List of United Kingdom by-elections (1806–1818)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in the United Kingdom held between 1806 and 1818, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source, for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1790-1820 provides some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but it is significant that the compilers of that work make no attempt to produce a definitive list of each members allegiances.


Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his own request to an "office of profit under the Crown". Offices used, in this period, were the Stewards of the Chiltern Hundreds or the Manor of East Hendred and the Escheators of Munster or Ulster. These appointments are made as a constitutional device for leaving the House of Commons, whose Members are not permitted to resign. If the vacancy was caused by appointment to another office then this office is noted in brackets.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

3rd Parliament (1806–1807)Edit

Date Constituency c/u Former incumbent Winner Cause
10 January 1807 Haslemere u* Viscount Garlies Robert Plumer Ward Succession to a peerage
10 January 1807 Stockbridge u Joseph Foster Barham Sir John Fleming Leicester Chose to sit for Okehampton
12 January 1807 Eye u William Cornwallis James Cornwallis Resignation
14 January 1807 Enniskillen u Nathaniel Sneyd Richard Henry Alexander Bennet Chose to sit for County Cavan
14 January 1807 Minehead u* Sir John Lethbridge John Fownes Luttrell Resignation
15 January 1807 Mitchell u Sir Christopher Hawkins Sir Arthur Wellesley Chose to sit for Grampound
Frederick William Trench Henry Conyngham Montgomery Resignation
16 January 1807 Helston u Nicholas Vansittart Thomas Brand Chose to sit for Old Sarum
17 January 1807 Cockermouth u John Lowther Lord Binning Chose to sit for Cumberland
17 January 1807 Tralee u Maurice Fitzgerald Samuel Boddington Chose to sit for County Kerry
20 January 1807 Dundalk u* John Metge Josias Du Pre Porcher Resignation
21 January 1807 Bletchingley u Josias Du Pre Porcher John Alexander Bannerman Resignation to contest Dundalk
21 January 1807 St Mawes u* Sir John Newport William Shipley Chose to sit for Waterford City
24 January 1807 Lostwithiel u William Dickinson Charles Cockerell Chose to sit for Somerset
26 January 1807 Midhurst u John Smith Henry Watkin Williams Wynn Chose to sit for Nottingham
William Wickham William Conyngham Plunket Chose to sit for Callington
27 January 1807 Arundel u Francis John Wilder The Lord Lecale Chose to sit for Horsham
27 January 1807 Heytesbury u* Charles Abbot Charles Moore Chose to sit for Oxford University
u Sir William Pierce Ashe A'Court Michael Symes Resignation
29 January 1807 Sussex u* Charles Lennox Charles William Wyndham Succession to a peerage
31 January 1807 Dungannon u George Knox Viscount Hamilton Chose to sit for Dublin University
2 February 1807 Canterbury u James Simmons Samuel Elias Sawbridge Death
4 February 1807 Coleraine u* Sir George Fitzgerald Hill Walter Jones Chose to sit for Londonderry City
7 February 1807 Plympton Erle u Sir Stephen Lushington William Assheton Harbord Death
17 February 1807 Worcester c* Henry Bromley William Gordon Resignation
26 February 1807 Derby u Edward Coke Thomas William Coke Resignation to contest Norfolk
4 March 1807 Norfolk u* Thomas William Coke Sir Jacob Henry Astley Void Election
u William Windham Edward Coke Void Election
9 March 1807 Harwich u William Henry Fremantle James Adams Chose to sit for Saltash
13 March 1807 County Armagh u* Lord Acheson William Brownlow Succeeded to an Irish peerage
23 March 1807 Buckingham u Sir William Young Sir John Borlase Warren Resignation (Governor of Tobago)
31 March 1807 Carrickfergus c* Lord Spencer Stanley Chichester James Craig Resignation
1 April 1807 Newtown u George Canning George Canning Foreign Secretary
1 April 1807 Northampton u* Spencer Perceval Spencer Perceval Chancellor of the Exchequer
2 April 1807 Calne u* Osborne Markham Henry Smith Resignation (Commissioner of Barrack Master General)
3 April 1807 Haslemere u* Charles Long Charles Long Joint Paymaster of the Forces
3 April 1807 Plympton Erle u* Viscount Castlereagh Viscount Castlereagh Secretary of State for War and the Colonies
4 April 1807 Bere Alston u* Lord Lovaine Lord Lovaine Commissioner of the Board of Control
6 April 1807 Monmouth Boroughs u* Lord Charles Henry Somerset Lord Charles Henry Somerset Joint Paymaster of the Forces
9 April 1807 Buckinghamshire u* Marquess of Titchfield Marquess of Titchfield Junior Lord of the Treasury
13 April 1807 Edinburghshire u* Robert Saunders Dundas Robert Saunders Dundas President of the Board of Control
13 April 1807 Queen's County u* William Wellesley Pole William Wellesley Pole Clerk of the Ordnance
14 April 1807 Dorchester u* Cropley Ashley Cropley Ashley Clerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance
15 April 1807 Haslemere u* Robert Plumer Ward Robert Plumer Ward Lord of the Admiralty
15 April 1807 Liskeard u* William Eliot William Eliot Junior Lord of the Treasury
16 Apr 1807 Weymouth & Melcombe Regis u* Sir James Pulteney Sir James Pulteney Secretary at War
17 April 1807 Christchurch u* George Rose George Rose Treasurer of the Navy
William Sturges Bourne William Sturges Bourne Junior Lord of the Treasury
17 April 1807 West Looe u* James Buller James Buller Lord of the Admiralty
18 April 1807 Great Bedwyn u Viscount Stopford Sir Vicary Gibbs Treasurer of the Household
20 April 1807 Eye u* Marquess of Huntly Henry Wellesley Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
20 April 1807 Marlborough u* Earl of Dalkeith Viscount Stopford Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
21 April 1807 Mitchell u Sir Arthur Wellesley Sir Arthur Wellesley Chief Secretary for Ireland
1 May 1807 Dumfriesshire u* William Johnstone Hope William Johnstone Hope Naval Lord

4th Parliament (1807–1812)Edit

Date Constituency c/u Former incumbent Winner Cause
17 July 1807 Launceston u Earl Percy Richard Henry Alexander Bennet Chose to sit for Northumberland
20 July 1807 Dorchester u Cropley Ashley Cooper Cropley Ashley Cooper Clerk of the Ordnance
20 July 1807 Grantham u Thomas Thoroton Thomas Thoroton Clerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance
20 July 1807 Tavistock u Richard Fitzpatrick Viscount Howick Chose to sit for Bedfordshire
20 July 1807 Wendover u Viscount Mahon Francis Horner Chose to sit for Kingston-upon-Hull
20 July 1807 Westbury u Edward Lascelles Henry Lascelles Chose to sit for Northallerton
21 July 1807 Cockermouth u James Lowther John Osborn Chose to sit for Cumberland
21 July 1807 Rye u Sir John Nicholl Sir William Elford Chose to sit for Great Bedwyn
The Earl of Clancarty Stephen Rumbold Lushington Resignation (Joint Postmaster General in Ireland)
