List of United Kingdom MPs who only sat in the 29th Parliament

General elections to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom were held in January 1910 and again in December 1910. There were 23 Members of the 1910 Parliament who were not members of any preceding or following Parliament. Their tenure as MPs therefore lasted at most 286 days, making them among the shortest-serving MPs in history. On only one other occasion in the 20th century, 1974, have two British general elections taken place in the same year.

One Independent Nationalist member was disqualified. Six members (four Liberal and two Conservative) did not offer themselves for re-election. The remaining 16 (11 Conservative, two Liberal, two Irish Unionist and one Liberal Unionist) were candidates for re-election but were not returned.


One member first elected in January 1910 had his election overturned on petition:


Five members first elected in January 1910 retired in December:

Additionally, one member first elected at a by-election during the Parliament retired in December:


Sixteen members first elected in January 1910 were defeated in December:

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