List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1875–1879)

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The following is from a list of caricatures published 1875-1879 by the British magazine Vanity Fair (1868–1914).

Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1875-01-02 The Rev EB Pusey DD High Church Ape M 0095 Edward Bouverie Pusey, Vanity Fair, 1875-01-02.jpg
1875-01-09 Sir WA Fraser Bt MP The Sanitary Ape S 192 William Augustus Fraser, Vanity Fair, 1875-01-09.jpg
1875-01-16 Mr WH Russell LLD Our War correspondence Ape M 0096 William Howard Russell Vanity Fair 1875-01-16.jpg
1875-01-23 Gen RC Schenck The United States Ape S 193 Robert Cumming Schenck Vanity Fair 23 January 1875.jpg
1875-01-30 The Very Rev HG Liddell DD Christchurch Ape M 0097 Liddell caricature.jpg
1875-02-06 FM Muller LLD The science of language Ape M 0098 Friedrich Max Müller, Vanity Fair, 1875-02-06.jpg
1875-02-13 Count Schouvaloff Russia Ape S 194 Pyotr Andreyevich Shuvalov Vanity Fair 13 February 1875.jpg
1875-02-20 Dr L Playfair CB MP Chemistry Ape S 195 Lyon Playfair Vanity Fair 1875-02-20.jpg
1875-02-27 Lord Redesdale the Lord Dictator Ape S 196 1st Earl of Redesdale.png
1875-03-06 Lt-Col EYW Henderson CB Police Ape M 0099 Edmund Henderson, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-06.jpg
1875-03-13 Maj Purcell O'Gorman MP The joker for Waterford Ape S 197 Purcell O'Gorman, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-13.jpg
1875-03-20 Mr EJ Reed MP Naval Construction Ape S 198 Edward James Reed, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-20.jpg
1875-03-27 HE Governor John Pope Hennessy CMG Colonial Government Ape M 0100 John Pope Hennessy, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-27.jpg
1875-04-03 Mr DL Moody Prayer and Praise Ape M 0101 Dwight Lyman Moody Vanity Fair 3 April 1875.jpg
1875-04-10 Mr ID Sankey Praise and Prayer Ape M 0102 Ira D. Sankey, Vanity Fair, 1875-04-10.jpg
1875-04-17 Mr HC Raikes MP Order, order Ape S 199 Henry Raikes Vanity Fair 1875-04-17.jpg
1875-04-24 Sir GS Jenkinson Bt MP The Colossus of Roads Ape S 200 George Jenkinson Vanity Fair 1875-04-24.jpg
1875-05-01 Viscount Bury PC KCMG The auxiliary Forces Ape M 0103 William Keppel, 7th Earl of Albemarle.png
1875-05-08 M Michel Chevalier French Free Trade Ape S 201 Michel Chevalier, Vanity Fair, 1875-05-08.jpg
1875-05-15 Sir Massey Lopes Bt MP Local Taxation Ape S 202 Massey Lopes, Vanity Fair, 1875-05-15.jpg
1875-05-22 Sig T Salvini Othello Ape M 0104 Salvini as Othello Vanity Fair.jpg
1875-05-29 The Duke of Buckingham a safe Duke Ape S 203 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos.png
1875-06-05 Mr Clare Sewell Read MP A tenant Farmer Ape S 204 Clare Sewell Read Vanity Fair 5 June 1875.jpg
1875-06-12 The Rt Hon Sir JC Dalrymple Hay Bt MP The retired list Ape S 205 John Dalrymple-Hay Vanity Fair 12 June 1875.jpg
1875-06-19 Lord Hammond Foreign Policy Ape S 206 Edmund Hammond, Vanity Fair, 1875-06-19.jpg
1875-06-26 The Earl of Abergavenny The Tory bloodhound Ape S 207 William Nevill, Vanity Fair, 1875-06-26.jpg
1875-07-03 Maj-Gen Lord AH Paget MP The Clerk Marshal Ape M 0105 Lord Alfred Paget, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-03,crop.jpg
1875-07-10 Sir HJ Stracey Bt MP A country gentleman Ape M 0106 Henry Stracey Vanity Fair 10 July 1875.jpg
1875-07-17 Mr FA Milbank Yorkshire Ape S 208 Frederick Acclom Milbank, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-17.jpg
1875-07-24 Mr Guildford Onslow The Claimant's Friend Ape M 0107 Guildford JH Mainwaring-Ellerker-Onslow, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-24.jpg
