Anatolian
Turkey Arab Arab
Turkey Canik
Turkey English Thoroughbred
Turkey Gemlik
Turkey Haflinger Haflinger
Turkey Hinis
Turkey Karacabey Halfbred Arab
Turkey Karacabey-Nonius
Turkey Kurdi Kurdi
Turkey Malakan
Turkey Mytilene Pony
Turkey Rumelian Pony
Turkey Turkish Arab
Turkey Uzunyayla
Turkey Çukurova
Turkmenistan Adaevskaya Adaev
Turkmenistan Akhal-Tekinskaya Akhal-Teke
Turkmenistan yomood
Uganda Horse
Ukraine American Standardbred Trotter American Trotter
Ukraine Arabic Arab
Ukraine Budyonnivska Budyonny
Ukraine French Trotter
Ukraine German Bessarabian
Ukraine Gutsul Hutsul
Ukraine Hafflinger Haflinger
Ukraine Hanover Hanoverian
Ukraine Latvian Harness
Ukraine Newolexandrian heavy draft
Ukraine Nogai
Ukraine Orlov Trotter Orlov Trotter
Ukraine Russian Heavy Draft
Ukraine Russian Trotter Russian Trotter
Ukraine Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Ukraine Streletska (shooter's)
Ukraine Tarpan Tarpan
Ukraine Thoroughbred Thoroughbred
Ukraine Torian
Ukraine Trakenian Trakehner
Ukraine Ukrainian Saddle
Ukraine Westphalian Westphalian Warmblood
United Kingdom Akhal Teke Akhal-Teke
United Kingdom Alpine
United Kingdom American Miniature Horse
United Kingdom American Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
United Kingdom American Saddle American Saddle Horse
United Kingdom Andalucian Andalusian
United Kingdom Anglo European
United Kingdom Anglo-Arab
United Kingdom Appaloosa Appaloosa
United Kingdom Arab Arab
United Kingdom Ardennes Belgian Draft
United Kingdom Barra Pony
United Kingdom Bavarian Bavarian Warmblood
United Kingdom Bavarian Warmblood
United Kingdom British Falabella
United Kingdom British Piebald
United Kingdom British Riding Pony
United Kingdom British Show Horse
United Kingdom British Skewbald
United Kingdom British Spotted Pony, Spotted Pony
United Kingdom Camargue Camargue
United Kingdom Caspian Caspian
United Kingdom Cleveland Bay Cleveland Bay
United Kingdom Clydesdale Clydesdale
United Kingdom Coloured Horse & Pony
United Kingdom Connemara Connemara Pony
United Kingdom Cushendale
United Kingdom Dales Dales
United Kingdom Dales Pony
United Kingdom Dartmoor Hill Pony
United Kingdom Dartmoor Pony Dartmoor Pony
United Kingdom Devon Pack Horse
United Kingdom Donkey
United Kingdom Eriskay
United Kingdom Exmoor Pony Exmoor Pony
United Kingdom Falabella Falabella Pony
United Kingdom Fell Pony Fell Pony
United Kingdom Fjord Fjord
United Kingdom Friesian Friesian
United Kingdom Galloway Pony
United Kingdom Gocan
United Kingdom Goonhilly
United Kingdom Great Horse
United Kingdom Hackney Hackney
United Kingdom Hackney Pony
United Kingdom Haflinger Haflinger
United Kingdom Hanoverian Hanoverian
United Kingdom Hebridean Pony
United Kingdom Highland Pony Highland Pony
United Kingdom Hispano-Arabe
United Kingdom Icelandic Iceland Pony
United Kingdom Irish Draught Irish Draught
United Kingdom Kerry Bog Pony
United Kingdom Knabstrupper Horse
United Kingdom Konik Pony
United Kingdom Lipizzaner Lipitsa
United Kingdom Long Mynd
United Kingdom Lundy
United Kingdom Lusitano Lusitanian
United Kingdom Manx
United Kingdom Miniature Horse
United Kingdom Miniature Mediterranean Donkey
United Kingdom Morgan Morgan
United Kingdom New Forest New Forest Pony
United Kingdom New Forest Pony
United Kingdom Palomino Palomino
United Kingdom Percheron Percheron
United Kingdom Poitou Donkey
United Kingdom Russian
United Kingdom Selle Francais Horse
United Kingdom Shetland Shetland Pony
United Kingdom Shire Shire
United Kingdom Skewbald/Piebald
United Kingdom Spanish Horse
United Kingdom Sport Horse
United Kingdom Sport Pony
United Kingdom Spotted
United Kingdom Standard Bred Trotting Horse
United Kingdom Suffolk Suffolk
United Kingdom Tennessee Tennessee Walking Horse
United Kingdom Tersk Tersk
United Kingdom Thoroughbred
United Kingdom Tiree
