List of Warner Bros. Discovery television programs

This is a list of television series that were produced, distributed, or owned by Warner Bros. Discovery's brands, including Warner Bros. Television Studios, Warner Bros. Animation, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Horizon Television, Warner Horizon Unscripted Television, Telepictures, HBO, TBS, TNT Originals, TruTV, CNN, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, and several predecessor companies.

Warner Bros. Entertainment edit

Warner Bros. Television Studios edit

Title Genre Years Network Co-production companies Notes
Warner Bros. Presents Wheel series 1955–1956 ABC
Casablanca Cold War spy/intrigue Based on the 1942 movie by Warner Bros.
Cheyenne Western 1955–1962
Conflict Anthology 1956–1957
Sugarfoot Western 1957–1960
Colt .45
Maverick 1957–1962
Lawman 1958–1962
77 Sunset Strip Crime drama 1958–1964
The Alaskans Adventure 1959–1960
Bourbon Street Beat Private detective
Hawaiian Eye 1959–1963
The Bugs Bunny Show Animated 1960–2000 ABC/CBS
The Roaring 20's Drama 1960–1962 ABC
Surfside 6 Private detective
Room for One More Sitcom 1962
The Gallant Men Fiction 1962–1963
GE True Anthology CBS
The Dakotas Western 1963 ABC
Temple Houston 1963–1964 NBC Apollo Productions, Inc.
Wendy and Me Sitcom 1964–1965 ABC Natwill Productions
No Time for Sergeants McCadden Productions Based on the 1958 film by Warner Bros. Pictures
F Troop 1965–1967
Mister Roberts 1965–1966 NBC
The F.B.I. Police procedural 1965–1970 ABC QM Productions
The Road Runner Show Anthology 1966–1972 CBS/ABC
Tarzan Adventure 1966–1968 NBC National General Corporation, Banner Productions Distributor
The Chicago Teddy Bears Sitcom 1971 CBS Dean Jones Productions, Inc.
The New Dick Van Dyke Show 1971–1974
Nichols Western 1971–1972 NBC Cherokee Productions
The Jimmy Stewart Show Sitcom J-K/Ablidon Productions
The Merrie Melodies Show Anthology 1972 Syndication
Search Science fiction 1972–1973 NBC Leslie Stevens Productions
Banyon Detective fiction QM Productions
The Delphi Bureau Dramatic television series ABC
The Brian Keith Show Sitcom 1972–1974 NBC Miguel Productions
The Streets of San Francisco Crime drama 1972–1977 ABC QM Productions (pilot and season one only) Currently owned by CBS Media Ventures
Kung Fu Action 1972–1975
The Cowboys Western 1974
Kodiak Drama Kodiak Productions
The New Land
Shoulder to Shoulder Historical drama BBC Two BBC mini-series
Harry O Detective fiction 1974–1976 ABC
Shazam! Action CBS Filmation and DC Comics
Give-n-Take Game show 1975
The Neighbors 1975–1976 ABC
Wonder Woman Science fantasy 1975–1979 ABC/CBS The Douglas S. Cramer Company and Bruce Lansbury Productions, Ltd. Based on Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Animated 1976–1980 CBS Filmation
Alice Sitcom 1976–1985 D'Angelo-Bullock-Allen Productions (1976–77) (season 1) Based on the 1974 film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Robert Getchell
Code R Action 1977
The New Adventures of Batman Animated Filmation and DC Comics
Rafferty Medical drama
Second Chance Game show ABC
Roots Historical drama
The Fitzpatricks Drama 1977–1978 CBS
The Daffy Duck Show 1978–1979 NBC
Life on Earth Nature documentary 1979 BBC Two BBC Natural History Unit and Reiner E. Moritz Productions
Roots: The Next Generations Miniseries ABC The Wolper Organization
Time Express Fantasy drama CBS
Dorothy Sitcom The Konigsberg Company & Davis-Carroll Productions
California Fever Teen drama Lou Step Productions
The Dukes of Hazzard Action comedy 1979–1985 Paul R. Picard Productions and Piggy Productions, Inc. (season 1) Lou Step Productions (seasons 2–7)
Young Maverick Western 1979–1980 CBS
Flo Sitcom 1980–1981
Enos Lou Step Productions
Freddie and the Bean Action comedy Based on the 1974 movie by Warner Bros. Pictures
Park Place Sitcom 1981 Starry Night Productions
Private Benjamin 1981–1983 Based on the 1980 movie of the same name by Warner Bros.
Love, Sidney NBC R.G. Productions Inc.
Bret Maverick Western 1981–1982 Cherokee Productions
Bare Essence Soap opera 1983
The Thorn Birds Drama ABC Edward Lewis Productions mini-series
Casablanca World War II spy/intrigue NBC Based on the 1942 movie of the same name by Warner Bros. Pictures
The Dukes Action comedy CBS Hanna-Barbera An expansion of The Dukes of Hazzard by Warner Bros. Television
Wizards and Warriors Adventure Don Reo Productions
High Performance Adventure ABC
Goodnight, Beantown Sitcom 1983–1984 CBS Bixby-Brandon Productions Inc.
The Mississippi Legal drama Ralph Waite Productions and Hajeno Productions
The Yellow Rose Soap opera 1983–1984 NBC John Wilder-Michael Zinberg Productions
Scarecrow and Mrs. King Action 1983–1987 CBS Shoot the Moon Enterprises Inc. and B&E Enterprises (episodes 1-11)
Steambath Comedy drama 1984 Showtime Joe Byrne/Falrose and Pollock/Davis, Inc.
V: The Series Science fiction 1984–1985 NBC Daniel H. Blatt-Robert Singer Productions
Night Court Sitcom 1984–1992 Starry Night Productions (seasons 1–6)
Off the Rack 1984–1985 ABC Brownstone and Mugwump Productions
Eye to Eye Detective Drama 1985 Eustis and Elias and an S. A. Vail Productions and Mut, Inc.
Double Dare Drama CBS Terry Hughes Productions, December Enterprises, Inc. and Wanderers Productions, Inc.
I Had Three Wives Comedy drama Brownstone and Mugwump Productions
Spenser: For Hire Crime drama 1985–1988 ABC John Wilder Productions (season 1) and Jadda Productions (season 2) Based upon Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker
Growing Pains Sitcom 1985–1992 Guntzelman-Sullivan-Marshall Productions (seasons 5–6)
North and South Historical fiction
  • 1985–1986
  • 1994
David L. Wolper Productions
Shadow Chasers Science fiction 1985–1986 Kenneth Johnson/Brian Grazer Productions
Head of the Class Sitcom 1986–1991 Eustis/Elias Productions
My Sister Sam 1986–1988 CBS Pony Productions
Shell Game Comedy drama 1987 Lou-Step Productions
Ohara Police procedural 1987–1988 ABC Imagine Television and M*ass Production
The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd Comedy drama 1987–1991 NBC/Lifetime You And Me Kid Productions
Full House Sitcom 1987–1995 ABC Jeff Franklin Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions 1987–1988 episodes from Lorimar-Telepictures; 1988–1993 episodes from Lorimar Television
Just in Time 1988
China Beach Medical drama/War 1988–1991 ABC Sacret, Inc. and Warner Bros. Television Inspired by Home Before Morning by Lynda Van Devanter
Police Academy: The Animated Series Animated comedy 1988–1989 Syndication Ruby-Spears Enterprises Based on the 1984 film and its sequels by Warner Bros. Pictures
Superman Action 1988
Just the Ten of Us Sitcom 1988–1990 ABC Guntzelman-Sullivan-Marshall Productions
Murphy Brown
  • 1988–1998
  • 2018
CBS Shukovsky-English Productions/Entertainment (Seasons 1–10) and Bend in the Road Productions (Season 11)
Superboy Superhero 1988–1992 Syndication Alexander and Ilya Salkind Productions, Cantharus Productions, Lowry Productions and DC Comics Distributed by CBS Media Ventures and Warner Bros. Television Distribution
A Man Called Hawk Drama 1989 ABC Hattman-Yates Productions and Avery Brooks Productions Based upon the lead character by Robert B. Parker
Beetlejuice Animated television series 1989–1991 ABC/Fox Kids Tim Burton Inc., Nelvana and The Geffen Film Company Based on the 1988 movie by the Geffen Film Company and Warner Bros. Pictures
Tales from the Crypt Anthology 1989–1996 HBO Tales From the Crypt Holdings
Life Goes On Family drama 1989–1993 ABC Toots Productions
Family Matters Family/Sitcom 1989–1998 ABC/CBS Bickley-Warren Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions 1989–1993 episodes from Lorimar Television (seasons 1–4);
Molloy Sitcom 1990 Fox The Lee Rich Company
The Flash Action 1990–1991 CBS Pet Fly Productions
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Sitcom 1990–1996 NBC The Stuffed Dog Company, Quincy Jones Entertainment (1990–1993), (seasons 1–3), Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment (1993–1996), (seasons 4–6) and NBC Productions; NBCUniversal owns the copyrights to the series, WB only handles worldwide distribution since 1994
Swamp Thing Science fiction 1990–1993 USA Network Batfilm Productions, Inc., BBK Productions, Inc. DIC Entertainment and MCA Television Entertainment Distributed by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
Sisters Family drama 1991–1996 NBC Cowlip Productions 1991–1993 episodes from Lorimar Television (1991–1993) (seasons 1–3)
Step by Step Family/Sitcom 1991–1998 ABC/CBS Bickley-Warren Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions 1991–1993 episodes from Lorimar Television (seasons 1–2)
Billy Sitcom 1992 ABC Eustis/Elias Productions
Human Target Action Pet Fly Productions
Angel Street Crime drama CBS John Wells and Friends
Room for Two Sitcom ABC Big Deal, Inc. and Phantom Productions
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 1992–1997 Bickley-Warren Productions and Jeff Franklin Productions 1992–1993 episodes from Lorimar Television (season 1)
Family Dog Comedy 1993 CBS Amblin Television, Tim Burton Productions, Nelvana and Universal Television WB has international distribution rights outside the U.S., domestic distribution rights are handled by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios
Tall Hopes Comedy Eustis/Elias Productions
The Trouble with Larry Sitcom Highest Common Denominator Productions and Meleager Productions
It Had to Be You Highest Common Denominator Productions
Family Album Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
Against the Grain Drama NBC The Lee Rich Company and Magnum Productions
Time Trax Science fiction 1993–1994 PTEN Gary Nardino Productions 1993 episodes from Lorimar Television (season 1)
Getting By Family/Sitcom ABC/NBC Bickley-Warren Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions 1993 episodes from Lorimar Television (season 1)
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Weird western Fox Boam/Cuse Productions
Café Americain Sitcom NBC Peter Noah Productions
Living Single 1993–1998 Fox SisterLee Productions (1994–1998) (seasons 2–5)
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Action 1993–1997 PTEN Warner Bros. Distributing Canada Ltd.
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Superhero ABC Gangbuster Films, Inc. (pilot), Roundelay Productions (1993–1994) (season 1) and December 3 Productions (1994–1997) (seasons 2–4) Produced by Warner Bros. Television
The John Larroquette Show Sitcom 1993–1996 NBC Port Street Films, Impact Zone Productions and Witt/Thomas Productions
Tales from the Cryptkeeper Animated 1993–1999 ABC/CBS EC Comics and Nelvana
owned by Nelvana
Tom Sitcom 1994 CBS Wapello County Productions
Free Willy Animated ABC Le Studio Canal+, Donner/Shuler-Donner Productions, Nelvana, Regency Enterprises and Warner Bros. Animation
Daddy's Girls Sitcom CBS Carydan Productions and Witt/Thomas Productions
The George Carlin Show 1994–1995 Fox Sweet Freedom Productions and Main Sequence
On Our Own ABC Lightkeeper Productions, de Passe Entertainment and Miller-Boyett Productions
Something Wilder NBC The Kellman Company
Under Suspicion Police drama CBS Magdalene Productions and Lakeside Productions, Inc.
Babylon 5 Space opera 1994–1998 PTEN/TNT Babylonian Productions Inc.
Friends Sitcom 1994–2004 NBC Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
ER Medical drama 1994–2009 Constant c Productions and Amblin Television
Pointman Action 1995 PTEN Pointman Productions, Inc.
The History of Rock 'n' Roll Music Andrew Solt Productions, Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment, in association with Telepictures Productions, and Time-Life Video & Television Documentary mini-series
Muscle Sitcom The WB Boone County Productions and Witt/Thomas Productions
Medicine Ball Medical drama Fox Lakeside Productions and Crystal Beach Entertainment
The Great Defender Drama Schenck/Cardea Productions
Charlie Grace Crime drama ABC Wings Productions and December 3 Productions
The Monroes Soap opera Rebel Heart Productions and Elliot Friedgen Company
Double Rush Sitcom CBS Shukovsky English Entertainment
The Office 5 a.m., Inc. and Witt/Thomas Productions
Dweebs Peter Noah Productions
New York News Drama Sander/Moses Productions and Round Two Productions
The Wayans Bros. Sitcom 1995–1999 The WB BabyWay Productions and Next to Last Productions
The Parent 'Hood Family sitcom Highest Common Denominator Productions (1995, season 1), The Townsend Entertainment Company (1995–1999) (seasons 2–5) and Warren & Rinsler Productions (1995–1998); (seasons 2–4)
In the House Sitcom NBC/UPN/Syndication Winifred Hervey Productions, Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, NBC Productions (seasons 1–2) and NBC Studios (1996–98) (seasons 3–5) WB takes over production from season 5 onwards
Hope & Gloria 1995–1996 NBC Team Steinkellner Productions
High Society CBS JVTV and Look Ma Productions
Bless This House Mohawk Productions
The Client Legal drama Michael Filerman Productions, Judith Paige Mitchell Productions and Regency Enterprises Based on The Client by John Grisham
Minor Adjustments Sitcom NBC/UPN Ken Estin Entertainment and Witt/Thomas Productions
Too Something Fox
Kirk The WB Bickley-Warren Productions
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Animated 1995–2000 CBS/Nickelodeon Nelvana and Morgan Creek Productions Rights now owned by Revolution Studios by Odyssey Entertainment (1999–2000) (season 3)
The Drew Carey Show Sitcom 1995–2004 ABC Mohawk Productions
Mad TV Comedy 1995–2016 Fox/The CW Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, Bahr/Small Productions (1995–97) (seasons 1–3); Epicenter Ventures (2016) (special; season 15), Montgomery Studios and Teitelbaum Artists (2016) (season 15)
Access Hollywood Entertainment news 1996–present Syndication NBC Studios WB took control of the distribution of the series in 1999 from 20th Television, WB stopped distributing Access in 2001
Lush Life Sitcom 1996 Fox SisterLee Productions
Party Girl Subway Productions
The Show Black Rose Productions
Local Heroes Comedy No Humans Were Harmed Productions and Witt/Thomas Productions
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Crime drama CBS Page Two Productions and Bakula Productions, Inc.
My Guys Sitcom Cherp Productions and Witt/Thomas Productions
Common Law ABC Witt/Thomas Productions
Life with Roger 1996–1997 The WB
Pearl CBS Impact Zone Productions and Witt/Thomas Productions
Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher 1996–1998 The WB Warren and Rinsler Productions
Suddenly Susan 1996–2000 NBC
The Jamie Foxx Show 1996–2001 The WB Bent Outta Shape Productions and Foxxhole Productions
Chicago Sons 1997 NBC Three Sisters Entertainment and Frontier Pictures
Prince Street Cop Drama Writer's Workbench Films
Spy Game Action ABC McNamara Paper Products, Inc., Renaissance Pictures and Universal Television
Leaving L.A. Drama Rebel Heart Productions
The Shining Psychological horror
Meego Science fiction CBS Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions
Built to Last Sitcom NBC Lightkeeper Productions
La Femme Nikita Action 1997–2001 CTV Television Network
USA Network
Baton Broadcasting, LPN Productions, Inc. and Fireworks Entertainment
Veronica's Closet Sitcom 1997–2000 NBC Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
Prey Science fiction 1998 ABC Edelson Productions and Lars Thorwald Inc.
Kelly Kelly Sitcom The WB ItzBinso Long Productions and Utility Pictures
Maximum Bob Comedy drama ABC Sonnenfeld Josephson Worldwide Entertainment
The Brian Benben Show Sitcom CBS CBS Productions
The Closer T.W.S. II Productions, Frontier Pictures and CBS Productions
Vengeance Unlimited Crime drama 1998–1999 ABC McNamara Paper Products
Trinity Family drama NBC John Wells Productions
Brimstone Drama Fox Lars Thorwald Inc.
Hyperion Bay The WB Jarndyce & Jarndyce and South Productions
Two of a Kind Sitcom ABC Griffard/Adler Productions, Dualstar Productions and Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions
Jesse 1998–2000 NBC Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
For Your Love 1998–2002 NBC/The WB SisterLee Productions