1875-07-31 The Earl of Stradbroke Suffolk Ape S 209 John Edward Cornwallis Rous, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-31.jpg
1875-08-07 Mr Philip Henry Muntz MP Birmingham Ape S 210 Philip Henry Muntz, Vanity Fair, 1875-08-07.jpg
1875-08-14 Lord Wharncliffe Conservative Conversion Ape S 211 Edward Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, Vanity Fair, 1875-08-14.jpg
1875-08-21 Sir Thomas Bazley Bt MP Manchester Ape S 212 Thomas Bazley Vanity Fair 21 August 1875.jpg
1875-08-28 Count Beust Austria Ape M 0108 Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust, Vanity Fair, 1875-08-28.jpg
1875-09-04 Mr WH Dyke MP a whipper Ape S 213 William Hart Dyke, Vanity Fair, 1875-09-04.jpg
1875-09-11 Viscount Barrington MP a young man Ape S 214 George William Barrington, Vanity Fair, 1875-09-11.jpg
1875-09-18 Mr George Payne GP Ape M 0109 George Payne, Vanity Fair, 1875-09-18.jpg
1875-09-25 Mr GAH Sala Journalism Ape M 0110 George Augustus Henry Sala Vanity Fair 1875-09-25.jpg
1875-10-02 Mr Charles James Matthews Our only Comedian Ape M 0111 Charles James Mathews Vanity Fair 1875-10-02.jpeg
1875-10-09 Mr M Webb Swam the Channel Ape M 0112 Matthew Webb.jpg
1875-10-16 Lord Forester The ex-Father of the House Ape S 215 George Weld-Forester, Vanity Fair, 1875-10-16.jpg
1875-10-23 Rear-Adm Lord J Hay CB An Admiral Ape M 0113 Lordjohnhay.jpg
1875-10-30 Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar Guards Ape M 0114 Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Vanity Fair, 1875-10-30.jpg
1875-11-06 Sir EW Watkin MP The Railway Interest Ape S 216 Edward William Watkin, Vanity Fair, 1875-11-06.jpg
1875-11-13 Sir GB Airy KCB Astronomy Ape M 0115 George Biddell Airy by Ape.jpg
1875-11-20 Mr R Browning Modern Poetry Ape M 0116 Robert Browning, Vanity Fair, 1875-11-20.jpg
1875-11-27 Mr A Hayward QC Anecdotes Ape M 0117 Abraham Hayward, Vanity Fair, 1875-11-27.jpg
1875-12-04 The Hon Spencer Lyttelton Marshall of the Ceremonies Ape M 0118 Spencer Lyttelton, Vanity Fair, 1875-12-04.jpg
1875-12-11 Sir R Baggallay The Court of Appeal Ape J 09 Richard Baggallay, Vanity Fair, 1875-12-11.jpg
1875-12-18 Sir WW Gull Bt MD Physiological Physic Ape M 0119 Vanity Fair Gull cartoon.JPG
1875-12-25 Adm The Rt Hon Lord CE Paget KCB Sailor politician and sculptor Ape M 0120 Lord Clarence Paget.png
1876-01-01 Sir WB Brett Popular Judgement Ape J 10 Brett WB Vanity Fair 1876-01-01.jpg
1876-01-08 The Marquis of Tweeddale KT GCB Peninsular Veteran Ape S 217 George Hay, Vanity Fair, 1876-01-08.jpg
1876-01-15 The Hon AF Kinnaird MP Piety and Banking Ape S 218 Arthur FitzGerald Kinnaird, Vanity Fair, 1876-01-15.jpg
1876-01-22 The Rev CO Goodford DD Goody Spy M 0121 Charles Old Goodford, Vanity Fair, 1876-01-22.jpg
1876-01-29 The Hon Sir GW Wilshere The Exchequer Spy J 11 Sir George Wilshere Vanity Fair 29 January 1876.jpg
1876-02-05 The Hon Sir Anthony Cleasby Formerly of the Carlton Spy J 12 Sir Anthony Cleasby Vanity Fair 5 February 1876.jpg
1876-02-12 Sir James Paget Bt Surgery Spy M 0122 James Paget, Vanity Fair, 1876-02-12.jpg
1876-02-19 Mr Lionel Lawson Prosperity JTJ M 0123 Lionel Lawson Vanity Fair 19 February 1876.jpg
1876-02-26 The Rev Benjamin Jowett MA Greek Spy M 0124 Benjamin Jowett.png
1876-03-04 Mr Henry Louis Bischoffsheim a retired Financier JTJ M 0125 Henry Louis Bischoffsheim Vanity Fair 1876-03-04.jpg
1876-03-11 Mr Tom Taylor Punch Spy M 0126 Tom Taylor by Spy in Vanity Fair 1876.jpg
1876-03-18 Lord Lytton the Vice-Empress Spy S 219 Edward RL Bulwer-Lytton, Vanity Fair, 1876-03-18.jpg