United Kingdom Traditional Gypsy Cob
United Kingdom Trakehner Trakehner
United Kingdom Vardy
United Kingdom Warmblood/British Warmblood
United Kingdom Wels
United Kingdom Welsh
United Kingdom Welsh (Feral Section) Welsh Pony
United Kingdom Welsh Cob
United Kingdom Welsh Mountain (Semi-Feral)
United Kingdom Welsh Mountain Pony
United Kingdom Welsh Pony
United Kingdom Welsh Pony of Cob Type
United Kingdom Yorkshire Coach Horse
United States of America Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke
United States of America American Cream Draft
United States of America American Miniature
United States of America American Saddle Horse American Saddle Horse
United States of America American Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
United States of America American Trotter American Trotter
United States of America American Walking Pony
United States of America Appaloosa Appaloosa
United States of America Appaloosa Pony
United States of America Assateague Pony
United States of America Broomtail
United States of America Buckskin
United States of America Canadian Canadian
United States of America Caspian Caspian
United States of America Cayuse
United States of America Chickasaw
United States of America ChinCôteague Pony
United States of America Cleveland Bay Cleveland Bay
United States of America Clydesdale Clydesdale
United States of America Colorado Ranger
United States of America Conestoga
United States of America Cow Pony
United States of America Cracker
United States of America Exmoor Exmoor Pony
United States of America French Coach
United States of America German Coach
United States of America Indian
United States of America Kanata Pony Kanata Pony
United States of America Missouri Fox Trotting Horse
United States of America Morgan Morgan
United States of America Morocco Spotted
United States of America Narragansett Pacer
United States of America Palomino Palomino
United States of America Paso Fino Paso Fino
United States of America Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
United States of America Quarter Pony
United States of America Rocky Mountain
United States of America Sable Island Pony Sable Island Pony
United States of America Spanish Barb
United States of America Spanish Mustang Mustang
United States of America Suffolk Suffolk
United States of America Tennessee Walking Horse Tennessee Walking Horse
United States of America Welara Pony
United States of America Wild Mustang Mustang
Uruguay Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke
Uruguay Anglo Arabe Anglo-Arab
Uruguay Anglo Normando Anglo Normad
Uruguay Appaloosa Appaloosa
Uruguay Belga Belgian Warmblood
Uruguay Breton Breton
Uruguay Caballo Deportivo Uruguayo
Uruguay Canelón (Desaparecido)
Uruguay Criollo Uruguayo
Uruguay Cuarto de Milla Quarter Horse
Uruguay Hackney Hackney
Uruguay Hannoveriano Hanoverian
Uruguay Holsteiner
Uruguay Iberoamericano Iberoamericano
Uruguay Lusitano Lusitanian
Uruguay Mangalarga Marchador Mangalarga
Uruguay Paint American Paint
Uruguay Percheron Percheron
Uruguay Peruano de Paso Costeño
Uruguay Polo Argentino
Uruguay Sangre Pura de Carrera Thoroughbred
Uruguay Shetland Pony Shetland Pony
Uruguay Silla Uruguayo
Uruguay Árabe Arab
Uzbekistan Adaevskaya Adaev
Uzbekistan Karabairskaya Karabair
Venezuela Appaloosa Appaloosa
Venezuela Arabe Arab
Venezuela Colombiano
Venezuela Cuarto de milla Quarter Horse
Venezuela Llanero
Venezuela Pura raza española
Venezuela Pura sangre de carrera Thoroughbred
Venezuela Shagya Arabe Shagya Arab
Viet Nam Cabadin
Viet Nam Ngua Noi
Yemen Abeia
Yemen Dahmaa
Yemen Giawf
Yemen Jofi
Yemen Omarqoub
Yemen Saqallwiya
Yemen Shweimaa
Zambia Belgian Belgian Draft
Zambia Percheron Percheron
Zambia Shire Shire
Zambia Suffolk Suffolk


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