22 July 1807 Midhurst u* Samuel Smith Thomas Thompson Chose to sit for Leicester
22 July 1807 St Mawes u William Shipley Viscount Ebrington Chose to sit for the Flint Boroughs
24 July 1807 Mitchell u Edward Leveson Gower Sir James Hall Resignation
27 July 1807 Orford u Lord Robert Seymour William Sloane Chose to sit for Carmarthenshire
27 July 1807 Tralee u Sir Arthur Wellesley Evan Foulkes Chose to sit for Newport I.o.W.
27 July 1807 Winchelsea u Sir Frederick Fletcher Vane Sir Oswald Mosley Resignation
28 July 1807 Youghal u* Viscount Boyle Sir John Keane Succession to a peerage
29 July 1807 Helston u Richard Richards The Lord Dufferin and Claneboye Resignation
30 July 1807 Appleby u Viscount Howick Nicholas William Ridley Colborne Resignation to contest Tavistock
31 July 1807 Athlone u Henry Wellesley John Frewen Turner Chose to sit for Eye
3 August 1807 Bandon Bridge u Viscount Boyle George Tierney Succession to a peerage
4 August 1807 Dundalk u Josias Dupré Porcher Patrick Crawford Bruce Chose to sit for Old Sarum
14 August 1807 Yarmouth u William Powlett Orde Powlett Sir John Orde Succession to a peerage
17 August 1807 Kinross-shire u William Adam David Clephane Chose to sit for Kincardineshire
21 August 1807 Heytesbury u Viscount FitzHarris Viscount FitzHarris Governor of the Isle of Wight
18 November 1807 County Monaghan u Richard Dawson Thomas Charles Stewart Corry Death
10 December 1807 Beaumaris u The Lord Newborough Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd Death
13 January 1808 Lincoln c William Monson The Earl of Mexborough Death
19 January 1808 Tavistock u Viscount Howick George Ponsonby Succeeded to a peerage
27 January 1808 Clitheroe u John Cust James Gordon Succeeded to a peerage
28 January 1808 Whitchurch u* William Brodrick William Brodrick Junior Lord of the Treasury
29 January 1808 Castle Rising u* Charles Bagot Fulk Greville Howard Resignation
29 January 1808 Tiverton u* Richard Ryder Richard Ryder Junior Lord of the Treasury
30 January 1808 Stamford u* John Leland Evan Foulkes Death
30 January 1808 Tregony u Geoffrey Wentworth Wentworth William Gore Langton Resignation
30 January 1808 Yarmouth u Jervoise Clarke Jervoise Benjamin Cooke Griffinhoofe Death
1 February 1808 Mitchell u George Galway Mills Charles Trelawny-Brereton Resignation
2 February 1808 Bath u* John Palmer Charles Palmer Resignation
2 February 1808 Wootton Bassett u John Cheesment Severn Benjamin Walsh Resignation
4 February 1808 County Donegal c Henry Vaughan Brooke Henry Conyngham Montgomery Death
16 February 1808 Banbury c William Praed Dudley Long North Election voided due to double return
Dudley Long North
22 February 1808 Orford u Lord Henry Moore Lord Henry Moore Joint Muster Master General of the Forces in Ireland
23 February 1808 Newtown u* Dudley Long North George Anderson-Pelham Resignation to contest Banbury
24 February 1808 Poole c Vacant Sir Richard Bickerton No return made due to tie
25 February 1808 Ennis u James Fitzgerald William Fitzgerald Resignation
25 February 1808 Tralee u Evan Foulkes James Stephen Resignation to contest Stamford
27 February 1808 County Westmeath u* William Smyth Hercules Robert Pakenham Resignation
29 February 1808 Boroughbridge u* Henry Dawkins Henry Clinton Resignation
5 March 1808 Truro u Edward Boscawen Charles Frederick Powlett Townshend Succeeded to a peerage
17 March 1808 Grampound c Andrew Cochrane-Johnstone Robert Williams Void Election
c Robert Williams William Holmes By-election result reversed on petition
c George Augustus Frederick Cochrane John Teed Void Election
c* John Teed George Augustus Frederick Cochrane By-election result reversed on petition
24 March 1808 Malton u The Lord Headley Bryan Cooke Void Election
20 April 1808 Wareham u Granby Thomas Calcraft Samuel Romilly Resignation
22 April 1808 Sandwich c Peter Rainier John Spratt Rainier Death
22 April 1808 St Mawes u Scrope Bernard Earl Gower Resignation
26 April 1808 Yarmouth u Benjamin Cooke Griffinhoofe John Delgarno Resignation
2 May 1808 Sutherland u William Dundas John Randoll Mackenzie Resignation
7 May 1808 Tain Burghs u John Randoll Mackenzie William Henry Fremantle Resignation to contest Sutherland
19 May 1808 Rutland u* Gerard Noel Noel Charles Noel Noel Resignation
28 May 1808 Reigate u* Viscount Royston James Cocks Death
13 June 1808 Yarmouth u John Delgarno Viscount Valentia Resignation
25 June 1808 Great Yarmouth u Stephen Lushington Giffin Wilson Resignation
11 July 1808 Cockermouth u* John Osborn Viscount Lowther Resignation
13 July 1808 Richmond u Arthur Shakespeare Lawrence Dundas Resignation
15 July 1808 Rye u Sir William Elford William Jacob Resignation
27 July 1808 Dundalk u Patrick Craufurd Bruce Thomas Hughan Resignation
9 August 1808 County Clare c* Francis Nathaniel Burton Augustine Fitzgerald Resignation
13 December 1808 Bossiney u* The Lord Rendlesham The Earl of Desart Death
19 December 1808 Hampshire c* Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay Thomas Freeman Heathcote Death
25 January 1809 Bletchingley u Thomas Freeman Heathcote Charles Cockrell Resignation to contest Hampshire