1876-03-25 Gen Sir FP Haines GCB Commander in chief in India JTJ M 0127 Frederick Haines Vanity Fair 25 March 1876.jpg
1876-04-01 Maj-Gen The Hon James Macdonald CB Jim JTJ M 0128 Major-General The Hon. James MacDonald large.jpg
1876-04-08 The Hon And Very Rev GV Wellesley The old Dean Spy M 0129 Gerald Valerian Wellesley Vanity Fair 8 April 1876.jpg
1876-04-15 Viscount Torrington A man of the world Spy S 220 George Byng, Vanity Fair, 1876-04-15.jpg
1876-04-22 Adm The Hon Sir Henry Keppel GCB Little Harry JTJ M 0130 Henry Keppel.JPG
1876-04-29 Carlo VII of Spain Legitimacy Spy P 03 Carlos (VII.).jpg
1876-05-06 Viscount Midleton Steward Spy S 221 William Brodrick, 8th Viscount Midleton — Vanity Fair.jpg
1876-05-13 Mr Marcus Beresford MP Southwark Spy S 222 Francis Marcus Beresford, Vanity Fair, 1876-05-13.jpg
1876-05-20 The Earl of Roden In waiting Spy S 223 Robert Jocelyn, Vanity Fair, 1876-05-20.jpg
1876-05-27 The Earl of Powis Mouldy Spy S 224 Edward James Herbert, Vanity Fair, 1876-05-27.jpg
1876-06-03 The Earl of Rosebery Horses Spy S 225 Archibald Philip Primrose, Vanity Fair, 1876-06-03.jpg
1876-06-10 Lord Eslington Shipping Spy S 226 Henry George Liddell, Vanity Fair, 1876-06-10.jpg
1876-06-17 HRH the Duke of Connaught KG a future Commander-in-Chief Spy P 04 Duke of Connaught Vanity Fair 17 June 1876.jpg
1876-06-24 Mr HA Herbert MP of Muckross Spy S 227 Henry Arthur Herbert, Vanity Fair, 1876-06-24.jpg
1876-07-01 The Earl of Portsmouth Horseflesh Spy S 228 Isaac Newton Wallop, Vanity Fair, 1876-07-01.jpg
1876-07-08 Lord Alington Bunny Spy S 229 Henry Gerard Sturt, Vnaity Fair, 1876-07-08.jpg
1876-07-15 Lieutenant VL Cameron RN He walked across Africa Spy M 0131 Verney Lovett Cameron Vanity Fair 15 July 1876.jpg
1876-07-22 Lord Cottesloe Customs Spy S 230 1st Baron Cottesloe.png
1876-07-29 Mr John Laurence Toole A Spelling Bee Spy M 0132 John Laurence Toole, Vanity Fair, 1876-07-29.jpg
1876-08-05 Mr JM Gully MD Hydropathy Spy M 0133 James Manby Gully, Vanity Fair, 1876-08-05.jpg
1876-08-12 Lord CW Beresford RN MP The little rascal Spy S 231 Charles Beresford, Vanity Fair, 1876-08-12.jpg
1876-08-19 Lord Vivian Hook & eye Spy S 232 Charles Crespigny Vivian, Vanity Fair, 1876-08-19.jpg
1876-08-26 Col James Farquharson of Invercauld The Queen's Landlord JTJ M 0134 James Farquharson Vanity Fair 1876-08-26.jpg
1876-09-02 Mr GH Lewis An astute lawyer Spy M 0135 George Henry Lewis, Vanity Fair, 1876-09-02.jpg
1876-09-09 Adm FB Paget-Seymour CG The swell of the Ocean Spy M 0136 Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour Vanity Fair 1876-09-09.jpg
1876-09-16 The Rev HP Liddon DD DCL High Church Spy M 0137 Henry Liddon Vanity Fair 16 September 1876.jpg
1876-09-23 Viscount Dupplin Petrarch Spy M 0138 George Hay-Drummond, Viscount Dupplin, Vanity Fair, 1876-09-23.jpg
1876-09-30 The Duke of Beaufort the Duke of Sport Spy S 233 Henry C FitzRoy Somerset, Vanity Fair, 1876-09-30.jpg
1876-10-07 Viscount Cole Good Looks Spy M 0139 Lowry Egerton Cole, Vanity Fair, 1876-10-07.jpg
1876-10-14 Nawab Sir Salar Jung KCSI An Indian Statesman Spy S 234 Salar Jung Vanity Fair 14 October 1876.jpg
1876-10-21 HM George, King of Greece Greece Spy So 12 George I of Greece Vanity Fair 21 October 1876.jpg
1876-10-28 Viscount Newry And Mourie amateur theatricals Spy M 0140 Francis Charles Needham, Vanity Fair, 1876-10-28.jpg
1876-11-04 Col RJ Loyd Lindsay VC MP The Victoria and Geneva crosses Spy S 235 Robert Loyd-Lindsay Vanity Fair 4 November 1876.jpg
1876-11-11 Marquess of Londonderry the vice-commodore Spy S 236 George Vane-Tempest, Vanity Fair, 1876-11-11.jpg
1876-11-18 Maj-Gen Sir HP de Bathe Bt Henry Spy M 0141 Percivaldebath.jpg