Will & Grace 1998–2006 NBC 3 Sisters Entertainment, KoMut Entertainment, NBC Studios (1998–2004), and NBC Universal Television Studio (2004–2006) Domestic television distributor
Everything's Relative 1999 The Hurwitz Company, Witt/Thomas Productions and NBC Studios
The Chimp Channel TBS Telescopic Pictures
Katie Joplin The WB
Crusade Space opera TNT Babylonian Productions Inc.
The PJs Black sitcom/Adult animated 1999–2001 Fox/The WB Imagine Television, Touchstone Television (1999–2000) (season 1–2), The Murphy Company and Will Vinton Studios (2001) (season 3) Season 3 only
Mission Hill Animated sitcom 1999–2002 The WB/Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) Castle Rock Entertainment, Film Roman and Bill Oakley/Josh Weinstein Productions Distribution only
layout by Studio B Productions with overseas work done by AKOM
Odd Man Out Sitcom 1999–2000 ABC Frontier Pictures
The Strip Action UPN Silver Pictures Television and Millar Gough Ink
The Norm Show Sitcom 1999–2001 ABC Mohawk Productions
Jack & Jill Comedy drama The WB The Canton Company and 22¢ Films
Third Watch Crime drama 1999–2005 NBC John Wells Productions
The West Wing Serial 1999–2006
Freedom Science fiction 2000 UPN Silver Pictures Television and Pandaemonium Pictures Limited
Opposite Sex Comedy drama Fox
Bull Drama TNT Nooch Company
Hype Sketch comedy 2000–2001 The WB Tollin/Robbins Productions
The Fugitive Action CBS Kopelson Entertainment (2000) (season 1), Kopelson Telemedia (2000–2001) (season 1) and McNamara Paper Products Based on The Fugitive by Roy Huggins
Baby Blues Animated sitcom 2000–2002 The WB (episodes 1–8)/Adult Swim (episodes 9–13) King Features Syndicate, Rough Draft Studios, Warner Bros Animation and Split the Difference Productions
Nikki Sitcom The WB Mohawk Productions
X-Men: Evolution Teen drama 2000–2003 Kids' WB Marvel Studios and Film Roman international distribution only; U.S. rights owned by Disney Platform Distribution
Gilmore Girls Comedy drama 2000–2007 The WB/The CW Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Hofflund/Polone
Queer as Folk Drama 2000–2005 Showtime Tony Jonas Productions, Cowlip Productions, Temple Street Productions, Channel 4 and Showtime Networks international distribution rights only, domestic distribution rights are with CBS Media Ventures
Citizen Baines Drama 2001 CBS John Wells Productions, Lydia Woodward Productions and ThinkFilm
Night Visions Horror Fox Angel/Brown Productions
Thieves Drama ABC Hoosier Karma and Kopelson Entertainment
The Oblongs Animated sitcom 2001–2002 The WB/Adult Swim Jobsite Productions, Film Roman, Oblong Productions and Mohawk Productions with overseas work done by AKOM & Rough Draft Studios Layouts by KMC Films, Funbag Animation Studios & Atomic Cartoons
Witchblade Superhero TNT Camelot Pictures, Halsted Pictures, Mythic Films and Top Cow Productions
The Nightmare Room Anthology Kids' WB Parachute Entertainment and Tollin/Robbins Productions
Off Centre Sitcom The WB DreamWorks Television and Weitz, Weitz and Zuker
Maybe It's Me Sitcom SamJen Productions and Touchstone Television
Smallville Action 2001–2011 The WB/The CW Tollin/Robbins Productions, Millar Gough Ink, and DC Comics
The Court Legal drama 2002 ABC John Wells Productions
My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star Comedy The WB Company Pictures and Tiny Hat Productions Based on the British series The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star by Bryan Elsey
Presidio Med Medical drama 2002–2003 CBS Lydia Woodward Productions and John Wells Productions
Fastlane Action Fox McNamara Paper Products and Wonderland Sound and Vision
Birds of Prey Action The WB Tollin/Robbins Productions and Flash Film Works
Good Morning, Miami Sitcom NBC KoMut Entertainment
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment Reality 2002–2004 The WB Bahr-Small Productions, Karz Entertainment and Big Ticket Entertainment WB has international distribution rights, domestic distribution rights are with CBS Media Ventures
Everwood Drama 2002–2006 Berlanti-Liddell Productions
What I Like About You Sitcom Tollin/Robbins Productions
George Lopez Sitcom 2002–2007 ABC Fortis Productions and Mohawk Productions
Without a Trace Police procedural 2002–2009 CBS Jerry Bruckheimer Television, CBS Productions (2002–2006) (seasons 1–4), and CBS Paramount Network Television (2006–2009) (seasons 5–7)
Wanda at Large Sitcom 2003 Fox Mohawk Productions
Black Sash Action The WB The Sash Films Inc. and Tollin/Robbins Productions
Skin Drama Fox Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Hoosier Karma Productions
On the Spot Comedy The WB
Tarzan Adventure Laura Ziskin Productions and David Gerber Productions
Run of the House Sitcom 2003–2004 The Tannenbaum Company and 2 Out Rally Productions
Like Family The Littlefield Company, 3 Hounds Productions and MHS Productions
All About the Andersons
The Mullets UPN Bill Oakley/Josh Weinstein Productions and The Tannenbaum Company
I'm with Her ABC Tollin/Robbins Productions and Pennette & Henchy Productions
Rock Me Baby UPN Flame Television
Eve 2003–2006 The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio and Mega Diva Inc. (2004–2006)
The O.C. Teen drama 2003–2007 Fox College Hill Pictures, Inc., Hypnotic (season 1) and Wonderland Sound and Vision
All of Us Sitcom UPN/The CW Overbrook Entertainment
Nip/Tuck Medical drama 2003–2010 FX Hands Down Entertainment, Ryan Murphy Productions, Stu Segall Productions and The Shephard/Robin Company
Cold Case Crime drama CBS Jerry Bruckheimer Television and CBS Productions (2003–2006); CBS Paramount Network Television (2006–2009); CBS Television Studios (2009–2010) Distributed in the U.S. by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution & distributed internationally by Paramount Global Distribution Group
The Ellen DeGeneres Show Comedy 2003–2022 Syndication A Very Good Production and Telepictures
One Tree Hill Teen drama 2003–2012 The WB/The CW Mastermind Laboratories (2008–2012) and Tollin/Robbins Productions
Two and a Half Men Sitcom 2003–2015 CBS Chuck Lorre Productions and The Tannenbaum Company
The Help 2004 The WB Original Productions
The D.A. Legal drama ABC The Shepard/Robin Company
Come to Papa Sitcom NBC Stan Allen Productions and NBC Studios
Next Action Star Reality Silver Pictures Television, NBC Studios, Brass Ring Productions and GRB Entertainment
The Stones Sitcom CBS KoMut Entertainment
Dr. Vegas Drama Bender Brown Productions
Salem's Lot Miniseries TNT The Wolper Organization and Coote/Hayes Productions
Jack & Bobby Drama 2004–2005 The WB Shoe Money Productions and Berlanti-Liddell Productions
The Real Gilligan's Island Reality TBS
The Mountain Drama The WB Shaun Cassidy Productions and Wonderland Sound and Vision
Center of the Universe Sitcom CBS Katlin/Bernstein Productions, The Tannenbaum Company and CBS Productions
Blue Collar TV Sketch comedy 2004–2006 The WB Bahr/Small Productions, Parallel Entertainment & Riverside Productions, Inc. Distribution only
Joey Sitcom NBC Bright-San Productions and Silver & Gold Productions
Veronica Mars Drama 2004–2019 UPN/The CW/Hulu Stu Segall Productions, Silver Pictures Television (seasons 1–3), Rob Thomas Productions (seasons 1–3) and Spondoodle Productions (season 4)
Unscripted Comedy drama 2005 HBO HBO Entertainment and Section Eight Productions
Eyes Crime drama ABC McNamara Paper Products
Hot Properties Sitcom SamJen Productions
Reunion Drama Fox Class IV Productions and Oh That Gus!, Inc.
Jonny Zero Action John Wells Productions
Twins Sitcom 2005–2006 The WB KoMut Entertainment
Just Legal Legal drama Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Related Comedy drama More Horses Productions and Class IV Productions
E-Ring Military drama NBC Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Freddie Sitcom ABC Mohawk Productions, Hunga Rican and Excitable Boy!
Invasion Science fiction Shaun Cassidy Productions
The War at Home Sitcom 2005–2007 Fox Acme Productions and Rob Lotterstein Productions
Close to Home Crime drama CBS Jerry Bruckheimer Television
The Comeback Sitcom 2005–2014 HBO HBO Entertainment, Is or Isn't Entertainment and Working Class Films
The Closer Crime drama 2005–2012 TNT The Shephard/Robin Company and Walking Entropy
Supernatural Action 2005–2020 The WB/The CW Kripke Enterprises and Wonderland Sound and Vision
Four Kings Sitcom 2006 NBC KoMut Entertainment
Twenty Good Years Marsh McCall Productions and Werner/Gold/Miller Productions
Modern Men The WB Marsh McCall Productions and Jerry Bruckheimer Television
The Bedford Diaries Drama HBO Independent Productions, The Levinson/Fontana Company and Mother Trucker Television Productions Ltd.
The Evidence Crime drama ABC John Wells Productions
Justice Legal drama Fox Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Happy Hour Sitcom Double Double Bonus Entertainment and Werner/Gold/Miller Productions
Smith Drama CBS John Wells Productions
Men in Trees Comedy drama 2006–2008 ABC Tree Line Films (season 1) and Perkins Street Productions
The New Adventures of Old Christine Sitcom 2006–2010 CBS Kari's Logo Here
The Class 2006–2007 CraneKlarik
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Comedy drama NBC Shoe Money Productions
The Nine Serial ABC Sunset Road Productions
Traveler Drama 2007 The Jinks/Cohen Company
Moonlight Paranormal romance 2007–2008 CBS Silver Pictures Television
Big Shots Comedy drama ABC Oh That Gus!, Inc.
Aliens in America Sitcom The CW CBS Paramount Network Television, Mr. Bigshot Fancy-Pants Productions and Guarascio/Port Productions
Notes from the Underbelly ABC The Tannenbaum Company and Hill Three Productions
Pushing Daisies Comedy drama 2007–2009 The Jinks/Cohen Company and Living Dead Guy Productions
Chuck Action 2007–2012 NBC College Hill Pictures, Inc. (2007–2010); (Seasons 1–3), Fake Empire (2010–2012); (Seasons 4–5) and Wonderland Sound and Vision
Gossip Girl Teen drama The CW College Hill Pictures, Inc. (seasons 1–3), Fake Empire, Alloy Entertainment and CBS Television Studios
The Big Bang Theory Sitcom 2007–2019 CBS Chuck Lorre Productions
Eleventh Hour Police procedural 2008–2009 Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Granada America Based on Eleventh Hour by Granada Television
Privileged Comedy drama The CW Tsiporah and Alloy Entertainment
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Action Fox Sarah Connor Pictures, Bartleby Company, C2 Pictures and The Halcyon Company
Fringe Science fiction 2008–2013 Bad Robot Productions
The Mentalist Police procedural 2008–2015 CBS Primrose Hill Productions
The Life & Times of Tim Animated sitcom 2008–2012 HBO HBO Entertainment, Media Rights Capital and Insane Loon Productions Rights held by Media Rights Capital
Childrens Hospital Sitcom 2008–2016 Swim The Corddry Company, Abominable Pictures, Warner Bros. Studio 2.0 and Williams Street
The Beautiful Life Teen drama 2009 The CW Katalyst Films, CBS Productions, Mike Kelley Productions and The Page Fright Company
Eastwick Comedy drama ABC Curly Girl Productions
Hank Sitcom ABC/Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão McMonkey Productions, Grammnet Productions, Werner Entertainment and Bonanza Productions
The Forgotten Crime drama 2009–2010 ABC Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Bonanza Productions
V Science fiction 2009–2011 The Scott Peters Company and HDFilms
Southland Crime drama 2009–2013 NBC/TNT John Wells Productions
The Middle Sitcom 2009–2018 ABC Blackie and Blondie Productions
The Vampire Diaries Drama 2009–2017 The CW Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios and Bonanza Productions
Past Life Police procedural 2010 Fox Hudgins Productions, Pitt Group and Bonanza Productions
Miami Medical Medical drama CBS Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Skim Milk Productions and Bonanza Productions
Romantically Challenged Sitcom ABC Candy Bar Productions and Bonanza Productions
Undercovers Action NBC Bad Robot Productions, Good Butter Productions and Bonanza Productions
The Whole Truth Drama ABC Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Bonanza Productions
Human Target Action 2010–2011 Fox Wonderland Sound and Vision, Bonanza Productions and DC Comics
Life Unexpected Teen drama The CW CBS Productions and Best Day Ever Productions and Mojo Films
Hellcats Comedy drama Five & Dime Productions, Bonanza Productions and CBS Television Studios
Chase Police procedural NBC Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Bonanza Productions
Better with You Sitcom ABC Silver & Gold Productions and Bonanza Productions
$#*! My Dad Says Sitcom CBS KoMut Entertainment and Bonanza Productions
Nikita Drama 2010–2013 The CW Wonderland Sound and Vision, Nikita Films and Sesfonstein Productions
Mike & Molly Sitcom 2010–2016 CBS Chuck Lorre Productions and Bonanza Productions
Shameless Comedy drama 2011–2021 Showtime John Wells Productions and Bonanza Productions Based on Shameless by Channel 4 and Company Pictures
The Paul Reiser Show Sitcom 2011 NBC Nuance Productions
Harry's Law Legal drama 2011–2012 David E. Kelley Productions and Bonanza Productions
Ringer Thriller The CW Green Eggs and Pam Productions, Inc., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, ABC Studios, CBS Television Studios (pilot) and CBS Productions (episodes 2–22)
The Secret Circle Supernatural Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios and Bonanza Productions
I Hate My Teenage Daughter Sitcom Fox Gavin&Roxie&Hap Productions and Bonanza Productions
2 Broke Girls Sitcom 2011–2017 CBS Michael Patrick King Productions and Bonanza Productions
Person of Interest Crime drama 2011–2016 Bad Robot Productions, Kilter Films and Bonanza Productions
Hart of Dixie Comedy drama 2011–2015 The CW Fake Empire, Dogarooski, CBS Television Studios and Bonanza Productions
Suburgatory Sitcom 2011–2014 ABC Piece of Pie Productions
Are You There, Chelsea? Sitcom 2012 NBC Borderline Amazing Productions, Werner Entertainment, 4 to 6 Foot Productions and Bonanza Productions
Alcatraz Science fiction Fox Bad Robot Productions and Bonanza Productions
Coma Medical thriller A&E Turner Entertainment Co., Sony Pictures Television and Scott Free Productions Based on Coma by Robin Cook and the 1978 movie of the same name by Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Partners Sitcom CBS KoMut Entertainment
Major Crimes Crime drama 2012–2018 TNT The Shephard/Robin Company and Walking Entropy
Arrow Superhero 2012–2020 The CW Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions and DC Comics
Revolution Action 2012–2014 NBC Bad Robot Productions, Kripke Enterprises and Bonanza Productions
Work It Sitcom 2012–2013 ABC/TV2/MTV3 Summer School Productions and Bonanza Productions
666 Park Avenue Supernatural ABC Alloy Entertainment and Bonanza Productions
Emily Owens, M.D. Medical drama The CW CBS Television Studios and The Dan Jinks Company
Cult Mystery 2013 The CW Fake Empire, CBS Television Studios & Rockne S. O’Bannon Television
Golden Boy Crime drama CBS Berlanti Productions, Nicholas Wootton Productions & Bonanza Productions
The Carrie Diaries Teen drama 2013–2014 The CW Fake Empire and A.B. Baby Productions
Hostages Drama CBS Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Based on Bnei Aruba by Nana.10.Co
Super Fun Night Sitcom ABC Conaco and Bonanza Productions
The Tomorrow People Science fiction The CW FremantleMedia North America, CBS Television Studios, Berlanti/Plec and Bonanza Productions Based on The Tomorrow People by Thames Television
Almost Human Science fiction Fox Frequency Films, Bad Robot Productions and Bonanza Productions
Newsreaders Comedy 2013–2015 Adult Swim The Corddry Company, Abominable Pictures, Warner Bros. Studio 2.0 and Williams Street
The Following Psychological thriller Fox Outerbanks Entertainment and Bonanza Productions
Mom Sitcom 2013–2021 CBS Chuck Lorre Productions
The Originals Horror 2013–2018 The CW My So-Called Company, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios and Bonanza Productions
Reign Historical drama 2013–2017 Joyful Girl Productions, Take 5 Productions, Whizbang Films and CBS Television Studios