25 January 1809 St Albans c James Walter Grimston Daniel Giles Succeeded to a peerage
27 January 1809 Westbury u Glynn Wynn Francis Whittle Resignation
4 February 1809 Kilkenny City u Charles Harward Butler Robert Williams Resignation
9 February 1809 Pembroke Boroughs u Hugh Barlow Sir Hugh Owen Death
14 February 1809 Aylesbury u* George Henry Compton Cavendish Thomas Hussey Death
14 February 1809 Poole c* John Jeffery Benjamin Lester Lester Resignation (Consul General in Portugal)
21 February 1809 Mitchell u* Charles Trelawny Brereton John Bruce Resignation
27 February 1809 Stamford c Albemarle Bertie Charles Chaplin Resignation pending Elevation to the House of Lords having succeeded to a peerage
27 February 1809 Wigtown Burghs u Edward Richard Stewart Lyndon Evelyn Resignation (Victualling Commissioner)
28 February 1809 St Mawes u* Viscount Ebrington Scrope Bernard Resignation (Commission in the Army)
8 March 1809 Dungannon u Lord Claude Hamilton Claude Scott Death
9 March 1809 King's Lynn u* Lord Walpole Lord Walpole Succeeded to a peerage
14 March 1809 Peterborough u French Laurence Marquess of Tavistock Death
3 April 1809 Huntingdon u* William Meeke Farmer Samuel Farmer Resignation
7 April 1809 Newport u* Sir Arthur Wellesley Leonard Thomas Worsley Holmes Resignation
15 April 1809 Cashel u Quintin Dick Robert Peel Resignation
18 April 1809 Eye u Henry Wellesley Charles Arbuthnot Resignation
19 April 1809 Saltash u* John Pedley Michael George Prendergast Resignation
1 May 1809 Edinburghshire u Robert Saunders Dundas Robert Saunders Dundas Chief Secretary for Ireland
11 May 1809 Ayr Burghs u* John Campbell Duncan Campbell Death
26 June 1809 Coleraine u Walter Jones John Poo Beresford Resignation
30 June 1809 Glasgow Burghs c Archibald Campbell Alexander Houstoun Resignation
7 July 1809 Staffordshire u* Lord Granville Leveson Gower Lord Granville Leveson Gower Secretary at War
13 September 1809 Pembroke Boroughs u* Sir Hugh Owen John Owen Death
29 September 1809 Sutherland u John Randoll Mackenzie George Macpherson Grant Death
28 November 1809 Ross-shire c Alexander Mackenzie Fraser Hugh Innes Death
12 December 1809 Abingdon u George Knapp Henry Bowyer Death
3 January 1810 Buckinghamshire u* Marquess of Titchfield William Selby Lowndes Succeeded to a peerage
29 January 1810 Dunwich u Snowdon Barne Snowdon Barne Junior Lord of the Treasury
29 January 1810 Newport u The Viscount Palmerston The Viscount Palmerston Secretary at War
30 January 1810 Buckingham u Thomas Grenville Lord George Grenville Resignation
30 January 1810 Malmesbury u Sir George Bowyer Abel Smith Resignation (Intended to stand for Abingdon)
30 January 1810 Tiverton u* Richard Ryder Richard Ryder Home Secretary
31 January 1810 Cockermouth u* Viscount Lowther Viscount Lowther Lord of the Admiralty
31 January 1810 Milborne Port u Lord Paget Viscount Lewisham Resignation
1 February 1810 Bossiney u* The Earl of Desart The Earl of Desart Junior Lord of the Treasury
2 February 1810 Camelford u Lord Henry Petty Henry Peter Brougham Succeeded to a peerage
2 February 1810 Scarborough u* Charles Manners Sutton Charles Manners Sutton Judge Advocate General
5 February 1810 Edinburghshire u Robert Saunders Dundas Robert Saunders Dundas President of the Board of Control
5 February 1810 Ennis u William Fitzgerald William Fitzgerald Lord of the Irish Treasury
9 February 1810 Queen's County u* William Wellesley Pole William Wellesley Pole Chief Secretary for Ireland
10 February 1810 County Louth u* John Jocelyn Viscount Jocelyn Resignation (Commissioner of Customs in Ireland)
12 February 1810 Limerick City u Charles Vereker Charles Vereker Constable of Limerick Castle
16 February 1810 Essex c* John Bullock John Archer Houblon Death
16 February 1810 Richmond u* Charles Lawrence Dundas Robert Chaloner Death
27 February 1810 Ludgershall u Thomas Everett Joseph Hague Everett Death
3 March 1810 Plympton Erle u William Assheton Harbord Henry Drummond Succeeded to a peerage
3 March 1810 Wexford Borough u Richard Nevill Peter Parker Resignation
10 March 1810 New Woodstock u William Frederick Elliot Eden George Eden Death
14 March 1810 New Windsor u* Richard Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom Resignation
16 March 1810 Cambridgeshire u* Charles Philip Yorke Lord Francis Godolphin Osborne Teller of the Exchequer
19 March 1810 Hythe c* Thomas Godfrey Sir John Perring Death
24 March 1810 Westbury u Francis Whittle John De Ponthieu Resignation
10 April 1810 Marlborough u* Viscount Stopford Edward Stopford Succeeded to a peerage
16 April 1810 Callington u* Thomas Carter William Stephen Poyntz Resignation
27 April 1810 St Germans u Joseph Sydney Yorke Charles Philip Yorke Resignation to provide a seat for his brother
2 May 1810 Renfrewshire c* William McDowall Archibald Speirs Death
18 May 1810 Gloucestershire u George Cranfield Berkeley Viscount Dursley Resignation
25 May 1810 St Germans u Charles Philip Yorke Charles Philip Yorke First Lord of the Admiralty
