List of airports in New Zealand

This is a list of airports in New Zealand, sorted by location.

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Note: The limited international airports only have international services to Australia, and in some cases to Fiji.

Location ICAO IATA Airport name International Coordinates
Scheduled service
Auckland NZAR AMZ Ardmore Airport 37°01′47″S 174°58′24″E
Auckland NZAA AKL Auckland International Airport Long Distance 37°00′29″S 174°47′30″E
Blenheim NZWB BHE Blenheim Airport (Woodbourne) 41°31′06″S 173°52′13″E
Chatham Islands NZCI CHT Chatham Islands / Tuuta Airport 43°48′36″S 176°27′26″W
Christchurch NZCH CHC Christchurch International Airport Long Distance 43°29′22″S 172°31′56″E
Dunedin NZDN DUD Dunedin International Airport Limited 45°55′41″S 170°11′54″E
Gisborne NZGS GIS Gisborne Airport 38°39′48″S 177°58′42″E
Great Barrier Island NZGB GBZ Great Barrier Aerodrome 36°14′29″S 175°28′19″E
Hamilton NZHN HLZ Hamilton Airport 37°52′0″S 175°19′55″E
Hokitika NZHK HKK Hokitika Airport 42°42′49″S 170°59′07″E
Invercargill NZNV IVC Invercargill Airport 46°24′44″S 168°18′46″E
Kaikoura NZKI KBZ Kaikoura Airport 42°25′30″S 173°36′08″E
Kaitaia NZKT KAT Kaitaia Airport 35°04′12″S 173°17′07″E
Karamea NZKM Karamea Aerodrome 41°15′S 172°07′E
Kerikeri NZKK KKE Kerikeri Airport (Bay of Islands Airport) 35°15′46″S 173°54′43″E
Masterton NZMS MRO Hood Aerodrome 40°58′30″S 175°38′00″E
Matamata NZMA MTA Matamata Airport 37°44′4″S 175°44′24″E
Milford Sound NZMF MFN Milford Sound Airport 44°40′24″S 167°55′24″E
Motueka NZMK MZP Motueka Aerodrome 41°7′24″S 172°59′38″E
Napier / Hastings NZNR NPE Hawke's Bay Airport 39°28′06″S 176°52′18″E
Nelson NZNS NSN Nelson Airport 41°17′54″S 173°13′16″E
New Plymouth NZNP NPL New Plymouth Airport 39°00′31″S 174°10′45″E
North Shore (Dairy Flat) NZNE North Shore Aerodrome 36°39′24″S 174°39′19″E
Okiwi NZOX Okiwi Airfield 36°14′29″S 175°28′19″E
Palmerston North NZPM PMR Palmerston North Airport 40°19′14″S, 175°37′1″E
Paraparaumu NZPP PPQ Kapiti Coast Airport 40°54′17″S 174°59′21″E
Picton NZPN PCN Picton Aerodrome 41°20′41″S, 173°57′29″E
Queenstown NZQN ZQN Queenstown International Airport Limited 45°1′16″S, 168°44′21″E
Rotorua NZRO ROT Rotorua Airport 38°6′33″S, 176°19′2″E
Stewart Island / Rakiura NZRC SZS Ryan's Creek Aerodrome 46°53′59″S, 168°6′6″E
Takaka NZTK KTF Takaka Aerodrome 40°49′0.84″S, 172°46′33.60″E
Taupo NZAP TUO Taupo Airport 38°44′23″S, 176°5′4″E
Tauranga NZTG TRG Tauranga Airport 37°40′24″S, 176°11′50″E
Te Anau / Manapouri NZMO TEU Te Anau Airport 45°31′59″S, 167°39′E
Timaru NZTU TIU Richard Pearse Airport 44°18′10″S, 171°13′31″E
Wanaka NZWF WKA Wanaka Airport 44°43′21″S, 169°14′45″E
Wellington NZWN WLG Wellington International Airport Limited 41°19′38″S 174°48′19″E
Westport NZWS WSZ Westport Airport 41°44′17″S 171°34′51″E
Whakatāne NZWK WHK Whakatāne Airport 37°55′14″S 176°54′51″E
Whanganui NZWU WAG Whanganui Airport 39°57′44″S 175°1′31″E
Whangarei NZWR WRE Whangarei Airport 35°46′6″S 174°21′54″E
Whitianga NZWT WTZ Whitianga Aerodrome 36°49′44″S 175°40′57″E
Other airports
Alexandra NZLX ALR Alexandra Aerodrome -45.211667,169.373333
Ashburton NZAS ASG Ashburton Aerodrome -43.903333,171.796667
Auckland NZME Mercer Airfield -37.2575,175.115
Balclutha NZBA Balclutha Aerodrome -46.243333,169.750000