Believe Fantasy 2014 NBC Bad Robot Productions, Esperanto Filmoj and Bonanza Productions
Star-Crossed Science fiction The CW Space Floor Television, Olé Productions and CBS Television Studios
Surviving Jack Comedy Fox/TVNZ 2 Doozer
Selfie Sitcom ABC/Hulu Piece of Pie Productions Modern adaptation of My Fair Lady
Undateable Sitcom 2014–2016 NBC Doozer
Candidly Nicole Reality 2014–2015 VH1 World of Wonder, Telepictures and Honey Child Productions
The Mysteries of Laura Police procedural 2014–2016 NBC Berlanti Productions, Kapital Entertainment, New Media Vision and Jeff Rake Productions Based on Los Misterios de Laura by RTVE
Forever Fantasy 2014–2015 ABC Good Session Productions and Lin Pictures
Stalker Crime drama CBS Outerbanks Entertainment
A to Z Sitcom NBC BQ Productions and Le Train Train
Constantine Drama DC Comics, Ever After Productions, Phantom Four Films and Bonanza Productions
Gotham Crime drama 2014–2019 Fox Primrose Hill Productions and DC Comics
The 100 Action 2014–2020 The CW Alloy Entertainment, Bonanza Productions and CBS Television Studios
The Flash Superhero 2014–2023 Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions and DC Entertainment
Jane the Virgin Comedy drama 2014–2019 Poppy Productions, RCTV International, Electus and CBS Television Studios Based on Juana la Virgen by RCTV
The Leftovers Drama 2014–2017 HBO HBO Entertainment, White Rabbit and Film 44
iZombie Comedy drama 2015–2019 The CW Spondoolie Productions, Bonanza Productions, DC Comics and Vertigo
Blindspot Crime drama 2015–2020 NBC Berlanti Productions and Quinn's House
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Romantic comedy 2015–2019 The CW LeanMachine, Webbterfuge and CBS Television Studios
Supergirl Superhero 2015–2021 CBS/The CW Berlanti Productions and DC Comics
Significant Mother Sitcom 2015 The CW Alloy Entertainment and CBS Television Studios
The Messengers Supernatural Thunder Road Television and CBS Television Studios
One Big Happy Sitcom NBC Visualized, Inc. and A Very Good Production
Legends of Tomorrow Action 2016–2022 The CW Berlanti Productions, DC Comics and Bonanza Productions
Lucifer Occult detective fiction 2016–2021 Fox/Netflix Jerry Bruckheimer Television and DC Comics
Animal Kingdom Crime drama 2016–2022 TNT John Wells Productions continued from Warner Horizon Television
Queen Sugar Drama OWN Array Filmworks and Harpo Films
Westworld Science fiction HBO HBO Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions (season 1), Bad Robot Productions and Kilter Films Based on the 1973 film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Lethal Weapon Comedy drama 2016–2019 Fox Lin Pictures and Good Session Productions
Containment Drama 2016 The CW Eyeworks and My So-Called Company
11.22.63 Drama Hulu Carpenter B. and Bad Robot Productions
Rush Hour Police procedural CBS Doozer, RatPac Television and New Line Cinema Based on the 1998 film by New Line Cinema
Frequency Drama 2016–2017 The CW Jeremy Carver Productions, Lin Pictures and New Line Cinema Based on the 2000 film by New Line Cinema
Roadies Comedy drama 2016 Showtime Bad Robot Productions, Vinyl Films and Showtime Networks
No Tomorrow Comic science-fiction 2016–2017 The CW Grupo Globo, Electus and CBS Television Studios Based on Como Aproveitar o Fim do Mundo by Estúdios Globo
Time After Time Drama 2017 ABC Outerbanks Entertainment
Powerless[1] Sitcom NBC Ehsugadee Productions and DC Comics
Training Day Crime CBS Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Me, Myself & I Sitcom 2017–2018 Kapital Entertainment and Melon Entertainment
Disjointed Comedy Netflix Chuck Lorre Productions
Trial & Error Mockumentary/Surreal comedy NBC Other Shoe Productions and Good Session Productions
Riverdale Teen drama 2017–2023 The CW Berlanti Productions, CBS Studios and Archie Comics
Claws Comedy drama 2017–2022 TNT Le Train Train and Studio T (seasons 1–2) continued from Warner Horizon Television
Young Sheldon Sitcom 2017–present CBS Chuck Lorre Productions
Valor Military drama 2017–2018 The CW Ostar Productions and CBS Television Studios
Black Lightning Superhero 2018–2021 Berlanti Productions, Akil Productions and DC Comics
Life Sentence Drama 2018 In Good Company, Doozer and CBS Television Studios
Deception Crime drama ABC Berlanti Productions and VHPT Company
Living Biblically Sitcom CBS Enrico Pallazzo Productions and Alcide Bava Productions
Splitting Up Together 2018–2019 ABC A Very Good Production and Piece of Pie Productions
Castle Rock Mystery Hulu Bad Robot Productions, Old Curiosity Shop and Darkbloom Productions (season 1)
You Psychological thriller 2018–present Lifetime/Netflix Berlanti Productions, Man Sewing Dinosaur, Alloy Entertainment and A+E Studios continued from Warner Horizon Television
Manifest Drama/Supernatural NBC/Netflix Universal Television (seasons 1–3), Compari Entertainment and Jeff Rake Productions
God Friended Me Fantasy 2018–2020 CBS Berlanti Productions, I Have an Idea! Entertainment and CBS Television Studios
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Horror Netflix Berlanti Productions, Muckle Man Productions (season 2) and Archie Comics
All American Sports drama 2018–present The CW Berlanti Productions, April Blair's Company (season 1) and CBS Studios
Titans[2][3] Superhero 2018-2023 DC Universe/HBO Max Berlanti Productions, Weed Road Pictures (seasons 1–2) and DC Entertainment
Legacies Drama 2018–2022 The CW My So-Called Company, Alloy Entertainment and CBS Studios
The Kominsky Method Sitcom 2018–2021 Netflix Chuck Lorre Productions
Roswell, New Mexico[4] Drama 2019–2022 The CW Amblin Television, My So Called Company, Bender Brown Productions and CBS Studios
Doom Patrol[5] Superhero 2019-2023 DC Universe/HBO Max Berlanti Productions, Jeremy Carver Productions and DC Entertainment
Whiskey Cavalier Comedy drama 2019 ABC Hemingson Entertainment and Doozer
In the Dark[4] Crime drama 2019–2022 The CW Red Hour Productions and CBS Studios
The Red Line Drama 2019 CBS Forward Movement, Berlanti Productions, Array Flimworks and CBS Television Studios
Special Comedy 2019–2021 Netflix Stage 13, That's Wonderful Productions and Campfire
It's Bruno! 2019 Stage 13, SLI Entertainment and Phiphen Pictures
What/If Thriller Page Fright, Atlas Entertainment and Compari Entertainment
Swamp Thing Superhero DC Universe Big Shoe Productions, Atomic Monster and DC Entertainment
Pennyworth Action 2019–2022 Epix/HBO Max Primrose Hill Productions and DC Entertainment continued from Warner Horizon Television
All Rise Legal drama 2019-2023 CBS/OWN CBS Studios (seasons 1–2), Harpo Films (season 3-) Shimmering Pictures (seasons 1–2), Skyemac Productions and Tall Baby Productions
David Makes Man Coming-of-age 2019–present OWN Page Fright, Outlier Society Productions and Harpo Films continued from Warner Horizon Television
Bob Hearts Abishola Sitcom CBS Chuck Lorre Productions
Prodigal Son Crime drama 2019–2021 Fox Berlanti Productions, Sklaverwork Productions, VHPT Company and Fox Entertainment
Batwoman Superhero 2019–2022 The CW Berlanti Productions and DC Entertainment
Watchmen Superhero 2019 HBO HBO Entertainment, White Rabbit, Paramount Television and DC Entertainment
Dolly Parton's Heartstrings Anthology Netflix Dixie Pixie Productions, Sandollar Productions and Magnolia Hill Entertainment
AJ and the Queen Comedy drama 2020 MPK Productions and RuCo
Katy Keene The CW Berlanti Productions, Archie Comics and CBS Studios
Cherish the Day Romantic drama 2020–present OWN Harpo Films and ARRAY Filmworks continued from Warner Horizon Television
100 Humans Reality-TV 2020 Netflix Shed Media, BlazHoffski and Rob & Joep Productions
Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker Drama SpringHill Entertainment, Orit Entertainment and Wonder Street
Stargirl [6] Superhero 2020–2022 DC Universe/The CW Berlanti Productions, Mad Ghost Productions and DC Entertainment
I May Destroy You Drama 2020 BBC One
FALKNA Productions, Various Artists Limited and BBC Studios
Little Voice Romantic comedy Apple TV+ Dear Hope Productions and Bad Robot Productions
The Fugitive Action thriller Quibi Blackjack Films, Thunder Road Pictures and 3 Arts Entertainment
Ted Lasso Comedy drama 2020–present Apple TV+ Ruby's Tuna, Doozer and Universal Television
Lovecraft Country Period drama 2020 HBO HBO Entertainment, Afemme, Monkeypaw Productions and Bad Robot Productions
B Positive Sitcom 2020–2022 CBS Chuck Lorre Productions
The Flight Attendant Thriller 2020–present HBO Max Yes, Norman Productions and Berlanti Productions
The Right Stuff Historical drama 2020 Disney+ National Geographic Studios and Appian Way Productions
Call Me Kat Sitcom 2021–2023 Fox Farm Kid, Sad Clown Productions, That's Wonderful Productions, Fox Entertainment, and BBC Studios Based on Miranda by BBC Studios
Superman & Lois[7][8] Superhero drama 2021–present The CW Berlanti Productions and DC Entertainment
United States of Al Sitcom 2021–2022 CBS Chuck Lorre Productions
Kung Fu Martial arts Action 2021–2023 The CW Berlanti Productions, Quinn's House (seasons 1–2) and Kinga Productions (season 3)
Sweet Tooth Fantasy drama 2021–present Netflix Nightshade, Team Downey and DC Entertainment
Lisey's Story Drama 2021 Apple TV+ 60/40 Productions and Bad Robot Productions
The Republic of Sarah The CW Black Lamb, Fulwell 73 Productions and CBS Studios
Os Exterminadores do Além: A série Comedy SBT Clube Filmes Produced by Warner Bros. Television; Based on 2018 film produced by Warner Bros. and Clube Filmes
Gossip Girl[9] Teen drama 2021–2023 HBO Max Random Acts Productions, Fake Empire, Alloy Entertainment and CBS Studios[10]
Maid Drama 2021 Netflix John Wells Productions and LuckyChap Entertainment
Blade Runner: Black Lotus Anime Adult Swim (Toonami) Crunchyroll and Williams Street Licensed by Warner Bros. TV Studios and Sony Pictures Television (International)
Head of the Class Comedy HBO Max Doozer Revival of the 1986–1991 series
The Sex Lives of College Girls[11] Comedy drama 2021–present Kaling International and 3 Arts Entertainment
Abbott Elementary Mockumentary ABC Delicious Non-Sequitur Productions, Fifth Chance (season 2–) and 20th Television
The Cleaning Lady Crime drama 2022–present Fox ShadowDance Pictures, Amore & Vita Productions, Inc., Laughing Monkeys and Fox Entertainment Based on La Chica Que Limpa
Pivoting Comedy 2022 Mama Look! Productions, Kapital Entertainment and Fox Entertainment
Naomi Superhero The CW Array Filmworks and DC Entertainment
The Kings of Napa Drama 2022–present OWN Harpo Films and Folding Chair Productions
Peacemaker Superhero action/Black comedy Max DC Entertainment, The Safran Company, and Troll Court Entertainment
All American: Homecoming Sports drama The CW CBS Studios, Berlanti Productions and Rock My Soul Productions
Shining Vale Comedy horror Starz Lionsgate Television, Kapital Entertainment, Other Shoe Productions and Merman
DMZ[12][13][14] Dystopian alternate history drama[15] 2022 HBO Max ARRAY Filmworks, Analog and DC Entertainment
The Time Traveler's Wife Science fiction romantic drama HBO HBO Entertainment, New Line Cinema and Hartswood Films
Keep Breathing[16] Survival drama Netflix Wide Awake Productions and Quinn's House
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin[17] Slasher teen mystery thriller 2022–present Max Muckle Man Productions and Alloy Entertainment
The Sandman[18][19][20] Fantasy drama Netflix DC Entertainment, PurePop Inc., The Blank Corporation and Phantom Four Films
East New York[21] Police procedural 2022–2023 CBS Clothesline Productions, Grounded Mind, Skyemac Productions, Wonder Street Entertainment and CBS Studios
The Winchesters[22] Supernatural drama The CW CBS Studios, Here There, Chaos Machine Productions and Wonderland Sound and Vision Prequel of Supernatural
The Peripheral Science fiction thriller drama 2022–present Amazon Prime Video Kilter Films, Copperheart Entertainment and Amazon Studios
Night Court Sitcom 2023–present NBC After January Productions, Secret Bird and Universal Television Revival of the 1984–1992 series
Shrinking[23] Comedy Apple TV+ 3 Chance Productions, Corporate Mandate and Doozer Productions
Gotham Knights[24] Action crime drama superhero 2023 The CW Berlanti Productions and DC Entertainment
Mrs. Davis[25] Science fiction drama Peacock White Rabbit Productions and Little Bug
Found[26] Drama 2023–present NBC Berlanti Productions, Rock My Soul Productions and Universal Television
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters[27] Action Adventure Science fiction Monster 2023–present Apple TV+ Safehouse Pictures, Toho Co. Ltd., Milkfred Criminal Masterminds, Chris Black Broadcasting System, Warner Bros. Television Studios, Legendary Television
Bookie[28] Comedy 2023 Max Chuck Lorre Productions
The Girls on the Bus[29] Political drama 2024 Max[30] Berlanti Productions and My So-Called Company Originally ordered by Netflix and later developed at The CW
Dead Boy Detectives[31] 2024 Netflix[32] DC Entertainment, Berlanti Productions and Jeremy Carver Productions Originally in development at HBO Max
Presumed Innocent[33] 2024 Apple TV+ Bad Robot Productions and David E. Kelley Productions
Justice U[34][35][36] TBA The CW Berlanti Productions and DC Entertainment
Life Goes On sequel[37][38][39] TBA NBC Rock My Soul Productions
Dr. Wolf[40][41] Medical drama TBA NBC Berlanti Productions, Fabel Entertainment, The Imaginarium and Universal Television
Just Cause[42][43] TBA Amazon Prime Video These Pictures
Untitled Buster Keaton limited series[44][45] TBA TBA 6th & Idaho Productions
The Emperor of Ocean Park[46] Thriller TBA MGM+ John Wells Productions
Untitled Greg Berlanti project[47] TBA ABC Berlanti Productions and Brownstone Productions
Untitled Nkechi Carroll project[48] TBA
The Secret to a Good Marriage[49] TBA CBS Berlanti Productions and Quinn's House
3,000 Hours[50] TBA NBC Berlanti Productions and Good Company
TriBeCa[51] TBA NBC Berlanti Productions
Spoonbenders[52] TBA Showtime Berlanti Productions
Doll[53] TBA TBA
Landing[54] TBA Peacock Berlanti Productions
Untitled Doris Day project[55] TBA Max Berlanti Productions and Yes, Norman Productions
The Disasters[56] TBA The CW Berlanti Productions and 5 More Minutes Productions
The Brides[57] TBA ABC Berlanti Productions and ABC Signature
Cleopatra and Frankenstein[58] TBA Max
The Hotel Nantucket[59] TBA Max
Untitled Val-Zod limited series[60][61] TBA Max Outlier Society and DC Entertainment
DC Super Hero High[62] Superhero teen drama TBA Max Brownstone Productions and DC Entertainment
The Penguin[63] TBA Max Little Warrior Productions, 6th & Idaho, Dylan Clark Productions and DC Entertainment
Untitled Arkham series[64] Crime drama TBA Max 6th & Idaho and DC Entertainmment
Lanterns[65][66][67][68][69] Superhero science fiction TBA Max Berlanti Productions and DC Entertainment
Waller[68][69] Superhero TBA Max
Paradise Lost[68][69] Superhero TBA Max
Booster Gold[68][69] Superhero science fiction TBA Max
Creature Commandos[68][69] SuperheroAnimated TBA Max
Foster Friends TBA CBS Alloy Entertainment
Pure[70] Drama TBA Peacock Weimaraner Republic Pictures Based on Allen Salkin's Vanity Fair article "The Runaway Vegan".
Untitled Aqualad series[71][72][73][74] Young Adult TBA Max DC Entertainment and Denver & Delilah Films Based on the 2020 YA graphic novel, You Brought Me the Ocean.
The Big Cigar[75] TBA Apple TV+ Folding Chair Productions 6-episode series
Pride TBA HBO Alloy Entertainment
Welcome to Derry [76] Coming-of-age supernatural horror TBA Max
Rust Belt News[77][78] Comedy TBA CBS Alloy Entertainment
Untamed[79] TBA TBA Bad Robot Productions
Untitled Sherlock Holmes spin-off[80][81][82][83] Mystery TBA Max Team Downey
Untitled Sherlock Holmes spin-off (2)[80][81][82][83] Mystery TBA Max Team Downey
The Probability of Miracles[84] TBA Max Alloy Entertainment
Overlook[85] TBA Netflix Bad Robot Productions
Our Time[86] TBA Disney+ The Donners' Company, The Jackal Group and Amblin Television
Bad Monkey[87] TBA Apple TV+ Doozer
The Wildest Animals in Griffith Park[88] TBA Netflix LuckyChap Entertainment
Rescue: HI-Surf[89] Drama TBA Fox John Wells Productions and Fox Entertainment