1 June 1810 Queenborough c Joseph Hunt Richard Wellesley Expelled for embezzling public funds
15 June 1810 Higham Ferrers u William Windham Viscount Duncannon Death
28 Jun 1810 Bletchingley u William Kenrick William Kenrick Master of the Household
29 June 1810 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Gabriel Tucker Steward Sir John Lowther Johnstone Resignation
30 June 1810 Ripon u* Frederick John Robinson Frederick John Robinson Lord of the Admiralty
2 July 1810 Truro u Charles Frederick Powlett Townshend William John Bankes Succeeded to a peerage
6 July 1810 Anglesey u* Berkeley Paget Berkeley Paget Junior Lord of the Treasury
13 July 1810 Dunbartonshire u* Henry Glassford Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun Resignation
13 July 1810 Elgin Burghs u Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun William Dundas Resignation to contest Dunbartonshire
8 October 1810 Northampton u* Edward Bouverie William Hanbury Death
21 November 1810 Amersham u* Thomas Drake Tyrwhitt-Drake William Tyrwhitt-Drake Death
5 December 1810 Milborne Port u* Viscount Lewisham Edward Paget Succeeded to a peerage
7 December 1810 Yarmouth u Viscount Valentia Thomas Myers Resignation
28 December 1810 Brackley u* Anthony Henderson Henry Wrottesley Death
16 January 1811 County Limerick c* William Odell William Odell Lord of the Irish Treasury
7 February 1811 Gloucestershire c* Viscount Dursley Sir Berkeley William Guise Vacated seat to claim peerage
14 February 1811 Ashburton u* Walter Palk John Sullivan Resignation
22 March 1811 Ayrshire c* David Boyle Sir Hew Dalrymple Hamilton Resignation (Lord of Session and Justiciary in Scotland)
27 March 1811 Cambridge University c* Earl of Euston The Viscount Palmerston Succeeded to a peerage
28 March 1811 Galway Borough u* James Daly Frederick Ponsonby Resignation
10 April 1811 Newport u The Viscount Palmerston Cecil Bisshopp Resignation to contest Cambridge University
19 April 1811 Ludgershall u Joseph Hague Everett The Lord Headley Resignation
1 May 1811 Taunton u* John Hammet Henry Powell Collins Death
10 May 1811 Lewes u* Thomas Kemp Thomas Read Kemp Death
11 May 1811 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u* Sir James Pulteney Sir John Murray Death
14 May 1811 Wootton Bassett c Sir John Murray Robert Knight Resignation to contest Weymouth
15 May 1811 County Antrim u* John Bruce Richard O'Neill John Bruce Richard O'Neill Constable of Dublin Castle
29 May 1811 Dorchester u* Cropley Ashley Cooper Charles Henry Bouverie Succeeded to a peerage
1 June 1811 Haslemere u* Robert Ward Robert Ward Clerk of the Ordnance
17 June 1811 King's Lynn u* Lord Walpole Lord Walpole Lord of the Admiralty
22 June 1811 Cricklade u Lord Porchester William Herbert Succeeded to a peerage
24 June 1811 Abingdon u* Henry Bowyer Sir George Bowyer Resignation
25 June 1811 Kinross-shire u David Clephane Thomas Graham Resignation (Commissioner of Excise in Scotland)
28 June 1811 County Waterford u* John Claudius Beresford Sir William Carr Beresford Resignation
1 July 1811 Wexford Borough u* Peter Parker Richard Nevill Resignation
6 July 1811 Edinburghshire u* Robert Saunders Dundas Sir George Clerk Succeeded to a peerage
12 July 1811 Queen's County u* William Wellesley Pole William Wellesley Pole Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer
20 August 1811 Anstruther Easter Burghs u* Sir John Anstruther Sir John Anstruther Death
26 August 1811 Caithness u Sir John Sinclair George Sinclair Resignation (Cashier of Excise in Scotland)
14 October 1811 York u* Sir William Mordaunt Milner Lawrence Dundas Death
23 October 1811 Totnes u* William Adams Thomas Peregrine Courtenay Death
4 November 1811 Inverness Burghs u* Peter Baillie Charles Grant Death
23 December 1811 Shrewsbury u* Thomas Jones Henry Grey Bennet Death
11 January 1812 East Grinstead u Sir Nathaniel Holland Richard Wellesley Death
13 January 1812 Lewes u* Henry Shelley George Shiffner Death
15 January 1812 Aldeburgh u John McMahon John McMahon Receiver and Paymaster of the Royal Bounty to Officers' Widows
15 January 1812 Queenborough u* Richard Wellesley Robert Moorsom Junior Lord of the Treasury
15 January 1812 Weobley u Lord Guernsey Lord Apsley Resignation (Commission in the Army)
16 January 1812 Barnstaple c George Woodford Thellusson William Busk Death
17 January 1812 West Looe u James Buller Joseph Sydney Yorke Resignation (Clerk of the Privy Council)
18 January 1812 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Sir John Lowther Johnstone Joseph Hume Death
21 January 1812 Richmond u Lawrence Dundas George Heneage Lawrence Dundas Resignation to contest York
8 February 1812 Derby u* William Cavendish Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish Death
21 February 1812 Dundalk u Thomas Hughan Frederick William Trench Death
26 February 1812 Kincardineshire u* William Adam George Harley Drummond Resignation
7 March 1812 Plympton Erle u Viscount Castlereagh Viscount Castlereagh Foreign Secretary
9 March 1812 East Grinstead u Richard Wellesley George William Gunning Resignation