1876-11-25 Col Charles Napier Sturt a younger son Spy M 0142; brother of Lord Alington Charles Napier Sturt, Vanity Fair, 1876-11-25.jpg
1876-12-02 Capt FG Burnaby Fred Spy M 0143 Frederick Gustavus Burnaby, Vanity Fair, 1876-12-02.jpg
1876-12-09 The Earl of Northbrook GCSI British Rule in India Spy S 237 Thomas George Baring, Vanity Fair, 1876-12-09.jpg
1876-12-16 Viscount Macduff MP an elder son Spy S 238 Alexander William George Duff, Vanity Fair, 1876-12-16.jpg
1876-12-23 Count George Herbert Munster the German Ambassador Spy S 239 George Herbert Munster Vanity Fair 23 December 1876.jpg
1876-12-30 The Rt Hon Sir George Mellish DCL appeals Spy J 13 George Mellish, Vanity Fair, 1876-12-30.jpg
1877-01-06 Count G Andrassy Hungary in effigy Kluz S 240 Gyula Andrássy, Vanity Fair, 1877-01-06.jpg
1877-01-13 Mr VC Prinsep Val Spy M 0144 Valentine Cameron Prinsep Vanity Fair 13 January 1877.jpg
1877-01-20 The Rev JH Newman DD Tracts for the times Spy M 0145 John Henry Newman Vanity Fair 1877-01-20.jpg
1877-01-27 Mr J Chamberlain MP our Joe Spy S 241 Joseph Chamberlain Vanity Fair 27 January 1877.jpg
1877-02-03 Lt-Gen Sir Alfred Hastings Horsford GCB The Beau ideal Spy M 0146 Alfred Horsford Vanity Fair 1877-02-03.jpg
1877-02-10 The Rev Arthur Tooth The Christian Martyr Spy M 0147 Arthur Tooth Vanity Fair 10 February 1877.jpg
1877-02-17 Mr Robert Richardson-Gardner MP The Royal Borough Spy S 242 Robert Richardson-Gardner Vanity Fair 1877-02-17.jpg
1877-02-24 The Marquis of Winchester the premier Marquess Spy S 243 John Paulet Vanity Fair 24 February 1877.jpg
1877-03-03 Mr MW Corry The pattern Private Secretary Spy M 0148 Montagu William Lowry-Corry, Vanity Fair, 1877-03-03.jpg
1877-03-10 The Rt Hon Lord C Hamilton The Dowager Spy S 244 Claud Hamilton, Vanity Fair, 1877-03-10.jpg
1877-03-17 The Rt Hon Sir Henry George Elliot GCB Ambassador to the Porte Spy S 245 Henry Elliot.jpg
1877-03-24 Lord Dorchester The Turf Spy S 246 Lord Dorchester Vanity Fair 1877-03-24.jpg
1877-03-31 The Marquess of Headfort An Irish Property Spy S 247 Thomas Taylour, Vanity Fair, 1877-03-31.jpg
1877-04-07 The Marquess of Hertford The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 248 Marquess of Hertford Vanity Fair 7 April 1877.JPG
1877-04-14 Gen NP Ignatieff a manipulator of phrases Spy S 249 Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatyev Vanity Fair 14 April 1877.jpg
1877-04-21 HRH Prince Leopold KG The student Prince Spy P 05 Prince Leopold Vanity Fair 21 April 1877.jpg
1877-04-28 The Hon Robert Bourke Bobby Spy S 250 Robert Bourke, Vanity Fair, 1877-04-28.jpg
1877-05-05 Mr Jacob Bright MP the Apostle to the Women Spy S 251 Jacob Bright, Vanity Fair, 1877-05-05.jpg
1877-05-12 Mr William Bromley Davenport MP Clever Spy S 252 William Bromley-Davenport Vanity Fair 1877-05-12.jpg
1877-05-19 R Wagner The Music of the future Spy M 0149 Richard Wagner Vanity Fair 1877-05-19.jpg
1877-05-26 The Rt Hon Lord HF Thynne MP younger son Spy S 253 Lord Henry Frederick Thynne.png
1877-06-02 Mr TB Potter MP the Manchester school Spy S 254 Thomas Bayley Potter Vanity Fair 1877-06-02.jpg
1877-06-09 Mr WG Grace Cricket Spy M 0150 William Gilbert Grace, Vanity Fair, 1877-06-09.jpg
1877-06-16 HE Kuo Sung Tao China Spy S 255 Kuo Sung Tao Vanity Fair 16 June 1877.jpg
1877-06-23 Adm Sir HR Yelverton GCB Spanish Ironclads Spy M 0151 Hastings Yelverton Vanity Fair 23 June 1877.jpg
1877-06-30 HH Midhat Pasha The Turkish Constitution Spy S 256 MidhatPashaVanityFair.jpg
1877-07-07 Mr Theodore Martin CB LLD The Royal Literary assistant Spy M 0152 Theodore Martin Vanity Fair 1877-07-07.jpg