Blue Ribbon Content edit

Title Years Network Co-production with
Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series 2009 Machinima Wonderland Sound and Vision and The Halcyon Company
Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2011–2013 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, NetherRealm Studios and Contradiction Films
Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles 2015 Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment
Vixen 2015–2016 CW Seed
Now We're Talking 2016–2018 go90 Uninterrupted
JoJoHead 2016 CW Seed Unperfect Productions
Ellen's Pet Dish 2017 YouTube Ellen Digital Ventures
Ginger Snaps ABCd Rubber House and BES Animation
Play with Caution DIXP
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2017–2018 CW Seed Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Berlanti Productions
Constantine: City of Demons 2018–2019 Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment, Berlanti Productions and Phantom Four Films
Best Shot 2018 YouTube Premium SpringHill Entertainment and Boardwalk Pictures
Critters: A New Binge 2019 Shudder New Line Cinema and Triton Media Holdings
Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons 2020 CW Seed Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Berlanti Productions
Toys of Terror Syfy Cartel Pictures

Alloy Entertainment edit

Warner Horizon Television edit

The logo for Warner Horizon Television.
Title Genre Years Network Co-production companies
High School Reunion Reality television 2003–2010 The WB/TV Land Next Entertainment
Pussycat Dolls Present 2007–2008 The CW Pussycat LLC and 10 by 10 Entertainment
Online Nation 2007
CW Now News program/News magazine 2007–2008
Heartland Medical drama 2007 TNT David Hollander Productions
Side Order of Life Drama Lifetime The Jinks/Cohen Company
State of Mind Comedy drama The Shepard/Robin Company
America's Best Dance Crew Competitive dance 2008–2015 MTV MTV Production Development, Tenth Planet Productions, Hip Hop International, Bayonne Entertainment and Dream Merchant Entertainment
Here Come the Newlyweds Reality television 2008–2009 ABC The Jay & Tony Show
Stylista 2008 The CW 10 by 10 Entertainment, Bankable Productions, Eliz Holzman Productions, Full Picture Entertainment, Development Hell and Magic Molehill Productions
Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious 10 by 10 Entertainment, Wonderland Sound and Vision, Interscope Records, Geffen Records and Magic Molehill Productions
True Beauty 2009–2010 ABC Bankable Productions and Katalsyt Films
13: Fear Is Real 2009 The CW Jay Beinstock Productions, Ghost House Pictures and Magic Molehill Productions
Trust Me Drama TNT The Shepard/Robin Company
Hitched or Ditched Reality television The CW
Man vs. Cartoon Popular science TruTV Monkey Kingdom and Pilgrim Film & Television
Dark Blue Crime drama 2009–2010 TNT Water Chopping Entertainment
More to Love Reality television 2009 Fox
There Goes the Neighborhood CBS Next Entertainment and Jay Bienstock Productions
Leave It to Lamas E!
Pretty Little Liars Crime thriller 2010–2017 ABC Family/Freeform Alloy Entertainment, Long Lake Productions and Russian Hill Productions
Rubicon Drama 2010 AMC HBTV and City Entertainment
Unnatural History Action Cartoon Network Mike Herb Productions
Memphis Beat Crime drama 2010–2011 TNT Smokehouse Productions
Rizzoli & Isles Police procedural 2010–2016 Ostar Productions and Hurdler Productions
Bachelor Pad Game show 2010–2012 ABC Next Entertainment
School Pride Reality television 2010 NBC Denise Cramsey Productions
Glory Daze Comedy drama 2010–2011 TBS The Walt Becker Company
Shedding for the Wedding Reality 2011 The CW
Take the Money and Run Reality competition ABC Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Profiles Television
The Lying Game Mystery 2011–2013 ABC Family Alloy Entertainment and Pratt Enterprises
H8R Reality 2011 The CW Lisa G Productions and Next Entertainment
Good Vibes Animated sitcom MTV MTV Production Development, MTV Animation, Werner Entertainment, Rough House Pictures, Not the QB Pro. and Six Point Harness
Longmire Crime drama 2012–2017 A&E/Netflix The Shephard/Robin Company and Two Boomerangs Productions
Dallas Drama 2012–2014 TNT Cyntax Productions
Political Animals Comedy drama 2012 USA Network Berlanti Productions and Laurence Mark Productions
The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep Reality television The CW Raqual Productions and Flavor Unit Entertainment
Pretty Dirty Secrets Mystery ABC Family Alloy Entertainment, Long Lake Productions and Russian Hill Productions
Sullivan & Son Sitcom 2012–2014 TBS Wild West Picture Show Productions
Oh Sit! Game show 2012–2013 The CW The Gurin Company, 405 Productions and Raquel Productions Inc.
La Voz Kids Reality competition 2013–2016 NBC One Three Media (2013–2014), United Artists Media Group (2014–2015), MGM Television (2016) and Talpa Media
Ravenswood Teen drama 2013–2014 ABC Family Alloy Entertainment, Long Lake Productions, Russian Hill Productions and Jarndyce & Jarndyce Inc.
Ground Floor Sitcom 2013–2015 TBS Doozer
Copycat Game show 2014 MTV Next Entertainment and MTV Production Development
Finding Carter Teen drama 2014–2015 The Popfilms Movie Company, Stockton Drive, Inc. (season 2) and MTV Production Development
Repeat After Me Comedy reality 2015 ABC A Very Good Production
500 Questions Game show 2015–2016 United Artists Media Group (season 1)/MGM Television (season 2)
Clipped Sitcom 2015 TBS KoMut Entertainment
Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise Talk show 2015–2016 ABC Next Entertainment and Embassy Row
Fuller House Sitcom 2016–2020 Netflix Jeff Franklin Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions
Little Big Shots Talent show NBC East 112th Street Productions, On the Day Productions and A Very Good Production
Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? Reality Television 2016 Freeform Next Entertainment
People of Earth Comedy 2016–2018 TBS Conaco and Deedle-Dee Productions
The Twins: Happily Ever After? Reality television 2017 Freeform Next Entertainment
Famous in Love Drama 2017–2018 Long Lake Media, Farah Films and Carmina Productions
Love Connection Dating game show Fox Next Entertainment and Telepictures
The Bachelor Winter Games Reality competition 2018 ABC Next Entertainment
Krypton Action 2018–2019 Syfy Phantom Four Films and DC Entertainment
American Woman Comedy 2018 Paramount Network John Wells Productions
The Proposal Reality series ABC Next Entertainment
Love Is Comedy drama Oprah Winfrey Network Harpo Films and Akil Productions
La Voz Reality competition 2019–2020 Telemundo Telemundo Studios, Talpa Media (2019) and ITV America (2020)
The World's Best Reality 2019 CBS Fulwell 73 Productions and MGM Television
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Crime thriller Freeform Alloy Entertainment and Long Lake Productions
Million Dollar Mile Game show CBS Fly on the Wall Entertainment and SpringHill Entertainment
Medical Police Comedy 2020 Netflix Abominable Pictures, David Wain Productions, Mister Krister and The Corddry Company
Cherish the Day Romantic drama OWN Harpo Films and ARRAY Filmworks
The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart Dating game show ABC Next Entertainment
The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons- Ever! Reality television
Helter Skelter: An American Myth Miniseries Epix Invented By Girls, Rogue Atlas, Berlanti Productions and MGM Television
Warner Horizon Unscripted Television edit
Title Genre Years Network Co-production with
Whose Line Is It Anyway? Comedy 1998–present ABC/ABC Family/The CW Hat Trick Productions and Angst Productions
The Bachelor Dating game show 2002–present ABC Next Entertainment and NZK Productions Inc.
The Bachelorette 2003–present
The Voice Reality competition 2011–present NBC Mark Burnett Productions (2011), One Three Media (2012–2014), United Artists Media Group (2014–2015), MGM Television (2016–present), Talpa Media (2011–2019) and ITV America (2020–present)
Bachelor in Paradise 2014–present ABC Next Entertainment
Ellen's Game of Games Game show 2017–2021 NBC Telepictures and A Very Good Production
Mental Samurai Game show 2019–2021 Fox A. Smith & Co. Productions and Apploff Entertainment
The Bradshaw Bunch Reality television 2020–present E! Shed Media
Equal Docuseries 2020 HBO Max Scout Productions, Berlanti Productions, Raintree Ventures and That's Wonderful Productions
The Masked Dancer Reality competition 2020–2021 Fox Fox Alternative Entertainment, MBC and A Very Good Production
Family Game Fight! Game show 2021–2022 NBC A Very Good Production, Dingus Von Pringus and Telepictures
Home Sweet Home Reality 2021 NBC/Peacock ARRAY Filmworks
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Game show TBS theoldschool
Finding Magic Mike[90] Reality HBO Max Eureka Productions
True Story with Ed and Randall Docuseries 2022 Peacock Universal Television Alternative Studio and Pacific Electric Picture Co.
The Wheel[91] Game show NBC Apploff Entertainment and Hungry Bear Media
100 Years of Warner Bros. Documentary 2023 Max Iwerks and Co.
Lotería Loca Game show 2023–present CBS Apploff Entertainment
Shed Media edit
Title Genre Years Network Co-production with Notes
Supernanny Reality 2005–2020 ABC/Lifetime
Supernanny Brazil Reality 2006-2014 SBT
The Real Housewives of New York City Reality television 2008–present Bravo Bravo Media Productions Owned by NBCUniversal Global Distribution
Who Do You Think You Are? Documentary 2010–present NBC/TLC Is or Isn't Entertainment
Basketball Wives Reality VH1 MTV Entertainment Studios and Truly Original (season 10-) Owned by Paramount Global Content Distribution
The Marriage Ref 2010–2011 NBC Columbus 81 Productions and Ellen Rakieten Entertainment
Bethenny Ever After Documentary 2010–2012 Bravo Bravo Media Productions
Football Wives Reality television 2010 VH1 Spin-off of Basketball Wives
Owned by Paramount Global Content Distribution
America's Supernanny Documentary 2011–2013 Lifetime
Texas Multi Mamas 2011–2012 We TV
Styled to Rock Reality competition 2013 Bravo Fenty Films, Overbrook Entertainment and Marcy Media
APB: With Troy Dunn 2014 TNT
Livin' Lozada Reality 2015–2016 OWN
First Dates Reality 2017 NBC A Very Good Production
Baller Wives Reality VH1
Polícia 24h Reality television 2017–present BAND/A&E
Criminal Confessions True crime 2017–2020 Oxygen Wolf Entertainment
Do or Dare 2017–2018 Facebook Watch Matador Content and SpringHill Entertainment
Genius Junior Game show 2018 NBC Prediction Productions
Warriors of Liberty City Starz SpringHill Entertainment and Dukes Up
Mexican Dynasties Reality television 2019–present Bravo Campanario Entertainment
Murder for Hire True crime 2019–2020 Oxygen Wolf Entertainment and Green Lakes Productions
Best Room Wins Reality 2019 Bravo Wall to Wall Media and Bravo Media Productions
100 Humans 2020 Netflix Warner Bros. Television, BlazHoffski and Rob & Joep Productions
The Bradshaw Bunch 2020–present E! Warner Horizon Unscripted Television
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Bravo Bravo Media Productions and Invent TV
Fast Foodies 2021–present TruTV
The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Peacock Bravo Media Productions
Paris in Love Slivington Manor Entertainment and Telepictures
911 Crisis Center Oxygen
Mathis Family Matters 2022–present E! E! Entertainment Television, Telepictures and Cube Five Productions
101 Places to Party Before You Die TruTV High & Mighty Productions, Clone Wolf, Inc., 3 Arts Entertainment and Artists First

Telepictures edit

Title Genre Years Network Notes
My Favorite Martian Science fiction 1963–1966 CBS distribution only; currently distributed by the Peter Rodgers Organization
Here's Lucy Sitcom 1968–1974 distribution only; currently owned by Desilu Too, LLC.
Mayberry R.F.D. 1968–1971 distribution only
The New Dick Van Dyke Show 1971–1974
This Old House Home improvement 1979–present PBS distribution for syndication from 1996 to 1999
produced by WGBH Educational Foundation (1979–2019), WETA-TV (2019–present) and This Old House Ventures
The People's Court Reality court show 1981–1993
Love Connection Dating game show 1983–1994
Syndication/Fox co-production with Eric Lieber Productions (1983–1994), PEL Productions (1998–1999), Warner Horizon Television and Next Entertainment (2017–2018)
Rituals Soap opera 1984–1985 Syndication co-production with Metromedia
The All New Let's Make a Deal Comedy 1984–1986 currently owned by Fremantle
Catchphrase Game show 1985–1986 co-production Pasetta Productions
ThunderCats Action/Adventure co-production with Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment
Showtime at the Apollo Variety show 1987–2008
Trump Card Game show 1990–1991 co-production with Createl Ltd. and Fiedler/Berlin Productions
Fox's Fun House Fox co-production with Stone Stanley Productions
The Jesse Jackson Show Talk show 1991 Syndication co-production with Quincy Jones Entertainment
Best of the Worst Comedy 1991–1992 Fox co-production with The Wolper Organization and Lorimar Television
The Jenny Jones Show Tabloid talk show 1991–2003 Syndication co-production with David Salzman Enterprises and Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment
The Jane Whitney Show Tabloid talk show 1992–1994 Syndication/NBC co-production with Scripps Howard Productions
Extra Entertainment news magazine 1994–present Syndication co-production with Lisa G. Productions
The Rosie O'Donnell Show Variety talk show 1996–2002 not to be confused with The Rosie Show on OWN. Co-production with KidRo Productions
In Person with Maureen O'Boyle Talk show 1996–1997
Change of Heart Reality Television 1998–2003
The Queen Latifah Show Talk show 1999–2001
Judge Mathis Arbitration-based reality court show 1999–2023 co-production with AND Syndicated Productions and Black Pearl Entertainment
Street Smarts Game show 2000–2005 co-production with AND Syndicated Productions and Entertain the Brutes (seasons 1–3)
ElimiDate Reality Television 2001–2006 co-production with AND Syndicated Productions
Spend It Fast 2002
The Caroline Rhea Show Talk show 2002–2003 Travail D'Amour Productions Inc.
Celebrity Justice News show/nontraditional court show 2002–2005 Harvey Levin Productions
Are You Hot? Reality 2003 ABC co-production with AND Syndicated Productions and Next Entertainment
The Sharon Osbourne Show Talk show 2003–2004 Syndication co-production with AND Syndicated Productions and SO Divine Productions
The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2003–2022 A Very Good Production and Warner Bros. Television
The Larry Elder Show 2004–2005 ANE Productions
The Tyra Banks Show 2005–2010 Syndication/The CW co-production with Bankable Productions and Handprint Entertainment (season 1)
The Dr. Keith Ablow Show 2006–2007 Syndication co-production with Dr. Keith Ablow Creative and LMNO Cable Group
TMZ on TV Entertainment and gossip news television show 2007–present co-production with Harvey Levin Productions and ParaMedia; producer of pre-2021 episodes only
The Bonnie Hunt Show Talk show 2008–2010 co-production with Bob & Alice Productions and ParaMedia
Judge Jeanine Pirro Court show 2008–2011 The CW/Syndication
Lopez Tonight Talk show 2009–2011 TBS co-production with Warner Horizon Television, 2.2 Productions, Paramort Television and ParaMedia
Dr. Drew's Lifechangers 2011–2012 The CW co-production with Dr. Drew Productions and Lisa G. Productions
Anderson Live 2011–2013 Syndication co-production with Strongchild Productions
Bethenny 2012–2014 co-production with A Very Good Production
Let's Ask America Game show 2012–2015 co-production with Canter/Karask Industries, Paramedia, Apploff Entertainment and E.W. Scripps Company
The Real Talk show 2013–2022 co-production with 495 Productions (2013–2016)
Just Keke 2014 BET co-production with Mantis Productions
Candidly Nicole Reality 2014–2015 VH1 co-production with Warner Bros. Television, World of Wonder and Honey Child Productions
Ellen's Design Challenge Reality competition 2015–2016 HGTV co-production with A Very Good Production and A. Smith & Co. Productions
Crime Watch Daily Investigative newsmagazine 2015–2018 Syndication co-production with Lisa G. Productions
Mad TV Comedy 2016 The CW co-production with Montgomery Studios and Teitelbaum Artists
Ellen's Game of Games Game show 2017–2021 NBC co-production with Warner Horizon Unscripted Television and A Very Good Production
RuPaul Talk show 2019 Syndication co-production with World of Wonder and Warner Bros. Television
Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways Miniseries co-production with A Very Good Production
Family Game Fight! Game show 2021–2022 NBC co-production with Warner Horizon Unscripted Television, A Very Good Production and Dingus Von Pringus
Paris in Love Reality Peacock co-production with Shed Media and Silvington Manor Entertainment
Mathis Family Matters 2022–present E! co-production Shed Media, E! Entertainment Television and Cube Five Productions
The Jennifer Hudson Show Talk show Syndication co-production with Warner Bros. Television and JHud Productions

