List of University of Manitoba alumni

This list of University of Manitoba alumni includes notable graduates, non-graduates, and current students of the University of Manitoba.

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Alumni of the University of Manitoba
Jamaluddin Jarjis, MSc 1977, Malaysian politician
Monty Hall, BSc 1945, Host of game show Let's Make a Deal
Don Callis, BA 1991, MBA 2003, professional wrestling manager formerly signed to WWE and currently signed to AEW
Name Occupation / Known for UM credentials/activities Additional details
Douglas Abra judge BA (1968); LL.B (1972)
Samuel Hunter Adams lawyer and 21st Mayor of Calgary BA (1906)
Tracie O. Afifi research scientist BSc (1999); MSc (2003), PhD (2009)
Judie Alimonti immunologist and research scientist PhD
Peter Allen composer BMus (1975)
Rob Altemeyer politician BA
Nancy Ames scientist BSc (1980); BSc (1982)
Victor Anonsen footballer and artist BA (1977)
Frank Aquila judge LL.B (1982)
Germaine Arnaktauyok printmaker, painter and illustrator BFA (1968)
Niki Ashton politician BA
Gordon J. G. Asmundson psychologist and professor MA; PhD (1991)
David Asper lawyer and businessman; son of Izzy Asper BA (1981)
Gail Asper lawyer; daughter of Izzy Asper BA (1981); LL.B.(1984)
Izzy Asper tax lawyer and media magnate of CanWest Global Communications Corp. BA (1953); LLB (1957); LLM (1964) In 2000, the University's Faculty of Management was re-named to the Asper School of Business in his honour.[1]
Robert Astley actuary BSc
Ken Attafuah criminologist BA (1982)
Nahlah Ayed reporter BSc; MSc
George Ayittey economist and president of the Free Africa Foundation PhD
Tim Ball public speaker and professor MA
G. Michael Bancroft chemist and synchrotron scientist; first director of the Canadian Light Source MSc (1964)
David G. Barber environmental scientist BSc (1981); MSc (1987)
Kathy Bardswick President and CEO of The Co-operators BS
Lindon W. Barrett cultural theorist BA (1983)
Robert Beamish cardiologist MD (1942)[2]
William Moore Benidickson former Member of Parliament, federal Cabinet Minister, and Senator[3]
Richard Spink Bowles lawyer and former Manitoba Lieutenant-Governor[4] BA (1933); LLB (1937)
George Montegu Black II businessman, father of Conrad Black[5]
Andy Blair National Hockey League player in the 1920s and 1930s, mostly with the Toronto Maple Leafs
Yvonne Brill rocket and jet propulsion engineer who invented the fuel-efficient rocket thruster that keeps satellites in orbit today. BS (1945) The Yvonne C. Brill Lectureship in Aerospace Engineering of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is named in her honor and presented annually
Harold J Brodie mycologist[6] BSc (1929)
Harold Buchwald lawyer[7] BA (1948); LL.B (1952); LL.M (1957)
Wilfred Buck scientific facilitator and Indigenous star lore expert B.Ed.
Constantine of Irinoupolis American Orthodox hierarch, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA St. Andrew's College graduate (1959)
Don Callis professional wrestler,[8] MHSAA Darts finalist (1978) BA (1991); MBA (2003)
Norman Cantor medieval scholar and writer[9] BA (1951)
Albert Chan Hong Kong politician and lawmaker BA; BSW
Richard Condie Academy Award-nominated animator; creator of The Big Snit[10] BA (1967)
Brian Dickson former Chief Justice of Canada[11] LL.B (1938)
Gerry Ducharme politician and a cabinet minister in the 19881995 Progressive Conservative government[citation needed]
Mary Dunn President of the Dominion Women's Amateur Hockey Association and the Manitoba branch of the Women's Amateur Athletic Federation of Canada[12] BS (1938)
Audrey Dwyer actor and writer[13]
Marcel Dzama artist BFA (1997)[14]
Ed Evanko actor and singer[15] BA
Gordon S. Fahrni Canada’s longest-lived physician (108 years old) MD (1911)
Faouzia singer-songwriter
Fernanda Ferreira cognitive psychologist BA in Psychology (1982)
Gary Filmon Premier of Manitoba (1988–1999) BSc Civil Engineering[16]
Danny Finkleman former CBC Radio host[17] LL.B
Bruce Flatt CEO of Brookfield Asset Management and billionaire ranked on Forbes magazine BComm
Steven Fletcher politician; former Conservative MP in the House of Commons; former federal Cabinet Minister BSc geological engineering; MBA at Asper[18]
Nahanni Fontaine politician MA[19]
Phil Fontaine Indigenous Canadian leader BA (1981)[20]
Waldron Fox-Decent mediator, professor, Crown Corporation chairman[21] BA (1959); MA (1971)
Eira Friesen advocate for women in Winnipeg[22] BSc (1939)
Patrick Friesen poet, playwright, essayist
Erving Goffman sociologist who introduced the concept of dramaturgy into the field BSc[23]
Velvl Greene scientist and academic BS in agriculture; MS dairy bacteriology[24]
Monty Hall television personality BSc[25] Hall was also president of Variety Clubs International and received the Order of Canada