1877-07-14 HIH The Prince Imperial The Empire Spy P 06 Napoléon Eugène, Prince Imperial Vanity Fair 14 July 1877.JPG
1877-07-21 Mr JG Biggar MP Irish obstruction Spy S 257 Joseph Biggar Vanity Fair 21 July 1877.jpg
1877-07-28 The Rt Hon Lord OWL Russell GCB Odo Spy M 0153 Odo WL Russell, Vanity Fair, 1877-07-28.jpg
1877-08-04 The Duke of Cleveland the fourth Duke Spy S 258 Cleveland.jpg
1877-08-11 Sir Francis Seymour Bt KCB Albert's Seymour Ape M 0154 Francis Seymour Vanity Fair 11 August 1877.jpg
1877-08-18 Lord RC Sutherland-Leveson-Gower a sculptor Spy M 0155 Ronald Gower Vanity Fair 18 August 1877.JPG
1877-08-25 Gen The Rt Hon Sir William Thomas Knollys PC KCB Black Rod Ape M 0156 William Thomas Knollys, Vanity Fair, 1877-08-25.jpg
1877-09-01 Viscount Falmouth Never bets Spy S 259 Boscawen E Vanity Fair 1877-09-01.jpg
1877-09-08 Mr Henry Villebois The Squire Ape M 0157; High Sheriff of Norfolk Henry Villebois Vanity Fair 8 September 1877.jpg
1877-09-15 M PG Doré sensational art Spy M 0158 Paul Gustave Doré, Vanity Fair, 1877-09-15.jpg
1877-09-22 Baron LN de Rothschild Baron Lionel Ape M 0159 Lionel de Rothschild 22 September 1877.jpg
1877-09-29 Harry Benson the Turf Frauds Spy M 0160 Harry Benson Vanity Fair 1877-09-29.jpg
1877-10-06 Mr T Brassey MP Round the World Ape S 260 Thomas Brassey Vanity Fair 6 October 1877.jpg
1877-10-13 Gen Lord George Augustus Frederick Paget KCB a soldier Spy M 0161 Lord George Paget Vanity Fair 1877-10-13.jpg
1877-10-20 Gen Sir Charles Henry Ellice KCB the Adjutant General Ape M 0162 Charlesellice.jpg
1877-10-27 Mr Henry Steel the leviathan Spy M 0163 Henry Steel, Vanity Fair, 1877-10-27.jpg
1877-11-03 The Hon Oliver George Paulett Montagu Oliver Ape M 0164 Oliver George Paulet Montagu 3 November 1877.JPG
1877-11-10 The Marquis of Queensberry a good light weight Spy S 261 Marquess of Queensberry 10 November 1877.jpg
1877-11-17 Sir JD Astley Bt MP the Mate Spy S 262 John Dugdale Astley, Vanity Fair, 1877-11-17.jpg
1877-11-24 Sir FHC Doyle Bt Poetry Spy M 0165 Francis Hastings Doyle Vanity Fair 1877-11-24.jpg
1877-12-01 Sir John Lintorn Arabion Simmons KCB Fortifications Ape M 0166 JLA Simmons.jpg
1877-12-08 Mr J Lowther MP Jim Spy S 263 James Lowther Vanity Fair 8 December 1877.jpg
1877-12-15 Sir Allen Young Alleno Ape M 0167 Sir Allen Young Vanity Fair 1877-12-15.jpg
1877-12-22 Mr John Mackenzie Grieve Haute école Spy M 0168 John Mackenzie Grieve, Vanity Fair, 1877-12-22.jpg
1877-12-29 HI and RM The Emperor of Austria Austria Sue So 13 Franz Joseph Vanity Fair 29 December 1877.jpg
1878-01-05 Mr Archibald Forbes Thorough Ape M 0169 Archibald Forbes by Ape in Vanity Fair 1878.jpg
1878-01-12 Mr JAM Whistler a symphony Spy M 0170 James McNeill Whistler Vanity Fair 12 January 1878.jpg
1878-01-19 Col Owen Lewis Cope Williams The Prince Ape M 0171 Owen Lewis Cope Williams Vanity Fair 19 January 1878.jpg
1878-01-26 The Hon Spencer Cecil Brabazon Ponsonby-Fane Spencer Spy M 0172 Spencer CB Ponsoney-Fane, Vanity Fair, 1878-01-26.jpg
1878-02-02 Sir Charles Russell, 3rd Baronet VC MP Westminster Ape S 264 Charles Russell Vanity Fair 2 February 1878.jpg
1878-02-09 Sir John Holker Attorney-General Spy S 265 John Holker, Vanity Fair, 1878-02-09.jpg
1878-02-16 Lord EG Fitzmaurice MP Calne Spy S 266 Edmond George Petty-Fitzmaurice, Vanity Fair, 1878-02-16.jpg
1878-02-23 Sir J Lubbock Bt MP The Bank Holiday Spy S 267 John Lubbock, Vanity Fair, 1878-02-23.jpg
1878-03-02 The Earl of Denbigh a Catholic Ape S 268 Earl of Denbigh 2 March 1878.jpg
1878-03-09 Lt-Gen V Baker Baker Pasha Ape M 0173 Valentine Baker Vanity Fair 9 March 1878.jpg