Warner Bros. International Television Production edit

Title Genre Years Network Notes
The New Adventures of Robin Hood Adventure 1997–1998 TNT/Syndication co-production with Tarnview Limited, Dune Productions, M6, Weintraub/Kuhn Productions and Baltic Ventures International
Treasure Island Reality competition 1997–present TVNZ 2 continued from Eyeworks Touchdown
The Legend of Calamity Jane Animation 1997–1998 Canal+
The WB (Kids' WB)
co-production with Gangster Production and Contre Allée
The New Adventures of Zorro Syndication co-production with Zorro Productions, Inc., Carrington Productions International, Harvest Entertainment and Fred Wolf Films Dublin
Police Academy: The Series Sitcom co-production with Paul Maslansky Productions, Goodman/Rosen Productions and Protocol Entertainment
The Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor Animation 1998 Cartoon Network co-production with WW Productions, Ventureworld Films, Carrington Productions International and Fred Wolf Films Dublin
Code Name: Eternity Science fiction 2000 Global Television Network/M6 co-production with Dune Productions, Protocol Entertainment and UFA International Film & TV Production
Dark Realm Anthology 2001 Syndication co-production with Dune Productions, Atlantique Productions and UFA International Film & TV Production
Who Do You Think You Are? Australia Documentary 2008–present SBS co-production with Artemis Media (seasons 1–7)
The Block NZ Reality 2012–present Three
Food Unwrapped Consumer Channel 4 co-production with Ricochet
Territory Cops Factual television Crime & Investigation Network/Network 10 co-production with McAvoy Media
The Bachelor Australia Reality 2013–present Network 10 co-production with Shine Australia (seasons 1–3)
Jills veranda Documentary 2014–2020 SVT1
The Bachelor New Zealand Dating-based competition show 2015–present Three/TVNZ 2
The Bachelorette Australia Reality Network 10 co-production with Shine Australia (season 1)
First Dates Australia 2016–present Seven Network/Network 10
You Are Wanted Drama 2017–2018 Amazon Prime Video co-production with Pantaleon Films
Little Big Shots Australia Reality Seven Network
Married at First Sight NZ 2017–2019 Three
Bachelor in Paradise Australia 2018–2020 Network 10
All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks 2018 Amazon Prime Video co-production with Mother Media Group and Pang
Game of Games Game show Network 10
The Great Kiwi Bake Off Baking 2018–present TVNZ 2/TVNZ 1
Dancing with the Stars Reality 2019–present Network 10/Seven Network Prior seasons produced by other companies.
Co-production with BBC Studios
Brigada Costa del Sol Serial drama 2019 Telecinco co-production with Mediaset España
The Masked Singer Australia Reality television 2019–present Network 10
Man in Room 301 Drama 2019 Elisa Viihde co-production with Wall to Wall Media and Inkas Film & T.V. Productions
Black Hands 2020 TVNZ 1
Pray, Obey, Kill Docuseries 2021 HBO co-production with HBO Entertainment, HBO Documentary Films and HBO Europe
RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under Reality competition 2021–present Stan
co-production with World of Wonder
The Masked Singer NZ Three
The Celebrity Apprentice Australia Reality 2021–2022 Nine Network Prior seasons produced by FremantleMedia Australia
Snackmasters Australia[92] Food
Love Me[93] Drama 2021 Foxtel co-production with Aquarius Films
Delphine: The Secret Princess Docuseries 2022 HBO Max
The Repair Shop Australia Factual 2022–present Lifestyle
The Twelve[94] Court drama 2022–present Fox Showcase co-production with Easy Tiger Productions
FBOY Island NZ Reality 2022–present TVNZ+
Lazytown Entertainment edit
Warner Bros. Television Studios UK edit
Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe edit
Ricochet edit
Title Years Network Notes
No Going Back 2002–2004 Channel 4
Born to Be Different 2003–2020 Channel 4
FightBox 2003 BBC Three
Risking It All 2004 Channel 4
Supernanny 2004–2008 Channel 4
How Not to Decorate 2004–2006 Channel 5
Flying Heavy Metal 2005 Discovery Channel UK
It's Me or the Dog 2005–present Channel 4/Really
Animal Planet
Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle 2006–2009 BBC Two
Sex in Court 2007 E4
Clutter Nutters CBBC
Fat March ABC
Breaking Into Tesco 2008 Channel 5
Mastercrafts 2010–2014 BBC Two/More4
World's Most Dangerous Roads 2011–present BBC Two/Dave continued from Renegade Pictures
Food Unwrapped 2012–present Channel 4 co-production with Warner Bros. International Television Production
Stacey Dooley Investigates 2012–present BBC Three
Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild 2013–present Channel 5 continued from Renegade Pictures
co-production with Motion Content Group
Channel Patrol 2014–2015 BBC One
Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs 2015–2016 Channel 5
Sun, Sea and Selling Houses 2017–present Channel 4
The Repair Shop 2017–present BBC Two/BBC One
Celebrity 5 Go Motorbiking 2017 Channel 5 co-production with Krempelwood Entertainment
Extreme Hair Wars 2018 5Star
Celebrity 5 Go Barging 2018–2019 Channel 5
The Bidding Room 2020–present BBC One
Love Bites 2020–2021 ITV2
Jay's Yorkshire Workshop 2021–present BBC Two
Kings of the Wood 2022–present Quest co-production with Krempelwood Entertainment and Drive TV
Britain's Top Takeaways 2022 BBC Two
Amazing Cleans 2022–present 5Star
Twenty Twenty Television edit
Title Years Network Notes
Inside the Brotherhood 1989–1991 ITV co-production with Granada Television
The Big Story 1993–2007 co-production with Carlton Television
The Boer War 1999 Channel 4
Second Sight 2000–2001 BBC One
Lads' Army 2002–2006 ITV
Thursday the 12th 2003 Bravo co-production with Strand Productions
Unaired in the UK
That'll Teach 'Em 2003–2006 Channel 4
Brat Camp 2005–2007 Channel 4
Wakey Wakey Campers 2005 Channel 4
I Know What You Ate Last Summer Channel 5
Evacuation 2006–2008 CBBC
The Choir 2006–present BBC Two
Never Did Me Any Harm 2007 Channel 4
The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2007–2010 CBBC
Grandad's Back in Business 2007 BBC Two
The World's Strictest Parents 2008–2011 BBC Three
Ballroom High 2009 Sky One
Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School for Boys 2010 BBC Two
Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge 2011 Cartoon Network UK
My Transsexual Summer Channel 4
Show Me What You're Made Of 2011–present CBBC
The Hoarder Next Door 2012–2014 Channel 4
Styled to Rock 2012 Sky Living co-production with Fenty Films, Overbrook Entertainment and Marcy Media Films
Animal Heroes 2013 ITV
First Dates 2013–present Channel 4
The Restaurant Man 2014 BBC Two
Man Vs Weird Channel 4
The Naked Choir 2015 BBC Two
Gareth Malone's Great Choir Reunion 2015 BBC Two
Gareth's Invictus Choir 2016 BBC One
Britain's Hardest Workers: Inside the Low Wage Economy 2016 BBC Two
Remotely Funny[95] 2017–2018 CBBC
The Best of British Takeaways 2017 BBC Two
The Davina Hour W
A House Through Time 2018–present BBC Two
The Big Audition 2018 ITV
Traitors 2019 Channel 4 co-production with 42
All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star 2021–present BBC Two
Save Our Squad with David Beckham 2022 Disney+ co-production with Studio 99
Five Star Chef Coming 2023 Channel 4
Watershed TV edit
Title Years Network Notes
Street Kid World Cup 2014 BBC Three co-production with Ricochet
Wall to Wall Media edit
Title Years Network Notes
A Statement of Affairs 1993 ITV co-production with Carlton Television
Plotlands 1997 BBC One
All Mod Cons 1997 BBC Two
Body Story 1998–2000 Channel 4
Discovery Channel
Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll 1999 BBC One
Naked Planet 1999–2000 Channel 4
The 1900 House 1999–2000 Channel 4
The Wedding Planner 2001 Living TV
One Hit Wonderland 2002 Discovery Channel
Joe Millionaire UK 2003–2004 E4 co-production with Fox UK
Regency House Party 2004 Channel 4
Who Do You Think You Are? 2004–present BBC Two/BBC One
Not Forgotten 2005–2009 Channel 4
Waterloo Road 2006–present BBC One continued from Shed Productions and Headstrong Pictures
co-production with Rope Ladder Fiction
Surviving Disaster 2009 Paramount Network co-production with Spike Cable Networks
Long Lost Family 2011–present ITV
Italy Unpacked 2013–2015 BBC Two
Car SOS 2013–present National Geographic UK continued from Renegade Pictures
Child Genius 2013–present Channel 4
The Art of Australia 2013 BBC Four co-production with Serendipity Productions
The Voice: Louder on Two 2014 BBC Two co-production with Talpa
Back in Time for... 2015–present BBC Two
First Peoples 2015 PBS co-production with Arte France
Time Crashers 2015 Channel 4 co-production with GroupM Entertainment
UK's Best Part-Time Band 2016 BBC Four
500 Questions ITV
Lawless Oceans 2017 National Geographic
Little Big Shots[96] 2017–2018 ITV
The Sweet Makers 2017 BBC Two
Mysteries of the Missing 2017 Science Channel
Dope 2017–2019 Netflix
Rome Unpacked 2018 BBC Two
100 Years Younger in 10 Days ITV
Churchill's Secret Agents: The New Recruits BBC Two
Nadiya's Asian Odyssey BBC Two
The Twinstitute 2019
Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star 2019–present BBC Three
The Yorkshire Ripper Files: A Very British Crime Story 2019 BBC Four
Best Room Wins Bravo co-production with Shed Media and Bravo Media Productions
Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved Animal Planet
Narcoworld: Dope Stories Netflix
Man in Room 301 Elisa Viihde co-production with Warner Bros. ITVP Finland and Inkas Film & T.V. Productions
Nadiya Bakes 2020 BBC Two
The Shipman Files: A Very British Crime Story
My Family, the Holocaust and Me BBC One
Becoming You Apple TV+
Alien Worlds Netflix
Narco Wars 2020–2022 National Geographic
21 Day Body Turnaround with Michael Mosley 2021 Channel 4
Growing Up Animal[97] Disney+ co-production with National Geographic
Killers of the Cosmos Science Channel
Nadiya's Fast Flavours BBC Two
The Nilsen Files[98] 2022
Aids: The Unheared Tapes 2022–present
Flordelis: A Family Crime 2022 HBO Max
Go Hard or Go Home 2023–present BBC Three
Shed Productions edit
Programme Genre Series Episodes Duration Channel
Bad Girls Drama 8 107 1999–2006 ITV1
Footballers' Wives Drama 5 42 2002–2006 ITV1
Bombshell Military drama 1 7 2004 ITV1 (Unaired in the UK)
Footballers' Wives Extra Time 2 32 2005–2006 ITV2
Footballers Wives TV 1 8 2005 ITV2
The Fugitives Science fiction 1 7 2005 CITV
Waterloo Road Drama 10 200 2006–2015 BBC One (2006–2015)
BBC Three (2015)
Rock Rivals Drama 1 8 2008 ITV1
Hope Springs Comedy drama 1 8 2009 BBC One
Shed Media Scotland edit
Title Years Network Notes
Being Victor 2010 MTV UK (Internet)
STV (Edited)
Waterloo Road Reunited 2011 BBC Online
Sugartown BBC One
Young James Herriot co-production with Koco Drama
Headstrong Pictures edit
Title Years Network Notes
New Tricks 2003–2015 BBC One Previously produced by Wall to Wall Media
Renegade Pictures edit
Title Years Network Notes
Don't Tell the Bride 2007–present BBC Three/BBC One/Sky One/E4
Picture This 2008 Channel 4
Planet Mechanics National Geographic
Extreme Bodies 2008–2009 Discovery Channel
Little Crackers 2010–2012 Sky One co-production with Blue Door Adventures, Phil Mclntyre Television, Sprout Pictures, Tiger Aspect Productions, Silver River Productions, Glassbox Productions, Avalon Television and Can Communicate
The Secret Life of Buildings 2011 Channel 4 co-production with Christie HQ and The Open University
Bigger Than... 2012 Sky Living
Drive to Buy ITV
Street Genius 2013–2015 National Geographic UK
24 Hours to Go Broke 2014 Dave
Transformation Street 2018 ITV co-production with Storyvault Films
Our Yorkshire Farm 2018–2021 Channel 5 co-production with Motion Content Group
City Life to Country Life 2020
Surviving the Stone Age: Adventure to the Wild 2020 Channel 4
Outsiders 2021–present Dave co-production with That M&V Company
Sue Perkins' Big American Road Trip 2022 Channel 4
Yalli Productions edit
Title Years Network Notes
Impractical Jokers UK 2012–2016 BBC Three/Channel 5
Comedy Central
The Ginge, The Geordie and the Geek 2013 BBC Two
Viral Tap 2014 ITV2
Koco Drama edit
Title Years Network Notes
Young James Herriot 2011 BBC One co-production with Shed Media Scotland
Eyeworks edit
Title Years Network Notes
Sterren Dansen Op Het IJs 2006–2013 SBS6
Wie words Tarzan? 2006 SBS6
So You Wanna Be a Popstar 2007 SBS6
Chef in Nood 2008 VTM
CQC 2008-2015 BAND as Eyeworks Cuatro Cabezas
NZ Smashes Guinness World Records 2009 TVNZ 2
Dag & Nacht: Hotel Eburon 2010 VTM
Australia Smashes Guinness World Records 2010 Seven Network as Eyeworks Australia
Op zoek naar Zorro 2010–2011 AVRO
A Liga 2010-2016 BAND as Eyeworks Cuatro Cabezas
Polícia 24h 2010-2016 BAND/A&E (Season 1–6), as Eyework Cuatro Cabezas
24 uur: tussen leven en dood 2012 RTL 4
Sterren Springen Op Zaterdag 2012–2014 SBS6
Celebrity Splash! 2013 Seven Network as Eyeworks Australia
Amazing Greys 2014 ITV co-production with ITV Studios

Warner Bros. Animation edit

Hanna-Barbera edit
Ruby-Spears (pre-1991) edit

Cartoon Network Studios edit

Williams Street edit

Turner Program Services edit

Title Genre Years Network Notes
Starcade Game show 1982–1984 Superstation WTBS/Syndication co-production with JM Production Company
Rights now owned by Shout! Factory
Portrait of America 1983–1988 Superstation WTBS
Ultraseven Tokusatsu 1985 TNT English dub; co-produced with Cinar
TPS's rights to the series reverted to Tsuburaya Productions in 2001
The Wonder Years[N 1] Comedy drama 1988–1993 ABC produced by The Black-Marlens Company and New World Television
Beach Boys: Endless Summer 1989 CBS co-production with Brother Records
The Last Word Game show 1989 Syndication/Global Television Network U.S. distribution only; produced by Merrill Heatter Productions
Lauren Hutton and... 1995–1996 Syndication
The Lazarus Man Western 1996 TNT produced by The Ogiens/Kane Company and Castle Rock Entertainment

Lorimar Television edit

Lorimar-Telepictures edit
Title Genre Years Notes
It's a Living Sitcom 1980–1982, 1985–1989 produced by Witt/Thomas Productions
ThunderCats Action/Adventure 1986–1989
The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime Game show 1986–1987
Perfect Match Game show 1986
SilverHawks Animated television series 1986
One Big Family 1986–1987
Our House Drama 1986–1988 Co-produced with Blinn/Thorpe Productions
Better Days Sitcom 1986 co-production with Magnum/Thunder Road Productions
Max Headroom Science fiction 1987–1988 co-produced by Chrysalis/Lakeside
The Comic Strip Animated television series 1987 produced by Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment
ALF: The Animated Series Saturday morning animated series 1987–1989 currently distributed by Shout! Factory
She's the Sheriff Sitcom 1987–1989
Spies Drama 1987
Alvin and the Chipmunks Comedy 1988 syndication, first 65 episodes only
Gumby Adventures Clay animation 1988 currently owned by Fox Corporation
Aaron's Way Family drama 1988
ALF Tales Saturday morning animated series 1988–1989 currently distributed by Shout! Factory
Jake's Journey Television pilot 1988–1989 pilots for CBS starring Graham Chapman
ZIV International edit

All rights to these series have reverted to their original owners.