14 March 1812 Wootton Bassett u* Benjamin Walsh John Attersoll Expelled for Fraud
19 March 1812 Perthshire c* Lord James Murray James Andrew John Lawrence Charles Drummond Resignation
26 March 1812 Edinburgh u* Sir Patrick Murray William Dundas Resignation
1 April 1812 Lisburn u Earl of Yarmouth Earl of Yarmouth Vice-Chamberlain of the Household
13 April 1812 Aldeburgh u John McMahon Sandford Graham Resignation (Keeper of the Privy Purse)
13 April 1812 Boston c* Thomas Fydell Peter Robert Drummond Burrell Death
13 April 1812 Elgin Burghs u William Dundas Archibald Campbell Resignation to contest Edinburgh
13 April 1812 Northumberland u* Earl Percy Sir Charles Monck Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
20 April 1812 County Louth u* Viscount Jocelyn Viscount Jocelyn Treasurer of the Household
21 April 1812 Hastings u* Sir Abraham Hume Sir Abraham Hume Resignation to contest Boston
8 May 1812 Launceston u Richard Henry Alexander Bennet Jonathan Raine Resignation
9 May 1812 County Antrim u* John Bruce Richard O'Neill John Bruce Richard O'Neill Voted before taking the oath
26 May 1812 Northampton u* Spencer Perceval Lord Compton Death (assassinated)
30 May 1812 County Down u Francis Savage Robert Ward Resignation
30 May 1812 Old Sarum u* Nicholas Vansittart James Alexander Chancellor of the Exchequer
6 June 1812 Staffordshire u* Sir Edward Littleton Edward John Walhouse Death
8 June 1812 East Grinstead u George William Gunning Nicholas Vansittart Resignation to provide a seat for Vansittart
9 June 1812 Cambridge University u* Sir Vicary Gibbs John Henry Smyth Resignation (Puisne Judge in the Court of Common Pleas)
22 June 1812 Plymouth u* Thomas Tyrwhitt Benjamin Bloomfield Resignation (Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod)
30 Jun 1812 Colchester u* Richard Hart Davis Hart Davis Resignation to contest Bristol
1 July 1812 Bodmin u* Sir William Oglander Charles Bragge Bathurst Resignation
3 July 1812 Downton u* Sir Thomas Plumer Sir Thomas Plumer Attorney General for England and Wales
7 July 1812 Grampound u* George Augustus Frederick Cochrane Andrew James Cochrane Johnstone Resignation
15 Jul 1812 Bristol c* Charles Bragge Bathurst Richard Hart Davis Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
6 August 1812 Ashburton u Lord Charles Bentinck Lord Charles Bentinck Treasurer of the Household
u* John Sullivan John Sullivan Commissioner of the Board of Control

5th Parliament (1812–1818)Edit

Date Constituency c/u Former incumbent Winner Cause
21 December 1812 Arundel u Henry Thomas Howard Molyneux Samuel Romilly Chose to sit for Gloucester
21 December 1812 Midhurst u George Smith Viscount Mahon Chose to sit for Wendover
21 December 1812 Rye u Sir Henry Sullivan Charles Wetherell Chose to sit for Lincoln
22 December 1812 Ludgershall u Magens Dorrien Magens Sandford Graham Resignation
Joseph Hague Everett Joseph Birch Resignation
22 December 1812 Pontefract c* Henry Lascelles Viscount Pollington Chose to sit for Yorkshire
23 December 1812 Cockermouth u John Lowther Augustus John Foster Chose to sit for Cumberland
24 December 1812 Petersfield u* George Canning George Canning II Chose to sit for Liverpool
26 December 1812 Plympton Erle u George Duckett William Douglas Resignation
28 December 1812 Bletchingley u Sir Charles Talbot Robert William Newman Death
28 December 1812 Dorchester u Charles Henry Bouverie William A'court Chose to sit for Downton
29 December 1812 Appleby u John Courtenay George Tierney Resignation to provide a seat for Tierney
30 December 1812 Clitheroe u Viscount Castlereagh Edward Bootle Wilbraham Chose to sit for County Down
2 January 1813 Dundalk u John Metge Lyndon Evelyn Resignation
2 January 1813 Malmesbury u Sir Charles Saxton Peter Patten Chose to sit for Cashel
4 January 1813 Ennis u James Fitzgerald William Fitzgerald Resignation
12 February 1813 New Romney u Sir John Thomas Duckworth Sir John Thomas Duckworth Seeks re-election due an irregularity in his return
13 February 1813 Mitchell u George Robert Hobart Edward Law Resignation
13 February 1813 Wexford Borough u Richard Nevill John Fish Resignation (ill health)
17 February 1813 Salisbury c William Hussey George Purefoy-Jervoise Death
4 March 1813 Callington u Sir John Leman Rogers Charles Rodolph Trefusis Resignation
6 March 1813 Buckinghamshire u Earl Temple Thomas Grenville Succeeded to a peerage
11 March 1813 Wootton Bassett u* James Kibblewhite Richard Ellison Resignation
19 March 1813 Pembroke Boroughs u John Owen Sir Thomas Picton Chose to sit for Pembrokeshire
29 March 1813 Rye u Charles Wetherell Richard Arkwright Chose to sit for Shaftesbury
5 April 1813 Sligo Borough u George Canning II Joshua Spencer Chose to sit for Petersfield
6 April 1813 Wootton Bassett u John Attersoll Robert Rickards Resignation
10 April 1813 County Monaghan u Richard Thomas Dawson Thomas Charles Stewart Corry Became an Irish Peer
17 April 1813 St Mawes u William Shipley Francis Horner Resignation
24 April 1813 Orford u* Edmond Alexander MacNaghten Edmond Alexander MacNaghten Lord of the Irish Treasury