1878-03-16 Gen Frederick Marshall Handsome Fred Ape M 0174 Frederick Marshall, Vanity Fair, 1878-03-16.jpg
1878-03-23 Gen Sir CH Doyle KCMG A General Spy M 0175 Charles Hastings Doyle, Vanity Fair, 1878-03-23.jpg
1878-03-30 Lord Feversham a Conservative Ape S 269 William Ernest Duncombe, Vanity Fair, 1878-03-30.jpg
1878-04-06 Lord Lyons Diplomacy Ape S 270 Richard Lyons Vanity Fair 6 April 1878.jpg
1878-04-13 Maj-Gen Sir Daniel Lysons KCB Dan Spy M 0176 Daniel Lysons, Vanity Fair, 1878-04-13.jpg
1878-04-20 Gen Lord Napier of Magdala GCB The British Expedition Spy M 0177 Robert Cornelis Napier by Spy-Cropped.jpg
1878-04-27 Mr Joseph Cowen MP Joe Spy S 271 Joseph Cowen, Vanity Fair, 1878-04-27.jpg
1878-05-04 The Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl active Ape S 272 Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, Vanity Fair, 1878-05-04.jpg
1878-05-11 Lord Lindsay MP Astronomy Spy S 273 Lord Lindsay - Earl of Crawford.jpg
1878-05-18 His Holiness Pope Leo XIII The Pope T So 14 Pope Leo XIII Vanity Fair 18 May 1878.jpg
1878-05-25 Col The Hon Frederick Arthur Wellesley Promotion by merit Ape M 0178 Frederick Arthur Wellesley, Vanity Fair, 1878-05-25.jpg
1878-06-01 Adm AC Hobart-Hampden Hobart Pasha Spy M 0179 Augustus Charles Hobart-Hampden Vanity Fair 1878-06-01.jpg
1878-06-08 Lt-Gen Sir Arnold Burrowes Kemball KSCI CB Asia Minor Ape M 0180 Arnold Burrowes Kemball, Vanity Fair, 1878-06-08.jpg
1878-06-15 Gen G Garibaldi Revolution T M 0181 Giuseppe Garibaldi, Vanity Fair, 1878-06-15.jpg
1878-06-22 Sir HS Giffard MP the Solicitor-General Spy S 274 Halsbury1.JPG
1878-06-29 George Sackville Frederick Lane-Fox of Bramham George Fox Spy M 0182 George Sackville Frederick Lane-Fox, Vanity Fair, 1878-06-29.jpg
1878-07-02 The Earl of Beaconsfield the junior Ambassador Ape SS Benjamin Disraeli, Vanity Fair, 1878-07-02.jpg
1878-07-02 St James Street – June 1878 St James Street – June 1878 Whistler SS St James's Street, Vanity Fair, 1878-07-02.JPG
1878-07-06 Sir James Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone Bt MP the Admiral Spy S 275 James Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone, Vanity Fair, 1878-07-06.jpg
1878-07-13 Mr FR Spofforth The Demon Bowler Spy M 0183 Fred Spofforth Vanity Fair 13 July 1878.jpg
1878-07-20 Gen Sir Thomas Montagu Steele KCB Aldershot Ape M 0184 Thomas Montagu Steele Vanity Fair 20 July 1878.jpg
1878-07-27 Lord CJ Hamilton Bridegroom Spy S 276 Claud John Hamilton, Vanity Fair, 1878-07-27.jpg
1878-08-03 King Humbert Italy T So 15 Umberto I of Italy, Vanity Fair, 1878-08-03.jpg
1878-08-10 Col John Sidney North MP a Tory Spy S 277 John Sidney North, Vanity Fair, 1878-08-10.jpg
1878-08-17 Lord Tenterden The Foreign Office Ape S 278 Lord Tenterden Vanity Fair 1878-08-17.jpg
1878-08-24 The Earl of Portarlington Port Spy S 279 Henry JR Dawson-Damer, Vanity Fair, 1878-08-24.jpg
1878-08-31 Mr Edward Jenkins MP Ginx's Baby Spy S 280 Edward Jenkins Vanity Fair 1878-08-31.jpg
1878-09-07 Lord Kensington MP a Whip Spy S 281 William Edwardes, Vanity Fair, 1878-09-07.jpg
1878-09-14 Earl Fitzwilliam KG Property and Principle Ape S 282 William TS Wentworth-FitzWilliam, Vanity Fair, 1878-09-14.jpg
1878-09-21 Sir G Campbell KCSI MP Indian authority Spy S 283 George Campbell, Vanity Fair, 1878-09-21.jpg
1878-09-28 M WH Waddington France at the Congress T S 284 William Henry Waddington, Vanity Fair, 1878-09-28.jpg
1878-10-05 Lord Gerard a new peer Spy S 285 Robert Tolver Gerard, Vanity Fair, 1878-10-05.jpg
1878-10-12 The Marquis of Ormonde Kilkenny Spy S 286 James EWT Butler, Vanity Fair, 1878-10-12.jpg