The Wolper Organization (post-1970) edit

Seven Arts Television edit

Turner Entertainment Co. edit

This includes most of the pre-May 1986 MGM Television library, which Warner Bros. Television Distribution owns through its 1996 acquisition of Turner Entertainment.

Castle Rock Entertainment edit

New Line Television edit

Title Genre Years Network Notes
Freddy's Nightmares Anthology 1988–1990 Syndication co-production with Lorimar Television and Stone Television
Court TV: Inside America's Courts 1993–1996 TBS/Syndication co-production with Court TV
Currently owned by the E. W. Scripps Company
The Mask Superhero 1995–1997 CBS co-production with Dark Horse Entertainment, Film Roman and Sunbow Entertainment
Dumb and Dumber Animated series 1995 ABC co-production with Hanna-Barbera
Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm Animated series 1996 USA Network co-production with Film Roman, Threshold Entertainment and USA Studios
Currently owned by Starz Distribution
Mortal Kombat: Konquest Martial arts 1998–2000 TNT co-production with Threshold Entertainment
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World Action 1999–2002 TNT (1999) (pilot only)
co-production with Telescene (seasons 1–2), St. Clare Entertainment (seasons 1–2), Coote-Hayes Productions, Action Adventure Network (seasons 1–2) and The Over the Hill Gang Productions (season 3)
Breaking News Drama 2002 Bravo co-production with Trilogy Entertainment Group
The Twilight Zone Fantasy 2002–2003 UPN co-production with Spirit Dance Entertainment, Trilogy Entertainment Group and Joshmax Production Services
Masterminds Documentary 2003–2007 History
Amish in the City Reality 2004 UPN co-production with Stick Figures Productions
Kitchen Confidential Sitcom 2005 Fox co-production with 20th Century Fox Television, Hemingson Entertainment and Darren Star Productions
Blade: The Series Superhero 2006 Spike with Marvel Entertainment and Phantom Four Films
The Real Wedding Crashers Comedy 2007 NBC with Katalyst Films
Friday: The Animated Series Animated series MTV2 co-production with MTV Animation and Cube Vision
Rights co-owned by Paramount Global
High School Confidential Documentary 2008 We TV
Family Foreman Reality TV Land

Home Box Office, Inc. edit

Title Years Network Co-production with
HBO World Championship Boxing 1973–2018 HBO
On Location 1975–1986
Inside the NFL 1977–2008 NFL Films
Standing Room Only 1976–1982
Race for the Pennant 1978–1992
HBO Sneak Preview 1980–1983
HBO Magazine 1982–1983
Cinemax Screening Room
Time Was 1982
HBO Coming Attractions 1983–1985
The Hitchhiker 1983–1991
HBO Mailbox 1984–1985
Vietnam War Story 1987–1988
Tanner '88 1988
One Night Stand 1989–2005
Tales from the Crypt 1989–1996 Tales from the Crypt Holdings
Real Sex 1990–2009
Sessions 1991 Castle Rock Entertainment
Erotic Confessions 1992–1996 Cinemax
Def Comedy Jam 1992–1997 HBO
Hardcore TV 1993–1994
HBO Comedy Half-Hour 1994–1998
Autopsy 1994–2008
Taxicab Confessions 1995–2006
Hot Line 1995–1996 Cinemax Magic Hour Pictures
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel 1995–present HBO HBO Sports
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 1995–2000 Hyperion Animation, Two Oceans Entertainment Group and Confetti Entertainment Company
Arli$$ 1996–2003 Tollin/Robbins Productions
Boxing After Dark 1996–2018
The High Life 1996 Worldwide Pants
The Chris Rock Show 1997–2000 CR Productions, Inc., 3 Arts Entertainment and HBO Downtown Productions
Reverb 1997–2001
Todd McFarlane's Spawn 1997–1999 HBO Animation and Todd McFarlane Entertainment
Spicy City 1997 HBO Animation
Oz 1997–2003 The Levinson/Fontana Company, Viacom Productions and Rysher Entertainment
Tenacious D 1997–2000 Dakota North Entertainment
From the Earth to the Moon 1998
Sex and the City 1998–2004 Darren Star Productions
The Sopranos 1999–2007 Chase Films and Brad Grey Television
30 by 30: Kid Flicks 1999–2001
A Little Curious 1999–2000 Curious Pictures
Crashbox Planet Grande Productions and Cuppa Coffee Animation
Nightcap 1999 Cinemax
The Pleasure Zone MRG Entertainment
Bedtime Stories 2000
Passion Cove 2000–2001 Alta Loma Entertainment
Thrills 2001 Advanced Media Entertainment
The Corner 2000 HBO Blown Deadline Productions and Knee Deep Productions
KO Nation 2000–2001
G String Divas 2000
Curb Your Enthusiasm 2000–present
On the Record with Bob Costas 2001–2004
Six Feet Under 2001–2005 Actual Size Films and The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio
Hard Knocks 2001–present HBO Sports and NFL Films
Kindergarten 2001 Parallel Pictures & Television
Freshman Year Planet Grande Productions
Band of Brothers Playtone and DreamWorks Television
The Mind of the Married Man 2001–2002 Comedy Arts Studios, 3 Arts Entertainment and Sunlight Productions
Project Greenlight 2001–2015
Def Poetry Jam 2002–2007
The Best Sex Ever 2002–2003 Cinemax MRG Entertainment
Hotel Erotica Blue Hotel Productions
The Wire 2002–2008 HBO Blown Deadline Productions
El Perro y El Gato 2003–2012 Primal Screen
Real Time with Bill Maher 2003–present Brad Grey Television and Bill Maher Productions
Carnivàle 2003–2005 3 Arts Entertainment and Twilight Time Films (pilot)
K Street 2003 Interface Media Group
Da Ali G Show 2003–2004
Deadwood 2004–2006 Roscoe Productions, Red Board Productions and Paramount Network Television
Black Tie Nights
Hollywood Sexcapades
2004–2005 Cinemax Black Tie Films and POV Pictures
Entourage 2004–2011 HBO Leverage Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Productions and Fly the Coop Entertainment (season 8)
Family Bonds 2004
Unscripted 2005 Section Eight Productions and Warner Bros. Television
Sex Games: Vegas
Sex Games: Cancún
2005–2006 Cinemax MRG Entertainment
Costas Now 2005–2009 HBO
Classical Baby 2005–present Poetry Foundation
The Comeback 2005–2014 Is or Isn't Entertainment, Working Class Films and Warner Bros. Television
Cathouse: The Series
Rome 2005–2007 HBO
Rai 2
HD Vision Pictures
Elizabeth I 2005 HBO
Channel 4
co-production with HBO Films and Company Pictures
Hotel Erotica Cabo 2006 Cinemax OronaFilm
Big Love 2006–2011 HBO Anima Sola Productions and Playtone
Lucky Louie 2006 Circus King, 3 Arts Entertainment, Snowpants Productions and HBO Independent Productions
John from Cincinnati 2007 Red Board Productions and Saticoy Productions
Tell Me You Love Me O&M / ANN SJM Productions and Pariah
The Erotic Traveler Cinemax
Sin City Diaries
Co-Ed Confidential 2007–2010 MRG Entertainment
Flight of the Conchords 2007–2009 HBO Dakota Pictures
In Treatment 2008–2021 Leverage Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Productions and Sheleg
John Adams 2008 High Noon Productions, Playtone and Mid Atlantic Films
Generation Kill Company Pictures and Blown Deadline Productions
House of Saddam BBC Two
True Blood 2008–2014 HBO Your Face Goes Here Entertainment
Little Britain USA 2008 19 Entertainment and Reveille Productions
The Life & Times of Tim 2008–2012 Warner Bros. Television, Insane Loon Productions and Media Rights Capital (owner)
Zane's Sex Chronicles 2008–2010 Cinemax The Company Pictures
Forbidden Science 2009 Dangerous Tomorrows, Inc.
Lingerie 2009–2010 American Cinema Group
Life on Top 2009–2011 Lott Productions
Eastbound & Down 2009–2013 HBO Gary Sanchez Productions, Rough House Pictures and Enemy MIGs Productions
Brave New Voices 2009–2010
Hung 2009–2011 Tennessee Wolf Pack and Entertainment One
Bored to Death Dakota Pictures, 3 Arts Entertainment and Fair Harbour Productions
The Neistat Brothers 2010
How to Make It in America 2010–2011 Leverage Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Productions and Big Meyer
Funny or Die Presents Funny or Die, Gary Sanchez Productions and Apatow Productions
The Ricky Gervais Show 2010–2012 HBO
Channel 4/E4
WildBrain Entertainment and Media Rights Capital (owner)
The Pacific 2010 HBO DreamWorks Television and Playtone
Treme 2010–2013 Blown Deadline Productions
Boardwalk Empire 2010–2014 Leverage Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions
Mildred Pierce 2011 Kilter Films, John Wells Productions and MGM Television
Femme Fatales 2011–2012 Cinemax Four Amigos Entertainment and Radioactive Fishtank
Skin to the Max Stick Figure Productions
Chemistry 2011 Ostar Productions
Enlightened 2011–2013 HBO Rip Cord Productions
Luck 2011–2012
Strike Back 2011–2020 Cinemax
Sky One
Left Bank Pictures
Game of Thrones 2011–2019 HBO Television 360, Grok! Television, Generator Entertainment, Startling Television and Bighead Littlehead
On Freddie Roach 2012
The Girl's Guide to Depravity 2012–2013 Cinemax
Girls 2012–2017 HBO Apatow Productions and I Am Jenni Konner Productions
Veep 2012–2019 Dundee Productions
The Newsroom 2012–2014
Banshee 2013–2016 Cinemax Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, Tropper Schicker Productions and One Olive
Working Girls in Bed 2013
Zane's The Jump Off Planet Zane Productions and MRG Entertainment
Vice 2013–2019 HBO Bill Maher Productions and Vice Media
Hello Ladies 2013–2014 Four Eyes Entertainment, Quantity Entertainment and ABC Studios
Getting On 2013–2015 Anima Sola Productions and BBC Worldwide Productions
True Detective 2014–present Anonymous Content, Parliament of Owls, Passenger and Neon Black
Looking 2014–2016 Fair Harbor Productions
Topless Prophet 2014 Cinemax Pilgrim Studios
Olive Kitteridge HBO Playtone and As Is
Silicon Valley 2014–2019 Judgemental Films Alec Berg Inc., Altschuler Krinsky Works and 3 Arts Entertainment
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 2014–present Avalon Television and Partially Important Productions
The Knick 2014–2018 Cinemax AMBEG Screen Products, Anonymous Content and Extension 765
Togetherness 2015–2016 HBO Duplass Brothers Productions
The Jinx 2015 HBO Documentary Films, Blumhouse Television and Hit the Ground Running
The Brink 2015 Jerry Weintraub Productions, Everyman Pictures and Little City Iron Works
Ballers 2015–2019 Seven Bucks Productions, Leverage Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Productions and Film 44
Show Me a Hero 2015 HBO Miniseries, Blown Deadline Productions and Pretty Pictures
J. Cole: Road to Homecoming 2015–2016 Dreamville Films
Animals 2016–2018 Karen BBQ, Duplass Brothers Productions and Starburns Industries
Vinyl 2016 Paramount Television, Jagged Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions
After the Thrones 2016 The Ring
Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons 2016
The Night Of 2016 BBC Worldwide Productions, Bad Wolf and Film Rites
Vice Principals 2016–2017 Rough House Pictures
Westworld 2016–2022 Kilter Films, Bad Robot Productions, Jerry Weintraub Productions (season 1) and Warner Bros. Television
Quarry 2016 Cinemax Anonymous Content, Night Sky Productions and One Olive
Divorce 2016–2019 HBO Pretty Matches Productions, Merman, Kapital Entertainment,
Insecure 2016–2021 Hoorae Media, Penny for your Thoughts Entertainment and 3 Arts Entertainment
Big Little Lies 2017–2019 Crazyrose, David E Kelley Productions, Hello Sunshine, Blossom Films
Crashing 2017–2019 Joy Quota and Apatow Productions
The Defiant Ones 2017 Silverback 5150 Pictures and Alcon Entertainment
Room 104 2017–2020 Duplass Brothers Productions
The Deuce 2017–2019 Blown Deadline Productions, Rabbit Bandini Productions and Spartan Productions
Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus 2017–present Cinemax Judgemental Films, Zipper Bros. Films, Sutter Road Picture Co. and Diamond Docs
2 Dope Queens 2018–2019 HBO
Barry 2018–present Alec Berg Inc. and Hanarply
Here and Now 2018 Your Face Goes Here Entertainment
Sharp Objects 2018 Crazyrose, Fourth Born, Blumhouse Television, Tiny Pyro and Entertainment One
Random Acts of Flyness 2018–present MVMT and A24
Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas 2018–2019 Amalgalmated Bear, Sixteen String Jack Productions and Avalon Television
Succession 2018–present Gary Sanchez Productions, Hyperobject Industries and Project Zeus
The Shop 2018–present
Camping 2018
Elvis Presley: The Searcher[99] 2018 HBO Documentary Films
Being Serena[100] 2018
Axios on HBO 2018–present HBO Documentary Films, Axios Media and Downtown Community Television Center
The Case Against Adnan Syed 2019 HBO Documentary Films, NBCUniversal International Studios, Working Title Television, Instinct Productions and Disarming Films
Warrior 2019–present Cinemax/Max Tropper Ink Productions, Perfect Storm Entertainment and Bruce Lee Entertainment
Chernobyl 2019 HBO
Sky Atlantic
HBO Miniseries, Sky UK, Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint and Word Games
Los Espookys 2019–2022 HBO Broadway Video, Más Mejor, Antigravico, Fabula
Euphoria 2019–present The Reasonable Branch, A24, Little Lamb, DreamCrew, ADD Content Agency, Hot and Tedy Productions
A Black Lady Sketch Show 2019–present For Better or Words Inc., Hoorae Media, Jax Media, 3 Arts Entertainment
The Righteous Gemstones 2019–present Rough House Pictures
His Dark Materials 2019–2022 HBO
Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema
The Outsider 2020 HBO Aggregate Films, Temple Hill Entertainment, Pieface Inc., Civic Center Media and MRC
Avenue 5 2020–present Dundee Productions
McMillions 2020 Unrealistic Ideas and Fun Meter
The Plot Against America 2020 RK Films, Annapurna Television and Blown Deadline Productions
Run 2020 DryWrite, Wild Swim and Entertainment One
We're Here 2020–present House of Opus 20 and The Intellectual Property Corporation
Betty 2020–2021 A Dreamy Crystal Moselle Sequence..., Arfin Material (season 1) and Untitled Entertainment
I May Destroy You 2020 HBO
Various Artists Limited and FALKINA Productions
Perry Mason 2020–2023[101] HBO Dwight Street Book Club, Inflatable Mouse and Team Downey
I'll Be Gone in the Dark 2020–2021 HBO Documentary Films and Story Syndicate
Lovecraft Country 2020 Afemme, Monkeypaw Productions, Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television
The Vow 2020–2022 HBO Documentary Films and The Othrs
The Third Day 2020 HBO
Sky Atlantic
Punchdrunk International, Plan B Entertainment, Scott Free Productions and Sky Studios
Agents of Chaos 2020 HBO HBO Documentary Films, Jigsaw Productions and Investigate Studios
How To with John Wilson 2020–present Blow Out Productions and John's Movies
Industry 2020–present HBO
Bad Wolf
Tiger 2021 HBO HBO Sports, Jigsaw Productions and Our Time Projects
Painting with John 2021–present Hyperobject Industries
The Lady and the Dale 2021 HBO Documentary Films, Duplass Brothers Productions and Cinemation Studios
Allen v. Farrow HBO Documentary Films, Impact Partners, Jane Doe Films, Chicago Media Project, Artemis Rising Foundation and The Lozen Foundation
Q Into the Storm HBO Documentary Films, Hyperobject Industries and Hyrax Films
Exterminate All the Brutes HBO
Sky Documentaries
HBO Documentary Films, Velvet Film, Sky Documentaries and ARTE France
The Nevers 2021 HBO Mutant Enemy Productions
Pray, Obey, Kill 2021 HBO Documentary Films, HBO Europe and Warner Bros. International Television Production
Pause with Sam Jay 2021–present Donna's Daughter, A Penny for Your Thoughts, Avalon Television and Art & Industry
The White Lotus 2021–present Pallogram, The District and Rip Cord Productions
Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes 2021 HBO Documentary Films and World of Wonder
100 Foot Wave 2021–present Topic Studios, Amplify Pictures, Library Films, React Films and Cinetic Media
Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump 2021 HBO Documentary Films and World of Wonder
Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union HBO Documentary Films and Kunhardt Films
NYC Epicenters 9/11→2021½ HBO Documentary Films and 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
Level Playing Field HBO Sports and Vox Media Studios
Nuclear Family HBO Documentary Films, Story Syndicate, Topic Studios, Impact Partners, Big Beach, Sustainable Films and Bunker
Landscapers HBO
Sky Atlantic
Sky Studios, Sister Pictures and South of the River Pictures
And Just Like That... 2021–present Max Michael Patrick King Productions, Pretty Matches Productions and Rialto Films
The Gilded Age[102] 2022–present HBO Universal Television and Neamo Film and Television
Somebody Somewhere[103] Duplass Brothers Productions and The Mighty Mint
Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty[104] Jim Hecht Productions, Jason Shuman Productions, Steeplechase Amusements and Hyperobject Industries
The Invisible Pilot[105] 2022
We Own This City[106][107] Spartan Productions and Blown Deadline Productions
The Baby[108] 2022 Proverbial Pictures, Sky Studios and Sister
The Time Traveler's Wife[109] 2022 Hartswood Films, Warner Bros. Television and New Line Cinema
Irma Vep HBO
OCS City
A24, Vortex Sutra, The Reasonable Bunch and Little Lamb
Mind Over Murder HBO HBO Documentary Films, Vox Media Studios, Little Horse Crossing the River and Truth.Media
The Anarchists HBO Documentary Films, Blumhouse Television and Bird Murmur
The Rehearsal 2022–present Blow Out Productions
House of the Dragon [110] GRRM, Basford Sword and 1:26 Pictures Inc.
The Last of Us[111][112][113] 2023−present Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, Naughty Dog, The Mighty Mint and Word Games
White House Plumbers[114][107] 2023 Fearless Films, Hot Seat Productions, Perfect Pleasant Productions, wiip, The District and Crash&Salvage
The Idol 2023 A24, Bron, Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Manic Phase and People Pleaser
Six Feet Under Follow-Up[115] Coming TBA