26 April 1813 Downton u Sir Thomas Plumer Sir Thomas Brooke Pechell Resignation (Vice Chancellor)
27 April 1813 Downton u Charles Henry Bouverie Edward Golding Resignation
4 May 1813 Tavistock u Richard Fitzpatrick Lord John Russell Death
10 May 1813 Eye u Sir William Garrow Sir William Garrow Attorney General for England and Wales
9 June 1813 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis c* Thomas Wallace Masterton Ure Void Election
c John Broadhurst Christopher Idle
Henry Trail Viscount Cranborne
17 June 1813 Tralee u Henry Arthur Herbert James Evan Baillie Resignation
22 June 1813 Weobley u Viscount St. Asaph James Lenox William Naper Death
25 June 1813 Nairnshire u Hugh Rose Sir James Mackintosh Resignation
16 July 1813 Haddington Burghs u Thomas Maitland Anthony Maitland Resignation (Governor of Malta)
21 July 1813 Okehampton u The Lord Graves The Lord Graves Lord of the Bedchamber
20 September 1813 County Durham u* Sir Henry Vane Tempest John George Lambton Death
10 November 1813 New Woodstock u William Thornton George Eden Resignation
12 November 1813 Ripon u* Frederick John Robinson Frederick John Robinson Joint Paymaster of the Forces
22 November 1813 Surrey c Sir Thomas Sutton Samuel Thornton Death
22 November 1813 Westmorland u* The Lord Muncaster Viscount Lowther Death
27 November 1813 Cockermouth u Viscount Lowther Thomas Wallace Junior Lord of the Treasury
4 December 1813 Hedon u George Johnstone John Broadhurst Death
10 December 1813 Durham City c Richard John Lambton George Allan Resignation
20 December 1813 Carmarthen u* George Campbell John Frederick Campbell Resignation
30 December 1813 Monmouth Boroughs u* Lord Charles Henry Somerset Marquess of Worcester Resignation (Governor of the Cape Colony)
19 January 1814 Inverness Burghs u Charles Grant Charles Grant Junior Lord of the Treasury
5 March 1814 County Mayo c* Henry Augustus Dillon Lee Dominick Browne Became an Irish Peer
11 March 1814 Eye u Sir William Garrow Sir William Garrow Chief Justice of Chester
23 March 1814 County Kildare u* Lord Henry Fitzgerald Lord William Charles O'Brien Fitzgerald Resignation
11 April 1814 Dorchester u* William A'court Samuel Shepherd Resignation
11 April 1814 Nottinghamshire u Lord William Henry Cavendish Bentinck Frank Frank Resignation
16 April 1814 Newton u* Peter Heron Thomas Legh Resignation
21 April 1814 Inverness Burghs u Charles Grant Charles Grant Voted before taking the oath
25 April 1814 County Waterford u* Richard Power Richard Power Death
28 April 1814 Truro u John Lemon George Dashwood Death
9 May 1814 Marlborough u Lord Bruce William Hill Succeeded to a peerage
9 May 1814 Rutland u* Charles Noel Noel Sir Gerard Noel Noel Resignation
19 May 1814 Newark u Sir Stapleton Cotton George Hay Dawkins Pennant Elevated to the peerage
21 May 1814 Lincoln u* Sir Henry Sullivan Coningsby Waldo Sibthorp Death
25 May 1814 County Waterford u* Sir William Carr Beresford Lord George Thomas Beresford Elevated to the peerage
27 May 1814 Kilkenny City u* Overington Blunden Charles Harward Blunden Resignation
27 May 1814 Shrewsbury c* Sir Rowland Hill Richard Lyster Elevated to the peerage
10 June 1814 Coleraine u* Lord George Thomas Beresford Sir John Poo Beresford Resignation to contest County Waterford
14 June 1814 New Woodstock u George Eden William Thornton Succeeded to a peerage
22 June 1814 Huntingdonshire u Viscount Hinchingbrooke Lord Proby Succeeded to a peerage
24 June 1814 Northallerton u Viscount Lascelles John Bacon Sawrey Morritt Death
13 July 1814 Grampound c Andrew James Cochrane Johnstone Ebenezer John Collett Expelled for conspiracy
16 July 1814 Westminster u Lord Cochrane Lord Cochrane Expelled for conspiracy
19 July 1814 County Londonderry u Charles William Stewart Alexander Stewart Elevated to the peerage
25 July 1814 Roxburghshire u* Viscount Melgund Alexander Don Succeeded to a peerage
2 August 1814 Mitchell u John Bruce Charles Trelawny Brereton Resignation
3 August 1814 Bewdley u Miles Peter Andrews Charles Edward Wilsonn Death
4 August 1814 Lymington u John Kingston John Taylor Resignation
8 August 1814 Chichester u* William Huskisson William Huskisson First Commissioner of Woods and Forests
9 August 1814 Wexford Borough u* John Fish Richard Nevill Resignation
10 August 1814 Edinburgh u* William Dundas William Dundas Keeper of the Signet
12 August 1814 Aldborough u Henry Dawkins Henry Gally Knight Resignation
12 August 1814 Queen's County u* William Wellesley Pole William Wellesley Pole Master of the Mint
16 September 1814 Belfast u Sir Edward May Stephen Edward May Death
25 October 1814 Ross-shire u William Frederick Mackenzie Charles Mackenzie Fraser Death
7 November 1814 Cardiff Boroughs u Lord William Stuart Lord Evelyn James Stuart Death
18 November 1814 Newtown u Barrington Pope Blachford Barrington Pope Blachford Lord of the Admiralty
22 November 1814 Newport u Richard Fleming Worsley Holmes John Delgarno Death
24 November 1814 Aylesbury u Thomas Hussey Charles Compton Cavendish Resignation
24 November 1814 Bletchingley u William Kenrick John Bolland Resignation
