List of University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras people

This list of University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras people includes alumni and faculty affiliated with UPRRP.

Notable alumni of University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasEdit

Alumni Notability
Juan Mari Brás advocate for Puerto Rican independence from the United States; founded the Puerto Rican Socialist Party
Norma Burgos (B.A., M.P.A.) State Senator, Puerto Rico Senate (2001–present)
Sila M. Calderón (M.P.A.) 7th governor of Puerto Rico (2001–2005); Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico (1997–2001)
Rafael Hernández Colón 4th Governor of Puerto Rico, first term 1973–1977, second term 1985–1993; State Senator, Puerto Rico Senate (1969–1973)
Julia de Burgos (B.A. Education 1933) considered by many to be the greatest poet born in Puerto Rico and one of the greatest female poets of Latin America
José Andreu García (B.A. Economics 1958, J.D. 1961) jurist; former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico
Hans Hertell former United States Ambassador to the Dominican Republic
Enrique Laguerre writer, poet, teacher and critic
Kenneth McClintock Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, fulfilling the role of Lieutenant Governor (first-in-line of succession) in the U.S. territory
Edwin Irizarry Mora economist, Puerto Rican Independence Party candidate for governor of Puerto Rico in the 2008. Professor, Department of Economics, UPRM
Jesús T. Piñero first native Puerto Rican to be appointed governor of Puerto Rico by the Government of the United States
Nellys Pimentel Miss Earth 2019
Luisa R. Seijo Maldonado (M.S.W. 1972) university professor, activist and social worker
Nydia Velázquez (B.A. 1974) U.S. representative, D-New York (1993–present)[1]
Aníbal Acevedo Vilá (B.A. 1982, J.D. 1985) 8th governor of Puerto Rico (2005–2009); U.S. representative (Resident Commissioner), D-Puerto Rico (2001–2004);[2] State Representative, Puerto Rico House of Representatives (1992–1999)

Notable facultyEdit

Faculty Notability
Luis López Álvarez poet and writer; author of Los Comuneros
Ruben Berrios current president of the Puerto Rican Independence Party; former state senator; Law Professor at the University of Puerto Rico's Law School
Juan Ramon Jimenez Spanish poet and writer, received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1956
Luce López-Baralt professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature at the university
Fernando Picó historian and Jesuit priest, leading expert on the history of Puerto Rico[3]
Pedro Juan Soto writer
Rexford Tugwell served as the last appointed American governor of Governor of Puerto Rico, 1941-1946; former Chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico


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