HBO Documentary Films edit

Title Years Network Notes
Saving My Tomorrow 2014–2017 HBO co-production with HBO Entertainment
The Jinx 2015 co-production with HBO Entertainment, Blumhouse Television and Hit the Ground Running
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling 2018 co-production with HBO Entertainment, Apatow Productions and RadicalMedia
Axios on HBO 2018–present co-production with HBO Entertainment, Axios Media and Downtown Community Television Center
The Case Against Adnan Syed 2019 co-production with HBO Entertainment, NBCUniversal International Studios, Working Title Television, Instinct Productions and Disarming Films
I'll Be Gone in the Dark 2020–2021 co-production with HBO Entertainment and Story Syndicate
The Vow 2020–present co-production with HBO Entertainment and The Othrs
Agent of Chaos 2020 co-production with HBO Entertainment, Jigsaw Productions and Investigate Studios
The Lady and the Dale 2021 co-production with HBO Entertainment, Duplass Brothers Productions and Cinemation Studios
Allen v. Farrow co-production with HBO Entertainment, Impact Partners, Jane Doe Films, Chicago Media Project, Artemis Rising Foundation and The Rozen Foundation
Q Into the Storm co-production with HBO Entertainment, Hyperobject Industries and Hyrax Films
Exterminate All the Brutes HBO
Sky Documentaries
co-production with HBO Entertainment, Velvet Film, Sky Documentaries and ARTE France
Pray, Obey, Kill HBO co-production with HBO Entertainment, HBO Europe and Warner Bros. ITVP Sweden
Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes co-production with HBO Entertainment and World of Wonder
Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump co-production with HBO Entertainment and World of Wonder
Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union co-production with HBO Entertainment and Kunhardt Films
NYC Epicenters 9/11→2021½ co-production with HBO Entertainment and 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
Nuclear Family co-production with HBO Entertainment, Story Syndicate, Topic Studios, Impact Partners, Big Beach, Sustainable Films and Bunker
Phoenix Rising 2022 co-production with HBO Entertainment, Disarming Films and The Artemis Rising Foundation
Mind Over Murder co-production with HBO Entertainment, Vox Media Studios, Little Horse Crossing the River and Truth.Media
The Anarchists co-production with HBO Entertainment, Blumhouse Television and Bird Murmur

HBO Europe edit

Title Years Network Co-production with
Terapie 2011–2019 HBO Europe
Umbre 2014–present
The Silent Valley 2016
Hackerville 2018 HBO Europe
TNT Serie
The Pioneer 2019 HBO Europe
30 Coins 2020–present Pokeepsie Films
Pray, Obey, Kill 2021 HBO HBO Entertainment, HBO Documentary Films and Warner Bros. ITVP Sweden
The Informant 2022–present HBO Max

HBO Asia edit

HBO Latin America edit

HBO Downtown Productions edit

Title Years Network Notes
Night After Night with Allan Havey 1989–1992 The Comedy Channel
Comedy Central
Short Attention Span Theater 1989–1994
Sports Monster 1991
Stand Up, Stand Up 1991–1992 Comedy Central
Inside the NFL 1992 HBO co-production with NFL Films
Women Aloud 1992–1993 Comedy Central co-production with Comedy Partners
Mystery Science Theater 3000 1992–1996 co-production with Best Brains
Currently owned by Shout! Factory
2 Drink Minimum 1993–1994 co-production with Comedy Partners
Politically Incorrect 1993–2002 Comedy Central
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist 1995–2002 Comedy Central co-production with Tom Snyder Productions, Popular Arts Entertainment and Comedy Partners
Exit 57 1995–1996 co-production with Comedy Partners
The Chris Rock Show 1997–2000 HBO co-production with HBO Entertainment, 3 Arts Entertainment and CR Enterprises, Inc.

HBO Independent Productions edit

Title Years Network Notes
Roc 1991–1994 Fox
The Paula Poundstone Show 1992 HBO co-production with Morra, Brezner & Steinberg Entertainment, Inc.
Down the Shore 1992 Fox co-production with Caravan Entertainment and 3 Arts Entertainment
Martin 1992–1997 co-production with You Go Boy! Productions (seasons 3–5)
Laurel Avenue 1993 HBO mini-series; co-production with Elsboy Entertainment
Daddy Dearest 1993 Fox co-production with Van Zandt/Milmore Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment
Get Smart 1995 co-production with Columbia Pictures Television[N 4]
House of Buggin' co-production with Bregman/Baer Productions
The Last Frontier 1996
Everybody Loves Raymond[N 5] 1996–2005 CBS co-production with Where's Lunch and Worldwide Pants Incorporated
The Jury 2004 Fox co-production with The Levinson/Fontana Company, MarlJim Productions and 20th Century Fox Television
Lucky Louie 2006 HBO co-production with HBO Entertainment, Circus King, 3 Arts Entertainment and Snowpants Productions

Time-Life Television edit

Title Years Network Notes
Wild, Wild World of Animals 1973–1978 Syndication
Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy 1974 Syndication
World War II: G.I. Diary 1978–1979 Syndication
The Africans 1978 Nine Network co-production with Nine Network and Meredith Broadcasting
Blind Ambition 1979 CBS
Wilderness Alive 1979 Syndication miniseries
The Search for Alexander the Great 1981 PBS co-production with VideoArts TV

Talent Associates edit

Title Years Network Notes
East Side/West Side 1963–1964 CBS co-production with United Artists Television
Currently distributed by MGM Television
Get Smart 1965–1970 NBC/CBS [N 5]
The Hero 1966 NBC
N.Y.P.D. 1967–1969 ABC [N 5]
Diana 1973–1974 NBC
Eleanor and Franklin 1976 ABC mini-series

Warner Bros. Discovery Networks edit

Title Years Network Note
The Do-It-Yourself Show 1984–1985 Syndication produced by Do It Yourself, Inc.
Rights purchased by Scripps Productions in 1998
Club Dance 1991–1999 TNN produced by Cinetel Productions

Discovery Channel edit

Animal Planet edit

TLC edit

Discovery Family edit

Oprah Winfrey Network edit

Food Network edit

Cooking Channel edit

HGTV edit

Travel Channel edit

Science Channel edit

Investigation Discovery edit

American Heroes Channel edit

Magnolia Network edit

Destination America edit

Discovery Life edit

Stage 13 edit

Title Years Network Co-production with
Snatchers 2017–2018 go90 MAKE Good Content
High & Mighty 2017 Stage 13 Divide/Conquer
Independent We Are Famous
Lipstick Empire Shed Media
Cooking on High 2018 Netflix Conveyor Media
Marching Orders Gigantic Productions
Special 2019–2021 Warner Bros. Television, That's Wonderful Productions and Campfire
It's Bruno! 2019 Warner Bros. Television, SLI Entertainment and Phiphen Pictures
Two Sentence Horror Stories 2019–present The CW
Happily Ever Avatar 2020 HBO Max

TBS edit

Title Years Network Co-producer
Superstation Funtime 1980–1982 Superstation WTBS
Tush 1980–1981
Safe at Home 1985–1987 The Arthur Company
Rocky Road
Cousteau's Rediscovery of the World 1986–1996 TBS/Syndication The Cousteau Society, Inc.
Feed Your Mind 1994–1998 TBS
Dinner and a Movie 1995–2011
Network Earth 1996
TOPX 1996–1998
Wildlife Adventures 1997–2000
Interact Atlanta 1999–2003
Family Affair 2002–2003 The WB Pariah Films and Turner Television
The O'Keefes 2003 Hamcat Productions
Movie and a Makeover 2003–2011 TBS
The Bill Engvall Show 2007–2009 Welladay, Inc. (season 1) and Parallel Entertainment
JJ on Atlanta 2007–2011 WPCH-TV
Frank TV 2007–2008 TBS
King of the Nerds 2013–2015 Electus and 5x5 Media
Bam's Bad Ass Game Show 2014 Bill's Market & Television Productions
The Last Ship 2014–2018 TNT Channel Road Productions and Platinum Dunes
CeeLo Green's The Good Life 2014 TBS Emerald TV Productions and Rogue Atlas Productions
Meet the Smiths 2015 Good Clean Fun
Clipped KoMut Entertainment
Angie Tribeca 2016–2018 Carousel Productions and 301 Productions
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 2016–2022 Randy & Pam's Quality Entertainment and Jax Media
The Detour 2016–2019 Randy & Pam's Quality Entertainment (season 2), Jax Media (season 2), Studio T (seasons 2-3) and Nomadic Pictures (season 3)
Search Party 2016–2022 TBS/HBO Max Jax Media, Quiet and Considerate Productions and Semi-Formal Productions, Inc.
Wrecked 2016–2018 TBS Shipley & Shipley Productions
The Joker's Wild 2017–2019 Sony Pictures Television, Snoopadelic Films, SMAC Entertainment
The Guest Book 2017–2018 Amigos De Garcia Productions and CBS Television Studios
Tarantula 2017 Rough Draft Studios, Rough House Pictures and Solid Bass
Final Space 2018–2021 TBS/Adult Swim Conaco, ShadowMachine, Jam Filled Entertainment, Star Cadet and New Form Digital
The Last O.G. 2018–2021 TBS Streetlife Productions Inc., Monkeypaw Productions, Full Flavor (season 1), Matthew 633 (season 2), The Tannenbaum Company and Artists First
Miracle Workers 2019–present Broadway Video, Allagash Industries and FX Productions
The Misery Index 2019–2021 Grandma's House Entertainment, Andy Breckman Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment
It's Personal with Amy Hoggart 2020 TruTV Randy & Pam's Quality Entertainment and Jax Media
Shaq Life 2020–2021 TNT
Celebrity Show-Off 2020 TBS Critical Content
Close Enough 2020–2022 HBO Max Cartoon Network Studios
Lost Resort 2020 TBS
Stylish with Jenna Lyons 2020 HBO Max Our House Media
Go-Big Show 2021–2022 TBS Propagate Content, Matador Content and Snoopadelic Films
Tell Me Your Secrets 2021 Amazon Prime Video Made Up Stories and Amazon Studios
Friday Night Vibes 2021–present TBS
Chad 2021–present TBS
The Roku Channel
The Cube 2021–present TBS
Rat in the Kitchen 2022
I Survived Bear Grylls 2023–present

TNT Originals edit

Title Years Network Co-producer(s)
Rough Cut 1997–1998 TNT
Men of a Certain Age 2009–2011 Snowpants Productions and Papa Al Productions
Wedding Day 2009
Falling Skies 2011–2015 DreamWorks Television/Amblin Television and Invasion Productions
Boston's Finest 2013–2014 Donnie D. Productions and Jarrett Creative Group
72 Hours 2013 Lighthearted Entertainment
The Hero Electus, 5x5 Media and 7 Bucks Entertainment
Mob City Darkwoods Productions, Swiftly Productions and Michael DeLuca Productions
Monday Mornings David E. Kelley Productions
APB with Troy Dunn 2014
Inside Job All3Media America and Studio Lambert
Save Our Business
Murder in the First 2014–2016 Steven Bochco Productions and Shoe Money Productions
The Last Ship 2014–2018 Studio T, Channel Road Productions and Platinum Dunes
Agent X 2015 Beacon Pictures
Proof 2015
Public Morals 2015 Amblin Television and Marlboro Road Gang Productions
Good Behaviour 2016–2017 Tomorrow Studios and Storyland
Will 2017 Monumental Television, Startling Television, Sir Weighty Tomes Enterprises
Claws 2017–2022 Le Train Train and Warner Horizon Television
The Alienist 2018–2020 Vanessa Productions, Ltd., Stuma Productions, Anonymous Content and Paramount Television
I Am the Night 2019 Jenkins+Pine Productions
Snowpiercer 2020–2022 Tomorrow Studios, Dog Fish Films and CJ Entertainment
Rights held by ITV Studios
Raised by Wolves 2020–2022 HBO Max Film Afrika, Lit Entertainment, Shadycat Productions and Scott Free Productions
Rich & Shameless 2022 TNT

TruTV edit

TruTV's pre-2008 original programming library is currently owned by the E. W. Scripps Company due to their acquisition of the CourtTV franchise since 2018.