1878-10-19 Lord Londesborough a whip Spy S 287 Lord Londesborough Vanity Fair 19 October 1878.jpg
1878-10-26 Mr J Tenniel Punch Spy M 0185 John Tenniel Vanity Fair 26 October 1878.jpg
1878-11-02 Mr Alfred Montgomery Alfred Spy M 0186 Alfred Montgomery, Vanity Fair, 1878-11-02.jpg
1878-11-09 Mr Rivers Wilson CB Egyptian Finance Ape M 0187 Charles Rivers Wilson, Vanity Fair, 1878-11-09.jpg
1878-11-16 Mr EH Yates The World Spy M 0188 Edmund Yates Vanity Fair 1878-11-16.jpg
1878-11-23 Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe Owen KCMG Paris Exhibition Spy M 0189 Francis Philip Cunliffe-Owen, Vanity Fair, 1878-11-23.jpg
1878-11-30 Mr John Morley The Fortnightly Review Ape M 0190 John Morley Vanity Fair 1878-11-30.jpg
1878-12-07 Sir FJW Johnstone Bt Freddy Spy S 288 Frederick John William Johnstone, Vanity Fair, 1878-12-07.jpg
1878-12-14 The Earl of Dunmore Charlie Spy S 289 Charles Adolphus Murray, Vanity Fair, 1878-12-14.jpg
1878-12-14 HRH The Prince of Wales Spy Prince of Wales, Vanity Fair, 1878-12-14, 1.jpg
1878-12-14 HRH The Prince of Wales The Prince Spy WS Prince of Wales, Vanity Fair, 1878-12-14, 2.jpg
1878-12-21 Charles Seely MP Pigs Spy S 290 Charles Seely Vanity Fair 21 December 1878.jpg
1878-12-28 The Duke of Manchester KP the Colonies Spy S 291 William Drogo Montagu, Vanity Fair, 1878-12-28.jpg
1879-01-04 Mr FB Harte the Heathen Chinee Spy M 0191 Bret Harte Vanity Fair 4 January 1879.jpg
1879-01-11 Lord Bateman Reciprocity Ape S 292 William Bateman-Hanbury Vanity Fair 1879-01-11.jpeg
1879-01-18 Sir G Bowyer Bt MP the Knight of Malta Spy S 293 George Bowyer, Vanity Fair, 1879-01-18.jpg
1879-01-25 Mr Peter Rylands MP Foreign Policy Spy S 294 Peter Rylands, Vanity Fair, 1879-01-25.jpg
1879-02-01 Mr CF Gounod Emotional Music T M 0192 Charles Gounod Vanity Fair 1 February 1879.jpg
1879-02-08 Mr AJ Otway MP He killed the cat Ape S 295 Arthur Otway Vanity Fair 1879-02-08.jpeg
1879-02-15 Sig G Verdi Italian Music T M 0193 Giuseppe Verdi 1879 Vanity Fair illustration by Théobald Chartran.jpg
1879-02-22 Mr JE Renan La vie de Jésus T M 0194 Ernest Renan Vanity Fair 22 February 1879.jpg
1879-03-01 The Rt Hon Sir G Jessel The Law Spy M 0195 George Jessel Vanity Fair 1 March 1879.jpg
1879-03-08 Adm Sir W Edmonstone Bt CB MP Chorus Spy S 296 William Edmonstone, Vanity Fair, 1879-03-08.jpg
1879-03-15 Maj-Gen Henry Hope Crealock CB Second in Zululand Spy M 0196 Henry Hope Crealock Vanity Fair 15 March 1879.jpg
1879-03-22 L Alma Tadema Ancient Painting Ape M 0197 Lawrence Alma-Tadema Vanity Fair 22 March 1879.jpg
1879-03-29 Maj-Gen Sir HM Havelock VC CE MP The soldier who couldn't draw his sword Spy S 297 Henry Havelock-Allan.png
1879-04-05 The Rt Hon Lord GF Hamilton MP Georgie Spy S 298 George Francis Hamilton, Vanity Fair, 1879-04-05.jpg
1879-04-12 The Hon Edward Stanhope MP The young man Spy S 299 Edward Stanhope.JPG
1879-04-19 Mr Mitchell Henry MP Home Rule Spy S 300 Mitchell Henry, Vanity Fair, 1879-04-19.jpg
1879-04-26 Mr Herbert Spencer Philosophy CG M 0198 HerbertSpencer2.jpg
1879-05-03 Lord Suffield Charlie Ape S 301 Charles Harbord, Vanity Fair, 1879-05-03.jpg
1879-05-10 The Hon Mr Justice Straight the new Judge Spy M 0199 Douglas Straight Vanity Fair 1879-05-10.jpg
1879-05-17 Mr GO Morgan QC MP Burials Spy S 302 George Osborne Morgan, Vanity Fair, 1879-05-17.jpg
1879-05-24 The Rt Hon FA Stanley War Ape S 303 Frederick Arthur Stanley, Vanity Fair, 1879-05-24.jpg
1879-05-31 Sir Philip Miles, Bt, MP Philip Spy S 304 Philip John William Miles, Vanity Fair, 1879-05-31.jpg
1879-06-07 Viscount Castlereagh MP C Spy S 305 Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Vanity Fair, 1879-06-07.jpg
