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There were a number of Zulu Regiments[1][2] (known sometimes as "Impis"). Most were created during the reign of Shaka Zulu. This is a list of them.


List of RegimentsEdit

The Zulu deployment at Isandhlwana shows the well-organized tactical system of the impi. The left horn worked with the chest to pin the British down, drawing the bulk of their fire. The right horn meanwhile circled around the mountain to attack the English rear. The reserves struck deeper, cutting off and pursuing fugitives, and eventually attacking Rorke's Drift.[3]:49[4]:263-382
Name Date Raised Age Group
Birth Years
Ama-Wombe (Single Clash) 1816 1775-1785
U-Kangela (Look-out) 1816 1785-1790
Izin-Tenjana (ezakala O-Ngoye)[a] 1818-1819 1795-1798
U-Nomdayana 1820 1800
Ama-Pela [b] 1821 1801
Ama-Kwenkwe 1822-1826 1802-1806
Izi-Kwembu 1822-1826 1802-1806
Izi-Zimazane 1822-1826 1802-1806
Jubingqwanda (Shorn Head-rings) 1816 1785-1790
U-Dlambedlu (Wild Men) 1816 1790-1795
Um-Gumanqa 1818-1819 1797-1798[c]
Isi-Pezi 1818-1819 1797-1798[c]
U-Mbonambi 1818-1819 1797-1798[c]
U-Nteke 1818-1819 1797-1798[c]
U-Gibabanye or Kipabanye (The Expellers) 1820-1825 1800-1805
U-Fojisa 1820-1825 1800-1805
Im-Folozi 1820-1825 1800-1805
In-Dabakulu (The Great Affair) 1820-1825 1800-1805
Fasimba (The Haze) "Shaka's Own" [d] 1816
Izi-Cwe (The Bushmen) "Ngomane's Own" [d] 1816
U-Dlangezwa 1823-1824
Um-Ota 1823-1824
Ulu-Tuli 1823-1824
Izi-Nyosi (The Bees) [e] 1828


  • Belebele Brigade/Division
  • Izim-Pohlo (Bachelors) or Isi-Klebe Division


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