Title Years Network Notes
Crime Stories 1998–2010 TruTV
I, Detective 2001–2006 co-production with Michael Hoff Productions
Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege, and Justice 2002–2009
Hot Pursuit 2002–2009
North Mission Road 2003–2007
Extreme Evidence 2003–2005
The Investigators 2004–2008
Psychic Detectives 2004–2008 co-production with StoryHouse Productions
Haunting Evidence 2005–2008
Beach Patrol 2006–2008
Most Shocking 2006–2010 co-production with Nash Entertainment
Disorder in the Court 2006–2011
Suburban Secrets 2007–2008
Ocean Force 2007–2009
Speeders co-production with Zoo Productions
Party Heat 2007–2010
Bait Car 2007–2012 co-production with KKI Productions
The Principal's Office 2008–2009
Speeders Fight Back 2008–2009
World's Wildest Vacation Videos 2008–2009
Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel 2008–2010
truTV Presents: World's Dumbest... 2008–2014 co-production with Meetinghouse Productions
All Worked Up 2009–2011 co-production with RDF USA
It Only Hurts When I Laugh! 2009–2011
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 2009–2012 co-production with A. Smith & Company Productions and Braverman Bloom
Full Throttle Saloon 2009–2014
Ma's Roadhouse 2010
Over the Limit 2010
Southern Fried Stings 2010–2011 co-production with Zoo Productions and Studio Lambert
Hardcore Pawn 2010–2015 co-production with Richard Dominick Productions and RDF USA / Zodiak USA
Bear Swamp Recovery 2011
Big Brian The Fortune Seller 2011
Storage Hunters 2011–2013 co-production with T Group Productions and Hard Boiled Entertainment
Lizard Lick Towing 2011–2014 co-production with Zodiak USA
South Beach Tow 2011–2014
Impractical Jokers 2011–present co-production with NorthSouth Productions
Caught Red Handed 2012–2013 co-production with Nash Entertainment
Killer Karaoke 2012–2014 co-production with Zodiak USA
Cash Dome 2013 co-production with 51 Minds Entertainment
Container Wars 2013
Kentucky Bidders July 8, 2013
Upload with Shaquille O'Neal 2013–2014
Top 20 Funniest/truTV Top Funniest 2013–2015
The Safecrackers 2014
The Carbonaro Effect 2014–present co-production with Fields Entertainment and 11 Productions
Way Out West 2014–2015
Motor City Masters 2014
Barmageddon 2014–2015
Fake Off 2014–2015
Hair-Jacked 2014
How To Be A Grownup 2014–2015
Friends of the People 2014–2015 co-production with C–Moose Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment and Marobru Productions
Branson Famous 2014–2015
Breaking Greenville 2015 co-production with Electus
Hack My Life 2015–2018 co-production with Truly Original and Sharp Entertainment
The Hustlers 2015 co-production with Pilgrim Media Group
Kart Life Bodega Pictures
Fameless 2015–2017 co-production with Entertainment One and Electus
Six Degrees of Everything 2015 co-production with Fine Brothers Entertainment and Marc Summers Productions
Adam Ruins Everything 2015–2019 co-production with Big Breakfast and CollegeHumor
Billy on the Street 2015–2017 co-production with Funny or Die
Almost Genius 2015–2016 co-production with Meetinghouse Productions
10 Things 2016
Those Who Can't 2016 co-production with 3 Arts Entertainment
truInside 2016
Rachel Dratch's Late Night Snack 2016–2018
Comedy Knockout 2016–2018
Greatest Ever 2016–2017
You Can Do Better 2016–2017
Jon Glaser Loves Gear 2016–2019 co-production with PFFR and Unintelligible Grunt
Chris Webber's Full Court Pranks 2017 co-production with Propagate Content
Talk Show the Game Show 2017–2018 co-production with Push It Productions
I'm Sorry 2017–2019 co-production with Pampelmpusse Productions, Kablamo! (season 1), A24 (season 2), Lonely Island Classics and Gloria Sanchez Productions
The Chris Gethard Show 2017–2018 co-production with Funny or Die, AGI Entertainment and No Cool Kids
Impractical Jokers: Afterparty 2017–2019 co-production with NorthSouth Productions
At Home with Amy Sedaris 2017–2020 co-production with PFFR (season 1), A24 (seasons 2–3) and Buck Tooth Productions
Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks 2017–2020
Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters 2018 co-production with Left/Right Productions
Paid Off with Michael Torpey 2018–2019
Tacoma FD 2019–present co-production with 3 Arts Entertainment, Broken Lizard, Fat Man Little Boy, Silverscreen Pictures (seasons 1–2) and A24 (season 3)
Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party 2020–2021
Double Cross with Blake Griffin 2021 co-production with Big Breakfast and Mortal Media
Big Trick Energy 2021 Diga Studios
Backyard Bar Wars 2021

Cartoon Network edit

Show Year(s) Network Co-production(s) Notes
Captain Planet and the Planeteers 1990–1996 TBS DIC Entertainment, Turner Program Services (seasons 1–3) and Hanna-Barbera (seasons 4–6) Administration only
The Moxy Show 1993–1995 Cartoon Network Colossal Pictures
Cartoon Planet 1995–2014 Ghost Planet Industries (1995–1997) and Turner Studios A spin-off of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
The Tex Avery Show 1996–2002
Ed, Edd n Eddy 1999–2009 A.k.a. Cartoon
Cult Toons 1999–2000 Cartoon Network UK Cartoon Network Europe and Exceeda
Mike, Lu & Og 1999–2001 Cartoon Network Kinofilm
Courage the Cowardly Dog 1999–2002 Stretch Films
Sheep in the Big City 2000–2002 Curious Pictures
Codename: Kids Next Door 2002–2008
Immortal Grand Prix 2003–2006 Adult Swim (Toonami) Production I.G. and Bandai Entertainment
Sunday Pants 2005 Cartoon Network Spitfire Studios
Powerpuff Girls Z 2006–2007 TV Tokyo
Cartoon Network Japan
Toei Animation, Aniplex and Ocean Productions Distributed by Sony Pictures Television
Skatoony 2006–2013 Cartoon Network UK
Cartoon Network Europe, Talent TV and FremantleMedia Animation (UK)
Marblemedia and Smiley Guy Studios (NA)
Blink Studios UAE
My Spy Family 2007–2010 Boomerang UK Kindle Entertainment
The Secret Saturdays 2008–2010 Cartoon Network PorchLight Entertainment
The Othersiders 2009
Destroy Build Destroy 2009–2011 Mess Media and Idiot Box Productions
Dude, What Would Happen 2009–2011 Dalaklis Media Enterprises
Bobb'e Says 2009
Hero: 108 2010–2012 MoonScoop Entertainment, Gamania, Telegael and Hong Ying Animation
La CQ 2012–2014 Cartoon Network Latin America Televisa and RCTV Studios
Exchange Student Zero 2015 Cartoon Network Australia Fragrant Gumtree Entertainment and Cartoon Network Southeast Asia Pacific
The Happos Family 2016–2018 Boomerang UK/Cartoonito Spider Eye Productions, Cyber Group Studios (uncredited) and Ferrero SpA (uncredited)
Villainous 2017–present Cartoon Network Latin America Cartoon Network Productions Mexico and A.I Animation Studio
Ninjin 2019–present Birdo Studio and Pocket Trap
Monster Beach 2020–present Cartoon Network Australia Bogan Entertainment Solutions and Fragrant Gumtree Entertainment

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports edit

CNN Worldwide edit

Title Years Network Notes
CNN Daybreak 1980–2005 CNN
Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields 1980–2002
Freeman Reports 1980–1985
Sports Tonight 1980–2002
Style with Elsa Klensch 1980–2001
Pinnacle 1982–2003
Crossfire 1982–2014
Showbiz Today 1984–2001
Inside Politics 1984–present
Larry King Live 1985–2010
Capital Gang 1988–2005
Both Sides with Jesse Jackson 1992–2000
Reliable Sources 1992–present
Your Money 1992–2014
CNN Presents 1993–2012
Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer 1993–2009
CNN World Sport 1993–present
Talkback Live 1994–2003
Diplomatic License 1994–2006
CNN Millennium 1999
Wolf Blitzer Reports 2000–2005
CNN Tonight 2001–present
American Morning 2001–2011
CNN Live Today 2001–2006
NewsNight with Aaron Brown 2001–2005
People in the News
Connie Chung Tonight 2002–2003
Next@CNN 2002–2005
Anderson Cooper 360° 2003–present
CNN Today 2004–2019
Showbiz Tonight 2005–2014
Nancy Grace 2005–2016
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer 2005–present
CNN Newsroom 2006–present
CNN Special Investigations Unit 2007
Planet in Peril 2007–2008
CNN Heroes 2007–present
Campbell Brown 2008–2010
Black in America 2008–2012
Jane Velez-Mitchell 2008–2014
Fareed Zakaria GPS 2008–present
D. L. Hughley Breaks the News 2008–2009
State of the Union 2009–present
International Desk 2009–2019
Your Bottom Line 2009–2010
Amanpour 2009–present
John King, USA 2010–2012
In the Arena 2010–2011
Piers Morgan Live 2011–2014
Erin Burnett OutFront 2011–present
The Next List 2011–present
Early Start 2012–present
Starting Point 2012–2013
News Stream 2012–2018
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 2013–2018
The Lead with Jake Tapper 2013–present
Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield 2013–2016
Morgan Spurlock Inside Man co-production with Warrior Poets
New Day 2013–2022
Sanjay Gupta MD 2013–2014
Around the World
AC360° Later
@This Hour 2014–present
Room 2014–2018
Chicagoland 2014
Don Lemon Tonight 2014–2022
The Sixties 2014 co-production with Playtone and Herzog & Company
The Hunt with John Walsh 2014–present co-production with Zero Point Zero Production
This Is Life with Lisa Ling 2014–2022
Smerconish 2014–present
Somebody's Gotta Do It 2014–2018 co-production with Pilgrim Media Group
The Seventies 2015 co-production with Playtone and Herzog & Company
The Wonder List with Bill Weir 2015–2022 CNN/CNN+
Race for the White House 2016–present CNN
The Eighties 2016 co-production with Playtone and Herzog & Company
United Shades of America 2016–present
Declassified 2016–present co-production with All3Media America
The History of Comedy 2017
Cuomo Prime Time 2017–2021
The 2000s 2018 co-production with Playtone and Herzog & Company
The Movies 2019
Heaven's Gate: The Cult of Cults 2020 HBO Max co-production with Campfire and Sticher
Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy 2021–2022 CNN co-production with Raw TV
History of the Sitcom 2021

DC Entertainment edit

Television films, miniseries and specials edit

Warner Bros. Television Studios edit

Warner Bros. International Television Production edit

Warner Horizon Unscripted Television edit

Warner Bros. Animation edit

Hanna-Barbera edit
Ruby-Spears edit

Lorimar Television edit

Cartoon Network Studios edit

Williams Street edit

Warner Bros. Television Studios UK edit

Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe edit
Ricochet edit
  • Baring All: Strippers and Stripping (2002) (as Ricochet South)
  • Too Big to Walk? (2006)
  • Britain's Worst Teeth (2007)
  • The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties (2009)
  • Sex in Class (2015)
  • Drinkers Like Me – Adrian Chiles (2018)
  • The Data Doctor (2018)
  • Air Fryers: Are They Really Worth It? (2023)
Twenty Twenty Television edit
  • Dispatches: The War Crimes File (1995)
  • Hellraisers (2000)
  • Secrets of the Dead: Blood on the Altar (2002)
  • The Child Who's Older Than Her Grandmother (2004)
  • Torture: The Guantanamo Guidebook (2005)
  • Dispatches: Supermarket Secrets (2005)
  • How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Children (2006)
  • Dispatches: How to Beat Your Kid's Asthma (2006)
  • Mum's Gone Gay (2007)
  • Child Chain Smoker (2007)
  • My Boyfriend, the Sex Tourist (2007)
  • Whatever It Takes (2009)
  • Shanties and Sea Songs with Gareth Malone (2010)
  • 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments (2011)
  • Young Nuns (2011) (co-production with Jerusalem Productions)
  • Lawless (2013)
  • Rich Kids Go Shopping (2016)
  • Eurotrash EU Referendum Special (2016) (co-production with Rapido Television)
  • Why Is Covid Killing People of Colour? (2021)
Wall to Wall Media edit
Renegade Pictures edit
  • Who Framed Jesus? (2010)
  • Cherry Has a Baby (2010)
  • Marathon Boy (2010) (co-production with One Horse Town Productions)
  • Art in China (2014) (co-production with EOS Films)
  • Evil Monkeys (2018) (co-production with The Story Lab)
  • Doing Money (2018)
  • The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress (2021) (co-production with Infinite Light Productions and The Boeing Company)

Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment (post-1973) edit

Turner Entertainment/Turner Pictures edit

Castle Rock Entertainment edit

  • Heart & Soul (1988)
  • The Ed Begley Jr. Show (1989)
  • Julie Brown: The Show (1989)
  • My Old School (1991)
  • Please Watch the Jon Lovitz Special (1992)

New Line Television edit

Home Box Office, Inc. edit

HBO Documentary Films edit

Time-Life Television edit

  • The Glass Menagerie (1973) (produced by Talent Associates-Norton Simon, Inc.)
  • Life Goes to War: Hollywood and the Homefront (1977) (co-production with 20th Century Fox Television and Jack Haley Jr., Productions, Inc.)
  • Lovey: A Circle of Children, Part II (1978)
  • Who'll Save Our Children? (1978)
  • Transplant (1979)
  • Walking Through the Fire (1979)
  • Sex and the Single Parent (1979)
  • The Family Man (1979)
  • Amber Waves (1980)
  • Mister Lincoln (1980)
  • The Plutonium Incident (1980)
  • Mom, the Wolfman, and Me (1980)
  • Father Figure (1980)
  • Crisis at Central High (1980)
  • Blinded by the Light (1980)
  • The Bunker (1981) (co-production with SPF France and Antenne 2)
  • Dial M for Murder (1981)
  • Dream House (1981) (co-production with Hill/Mandelker Films)
  • The Princess and the Cabbie (1981) (co-production with Freyda Rothstein Productions)
  • John Hersey's The Wall (1982)

TNT Originals edit

Title Release date Network Notes
Everything That Rises 1998 TNT co-production with Magus Company and Larry Levinson Productions
Dollar for the Dead 1998 co-production with Once Upon a Time Films
CHiPs '99 1998 co-production with Rosner Television
Houdini 1998 co-production with Trilogy Entertainment Group
Purgatory 1999 co-production with Rosemont Productions International
You Know My Name 1999 co-production with Ancient Mariner Films
Passing Glory 1999
Pirates of Silicon Valley 1999 co-production with Haft Entertainment and St. Nick Productions
The Hunley 1999 co-production with Adelson Entertainment
A Slight Case of Murder 1999 co-production with Firebrand
The Virginian 2000 co-production with Big Town Productions
Don Quixote 2000 co-production with Hallmark Entertainment
Freedom Song 2000 co-production with Alphaville and Carrie Productions
Running Mates August 13, 2000 co-production with Ruddy/Morgan and Gerald Rafshoon Productions
Baby October 8, 2000 co-production with Sarabande Productions
Race Against Time 2000 co-production with Motion International and Rosemont Productions International
Deadlocked 2000
Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail 2001
Boss of Bosses 2001 co-production with Bleeker Street Films
Prince Charming 2001 co-production with Hallmark Entertainment
James Dean 2001 co-production with Gerber Pictures, Five Mile River Films and Splendid Television
The Mists of Avalon 2001 co-production with Constantin Film, Stillking Films, and Wolper Organization
Framed 2002
Monday Night Mayhem January 14, 2002 co-production with Greif Company
King of Texas March 23, 2002 co-production with Milk & Honey Pictures, Flying Freehold Productions, and Hallmark Entertainment
Second String 2002
Door to Door July 14, 2002 co-production with Rosemont Productions International and Angel/Brown Productions
Monte Walsh 2003
Second Nature 2003 co-production with Granada Film, Ltd.
Word of Honor 2003 produced by Jaffe/Braunstein Films & Hallmark Entertainment
The Goodbye Girl 2004 co-production with Warner Bros. Television and Ron Ziskin Productions
Salem's Lot 2004 co-production with Warner Bros. Television
Avenger 2006
Innocent 2011
Ricochet 2011
Hide 2011
Silent Witness 2011
Good Morning, Killer 2011
Deck the Halls 2011
Hornet's Nest 2012

CNN Worldwide edit

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