1879-06-14 The Earl of Lonsdale Self-conquest Spy S 306 St George Henry Lowther, Vanity Fair, 1879-06-14.jpg
1879-06-21 Mr John Farley Leith MP Aberdeen Spy S 307 John Farley Leith, Vanity Fair, 1879-06-21.jpg
1879-06-28 Mr Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn MP Montgomeryshire Spy S 308 Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn junior Vanity Fair 28 June 1879.JPG
1879-07-01 The Row in the Season English Society in Hyde Park Corbold SS; the Prince and Princess of Wales and other riders in Hyde Park; double print The Row in the Season, Vanity Fair 1879-07-01.jpg
1879-07-01 The Rt Hon WE Gladstone MP The people's William Spy SS William Ewart Gladstone, Vanity Fair, 1879-07-01.jpg
1879-07-05 Mlle S Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt TC W 1; her signature in facsimile Sarah Bernhardt Vanity Fair.jpg
1879-07-12 M J Grevy the French Republic T S 309 François Paul Jules Grévy, Vanity Fair, 1879-07-12.jpg
1879-07-19 Mr W Holman Hunt The Pre-Raphaelite of the World Spy M 0200 William Holman Hunt Vanity Fair 19 July 1879.jpg
1879-07-26 Prince Napoleon Plon-Plon T P 08 Prince Napoleon Vanity Fair 26 July 1879.jpg
1879-08-02 Mr WC Brooks MP The Golden Pippen Spy S 310 William Cunliffe Brooks, Vanity Fair, 1879-08-02.jpg
1879-08-09 The Marquis of Waterford MP The Great Man of Waterford Spy S 311 5th Marquess of Waterford.png
1879-08-16 Sir AAD Sassoon CSI The Indian Rothschild Spy M 0201 Albert Sassoon.jpg
1879-08-23 Sir Tatton Sykes Bt fifteen churches Spy M 0202 Tatton Sykes, Vanity Fair, 1879-08-23.jpg
1879-08-30 Earl De La Warr Jour de ma vie Spy S 312 Reginald Sackville, Vanity Fair, 1879-08-30.jpg
1879-09-06 Maj-Gen CC Fraser VC Conspicuous & cool Spy M 0203 Charles Craufurd Fraser, Vanity Fair, 1879-09-06.jpg
1879-09-13 HE Phya Bhaskarawongse Siam Spy S 313 Phya Bhaskarawongse, Vanity Fair, 1879-09-13.jpg
1879-09-20 M V Hugo a French Poet T M 0204 Victor Hugo Vanity Fair 20 September 1879.jpg
1879-09-27 Lord WL Beresford VC fighting Bill Spy M 0205 William Beresford Vanity Fair 27 September 1879.jpg
1879-10-04 Mr Thomas Chenery The Times Spy M 0206 Thomas Chenerey, Vanity Fair, 1879-10-04.jpg
1879-10-11 Marshal Mac-Mahon J'y suis j'y reste T S 314 Patrice de Mac-Mahon, Vanity Fair, 1879-10-11.jpg
1879-10-18 The Hon and Rev Francis Edmund Byng Prayers Spy M 0207 Francis Edmund Byng Vanity Fair 18 October 1879.jpg
1879-10-25 The Earl of Donoughmore KCMG Eastern Roumelia Spy S 315 Earl of Donoughmore Vanity Fair 25 October 1879.JPG
1879-11-01 Mr Montagu Williams In his military capacity Spy M 0208 Montagu Williams, Vanity Fair, 1879-11-01.jpg
1879-11-08 The Duke of Athole the seventh Duke Spy S 316 7th Duke of Atholl.png
1879-11-15 Brig-Gen Sir HE Wood KCB VC the Flying Column Spy M 0209 Evelyn Wood Vanity Fair 1879-11-15.jpeg
1879-11-22 Mr William Stuart Stirling-Crawfurd Gang forward Spy M 0210 William Stuart Stirling-Crawfurd, Vanity Fair, 1879-11-22.jpg
1879-11-29 Sir G Elliot Bt MP Geordie Spy S 317 Sir George Elliot Vanity Fair 1879-11-29.jpg
1879-12-06 M PG de Cassagnac a French duellist T S 318 Paul Adolphe Marie Prosper Granier de Cassagnac 2.jpg
1879-12-13 Sir PF Shelley Bt The Poet's Son Ape M 0211 Percy Florence Shelley, Vanity Fair, 1879-12-13.jpg
1879-12-16 The Earl of Beaconsfield and Mr MW Corry Power and Place Spy WS Caricature of The Earl of Beaconsfield and Mr Montagu Corry.jpg
1879-12-20 M JJL Blanc social revolution T S 319 Jean Joseph Louis Blanc, Vanity Fair, 1879-12-20.jpg
1879-12-27 M Alexandre Dumas Fils French Fiction T M 0212 Alexandre Dumas01.jpg

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