List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 230

This is a list of cases reported in volume 230 of United States Reports, decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1913.

Supreme Court of the United States
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EstablishedMarch 4, 1789; 233 years ago (1789-03-04)
LocationWashington, D.C.
Coordinates38°53′26″N 77°00′16″W / 38.89056°N 77.00444°W / 38.89056; -77.00444Coordinates: 38°53′26″N 77°00′16″W / 38.89056°N 77.00444°W / 38.89056; -77.00444
Composition methodPresidential nomination with Senate confirmation
Authorized byConstitution of the United States, Art. III, § 1
Judge term lengthlife tenure, subject to impeachment and removal
Number of positions9 (by statute)

Justices of the Supreme Court at the time of volume 230 U.S.Edit

The Supreme Court is established by Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States, which says: "The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court . . .". The size of the Court is not specified; the Constitution leaves it to Congress to set the number of justices. Under the Judiciary Act of 1789 Congress originally fixed the number of justices at six (one chief justice and five associate justices).[1] Since 1789 Congress has varied the size of the Court from six to seven, nine, ten, and back to nine justices (always including one chief justice).

When the cases in volume 230 were decided the Court comprised the following nine members:

Portrait Justice Office Home State Succeeded Date confirmed by the Senate
Tenure on Supreme Court
  Edward Douglass White Chief Justice Louisiana Melville Fuller December 12, 1910
December 19, 1910

May 19, 1921
  Joseph McKenna Associate Justice California Stephen Johnson Field January 21, 1898
January 26, 1898

January 5, 1925
  Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Associate Justice Massachusetts Horace Gray December 4, 1902
December 8, 1902

January 12, 1932
  William R. Day Associate Justice Ohio George Shiras Jr. February 23, 1903
March 2, 1903

November 13, 1922
  Horace Harmon Lurton Associate Justice Tennessee Rufus W. Peckham December 20, 1909
January 3, 1910

July 12, 1914
  Charles Evans Hughes Associate Justice New York David Josiah Brewer May 2, 1910
October 10, 1910

June 10, 1916
  Willis Van Devanter Associate Justice Wyoming Edward Douglass White (as Associate Justice) December 15, 1910
January 3, 1911

June 2, 1937
  Joseph Rucker Lamar Associate Justice Georgia William Henry Moody December 15, 1910
January 3, 1911

January 2, 1916
  Mahlon Pitney Associate Justice New Jersey John Marshall Harlan March 13, 1912
March 18, 1912

December 31, 1922

Citation styleEdit

Under the Judiciary Act of 1789 the federal court structure at the time comprised District Courts, which had general trial jurisdiction; Circuit Courts, which had mixed trial and appellate (from the US District Courts) jurisdiction; and the United States Supreme Court, which had appellate jurisdiction over the federal District and Circuit courts—and for certain issues over state courts. The Supreme Court also had limited original jurisdiction (i.e., in which cases could be filed directly with the Supreme Court without first having been heard by a lower federal or state court). There were one or more federal District Courts and/or Circuit Courts in each state, territory, or other geographical region.

The Judiciary Act of 1891 created the United States Courts of Appeals and reassigned the jurisdiction of most routine appeals from the district and circuit courts to these appellate courts. The Act created nine new courts that were originally known as the "United States Circuit Courts of Appeals." The new courts had jurisdiction over most appeals of lower court decisions. The Supreme Court could review either legal issues that a court of appeals certified or decisions of court of appeals by writ of certiorari.

On January 1, 1912, the effective date of the Judicial Code of 1911, the old Circuit Courts were abolished, with their remaining trial court jurisdiction transferred to the U.S. District Courts.

Bluebook citation style is used for case names, citations, and jurisdictions.

List of cases in volume 230 U.S.Edit

Case Name Page & year Opinion of the Court Concurring opinion(s) Dissenting opinion(s) Lower Court Disposition
Jackson v. United States 1 (1913) White none none Ct. Cl. affirmed
Hughes v. United States 24 (1913) White none none Ct. Cl. multiple
Ex parte American S.B. Co. 35 (1913) Lurton none none multiple mandamus denied
Arizona Copper Co. v. Gillespie 46 (1913) Lurton none none Ariz. affirmed
City of Owensboro v. Cumberland Tel. & Tel. Co. 58 (1913) Lurton none Day C.C.W.D. Ky. affirmed
Boise Artesian H. & C.W. Co. v. City of Boise I 84 (1913) Lurton none none D. Idaho reversed
Boise Artesian H. & C.W. Co. v. City of Boise II 98 (1913) Lurton none none 9th Cir. dismissed
Old Colony T. Co. v. City of Omaha 100 (1913) VanDevanter none none D. Neb. reversed
Omaha E.L. & P. Co. v. City of Omaha 123 (1913) VanDevanter none none 8th Cir. dismissed
Butts v. Merchants & M.T. Co. 126 (1913) VanDevanter none none D. Mass. affirmed
Ochoa v. Hernandez y Morales 139 (1913) Pitney none none D.P.R. affirmed
Nalle v. Oyster 165 (1913) Pitney none none D.C. Cir. reversed
Pennsylvania R.R. Co. v. International C.M. Co. 184 (1913) Lamar none Pitney 3d Cir. reversed
Mitchell C. & C. Co. v. Pennsylvania R.R. Co. 247 (1913) Lamar none Pitney E.D. Pa. multiple
Morrisdale Coal Co. v. Pennsylvania R.R. Co. 304 (1913) Lamar none none 3d Cir. affirmed
Fourche River Lumber Co. v. Bryant Lumber Co. 316 (1913) Lamar none none Ark. reversed
Omaha et al. R.R. Co. v. ICC 324 (1913) Lamar none none Comm. Ct. reversed
Missouri P.R.R. Co. v. Tucker 340 (1913) VanDevanter none none Kan. reversed
Minnesota Rate Cases 352 (1913) Hughes none none C.C.D. Minn. multiple
Missouri Rate Cases 474 (1913) Hughes none none C.C.W.D. Mo. multiple
Knott v. St. Louis S.R.R. Co. 509 (1913) Hughes none none C.C.W.D. Mo. dismissed
Knott v. St. Louis, et al. R.R. Co. 512 (1913) Hughes none none C.C.W.D. Mo. reversed
Chesapeake & O.R.R. Co. v. Conley 513 (1913) Hughes none none W. Va. affirmed
Oregon R.R. & Nav. Co. v. Campbell 525 (1913) Hughes none none C.C.D. Or. affirmed
Southern Pacific Co. v. Campbell 537 (1913) Hughes none none C.C.D. Or. affirmed
Allen v. St. Louis, et al. R.R. Co. 553 (1913) Hughes none none C.C.E.D. Ark. reversed

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