28 November 1814 Glamorganshire u Thomas Wyndham Benjamin Hall Death
5 December 1814 Mitchell u Charles Trelawny Brereton Lord Binning Resignation
5 December 1814 Westbury u* Benjamin Hall Ralph Franco Resignation to contest Glamorganshire
17 February 1815 Southwark c Henry Thornton Charles Barclay Death
9 March 1815 Downpatrick c* Charles Stewart Hawthorne Viscount Glerawly Resignation (Commissioner of Excise in Ireland)
24 March 1815 Bandon Bridge u Richard Boyle Bernard William Sturges Bourne Resignation
27 March 1815 Sligo Borough u Joshua Spencer Sir Brent Spencer Resignation
31 March 1815 Thirsk u* William Frankland Robert Frankland Resignation
14 April 1815 East Grinstead u James Stephen Sir George Johnstone Hope Resignation
4 May 1815 Aldborough u* Henry Gally Knight Granville Venables Vernon Resignation
26 June 1815 Ludgershall u Sandford Graham Charles Nicholas Pallmer Resignation
3 July 1815 Pembroke Boroughs u Sir Thomas Picton John Jones Death (Killed in Action)
17 July 1815 Bedford u Samuel Whitbread William Waldegrave Death
19 July 1815 Wells u* Clement Tudway John Paine Tudway Death
21 July 1815 Winchelsea u* William John Frederick Vane Powlett Henry Peter Brougham Resignation to contest Durham
22 July 1815 Newcastle-under-Lyme c Earl Gower Sir John Chetwode Resignation to contest Staffordshire
31 July 1815 Staffordshire u* Lord Granville Leveson Gower Earl Gower Resignation pending elevation to the peerage
1 August 1815 County Durham u* Viscount Barnard William John Frederick Vane Powlett Resignation (Commission in the Army)
7 August 1815 Clackmannanshire u George Abercromby Sir John Abercromby Resignation
7 August 1815 County Londonderry u* William Ponsonby George Robert Dawson Death
23 September 1815 County Armagh u William Brownlow Henry Caulfeild Death
12 October 1815 Oxfordshire u* Lord Francis Almeric Spencer William Henry Ashhurst Elevation to the peerage
12 February 1816 Winchelsea u Calverley Bewicke Viscount Barnard Death
13 February 1816 County Wicklow u* William Hoare Hume Granville Leveson Proby Death
13 February 1816 Corfe Castle u* Peter William Baker George Bankes Death
14 February 1816 Seaford u John Leach Sir Charles Cockerell Resignation
20 February 1816 Weobley u* William Lennox Bathurst Lord Frederick Cavendish Bentinck Resignation (Deputy Teller of the Exchequer)
23 February 1816 Calne u* Joseph Jekyll James Macdonald Resignation
29 February 1816 Staffordshire u* Earl Gower Earl Gower Voted before taking oath
1 March 1816 Cockermouth u* Augustus John Foster John Henry Lowther Resignation
1 March 1816 Portarlington u* Arthur Shakespeare Richard Sharp Resignation
4 March 1816 Yarmouth u Sir Henry Conyngham Montgomery John Leslie Foster Resignation
6 March 1816 Sutherland u* James Macdonald George Macpherson Grant Resignation to contest Calne
8 March 1816 Carlisle c* Henry Fawcett John Christian Curwen Death
11 March 1816 West Looe u Charles Buller Henry William Fitzgerald De Ros Resignation
u* Anthony Buller Charles Hulse Resignation (Puisne Judge at Madras)
12 March 1816 Minehead u* John Fownes Luttrell Henry Fownes Luttrell Death
13 March 1816 Lewes c* Thomas Read Kemp Sir John Shelley Resignation
19 March 1816 Newport (Cornwall) u* Jonathan Raine Jonathan Raine King's Counsel
21 March 1816 Haddingtonshire u* Charles Hope Sir James Suttie Resignation
26 March 1816 Lostwithiel u Reginald Pole Carew Viscount Valletort Resignation
29 March 1816 Lyme Regis u* Lord Burghersh John Thomas Fane Resignation
2 April 1816 Droitwich u* Sir Thomas Edward Winnington The Earl of Sefton Resignation
15 April 1816 East Looe u* David Vanderheyden Thomas Potter MacQueen Resignation
15 April 1816 Newport u John Delgarno George Watson Taylor Resignation
16 April 1816 Peterborough u* George Ponsonby William Lamb Resignation to contest Wicklow
18 April 1816 County Carlow u David Latouche Robert Anthony Latouche Death
19 April 1816 County Wicklow u William Tighe George Ponsonby Death
3 May 1816 Belfast u Stephen Edward May John Michel Resignation (Collector of Customs at Belfast)
8 May 1816 Armagh City u Patrick Duigenan Daniel Webb Webber Death
9 May 1816 Dartmouth u* Edmund Pollexfen Bastard John Bastard Resignation to contest Devon
10 May 1816 Rye u Thomas Phillipps Lamb John Maberly Resignation
13 May 1816 Devon c* John Pollexfen Bastard Edmund Pollexfen Bastard Death
17 May 1816 Warwick u* Lord Brooke Sir Charles John Greville Succeeded to a peerage
20 May 1816 Monmouthshire u* Lord Arthur John Henry Somerset Lord Granville Somerset Death
27 May 1816 Cardiganshire u* Thomas Johnes William Edward Powell Death
29 May 1816 Monmouth Boroughs u* Marquess of Worcester Marquess of Worcester Lord of the Admiralty
3 June 1816 Newtown u* Barrington Pope Blachford Hudson Gurney Death
5 June 1816 Buckingham u Viscount Ebrington Viscount Ebrington Resignation to contest Devon
7 June 1816 Mitchell u Lord Binning Lord Binning Commissioner of the Board of Control
12 June 1816 Liverpool c* George Canning George Canning President of the Board of Control