Ellie Harvie actress[26] BA
S.I. Hayakawa scholar and professor of semantics; United States Senator[27] BA (1927)
John Alexander Hopps inventor of the world's first artificial pacemaker; known as the "father of biomedical engineering in Canada"[28] BEng (1941)
Gad Horowitz political scientist who coined the term "Red Tory"[29] BA
Barbara Humphreys architect and author, specializing in public service, historic preservation, and housing B.Arch. (1941)
Johanna Hurme architect and activist BEnvD (1996); MArch
Israel Idonije retired NFL defensive end
Jamaluddin Jarjis former Malaysian ambassador to the United States; former Malaysian government minister MSc
Francis Lawrence Jobin former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba[30]
F. Ross Johnson businessman; CEO of RJR Nabisco[31] BComm (1952)
Tanya Kappo lawyer and Indigenous rights activist JD (2012)[32]
Sam Katz mayor of Winnipeg (2004–2014) BA (1973)
Guy Gavriel Kay novelist and poet BA (1975)
David Kilgour former federal Minister of Transport BA
Wab Kinew politician BA
Greg Kopp Acting Dean of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario BSc (1989)
Scott Koskie former member of the Canada men's national volleyball team BRMCD (1995)
Amanda Lang journalist; senior business correspondent for CBC News
Allan Levine author, known mainly for his award-winning non-fiction and historical mystery writing BA (1978)
Bob Lowes ice hockey coach and executive
James Lunney politician; former Conservative Member of Parliament for the riding of Nanaimo—Alberni in BC
Inky Mark former federal Conservative Member of Parliament for Dauphin—Swan River, Manitoba
Bill Mason author, filmmaker, environmentalist
Pearl McGonigal former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba
William John McKeag former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba
Marshall McLuhan famed media scholar
Harry Medovy pediatrician and academic
Olawale Sulaiman neurosurgeon and academic
Ovide Mercredi Aboriginal Canadian leader LLB (1977)
Ted Milian, Canadian football player
W.O. Mitchell writer
W. L. Morton historian
Arnold Naimark physician, academic, and former President of the U of M
Alison Norlen artist
William Norrie mayor of Winnipeg (1979–1992) BA (1950); LLB (1955)
Rey Pagtakhan physician, academic, former MP and federal cabinet minister
Malcolm Peat Emeritus Professor at Queen's University Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
Jim Peebles astrophysicist won the Crafoord Prize (2005), Nobel Prize in Physics (2019), Companion of the Order of Canada, Order of Merit (CC, OM, 2020)
Leonard Peikoff philosopher
Frank Pickersgill Special Operations Executive agent in World War II executed by the Nazis
Barry Posner physician and research scientist on diabetes
Jon Pylypchuk artist
Clay Riddell oil tycoon; founder, president and CEO of Paramount Resources, based in Calgary BSc Honours (1959) the University's Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources is named in his honour
Dufferin Roblin former Premier of Manitoba
Claude C. Robinson ice hockey and sports executive 1902[33] Inductee into the Hockey Hall of Fame and Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame
Marshall Rothstein Supreme Court of Canada judge
Alexei Maxim Russell internationally-published novelist
Fred Sandhu Provincial Court of Manitoba judge[34]
Edward Schreyer Premier of Manitoba (1969–1977) and Governor General of Canada (1979–1984)
Cynthia Scott Oscar winning filmmaker BA
Richard Scott former Chief Justice of Manitoba Court of Appeal
Harry Seidler Australian architect[35]
Mitchell Sharp former Liberal Minister of Finance
Patricia Alice Shaw linguist specializing in phonology and known for her work on First Nations languages
Louis Slotin physicist and chemist who took part in the Manhattan Project BSc (1932); MSc (1933)
Robert Steen Mayor of Winnipeg (1977–1979)
Mary Ann Steggles Commonwealth scholar and international expert on British colonial statuary Olive Beatrice Stanton recipient
Iain Stewart theoretical physicist
Frank Trafford Taylor lawyer and former president of Kiwanis International
John W.M. Thompson Manitoba MLA and Provincial Cabinet Minister
Grace Eiko Thomson curator, activist, and internment camp survivor BFA (1977)[36]
Thorbergur Thorvaldson cement chemist[37]
Miriam Toews novelist
Vic Toews politician; former Minister of Justice and Attorney General and the President of the Treasury Board in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Andrew Unger satirist and novelist BA (2002); BEd. (2004)
Chris Urmson CEO of Aurora Innovation BSc (1998)
Meaghan DeWarrenne-Waller fashion model; winner of Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 3
Adele Wiseman author
Svetlana Zylin playwright and director[38]


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