Blenheim NZOM Omaka Aerodrome -41.54,173.921944
Christchurch NZFF Forest Field Aerodrome -43.385833,172.360556
Coromandel Peninsula, North Island NZCX CMV Coromandel Aerodrome -36.791667,175.508611
Cromwell NZCS Cromwell Racecourse Aerodrome -45.048611,169.170556
Dannevirke NZDV Dannevirke Aerodrome -40.228333,176.078611
Dargaville NZDA DGR Dargaville Aerodrome -35.939722,173.893611
Dunedin NZTI Taieri Airfield -45.86,170.358333
Feilding NZFI Feilding Aerodrome -40.255928,175.605919
Galatea / Murupara NZGA Galatea Aerodrome -38.408611,176.741944
Glenorchy NZGY Glenorchy Aerodrome -44.8717003,168.397995
Glentanner / Lake Pukaki NZGT GTN Glentanner Aerodrome -43.907717,170.129028
Gore NZGC Gore Aerodrome (Charlton Aerodrome) -46.156667,168.898333
Greymouth NZGM GMN Greymouth Airport -42.461667,171.190000
Haast NZHT Haast Aerodrome -43.866667,169.040278
Hanmer Springs NZHM Hanmer Springs Aerodrome -42.5508,172.826996
Hastings NZHS Hastings Aerodrome -39.646667,176.766944
Hāwera NZHA Hāwera Aerodrome -39.553299,174.266998
Kaikohe NZKO KKO Kaikohe Aerodrome -35.451111,173.817222
Kaipara Flats NZKF Kaipara Flats Aerodrome -36.4063988,174.5870056
Lake Tekapo NZTL Lake Tekapo Airport -38.731667,176.035000
Makaroa NZMW Makaroa Airstrip -44.2317009,169.2299957
Mandeville NZVL Mandeville Aerodrome -45.990278,168.812222
Martinborough NZMT Martinborough Aerodrome -41.2141991,175.4859924
Mercer NZME Mercer Airfield -37.2575,175.115
Mercury Islands NZGR Great Mercury Island Aerodrome -36.5974998,175.7669983
Motiti Island NZOI Motiti Island Aerodrome -37.632999,176.417007
Mount Cook NZMC MON Mount Cook Aerodrome -43.766833,170.135819
Murchison NZMR Murchison Aerodrome -41.796667, 172.315000
Oamaru NZOU OAM Oamaru Airport -44.97,171.081667
Ohakea NZOH OHA RNZAF Base Ohakea -40.206667,175.386944
Omarama NZOA Omarama Airfield -44.486667,169.986111
Opotiki NZOP Opotiki Aerodrome -38.0224991,177.3070068
Parakai NZPI West Auckland Airport -36.651667,174.433333
Pauanui NZUN Pauanui Aerodrome -37.021667,175.863611
Raglan NZRA Raglan Airfield -37.8046989,174.8600006
Rangiora NZRT Rangiora Airfield -43.290000,172.541667
Ruawai NZRW Ruawai Airfield -36.0971985,173.977005
Roxburgh NZRX Roxburgh Aerodrome -45.5116997,169.3170013
Stratford NZSD Stratford Aerodrome -39.3189011,174.3099976
Taihape NZVR Taihape Airport -39.6850014,175.7890015
Taumarunui NZTM Taumarunui Aerodrome -38.8394012,175.2619934
Te Kuiti NZTT Te Kuiti Airfield -38.303299,175.1470032
Thames NZTH TMZ Thames Aerodrome -37.156667,175.550278
Tokoroa NZTO TKZ Tokoroa Aerodrome -38.236667,175.892778
Tūrangi NZTN Tūrangi Airport -38.9682999,175.8139954
Twizel NZUK TWZ Pukaki Airport -44.235000,170.118333
Waiheke Island NZKE Waiheke Island Aerodrome -36.808333,175.085278
Waihi Beach NZWV Waihi Beach Aerodrome -37.43,175.951944
Waimate NZWM Waimate Aerodrome -44.7900009,171.0919952
Waiouru Army Camp NZRU Waiouru Airbase -39.446389,175.658333
Waipukurau NZYP Waipukurau Aerodrome -39.9967003,176.5370026
Wairoa NZWO WIR Wairoa Aerodrome -39.006944,177.406667
West Melton NZWL WML West Melton Aerodrome -43.47624,172.39110
Whenuapai / Hobsonville NZWP RNZAF Base Auckland -36.787769,174.630258
Map of airports in New Zealand with scheduled air services

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