12 June 1816 Milborne Port u* Sir Edward Paget Sir Edward Paget Groom of the Bedchamber
15 June 1816 Gatton u Sir William Congreve Mark Wood Resignation
27 June 1816 Rochester c* Sir James Boulden Thompson James Barnett Resignation (Treasurer and Receiver General of Greenwich Hospital)
3 July 1816 Yarmouth u John Leslie Foster John Leslie Foster Advocate General for Ireland
8 July 1816 Nottinghamshire u* Viscount Newark Lord William Henry Cavendish Bentinck Succeeded to a peerage
8 July 1816 Wootton Bassett c* Robert Rickards William Taylor Money Resignation (ill-health)
12 July 1816 Plympton Erle u* William Douglas Alexander Boswell Resignation
19 July 1816 Dunbartonshire u* Archibald Campbell Colquhoun Archibald Campbell Colquhoun Lord Clerk Register
2 August 1816 Wigtownshire u William Stewart James Hunter Blair Resignation
13 August 1816 Whitchurch u* William Augustus Townshend Horatio George Powys Townshend Death
1 October 1816 Gloucester c* Robert Morris Edward Webb Death
5 October 1816 Lincolnshire c Charles Chaplin William Cust Death
7 October 1816 Dunwich u* The Lord Huntingfield The Lord Huntingfield Death
9 October 1816 Portsmouth u* Sir Thomas Miller John Carter Death
11 November 1816 Wilton u* Charles Herbert Viscount FitzHarris Death
5 December 1816 Worcestershire u* Viscount Elmley Henry Beauchamp Lygon Succeeded to a peerage
23 December 1816 Worcester u* Abraham Robarts Viscount Deerhurst Death
3 February 1817 Midhurst u Viscount Mahon Sir Oswald Mosley Succeeded to a peerage
6 February 1817 Hertford u* Edward Spencer Cowper Viscount Cranborne Resignation
8 February 1817 Malmesbury u William Hicks Beach Sir William Abdy Resignation
10 February 1817 Londonderry City u* Sir George Fitzgerald Hill Sir George Fitzgerald Hill Vice-Treasurer of Ireland
18 February 1817 Yarmouth u Richard Wellesley Alexander Maconochie Resignation
21 February 1817 Castle Rising u* Augustus Cavendish Bradshaw Earl of Rocksavage Resignation
26 February 1817 County Down u* John Meade Lord Arthur Moyses William Hill Resignation (Consul-General in Spain)
6 March 1817 Rochester u* James Barnett James Barnett Void Election
12 March 1817 St Mawes u* Francis Horner Joseph Phillimore Death
12 March 1817 Tavistock u Lord John Russell Lord Robert Spencer Resignation
17 March 1817 Colchester u Robert Thornton Sir William Burroughs Resignation
28 March 1817 Bridport u* William Draper Best Henry Charles Sturt Resignation (Puisne Justice of Chester)
11 April 1817 Clackmannanshire u Sir John Abercromby Alexander Abercromby Death
14 April 1817 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Viscount Cranborne Adolphus John Dalrymple Resignation to contest Hertford
14 May 1817 Dorchester u* Sir Samuel Shepherd Sir Samuel Shepherd Attorney General for England and Wales
16 May 1817 Eye u* Sir William Garrow Robert Gifford Resignation (Baron of the Exchequer)
24 May 1817 Norfolk c* Sir Jacob Henry Astley Edmund Wodehouse Death
10 June 1817 London u* Harvey Christian Combe Matthew Wood Resignation
10 June 1817 Oxford University u* Charles Abbot Robert Peel Elevation to the peerage
12 June 1817 Bossiney u The Earl of Desart William Yates Peel Resignation
19 June 1817 Chippenham u Robert Peel John Maitland Resignation to contest Oxford University
23 June 1817 Buckingham u Viscount Ebrington James Hamilton Stanhope Resignation
28 June 1817 Ludgershall u* Charles Nicholas Pallmer The Earl of Carhampton Resignation
22 July 1817 Harwich u* Nicholas Vansittart Nicholas Vansittart Chancellor of the Exchequer of Ireland
25 July 1817 Limerick City c* Charles Vereker John Prendergast Vereker Became an Irish Peer
12 August 1817 County Wicklow u* George Ponsonby William Parnell Hayes Death
6 September 1817 Glamorganshire u Benjamin Hall Sir Christopher Cole Death
5 November 1817 New Romney u Sir John Thomas Duckworth Cholmeley Dering Death
3 February 1818 Ripon u* Frederick John Robinson Frederick John Robinson Treasurer of the Navy
6 February 1818 Cockermouth u Thomas Wallace Thomas Wallace Vice-President of the Board of Trade
14 February 1818 Plymouth u* Benjamin Bloomfield Sir William Congreve Resignation (Keeper of the Privy Purse)
18 February 1818 Yarmouth u Alexander Maconochie John Singleton Copley Resignation to contest Anstruther
19 February 1818 Colchester c* Hart Davis James Beckford Wildman Resignation (Ill health)
26 February 1818 St Albans c* Joseph Thompson Halsey William Tierney Robarts Death
6 March 1818 Christchurch u* George Rose George Henry Rose Death
7 March 1818 Southampton u* George Henry Rose William Chamberlayne Clerk of the Parliaments
14 March 1818 Anstruther Easter Burghs u* Sir John Carmichael Anstruther Alexander Maconochie Death
18 March 1818 Winchester u* Richard Meyler James Henry Leigh Death
21 March 1818 Great Bedwyn u* James Henry Leigh John Jacob Buxton Resignation to contest Winchester
1 May 1818 Yarmouth u John Leslie Foster John Leslie Foster Second Counsel to the Commissioners of Revenue in Ireland
13 May 1818 East Grinstead u* Sir George Johnstone Hope Lord Strathavon Death


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